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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 5, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning, on "world news now" -- the last republican left. >> donald trump stands alone as the party's nominee, he now faces a new challenge -- to bring the gop together. this, as hillary clinton prepares for battle. we'll have the lastest from this much narrower campaign trail. the infore know causing a state of emergency right now. thousands giving no choice but to flee. leaving behind their homes and businesses to burn. the monster flames refusing to let up. the investigation into prince's death. the feds are now getting invovld. as reports surface of the star seeking addiction treatment. the $348 million jackpot too good to pass up.
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on this thursday, may 5th. really, really big. good morning on this thursday morning. busy with the big reveal. >> the numbers are streaming in right now for the powerball jackpot -- they're streaming in. >> yes! >> we just teased -- you heard the powerball numbers. today's about instant gratification. >> it is. they are -- 30, 47, 57, 66, 69 and 3. >> the powerball number is 3. welcome, folks. however don't go -- >> breaking development -- this just in, nobody won. 12k3w4r however, saturday's jackpot will now be $415 million. >> yes. >> jack i know you had your hopes up. but i still believe in
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buddy. >> we still have a chance. saturday it is. >> jack you have to finish for the rest of this show. but. on to politics, the last man standing. donald trump has knocked out his final republican rival. a new challenge ahead -- uniting his splibterred party. >> john kasich exited the race yesterday for the white house, immediately following ted cruz of course. now trump is considering running mates and gearing up for a likely one-on-one battle with hillary clinton. it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest now from abc's karen traifers zblrp and then there was one. after a decisive win in indiana donald trump is the last man standing in the republican race. >> it's been some unbelievable day and evening and year. >> reporter: john kasich announcing he's ending his bid as well. >> the people of our country changed me. they changed me with the stories of their lives. >> reporter: ted cruz vowed to fight trump all of the way to
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instead after a crushing loss bowed out. >> with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation we are suspending our campaign. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders, not going anywhere. >> what democracy is about you have a vote and you got a vote and you got a vote and you got a vote. one person, one vote. >> reporter: he pulled out a four-point win over hillary clinton. but her focus has already shifted to trump. she told cnn. >> he's loose cannons and loose cannons tend to misfires. >> so has trump's. >> she can't put it away. like a football team. i put it away. >> reporter: he'll have to make a hard sell. hillary clinton with 13-point lead over donald trump. kendis, diane. >> all right, karen, thank you. some republican leaders have reluctantly said they'll support trump. we should point
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and second president bush both said they have no plans to endorse. abc's jon karl takes a look at the state by state challenge. >> reporter: hillary clinton begins this with a significant advantage. the states in dark blue are states that have voted democratic in all of the last six presidential races. all she has to do is to hang on to those states and win the state of florida and she has the electoral votes to be elected president. what trump hopes to do to change that, win his home state of new york, neighboring pennsylvania anding perhaps even michigan. if he can do that he can change the dynamic and win. >> that's jon karl in washington. a new development in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. a federal judge ruled that hillary clinton may have to give a deposition. conservatives have filed a lawsuit under the disclosure of
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north of border a raging wildfire has forced nearly 90,000 people to evacuate western canada main oil city. in ft. mcmurray. officials say all efforts to suppress the fire have failed. unseasonably hot and dry conditions are continuing to feed it. temporary cease-fire has taken hold in the embattled city of aleppo, in syria. the army made the announcement late last night. hundreds of civilians have been killed or injured during the attacks over the past ten days and hospitals have been destroyed. the cease-fire is expected to last only 48 hours. and an army captain has sued president obama over the legality of the war against isis, captain nathan smith seen there, argues the president failed to get the okay from congress. smith said his
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constitution prompted this whole lawsuit. no comment from the white house. now to the latest in the flint water crisis. the city's utility director has cooperated. this as president obama visited the city and drank the water. abc's adrian banker has the latest. >> can i get some water? >> reporter: bottoms up for president obama as he took a sip of filtered flint water. the verdict -- >> if you're using a filter, installing it, then flint water at this point is drinkable. >> reporter: after weeks of hearings and investigations even criminal charges trying to find who is responsible, residents say they want to know what more will be done to make the tap water drinkable. later at a high school, michigan governor was booed on
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the president attempting to calm the crowd he called feisty. >> this was a man made disaster. this was avoidable. this was preventable. >> reporter: he also praised flint residents. she wrote a letter to the commander in chief. >> that's what i'm here. i see and hear you. >> reporter: president obama insisting it wasn't about finger pointing but assuring the community and the officials work together. the pipes may take years to replace. >> our thanks to adrianne. a work place shooting left two people dead. a man dismissed from a houston transportation company, he
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and injuring at least two others before turning the gun on himself. people are calling this shooting a retail ya toir act. a man has been charged with the kidnapping of a navajo nation girl. investigators he separated them and sexually assaulted the girl before killing her with a crow bar and abandoning the bar. he could face in prison. new development into the investigation of prince's death. both the u.s. attorney and the dea have joined the probe. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: a new bomb shell the very day he died, prince's inner circle was trying to get help for his addiction to pain pills.
