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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 28, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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plaintiff this morning on "world news now," the candidates are searching there for the spotlight. >> one day after donald trump's five state sweep, ted cruz names carly fiorina as his running there mate. how trump responded overnight to cruz's bolt move and where the race goes from here for bernie sanders as his delegate map struggles to add up. >> he was one of the most powerful people in washington. now former house speaker dennis hastert is heading to prison for using there hush money to cover sexual abuse. see why his appearance in court may have played a role in that sentence. >> a pilot arrested for drunk flying. he was bob the legal limit even for drivers. the investigation into what exactly happened and how long he might have been flying under the influence. and ready, set, running there man. or is it?
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it's the latest viral dance craze stirring a debate but should it really be called the ranning there man? we will investigate later in the mix on this first, april 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> intense investigation. >> we are. >> we are on this. i want everybody to know. i'm sure you're very concerned about this running there man thing. >> the entire brian ross unit has been looking into this. brian himself has been attempting the running there man. >> thank you so much for this detailed investigation. embedded in fact. >> all he came up with so far is that it was a movie starring there arnold schwarzenegger. >> okay. >> we'll get to the rest of that. we want to get started with the latest twist. what a wild day in politics. that's saying a lot. so you have bernie sanders downsizing as ted cruz tries to give his struggling campaign a jolt.
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as his running there mate after getting crushed by donald trump in the northeast. trump delivered a sober and scripted speech on foreign policy, but then later an at a rally unleashed on cruz. it's your voice, your vote. more from abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: donald trump fires back. >> he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country whose mathematically eliminated from becoming there president who chose a vice presidential candidate. it's a record be? trump rallies in indiana with famed college basketball coach bobby knight just hours after his closest challenger ted cruz steals the day's headlines. >> my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> reporter: cruz makes the unusual announcement of a running there mate well ahead of the convention choosing former
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fiorina. >> carly isn't intimidated by bullies. because she's faced challenges a lot worse than someone bellowing there and yelling and insulting there her face. >> reporter: a reference to a slight from the trump that backfired with fiorina's strong response in a gop debate. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> reporter: the businesswoman still returning there punches. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. on the democratic side, bernie sanders makes clear he will also fight on against his party's front-runner. >> we are in this campaign to win and become the democratic nominee. >> reporter: sanders campaign announced its laying there off hundreds to focus on the remaining there primaries and denies the move is in response to the disappointing losses in this week's primaries. hillary clinton took a
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still slamming donald trump for his policy proposals which she calls reckless. diane, kendis. >> also eventful. thanks, bazi. >> our other top story, severe weather slamming a lot of the country's midsection. >> across 11 states from texas to west virginia, those storms packed large hail, dangerous lightning and at least six reported tornados in iowa, nebraska, missouri and kentucky. those twisters flattening homes and ripping there trees right out of the ground. northwest of houston, a 62-year-old woman was killed when this tree you see there fell on her house before dawn. those storms also dumped inches of rain across many areas outside of toe peekka, kansas. rescuers had to make four trips by boat to rescue a family of nine from the rising there waters. crews used a rope attached to the front porch to guide them to soft across fast running there floodwaters more than nine feet deep. >> the storm danger isn't over
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yet. the latest radar image though shows the storm system heading there east while the imminent threat of tornadoes may have subsided for now. fierce straight line winds could reach up to 80 miles hour. the only known surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks is back in france this morning after months on the run. salah abdel salaam was captured just four days before suicide bombers exactlied the city's airport and subway killing there pore than 30 people. abdeslam faces multiple terror related charges and now in isolation in a prison outside of prison. back here at home, a former oklahoma volunteer sheriff's deputy who shot and killed an unarmed suspect last year has been swikt convicted of second degree manslaughter. he said he mistook his gun for a stun gun when he fired the fatal shot. a memo revealed questions about bates qualification that he was a close friend of the
