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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 12, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. showdown. donald trump face-to-face this morning with the speaker of the house hoping to make a deal with paul ryan to bring republicans together. >> we need a real unification of our party. >> as the billionaire draws new fire for refusing to make his tax returns public. >> so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? yeah, well, we're going to find out. >> the olympic warning overnight. the harvard report saying rio's zika outbreak could cause a public health disaster this summer. under fire, multiple officers caught on camera repeatedly punching a suspect while he's faced down on the ground after an hour-long car chase hitting 90 miles an hour. the investigation this morning. ♪ fight fog for a long
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meet the woman charming prince charming. the invictus games hero prince harry couldn't wait to celebrate. >> good luck. i mean it's going to be amazing. i can't wait to give you your medal. >> the swimmer taking home four golds. why she decided to give one back to the prince. and good morning, america. happy thursday. let's take another look at this right now. smiles going on, a couple kisses right there. the internet explodes. >> maybe found a new girlfriend. >> these games as you know are so incredibly special. four gold medals for that young woman and i had a conversation with prince harry about the invictus games and the first lady. she called him prince charming. looks like he found a hero just as charming. why she gave it back and who she wants to give it to. >> having a lot of fun with that. we begin with that big
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face-to-face with paul ryan this morning. the unity of the republican party possibly at stake. abc's tom llamas is on capitol hill with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the meeting starts here at rnc headquarters at 9 a.m. and trump's first meeting may be his most important meeting with reince priebus and house speaker paul ryan and ryan trying to balance what's best with the party with what's best with donald trump. donald trump bringing his dealmaking to washington to convince republican leaders to get on the trump train. his pitch for unity simple. >> no matter what you have you're going to have differences. if you agree on 70% that's always a lot. >> reporter: trump hopes that works on house speaker paul ryan who has yet to support the presumptive gop nominee. >> this election is too important to go into an election at half strength. that means we need a real unification of our party. >> reporter: trump, who threatened to bounce ryan as
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convention chair now with a charm offensive. >> paul is a good person and i don't know him well. he knew everybody else because they're governors, senators. i am a businessman. >> reporter: a businessman who loves to brag about his billions. and now trump's critics want him to prove it by releasing his tax returns. >> when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee, that is kind of expected. so you got to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them? yeah, well, we're going to find out. >> reporter: trump claims he's being audited. mitt romney says so what posting on facebook that's not a valid or legal reason and that trump is possibly hiding a, quote, bombshell of unusual size. trump says, only when the audit is over. >> the answer is hopefully before the election. >> reporter: though his taxes remain a mystery he is revealing new details about his pick for running mate. >> five or six or seven.
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>> actually, yes. >> reporter: now the trump team today in washington. tomorrow the campaign heads to cleveland to meet with convention officials. it'll be the first major face-to-face meeting between the two groups. we do know that trump wants entertainment and recently said they have some great country and western people who want to come in, so the convention may turn into the trump rodeo, george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's talk more with jon karl down in washington this morning and, jon, about this meeting first. paul ryan, the speaker of the house making it clear, don't expect an endorsement immediately coming out of this meeting with donald trump. but what is he looking for today? >> reporter: well, he's made it crystal clear that he eventually wants to endorse donald trump. but it will take a long time to get there. so don't expect that to happen today. look, ryan is under enormous pressure, george, from his fellow house republicans to come out and to unify, to endorse the party's presumptive nominee. one very senior member of the house leadership who is quite close to ryan
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concern here is that trump could decide to effectively run against the house republicans to run against the house just as he is running against hillary clinton to run as a true outsider, really a third party candidate who happens to have the republican endorsement. this member of the house leadership told me that would be a disaster. >> they are so far apart on so many issues. they have to find some common ground. >> reporter: if you went into a lab and tried to design a politician that was most unlike paul ryan you probably would have come out with donald trump. they differ style liistically a need to find common ground at least in terms of the vision of what it means to be a republican. right now they look like two different visions. >> on the tax return issue, up until now donald trump has calculated it would cause him more pain to release them than withhold them but the pressure is going to increase. >> reporter: the pressure will absolutely increase, george. he is not the conventional
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with a lot that others couldn't have but on this one he will be forced to release those tax returns, especially now that he has said that he would, every major party nominee for the last half century has released at least the summary of those returns, almost all of them their full returns and he will be under pressure every day to do that in the general election. >> yeah, going back to 176. jon karl, thanks very much. now to the latest on the stabbing spree at a mall in massachusetts. we're learning more about the man who killed two, injured several others before being shot by an off-duty deputy. this morning, his family revealing the suspect was seeking help for a mental breakdown. abc's gio benitez is in taunton, massachusetts, with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. overnight we learned the suspect may have made threats in the past before the attack in this mall. this as we learn so much more about two heroes. this morning, we're now learning beloved 56-year-old teacher george
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wood oven pizza in the galleria mall when arthur derosa came in stabbing a pregnant waitress. >> my husband grabbed him. i think he grabbed him around the waist area, i think, trying to keep him so his arm wouldn't go up to stab anybody else. >> reporter: heath was stabbed in the head as he tried to intervene. he did not survive. >> i lost a good man. i did. he was a great man. >> reporter: the waitress surviving but in serious condition this morning and then another hero, off-duty deputy james creed stopped derosa with a single bullet. derosa later died at the hospital. >> he prevented further carnage from occurring by his actions. >> reporter: derosa's motives are a mystery but this morning we're learning more about his possible history with mental illness. our boston station wcvb obtaining court documents that quote his then girlfriend who told him derosa had tried to harm himself and
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you should be scared for your life. and now new details about his stay in a hospital the night before the attack. his family revealing he was seeking treatment for what they call a breakdown. >> it's a disgrace how someone goes in for help and wants help and no one does nothing. >> reporter: derosa was sent home at 4:00 a.m. by 6:00 p.m. the next evening the father of two left his child's soccer game, crashed his car, entered a random house and stabbed 80-year-old patricia slavin to death and injured her daughter and allege he took that same crashed car, slammed it into macy's at the mall and caused that carnage at the restaurant. derosa's family blame morton hospital for sending him home without treating his mental illness. they say they extend their thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims but saying it can't disclose patient information.
