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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  May 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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achor: trouble on the track, train gets toppled over and what leaked out of it. ahead, delegate grab. ted cruz's big victory in virginia and what it means for the race for the nomination. a break in the rain is coming, but when? we are tracking when the sun will make that return. the news at 6:30 starts right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] a freight train flipped on its side, that accident causing a chemical spill from one of the cars. contained agged and
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island at 6:40 this morning. cheryl conner will look at the impact on tomorrow's cute -- commit. we begin with amy aubert. amy, what did you find out? reporter: new information from the mayor tonight, but take a look behind me. we areontinue to work -- told bees crews continue to pop out sodium hydroxide from one of the railcars. bright also working to a another car that was discovered to be dripping ethanol. a rail car flipped on its side. other sitting perpendicular to the tracks. sx train cars and route to north carolina derailing sunday morning in northeast d.c. >> i heard a bang. reporter: neighbors awoke to the crash a little before 7:00 a.m. >>
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i thought that was the end of the train. then i've come down here and i met some other people and i saw about five more trains turned sideways. reporter: the derailment causing one railcar to still sodium hydroxide. that leak plugged later sunday morning. >> since the derailment earlier today, officials have been on qualitye to monitor air in and around the scene. at this point we have discovered no air quality issues. reporter: fire crews assisting in the cleanup say the fumes should not cause any problems. no evacuations or shelter in place orders were made. >> my grandmother lives in the building right here. reporter: for those with family in the area, the spill getting too close to home. >> i wasn't that worried until they said something about hazardous materials. the cause of the derailment is still under investigation.
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both on board when this derailment happened. no one was hurt. live in northeast d.c., amy aubert, abc 7 news. anchor: we continue our live team coverage with cheryl conner. what are commuters going to deal with come monday morning? just yet.t know what so far the red line is still suspended. it may reopen later tonight. we are on the top level of the parking garage, metro's parking garage right across the street from where amy aubert just joined you live. arecan see no trains passing here. we heard in that news conference from metro spokesman dan sasso. he said the red line could reopen later tonight or it right now service is suspended between noma and brooklyn. the tracks he said were not damaged, they are closed off because of the close location to the derailment's and the ongoing wo h
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ws available between nomar and brooklyn. csx and amtrak also use the rails. the brunswick line will not be in service tomorrow. t, sessile tells us the trains will go to silver spring. as far as south of silver markg, they will except passengers. amtrak uses the service as well. capital limited also not in service. we may get another news conference later tonight. if they're able to wrap up, the red line would reopen for monday morning. we hope to tell you a lot more at 11:00. kimberly, back to you. continue to will follow this story on-air and online. go to for the latest updates on the derailment as it
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deade are investigating a body in a creek near falls church. diane cho is live for us tonight. what have you found out about this death? diane: we talked to one of the neighbors here. he said because of the rain that fell earlier today, the water level came up over that large rock and the creek there, that's the area where he first noticed the body. it was a run 9:30 this morning when he decided to walk along the creek, and that's when he said he made the alarming discovery. he says he initially debated even calling police because he did not think it was real. in the the water levels rain covered everything except the man's shirt and pants. police have not released details on the investigation, only saying the man's body appears to have been in the water for a period of time. i'm ier
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the authorities have to say about what happened and how it got here. the body has been taken to the medical examiner's office to determine cause of death. the man's identity has not been released at this time. diane cho, abc 7 news. kimberly: it was a dreary, rainy -- there is change coming. our meteorologist is tracking the timing. reporter: it is a similar picture as we take a look here from belle haven country club. in the mid 50's. was hoping for a few peaks of sunshine this afternoon. unfortunately they all stayed west of the blue ridge mountains . 58 in d.c., 64 by the time we get to culpeper. 70's in the shenandoah valley. a few showers off to the west of harrisonburg. give you am out and bigger picture. there's quite a few thunderstorms heading into west virginia. as we go throughout the
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hours we will still see that chance for showers. here we are at 7:30. we get a little bit of rain. to about likely close 10:00. as we go through the overnight hours, don't be surprised if you hear some rain on the roof. onyou have anything going this evening, make sure you are aware we are expecting more showers. close to 80 degrees for tomorrow coming up. forerly: now to the race the white house. the republican and democratic candidates are back on the campaign trail today. with the exception of governor john kasich, all the candidates are in indiana ahead of his upcoming primary. devin dwyer looks at what's at stake on tuesday. reporter: the front runner back on the trail in indiana. >> if we win in indiana, it's over. reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump spending sunday trying to convince hoosiers they
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is this dinner too tacky for the donald? reporter: president obama joked at his final white house correspondents dinner, including bernie sanders. >> you look like a million bucks. son steppedump's into the lions den. home.ayed the gop front-runner stay focused. if trump can hold off ted cruz and john kasich, he says the nomination is his. cruz disagrees. mr. cruz: nobody is getting to 1237. i'm not, but donald trump isn't either.the delegate map is getting reporter: harder for sanders too.