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department. he was one once second in line for the presidency. dennis hastert is going to prison for 15 months former house speaker is was sentenced? a case that revealed had he severalally busd at light of four teenagers. s and's brian ross has the details. >> reporter: frail and in a wheelchair because of a recent stroke, the 74-year-old hastert came to court today, forced to face his victims for the first time. >> mr. hastert hurt his victims many decades ago, but today, they struck back. >> reporter: hastert was once a beloved wrestling coach, but one of his star athletes, scott cross, broke three decades of silence to describe how hastert abused him in the locker room at the age of 17. now a chicago banking executive and a married father of two, cross, through tears, said, "it was my darkest secret," especially, he said, as hastert grew more powerful. also testifying there,
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was another one of hastert's victims. she first revealed his story in an interview with abc news last year, describing how her brother confided his secret of being molested by his coach. >> i said, why didn't you ever tell anybody, stevie? i mean, he was your teacher. why didn't you ever tell anybody? he just looked at me and he said, who is ever going to believe me? >> reporter: outside court, she told me she's waited 25 years for this day. >> that no matter your power or your position, you can't get away with things like this, especially in the molestation of a child. >> reporter: hastert also has his supporters. former cia director porter goss wrote to the judge that hastert was a loyal american who stood for "center of the country values." but the former wrestling coach, the former speaker of the house, finally admitted what he had tried to hide for so long. that he molested those boys. >> all there happened so long ago that hastert could only be charged with failing to report all the cash he took out of the bank more than a million dolla
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victims to keep quiet. the judge said in court had hastert been caught back then molesting there children he might still be in state prison today. brian ross, abc news, chicago. moving there on now, another health crisis is unfolding on the campus of one of america's most elite universities. there are at least 40 confirmed cases of the mumps at harvard university even though many of those infect had had been vaccinated it underscores the fact even though the maximum doses of the vaccine on average is only about 90% effective. >> that leads to about 10% of the population being susceptible for mumps and that leads to recurrences and outbreaks every few years. one health official says that is college campuses are particularly vulnerable with so many students living in such close quarters sharing there things and especially during finals not getting
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to bolster their immune system. >> we have a study for you. >> arguably it's a tiny study. just 25 men. >> can we focus on it they're. >> it's good. researchers at macmaster university in ontario have found for general health benefits, ten minutes of exercise that includes just 60 seconds from all out exertion are just as beneficial of 45 minutes of moderate exercise. >> the secret involves interval is, warmup for two minutes on a bike, then you exercise intense bursts of 20 seconds and slow down for two minutes and repeat that for four cycles. >> this isn't new. >> interval training is not new. i think this idea that you can get ten minutes worth after you workout in one minute, that might be the new part. >> that's like the whole process or thinking behind dabata. if you just stretch your arm and raise your hands like the woou
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equivalent of 45 minutes i did 0 on the treadmill today. >> you're supposed to do more intense stuff for less time. >> okay. >> just lost ten pounds. >> i think kendis did too just thinking, just trying. how many calories are burning there in there. >> thinking i lost an entire olson twin in weight. >> maybe dancing is more your speed. coming up, we take a look at the latest viral dance craze but is it really the running there man. >> inquiring there minds want to know. but first the latest on the pilot accused of driving while drunk. we'll hear what air traffic control heard that play have tipped them off. >> and missing there the boat. but the kids didn't. why a coup sent their kids off on a cruise but seemingly forgoting to join them. >> also check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since s a kid,
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well, this is never good on a vacation. this is in the bahamas. on board that vehicle are parents racing to get back on their cruise ship. okay, so they didn't make it. the problem is their three kids they were on board that cruise ship that was sailing there away. yeah, the woman who dropped to her knees there on the dock was late returning to the ship. her husband then des embarked to wait for her leaning there their
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kids with their uncle and his family on the ship. norwegian cruise lines helped arrange a reunion at the next port. just imagine the nightmare for the parents. >> at least they were with their uncle. but still -- not winning any awards for that one. a former pilot for jetblue airlines is now free on a $50,000 bond but this morning, facing some serious charges. >> prosecutors say that he failed a random sobriety test last year at jfk airport. abc's david kerley covers aviation stories for us. >> reporter: former jetblue pilot dennis murphy wasn't talking as he left federal court, charged with operating a passenger jetliner under the influence. did you put 270 passengers at risk? >> no comment. >> reporter: murphy allegedly failing a random breathalyzer test with a level of .11. that's higher than the driving limit of .08, and nearly three times the limit for pilots. while it is unclear who was on the radio -- >> hey, tower, jetblue 583, did we check in? i can't remember.
