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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 27, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," a super tuesday sweep. donald trump taking all five states in the republican primary. while hillary clinton widens her lead over bernie sanders in the democratic race. going to have the overnight reactions from the campaigns. >> and an outbreak of severe storms across a large part of the country. ominous clouds are putting communities across the heartland on edge watching for tornados overnight. recast. ve the accuweather >> and new this half hour, the bombshell dropped about prince. >> what we're finding out about what the superstar did not leave behind. a will. so who stands to inherit his fortune worth an estimated $300 million? we have the full story straight ahead. and honoring america's 100 most influential people. who turned out last night for the "time" 100 gala. that story ahe
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skinny." it is wednesday, april 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. nice to be with you on this wednesday. it's great to be back. it's fantastic. and i'm not ryan smith. >> i know that. >> yes. okay. let's begin with the rock solid victories for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> let's do that. clinton is now all but unstoppable after winning maryland, pennsylvania, connecticut and delaware. bernie sanders took rhode island. donning her a clean sweep. >> sanders picked up 129 delegates while clinton won 262 leaving her with 250 to go to clinch the nomination. >> on republican side, trump was five for five overwhelmingly winning every state. his closest race, he won by 30 points. and trump picked up 105 delegates leaving john kasich
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with five and ted cruz with just one. he now has 2950 dels bringing him more than 75% of the way to hitting that magic number of 12837. >> trump celebrated his blowout win at trump tower in new york, railing against his gop rivals and hillary clinton. it's your voice, your vote. we get the latest from tom llamas. good morning, tom. >> a huge night for donald trump winning all five states that had elections. a clear sweep in the northeast he's calling himself the presumptive republican nominee and calling for senator ted cruz and governor john kasich to get out of this race. trump saying cruz and kasich are just in his way and that he's going to get the nomination in cleveland this summer. now, i asked trump if he has put together a short list of potential running mates like senator ted cruz announced earlier that he is vetting some candidates. trump says he's not there yet. it's a joke that cruz is even considering a running mate at this point because he has no path to the nomination. trump also said he's not worried
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about a lawsuit against trump university where trump will have to take the witness stand. that trial set for the fall. kendis and diane, back to you. >> our thanks to tom. late night for him. hillary clinton refrained from saying anything negative about during her victory speech. instead, she really made a push for party unity. >> and turned her attention to the general election and a possible match-up with donald trump. we get more now from abc's liz kreutz. good morning, liz. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. hillary clinton won the big prize of the night, pennsylvania. she celebrated here in philadelphia where she hopes to return this summer for the democratic convention as her party's nominee. during her remarks, she called for uniting the democratic party. she applauded some of her opponent bernie sanders's policies and even called for working together to get them done. >> and applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get
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politics and giving because whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: clinton also called for a world where love trumps hate. she's clearly turning her attention to the republican front-runner donald trump. clinton's campaign spokeswoman said while they're still focused on the remaining contests think are turning to the general election and that they foresee this primary winding down in the next few weeks. > elizabeth kreutz, thank you. bernie sanders is now reassessing his candidacy but he still says he has no plans of dropping out before the democrats hold their convention this summer. >> sanders congratulated clinton last night on her win while looking ahead to the upcoming races. abc's maryalice parks is with the sanders campaign and they're in west virginia. >> reporter: he has said it every day of his campaign but last night facing increasingly impossible odds, the line seemed to take on new significance. >> this campaign is not just about elecng
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it is about transforming our nation. it is about having the courage to demand a political revolution, and you are the revolutionaries. >> reporter: the campaign was not expecting a good night but they were hoping for some miracles that just did not seem to come. the senator predicted victory here in west virginia. notably he did not talk much about secretary hillary clinton. kendis, diane. >> our thanks to mary alice parks there. >> keep it here for the latest on the race plus a live interview with donald trump later on "good morning america." >> turning to the weather now, there are several storms in the central plains right now. >> it's happening at this hour. they're bringing heavy rain, flooding, strong winds and large hail to kansas and oklahoma in particular and the system is moving to the east. abc's brandi hitt is in the midst of it. >> reporter: severe weather
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downpours of heavy rain. hail and the threat of tornadoes. warning sirens blaring in kansas. >> where is the safest place to be? >> in the freezer. >> reporter: with residents turning their eyes to dark skies. >> that's fixing to do something right there. >> reporter: so much rain, hail, flash flooding already an issue in some communities. the danger of a potential tornado outbreak stretching across several states. >> damaging wind, there's going to be large hail. and unfortunately, i think we're going to see dozens of tornadoes on the ground. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the threat so great in this area known as tornado alley, schools closed early and officials relocated aircraft at a kansas military base. these commercial jets pummeled by hail at kansas city international airport. >> large branches in the road. >> reporter: conditions on the road also dangerous. highway billboards telling families to take every weather warning seriously. >> really wa
