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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 15, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the battle in brooklyn. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off, hitting each other harder than ever before. the issues they tried to dance around and what this means for the race for the democratic nomination with only four days left until the make or break new york primary. japan is reeling this morning from a devastating earthquake. the desperate dig through the rubble in search of survivors, a baby saved. we have the latest ahead. >> caught on camera. an officer surrounded bet getting into a brawl as he attempts to subdue someone in the crowd. some bystanders seen kicking and throwing punches. how the situation quickly escalated and got out of control. and don't burst his bubble oop he's at it again. the bubble man takes his
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can he make the trip across the ocean to a land where bubble people roam free. find out in the mix on this friday, april 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> does sound like a lovely place. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. i wonder what the land of the bubble people would be like. >> yeah. we have a -- >> hard to hug anyone if you're in a bubble. >> it would be tough to get it around. speaking of people who live in a bubble, presidents are said to be living in a bubble. that's quite a segue stretch there. >> good try. >> just start with the showdown. new york. >> the people trying to live in that bubble. >> the democrats today skipped pleasantries and went straight for the jug gue lar. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders laid out differences in debate number nine. marked by a string of sharp exchanges on everything from gun control to big money donations. our coverage starting with abc's marci gonzalez.
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>> reporter: good morning. we have never seen the democratic candidates quite like this. no sign of the cordal relationship they once had. last night, they were both fiercely on the attack. a democratic debate battle in the big apple. >> senator sanders did call me unqualified. i've been called a lot of things in my life. that was a first. >> the heated rhetoric between hillary clinton and bernie sanders coming to a boil here in brooklyn. >> does secretary clinton have the experience and the intelligence to be a president? of course, she does. but i do question -- but i do question her judgment. >> president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state for the united states. >> and let's talk about judgment. and let us talk about the worst
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modern history of this country. >> reporter: with less than a week before new york voters go to the polls, the rivals clashing on guns, raising the minimum wage. >> history has outpaced secretary clinton because all over this country, people are standing up and they're saying $12 is not good enough. we need $15 an hour. >> reporter: and on foreign policy. >> he could not answer about afghanistan, about israel, about counter-terrorism. >> reporter: just a few miles away in manhattan, all of the republican candidates together. protesters chanting outside. as donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich spoke at a new york gop fund-raiser. and all of the candidates are campaigning today in new york except sanders who is speaking later today at the vatican. kendis and diane. >> marci, thank you. nearly 300 new york delegates up for grabs next week. the latest poll shows hillary clinton with a
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over sanders. >> for more on their shift in tone and what we can expect in the coming days and weeks, we turnton political director rick klein. good morning. >> reporter: kendis and diane, the healing in the democratic party will have to wait. this was perhaps the most bitter and most personal of the debates so far. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going at each other over basic questions of judgment and qualifications in addition to policy and tone. rhetorical differences that have real policy ramifications. and i think now, given account dynamics of this race, hillary clinton coming in with this big delegate lead, bernie sanders with the momentum. nothing here is going to change sides in a big way. if anything, this sets up another six weeks of harsh, intense campaigning. the delegate lead unlikely to be overcome. new york now setting itself up as critical for the remainder of these contests but now the two candidates that have been circling each other with light barbs and friendly encou
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are now setting up a very harsh ending to this campaign. bernie sanders making clear he expects to win the nomination threat in i think to take this fight all the way to the democratic national convention. for all the divisions we've seen on the republican side, a very clear indication there are more divisions to come for the democrat. kendis and diane? >> that was political director rick klein. thank you. >> do stay with us for more debate coverage on "america this morning" as well as "good morning america." in our next half hour, a full report from the republican gala. >> rescue operations in effect following the powerful quake in japan but they've been disrupted by dozen of after shocks. at least nine people were killed and more than 800 injured by the 6.5 quake. here's abc's matt gutman with the details. >> reporter: the shaking so violent, it spun this security camera like a top. its footage, a bouncing blur of city lights and fires. japanese emergency officials say multiple people were killed,
