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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 21, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. donald trump. >> i'm millions of votes ahead, millions, millions of votes ahead of lyin' ted. >> taking on ted cruz as he tries to lock down the gop nomination and promising the gloves will come off against hillary clinton in november. >> i love running against crooked hillary. i love that. >> clinton flying high, fresh off that huge victory in new york. >> there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] >> she's here live in times square this morning answering your questions in our town hall only on "gma." a new weapon to battle the zika outbreak. genetically modified mosquitoes. residents protest new plans to test them. are they too dangerous? dr. besser joins us live. a
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in a classroom. a teacher's aide appearing to tackle a 14-year-old throwing him to the ground, grabbing him by the neck. the student sent to the hospital. we tell you about the investigation this morning ♪ come and knock on our door ♪ come and knock on our door >> a major "three's company" comeback. could jack, janet and chrissy be headed for the big screen? nostalgia for your favorite neighbors building up this morning. ♪ come and dance on our floor and we do say good morning, america. on this thursday morning and the excitement is building here for our coffee with the candidates town hall. hillary clinton will be joining us live this morning. >> there you see the crowd in times square. they're getting excited. also up here in the studio, many of those viewers coming in now will get to ask questions directly of secretary clinton. also across the country people gathering, upcoming states with primaries as well all sending in
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and, lara, big celebration in great britain. >> a momentous occasion, queen elizabeth is turning 90. a big tribute being paid to her in britain at this hour. and this is a new photo of the queen as great-grandmother. there she is surrounded by all of her great grandchildren and the latest on that coming up. >> fun to see. first to the race for the white house. donald trump sounding confident he can lock up the nomination. abc's tom llamas is here, has the latest for us, good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. just when we thought donald trump was trying to act more presidential, he was back with his classic attacks. this as he still writing big checks for his campaign, 11 million just in march and for the first time spending more than ted cruz. overnight, donald trump going back to basics, pumping up the crowd in maryland. >> hey, is it fun to be at a trumpally? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: trump in full
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to the great bambino. >> it's like they asked babe ruth, they said, babe, how do you hit the home run? he said, i don't know man, i just swing at it. >> reporter: the gop front-runner pounding on his favorite issue, delegate ail cagle and ted cruz. >> this whole thing with delegates is rigged. i don't get as many delegates as some guy that lost. there is no path for lyin' ted to get the nomination. >> reporter: in florida rival ted cruz meeting with rnc party leaders at an annual meeting predicting a contested convention is on the horizon. >> i'm not going to reach 1,237 and donald trump is not going to reach 1,237. it is going to be a battle to see who can earn the support of a majority of the delegates elected by the people. >> reporter: trump setting his sights on the general election. firing a warning shot at hillary clinton during an interview with fox news. >> you know, the clintons have had some personal situations bad
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in the white house, are you going to dredge all that up? >> i certainly would like to keep that out, if possible. you just don't know what's going to happen but i would like to be able to keep that out if possible. >> reporter: hillary clinton not backing down saying yesterday you know, we are not in a dictatorship. you are not in an authoritarian regime talking about donald trump in the white house. he put out a tweet calling on kasich and ted cruz to drop out of the race because they cannot clinch the nomination outright. >> let's bring in matthew dowd for more on this right now. matthew, i don't think cruz and kasich will drop out of the race right now. you saw ted cruz down at that rnc meeting. donald trump complaining about the rules being rigged and there could be some changes coming. >> yeah, there definitely could be changes somes in the course of this and i think the rnc will probably put -- make some recommendations but not do anything seriously definitive and allow the
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rnc at the convention in cleveland to make the decisions. donald trump, i think, i was listening to it. he better be careful. he's mentioned babe ruth. he better be careful he doesn't become ty cobb where his teammates hate him. that's the thing he has to be careful of. >> at the same time he has a real shot of getting the 1,237 before the convention. >> we talked about new york, george. and i thought there was about an 80% chance we went to a contested convention but his big win i thought he would get in the 40s would weeks ago in new york. he got into the 60s. it's 50/50. the odds of a contested convention while still possible have dropped to 50/50 in the course of this. >> bernie sanders vowing to stay in the democratic race even though he fell behind in new york. we have secretary clinton coming up in the next hour. how should she play that. >> i think this is the problem when you have war rooms and make all these attacks, it's hard to shift to a time of peace. i think hilla
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sit her campaign down and say we would rather be happy than right and stop all the attacks, don't engage in this. let him have his time and then basically work towards unity in the course of this so choose happiness over being right in the course of the attack. >> we will talk to secretary clinton in our next hour live. she'll answer your questions in our coffee with the candidates town hall. thank you, matt. there they are. >> we see them gathering upstairs. to the latest on the flint water crisis, three government employees facing criminal charges and the state's attorney general saying more are on the way. abc's alex perez is in flint, michigan, with the new fallout. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. officials say those three employees tampered with test results allowing water from the flint river here to poison this community. this morning, fallout in flint. >> enter a plea of not guilt are. >> reporter: the attorney general filing charges against several officials allegedly involved in the water crisis that plagu
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18 months. >> so many things went so terribly wrong and tragically wrong in flint. >> reporter: two state employees slammed with felony charges including official misconduct and evidence tampering. >> they failed in their responsibilities to protect the health and safety of families of flint. >> reporter: prosecutors alleging michael prysby and stephen busch tampered with lead test results reported to the epa. for months unsuspecting residents drinking poison water. as word break hundreds of children testing positive for high levels of lead and officials say prysby approved the permit for water plant knowing it would not provide safe drinking water. >> the people of the state of michigan versus michael francis get rad prysby. >> reporter: both pleading not guilty, both suspended from their jobs without pay and authorities charging michael glasgow with tampering with evidence saying he lied about which homes were tested for lead
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be at safe levels, something his lawyer says he denies. the state's attorney general insisting that this isn't the end and that there is more fallout to come. you sort of sidestepped -- >> i don't sidestep anything. >> is the governor ultimately responsible and will he face charges? >> there's no target and no one is off the table. >> reporter: the attorney general would not get into specifics but says he expects others to be charged in the days to come. george. >> okay, alex, thanks very much. we'll get the latest in the battle against zika. scientists hoping to use a new weapon, genetically modified mosquitoes to target insects that could spread the virus but that plan is raising concerns in the neighbor where they may be tested and abc's steve osunsami is on the scene in key west, florida. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. they're hot about this here. the families understand the effort to fight zika and other mosquito bourne diseases but they're dead set against using this neighborhood and their children in
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genetically modified bugs. families are angry at the cdc, the fad and the british company that hopes to release millions of genetically altered male mosquitoes in their backyards. >> we don't want to be lab rats. >> reporter: bred in this florida lab designed to kill off the mosquito that carries the zika virus, dengue fever and other harmful diseases. even the government admits it is a test. >> the male mates with the wild female and the offspring does not develop into an dull. it dies before adulthood. >> reporter: but the families say there's no plan if something goes wrong and if diseases start to spread, online their petition has more than 166,000 signatures. >> they're trying to jam this down our throat without our consent and that is just not right. >> reporter: the scientists behind this is a it's already working in other countries. >> i don't think people should be afraid of it. if anything, they sho
