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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," a deadly and seemingly random stabbing spree at a busy shopping mall in massachusetts. we'll hear from the witnesses forced to either fight the attacker or run for their lives. the latest just ahead. hillary clinton may have all but locked up her nomination but bernie sanders big primary win last night is sending a message. he's not giving up. we're live with the latest from both sides of the campaign trail. >> and new this half hour. a mom on the run. >> a fugitive leads police on a chase driving across lawns, around patrol cars, running red lights all while her young child was in the back seat. >> and photoshop fail. why meghan trainor says her new video reduced her to tears and what she's doing about it right now. the full story ahead in "the skinny." it is wednesday, may 11th. ♪
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin with some breaking news. a stabbing rampage which ended inside a mall not far from boston. three people inclutding the suspect are now dead. >> it began with a car crash in taunton, massachusetts. the suspect got out of his car, went into a nearby house and stabbed two women at random. one of them has died. >> then he drove to the silver city galleria mall, crashed into the front of the macy's store, beat up some people and made his way to a restaurant. jorge quiroga from our boston station picks up the story from there. >> all of a sudden, people were hollering, there's a killer. there's a killer. >> reporter: that frightening moment of chaos inside the bertucci's restaurant quickly turned to carnage. >> he came from the back of the restaurant and he was walk
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and as he was coming, he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs at him and stuff. >> reporter: witnesses say the man for no apparent reason appeared to randomly select his victims, one of whom was a pregnant woman, brutally assaulting them with a knife. those who could like ruth ran for cover supply went to the beauty salon and told them there's a killer. we all went in the back room. >> reporter: the assailant then shot by an off-duty sheriff's deputy. >> a couple noises. i couldn't tell if it was a gunshot. or couldn't tell. i saw people running, kids running. younger girls running. >> there was just a bunch of women that came running into the building and asked me to close my doors. >> reporter: the bertucci's was one of three separate crime scenes. the first one happening at a nearby home and involved a car accident and a stabbing. the suspect then drove this car into the macy's entrance at the mall before heading to the restaurant full with diners. >> we pulled up and there was people on stretchers getting taken out and everything. one girl was crying for her baby.
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the d.a. credits the deputy who killed the suspect saying there could have been many more victims. a motive for the attacks remains under investigation. but state police said they have found no evidence of a connection to terrorism. >> in the race for the white house, bernie sanders and donald trump have easily soared to victory in west virginia. trump is now running unopposed and also won in nebraska. despite his success with voters though, the republican leadership is still hesitant as trump appears to meet with paul ryan tomorrow, former rivals ted cruz and marco rubio are not backing him. he now has more than 91% of the delegates he needs to officially claim the gop nomination though. >> on the democratic side, sanders with the large victory in west virginia, his latest victories haven't put a dent in hillary clinton's delegate lead. he vows it's going to fight on. it is your voice, your vote. lauren lyster joinings us with more on e
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and who knew this would still be going on at this point. >> it continues to be interesting, kendis and diane. you have bernie sanders campaigning in oregon doing a victory lap over that west virginia primary win. and continuing to fight for the democratic presidential nomination. citing all the upcoming state primary contests he would need to win. but saying this. >> we are in this campaign to win. we still have that road to victory in winning the majority of pledged delegates. we fully acknowledge we are good at arithmetic, that we have an uphill climb ahead of us. but we are used to fighting uphill climbs. >> well, it is quite a fight. abc finds sanders would need 98% of all remaining delegates to win the nomination. that is still virtually impossible for the vermont senator to clinch the nomination and cut into hillary clinton's
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more than 700-delegate lead. clinton meanwhile losing to her democratic opponent tuesday in a state she won back in 2008. she did get a glowing endorsement from vice president joe biden. he told robin roberts he feels confident clinton will be the nominee and the next president. >> so he is making all this head way but it doesn't seem likely this is going to happen. how does this all play out? >> no, i mean it really does seem like hillary clinton, this is her nomination. she is not focusing on sanders on the campaign trail. she was focusing on donald trump attacking him for his economic policies saying she thinks it would be a race to the bottom with working families paying the price. so she seems to be focusing on her opponent on the republican side. >> she's focusing on both at the same time which is a tough fence there to straddle. >> juggling two men is always a balance to achieve. >> abc's lauren lyster, well played. thanks so much for being here. >> we want to move on now to the extreme weather. damaging