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many hundreds wounded when the magnitude 6.2 quake struck at 9:26 p.m. local time, right under the city of kumamoto. firefighters battling multiple blazes. crews urgently searching for survivors and the injured, going door to door in the dark. bringing fears that the death toll could rise. a cluster of aftershocks. a man's camera rolling as one hits. those windows shaking and people screaming. sending thousands into the streets, huddling against the cold, digging into pre-prepped supplies. the quake buckling roads, derailing this train on the tracks. these office workers ducking under desks. american noel vincent lives there. >> suddenly, we just kind of felt the floor drop beneath us. that's what it felt like. >> reporter: this quake as powerful on japan's seismic intensity scale as the last major quake, the monster 9.0 in
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2011 that unleashed a deadly tsunami. that quake maxing out the intensity scale, because it hit so violently, right beneath an urban area. and now that it is daylight, rescuers are racing to find and save people still trapped under the rubble. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> a speedy recover to all of the people in that area. a houston deputy is recovering after an ambush style attack. doctors say he was shot six times with one of the bullets near his heart and two in his abdomen. police say a gunman came up behind him and the attack was targeted. investigators are questioning a bern of interest in the case. new video on a nashville police officer. officer was trying to make an arrest when he and the suspect begab fighting. when residents living nearby attacked the officer. he was treated for a concussion and is now on medical leave. security has been stepped up in the neighborhood, as well. >> in washington state, seven kidser
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truck plowed into a school bus stop. four of the kids were hit by the truck and two others by debris from the crash. the 19-year-old driver has a history of seizures and apparently was driving with a suspended license. he was taken into custody. on the east coast, four arm reserve soldiers were hurt when their humvee flipped over on the new jersey turnpike just outside of new york city. the most crat critically injured had to have her leg amputated at the scene. a tire came off the humvee causing the vehicle to overturn. the night for a $15 minimum wage hit the streets in cities across the u.s. today. from times square to hollywood, protesters marched in in support of low wage nonunion employees they're targeting mcdonald's because of its clout in the industry. new york and california have put plans in place to hit that $15 an hour mark over the next few years. meanwhile, amazon is starting to i a shelter for the hoaxlessn
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non-profit to operate a shelter in one of its buildings. the plan is to house more than 200 people for a year in the former travel lodge. families are expected to move in on monday in response to a state of emergency declared by the mayor to deal with a spike in the homeless population. >> even nationwide, there is a little bit of au spike in the homeless population itself, 19% over previous years. a good move there. >> the families will have a space, a play room for the kids and they can stay there during the week and on the weekends 24 hours. >> coming up later in the show, my very first polka. it's a brand-new one. >> you always remember your first. >> barry has been busy. first u.s. officials sending a stern stern message to russia calling close calls between russian fighter jets and a u.s. warship dangerous and deliberate. how russia is defending those aggressive flight maneuvers. >> what could have been the real reason why adam la roche walked away from a
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every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. >> a north korea missile launch appears to have failed. the incident is being seen as a major embarrassment for the
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grandfather is the one being honored. there was an explosion shortly after the launch. mid range missile is thought to be potentially capable of reaching distant u.s. bases in asia. back here at home, u.s. officials sending a strong message to russia over the close calls between two russian fighter jets and a u.s. warship. the u.s. is calling those aggressive maneuvers dangerous and deliberate. but russian is defending them. abc's martha raddatz with the latest. >> reporter: roaring past a u.s. warship in a simulated attack pattern. more than two dozen times. at one point, a russian jet just 30 feet off the bow of the ship. alarmingly aggressive moves that the russians claimed were done "safely" and "according to international rules." but the u.s. strongly disagrees, filing a formal complaint with moscow. and secretary of state john kerry saying, "under the
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rules of engagement, that could have been a shoot down." >> he found it unprofessional, needlessly provocative and, indeed, dangerous. >> reporter: the man who did not bring up the simulated attacks russia's president, vladimir putin. instead, taking a swipe at what he called america's imperial ambitions, and, using a twist on an old russian proverb to describe hillary clinton's desire to follow her husband's path to the white house, "husband and wife are the same satan," putin said, laughing. there won't be any sort of military response to that flyover despite secretary kerry's strong words about what could have happened. the white house saying there would be little value in further inflaming the situation. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. families of victims of the sandy hook elementary shooting ramp and won a major legal victory. a connecticut judge ruled their