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worried about things like dengue, zika and chickother dis. >> in two to four days after we release it, it will be dead. >> reporter: there is a similar battle of the mines in washington where a fight over controlling it continues and the white house wants nearly $1.9 billion to fight the disease. county officials have agreed to a vote in the fall but they're already saying it will be nonbinding so the neighbors ear are planning to sue. they're asking their many supporters this morning to approach the fda online, send messages and they're warning that your neighborhood could be next. robin. >> all right, steve, thank you. joining us abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser, a lot of people concerned about that, of course, they're in key west. i was just there a few weeks vacationing. great people and you can understand their concerns and how safe are
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mosquitoes. >> yeah, so before they could be tested in florida, the fda had to evaluate them. they looked at data of all the places this i've been tested and rule they're safe for the environment and for meme. >> safe for the people and for the environment. so how effective are they against these disease spreading mosquitoes? >> yeah, you know, i saw this taking place in brazil and what they've seen every place this has been introduced is these type of mosquitoes, reduction of up to 90%. that's just dramatic, 90% fewer of these mc. >> what are the concerns about another type of mosquito being able to spread disease. >> whenever people hear the word gmo they're very frightened but this hasn't been seen in other places. they haven't seen other disease carrying mosquitoes come up and the diseases that they're trying to fight by doing this are really, really bad actors and so it's leading to new strategies that other times we might not have considered. >> overall what are you saying to people in key west and other areas where this play be
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and fears. >> go slow, be safe. but we need to try new thing. >> all right, all right, dr. b., thanks very much. george. we move on to that stunning discovery on our southern border. a drug tum stretching the length of nine football fields. it's a small hole hidden by gravel and wood. but underneath that massive tunnel equipped with lights, an elevator, even a ventilation system. matt gutman has a look. >> reporter: that engineering marvel started at this tijuana villa. it had a kiddie pool and bird math. below ground a half mile long secret snaking to a san diego suburb. >> we believe this to be the longest to date. >> reporter: dug mostly with hand tools equipped with light, ventilation and this motorized freight elevator capable of carrying up to ten people. this gopro video from border agents shows the tunnel from the
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but nearly nine football fields long. the end of it this tiny hole hidden by a dumpster. authorities arresting six people seizing more than $22 million worth of cocaine alone and 14,000 pounds of marijuana. we believe this to be the largest single seizure of cocaine related to a tunnel along the california/mexico border. over the years they have discovered 180 drug smuggling tunnels. we recently squeeze into one of those tunnels with the u.s. border protection tunnel team. that right there is the border fence which means that that tunnel was dug right underneath the noses of both u.s. and mexican authorities. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to matt for that. now to amy with the morning's other top stories starting with the death of a former pro wrestler. >> we learned joanie laurer has
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burst on to the scene in the late '90s and appeared on several reality tv shows. chyna was found dead in her home in california. no word yet on cause of death but her manager said she died peacefully. she was just 45 years old. a new threat in the texas flood crisis, two aging dams in houston that should have been replaced years ago are all that stand between some neighborhoods and catastrophic flooding and their rest servoirs are near capacity. the president of ecuador has announced plans to rebuild from the earthquake that has claimed nearly 600 lives. one part of his plan is a new tax on millionaires to help pay for building projects, more than 160 people remain missing in that rubble. well, the cia is expanding death benefits to families of contractors killed overseas as a result of terrorism. relatives of a cia contractor who died in the benghazi attack in 2012 will be among the first to receive an insurance payout
7:15 am
the new rule as ply to contractors who died as far back as 1983. and the teenager who's inspired millions with her recovery after a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan, is finally back home this morning. 14-year-old abigail has defied all odds and walked out smiling and looking forward to seeing her pet pig named hamlet, of course. finally a whole new way to eat all natural. au naturel. a new restaurant allowing you to dine in the nude called the bunyadi, bamboo screens and candlelight will keep things discreet. it opens in june, they say 8,000 people are already on the waiting list. no shoes, no shir no clothe, no pants, no problem. >> i know. that's going to be the new kenny chesney song. >> sitting onre
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>> hoping no one loses their appetite. >> or splinters when you think about that. >> big money news this morning. we were talking about this yesterday and now to that big change coming to your money. after pressure from the broadway show "hamilton" the u.s. treasury announcing that the founding father will stay on the front of the $10 bill and that it will be the 20 getting a face-lift. good-bye andrew jackson, hello harriet tubman. abc's mary bruce is at the treasury department with more. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, good morning, well, this has been over a century in the making but this morning, officials here at treasury are finally giving women top billing on these u.s. bills. step aside, andrew jackson, harriet tubman is headed for the $20 bill. the former slave and abolitionist ousting the former slave owning president and she's not alone. suffragists and female civil rights leaders are being added to the backs of the 5 and $10 bills, the sweeping chang
7:17 am
originally what was expected. a woman was resupposed to replace svnalexander hamilton b it changed because of this, the broadway hit bearing his name bringing popularity to him and our current treasury secretary is a brig fan of the founder. why keep him in place. >> he's always been one of my heroes. you can't work in the treasury department without feeling like you stand on his shows. >> reporter: excitement pouring in from around the world from fellow politician, hillary clinton tweeting, i can't think of a better choice for the 20. to celebrities, steve harvey writing i'm going to need my pockets full of tubmabmantubman. the secretary said he chose it with good reason. >> it is a bill that in some ways the most familiar bill now because of
7:18 am
will be released in 2020. the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage but it's too soon to know when the bills will actually hit your wallet. >> mary, thank you very much. oprah weighing in, she gave tubman her seal of approval saying that was her first choice and right choice for america because now people will know more about her important role in history. >> i hasn't thought about that atm point. >> it's the one you see the most. >> let's go to rob. more severe weather in texas. >> yeah, check out the hail accumulating in parts of west texas, sweetwater then this video coming down between abilene and lubbock, dangerous driving conditions and more of this as we go through the next couple of days. this slow to move low pressure kicking out and another round of rain across houston in the flood zone and dry it out for at least a couple of days.
7:19 am
of sunshine to go around. high pressure will slip off the coast and finally allow a cold front that has been stuck in the middle of the country to bring us some much needed rain here in the mid-atlantic. highs today will be in the mid 70s with increasing clouds arriving this afternoon. rain will hold off until late night and just a few spotty showers are expected. as the cold front gets closer on friday, more widespread showers and even isolated thunderstorms will develop across the region. rainfall amounts will likely average around 1/2" our rainfall deficit is now well over 3" at reagan national. the rain will also likely help control the rocky mount wildfire that is still burning in shenandoah national park and has grown to coming up here on "gma," oh, the terror on the highway. the suspect accused of shooting at cars on the road now walking free t
7:20 am
we'll tell you why. and queen elizabeth turns 90 this morning. there at windsor castle. big happy birthday celebration. we have all the latest. counting down to our live town hall with democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton. the crowd is here. your questions coming up on "gma." ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni.
