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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," full steam ahead for bernie sanders. his big win in west virginia's primary last night giving his campaign a major boost. but is it too little too late in order to stop clinton. >> meanwhile, ted cruz hints that his campaign might not be finished either. >> and a bizarre and deadly rampage leaves at least three people dade in new england. the suspect is going on a an stabbing spree starting in a neighborhood and heading to a nearby mall randomly attacking shoppers. >> fire on the front step. the incredible video from the raging wildfires in canada. this doorbell cam footage showing firefighters taking on the explosive flames and trying to save one home of so many destroyed there. and the man, the myth, the mvp. steph curry is the first ever toe earn that honor with no
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but the nba's brightest star was eclipsed by someone else. his own daughter. letting us know yesterday that she's watching us just as much as we are watching her. oh, and her dad, of course. it's wednesday, may 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." got to love that, right? >> i do. listen, you best vote for my dad next year or else. i got you. >> i love it. >> good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we start with another victory for bernie sanders in west virginia. >> yeah, speaking from oregon last night, sanders told supporters that he's going to fight for every last vote, but the victory isn't enough to stop hillary clinton. even though sanders easily picked up more than 50% of the vote, he'll end up with about the same number of west virginia delegates as clinton. now, she now has 94% of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. well, after cle
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sailed to victory in west virginia and nebraska, as well. >> but as trump waits for fellow republicans to fall in line, sanders is pointing to a new poll that has him beating trump by a wider marge than clinton. it's your voice, your vote. abc's karen travers has is the latest. >> reporter: bernie sanders may have claimed victory in west virginia's primary. >> it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> reporter: but it seems the number two democrat in the country thinks he's already out of the race for the nomination. >> you bring up the next president. we're all anxious to see who. >> who she is? >> vice president joe biden telling robin roberts this election is hillary clinton's to win. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she will be the next president. >> reporter: sanders doesn't seemed worried about a biden boost for his rival. >> nobody in the establishment believed that we would be here in california with a
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>> reporter: clinton herself already looking to the general election and donald trump. >> i am looking forward to debating dot com the fall. >> reporter: trump's facing problems of his own. this week, he heads to capitol hill trying to mend the divide in the gop. but for the first time, two of trump's former foes are talking revealing they're still not ready to support trump. >> i have well defined differences with the presumptive nominee of the republican party and like millions of republicans you try to reconcile those two things. >> reporter: ted cruz not even ruling out a return to the fight. >> we've suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed we would reconsider things. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. and that was ted cruz taking questions on his first day back to work on capitol hill after dropping out of the race. his wife heidi is now comparing her husband's white house run to the battle to end slavery. that came during a conference call with the campaign's national p
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told supporters it took 25 years to defeat slavery and that's a lot longer than four years. she vowed to keep moving forward. >> the other major story we're following this morning is breaking news. a bizarre stabbing rampage in the boston area which left three dead. police in taunton say it started after a traffic accident when the driver began running around the neighborhood trying to break into homes. he stabbed two women at one house and then he drove to a shopping mall nearby crashing into the front of a macy's store. once inside the mall, he stabbed two more people. the suspect was eventually killed by an off-duty police officer. one of the dead victims was inside the house. the other at that mall. the investigation is still on going at this hour. we're going to have more in our next half hour. >> meanwhile twisters continue to wreak havoc across the south and the plains. this was the scene in the city of mayfield in southwestern kentucky. a tornado barreled through there yesterday afternoon causing significant damage to homes and businesses.
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to hospitals with what were described as nonlife-threatening sxwroirpz some storms are possible again today from the tennessee valley to the carolinas and severe conditions are expected in oklahoma and texas, as well. with more tornadoes possible there. to northern california deputies are expected to turn themselves in today after being charged with assault. the incident last november caught on camera, the two alameda county officers chasing an auto theft suspect into that alley and then this takes place. the beating there with batons even though he was already on the ground. this goes on for a little bit here. the man can be heard screaming i'm sorry. and help me. new images this morning after a flight from puerto rico to orlando was rocked by turbulence so strong, the oxygen masks deployed. eight people were taken to the hospital. abc's david kerley has the details. >> cleared to land, jetblue 1134. >> reporter: this video, right after getting hit by turbulence. oxygen masks deployed.