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against the gun used can proceed. meanwhile, in a separate case, a judge ruled state police do not have to release documents taken from the home of the sandy hook shooter. >> it the bible will not become the official state book in tennessee. the governor vetoed the controversial bill yesterday. noting that it likely would have violated the constitutions of both tennessee and the united states. he also said the bill bill tribalizes the bible wilhe considers an sacred text. the bill's sponsor intends to push for an override of the veto which in tennessee just requires an simple majority so there's a possibility. >> i didn't even know states had official books. >> i wonder what the official back of new york is. coming up in our next half hour, saving big on your summer travel. how america's largest airlines are trying to squeeze more money out of passengers and what you can doing to avoid paying hundreds of dollars in extra
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walked away from a $13 million contract after the chicago white sox asked him not to bring his son to work every day. now he's opening up about something else that may have driven that decision. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "wo
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well, it's been more than a month since adam la roche stunned the sports world by walking away from a $13 million contract after the chicago white sox asked him to stop bringing his kid to work every day. >> now he's opening up for the first time about something else that may have sparked the decision. abc's eva pilgrim has the story. >> his equity from baseball garnered national headlines. >> i also applaud adam laroche. >> adam la roche surprised his team. >> the white sox first baseman choosing to retire early after he was told not to bring his son drake to the clubhouse are women every day. >> he's either been a spoiled ballplayer who wanted to have his kid in the workplace or this sort of paragon of virtue for parenthood being this great father. there is more to it than the simple narrative which is that he quit because his son couldn't be in the
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>> reporter: the first baseman going deep in a new interview, espn magazine for the first time talking about the backlash against his decision to quit. i never took it for granted. one, i get to play a game. two, i get paid an absushd amount of money to play a game. three, i can have my son with me when i'm doing it. his decision may have been influenced by a trip he and long-time friend brewer's pitcher blaine bowyerer took last november going undercover to the red light districts of southeast asia with exodus row trying to rescue sex slaves saying i was sick. i was thinking about my kids and thinking about the hundreds of thousands of parents who are searching for their 12-year-old daughters. what are we doing in we're going back to play a game for the next eight months. he walked away from the experience putting even more value on family. >> he feels that there is something out there for him. there are people that
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from what his decision was. >> la roach has no regrets. honestly, baseball is not that important to me. i love it. it's a passion. but i think every one of us is put here for a bigger purpose. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> we should mention he's coming off a fairly mediocre year, as well in baseball. he was on the downside of his career. >> still, that's a lot of money to walk away from. >> $13 million contract. >> it's admirable, especially if that is the reason to go and pursue a higher purpose and try to do good in the world. good for him. right now he's spending time with his family and not even watching baseball into not at all? >> not at all. >> not even cricket. >> maybe cricket. i don't know. we'll have to ask him and see if he's watching cricket. he's never cheered for a team he didn't play for. but he's played for a lot. i wonder. >> i was in d.c. while he was playing. a lot of former teammates are cheering for him now. he's been all over the place. >> do you think he's going to pick one
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for any team he's played for. >> he's going to walk away from baseball. >> completely? >> i don't know. >> good for him.
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. it is time now for "the mix." and we start with the -- this is bubble man who comes from florida. his name is reza bellucci. he is making or perhaps made his second attempt to not only walk on water but walk all the way to the bermuda triangle in what's called a hydropod. it sort of looks like a hamster wheel that travels on water. >> that's a good 75 miles. >> he try ts
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in 2014 and made it nearly 70 miles off much st. augustine. then he dropped his gps through the small hole that he's supposed to climb in and out of. lost his way and the coast guard had to rescue him. he ran 20 miles a day to prepare again. tried it again. we're learning now that he didn't make if. we don't know why. maybe third time's the charm. >> we can only hope. something special for your brand-new polka. it is a new one. yeah. let's take a look. maybe you can hit these notes. >> mta music and samantha present samantha echo. ♪ politics and foreign wars, all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack do the world news polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now"
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this morning on "world news now," democrats dig in. last night's debate at times got ugly. with the crowd in brooklyn getting loud as clinton and sanders went after each other. details ahead. >> meanwhile, an across town, republicans had a showdown of their own. trump, cruz and kasich made their pitches to the party's elite and explained what new york values really mean to them. >> and new this half hour. an ape with an attitude and on the loose. >> he makes a high wire escape leading his pursuers on an electrifying chase. what made him put up such a fight? >> it was an average day. and celebrity baby boom. three hour couples, three second children and a whole lot of glad tidings this morning in "the skinny." skinny.""it's fray


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