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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 15, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," democrats dig in. last night's debate at times got ugly. with the crowd in brooklyn getting loud as clinton and sanders went after each other. details ahead. >> meanwhile, an across town, republicans had a showdown of their own. trump, cruz and kasich made their pitches to the party's elite and explained what new york values really mean to them. >> and new this half hour. an ape with an attitude and on the loose. >> he makes a high wire escape leading his pursuers on an electrifying chase. what made him put up such a fight? >> it was an average day. and celebrity baby boom. three hour couples, three second children and a whole lot of glad tidings this morning in "the skinny." skinny.""it's fray
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> she's standing in for me. >> all those pretty people. you kind of do look like eva mendes a little bit. >> i will take that. ryan, are you listening? just kid doing my husband. just kidding. > or to ryan. good morning on this friday. happy to be with you here. >> we begin today with brooklyn fight night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clearly are done playing nice and delivered some of their sharpest blows yet. >> the democrats used last night's debate to play up close ties to new york. it was a feisty sanders who slammed clinton on her wall street speeches and record on trade and she fired back, hammering him on gun control and his strategy for breaking up big banks. it's your voice, your vote. we get the highlights right now from abc's marci gonzales who is on the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they wasted no time going after each other with just a few days before new york's primary, it
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was clear on that debate stage how crucial a win is here in new york. within moments of the debate starting the gloves were off. bernie sanders backtracking saying hillary clinton is qualified to be president but that he questions her judgment. clinton defending her record and calling sanders out saying in a recent interview he had difficulty giving specifics about foreign policy. >> he could not answer about afghanistan, about israel, about counter-terrorism. except to say if he had had some paper in front of him, maybe he could. i think you need to have the judgment on day one to be both president and commander in chief. >> let's talk about judgment. and let us talk about the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country. i led the opposition to that war. >> reporter: they sparred on increasing the minimum wage, campaign
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clinton was called on again to release transcripts of her paid speeches. >> let's set the same standard for everybody. when everybody does it, okay, i will do it. but let's set and expect the same standard on tax returns. everybody does it and then we move forward. >> everybody else does it. she will do it, i will do it. i am going to release all of the transcripts of the speeches that i gave on wall street behind closed doors. not for $225,000, not for $2,000, not for 2 cents. there were no speeches. >> and despite clinton pulling ahead by double digits in new york and being well ahead in the delegate count, sanders says he will not only take his campaign all the way to the convention but that he will win the democratic nomination. kendis and dianne. >> thanks to marci there at the brooklyn navy yard.
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turning to the republicans and all three candidates gathering under the same roof. >> hundreds of anti-trump protesters converged on the manhattan hotel where the candidates were attending the gop gala. some demonstrators made their way inside and more than 30 people arrested as donald trump picked up an endorsement from the "new york post." ines de la cuetara has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: diane and kendis, while the democrats were in brooklyn last night, all three remaining republican candidates spoke at the new york gop gala, all three still trying hard to win the empire state. with less than a week till the primary, last night john kasich and donald trump made it a point to redefine new york values. >> i want to talk for a second about new york values that we all, many of us, that we all know so well. the values that make us love this state, which has been a symbol of american strength throughout the world. >> let me just tell you a little
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town. you're so alive when you're in new york. and the fact is, you don't want to sleep when you're in new york. the reason you don't want to sleep is because you're afraid you're going to miss something. >> in doing so, both were taking aim at ted cruz. you'll remember this comment he made at a debate back in january. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> i'm from new york. >> you're from new york so you might not. i promise you in the state of south carolina, they do. >> reporter: and another highlight last night, a surprise endorsement from former new york governor george pataki. >> i'm proud to endorse governor governor john kasich to be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: and trump is still leading in the polls here in new york. diane, kendis? >> our thanks to ines. so much, and remember, stay with abc for more coverage of the democratic debate and the race for the white house throughout the morning. after nearly half a century in prison, one of the followers
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of cult leader charles manson may go free. a california review board has recommended parole for leslie van houten convicted in the 1969 murder of a los angeles area couple. this was the 20th time she has appeared before the parole board. 9 decision now rests in the hands of the california governor, jerry brown. a north carolina man who police say posted pictures of his dead wife and child on facebook appeared in court. he's charged with first degree murder and could face the death penalty if convicted. officers were sent to his home after a relative noticed the pictures on facebook and was alarmed. they then found two bodies inside the home. >> now to tense moments for passengers on board a delta flight heading to nashville from new york. a bird strike cracked a windshield forcing an emergency landing in charleston, west virginia. the plane was able to touch down without incident. nearly 60 passengers on board the plane at the time. no serious injuries reported. a new plane was sent to pick up those passengers.