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>> thi this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: another nice day on the way. here is josh knight with the forecast. >> good morning. as you start this morning, temperatures 50 degrees. partly cloudy skies. school this this morning. by lunch time we are mid to upper 60s. warming up. try to get out of the office. and later this afternoon. on the drive home. kids coming home from t
7:27 am
75 degrees. and so partly sunny and feeling nice. this weekend we will dry out in time. 70 on saturday. morning cloud cover, more sunshine and 71 degrees for sunday. >> reporter: all right josh. on the roads for thursday morning ride we continue to monitor the situation at the springfield interchange. on the ramp. from the outer loop to southbound 95 we have major delays and ramp restrictions due to an earlier crash. live look at the anacostia freeway. heavy slow traffic heading toward 11th street bridge. we have a crash there in the southbound direction. and around the outer loop of the beltway not bad but inner loop jammed toward the bridge. >> anchor: new of overnight, dc police investigate a shooting. this happened in 1600 block of 16th street in southeast. right around the corner from anacostia high school. police say they first got calls about a shooting 1:30 a.m. this morning and found a man with a gun shot wound.
7:28 am
where he died. and arlington police say they are investigating a shooting outside of the burger king on columbia page, this happened just before 11:00 last night. and police say a 20-year-old man was shot in the leg. he was taken to the hospital. with non-life threatening injuries. right now police are interviewing witnesses trying to get a suspect description. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington. on newschanel 8. hope you have a great day.
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welcome back to "gma" and you're looking live at windsor castle where queen elizabeth is celebrating her 90th birthday. big morning underway and we'll bring you all the highlights. we are gearing up for our town hall with hillary clinton. we'll look live at voters in philadelphia. they're getting ready to ask the democratic front-runner their questions. and she is joining us here live in times square for a coffee with the candidates event. as we told you early this week we had big news. our good friend michael strahan is joining us full time here at "good morning america." i love amy's hashtag, two days was just not enough. yeah. >> it's been so great to have you two days a week. cannot wait for y full time. are you ready.
7:31 am
early every day. that's going to be first and foremost. it's my second family. i'll miss everybody over at "live." i'm thankful to kelly because i learned so much from him and michael gelman. showed me the ropes and i was so new to all of this and if it weren't for her and michael gelman and the staff there that really boosted me up and made me look a lot better than i really am then i never would have a chance to be here and i'm grateful i'm here. we're on the same network. same family, same network. >> the tip about the whole sleep thing just get over it, you're going to be tired. >> so don't fight the tired. >> just own it, love it. it's part of life. >> i embrace it. >> those night time ball games. thank you, thank you. >> no social life? aagh. >> we're so happy. over to amy with a developing
7:32 am
smile on all of our faces the second you walk in. mostly because we're waiting for our morning kiss. especially george. i know he loves his. >> that was between us. >> we are looking forward to spending every day with you but we do have a big development to get to in those frightening freeway shootings that played out in phoenix last year. 11 cars hit by bullets and the suspect suddenly released on bail. >> i think my window just got shot. >> are you hurt? >> i'm not. i just got glass all over my hair, my back, my body. >> reporter: they are the words of terrified drivers struck by bullets. >> he had over 15 magazines fully loaded all around his body. he had a 9 millimeter on his hip. >> reporter: 11 cars hit over two weeks last summer along a span of phoenix highway and eventually linking a gun owned by leslie merritt jr. to four
7:33 am
>> this case is still ongoing. >> reporter: while merritt admitted he owned the gun used he insisted he wasn't the shooting claiming the gun had been in a pawnshop for months but the 21-year-old was eventually arrested on felony charges including acts of domestic terrorism. >> i'm the wrong guy. i tried to telling the detectives that. >> reporter: now this morning after seven months in jail merritt is a free man for now. >> i told you guys when i first got arrested i didn't do it. i'm going home and i didn't do it. >> reporter: the judge reducing his bail to zero after a second round of ballistics tests could not confirm merritt's gun was connected to the shootings. >> the guy's been in a box for seven months, 23 ours a day, let's let him go home, many hug his family. take a hot shower. get to bed. this isn't over yet. >> reporter: home with his family merritt is being monitored by a gps anklet until his trial starts in june. merritt released for now but
7:34 am
not been dismissed. he'll be back in court next month so this case clearly far from over. george. >> it is, okay, thank you, amy. we move on to a disturbing scene in a high school classroom where a teacher's aide held a student by the throat and police are now investigating and ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: students in the classroom saying that teacher's aide and the student were arguing before the incident but the camera catching the moment that much larger adult seemingly snapped. this video may be difficult to watch. overnight, shocking cell phone video from inside a milwaukee classroom surfacing. you can see a teacher's aide pushing a 14-year-old student into a desk, knocking him to the ground while holding him by the throat. all while shouting expletives at him. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the lead teacher in the biology class running to get security who pulled the teacher's aide off the young man
7:35 am
disbelief. >> i was just watching like this is unreal. i cannot believe this. >> reporter: the 14-year-old taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. >> i think his friends who was right there they should have helped him. >> reporter: the 39-year-old teaching assistant arrested charged with physical abuse of a child. >> as soon as the school administration was told by students that this incident had occurred the milwaukee police department was contacted and the staff member was taken out of the classroom. >> reporter: milwaukee police now investigating the altercation interviewing students who witnessed the attack. >> i'm saddened by it and that these things keep going on. >> one witness claimed the student was being disrespectful but another student saying they were both in each other's faces. in addition to facing charges a public school spokesperson saying the aide could lose his job, robin. >> the latest on curt schilling, the former baseball all-star fired by espn after sharing an offensive message
7:36 am
media. it is not the first time his comments have caused a controversy and abc's eva pilgrim has his story. >> reporter: he became a hero defeating the yankees in a bloody sock. >> perfect fifth inning for curt schilling. >> reporter: but this morning curt schilling finds himself in a mess he can't pitch his way out of. espn firing the sportscaster after the former number 38 shared this meme on social media referencing the recent north carolina law barring transgender people from using bathrooms or locker rooms which don't correspond with the gender on their birth certificate. he added his own commentary writing a man is a man no matter what they call themselves. now you need laws telling us differently? pathetic. espn put out a statement saying, espn is an inclusive company. his conduct was unacceptable. this incident just the latest in a long line of social media gaffes for the former superstar. last august espn suspended schilling from little league coverage after he tweeted out a
7:37 am
many comment like this and earlier he became the target of internet trolls when he posted a tweet about his daughter's college acceptance. >> i know what it means to be a guy. never in my life have i ever uttered half of the words that these guys were posting. >> reporter: he took screen shots of those mean tweets and posted them to his blog. >> it wasn't a mistake. i mean this was a conscious decision to be -- to be an idiot and to say some pretty evil stuff. >> reporter: for "good morning america," eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> thanks to eva for that. coming up here many cheryl swoopes under fire accused of mistreats players. the ultimate throwback thursday is "three's company" headed for the big screen. and the countdown is on to our live town hall with hillary clinton. she's answering your questions coming up. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music)
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university coach sheryl swoopes accused of mistreating players. one is speaking out telling us why she wanted to transfer and linsey davis has the details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: sheryl swoopes was the first woman to ever sign with the wnba but this morning the college coach is not only under fire but under investigation after reports that the majority of her roster has decided to leave. >> another long three-pointer. she got it. are you kidding me. >> reporter: hall of fame player. >> sheryl swoopes, six foot, 145. >> reporter: turned loyola basketball coach, sheryl swoopes is being investigated amid allegations she mistreated players. >> it was the environment she created. i was belittled. humiliated. made to feel extremely small. >> reporter: head coach since 2013, last year five of her players reportedly transferred to other programs and this
7:43 am
players are not coming back. >> just because you are a great player doesn't make you a great coach. >> reporter: cate soane caused the players to live in fear and routinely threatened they would lose their discrepancies or she would cut them from the team. >> made it hard to play. it wasn't about working hard and having fun anymore. it was about surviving. >> reporter: the university is now launching an investigation into the women's basketball program telling abc news, "any time there are allegations of student-athlete mistreatment, it is more than concerning. the welfare of our student-athletes are paramount. coach swoopes is aware of and will fully cooperate with the investigation." they come after the six-time wnba all-star was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. >> things weren't always the best or easy. i always found a way to come out on top. >> reporter: soane says there was such a hostile environment players were
7:44 am
other and the mistrust was throughout the entire athletic department. we reached out to the coach and she declined to comment. >> thank you very much. come and knock on our door. i warranted to sing it. i held off, robin, but i will tell you that hollywood could be opening the door for a "three's company" comeback. >> our watch parties around the country gearing up for our live town hall with hillary clinton. all that is coming up, just moments away. to the used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry.