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massachusetts says it will investigate that hospital's actions. the family claims they couldn't even get his name right. >> all right, gio, thank you. now to that new warning about the zika virus. an article in the harvard public health review saying holding the 2016 games in rio could create a public health disaster and is now calling for them to move location or even be postponed. abc's dr. richard besser is here with more. so tell us a little more about this assessment. >> this is a piece by a canadian public health law area and gives five strong reasons why he thinks they should be moved. rio is in the heart of the outbreak. not in the periphery, the second, this strain of zika is worse than previous strains and causes those severe birth defects in babies. the increase in tourism is going to spread the virus. half a billion people coming in and going back to their countries will spread it and shorten the time that public health officials have to create new ways to prevent this in thos
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hold the games. the u.s., the major league baseball moved two baseball games out of puerto rico for this very reason to prevent the spread of disease. >> what do you think about this assessment. >> you know, as a public health person i know the last thing you want during an outbreak is a lot of people coming in because it will spread it faster. but i don't think the games are going to be moved or postponed. i think the focus needs to be on making sure pregnant women don't go and those who go use repellant. >> a new report about symptoms for zika. >> if you've been to a place where zika is spread be, be alert. the first is a rash, usually itchy, you can also have fever, joint pain and bloodshot eyes. if you've been to one of these places within the past two weeks and you get those symptoms go ahead and get tested. >> quick reminder what we can do to prevent the spread. >> yeah, you want to do it now before mosquito season. repair your screens and gutters and get rid of free
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up on repel apartment because when mosquito comes you want to use that protection. >> thanks. we turn to that stunning finding about the explosion at a texas fertilizer plant that killed people. it was not an accident calling it a criminal act and abc's phillip mena is in west texas with the latest. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: yeah, this is the blast site. the explosion left a crater about the size of an olympic swimming pool. but the void it left in this community is immeasurable and this morning, the feds say someone ignited it on purpose. the explosion rocking the town of west, texas, now being called a criminal act. the images shocking. the smoke, blinding. >> i don't even recognize it. i have no idea where i am. >> reporter: the sounds of fear haunting. >> dad, i can't hear.
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>> get out of here. please get out of here. >> reporter: 15 people including a dozen first responders killed on that april night in 201 at the west fertilizer plant. hundreds more injured. this morning federal officials say it was no accident. the fire that sparked the blast intentionally set. >> we came to the conclusion after we ruled out all recent accidental and natural causes. >> reporter: three years later this town of 2,800 still recovering. entire neighborhoods, the local high school rebuilt. >> did you move back. >> yes, i moved back. all i could think about was all those lives lost. >> reporter: federal investigators now on the hunt for the arsonist offering a $50,000 reward. >> we want the community to know that we haven't forgotten them and owe it to them to go where this investigation leads us. we owe that to them and that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: in addition to the reward money, the atf
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million over the last three years. one of its most expensive ever. robin. >> thank you. now to a big alert about popular kids' shoes after one family says they may have started a fire in their car. investigators are focusing on batteries used to light them up. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the new warning. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning. we've all seen those little blinking kids' shoes. well, they're powered with lithium ion batteries which can explode or cause fire as enthat's what this family thinks happened and speaking out to alert others. this morning, these children's shoes are being pulled off the shelves after a texas family says their son's pair may have led to a big fire. >> it's scary. that's what it is. >> reporter: days ago attila and joe discovered a blaze in the backseat of their car, flames burning a hole flew the floor melting the passenger seat and filling the vehicle with smoke and
7:14 am
they believe the culprit was the lithium ion battery powering the blinking lights on their son's sneakers which he left in the char. its batteries and wires left exposed. >> there was nothing else in there to start a fire. >> i'm glad my son wasn't wearing it at the time. >> reporter: lithium ion batteries are extremely common used in millions of electronics every day from cell phones to tablets but can also be dangerous. in rare cases, bursting into flames. >> it's on fire. >> reporter: like with these hoverboards and have recently been banned as cargo on passenger planes. the investigation into the car fire is still ongoing but authorities say the sneakers remain a possible cause. payless where the shoes were purchased telling abc news they have removed the shoes from store shelves out of an abundance of caution.