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galley, the refrigerator door that burst open. >> unknown injuries from turbulence, inbound jetblue flight. >> reporter: eight passengers injured according to airline for what was a harrowing experience for all the passengers. >> it's super scary. i was thinking that we really were going to die. >> reporter: about 30 minutes into the flight from puerto rico to orlando, the jet hit turbulence. it's just days after a flight out of the dominican republic also had seven injured in rough air. and a week after those dramatic pictures of passengers praying as they hit turbulence approaching jakarta. nearly 50 injured in just a week by turbulence. david kerley, abc news, washington. we're learning flu details this morning about events leading up to prince's death. the music icon was seen by a doctor on april 20th, the day before he died. according to a search warrant, the doctor arrived at the singer's home with test results on april 21st but prince was already
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serious certainlies the singer's home again on tuesday. the doctor had also seen prince on april 7th. >> black west point cadets under scrutiny for a controversial photo will not be punished. the 16 fee fail mail cadets raised their fists in a pregraduation photo. the military academy found that the group photo did not violate any rules against political activity. a mentor for the women said they were simply celebrating the graduation. >> a lab operated by the cdc has reportedly had its operating permit secretly suspended because of safety violations. according to "usa today" that lab and others run by the cdc were kited for mishandling certain viruses, bacteria and toxins that are hev heavily regulated. the name of the labs were not revealed because of security concerns. president obama is heading to hiroshima, japan later on this month, the first sitting u.s. president to do so visiting that city devastated
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nick bomb seven decades ago. the white house says he will honor the victims but will not apologize for the attack. he's also not seeking an apology for attack on pearl harbor. the president will be in japan for the g--7 summit. >> a new record holder for the world's oldest living cat, scooter. he celebrated his 30th birthday on march 26th. his owner gail floyd attributes his longevity to staying busy. >> he doesn't look a day over 32. >> so the frisky feline has visited 45 of the nation's 50 states. he also enjoys getting blow dried after baths and nibbling on chicken every other day. scooter lives in mansfield, texas. that almost sounded like a personal ad for scooter. >> he has great skin. i think he must moisturize. >> good doctor or good genes. >> though he is not the oldest living
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that went to a cat in texas also in texas. 38 years old. so scooter still has eight more years to go. >> he's got a few to go. >> goals, scooter, goals. >> scooter, if the normal cat has nine lives how many lives has scooter? >> i don't know. >> thanks for the close-up of scooter. >> news you can use. >> sorry. i find this whole thing hilarious. >> scooter? >> all right. coming up "the mix," broccoli for dessert or at least maybe you can convince your kids of that. we'll show you the latest experiment. >> but first a new procedure that can bring clarity to millions with poor vision. why you might be able to toss those contact lenses and put those glasses down for good. >> meet the inspiring veteran bringing home the gold for the u.s. at the invictus games and how she and her fellow wounded warriors are giving it their all. >> remember to find us on facebook
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rarely do you get a look as up close as there at firefighters doing their job. this was taken by a camera from the doorbell of a house in ft. mcmurray, canada, as a fire crew went to work against the flames burning into the home's front porch. officials say firefighters saved 25,000 homes there. about
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in the wildfire which has now burned more than 880 square nice. >> dramatic images out of alberta, canada. now to some sports. and a big surprise in the nba playoffs. russell westbrook of the oklahoma city thunder sealed his team's victory with a three-point play. with just seconds left against the san antonio spurs last night. the thunder four-point win puts them up three games to two in the series. they can wrap up a trip to the conference finals tomorrow at home. >> off the court, steph curry is making history again. >> the golden at guard has become the first nba player unanimously to be voted most valuable player but stealing the show yesterday, yeah. i got you. i got my eye on you. his 3-year-old daughter riley letting reporters know she had her eyes on them. >> she is too funny. i love that. then the point. just to be clear who tha
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directed at. >> look at the point right here again. i got you. >> she's so funny. but still, curry did get a lot of the spotlight yesterday. this is his second mvp win in a row, as well. here's abc's matt gut olympian. >> reporter: stephen curry's history-making mvp selection, just the sweet follow-through on a season in which curry appeared as a "gq" man of the year, fan and brand favorite. from an army of stephen's for under armour -- >> there it is. >> reporter: to trick shots for apple. making those impossible shots -- >> bang! >> reporter: probable. >> oh, what a shot from curry! >> reporter: sinking 402 three-pointers. it took celtics great larry bird eight seasons to hit 400 threes but while account family guy curry may seem superhuman on the court, he tells "parents" magazine, at home, he's just like us. >> we're blessed. we have two beautiful daughters and they mean a lot to us. >> reporter: revealing he has met his match. >> daddy.
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>> you're going to be -- >> be quiet. >> reporter: his show-stopping 2-year-old, riley. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. that's becoming a familiar scene for curry. it was also a familiar scene at the white house today. the national champion uconn women's basketball team was congratulated by president obama for the fourth year in a row. and the president says he expects the huskies to be back even though he won't be there to welcome them again. he said the team continues to set a high bar for excellence thus improving the entire women's basketball game. >> and they gave him a rocking chair as a gift. some super talented ladies and another to tell you about taking part in the invictus games in florida. >> on the track yesterday, sarah rudder won the women's 100 meter dash. a retired marine lance corporal who lost her left leg after being injured. rudder says competing with the u.s. team is about the same commitment she made to the marine corps. >> we're doing amazing.