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7:48 am
♪ come and knock on our door >> you know that song, don't you, "three's company," one of the highest rated shows in the u.s. and now janet, chrissy and jack may be headed for the big screen and abc's t.j. holmes is here with the details. t.j. >> i'm hesitant, strahan to call this an old show because it premiered the year i was born. now, another guy in the studio, he's 28. he said he watched the reruns on nickelodeon so no 345er9 what age you are generations have grown up with it. so many remakes in the works, why, because if it works -- ♪ come and knock on our door >> that was "three's company" invitation to high jinks with jack, chriss
7:49 am
>> sorry, kid. you had your chance. ♪ we've been waiting for you >> i think alex is the type to believe a man and woman living together platonically. >> then let's try something he will believe. >> reporter: but the wait may soon be over for a big screen version of the regal beagle game. >> all in favor raise your hands, one, two, three, it's unanimous. >> reporter: according to "hollywood reporter" new line cinema is negotiating for the movie rights with 21 jump street and its sequel raking in over half a billion dollars. >> what's up, dog? >> we're back. >> reporter: and fans breathless over a shirtless zac efron and dwayne "the rock" johnson taking over "bay watch". >> the three characters are so clearly defined a lot of actors want to jump at the parts. >> reporter: online fans are already campaigning for who should play
7:50 am
ashton kutcher or channing tatum, and jennifer lawrence, amy schumer, anna faris or tina fey. ♪ three's company too >> everybody is wondering who will get it. >> thinking about who should play who. >> do you remember we had two different landlords, the ropers and mr. -- >> yeah. >> who do you vote for, forly or roper. >> i have to go with roper. >> the roper had the spin-offs so they left. >> it was so popular. >> that's why. they'll have to change the story line for the times maybe because the whole story line, remember, it was about him pretending to be a homosexual man with the setup living with two women. >> two very attractive women. >> i think we should meet at the regal beagle and discuss. >> you're on. >> what's coming up we'll discuss oprah's weight watchers surprise. we'll see what happens when she attended her first meeting, you know that was a big deal. our town hall with hillary clinton just m
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: another nice day before the rain comes. here is josh knight with the forecast. >> weather: good morning washington. that's right. as you get going this morning temperatures start off around 50. and partly cloudy skies. so still cool this morning. lunch time mid to upper 60s. warming up. get out of the office. and later this afternoon, on the drive home. kids come home from the bus stop. around 75 degrees. so partly sunny and feeling nice. this weekend, we will be drying out in time. 70 on saturday. morning cloud cover. more sunshine and 71 degrees for sunday. >> reporter: well, josh on the morning ride, we have complications now for folks making the trip on interstate 66. volume delays from manassas to centreville. closer to the capitol beltway you have accident clean up to contend with for eastbound motorist, crash between nutly and capital beltway.
7:57 am
on the beltway. northbound delays from oxon hill that crash after the beltway, before you get to bridge on the oxon creek, center right lane blocked. and we continue to block a left lane on southeast-southwest freeway, westbound at the 11th street bridge. >> anchor: thank you angelia. and developing right now. fairfax county police are investigating the death of a two-year-old girl. police say the child found unresponsive wednesday afternoon in the backseat of a car. at pentagon city mall. it appears the child was left there accidently. and by an acquaintance of the mother. no arrest has been made. and no charges have been filed. and overnight, firefighters from montgomery, prince george and an arundel counties battled two-alarm fire in laurel. this started early this morning at a storage building. on lafayette avenue t caused it to collapse. and we do not have word what astarted the fire at the wear house. and you can get more
7:58 am
traffic and weather updates on good morning washington. on newschanel 8. hope you have a great thursday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. "your voice, your vote." hillary clinton live in times square. fresh off a huge win in new york. >> let's go out and win this election. >> taking your questions right here and across the country. how she answers her toughest critics. >> we're going to win and we're going to beat crooked hillary so badly that your heads will spin. >> every issue on the table, plus who does she really think does the best impression? >> i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> great name. also this morning a very royal celebration, the queen turns 90. shares revealing family photos cuddling with her great grandkids and the little royal great granddaughter steals the show grabbing her majesty's purse. ♪ opra
8:01 am
surprising fans at a support meeting, showing off her 30-pound weight loss. what she told them inside that room. ♪ go big or go home all that and it's coffee with the candidates, a special town hall edition of "gma" starts right now. >> all: good morning, america. >> it is a special edition of "gma." many, many people joining us here in times square for our town hall with h. that is coming up in just moments. >> we invited secretary clinton and senator sanders to do the town hall and secretary clinton accepted. >> she's in the green room fresh off her big victory getting ready to take on your questions. more than 100 voters are standing by. there are a lot of important issues on the table.