7:15 am
safety commission says this is the first case they're aware of. other retailers selling them are pulling them for now and that is just the size of a penny, so tiny. >> but the damage it's apparently doing. to amy with the morning's other top stories starting with that violent arrest caught on camera. >> that's right. the attorney general in new hampshire is now launching an investigation into several officers who were caught on camera punching a suspect who had led police on a chase through several towns. the man was wanted on multiple warrants including assault. he had dropped to his knees when he was repeatedly punched. authorities are now going to investigate whether that force was necessary. well, george zimmerman is selling the gun he used to kill your honor armed teenager trayvon martin placing it up for auction online today. zimmerman calls the gun an american firearm icon. he was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in martin's death an speaking on the phone, he was unapologetic about the sale. >> w
7:16 am
cower. i'm a free american, and i can do what i'd like with my possessions. >> the opening bid for the gun is $5,000. we have some breaking news from brazil where the senate there has voted to impeach president dill mar rousseff because of an accounting scandal. this move suspends her from office and plunges the country into political chaos just before the rio olympics. disturbing claims about the inside of some chicken plants. oxfam says some poultry workers have to wear diapers to keep up with production denying them bathroom breaks. one report says it's troubling but extremely rare. in sports history was made in the big leagues as washington nationals pitcher max scherzer threw 20 strikeouts to beat the tigers. that ties the record for the most strikeouts in a nine-inning game and guess what he received -- oh, yeah, a gatorade
7:17 am
that's refreshing. finally it was the catch of the day but it was not the fisherman who did the catching. take a look as we someone swooping, boom, to steal the catch right off this fisherman's line in canada. yeah, that's an eagle with impeccable timing and that, of course, keen eagle eyesight. yep, has a bad reputation among locals for stealing so this isn't the first time. >> that guy, home of the brave. >> smart guy. let's get to the invictus ga games, shall we? prince harry received a very special gift after winning the 100-meter freestyle elizabeth marks gave prince harry her gold medal and asked him to please take it back to the hospital in the uk that saved her life. the 25-year-old swimmer also an active duty army staff sergeant suffered hip injuries during a tour in iraq. by the way she had a great game, four gold medals in
7:18 am
backstroke and breaststroke and all week we saw him threefully supporting all the competitors and robin by his side for some of it but somehow elizabeth really seems to attract the attention of the internet and touched his heart and, of course, the internet is trying to speculate, oh, they make a great couple. >> they are speculating. >> she's married. she was being lovely. he's great. have you seen it online? it's all over. >> the closing ceremony is tonight. it's been a spectacular game. >> it's just a beautiful event. >> it is. >> it is. let's go to rob now, boy, the storms in the midwest not letting up. >> storms across parts of arkansas and these storms rolling through st. louis overnight. wind damage that have taken trees down and hail in omaha. so much so they were plowing it yesterday. look at that. accumulating on the sides of the road. these storms will advance off to the east today.
7:19 am
tonight. highs around 70 tonight. showers and thunderstorms are likely on friday, but ending by late day. storms on saturday as well, but the pay off on sunday with sunshine and
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coming up, new development in that investigation into prince's death. could he have bought prescription drugs online? we're we're learning. a game-changing lawsuit. will this hit on the field change the way we hit sports. one young competitor suing another this morning. your bike is fixed. thanks mom! ♪ dad to captain ava: don't go too far! remember when we were children, and we believed any dream was possible? was it because there was always someone there protecting us? giving us the confidence to believe. at american family insurance, we'd like to be there protecting you, and the dreams you pursue, today. insure carefully, dream fearlessly. so hurry in now for great deals like bonnie's herbs and veggies, 4 for $10. plus save 5% every day when you use your lowe's consumer credit card.
