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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 14, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," political party time. >> a massive crowd of sanders supporters swarm an iconic new york city park as donald trump takes aim at the head of his own party, saying he should be ashamed of himself. details ahead. this one's a little too close for comfort. russian jets fly repeatedly over an american unable ship in the most aggressive act since the cold war. what was really behind the show of force. then hunters searching for the lochness monster make a thrilling discovery. it's 30 feet long and was found at the bottom of the lake. but it wasn't quite what they were hoping for. and the golden state warriors surpass michael jordan's bulls with the nba's best regular s
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kobe bryant take to the court one last time. it's thursday, april 14th. . >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you. i'm kendis gibson on this thursday. >> i'm diane macedo. we are taking a look at the staples center. >> take a look at the scene outside. >> what a scene. this was after the l.a. lakers game. kobe bryant's final game ever. >> yeah, they called this day mamba day named after his name make, of course. kobe bryant's last shot and what a game as you were pointing out to me, you know, there are plenty of facts you knew about his last appearance. >> my favorite was it was not only his season high, 60 points in one high but the most any player has ever scored in their last game. >> is that right. >> that's right. >> kobe was saying after the game that you know all season long in his entire 20 year career they're saying pass to the ball to someone else. finally on his
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they're all passing the ball to him. there wasn't a lot of defense in that game. >> a lot of celebrities in the crowds, too. >> we'll get to the game. it was a big night for the nba. so we'll go from the beauty guess that is bryant to the ugliness that is the race for the white house right now. the republican delegates are complaining right now. some of death threats as donald trump hammers the nomination process. >> ted cruz made an appearance on cnn with his wife and two daughters accusing the trump campaign of encouraging violence and acting like thugs. in new york, bernie sanders played to a crowd of nearly 30,000 people ahead of tonight's debate with hillary clinton. the latest from marci gonzalez. >> reporter: bernie sanders campaigning in new york city. on the picket line with striking verizon work in other words brooklyn, then holding a massive rally in manhattan. >> when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this, i believe we're going to win here in new york next tuesday. >> reporter:he
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showing sanders trailing in new york by double digits behind hillary clinton. who picked up the endorsement of the new york daily news. with less than a week before the primary here, clinton looking ahead to the general election. going after gop front-runner donald trump. >> he has called mexican immigrants rapists and murderers. he wants to ban all muslims from entering the united states. and the list goes on. >> reporter: trump's latest target, not his opponents but the republican party. and its delegate rules. >> this is a dirty trick and i'll tell you what, the rnc should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: gop chairman reince priebus responding tweeting the nomination process has been known for a year and beyond. it's the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. complaints now give us all a break. trump campaigning in pennsylvania where ted cruz held a rally before sitting down with his wife heidi for this
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>> what donald is unhappy about is in the last three weeks, there have been a total of 11 elections in four states. and we have beaten donald in all 11 elections. >> reporter: ted cruz is fighting in part to overcome that new york values comment. just days before the primary here, he is polling behind trump and john kasich. kendis and dianne. >> marci, thank you. it looks like donald trump's campaign manager will not be prosecuted over a confrontation with a reporter. cory lune loon dow ski was accused of battery accused of grabbing and shoving a reporter last month. prosecutors have decided not to move forward with the case. a formal announcement is expected today. president obama claimed progress in the battle against isis during a rare visit to the cia and its headquarters. he pointed to setbacks suffered by isis in the last few months including territory reclaimed by u.s.-led troops. he then spoke directly to isis fighters. >> we're sending a message
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no safe haven. we will find you. >> the president also mentioned the boston marathon bombing which happened three years ago tomorrow. he reminded americans to remain strong, resilient and not give in to fear. and secretary of state john kerry is responding to comments by donald trump and others that the u.s. should bring backwater boarding. in a speech about human rights abuses, kerry said the u.s. is as opposed to the use of torture in any format anytime by any government. russian fighter jets flew close to a u.s. navy destroyer several times this week at a time of heightened tensions between the u.s. and russia. martha raddatz has the details. >> reporter: it is one of the most aggressive russian actions against the u.s. military since the end of the cold war. >> look at the left one. he is on the deck. >> reporter: not just a dangerously close fly-by, within 30 feet of the u.s. destroyer, the jets flew in a way that simulated an attack. and not just once.