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is being rocked by after shocks after a deadly earthquake. we have some dramatic new images from the quake zone including the rescue of a baby. the 8-month-old was found in rubble of a collapsed home. at least nine people have died and hundreds injured when the powerful quake hit yesterday. entire buildings fell to the ground. roofs even slid off. windows and walls crum bed scattering debris. rex martin posted this video on facebook. >> we're staying out here kind of in the open where we're not surrounded by any buildings and we're able to get away from any structural damage that may happen to anything that could possibly hurt us. >> rescue operations were repeatedly disrupted by the aftershocks. by early this morning, there had been 116 such jolts strong enough to be felt. >> a big meeting in new york today. nba owners are meeting, expected to take up the question of moving the next all-star game from north carolina.
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the nba has been urged to undertake such a move to pretest -- protest the so-called bathroom law in that state the nba commissioner has called that law deeply concerning. the agent representing troubled quarterback johnny manziel has delivered an ultimatum. get treatment now or find a new agent. so far this year, he has been fired by the cleveland browns and his former agent, now his new rep, drew rosenhaus, says he's done unless manziel gets help in the next five days. numerous video clips show the 2012 heisman trophy winner, drinking, partying and just appearing impaired. >> with basketball and hockey now in playoff mode and baseball's regular season just getting under way, it is time for us to talk about -- >> football. >> of course, for the next season at least. >> the season gets under way september 8th with a rematch of last year's
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carolina panthers. instead of peyton manning at quarterback, mark sanchez will start for the broncos. the rams return to los angeles opening their season against long-time rivals the 49ers. >> and we should mention this part. interesting note for me in particular taking an apparent stand against redskins name, the new york football giants are listing them as washington on its schedule rather than the team's name. >> hmm. i mean, it's not till september. isn't it kind of early to be putting out schedules? >> no, we're looking forward to this. i'm already plottingy fantasy league. >> it already dominates so much of the week and now it's dominating spring and summer, too. >> why do you hate america? >> why do you hate america. >> i love football. but can't we enjoy baseball for a little while? >> all right. we have 167 days of baseball. but football, we're looking forward to it. >> excited for football. coming up, chasing down an escaped chimp. his name is cha-cha. after he broke out of the zoo, he ended up here on top of a telephone pole.
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introducing new k-y for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. in colorado, a big rig driver died after veering off a highway and slamming into a garage at an apartment complex. no one else was injured in the crash, but many of the apartment residents say they have long been worried about something like this. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. in los angeles, crews worked frantically to rescue a driver trapped in his cement truck.
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tumbled about ten feet down a stephen bankment landing on its side. crews can waded through thick brush to free him. the driver was then placed on a stretcher and wheeled into an ambulance. >> now my favorite video of the day. a chimp who got away from his handlers at a japanese zoo is back where he belongs this morning. this is the chimp. his name is cha-cha. and -- cha-cha likes to cha-cha on the lines there. he took the high road or line literately running across some electrical wires. quite the scene there. he was dangling for a while and cha-cha just couldn't hold on any longer. >> oh, cha-cha. >> and then he finally -- hang on, cha-cha. hang on, come on. oh. >> but yes. he stuck the landing. luckily, there were people there for him. the first responders were right there and got him to a vet. we're told he was uninjured but
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judge only gave him a 5 on that landing. >> he looks pretty angry, cha-cha. i don't think i would want the job of having to go get him. >> not at all. be like that guy, how did i get this job. >> do you think he'll be like he's fine, just leave him up there. he's good. >> moving on to summer vacation and your budget. u.s. airlines are finding more and new ways to squeeze more money out of travelers. >> if you are flying to multiple cities, there are ways to avoid paying hidden fees that can add up to thousands of dollars here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: for years, booking a one-way ticket was the most expensive option. now, the country's largest airlines, american, delta and united are quietly changing the way they price their multicity tickets. >> the airlines are actually charging you more if you try and buy one ticket that stops in multiple cities. they made this change in the last few weeks and most consumers don't even know about it. >> for example, say you live in chicago and you'd like to visit both l.a. and san francisco this summer.