8:02 am
she'll talk all about it live. >> cecilia vega is in philadelphia for us with voters. and that is just one of our many locations across the country. we are live all around the nation. our "gma" viewing parties are watching in maryland, new jersey, indiana, all those states still at stake right now. voters there looking to see if secretary clinton can sway them. our town hall is just moments away. that is coming up. the morning rundown interest amy. >> we begin with president obama in saudi arabia this morning for what are being described as candid talks. the president discussing human rights with the saudi king today raising concern about harsh sentences given to bloggers and other voices of dissent and discussed greater cooperation in the fight against isis. white house officials say the controversial 9/11 bill in the senate which seeks to hold saudi arabia liable for the september 11th attacks did not come up during today's talks. as we prepare for our town hall with hillary clinton,
8:03 am
taking aim at clinton, ted cruz and the gop after a day of renewed attacks asking for ted cruz and john kasich to drop out as he rails against the delegate selection rules and they're hosting private meetings went they're preparing to follow a more traditional strategy. ted cruz banking on a contested convention. he's also in florida courting party leaders. in texas, more rain is adding to the flooding nightmare in the houston area. authorities are closely watching two aging dams that are past their life expectancies, one highway is expected to be underwater for another month. about 40 miles north this house has been sliding into the river for months now and this week's rains finally farrened it off. well, the first criminal charges filed in the flint water crisis has three government officials facing possible prison sentences. two have pleaded not guilty to
8:04 am
tampering with evidence. the third official is awaiting his day in court. and now to the royal family marking a major milestone. today is queen elizabeth's 90th birthday as the roys release new photos showing the queen with prince george. princess charlotte and more captured here by famous photographer annie liebowitz. abc's lama hasan is live from windsor castle with all of the festivities. good morning, lama. >> reporter: and good morning to you, amy. well, the royal standard is flying high behind me which can only mean one thing, the queen is here at windsor castle celebrating her 90th birthday kicking off the day by going on a royal walkabout greeting the well wishers some of whom have been lining the streets for days. ♪ just a few moments ago, the queen celebrating another milestone not only is she the longest serving british monarch in history, this morning she turns 90 and the country is celebrating with her. >> what do you give the
8:05 am
so we regularly have a lot of debates. her and i decided for a joint present this year. it makes it easier when we can share the responsibility. >> reporter: famed photographer annie liebowitz taking new photos to celebrate the queen's birthday. prince george and princess charlotte posing with their beloved great-grandmother. gan gan. he's wearingburg begun si shorts and a sweater. charlotte a dress from her spanish nanny. instead of george stealing the show like he has previously, mia tindall unexpected grabbed the queen's handbag for the snaps. cate told us she takes a special interest in george and charlotte. >> the queen she's -- as soon as we came back to kensington she's one of our first visitors. >> reporter: prince harry
8:06 am
>> if you put a foot wrong she'll guide you back on. i can go to her for advice and bend her ear with all the experiences she's had over the years. >> reporter: william who rarely speaks about his late mother diana opening up about how the queen has helped fill that void for him. >> she's been a very strong monarch. having lost my mother at a very young age it's been particularly important for me i've had somebody like the queen to look up to. >> reporter: the queen receiving praise from just about every corner of the world on her big day. the bbc releasing rare never before scene footage of her in a new documentary celebrating the queen's milestone. tonight the queen will be celebrating her big day with the royal family, 60 of her nearest and dearest at a private dinner at windsor castle hosted by prince charles and then capping off the night with 1,000 beacons lit around the world in her honor. amy. >> all right, lama, thanks so much. and finally oprah making a surprise appearance at a weight watchers
8:07 am
walked through the door. she usually does the meetings online but was eager to show off her 30-pound weight loss. i like those women jumping up and down and owns part of the company. she has what's called a bravo which is like getting a gold sticker for attending her first meeting in person. just what oprah needs, a gold sticker. >> she ate bread every day. did you see that commercial? she ate bread every day and found a way. it's all about the points. thank you. coming up our coffee with the candidate, live event, the voters getting ready to meet secretary clinton. there she is. the presidential candidate making her way toward our town hall. moment as way from taking your questions. no question off the table. live in times square. a whole bunch of voters all across the country as well. that's coming right up. you know we said we'd take a look at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven!
8:08 am
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8:12 am
and save 20% on bliss skin care you'll get kohl's cash too kohl's > "good morning america" continues from times square with our live event, "your voice, your vote," coffee with the candidates. >> we welcome you back to "gma." [ applause ] oh, you can feel the excitement and the energy here in our big coffee with the candidates town hall and we're going to bring in -- you can tell. how many cups of coffee have you already had? how many cups of coffee have you haddy. >> too many. >> they are rearing to go. >> they have their questions ready, as well. let's not wait anymore and welcome our special guest democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. [ applause ] >> how are you?
8:13 am
hello. >> thank you so much, hillary. we're going to win connecticut. >> thank you, hi. good to see you. >> hello. hello. hello, hello. >> nice to see you. [ applause ] >> this is great. >> well, i guess you have some supporters here. >> wonderful to be here. this is a great setup. >> yeah, it is. they have a lot of questions. we warrant to start out with some news. donald trump on the stump last night already looking -- already looking ahead to the general election. let's take a look. >> we are going to beat crooked hillary, she makes bad decisions. you know what bernie sanders said about her twice, you know that. number one, he said she wasn't qualified. that's tough. i mean, that's tough. but he said bad
8:14 am
>> okay, there's the first attack. >> hmm. you think so? [ laughter ] you know, george, i am not going to be responding to all the crazy stuff he says. i think we're going to talk about what's going to be good for america, how we're going to make our country -- provide the potential and promise that every person in this country should be able to take advantage of. that's what i'll -- >> he's picking up the attacks of bernie sanders right there. your campaign has said that senator sanders was on a destructive path. is it time for him to get out of the race. >> i would never tell anybody what to do. that has to be a very personal decision. but as i said, look, we have to come together as a country. and obviously primary campaigns, general election campaigns, there's going to be a lot of contrasts drawn. people are going to fight hard to get the votes to win. i totally buy that.
8:15 am
lose sight of what's at stake here how we produce positive results for the american people and protect our country and keep us safe and unify our country and i'll do my best to stay focused on those questions and provide answers so people can make their best judgments. >> you had a big victory, of course, here in your adopted home state. >> yes. >> on tuesday and after that you were speaking in part to bernie sanders' supporters and says there's more that unites us than divides us. so how do you unite everyone. >> i think first of all there is a lot more that unites us. i know that we both, senator sanders and i, we want to tackle inequality. we want to raise the minimum wage. we want to make sure that people who are putting our economy at risk are reined in, regulated. no bank is too big to fail. no executive too powerful to jail. we share those views so i believe on t
8:16 am
process has concluded, there is a great reason to come together and i know something about this because as people remember, president obama and i ran a really tough race for the entire primary season and he ended up with more delegates and i withdrew. i endorsed him then i got to work and, remember, when i withdrew in june of 2008, polls were showing that at least 40% of my supporters said, oh, they weren't going to support senator obama. so i had to get to work and i had to make the case. i nominated him at the convention. i went from group to group, even as late as the convention convincing people who were my delegates to come together, to unify because what then senator obama and i had in common was much greater than our differences and so we were successful, thank goodness and he was elected. so i'm hoping that the
8:17 am
>> you guys are both also competing for superdelegates. ef woo a superdelegate with a question, brendan boyle. >> okay. >> as one of the youngest members of congress i've been struck by how many voters in their 20s and 30s have been motivated and excited by bernie sanders. i was wondering what you would say to those voters as to why you're the best choice and what we can do even after this election to make sure these voters stay engaged? >> great question, congressman. thanks, you know, look, i think it's terrific that so many young people are part of this process and i'm glad that i have a good base of support and i'm glad so many young people are supporting senator sanders. they are involved. that has to be good news for the democratic party, good news for our country. and i have said to groups of sanders' supporters that they may not support me now, i totally understand that but i support them. i will always work in a way that keeps their
8:18 am
because that's what i think you are supposed to do when you have responsibilities of public office, particularly being president, so what i'm going to do is keep talking about the agenda that i put forth. how to break down all the barriers that are holding back a lot of young people. they are burred by student debt. they're not getting the kind of jobs they thought they would when they finished their education. there are not enough jobs in certain areas for young people. we've got to make sure that we lift up everybody but i'm particularly focused on doing that when it comes to young people and i think i'll make the case and from everything i've seen both personal conversations and research that has been done, just as it was with me when i dropped out, you know, the vast majority of senator sanders' young supporters will look at the choice, the choice will be pretty stark if either of the two leading republican candidates become the nominee and i'm confident that we'll all join together. >> well, thank you for answering our questions.