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>> anchor: mist, fog out there this morning. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: followingy and misty right now, most locations, we'll see a little sunshine before the day is done. vitally milder, around 70 orso. there is a chance of a shower late today. i think it will be more likely later tonigh
7:27 am
hours, mid day showers and thunderstorms on your friday. saturday, some of these could be strong. i think things will clear out late saturday with a nice sunday to look forward to. breezy, but sunday and monday the best. >> reporter: the fog is certainly slowing us down for the thursday morning ride. on interstate 95 in virginia, 3 accidents from fredericksburg into stafford. heavy delays into garrisonville northbound. interstate 66, same. no accident activity but police act evident on side of the roadway adding to the eastbound value delays. into the direct a live look at south capital street, suitland park, inbound crash forestville road. heavy, slow, 395 as well. melanie. >> anchor: thank you. trial begins for the second, 6th baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray a judge will decide the fate of edward nero. he
7:28 am
trial. he died after takening a neck injury in police customer. nero is charged with second degree intention assault, misconduct in office and reckless engagerment. win feld is one of three people killed in last week's shooting spree in maryland, gunned down friday trying to help another victim. the funeral will be held at 10:00 a.m. at the st. rose of lima catholic church in gaithersburg. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you
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blended for naturally beautiful hair. find your blend. well, welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the republican national committee headquarters in d.c. big summit. paul ryan and donald trump. will they come together? the chair of the rnc will try to bring them together. also a new harvard report warning about the zika outbreak in rio saying the olympics there could cause a public health disaster this summer. now there are new calls to move the games. and authorities in malaysia say two pieces of debris recently found along the shores of the indian ocean are, quote, almost certainly from malaysia airlines flight 370 which has been missing now for more than two years. >> a mystery. also this morning we are celebrating 100 years of the national parks. we've got a live shot for you. jesse palmer is out there. he slept in a tent in a
7:31 am
house at the great smoky mountains national park and will show us that beautiful spot right here in the u.s. of a. >> he looks really comfortable. >> he does. >> what an assignment. >> where did he make the coffee? >> exactly. >> that is gorgeous right there. we'll have a lot more on that. coming up we start out with new developments in the investigation of prince's death. authorities now looking into whether prince got prescription drugs online and abc's eva pilgrim is in minnesota with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. overnight a secret memorial in l.a. as investigators look at all the possibilities as to who may have been treating the star. >> this morning investigators are trying to pin down just who prince was getting his prescriptions from as they try to determine if he died of a drug overdose. ♪ every time i pop my little pill ♪ >> reporter: the associated press reporting if the "my little pill" singer was getting
7:32 am
investigating process which would include looking through the superstar's computers and other devices to identify every doctor and pharmacy he may have used as well as any communication he may have had about his medication. this after authorities execute a search warrant at the offices of the doctor who saw prince in the days before his death. the search warrant revealing dr. michael schulenberg arrived at his home the morning he was found dead telling police he was bringing medical test results to prince. >> how does the health care system -- >> reporter: the doctor seen here talking about health care on youtube said he saw the singer on april 7th and april 20th, the day before his death saying he wrote him a prescription to be filled at a walgreens. prince spotted at the walgreens that same day in this tmz photo and authorities searched both the drugstore and the doctor's health network taking any and all medical records for prince rogers nelson. >> it will definitely evaluate the evi
7:33 am
that's where the prosecution is in charge of. >> reporter: schulenberg no longer works at the clinic and his bosses say they have no comment at this time. still no official cause of death and officials waiting on the results of that toxicology report. >> thank you so much. now to a new lawsuit over high school lacrosse raising questions this morning about safety. one florida teen's family is suing another student after their daughter was injured in a game. abc's ryan smith is here with the latest on the case. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. kendalle holley says her life changed with one hit, a concussion causing blow to the head during the game. now her family claims those who are supposed to protect her failed to keep her from harm's way. the parents of a former high school lacrosse star claimed this hit caused their daughter kendalle holley to suffer a traumatic brain injury leading to pain and suffering. mental anguish and permanent scarring. now they are suing the county and the florida state ale
7:34 am
association. also named in the lawsuit eleanor, the former florida high school player of the year who hit her with her stick during a scramble for the ball. >> we need to bring attention to this matter before another child gets something worse. >> reporter: illegal slashes are not unusual in competitive lacrosse, but the holleys believe the trainers, coaches and refs should be held accountable for keeping kendalle in the game even though she showed signs of a concussion. >> i went back behind the bleachers and volumed and collapsed in the parking lot. >> reporter: the florida high school athletic association can't comment because it is an ongoing legal matter. ellie anor has yet to comment. it remains to be seen whether it ends up in a courtroom. protocols require removing kids if they show signs of a head injury. neither the head hit or symptoms were apparent to the coach.
7:35 am
same but she's fighting back to return to her normal self, rockin'. >> we wish her well. joining us now abc chief legal analyst dan abrams and a lively discussion because they have children that play lacrosse. we have seen suits like this. >> there have been a number of lawsuits with regard to concussions and the fundamental question is the same. were they negligent meaning did the coach see something that should have led to action, to removing? was it clear there was a concussion? were they trained properly. these are all the typical questions that come into play when deciding was the coach, was th school negligent in this particular case. they're very fact specific. >> they're going even beyond that, this family, saying that the opposing player, suing her. >> that's a real long shot. the idea that you're going to be able to win a lawsuit against the opposing player, to win that kind of lawsuit, the conduct has to be so egregious. you need basically someone who's
7:36 am
up and smack them or something like that. because you do assume a level of risk when you play in a game like this, so that i don't think she's going to have almost any shot against the other student. the question of negligence, though, against the school, against the coach, against the school board, those are all separate questions. >> you were telling me all states in the country now have something on the books about concussions and students. >> it is front and center in the country right now about trying to protect kids against concussions, but there's just no way to completely prevent it. >> the helmet. i don't know understand -- >> big debate what kind of helmets to use, et cetera, if any. >> we were talking about that. boys wear helmets. why don't girls wear helmets. >> yeah, long answer. i'm getting a wrap in my ear for like the third time so i think i'll call it. >> these g.i. joe guys are fighting the producers. >> we are weigh not fighting. we're ignoring. >> i'll move us on. thank you, dan. coming up a new documentary putting
7:37 am
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now to a new documentary about former congressman anthony weiner and the sexting scandal that forced him out of office. he was married to one of hillary clinton's top aides and now questions whether it will cause her campaign problems. >> reporter: the anthony weiner scandal was one of the strangest political episodes of our time. this documentary with extraordinary behind-the-scenes footage dredging it all up again at the worst possible time for hillary clinton and her closest aide. politics as much as life, timing is everything. >> how many women were they? >> what i would like to talk about is housing in the bronx. >> reporter: for congressman
7:42 am
abedin, hillary clinton's closest aide and constance presence at her side a new documentary about his sordid tale couldn't come at a worst time. >> today i'm announcing my resignation. >> i did the dumb thing. >> reporter: sexting scandal that ended his congressional career in 2011 featured heavily in the film directed by his former aide josh kriegman shot with extraordinary access, it documents weiner's attempt at redemption, his run for new york city mayor in 201. his wife front and center through it all. standing by weiner as woman after woman came forward with stories of his explicit online messages. >> just a quick thing. you will look happy. >> reporter: weiner initially denied everything, even whether it was him in the lewd picture that started it all. >> look, here's what -- i'm reluctant to say to you definitively anything about this.