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problems today from the tennessee valley into the carolinas. the city of mayfield, kentucky, this was the scene, suffered severe damage to homes and businesses. when it took a direct hit from a tornado yesterday afternoon. at least ten people suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. they were treated at hospitals. in the meantime, the hope in oklahoma is that a scene like this won't be repeated anytime soon. storm chasers recorded the incredible close video that experts now say was likely a tornado with winds of up to 165 miles an hour. two men, both 76 years old, were killed during monday's outbreak. as the clean-up gets under way, there are more storms in the forecast for today. unfortunately, more tornadoes, as well. >> so exactly who is in that targeted path today? >> we find out from the accuweather's paul williams who is tracking it all. paul, good morning. >> good morning to you, kendis, diane. we're watching out for localized storms from dallas, reaching through up toward st. louis, kansas city and then moving into
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illinois. dry air coming in out of the west. cooler air coming from the north. warm moist humid air out of the south and the three is going to create a three-eyed monster which will culminate in severe storms, tornadoes and hail. those severe storms reach up towards minnesota with heavy down pours up near the great lakes. kendis, diane? >> all right. our thanks to paul. overseas in germany, one person was killed and three others wounded during a stabbing spree at a train station. witnesses say the suspect yelled infidel, you must die, and allahu akbar during the attack. the suspect has a history of mental illness. investigators say they found no link to islamic terror groups. >> north korea has rapped up its first workers party congress with a day of celebrations. part of those celebrations included a torch light procession involving thousands of students. abc's terry moran shares a rare look inside north korea. >> reporter: just after dawn, we head towards pyongyang's central
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square. it seems the whole city is on its way. after hours of tight security, we're just arriving at the square, preparations are in place. the parade's about to start. a sea of people, standing silently. participation in these rallies is mandatory. then -- ♪ >> and there it is. what an entrance he makes. this whole scene intensely choreographed. all for the young leader. all this to glorify kim jong-un, after a week where he consolidated his absolute rule here, and got a new title -- chairman of the worker's party. but the pomp and pageantry here mask grim facts. nearly half of north koreans it's estimated live in extreme poverty and food shortages are a part of life. when night falls, it's even more intense by torch light. a totalitarian spectacle unlike anything else in the world. terry moran, abc news, pyongyang, north korea.
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pyongyang and quite a sight on the west coast of california or in the west coast of this country. fresno for what some are calling a definite miracle. it is a statue of the virgin mary that is crying. > there she is. the tears seem top well up in her eye and stream down her face on to her chin. maria cardenas collects the tears in a glass and shares them with those who come to visit. >> so she received the statue ten years ago. but she says she didn't -- it didn't start weeping until 18 months ago when her cousin was murdered. for the record, the tears are said to feel oily and smell like roses. >> hmm. she's apparently had several priests come to the home who say they consider this a miracle. they say sometimes she doesn't cry for weeks or months at a time. and then suddenly she starts again. >> it's kind of freaky. >> it's a mystery. >> it is a mystery. >> or a miracle perhaps. >> exactly.
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>> coming up, the fugitive mom on the run in ohio. what triggered this high speed and dangerous chase north of cincinnati and why police eventually were forced to let her get away. >> and the photoshop fail caught meghan trainor by surprise. but it wasn't her latest video that the grammy winner says reduced her to tears. you're watching "world news now." ♪ i thank god every day >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by my pillow. ather, brought to you by my pillow.
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>> this was the frightening scene on a louisiana interstate as a school bus went up in flames. the bus was returning to school from a field trip when it suddenly caught fi
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of smoke, the bus driver pulled over and immediately evacuated the students with the assistance of some chap reasons. >> in the end, no one was hurt. >> good move on the part of the bus driver and chaperones. >> police are on the hunt for a fugitive mom who led police on a chase with her young child in the car. >> so the chase was so reckless apparently and dangerous that officers had to eventually let her go because of public safety concerns. abc's gio benitez with the story. >> reporter: it's a harrowing police chase. and the most shocking part? the driver, a young mom, allegedly putting her toddler's life at risk, riding right there in that mini van. just watch as she drives backwards on streets in springdale, ohio, maneuvers around patrol cars and goes right through lawn after lawn in a neighborhood. police dash cam video capturing erica barreiro-rapp driving the wrong way against traffic, through red lights, nearly colliding with a school bus. then aggressively barreling over a concrete barrier on the highway. it all began with barreiro-rapp appearinin
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charges, but police discover she had felony warrants in kentucky for alleged concealed weapons violations and drug use. and they say she took off, starting that chase. police stopping the pursuit because they felt it was just too dangerous for that young child and the community. and police say she later turned up at a hotel, but as soon as she heard police were on the way, she jumped out of a first-story window, with her child. and right now, she is still on the run. gio benitez, abc news, new york. one of the stories you keep thinking how could this get more dangerous. and here comes gio saying she jumped out of a window with her child, as well. >> it was a wild chase. understandably police are concerned about her child's well-being and saying it was a young daughter, possibly 2 or 3 years old in the vehicle with her during all of that. >> now in the end of this, she is now facing charges of eluding police and child endangerment.