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expert in pain medication addiction who runs a california clinic for what his lawyer refefrs to a life-saving intervention. the doctor immediately rushed his son andrew on a red eye to paisley park. carrying a drug to help deal with addiction withdrawal. >> when he arrived he went looking for prince. staff representatives apparently found him in a elevator unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming. >> reporter: the plan was to give the medicine to a local doctor who was supposed to see prince later the same morning, but instead, according to his lawyer, andrew called 911. prince was pronounced dead at 10:09 a.m. too late for prince to agree to california for long-term care under the doctor's supervision. sources tell us prince was found by his body
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eva pill gram, abc news. former browns quarterback johnny manziel is expected to appear in a texas courtroom letter today. here 's the mug shot. he was booked on a misdemeanor charge. manziel posted and quickly deleted a tweet, just thankfully i had a shirt. other sporting news, sometimes in baseball, you don't know what you're going to see on field -- case in point, the cubs/pirates game yesterday. the ground ball to the cubs pitcher jon lester. he couldn't get the ball out of his glove. he tossed the ball and his glove. >> deja vu, he made the exact same play last april, also, well this time against the padres
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last year. the good thing about that play is the heads-up move on the first baseman, he quickly dropped his glove, sees that it's coming to him. >> i just wonder, one, how you make that thought process happen so fast for see him, see the ball stropd, drop his glove and catch the other guy's glove and how stuck was that ball. i would be worried. >> split-second decisionmaking there. >> they made it well. >> the cubs won the game. they're doing great. >> the dead look when sports knowledge up. >> i mean, sorry. >> those indianapolis cubs. >> go i know they're from chicago. >> coming up later in the mix -- smell resistance socks. >> but first, helping kids to ride and the thrill of
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a on and off the bicycle. and also, guarding from mosquitos. the zika virus causing even more anxiety as summer approaches. some of the best products to look for. behind the scenes pics on instagram. on abcwnn.