7:43 am
me -- my underwear, i think i would know -- >> what if it was a picture of you that was manipulated or that was taken from your account or put into your account. but let me ask you, i'm telling you -- >> reporter: the documentary captures him as he lashes out at critics. >> you're a real [ bleep ]. >> it takes one to know one, jackass. >> reporter: and owns his tanking reputation. >> this is the worst. doing a documentary on my scandal. >> reporter: weiner recently told larry king he knows he signed away the rights to the footage gathered by kriegman but he doesn't approve of the way his wife is depicted. >> it is what it is. i haven't seen it. the only thing i'd say is that it is -- they're selling it based on little snippets of my wife who didn't cooperate is in the background of scenes apparently which i think is a little bit dishonest. >> reporter: his race for mayor ended when he was caught sexting yet again bringing more ridicule incl
7:44 am
estate developer in new york. >> we don't want perverts elected in new york city. >> reporter: and now with the documentary another chance for trump to bring up hillary clinton's own response to her husband's infamous sex scandal. >> hillary clinton has said she's not going to respond to the personal attacks about her but a test will be if he starts talking about her top aide, will she have to respond or let those attacks on her sit out there with no response? that will be a question for the campaign. >> reporter: we are told anthony weiner still has not seen the film and as you can imagine, lara, neither huma abedin nor hillary clinton had any comment. >> yeah, not surprising. thank you very much, jon. coming up on "good morning america," calvin klein known for pushing the limits with their ads. now the question is, have they gone too far? 6 do you often consume fruit, fruit juices, coffee or soda? acids in everyday foods and drinks may weaken and erode your tooth enamel over time. damaged or lost enamel can lead to yellow,
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7:48 am
well now to fashion powerhouse calvin klein under fire this morning for a racy new ad campaign. critics say pictures like this which we are only showing part of go way too far. abc's linzie janis has more. ♪ >> reporter: it's a brand known for pushing the envelope with its sexy and salacious ads.
7:49 am
>> i love to hang out in my calvins. >> reporter: but this morning calvin klein coming under fire for its latest underwear campaign. an array of social media ads asking users to fill in the blank. what do you do in your calvins? and this photo in particular raising eyebrows. 23-year-old model clara kristen flashing the camera with a provocative shot looking up her skirt. we've cropped it. its caption, i flash in my calvins along with the #takeapeek. the ads immediately coming under fire. thousands of comments on social media specifically blasting that up the skirt shot saying it looks more like porn than fashion calling it disgusting and unnecessary. the other ads in the series equally suggestive. others too revealing for tv. of course, the brand is no stranger to
7:50 am
making waves in the '80s with this infamous brooke shields ad. >> you know what cops between me and my calvin, nothing. >> reporter: who could forget these marky mark ads from the 1990s? but now a newer and more social media friendly generation of celebrities want in on the game. kendall jenner, justin bieber and nick jonas, some of the brand's newer faces. we reached out to calvin klein for comment about the campaign but they haven't responded. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> remember when the brooke shields was like -- >> it's so hard raising kids these day. there's so much that they're having to absorb and digest. >> of course, we just did calvin's work for them. >> all right, well, coming up, drew barrymore is opening up about her divorce. she's talking about how she is dealing with her feelings of failure and moving on this morning. we've got
7:51 am
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>> anchor: not the prettiest day out there. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: today milder, around 70 or so. there is a chance of a shower late at a but i think it will be more likely later tonight, into the evenings hours. mid day showers and thunderstorms on your friday. saturday, some of these could be strong. i do think things will clear out late in the day on saturday with a nice sunday to look forward to. breezy, but sunday and monday the best. >> reporter: foggy on the ride tore your thursday morning commute. we are dealing with just a slow pace around the capital beltway for the most part. inner loop, outer loop slowing traveling through fairfax county from the lesion bridge to interstate 66.