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to make indiana our 18th victory on tuesday. reporter: five candidates still vying to be leader of the free world. >> next year this time, someone else will be standing here in this spot. it's anyone's guess who she will be. reporter: president obama still getting the last laugh. >> obama. reporter: devin dwyer, abc news. kimberly: cruz won 10 of virginia is at-large delegates at a state party gathering in harrisonburg. most states require delegates to vote for the person who won that states primary or caucus on the first ballot at the national convention. they are free to vote for any candidate on subsequent ballots. that's what the cruz campaign is hoping for. coming up next, here we go
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-- the powerball jackpot is climbing. the next drawing and how much you could win, coming up. decision day, where malia obama has decided to go to college and why she's going to start in 2017 rather than this year.
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kimberly: the first u.s. cruz to cuba in more than 50 years has just set off from miami to havana. 700 passengers on board. the trip has not
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controversy. cuba only recently lifted a ban on native cubans arriving to the island by sea. , theg up next on abc 7 hundreds of millions up for grabs in powerball. sports authority could use hundreds of millions.
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kimberly: him over for sports authority. the sporting goods is closing all 450 of its stores. the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in march and indicated that he would this 140 stores and 2 vision centers. sports authority plans to liquidate all stores and close down operations in the months ahead. the company has 14 stores in the d.c. area alone. get ready for the return of powerbl
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jackpot has been boosted to 348 million bucks. on $348 sum payout million is about $226 million. never get tired of these powerball stories. >> it's crazy to think they made it more difficult to win. it was in october or something. i guess now it's not so wild we keep seeing these things. kimberly: how do we get over this weather? reporter: this weekend has been tough for us around the d.c. area. cloudy skies still going to be the rule for us as we go throughout this evening. temperature wise, we are hanging in the 50's. it's not going to get a whole lot better as we work our way throughout the rest of the evening. we've got 58 for you now. i want to show you where all the warm air is.
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cool air right around the mid-atlantic, and that's where we are hanging out. in those spots where the temperatures are warmer, they are also dealing with severe thunderstorms. us, we are for hanging under those cloudy skies. i want to take us through the next couple of days. this warm front is slowly lifting off to the north of d.c.. we will see warmer temperatures tomorrow. before we get there, we will bring some of those showers, even a couple thunderstorms our way. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 around d.c. that, most of this moves out of here. the bigger weather talk for tomorrow morning will be dense fog getting back to work and school. warm temperatures take over for the afternoon. duringshes across lake the day on monday. think around 3:00, that's when we will have t c
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most of us will stage ride. we get into tuesday, rain moves back into the forecast, and we will watch as a wave of low-pressure rights right along that front. that sticks around for most of the day on tuesday. tonight not too bad. then tomorrow, getting back into the swing of things, right around the mid 50's for the morning rush. some patchy, dense fog. back into the low 70's around lunch time. try to get out there and enjoy it before we get a few of those showers later on during the day. we top out around 79 degrees. monday is your dry day this week. after that, the seven day does not look so great. a high of 63 degrees. we do warm up as we head into wednesday, then thursday and friday. those will be another good chance for those rain. by the time we get into the weekend, we will see slightly warmer temperatures back in the 70's by sunday. >>
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surprising a lot of right now. what's gotten into the nats? the cats could be without their key defense man in monday's game three.
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reporter: the caps could be without a key defensemen for monday's game. a hearing scheduled with a nhl department of player safety. erin hawksworth looks ahead to tomorrow's game three in pittsburgh. last gamehe capitals two, head coach barry trotz it a lot of times when teams win game one, the other team comes into game two with more desperation.
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happened saturday night. in game two against the penguins, the capitals did not figure it out until it was too late. >> it would have been real nice to have that one. the first two periods were not good enough. >> even though the capitals only had 10 shots on gold through the first two periods, washington was only down by one goal. what did it look like during that third intermission? >> 1-0 game. hope is keeping us in the game. hope to be better, obviously. reporter: while the caps played their best game in the third period, it wasn't enough, as a former capitals scored the game-winner to tie the series at one apiece.
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so far in the series, both teams have won by only one goal. you get the sense tomorrow won't be any difference, and i fully expect the series to go seven-game straight live coverage tomorrow from pittsburgh puck drops at 8:00. so many people did not know what to expect heading into this 10 game road trip with the cardinals. next thing you know, nats have a chance to sweep the cards, starting with max scherzer, who was dominant today. he went seven strong innings, gave up no runs, 4 hits, 9 k's. he also had two hits. top of the seventh, nats up 1-0. clint robinson, gets a hold of one. first home run of the year, to run shot. nats takea 3-0 lead. next batter, espinosa tags one. he's out right now. nats pull this one open, the sweep on the c
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he plays on the next level. he got the emotional call from the ravens in the sixth round. this is a cool phone call. instead of making the one-on-one put him on gm, he speakerphone so the entire front office could hear. not only could they all here, but he gets to hug his family and enjoy -- reynolds set the all-time record for career touchdowns with 88. tonight is abc 7. sports sunday -- sunday. fun show tonight. i'm looking forward to it great --
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kimberly: the president and first lady lady proud of this one, announcing their daughter malia will attend harvard university in the fall of 2017. a statement from the white house says malia will take a gap year, something harvard encourages students to do. the president and first lady graduated from harvard law school.
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