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but again and again. over the last two days, the russian jets making more than 30 passes over the american ship in international waters. and roaring at just 100 feet off the baltic sea, the jets caused a wake in the water, as if a giant speedboat had raced by. >> when you're flying just off the water at 500 miles an hour, you're focused just out the window. if he misjudges how close he is to the ship, how far he is off the water, there's no room for error and there's lots of room for disaster. >> reporter: the americans on the destroyer repeatedly radioed the russian pilots, but the transmissions were ignored. the russians may be trying to distract nato from a possible spring offensive in ukraine, but over the last few years, the russians have only gotten more aggressive with there kind of harassment and whatever the u.s. has done behind the scenes does not seem to have worked. martha rad dads,bc
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washington. autopsy results on former new orleans saints player will splitting indicate he was shot seven times in the back. but that finding does little to clear up exactly what happened saturday night when smith was killed. attorneys for the smith family and the suspect cardell hayes agree shots were fired after a heated argument between the two men. but each side blames the other for being the aggressor. we're getting new details in dennis hastert's hush money case. he will be sentenced later this month. an alleged sex abuse victim of the former speak of the house is expected to testify. hastert has only pleaded guilty to breaking banking loss. prosecutors maintained he wanted to use the money to hide past sexual misconduct. hastert's attorney denyingny sexual abuse. they call an encounter bean hastert and the 14-year-old ambiguous. >> prince william and duchess kate have left for bhutan. the royal couple met with children and painted elephant statuesnd
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orphaned animal during a wildlife safari in the northeastern part of the country the golden state warriors notching victory 73 for the season. the fans, the team everybody ecstatic. in breaking the bulls record set in '885-'96 season. and winning the division title, steph curry put on a show with an explosion motion of three-pointers. ten for the night, surpassing the single season record with a total of 402. the record he set last year. the warriors thrilled with the new record but now focusing on the playoffs starting this weekend against the houston rockets. about 375 miles south, l.a. staples center rocking for kobe bryant's last game in the nba. >> fans saw a bit of the old kobe as he made shot after shot. he closed out his career scoring a total of 60 points. something no player has ever done in his last game.
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number three au-type scorer. >> man. man. you know, it's -- i can't believe how fast 20 years went by. it's crazy. to be standing here, my teammates behind me, and appreciating all this, you know the journey we've been on. >> celebrities were out in full force with shaq is, snoop dogg, george lopez, jay-z, also in the house and lakers courtside fixture jack nicholson. >> so many tributes leading up to today, tiger woods among those tweeting and saying good luck. he's an icon to many of us. >> all those wishes clearly paid off. not only was this highest point for any player at the end of their career, his own season high. >> because they all just gave him the ba
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>> trying to give kobe some credit here. >> as well he should. he said because they kept giving him the ball, he decided he's going to stay in the entire game. he stayed in until there was four seconds left in the game. >> a contrast to the usual when he say he needs to pass more. >> he mentioned he got new bling. >> he and his wife both got prenned with retirement rings as part of the ceremony. >> interesting. all right. they know who the true boss is. >> a new report that might have you wanting to check your car's air bags. this one's important. >> our abc reporter in search of answers from politicians and why massive amounts of military equipment is just laying around. and grandma is learning what all the kids are up to and she is absolutely loving it. we'll explain later in the mix". >> you can check out what we're up to behind the scenes on instagram at abc wnn. you're watching "world news now." empty my pocket change into this old jar.
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an irish conservationist managed to capture on video about 20 basking sharks switching close to the shore. it is the seconds largest fish in the world. you can see very clearly inside their giant mouths at times as they feed on zoo plankton. they apparently do not attack humans but i'd still be peace out. >> i don't think i would want to swim next to one of those. >> good. the largest automotive recall in u.s. history could get even bigger. federal regulators say
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million vehicles with takata air begin flaters may need recalled on top of the nearly 29 million inflaters that need to be replaced. at least 11 people have died and more than 100 injured by the exploding inflater. so this week a tug of war over millions of our tax dollars and yours heating up on capitol hill. taxpayer watchdogs are howling over the exorbitant pork barrel projects highlighted in this year's big book. >> one involves thousands of army thanks just sitting in the desert. ears abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: critics on capitol hill are squealing that pork is back. pork spending, that is. >> we must cut this out of control spending. >> reporter: funding for pet projects was banned five years ago, but according to the annual pig book, the practice hasn't gone away. here's an example they point to -- there are currently 2,000 spare tanks sitting unused in this california desert. even though the army didn't ask for it, last year, lawmakers snuck in an extra $40 million to
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upgrade some of the tanks. they are made at this factory in lima, ohio, in congressman jim jordan's district. he said he had no time for an interview, so, we tracked him down. why is congress still funding this program? >> you don't think -- you don't think the army needs tanks? the army says they're going to need them in the future, and the idea was, are we actually going to shut down a facility, the one place in the country, the one place in the country that still puts together tanks? >> reporter: do you think this helps save jobs? >> i think it's just good policy. >> reporter: this fight has been going on for years. but lawmakers say, it would simply be too expensive to shut down the plant, only to restart it later. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> coming up in our next half hour, a new warning for anyone looking for a job online. some popular job sites like linked in are being trolled by scammers posing as the employers who trick desperate job seekers into sending them hundreds, even thousands of dollars. what you need to look out for. >> first