7:57 am
from the beltway to and across the 14th street bridge. drive times are heavy, shrine maryland as well as. southbound i270, checked on that from frederick. about 17 minutes to get to the spur. headed into the direct on the freeway, eastbound crash on the k bridge, one lane blocked. >> anchor: thank you. metro's must do list is getting longer and longer. the federal transit administration says metro must give top priorities along certain sections of track prone to fire incidence, including medical center, van ness on the red line, potomac avenue to the junction on the blue orange and silver lines near stadium armory. boston to east falls church on the orange and silver line. and virginia congressman jerry connelly, one of metro's hash critics have find out what he thinks needs to be done to repair transit system in a live interview
7:58 am
on good morning washington on news channel where you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. have a great thursday z1zqkz
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and drew barrymore is ochoing up about her divorce. >> when you get divorced you're like i'm the biggest failure. this is the biggest failure. >> revealing her heartbreak and how she's coping right now. ♪ baby love ♪ my baby love crazy about quints. five babies, one mom. it took 50 doctors and nurses to deliver them all. this morning, the photos everyone can't stop clicking on. ♪ time to get the chains out and crazy at cannes. blockbuster looks overnight. anna kendrick and justin timberlake show their true colors in a duet. ♪ call him america's newest nice guy. ryan g
8:01 am
up times square this morning as we say -- >> good morning, united states. of america. maybe we'll change the name of the show. i know. >> it must be true. >> he is here live. he has a new movie out with russell crowe and we can't wait to hear from him. >> and cannot wait to see jesse palmer in the smoky mountains of tennessee. so beautiful, part of our epic celebration of the national parks' 100th anniversary. there he is suspended from trees. let's close in on jesse right now. a little nutrition. >> did you catch that in a river? >> having fun with that. lara, you got to go back to our favorite show. >> "hamilton." not only to the show, behind-the-scenes. i went one-on-one with the creative genius and cannot say that
8:02 am
lin-manuel miranda, he's revealing how he came up with the hip-hop inspiration for the characters but what really wowed us is how he goes out of his way to make history come alive for students and to show them that anything is possible. >> he's a great guy. >> not only talented but one of the nicest guys you'll meet. >> so much energy and enthusiasm making a real difference. amy has the rundown. the big story that high-stakes meeting on capitol hill. donald trump and house speaker paul ryan coming face-to-face hoping to find some common ground to bring the republican party together. ryan has refrained from endorsing trump but both men say they want to get to know each other better. meanwhile, trump is under fire for refusing to release his tax returns. he says he's being audited and may not release them until after the election. mitt romney is slamming trump calling the decision disqualifying. hillary clinton says it appears trump may have something to hide. well, another big political story is breaking this morning. this one in brazil
8:03 am
senate there has voted to impeach president dilma rousseff and will face a trial. authorities in new hampshire are investigating whether police used excessive force after arresting a man after a high-speed chase. he appeared to be on his knees when he was repeatedly punched by officers. police are calling this man a hero for running in and saving a driver trapped inside a burning car. police say the crash happened during a street race and a second vehicle fled the scene. well, actress minnie driver is breaking her silence about a bitter feud with her neighbor. she says the dispute over a shared driveway has become so nasty her son is now terrified. abc's diane macedo has more. >> reporter: this morning actress minnie driver is speaking out about her ugly property battle with her 74-year-old neighbor. >> i have definitely lost my cool. i've never been that angry with another human being.
8:04 am
driveway she shares with daniel perelmutter. perelmutter suing the oscar nominated actress saying she's harassing him and blocking access to his house and claims she caused thee paint splatters on the side of his home. something driver denied to "entertainment tonight." >> i would not took place to breaking the law. i would be happy to settle it in court. >> we lived in peace in the neighborhood forever until she moved in. >> reporter: overnight perelmutter showed abc news these videos he said he took of the star during one of their disputes. >> this is my property. >> i would never have a son as disgusting as you. >> reporter: perelmutter is the one acting aggressively toward her and her young son, she says. ee even got a temporarily restraining order against him last year. >> he's blown smoke in my son and nephew and niece's faces. he's started name-calling and cussing at my son. >> reporter: in a statement from his attorney, perelmutter denies driver's accusations saying simply put, this d
8:05 am
absolutely nothing to do with minnie driver's children. this dispute was started by ms. driver in response to lawful construction on property adjacent to her home. diane macedo, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to diane for that. a health alert in the fight against breast cancer. a new study suggests teen girls can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by eating more fruit. three servings per day were found to lower the risk by 25% but doctors say more research is needed to explain that link. and finally you got to see this picture, a bundle of love types five. oh, look at that. a mom in australia posted these pictures of her quintuplets, four girls and a boy, guess what, she conceived all five of these babies naturally and the chances of conceiving quints naturally is about 1 in 55 million and even more remarkably perhaps they were all delivered in two minutes and she has -- >> what? >> yeah, has a
8:06 am