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new pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, you wanna see something intense? with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful. this was the mess in downtown springfield,
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main break yesterday afternoon. several buildings and hotels in the area lost power. crews finally managed to shut the water off, but the damage was already done. check out this huge sinkhole left right in the middle of the road. on the west coast, there it is, california has put a damper on youth smoking. the golden state has become the second state in the country following hawaii to raise the smoking age to 21. california will also start regulating electronic seg lets like other tobacco products. now the fight against the zika virus, somewhat unique approach the health department is giving out fear minnows with backyard ponds just north of new york city. >> the idea for those minnows to eat the mosquito larva before they have a chance to hatch and spread disease. here's
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fierce swelling around the zika virus and the mosquitos that spread it. >> it's a very difficult mosquito to control and eliminate. >> reporter: u.s. officials now saying it's quote very likely that zika would spread from mosquitos to humans in america. with summer right around the corner, what is the best thing you and your family can do to combat the disease right here at home. >> last spring, 15 insect repellants were tested. against the specific mosquitos known for carrying and spreading zika. they were saw yar picaridin. deep woods viii was found to be the most effective. we caught up with the bug guy from the university of maryland for his tips. >> insect-repellant is a very good way to
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>> reporter: but what else can you do around your home. >> other things that homeowners should consider to do around the home this time of year is to get rid of those breeding sights. eliminate all sources of standing water. if you have an old paint guy behind the tool shed, dump those things out and get rid of it. if it holds water for two weeks it can breed mosquitos. coming up in our next-half hour, extremely close call. a helicopter crew to thank for their quick-thinking. miraculous story you have to see and hear. and riding a bike is a great rite of passage. one group helping kids get up and rolling. you're watching "world news no
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♪ i want to ride my bicycle ♪ i want to ride my bike ♪ ♪ i think people like to ride their bicycles. can be scary at any level. experts fear crashes like this one massive pileup that happened at a race in new york last weekend. >> but for some kids the biggest fear and really the reality is never learning how to ride in the first place. abc's mary bruce shows a new program in our nation's capital aiming to change that. >> reporter: this is a milestone in the making. >> ah! >> reporter: nerves, anticipation. and then, pure bliss. these brave and smiling students are learning to ride a bike. at school. a first of its kind program in the country, helping all 2,000 d.c. public school second graders achieve this rite of passage.
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from the wobbly starts to the triumphant finishes, with a few crashes in between. >> are you okay? >> reporter: in many urban neighborhoods, some kids never learn to ride. 7-year-old chloe remembers what it's like to miss out. >> i was the only one that couldn't ride a bike. >> reporter: so, you went from being the one kid in the class who didn't know, and now look at you. you pretty proud of yourself? there's that smile. schools building confidence and independence, one pedal at a time. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> you know it's interesting when this all started it was a partnership between the d.c. public school system the did department of transportation and private donors. never do you see three entities working together like that it's great. >> it's coming together really well. d.c. is turning into one of those mobile cities when it comes
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coming up the true meaning of a wild goose chase. >> you got to see this.
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for better results, use finish jet-dry. time now for the mix and we start with a bit of a peculiar episode with a little girl who's just trying to help. this 5-year-old from spring, texas was trying to help a little baby goose, however the mother goose didn't quite see it that way. poor summer, the mother goose charges at her, sends her diving for the pavement. >> look at the horrified look. >> won't let her go. now, who's taking the picture, you might ask. answer, her neighbor. >> not helping her out. >> apparently not. though we are told a neighbor did step in to help. also in those pictures, summer's
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the way -- and later wrote, summer got attacked by a goose today. made me laugh so hard. that was summer's sister's take. summer is the littlest and the slowest so the goose got her. so, her sister was there. summer, however, laughed and smiled after it was all over. she was perfectly fine. mother goose back with her goslings. >> she looks happy about it. >> i sympathize they can get aggressive. a goose came over wasn't happy about that, decided to chase me and my bag of wonder bread. i ran frantically screaming. >> wow. we have saw one of the
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biggest problems of the world. but smelly socks. yeah, these farmers came up with the fiber that apparently, with the socks they've made, take a look at the socks it doesn't smell. you don't have to wash them at all. you can wear them again and again and again. they're made of mohair fibers. >> but are they actually clean or do they just not smell. >> they're not necessarily clean. they won't smell as bad. >> a little bit gross, maybe? >> it's disgusting. it will be popular. >> very popular in college dorm rooms as well. a couple got engaged, big moment for them. but then, their wedding ring got stolen. >> what happened? >> no good. they made up for
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this morning on "world news now" -- alone at last. now that trump has knocked off all of his republican opponents he's locked in on hillary clinton. despite still battling bernie sanders, clinton is taking on trump. we have the latest ahead. out of control. a wildfire has thousands fleeing their homes. we're going to meet some of the desperate residents who have seen almost everything burn to the ground. new this half-hour -- an incredibly close call in a rescue operation. >> a rope getting tangled. >> how the pilot's reaction got them out of this life-threatening situation. and harry has arrived. the prince is bringing his unique sense of style to the sunshine state. why he's here in the u.s. and the commotion his visit is causing. all that ahead on this thursday, may 5th.


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