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book your vacation as a multicity trip on and it will cost you $885. but book three one-way flights separately for the exact same departure dates and times and that will cost you $658. a savings of $227. for a family of four, that's more than $900 in savings. >> is this true across the board? >> this doesn't apply to every single route out there, but most major routes it does. >> reporter: and if you're planning to rent a car, the experts recommend using website auto/.com. once you've booked that car, they will continue to check for a lower price and automatically book you whatever the cheapest car is for free on the day of your trip. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. all right. good tips. thanks. >> yeah. when we come back, celebrity baby news. >> and the celebrity son just might give justin bieber a rufo
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>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny, so skinny. >> time now for the skinny starting with some celebrity baby news. >> and topping the glad tidings, kelly clarkson and husband brandon blackstock welcomed a
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second child, a son. clarkson shared the news yesterday on twitter. they've named him remington alexander blackstock. >> such a good name. i love it. >> strong name. >> big fan. >> meantime, expecting their second child eva mendes and long-time boyfriend ryan gosling. they are parents to 17-month-old daughter esmerelda. >> also expecting their second child, blake lively and ryan reynolds. they've already had a 16-month daughter named james. it was named after reynolds' late father. our warmest wishes to them. >> i guess all the unattractive people in hollywood aren't having babies. >> next tun, we -- next up, we have a celebrity protege. >> he's hardly a baby but he's krus beckham. recognize the last name. son of parents david and victoria. he could already be laying the foundation of a singing career. his mom released a little bit of video on instagram of her son
3:50 am
"hopeful." >> because i'm hopeful, yes, i am. hopeful. ♪ take this music and use it, let it take you away ♪ ♪ and be hopeful, hopeful ♪ and he'll make a way, i know it ain't easy ♪ ♪ but that's okay ♪ just be hopeful because i'm hopeful ♪ >> i like it. he's got a little swagger to him. >> he does already as an 11-year-old and he's got a good hair game going. young cruz is already being dubbed the new justin bieber. hardly a surprise. remember his mom was a spice girl. that video, by the way, after just one day has already been liked more than 300,000 times. zig a zig uh. >> turning lemons into lemonade or a tattoo into a social media sensation. >> a woman from tennessee named holland christianson reportedly got couldn't into getting jeremy lin's name tattooed on her body by a friend who
3:51 am
japanese symbols had a completely different mean penguin rather than getting it removed or altered, she embraced it and became a fan of the charlotte hornets' point guard. >> she shared and guess what, lin saw it himself. and he used a sharpie to replicate the tattoo on his own ankle. christianson now hopes to meet lin the next time she's in charlotte. >> an accidental fashion faux pas going viral. >> talking about gayle king who took to instagram to admit she accidentally wore her $1300 dress to an event here in new york backwards. she even shared images of herself with the dress on the right way, the zipper in the front and the wrong way, admitting she prefers to wear it backwards. >> the matter may be settled with this image of michelle obama wearing the same dress the right way for the cover of seventeen magazine. props to gayle though. she gets points for accessorizing 37 a pink leather belt, leather heels, a matching rainbow clutch.
3:52 am
too. >> first lady wore it better >> like getting two dresses for the price of one. into maybe my dress is backwards. >> it kind of is. ♪ look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that.
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pantene. ♪ well, it's no surprise that campaign fever is topping our week in review. >> but also vying for some top billing in this week's headlines, a civil rights outcry for gays and transgender, a spirited sendoff for a basketball legend. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> let me tell you a little secret as far as our country is concerned. we've got a democracy but we have to keep our democracy. and we're going to do that. >> i believe the first ballot will be the highest vote total donald trump receives and on a subsequent ballot, we're going to win the nomination and earn a majority. >> when are we going to pick somebody who can't win? that would be nuts. >> if no candidate has a majority on the first ballot, i believe that you should only
3:56 am
choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary. count me out. >> the momentum is with us. we have come a really, really long way. and i think we can win this. >> i feel good about the upcoming contests and i expect to be the nominee. >> on the ground in syria and in iraq, isil is on the defensive. our 66-member coalition including arab partners is on the offensive. we have momentum. and we intend to keep that momentum. >> obviously, my visit to hiroshima has a very special meaning about the strength of the relationship and the journey that we have traveled together since the difficult time of the war. >> a male down with about six gunshot wounds to the chest. >> are you saying your client felt threatened by something smith had? or someone in his party had? >> everybody out there felt threatened. >> by smith? >> by someone other than mr. hayes. >> the people of north carolina are entitled to both privacy and equality.
3:57 am
the people who can't stand up for themselves. so i think the nba should move the all-star game from charlotte. >> i can't believe how fast 20 years went by. this is crazy. to be standing here at center court with you guys, my teammates behind me and appreciating the journey that we've been on. what can i say? mamba out. >> i like how kobe neatly placed -- you know he wanted to drop it but instead he just -- >> placed it. what a great way to go out. the week ahead. a lot of things happening into. >> the primary is the big one. >> primary in new york. huge one around here. nash holiday, national rice ball day. >> rice ball day. >> next week. and johnny mathis is in great falls. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," fo
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making news in america this morning, democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle in brooklyn over everything from judgment to guns to minimum wage. >> now, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> that 's not accurate. >> the republicans also in new york making their cases while protesters have their say outside the event and inside, as well. earthquake aftermath is going on right now in japan. rescuers are combing through the wreckage of the deadly quake looking for more victims and finding at least one very young survivor. smash and grab. a convenience store taking the brunt of a brazen robbery attempt. the search for those responsible. and make your plans just like your favorite nfl team is doing now that the upcoming season schedule has been released.


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