daughter so she has eight kids at the age of 26. supermom. i mean she knows what she's doing. >> these pictures are absolutely adorable. >> that's my favorite. >> yeah, that one there. >> ah. >> let's run a few more. >> but first let's get to lara with the "morning menu." here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." drew barrymore is getting candid about her divorce. our expert is here sharing how to move on after a split and then time for one epic campout as we celebrate 100 years of the national parks, this guy, jesse, taking us to the great smoky mountains. oh, jesse, you look very serious there. he's navigating one of our country's greatest parks. and nice guy, thank you, you are a nice guy, ryan gosling is here, the crowd is fired up. he will talk about his new movie and you'll see why he is a nice guy. all that coming up live on "gma" here in times square. don't go anywhere. good morning, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]
8:07 am
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8:12 am
>> called "trolls." now drew barrymore's candid comments about divorce opening up about her split from will kopelman after four years of marriage saying she wants to confront the failure. abc's linsey davis here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: in her latest interview barrymore talks about initially feeling her divorce was her biggest failure and how difficult it is to deal with the shame that goes along with that but also reveals how she's coping now and what she loves most about her relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband. drew barrymore is opening up revealing her heartbreak over her divorce on the new netflix original series "chelsea." >> i put in my statement about divorce the word failure because it's so honest. let's just humanize this. it's a tough time. you're being put on a cheese grater, you know, every second going, ah, this is so -- this wasn't the plan. >> reporter: barrymore recently revealed the news of her divorce from art consultant husband will kopelman after four years of marriage in a joint statement to
8:13 am
divorce might make one feel like a failure but eventually you start to find grace. >> it's really courageous that she admitted that in a world where everybody's supposed to be perfect and succeed that, you know, she feels like she didn't and that's okay. >> yes. >> reporter: the once child star has grown up in the spotlight. >> i got something to tell you. >> reporter: and was married twice before her third marriage to kopelman. they share two daughters. >> i meant to be in this world and on this planet raising two beautiful girls and two hopefully great women. >> they're a bicoastal family with hopes both in new york and in hollywood so trying to decide where their kids are going to stay is going to be a big decision for them. >> reporter: the 41-year-old says she's getting through it with the help of friends and family. >> everyone has just been so
8:14 am
everything that it quelled my own fears and demons about how we sort of have to go through things in life. >> barrymore says what she loves most about her relationship with her ex-husband are their two girls who are now 3 and 2 years old and said in their joint statement that their children are their universe and look forward to living the rest of their lives making them their first priority? very smart. thanks very much. let's talk to dr. janet taylor. welcome back. the word is so harsh, failure but better not to sugar coat things. >> absolutely. it is a transition but takes a lot of courage to end something so i really look at failure as an opportunity to learn and to change. >> and that -- that feeling is not that uncommon. >> it's not. both men and women, i mean, ending a marriage, a disruption of a marriage is difficult so often people do feel like they did fail but it's important to understand that it's an event that failed, not you as an individual or as a person. >> and when you've got
8:15 am
kids, 3 and 2, you have to think about how they're going to hear these words. >> well, you want to be honest but more than anything, kids need to feel supported. they need to feel safe so it's important not to put kids in the middle, not to communicate through the kids and, sure, they can understand you may feel sad but you always will have their best interest at heart. >> it sounds like she was hitting all the right notes. she and her ex-husband are making the kids their top priority. >> definitely. you make them your top priority but make yourself because it's important to realize if you start to incorporate the fact that you're a failure it could impact you for the rest of your life so you have to learn to relook at yourself as someone who is strong and whole, who made a decision but certainly can come out on top? and reach out for that support from friends and family. >> support is key. having support of girlfriend, finding self-compassion, self-compassion encompasses mindfulness and loving kindness towards yourself and also the partner you may have left and
8:16 am
the world and establishing a great support network. >> janet taylor, thanks very much. outside to robin. >> that was an morn conversation. time now for "deals & steals." tory johnson is back in times square with big bargains for you and your children and they're all $20 or less. welcome back. you were out on the road. >> we had the best time. we have fun here too. [ cheers and applause ] we had a really good time on the road. everything as you said is under 20 bucks. yeti houseware, their new desert collection and the color, this pitcher is what i fell in love with and saw it in "oprah" magazine and thought that is a winner. espresso cups, coffee cups. everything mix and match and all cops gift boxed so great for gifts. treat yourself. normally everything riepgs from 30 to $45 slashed 50 to 56%
8:17 am
this is 15. pretty good deal. >> so i love this brand. they make gorgeous bracelets. this is a wrap bracelet you can do so much with. it's very lightweight. you feel it's super lightweight but get a lot of bling going on with just a lightweight piece that can also if you don't triple it around your wrist you can use it as a necklace. such beautiful colors that are great right now but we'll take you through the year. fabulous deal on these. normally $60. what i love magnatic closure. these are slashed by 67%, 20 bucks. >> okay. just so happens it matches my outfit. >> how about that? >> isn't that convenient? >> okay, so these are so fun. this is so great. it starts out black like this but then when you upload your own photographs that they put onto the mug, when you put in any kind of hot beverage, the
8:18 am
photo appears. >> ooh is this so just like that so it's kind of just a fun way to wake yourself up, you know. >> fun way. >> image reveals. i love that when you put in that hot beverage. these normally $20 slashed in half, 10 bucks today. fun for everyone. >> two for 20. okay. these are great bags. >> i love this company. rumi cage out with one new product i love. look at this. a handbag then this is called the rumi raincoat so you carry it just like this in your purse and when it's raining you don't get your bag ruined. you just literally slip this right over your bag. comes in a variety of different patterns and you invest so much money in a beautiful bag and oftentimes it's in the rain and ruined. >> yeah, i completely forgot about that. super fun. three different sizes of classic totes, again, really fun, grocery shopping, teeny, starts like this, three sizes, these are so great to have