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out on the line for our country just like we do in battle. and we're here to represent. >> rudder is also in yesterday's 200 meter dash. she fell on the way to the finish line but she got up and finished second even after falling. > good job. so far rudder is the most decorated competitor at the games. the u.s. competitor having won four golds and three silver medals. today she will compete in a swimming event. >> if that's not inspiration, i don't know what is. coming up in our next half hour, a mom on the run. the urgent hunt for 9 fugitive mother in ohio this led police in a hot pursuit with her young child in the car. why they suddenly just stopped chasing her. >> first a medical breakthrough for millions of american who's reach for those reading glasses. a new surgery could replace them for good. how it works straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this f
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♪ i can see clearly now the rain has gone ♪ ♪ i can see all the obstacles in my way ♪ >> makes me think of cool rungs. a lot of people though cannot see clearly even when the rain is gone especially when it comes to seeing up close, you try to focus on the print on a bottle or maybe clasps on jewelry, small things. >> for generations the solution has been drugstore reading glasses. now a new surgery could replace those gas for good. abc's mara sheaf campo explains. >> those ever elusive reading glasses something that millions of americans deal with every day, even hollywood stars. >> yeah, i do need my glasses. come here. >> i don't have mine either. >> you don't have yours either. >> 51-year-old done nan glen was fed up. >> i had to put reading glasses
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reading glasses are traditionally never where you want them to be. you're always searching for them. >> reporter: that's when dr. andrew holtzman of tlc vision stepped in with a new solution, a procedure called the camera inlay. >> this technology draes a major concern because the age related decline in near vision affects everyone. it starts in our 40s, continues on into our 50s and 60s. >> reporter: but how exactly does this revolutionary technology work. >> the kamra inlay is a small plastic-like disk about one-third the size of a contact lens and one fourth the thickness of a human hair. it has a small central opening right in the middle and what we do is implant it into the cornea. this blocks the unfocused rays of light from entering the eye and only allows the focused rays of light through which means they're able to see full range of vision from distance to near clearly. >> reporter: and in a tv first, our
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as christine clement has the inlay implanted into just one eye. dr. holzman says that's all that's needed for the procedure to work. >> the procedure takes approximately 20 minutes to perform. the patient doesn't feel anything. all right. nice and steady now. >> reporter: the post-op recovery? >> we tell the patient to go home, take a nap and they start using their eye drops. the nicest part about it if the patient doesn't like it, it is a reversible procedure. >> reporter: some of the risks include the possibility that vision may not return to normal even after the procedure is reverses. it can take up to a month for a patient to realize the full effect of the inlay which costs around $5,000 and is typically not covered by insurance. still for donna glen, the high cost was worth it to refocus on her life. >> working on the computer, i'm cooking. i can see my recipes. i could read ingredient labels at the store. everything i need to do. i don't know where my reading
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[000:25:00;00] let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade. mix." we started things off with a witt of an experiment. some parents decided they were going to prank their kids and give them broccoli for breakfast after this big preamble of saying we have a big surprise for you for breakfast. the kids open their eyes and see broccoli. didn't quite pan out the way the parents expected though. take a look. >> dessert. >> no. >> broccoli. >> yeah. it's a treat. >> i don't like it. >> we wanted chocolate. >> that's dessert. >> yeah. but that's dessert. >> we don't want that broccoli. >> no broccoli. >> look at the little one though.
3:26 am
>> he love that he gave little thomas over there decides what the heck. i'll try the broccoli and then once r.j. sees his little brother seems to be kind of enjoying himself, he then wipes away his tears and decides. >> does he give in, as well. >> okay, fine. >> at the end. >> just like nibbling down on it. >> looking at his older brother still throwing a tantrum and just munching away. little by little you can hear the parents completely unable to keep it together. they start laughing too and finally the older brother r.j. jumps in, as well. >> success. >> good job, parents. >> is it thomas? >> thomas is the little one. r.j. is the big one. >> enjoying it after his initial trant trum. >> r.j. eventually says i still kind of wish it was chocolate. >> their mother eventually did cave and she then gave him chocolate afterward. >> now to another kid that was
3:27 am
cute on british so his mom was on tv talking about the fascinating topic of kids and rotten teeth. here you see 5-year-old after right now the victoral's kid. the show was on victoria shows on abc. he couldn't help himself. he was board senseless lis nick to mom talk about this. just like all right. are you done yet? >> it's so funny. >> he stole the show. >> most kids when they're on tv, they're fascinated by the lights and everything going on and they tend to stare at the camera or themselves on the monitor. this kid could care less about any of it. when can i go home and watch my cartoons. >> this is boring. i kind of agreed with him. >> i like that. i like the full on funny faces he starts making. >> so the world's ugliest dog competition. >> well, known. >> tongue sticking out action or something. we go to one dog who won the
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world's ugliest dog. this morning on "world news now," a deadly and seemingly random stabbing spree at a busy shopping mall in massachusetts. we'll hear from the witnesses forced to either fight the attacker or run for their lives. the latest just ahead. hillary clinton may have all but locked up her nomination but bernie sanders big primary win last night is sending a message. he's not giving up. we're live with the latest from both sides of the campaign trail. >> and new this half hour. a mom on the run. >> a fugitive leads police on a chase driving across lawns, around patrol cars, running red lights all while her young child was in the back seat. >> and photoshop fail. why meghan trainor says her new video reduced her to tears and what she's doing about it right now. the full story ahead in "the skinny."


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