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opening up for the first time about the fight with her father that led her to be craftied. why she's now saying she has nothing to hide. all that ahead on "world news now." >> annou
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it was a high profile family dustup that shoved sports fans. a fight between picabo street and her father that led to charges against her. >> in an abc news exclusive, she insists she had nothing to hide about all of this and that the police rushed to judgment. here's abc's matt gutman. >> peek boo street was an american sweetheart rocketing downhill right into our living rooms. winning world championships, olympic gold in 1998 and american hearts. >> get the
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>> reporter: she seed to have it all but that arrest and ma mugshot for the first time revealing a dark secret. >> this has been a long road. and even at the pinnacle of my career, i'm in japan, i've just won my olympic gold medal and i realize it's been an hour and a half and i haven't seen my dad. and i just that pit in my stomach, it's like no, not here. not here. my dad bonked me. >> bonked is the term the family coined to refer to her necessary's fits of rage just before he went into diabetic rage. his bonking had been a family secret till december 23rd of last year. >> i put him down stairs. i don't know what he's doing. >> what do you mean. >> peek-a-boo's mom dewas slated to have double hip replacement surgery that day. there was a blizzard out but nearing diabetic shock again, ron who was living in her house under her care decid
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his wife to the hospital himself. instead, he drove into a snow bank. bumping the house. >> as soon as i got in front of him and he made eye contact with me, i was like oh, boy, i need to get him in the house as soon as possible. there was nobody home. his eyes were glazed over. >> while she tries to get him into his apartment downstairs he grabs fistfuls of her hair. >> we were right bob the stair well. i just barrel rolled. >> they tumbled down six stairs to the next landing. he has cuts on his neck and elbow. >> the thing is that from the call it seems like you threw him down the stairs. that you were still in the top landing and that he had just rolled down. >> we went together. yeah, i actually have a lump on my shin that will probably never go away from hitting the railing on the way down. >> reporter: she says she ran back upstairs calling 911. her mother heard in the background. >> my father decided to attack me in my own house in front o
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>> both mother and father telling police that peek-a-boo was the aggressor. >> as they're putting you into the squad car, you must be thinking all of this is crumbling around. >> you my whole world. >> because you're the bread winner not only for your three kids but for your parents. >> i have been since i was like 15. >> reporter: she was arrested on charges of assault and three counts of domestic violence. those charges dropped after her father filed an affidavit taking responsibility for the fight. >> what was so revealing about those affidavits? >> just the frustration level of my dad of going from being the super man of the family to kind of almost feeling like one of my kids. i described him and gave lim a big hug. i said i get it now. and i'm sorry that you're hurting so much. now are you going to let me take care of you. >> >> he also said she struggles for a long time dealing with there and her father's condition. the one bright spot is her arrest actually helped them lear
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k-y touch. time now for "the mix" and estart things off in scotland. some lochness experts went out to the famous lake trying to look for the famous monster as usual. take a look at what they found. >> oh, what is that. >> these are sonar pictures after i figure that you can see looks like. >> it kind of looks like flesie. >> right? well, when they got a closer look they found something that looked even more likenessie. so that's a still image of yes, what looks very much like the monster would be probably terrifying to most people. however they realized this is actually a movie prop that was in the lake. >> see they went searching for the real lake and. >> they found this. i think i would have let it be a hoax for a while longer.
3:26 am
the 1969 movie "the private life of sherlock holmes." >> can you messenger all that excitement, we found nessie. why isn't she moving. >. >> all right. so you know the new fad is all about face swapping. if you have snapchat, you can face swap. so just imagine the older generation doing a face swap. there's a certain grandma that you have to see. take a look. >> oh. >> oh. >> they swapped her face with beyonce and marilyn monroe and that was her reaction to all of that. >> that was marilyn monroe's face? i didn't realize. wow. >> and beyonce. >> hey, grandma, what's going on. >> i love her laugh. >> you want to see something just as frightening? take a look. this is. >> oh, boy.
3:27 am
maybe -- >> grandma's still crying at it. >> and now so am i. >> god, we are hideous. >> once you see it, you can't unsee it. >> all right. i'll show you something that's not hideous, something that is both adorable and just very, very, very impressive. this is a dog who has better soccer skills than most people i know. definitely better skills than i do. this is al if i. he goes by the very appropriate nickname real dog. he's a 2-year-old cross breed with a deep love of britain's most popular sport. they say it was so funny watching him try to control the baugh. he dribbles, even tackles by the way. watch out. >> we should sign him up. wow that's pretty good. he's like neymar. take a look at this in the meantime. there's a new world record when it comes to the fastest convertible. this one made in texas. the american made hennessey venom gt spider clocking in at
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this morning on "world news now," mamba out. kobe bryant's long good-bye comes to an end. one of the most storied stars of the nba lights it up one more time and making an emotional farewell to a city of adoring fans. >> we have new details regarding a secret meeting between donald trump and fox news megyn kelly. while hillary clinton and bernie sanders take to the streets of new york with two very different reactions. >> and new this half hour, jail time for the so-called affluenza teen. >> ethan couch got two years in jail and why his stay there will be a lot tougher than he and his defense team expected. . ♪ to the western sky as someone told me lately ♪ . >> >> and the 12-year-old girl who wickedly knocked it out of the park.


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