8:19 am
people. it is about "your voice, your vote." and lara is with a voter now. >> i am. with devin deford, a student at morgan state in baltimore. you are currently a sanders supporter. let's see if secretary clinton can change that right now. what is your question, devin. >> good morning, secretary clinton. over the last couple days maybe a couple weeks ago you were calling for senator sanders to release his tax returns which he did and you were calling for more transparency so in the sake of transparency and just being fair, are you going to release your wall street transcripts? >> well, that's a good question, it's a very fair question. and let me answer it this way, i have released 33 years of tax returns and you can go to my website and see eight year, the last eight years of my tax returns. that is the standard that has been set for years and senator sanders has said he will meet that standard and i certainly hoped that he will meet that standard. now there's a new request to release transcripts of speeches
8:20 am
that, i will, as well because i think it's important we all abide by the same standards so let's do the tax return standard first because that's been around for a really long time. >> and that's been your position for several weeks right now but do you have any regrets about giving those speeches. >> no, i don't. you know, i like everybody who served as secretary of state have a unique perspective. that's why madeleine albright and colin powell and condi rice, when you leave the secretary of state office, people from all kinds of perspectives want to know what do you think is going on in the world? i think that's actually a useful conversation. so like all my predecessors, i gave speeches to a wide variety of groups and it was, you know, predominantly about what's going on in the world. i probably was asked the most common question i was asked was to talk about the raid that
8:21 am
after osama bin laden. i mean, people are really interested in what you see and what you understand about the world when you come out of that position. >> lara has another question. >> i do, indeed. i'm here with william cobb from philadelphia, pennsylvania, one of the huge states up for grabs next week. he says currently undecided. possibly leaning towards sanders at the moment. what is your question for secretary clinton? >> secretary clinton, first of all, congratulations on your recent victory here in new york city. >> thank you. >> i served six years in prison for robbery which is a violent crime. upon my release in 2000 i worked extremely hard to restore my life. it was extremely difficult, though, because of 44,000 collateral consequences, many resulting from the crime bill you previously supported. as a result, if you're elected president of the united states, how much money will you attach to efforts that are
8:22 am
restoring the lives of the people in the communities that have been impacted adversely by the 1994 crime bill. >> that's also a fair question. senator sanders voted for that bill, so we both supported the 1994 crime bill because of the intense concern in every community across our country with the uptick in violent crimes and there were steps taken to try to address that. i've said, my husband has said that there were also problems with that and we need to address those. you pose a very important question, because we have got to do more to help people who have paid their debt to society, they have done what you are describing, taken responsibility, now you're out. you're looking for a chance to rebuild your life and my commitment to you is this, i will do every
8:23 am
one, to divert more people away from the criminal justice system because too many people are in for low-level nonviolent offenses, secondly, we have got to address the unequal effects of the criminal justice system on people of color, particularly african-american men, because it is just wrong and it is a result of systemic racism. that young african-american men are arrested -- are arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated at a much higher rate for doing the same things that young white men do. that's just a fact. it's a painful fact. so we've got to do more to intervene earlier, to help more young people. then on the other end when you're coming out of jail or prison, we have to have more second chance opportunities. among those are the following, we need to do what's called ban the box. so that you're not immediately asked for your criminal record until you've had a chance to
8:24 am
with a lot of people who have had this experience that they don't even get to first base, so to speak so we need to do what some states are doing at the federal level, secondly, we need a lot more support for people who are coming out job training, education, housing, the kinds of community supports that will enable you to really get your life back on track and to make a contribution. thirdly, once you've paid your debt to society, your voting rights should be returned immediately. that is an absolute requirement to what we have to do. [ applause ] so i -- i've made it a personal mission to visit programs that are doing what i want to see done in more places and i'm encouraged. there's some excellent programs around the country that are doing exactly what you ask be done and i want the federal government to support those more. >> thank you for your response. >> thank you.
8:25 am
question. [ applause ] we're going to get to more questions and also social media. we're reaching out to them and they'll ask questions, as well of the let's get a check of the weather with rob right now. >> of course, outside we have a slew of hillary clinton supporters. this is alex who is 17 now. when do you turn 18? >> may 2nd. two weeks. >> you can't wait to vote from new jersey so that's going to happen. >> yes, new jersey is a very important primary coming out and showing our support. excitement and energy is all that we're about. we want to show hillary clinton we are committed every step of the way. >> i got to go, matemperatures of sunshine to go around. high pressure will slip off the coast and finally allow a cold front that has been stuck in the middle of the country to bring us some much needed rain here in the mid-atlantic. highs today will be in the mid 70s with increasing clouds arriving this afternoon. rain will hold off until late night and just a few spotty showers are expected. as the cold front gets closer on friday, more widespread showers and even isolated thunderstorms will develop across the region. rainfall amounts will likely average around 1/2" our rainfall deficit is no
8:26 am
the rain will also likely help control the rocky mount wildfire that is still burning in shenandoah national park and has grown to more than 4000 acres. the rain should >> this part of the crowd not as politically excited but excited about the great weather. back inside to you. >> we're excited to have hillary clinton with us. coming up, so much more from our town hall with secretary clinton as we point to the race for the white house. as we said it's coming down the stretch. we've got voters all across the country.
8:27 am
>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: another nice day is on the way. here is josh knight with the forecast? >> weather: good morning washington. that's right. as you get going this morning temperatures starting off around 50. partly cloudy skies. still cool this morning. by lunch time mid to upper 60s. warming up. try to get out of the office later. this afternoon, on the drive home, kids coming home from bus stop, 75 degrees. so partly sunny but feeling nice. this weekend we will be drying out in time. 70 on saturday. morning cloud cover. more sunshine. and 71 degrees, for sunday. >> reporter: josh, on the roads. around the capital beltway volume delays on inner loop from springfield to annandale. and tyson corner [inaudible]. and meantime this is a look at the capitol beltway through oxon
8:28 am
crash once you get to would 95 northbound blocking a center lane after the cap catch. and westbound on the southeast-southwest freeway at the 11th street bridge two left lanes are blocked with crash clean up there tying us up, elsewhere on the parkway. melanie? >> anchor: thank you. arlington police say they are investigating a shooting outside of the burger king on columbia pike. this happened before 11:00 last night. and police say a 20-year-old man shot in the leg. and he is taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. and right now police are interviewing witnesses trying to get a suspect description. and today the search resumes for fairfax county firefighter nicole mittendorff. last night there was a vigil at station 52 where she works. she called in sick last wednesday. and this last saturday car found at the shenandoah park. and search teams were scouring the rugged terrain but no trace of her. and you can get more
8:29 am
good morning washington. on newschanel 8. have a great thursday.
