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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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his mother is being questioned after she reportedly let her son leave home with the fake pistol. leon: that shooting comes one year to the day, almost to the hour that the baltimore riots broke out. the riots followed freddie gray's funeral. gray of course died from injuries he suffered after being arrested two weeks before. today a series of events were held throughout the city to commemorate those riots and how the people in the city have responded and rebuilt. maureen: serious charges tonight against loudoun county couple accused of running an elaborate visa for sale system. the scheme prosecutors say may have victimized 800 foreign workers trying to get in the u.s. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live with the video that you will see only on 7. jeff? jeff: that is right. this is the federal indictment of the six defendants in this case. the two primary defendants a husband and wife duo who are accused of making $20 million in a
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concerning workers from india. take a look at this video. this is video you will only see on wjla, on 7. a raid by homeland security investigations in sterling. a company called ecomnet. the six defendants including 44-year-old raju and his wife 44-year-old were arrested this morning. according to the indictment they fraudly applied for -- fraudulently applied for benefits. they say the husband created shell companies he presented to immigration authorities as in need of indian workers. but that he would instead sell visas totaling $20 million in the last eight years. in 2010 meanwhile, then virginia governor bob mcdonald appearing at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in danville for econmet saying
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160 new jobs but it created none. the primary defendant, the husband, has his first appearance in court tomorrow. the other five defendants were released on bond. all six will appear in front of a judge friday morning. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jeff. as jeff mentioned the company at the center of the allegation has benefited from the government support. that 2010 announcement from former governor bob mcdonald included a half million dollar grant from the virginia tobacco region opportunity fund. leon: now to a story you saw first on 7 last week. today d.c. began testing students at three schools for lead. after elevated levels were found in the drinking water. students at one of the affected schools capitol hill montessori at logan have been receiving tests throughout the day. more testing is scheduled for the coming days. d.c. school discovered the elevated levels in the water just last august. but never flag
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information. parents learned about it on a blog. maureen: former virginia governor bob mcdonald corruption conviction is now in the hands of the supreme court. leon: that is for the last 39 months. never in 38 years of public service have i done anything that would abuse the powers of my office. maureen: the supreme court is considering whether the anticorruption laws used to convict mcdonald are too vague. some justices said the current law could criminalize common things politicians do to help constituents. mcdonald, republican, facing two-year sentence for doing favors for businessman in exchange for $165,000 in gift and loans. the court ruling is expected in june. a federal judge in chicago sentenced former house speaker dennis hastert to 15 months in prison. for the first time, hastert admitted sexually abusing boys when he was a high school coach decades ago
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breaking banking laws to pay hush money to his victims. the judge also fined hastert $250,000 and ordered him to register as a sex offender. leon: turning now to vote 2016, in hopes of stopping donald trump's momentum before the indiana primary, senator ted cruz picked carly fiorina, his one-time opponent i should say to be his running mate should he win the republican nomination at a contested convention. >> this is a fight, this is a fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. [applause] leon: the former hewlett-packard c.e.o. entered her own presidential campaign in february you may recall. but today's move was planned well enough in advance that the cruz campaign immediately launched but many are saying this move is one of desperation. either way, the big question is will this calculated move have any effect on the wild
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get perspective. i'm joined by scott thuman. is this a hail mary? will it produce a score? what do you think? scott: either way you can say this a bit unusual that someone who is not the front runner and still two months out from the convention would make the announcement but donald trump is starting to pull away a bit and the rest of the field needs to stay close. >> we have seen women picked before. john mccain with sarah palin. and mondale with ferraro. could a cruz-fiorina ticket break the mold? >> indicates the level of desperation in the campaign, in the cruz campaign. because they are kind of out of options with trying to stop donald trump. scott: politico reporter daniel it willman says fiorina doesn't guarantee votes but she helps him stay in the headlines after dismal election night. >> it's like he is claiming
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have a v.p. where is your v.p.? >> others wonder is it pandering picking a woman? >> it's time. it's important to recognize the realities of our country. and that is that 53% of the people who vote are women. the message matters. but the messenger matters, too. >> i think we have come a long way and i absolutely believe that we should be seeing the candidates select the best qualified. many of those are women. scott: issues overshadow gender. nancy pelosi told us. >> only we would hope -- obviously we would hope a woman would support a woman's right to choose, equal pay for equal work. issues like that. but nonetheless, far be it for me to describe what the republicans are. i think that they are a disaster. scott: if the announcement was unexpected the criticism was not. especially from the man that cruz and fiorina will be chasing. donald trump saying that fiorina is not the right