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attention, multiple ways of getting the warnings and have a plan and be ready to put it to use. >> reporter: the threat is expected to continue into this morning with the potential for more tornadoes, strong winds, heavy rain and softball sized hail. diane and kendis. >> let's find out how bad those overnight storms will be. >> accuweather's paul williams is tracking it all. good morning. >> good morning to you. well, unfortunately, this is a bad movie that has an unfortunate sequel. that sequel will play out throughout most of the entire mississippi valley from st. louis down towards the memphis area covering down towards pretty much new orleans. we're looking for widespread severe storms to continue yet again with torrential downpours and flash flooding continues to be a problem along with lightning strikes, damaging winds and hail and the possibility of tornadoes throughout the rest of the day. diane, kendis. >> thanks, paul. the u.s. military is touting some progress in the fight against isis. the general in charge of operations again
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says air strikes have significantly cut the number of foreign firefighters flowing into iraq and syria. he says it's now about 200 per month down from a high of about 2,000 per month a year ago. he says isis desertion rates are up and morale among the fighters is down. >> authorities in cannes, france, are facing some criticism after is takening a simulated terrorist attack with cameras rolling. they a it was meant to show they're ready for everything ahead of the upcoming film festival. some say it was more about pr than safety. they would have preferred not to have it have been staged. >> the festival begins two weeks from today. >> back here at home, a chicago courtroom dennis hastert is sentenced. among those expected to speak is the sister of one man allegedly sexually abused by hastert. jolene burge wants to hear an admission of guilt and an apology from the former speaker who has remained silent about
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the past that he tried to keep secret. another alleged victim is also expected to speak. hastert pleaded guilty to banking charges as part of a cover-up. >> new efforts to ban powdered caffeine. top lawmakers are calling on the fda to get rid of the products and outlaw them saying there's too much risk to wait for slower regulations. parents of people of children who died from powdered caffeine, are urging the fda to take action. they say one scoop of it can be facility. >> switching gears and giving a shoutout to parents who are just getting used to having a new daughter around the house. they are scott and ashton. this is in idaho. >> ashton gave birth to little aurelia just over two weeks ago and she says she wasn't really mentally prepared to have a daughter. that's because she is their entire family's very first girl since 1914. >> incredible. they didn't actually realize the boys only streak lasted that
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long until some family tree research was completed. mom says the big brother now has a princess. she calls the girl sweet. >> good for them. is anyone in the family going to know how to deal with her? all her uncles will have no idea. >> what do we do? >> am i going to break her if i hold her? >> just imagine when she turns 13. >> oh, no. i feel so bad for the boy who's going to try to date poor aurelia. >> mom said everyone was rooting for a girl. they say this is what they wanted. they really wanted to break the streak. >> good job. >> maybe that's because they were all imagining the moment where they polish off the shotgun while they welcome the new boyfriend. >> coming up in "the skinny," a pointed question posed to prince harry. what the spare to the heir told the 9-year-old admirer who asked, are you ever going to be king? >> and just days after his death the new bombshell we're hearing about prince and what he failed to leave behind before he died. you're watching "world news now."
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>> welcome back. we are hearing bombshell news less than a week after the death of prince. >> among o among them it, the superstar's sister is now revealing that prince died without a will as new details surface about his condition after that concert in atlanta and, of course, that emergency of course, that emergency landing that we learned about. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. ♪ >> reporter: new details about that emergency landing in moline, illinois, just after his final public concert. prince, unresponsive, his
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bodyguard carrying him off the plane to get medical attention. the medical records blacked out to ensure his privacy. >> this as prince's sister officially asking a judge to be appointed to handle her brother's estate. >> thank you for loving him, y'all. and he loved each and every one of you. >> reporter: the 55-year-old tyka nelson stating in court document, "i do not know of the existence of a will." according to minnesota law, that would mean prince's estate would be slit equally between his sister and his five surviving half-siblings. they won't get the full $300 million value of his estate. they will have to pay almost half, more than $146 million, in estate taxes. but they stand to make a significant profit, as his music skyrockets up the charts once again, and there's that vault of never before heard music. >> you would never know, deangelo, patti labelle, angie stone -- >> reporter: they would write music? >> yeah. go in the studio for hours and come out and go into the vault. >> reporter: fans still pouring by paisley park many telling us
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a museum like graceland honoring the superstar. eva pill grirnlgs abc news, chanhassen, minnesota. >> eva, thank you. a lot of people might not note prince often liked to forget about the lawyers. he dealt with a lot of record companies, digit did music services, concert promoters all directly. it earned him respect in the industry but it could complicate things further if his estate isn't in order. >> a lot of huge stars die without wills. amy winehouse among them, kurt cobain, michael jackson initially didn't have one but then they found one. this is going to be a big fight going on for years. >> the problem beyond the obvious is the $300 million is an estimate. and lawyers now are saying that there could be hundreds of millions of dollars in the difference of that valuation depending on who comes on board to mr. the estate. >> a lot will be made afterwards because michael jackson's estate made $2 billion since his death. that's a lot of money. >> expect to see family battles.