8:30 am
welcome back to times square, "gma," our town hall with hillary clinton live here in times square. all across the country answering your questions as we come to such a critical point. what i appreciate even during the commercial break you're engaging people. an opportunity for them to have a conversation with you and you're taking full advantage of that. >> well, that's what i like most about being in politics and public life is really learning from people and having a chance to talk about how we solve problems. it's just not enough to diagnose the problem. you got figure out how you're going to solve the problem. >> next big contest, pennsylvania, cecilia vega is there. >> great. >> the primary is on tuesday, 189 delegates up for grabs. you're in honey eat and sit diner. what do you got? >> well, i'll t
8:31 am
looks really good here. good morning, madam secretary. i'm here with kim klayman. she is a 27-year-old business and finance attorney. she is a supporter of yours and she's got a question for you this morning. >> good morning, secretary clinton. i'm a registered democrat and i support you, however, i have a 20-year-old brother who says that he supports bernie because he doesn't trust you. what would you say to change his mind? >> well, first of all, thank you for supporting me and here's what i would like to say to your brother or to anyone who has that concern. look, i work really hard to do whatever job i'm given to do and i know i'm not a natural politician and i know that it sometimes is more difficult to navigate through the politics and the campaign than i wish it were but when i have a job like being senator from new york, beinse
8:32 am
really count on me and i do my very best to deliver for them. i ran that hard campaign against senator obama. we finished. he turned around. he trusted me enough to be his secretary of state. i served for eight years as a senator from new york. the people here trusted me. they voted for me twice and then again in the primary, so i think it's a difference between the give and take of politics, because for whatever reason i do attract a lot of attacks and i understand that and actually doing the job because when i'm here today, this is like a giant job interview. you all and everybody watching is trying to say, okay, who should be the president to help me, my family protect our country, get us on the right track, so i just think the best way for me to answer that is just to keep doing what i'm doing which is to talk about what i have done and what i will a
8:33 am
younger brother. >> you said you've attracted these attacks for a long time and you're still trying to figure out why. you do have a problem going forward with the polls, majority of americans say they don't trust you. what is behind it? >> george, i don't know other than the fact that for 25 years, you know, when i worked on health care, as you well remember, i was subjected to an enormous wave of attacks and it hasn't stopped. and i think it's quite a tribute to, first, the people in new york and now here in the united states who kind of see through that. but i'm not saying it doesn't affect how people think. >> is there anything more you can do to address it. >> i try to. when i have a job the republicans actually say nice things about me and what a good job i do and then as soon as i move toward being in an election, all bets are off and, you know, i'm attacked left and right. so, i
8:34 am
more than i can do and i'm just going to do my best to break through that. >> amy has a question on social media. >> we have nora miller from san francisco, another big state coming up and she sent us this video question on facebook. >> good morning, secretary clinton. my name is nora, i am retired. my question is, what is your greatest political regret? thank you. >> well, i guess my greatest regret was voting to give president bush authority in iraq. it did not turn out the way that i had thought it would based on what he had said and i regret that and i've said it was a mistake and obviously it's something that, you know, i wish hadn't turned out the way it did. >> and now lara, you have another question. >> madam secretary with evan nison. he is leaning towards senator sanders but has a question for you. >> i'm the youngest member of
8:35 am
national organization for the reform of marijuana laws and for sense drug policy. i know you said in the past you'd respect the will of the voters but i want to know if marijuana legalization was on the ballot you'd vote yes or no. >> i think i would have to study that more to see how it was phrased because it's been phrased differently in different states but i will tell you what i will do as president. i've said i want to move marijuana off of schedule one which you understand means that you can't do any research about it. you can't do anything and i think that's wrong. we have enough anecdotal evidence as you well know being a member of the normal board about what marijuana can do for medical conditions, easing pain, and we need to be doing research on it because i am 100% in favor of medical uses for marijuana but i want to know what the evidence is. i'm also someone who believes that the states can be those laboratories of
8:36 am
i'm watching carefully what's happening in the states that have legalized it to learn from them so we can base the best policy on that. >> what if it was a similar industry to colorado's right now, a similar situation to -- >> i'm going to wait and see what we learn from what's happening in colorado and the other states that have gone the whole route toward absolute legalization and i'm also watching the many other states that have done medical marijuana referenda or laws because in the medical arena, if you're taking several different medications and you put marijuana on top of that we need to know what's the interaction? what's the effects? what are the best uses and so let's be really smart about this and acquire the evidence and then make the best decisions. >> did she answer your question? great. i love this follow-up. i love when they have their own follow-up like that. [ laughter ] another social question. >> from california.
8:37 am
georgette as a question about women and pay gap. >> my daughter is entering the workforce, it's 2016 and we still have a pay gap. how do you plan to address it and/or attack it? >> well, you're 100% right because there still is a pay gap. it's 2016 and we're still facing the reality that women are not paid equally to men. and this is not just a woman's issue. this is a family issue and an economic issue. if you have a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, you are being cheated because if you don't get equal pay, then that affects your whole family income. so here is what i want to do. we have laws on the books. you're supposed to be paid equally. they're very hard to enforce. why? because we also have laws that permit people who try to find out whether they're being paid equally for doing the same job as a male counterpart, they can be fired or retaliated against on the job for trying to get that information.
8:38 am
so, first and foremost, we should pass the paycheck fairness act which i co-sponsored, sponsored, spoke for all during the time i was in the senate and we should also work to demand more transparency from businesses, because when they are willing to be transparent, they often find that they have some problems. i'll give you a quick example. sales force which is a huge tech company in california, i give the ceo president mark benioff a big shoutout. he was challenged. do you know whether you pay people the same? he said, well, i'm sure we do but went the next step and said let's find out for sure. again, let's look at the evidence. let's not just think about what we hope is the case. he looked at the evidence and he discovered it wasn't true that he had people in the same jobs with the same experience, the same kind of performance reviews and women were not being paid the same. so, i think this is an area that
8:39 am
now, young women usually start off much closer in parity then as you get up the ranks, more and more disparities occur. and so we've got work to do at all levels and, you know, one of my favorite questions during this whole campaign was in nevada. i was at a town hall and i called on a young girl and she stood up and she said, if you're the girl president, will you get paid the same as the boy president? [ laughter ] and you know i literally had to stop for a minute and i think that's one job where you know what the pay is. i think so. [ applause ] >> a lot more questions coming up. we have to go outside to rob for more weather. >> great crowd out here. beautiful day although the dry weather has created a bit of a problem in the northeast. fires breaking out in injure a and this one in pennsylvania, low levels of humidity and breezy conditions will get a break from that with a little bit of rainfall coming about lunch to rush hour time tomorrow afternoo
8:40 am
certainly moisten things up a little bit. another rain shower coming into the northwest and rain as cross texastemperatures and plenty of sunshine to go around. high pressure will slip off the coast and finally allow a cold front that has been stuck in the middle of the country to bring us some much needed rain here in the mid-atlantic. highs today will be in the mid 70s with increasing clouds arriving this afternoon. rain will hold off until late night and just a few spotty showers are expected. as the cold front gets closer on friday, more widespread sho >> this weather report is brought to you by nationwide. george and robin, back inside. >> we have a lot more coming up. our town hall with hillary clinton and find out what she thinks about all those famous "snl" impressions. [ applause ] >> rough night? >> yeah, you could say that. whoo. hi, i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> hey, great name. i'm val.