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adding cruz is wasting his time because, "he won't be the nominee." leon? leon: all right. we'll see what happens. the key political stories you will see on "this week with george stephanopoulos" airs an hour earlier. 9:00 a.m. "full measure" slides to 10:00 a.m. that begins on sunday. maureen: still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a startling image from a morning car crash. what we know about those involved. leon: plus, an act of compassion bringing christmas to a teenager battling cancer and why the man organizing it all calls the teenager lovingly his road dog. doug: if you like sunshine be patient. be very patient. seven-day forecast still to come at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: liberty university will soon allow the students 21 and older to keep handguns in their rooms. students must have a virginia concealed carry permit to qualify. the university will provide safes for students who want to keep the guns in their dorm. students are already allowed to carry handguns elsewhere on campus. the new policy goes into effect this fall. our followers on twitter and facebook have been loud and clear about liberty's rules change. they don't like it. 80% of those wh
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not think students should keep handguns on campus. you can weigh in. go to -- @abc7news. leon: "7 on your side" with trainers and fitness instructors to answer your questions on the "7 on your side health matters." call in and get the advice for you. 703-236-9220. you can ask fitness instructor until 6:30 tonight. maureen: today prince george's county honored the first responders and the public safety officers for their herorism and bravery. fire, e.m.s. police and correction officers celebrated at the valor county awards. brad bell and i had the privilege to serve as emcees and a pleasure to share amazingstores. stories we include on abc7 including those of one th
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dove in a frozen pond to rescue a child and a firefighter that saved a fire and 16 passengers from a burning van. leon: i recall the stories. maureen: amazing people. leon:we are fortunate to have them serving. maureen: we are. proud of them. leon: absolutely. still ahead here. getting a permanent reminder of a special teenager. >> i have taken to calling him my "road dog." leon: there is a story behind the unusual nickname. we will tell it to you and why the man known as "tattoo tom" is pulling out all the stops to get that cancer fighter christmas in april. maureen: risk of a wet commute tomorrow. chief meteorologist doug hill breaks down the timing of the rain and explain what could determine whether we get one or two sunny days this weekend. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports another brooks in town. new wizard head coach scott brooks. we hear from him. the caps prepare for tomorrow's game one against the pens. what they say about 2009. remember that? when "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding maureen: there was a mess on the road this morning in montgomery county. search people are recovering after a five-vehicle pileup in
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it happened before 8:00 at ridge road and apple orchard way. as you can see, the force of the crash caused an s.u.v. to land on top of a car. there are no reports of serious injuries. fresh off potholepalooza the d.c. department of transportation is again focusing on neglected side streets in the city. dubbed "alleypalooza 3.0," the goal is renovate eight alleys in each of the city's eight wards. crews worked on 200 side streets since the program began. the district has nearly 350 miles of alleys. leon: in over the past few years we have done a series of emotional stories about the man you see here. tattoo tom is his name. he goes to remarkable lengths to help area parents whose children are battling cancer. as jay korff shows us tonight, tom mitchell is digging deem for a montgomery county family featured in a web exclusive. jay: tom mitchell ru
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getting a surprise tattooen if daniel garcia-beech, is 3-year-old rockville teenager -- 13-year-old rockville teenager fighting cancer. road dog driving a hot rod. >> i have taken to call him my "road dog." a loyal and a trusted companion and sticks you through everything. jay: cancer took part of daniel's right leg and in his lungs and it's inoperable. >> i love my kids with everything i have. i would give anything to take the disease from dan. jay: daniel recently asked if he could have a christmas dinner in april. he missed christmas in december being in the hospital. so mitchell and others worked behind the scenes to deliver a feast to daniel and surprise him with tom's new road dog tattoo. in an abc7 news web exclusive we will show you the length they went to bring a little boy christmas in april. jay korff, abc7 news. leon: is that story has
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ending and exclusive on the web exclusive right now on under "christmas in april." at the top of the screen. i'm sure you will enjoy it. maureen: firefighters seem to gain the upper hand on the wildfire in the shenandoah national park. it's now the second largest there on record. the fire has consumed a little more than 10,000 acres and more than 350 firefighters have spent the past week fighting the blaze. it's now 75% contained. leon: got a little help today from the weather. a little bit of help. >> cooler. doug: there is -- maureen: not much rain. doug: a patch of mad rate rain 30 miles -- moderate rain 30 miles south of the fire in the afternoon. just missed it. it would help put it out. but we have chances later tonight and in the overnight hours of rain moving through over top of the fire area. that should help a lot. it's helping with the allergies around here. leon: better today. doug: good news. always look for the bright side in the lousy weather pattern. damp and cool and chilly but it helps. the time lapse from bull run elementary school. across the
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parade of the low clouds across the skies. temperatures well below yesterday's numbers. very chilly day. this is not unusual at all in the month of april. even in early may around here. we will get a feel of summer. then we fall back where it feels like a late winter pattern here. this is a story number wise. 71 the high. after midnight. 54 the morning low. averages are 71 and 5 -- 51. it's 56 at reagan national. 59 in leesburg. fredericksburg at 58 degrees. milder air to the west. 63 at luray. 69 in stanton. the warm cold front separating the slightly warmer air from the cooler air located across the blue ridge and beyond. the temperature change map for 24 hours is impressive. the way to read this, the numbers, the minus number shows how much colder it is now than it was this time yesterday. pretty impressive. 25 to 30 degrees colder across the region. we will see the numbers hold steady this everything and drop a few more degrees.