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when we come back, meghan trainor like you've never seen her and like she's never seen herself before. >> and he's refusing autographs walking barefoot through boston. tom brady? no. justin bieber. what's happening? >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny, so skinny
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and it's appropriately called "the skinny" this time. >> that's right. especially with this lead story. >> exactly. because topping the headlines, the photoshop controversy surrounding me, too. >> you too? >> not me, too. meghan trainor. >> oh. so meghan trainor says she broke down into tier, tears when she premiered her second single off her new album "thank you," the single being "me too" and saw what video editors had done to her waist to make her look slimmer. calling it insulting and has signed off on a new version saying she plans to show the dramatic difference between the two. >> so this isn't the first time the grammy winner has been photoshopped. last month, fans accused "seventeen" magazine of altering her body on the front cover there. >> the whole thing's the more ironic since given her body positive single "all about that bass" in 20
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unattainable standards of beauty and her latest me too" video has a similar message of empowerment. >> i didn't know you could photoshop video. >> i didn't know either. >> i might try to have a talk with the folks here at abc. i could lose a couple pounds. >> strange to go for a song and an artist that stands for that kind of a message about body positivity and unattainable standards and then they photoshop something without her permission. >> wouldn't you know this before it premieres? >> she said she didn't, right? she saw the video and fired back and said fix it. >> it has tus talking about her music. >> good for her. she looks great. >> next, what's going on with justin bieber. >> the biebs apparently on an emotional roller coaster. he's been bursting into tears during performances, canceling meet and greets with fans. now this alone and barefoot in boston's public garden. feeding squirrels? he spent the day in the parka loan until dusk. >> this came less than 24 hours before bieber then went o
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instagram rant demanding his fans stop asking for his autograph. he told fans yesterday "i feel like an animal," making it clear that he's a person, emotionally drained and doesn't owe anyone anything. >> some fans are wondering now if it's too late for him to say sorry. >> get it? because that's his song. >> that's his song. justin responded what do you mean. >> where are you now? >> where are you now. >> i do feel bad especially for someone who became famous at such a young age. they spend their lives under this microscope constantly surrounded by cameras and it's hard to realize how crazy that can really make you. i remember watching the britney spears documentary and it changed my perspective on when she went through what seems like something similar. >> you're saying this should have been a long time coming. >> no, i'm not saying that. i think maybe it's time to give them their space a little bit. a little privacy. >> clearly he needs company. that's another one of his songs. tom brady. >> you're a fan, huh?
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that's constantly asking for an autograph. >> you are the problem. >> i am that person. >> leave him alone. >> apparently being tom brady isn't easy either. >> the new england patriots quarterback is only three months away from his 39th birthday and is here in new york city to promote his commercial for simmons new mattress the beauty rest black. >> will you be needing anything else? >> no. not a thing. >> okay. so you may be surprised to learn that brady hits that mattress at 8:30 every night for a solid nine hours of shuteye before getting up at 5:30 in the morning along with his super model wife, the kids, the upcoming cookbook endorsements and vitamin water. his own training company than whole football career thing. brady admits he's extremely disciplined about his sleep, diet and family. >> i'm exhausted just listening to all that. >> yeah. >> i read once he only eats
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introducing tide rescue. eliminates tough odors at the source. find it in the stain remover aisle. ♪ surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise ♪ >> bruce springsteen, of course. >> surprise. 13450 yes, surprise. so this weekend will test whether george clooney still has the goods to rock the box office. >> sony is releasing is "money monster." >> i'm going to let you finish but speaking of bruce and "surprise," we've got a surprise. it's been one month since you graced us here at the desk. >> i had no idea! >> so let's take a look back, shall we? >> oh, weird. ♪ ♪ fashion >> turn to the right. >> that's sort of like the ru paul version is what it's sounding like. >> i'm practicing. i just realized i matched the background. >> you kind of do. kind of blend in. ♪ downtown things will be great
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when you're ♪ >> okay. >> i really wanted to tell you to go fish. >> i know. everybody. >> i've pulled up to the house and i yelled to the cabbie see you later. >> i don't know. i think it sounds okay. i think it's all right. >> typical every time i read. it's like we're married. ♪ >> oh. wait. ♪ tell you what i want, tell me want what you really, really want. ♪ i'll tell you what i want what i really, really want ♪ ♪ tell me what you really, really want ♪ ♪ i want to i want to >> i'm sorry. >> you get a chair and you get a chair and you get a chair. everybody gets a chair. ♪ ♪ >> come on, plugging your mind. come on and stop and call this new hot line.
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>> wait a second. >> it's delicious. >> kendis is supposed to tell you we'll be right back but he ran away so -- ♪ >> this is so bad. >> is it supposed to be -- ♪ yeah. >> a lot of singing and dancing. > during the show, i thought we were in the nest. >> she does the entire opening theme every "fresh prince of bel air." >> the whole song. >> you know what i've learned from that montage, i don't think we have enough fun on this show. we take ourselves way too 've broken the trust. ak. >> i need to dance more. i don't move around enough. >> i have the same move.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a violent crime spree after a knife wielding man goes on a deadly rampage inside a mall. >> there's a killer. there's a killer so they get out so we all went in the bathroom. >> people ran for their lives at two separate scenes. the latest on the investigation and the suspect. another big victory for bernie sanders. winning the west virginia primary. renewing his commitment to the campaign and slowing hillary clinton's march to the nomination. we're live in washington. and a museum worker's fall caught on camera after he goes right through a glass floor. see how this one ends. going viral, another adorable moment for steph curry's daughter stealing the show and taunting reporters.


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