8:41 am
kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare.
8:42 am
and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
8:43 am
the new york city subway is the best way to get around. ow. i guess it's been a while. is this a working metro card?
8:44 am
i'll just go in the old-fashioned way. [ laughter and applause ] >> impressions of hillary clinton. so it turns out there have been six "snl" cast members who have played you. >> six? wow. since you were first lady if we'll take a look at some of them. >> obviously if bill were ever incapacitated i would assume the presidency. >> the old hillary was rigid and awkwa awkward. the new hillary is loose and easy. going. >> and now a message from secretary of state designate hillary clinton. >> you thought i was gone, didn't you? >> i cannot wait to be your next president if i'm elected, of course, not getting ahead of myself in public. in private i've been president for 15 years. >> okay.
8:45 am
favorites but who comes closest to the real hillary. >> oh, my gosh, they all have little bits and pieces. and, you know, i probably laugh as much as anybody because there's always a little truth in it, i hate to confess. and it is kind of like watching an archaeological dig to see my different hairstyles emerging. that's the 1998 version. that's the 2003 version. look, i'm not going to pick favors because they are all terrific. actually that first bit about going through the subway, probably more people in new york talked about -- my metro card didn't work either. i can't believe it. i can't believe it. you had one that didn't work either. i think i got more votes from people who were frustrated with their metro card and that i was connected to them somehow, right? >> turn back the tokens. but it's obvious you're a very good sport about this and you
8:46 am
you actually can learn a little bit about yourself, watching this. >> look, i have to say, you know, as i said earlier i'm not a natural politician i'm not the gregarious kind of affable person. i point to my husband and barack obama who are just unbelievably charismatic and effective. i like to do the work. i mean i am the person who likes to get things done and get everybody together to try to work that out and actually that's exciting for me but it doesn't make good tv. it's sort of a little bit slow and boring and so i get a lot of, you know, good feedback because i remember i was with amy poehler one time and i was on the show with her and she went into this absolutely -- this bout of hysterical laughing playing me and i said,
8:47 am
it's that much? so, yeah, i've learned a lot watching and i had so much fun playing val the bartender when i was on a few months ago and i don't know. val may be back. you know, yeah, val may be back. [ applause ] >> you know, speaking of back, this is throwback thursday and we went into the "gma" vault and found your first appearance here on "good morning america." >> oh, my gosh. >> in 1988. >> 1988. >> yes, when you were speaking out about your lawyer and talking about equality and such. you talked to charlie gibson. here it is. >> oh, my gosh. >> i want to go to the nature of that evidence. does it show that there is systemically in the legal profession prejudice? >> well, i don't know if you can say that it's systemic. i think what you could say is that it is still prevalent. it may not happen to every woman lawyer every day but somewhere it happens.
8:48 am
see what i mean about hairstyles. to say nothing of hair color. >> for as long as we can remember seeing you in the spotlight you have been fighting for others. >> that is what i believe in. i believe -- you know, i think it's a great gift if you can somehow define what you believe your purpose to be and maybe it's because my mom had such a terrible childhood and was so abused and mistreated and neglected and out on her by the age of 14 that she really instilled in me that you had to get up every day no matter what happened to you the day before and you'd have a better day if you figured out some way to help somebody and i just -- i just felt like she was absolutely a living example of that, not being bitter, but being resilient and so, yes, i mean, that is a clip from, you know, working on pay inequality and other barriers standing in the way of women
8:49 am
chairing a commission for the american bar association back then and in this campaign, my main message is i want to break down all the barriers that tan in the way of people getting ahead. and, yes, there are economic barriers that we have to tackle. no doubt about it. i share that with senator sanders. we've got to raise the minimum wage. beef to get equal pay and so much more but there are other barriers, there are education barrier, every child deserves a good teacher and a good school every single year regardless of the zip code that child lives in. there are still health care barriers and there are barriers of discrimination that stalk people because of who they are, what they look like, who they love. so what we have to do is knock down all those barriers because by doing that we not only give individuals a chance to really make the most out of their own lives, we really do more to get america to realize its potential. >> we have to take one more quick break. [ applause ]
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
coffee chat with hillary clinton continues in the time remaining we want to get as many questions as possible. rod, you have a question. >> you and i have something in common. we both put hot sauce on everything. >> yes. >> i have to ask you srirachsri tabasco or what? >> i have a collection that includes all of those and many more. and i started -- i mean i've always liked hot sauce, hot foods but started using hot sauce on nearly everything back in '92 because i read an article that it would help my immune system to stay healthy during that '92 campaign. now, i have continued doing it almost religiously and so far so good, so that's all i can tell you. we do have that in common. >> christina gonzalez. >> my question for you is what would you say is bill's most annoying habit?
8:53 am
>> what would you say is bill's pose annoying habit. >> oh, my gosh, where do we start? how long do we have? let's see. >> ooh. >> okay, if you don't tell anybody -- [ laughter ] -- he no matter how tired he is he always feels like he has to read before he falls asleep. so he used to have the light on. >> you'll get saved by the bell here. we're out of time. >> he always falls asleep so that means i have to get up, go around and turn the light off on the other side of the bed. [ applause ] the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe"
8:54 am
that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by blackberry priv. with priv your business is secure. shop now with >> thanks for taking all of our questions. we hope you'll come back with another one. >> this was fun. thanks, everybody. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: another nice day before the rain comes. here is josh knight with the forecast. >> weather: good morning washington.
8:57 am
temperatures start off at 50. partly cloudy skies. still cool this morning. by lunch time we are mid to upper 60s. warming up. so try to get out of the office. later this afternoon. on the drive home of the kids coming home from bus stop. it will be 75 degrees. so partly sunny and feeling nice. this weekend, we will dry out in time. 70 on saturday. morning cloud cover. more sunshine. and 71 degrees for sunday. >> reporter: complicated for folks taking the pride in virginia from shantillly to centreville on virginia 28. let's look at the camera. the crash is just before you get to i-66. you can see several lanes are blocked. ramp you cannot get off. and onto 66. again this is route 28 south as you approach interstate 66. and elsewhere, we continue to see major problems on southeast-southwest freeway in the district. two lanes are blocked left side. flat bed truck with poles that fell off it. this is westbound on the freeway between the 11th street bridge and eighth street
8:58 am
melanie back over to you. >> anchor: angelia, thank you. developing now. fairfax county police are investigating the death of a two-year-old girl. police say the child found unresponsive wednesday afternoon in the backseat of a car, at the pentagon city mall. what appears, the child left there accidently by an acquaintance of the mother. no arrest made. and no charges filed. and firefighters are battling a growing wild n fire in shenandoah park. right now, 15 to 25 different fires are burning. consuming more than 5600 acres. and this is affecting five counties. and has even jumped part of skyline drive. that scenic highway. and a section of the appalachian trail are closed right now. officials believe it was caused
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, star of "hawaii 5-0" and the new king of broadway, daniel dae kim. and check out the medical breakthroughs, as we continue our take charge of your health week. don't forget to log on to to play, vote, and be part of today's show. plus, "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews is michael' co-host for the hour, all next on "live." and now, here are michael strahan and erin andrews. [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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