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doppler radar shows rain. persistent. watches of rain -- patches of rain crossing spotsylvania and caroline county to king george county as well. even rain now over southern section of charles county in maryland. just a touch outside leonard town in st. mary's county. that is the story for the next few hours. later tonight another chance of showers moving across the area. remember you can make out the location of our cold front. that is the frontal zone. north and east we have friends coming off the ocean. here it's still mild and close to 80 across north carolina. we have more rain moving in slowly and surely from the west. late tonight the showers could affect the ballgame, maybe if it runs late till 9:30 or 10:00. overnight the spotty showers will redevelop. 47 to 54 degrees. the future cast shows a frontal zone. focus of energy with disturbances moving through. stronger area of the low pressure. whether he have the period
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showers, period of rain tomorrow. tomorrow night, in the day on friday and friday night. finally the system will move out of the picture and allow drier air to move in the day on saturday. that is the forecast. for the next seven days 70% chance of rain tomorrow. 60% chance on friday. saturday is a dry day. maryland day at the university of maryland. 67 with serve. -- 67 with sun. mild again by tuesday and wednesday. leon: all right. getting ready for round two. robert: yeah. caps are hot right now but the penguins might be hotter. leon: they are hot, too. robert: ask the rangers. game one tomorrow for caps-pens. the players say they can still feel it from 2009. also it's official. scott brooks the new wizards head coach. we go one-on-one with him next.
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announcer: now the toya sports desk. brought to you by your local toya dealer. robert: well, a big day in basketball. wizards introduced their new head coach today. the former oklahoma city thunder coach, scott brooks. a guy who is no stranger to developing young talent. guys like russell west brook, james harden and kevin durant. we went one on one with the new coach earlier at the phone booth. coach brooks: we understand we have a group of guys that are going to get better year in, year out for a lot of ye
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improved every season. i have always looked at it when you have a group at this age group that you are going to see a big jump every year for the next five years. what excited me about this team is the owner, the management, the roster and i'm humble to be part of the group. robert: all right. glad to have you. double whammy. the washington my ticks had media -- mystics had a media day hoping to make it back to playoffs. last season they were eliminated by the new york liberty in best of three series. they start without the floor general ivory latta. they open their season may 14 at home against new york. in hockey, time to get ready for round two of the stanley cup playoffs. game one between the caps and the penguins is tomorrow night at verizon. the first postseason meeting since back in 2009. caps were eliminated in seven. although it was seven years ago, it's still fresh to some players. >> i felt like it was ma
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two years ago. time flies. it will be nice to get an opportunity to play them again. they are a good team. i should be a good challenge for us. >> the rivalry is there and a fun rivalry. it's one that kind of started my career. it's fun to get back at it again with this one. robert: a final note. nats will try to tie the series with the phillies. first pitch 7:05. gonzalez at the plate. he can't wait to get out there. looking forward to that one. maureen: no rain on the game? doug: later there could be patches of light showers. nothing to slow them down. tomorrow more rain. likely. 62. more showers friday. 60 degrees. saturday is a dry day, looks good about 67. steve rudin back at 11:00 with story of the update and timing of the rain tomorrow and brighter skies for the weekend. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir up next.
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tonight, major developments moments ago in the race for president. ted cruz and a political hail mary? suddenly bringing back carly fiorina. and donald trump with this about hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton were a n man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> clinton's response. and tonight, rare words from george clooney's wife, amal clooney. the warnings at this hour. ten tornadoes already. a family rescued. and in houston, falling trees turning deadly. also tonight, the plane crash. the woman running for help. and then suddenly, the plane erupts. and the other scare, authorities say the pilot who was flying drunk had just flown two flights across america. judgment day. once one of the most powerful men in washington, the judge giving him more prison time


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