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>> yet 583, clear to land. >> reporter: court documents allege murphy was at the controls on a flight from new york to orlando and acted as the co-pilot on a flight back to jfk. a total of 270 passengers. but before and during both flights, the other pilot told federal agents he saw murphy drinking an unknown beverage from a cup. >> pilots know that if they're going to consume alcohol in an airplane or be drunk in an airplane, they're endangering themselves and their passengers. >> reporter: just last month in detroit, a pilot, allegedly under the influence, was arrested on the tarmac, as passengers in his jetliner watched. in fact, on average, nearly once every month, 11 times a year, a pilot violates the drug and alcohol policy. while this incident happened a year ago and murphy resigned, he now faces up to 15 years in prison. >> coming up, a small plane crashes just after takeoff. it the fie
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a security camera. and the pilot escapes with the slightest of injuries. >> but first, we'll catch some playoff fever. hockey and on the hardwood. some teams are moving there on while others are going home. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues
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♪ love in the afternoon butterflies in my trousers ♪ >> of course, the mamas and pa paz. >> yes, of course. >> proving to the mamas and papas because today is a personal day. it's national blueberry pie day. >> we have berries from driscolls. here to discuss this moment to us occasion is chef and recipe developer david bonham. he has some blueberry pies to sample. and also here tore do
3:19 am
>> slow clapping. >> here to do some tasting is "world news now" senior blueberry pie analyst jack sheehan. thank you so much. >> thank you, diana. >> how do you get from there point to this point. >> it's a fresh pie. you just cook the berries in a little bit of sugar and cornstarch and fold in the fresh berries. >> i feel like you're making this sound a lot easier than it is. >> it's simple. the recipe is on the driscolls website. >> a lot of people love them just like this. however, when i go into the fridge they're covered in mold. >> you should keep them in the clamshell, that you buy them in, put them in the fridge right away as soon as you get home. wash them right before you use them with gentle cool water and leave them at room temperature when you're about to eat them for best flavor. >> jack, how is it tasting there so far. >> it dastz delicious. i'm thoroughly enjoying this. >> can we get
3:20 am
analysis. >> the crust is nice. >> that's how i like the blueberry. >> there's a lot of berries involved here. that's the fact. >> let me see them. >> how do you make the crust, david. >> the crust is just flour, shortening and but thor with a little bit of lemon zest in it to give it a lemony flavor. you mix them together, refrigerate it, roll it out and blind bake it meaning you put it in the pan with pie weights and bake it for 15, 20 minutes. >> any secret tips. >> don't overwork it. keep the butter chilled. the shortening chilled. don't overwork it. >> remember. >> oh. >> all right. >> and remember national blu berry pie day means that it's -- we're aheading into peak blueberry season when they're the sweetest and most abundant. >> can i bury my face in this. >> stick your face right in there. ni
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>> i'm sorry. >> a man who enjoys his berries. >> everyone's excited about blueberry season being open and blueberry pie day. this is delicious. thank you so much. you can find the recipe again at wnn of course, and we have to get on to sports and mention someone who is being called the worst better in the world. he or she is an anonymous supporter of leicester city football club in england. >> the team defied all the odds this season and could wrap up the english premiere league tight on sunday. that better placed a half pound wager on them to win in august. the odds were 5,000 to 1 of this happening. that person then cashed in on the bet after their first game which was a win. they were so surprised the team won they pulled the bet. after that if they had waited it would have been worth 2500 pounds, about $3600. instead all they got was pretty much their original bet back. >> i c
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ter destroy manchester united on saturday. i can't wait for that.
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a drop of dawn and grease is gone. it is time for the mix now from a new venue. there's a new dance trend, you know, gone are the buckhead bounce, the dub. >> the nae nae no more. >> and now you have running there man challenge. apparently it starred with these kids from university of maryland. some basketball players who did this new take on the song "my boo." and it's caught on. >> quite a bit. >> players from maryland then responded and everyone there the whole thing kind of blew up. >> yeah. >> this is cal now. caltech players, as well doing the same thing. apparently there's a saying that you know what, something's cool until like local news people do it. >> the hope was professional athletes would start doing this before a
3:26 am
about it. but now people are saying it died too soon because the news, people in the news started doing it. we figured we might, as well do our part. >> we're not fans so why not. >> all right. ♪ >> you know what though, i think if we're going to try to bring back a dance craze, we should bring back the real running there man. >> because that wasn't it. this is the real running there man. if you want the trend to last, find a new name for your dance move. ♪ >> this is so bad. >> oh. >> all right. >> i'm out of breath. >> now that we lost that bet, we held up our end. >> we did our running there man challenge. >> you'll see the gma folks take it on that challenge flexts. >> should we move o
3:27 am
sacramento kings. >> sacramento kings. so, they put out this challenge of sorts to their fans to get a tattoo of their new logo. take a look at how many people, this is the new logo. >> they're actually paying there for any fan that get the logo and they clearly have a lost takers. people lined up on the sidewalk around at corner to get the new logo. what i wonder is, what happened to the people who got the old logo tattooed. >> true. and what happens if sacramento moves? the kings move out of sacramento? >> or they're like you know what, maybe we should change it up a little bit. >> maybe i really am a clippers fan after all. >> that would be very unfortunate. >> all right. are we going to run it out. >> there's big foot in london. >> there is big foot in london. >> has been spotted in london. that folks, is a car. a vehicle, somebody drives around in that giant foot. >> needs a ped i
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this morning on "world news now," tornado outbreak. more severe weather causing even more trouble across the plains. with heavy winds and hailstorms the entire system marching east. we'll have the latest forecast. and in the race for the white house, the candidates are playing the name game. ted cruz announces carly fiorina as his running mate but is he just trying to take away from trump's momentum? how the republican front-runner responded to that news. and new this half hour, an airplane's emergency landing after being hit by a bird. >> the impact was so hard it left the nose of the plane with a huge dent. see how the airline responded. and in "the skinny," beyonce hits the road. kicking off her formation tour as rumors swirl over lyrics from her new album. but her song dedication last night sending a strong message. that's in "the skinny" on this


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