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>> when we come back, the "time" 100 gala. who turned out last night to celebrate. >> what prince harry said to an admirer who asked if he's ever going to be king. "the skinny" is next. admirerer who asked if he's ever going to be king.
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♪ skinny, so skinny.
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>> it is time for the -- >> what is it again. >> what is it? oh, "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, america's 100 most influential people. >> the honorees out in force last night for the annual "time" 100 gala here in new york, including republican presidential front-runner donald trump fresh off his primary sweep with wife melania at his side dressed in a stunning white gown by terry mugler. >> meantime, dressed all in black, thatcaitlyn jenner. >> nicki minaj dedicated "anaconda" to both joe biden and donald trump. she said in the spirit of unity. >> nice outfit there. >> and olympic skier lynn say von looking stunning inning this jewel encrusted yellow number. >> i like that one. >> as written by matt. >> next up, we have a lawsuit bringing up new details about britney spears' past. >> so the ga
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manager sam lufti over whether he's owed commissions from the time that he worked for her. but tucked inside the paperwork filed by spears' legal team is a court ruling from last year. it confirms she was a heavy drug user back in 2007 and '08. >> tmz reports that court decision described how her drug use was so bad that on the day she lost custody of her two sons to her ex-husband kevin federline, she ended up sleeping in a parking lot. >> apparently she's got her life back together and now into her third year for las vegas residency at planet hollywood. >> i still want to see that show. >> i have seen it. >> you have? >> yes. >> love a good comeback story. i'm rooting for britney. >> real good singing and dance moves. next across the pond. shall we? a royal charge for a group of school children outside of london. >> dozens of students were gathers for an assembly in wo
3:51 am
happened. >> prince harry. [ applause ] >> prince harry fist bumped and high fived all the kids as he filmed the special edition of sky sports. but the most precious moment of the day came when a cheeky 9-year-old kid asked the prince if he would ever be king. prince harry promptly responded you'll be glad to know, probably not. >> he would be a fun king. >> i think so. >> the party's for everyone. finally across the pond, could we finally be getting back to the snempbs. >> so back here. i see. >> actor robert downey junior is known for being nothing stranger to electric red carpet looks. last night for the premiere of captain america civil war he rocked the carpet with the bell bottom slacks. >> they've even got that the black tapered panel. check it out. we will give him props for the purple tinted glasses and for going a wide lapel.
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he difference with k-y ultragel. so for days, it was the gossip that seemed to have everybody talking. kelly ripa missing in action from "live pts after the world learned her co-host michael strahan is leaving the show for "good morning america." the show for > they were talking about it in brazil. not quite. after days of speculation, she returned and shared candid words about her absence. here's abc's bazi kanani. >> a standing ovation for kelly's return to "live" walking hand in hand with co-host michael strahan. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> ripa delved right into the controversy stirred up when she took a sick day before her scheduled vacation, reportedl
3:56 am
strahan was leaving for a different job at the network until just minutes before it was publicly announced. >> i needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts after 26 years with this company. i earned the right. >> the former soap opera actress has been co-host of "live" for 15 years, first with regis philbin, then strahan beginning in 2012. she says she met with network executives and apologies were made. >> it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration. and most importantly, respect in the workplace. >> strahan will leave the long running talk show to become a full time co-host on "good morning america" starting in september after working part-time at gma for the last two years. >> i am thrilled for michael. i'm thrilled for you. this is a tremendous opportunity and i couldn't be and we couldn't be prouder of you. >> you love the show. you love the fans.
3:57 am
i love you. and i'm so happy you're here because you brought me here. >> the two the colleagues made clear their friendship remains while ripa joked about keeping the backstage drama in perspective. >> my dad who was a bus driver for 30 years thinks we're all crazy. >> reporter: bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> so kelly ripa is back. >> uh-huh. >> and kendis gibson is back >> because i love the show. i love everyone. i love you. back at you. love you. >> thank you all. love you, too. >> it's a big reunion. >> love you all. >> jack's blowing kisses. >> the abc spirit. >> it was nice to see them make up and have everything be okay. >> for him to say deuces on may 13th. >> michael leaves on may 13th. >> kelly though still keeping it strong. >> yes. >> announcer: this is abc's "w
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two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, tornadoes touch down. we have pictures of the damage coming in. the storm system is triggering massive hail and flooding rains and it's just beginning. major victories for teams trump and clinton, the two front-runners pulling farther away from the pack. results from the latest primaries still coming in. a bright light over southern california caught on camera. the mysterious green streak is taking over social media. this morning, we know what it is. and good dog. a playful friend interrupting a soccer game winning over the crowd and players. >> look at that. good wednesday morning to you al


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