8:19 am
normally they range 8 to $18 already a really good price, everything is slashed by at least 50%. 4 to 6.50. one you stock up on. >> beautiful designs. >> kid's classic. >> this is a classic. lincoln logs are celebrating this year their 100th anniversary. >> yeah. >> this is something that i think everyone around the studio has loved. all the guys here, i was going to say it's for kids but all the guys here had so much fun with lincoln logs. >> you know what, this is something you and your daughter will do. something like everybody loves lincoln logs spying so much when they got to set these up yesterday so it's not just these but there's some parts from qnex. these were developed by an architect. normally depending on the set you choose they range from $30 to $45 today only slashed by more than half to 15 to 20 bucks for your choice. >> love it. >>
8:20 am
a pink outfit. >> but the blue is good for girls too. the green is good for girls. pink can go for the boys. doesn't really matter. >> how much fun was it out being on the road? >> i had the best time. so not only did i meet amazing people but we featured phenomenal businesses. a lot of amazing affiliates have done some follow-up stories to see the impact on the businesses so i love that. hearing from viewers who already got their orders and it was a lot of fun. thank you. thank you for letting me do it. >> thank you for coming back. we were worried about that. >> i had a good time. >> we'll have to do it again. thanks for the companies for providing the great deals. get a bonus deal, you know she always comes with a bonus deal. go to on yahoo! beautiful weather out here, rob. >> how about that? great day to build a lincoln log log cabin. in the 70s in new york city. hey, guys. welcome to "gma." good to have you here, sir. you're a big fan of lincoln logs. >> what's that? >> you're a fan of lincoln logs. >> sure
8:21 am
>> los angeles. >> well, that's close. right there in los angeles. here's fog yesterday in chicago. you got me saying los angeles now. that's a cool shot from the chopper of our affiliate. storms rolled through and you'll clear out this afternoon. they push off to the east tonight and then tomorrow, a little bit of a rainy friday. we'll take the nice weather today and severe weather threat tonight. highs around 70 tonight. showers and thunderstorms are likely on friday, but ending by late day. storms on saturday as well, but the pay off on sunday with sunshine and breezy conditions. highs in the 6
8:22 am
>> from l.a., from north carolina, how beautiful are the smoky mountains? >> love the smoky mountains. they are so pretty. >> we're about to go there soon. jesse palmer. george, robin, lara, back inside to you. this "pop news" is all about the gorgeous, the generous and the ugly. you've heard the good, the bad and the ugly. first up the gorgeous. the 69th annual cannes film festival is under way and it kicked off with a screening of woody allen's film "cafe society" starring blake lively who attended it in that stunning red jumpsuit. >> wow. she's pregnant in that. >> she is like my -- i love you, blake. later she set the standard on the red carpet wearing a sparkly chiffon gown looking equally gorgeous. canary yellow for jessica chastain and andra kendricks and
8:23 am
showing there's nothing they can't do. we all delivered. >> are you a fan of -- >> george and i were saying we were. let's go tree house camping with you, jesse. [ laughter ] ♪ your true colors ♪ shining through george, you know john bn bo jo jovi, such a generous man and certainly gives a lot of good names. opening another soul kitchen this week as part of their mission, their life to address hunger across america. guests at the new restaurant in toms river, new jersey, can pay it forward and buy a meal for others or they can eat free. >> such a great idea. >> all you need to do is volunteer in the kitchen. so simple. the second soul kitchen he has opened in new jersey. he says he hopes the idea will catch on in other
8:24 am
is why i'm mentioning it right here. >> what a great idea. >> love it. >> they got it to work once and they're trying it again. >> let's do it. >> big argument as to what song to pick to roll through that segment. so many good ones. >> i struggled. there was no song for this but i love -- he's so cute, the world's ugliest dog being hailed as a hero at the national pet show in london. i brought you him a couple years ago. he has the unfortunate name of muggly, a chinese crested named the world's ugliest dog in 2012. he didn't use his title for celebrity. not that muggly getting the national heroic hound award, given it for his work as a therapy dog and specializes in children's reading programs and his owner says that the kids will read for hours when he sits there and he also seems to know when someone is hurting. he'll lean in to them. he's just a very intuitive dog and the 12-year-old raises money for local charities through social media.
8:25 am
spots, the warts and the off kilter whiskers or whatever they're called, that muggly is a beautiful dog with a heart of gold. >> yes, indeed. >> and that is my gorgeous, general and ugly edition of "pop news." >> thank you. >> you delivered. >> thank you, muggly. coming up jesse camping in the trees in the great smoky mountains for our national parks 100th anniversary. and get ready. ryan gosling here opening up about his new movie. he is a nice guy.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
[technical difficulties]. win fell, one of 3 people killed in ha last week's shooting spree in maryland. gunned down on friday trying to help another victim. the
8:29 am
10:00 a.m. in gaithersburg. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel
8:30 am
♪ welcome to my house everybody get in place right now. the crowd is already in place and there is jesse. he is in place too, hanging from that tree in the great smoky mountains national park. >> uh-huh. so let's take a look at where that is. he's there for our epic campout celebrating 100 years of our country's national parks. he spent the night in those tree tents and now -- >> is that like three feet off the ground? >> we saw him drinking coffee, eating doughnuts. good morning, jesse. >> good morning, everybody. and this was my house last night in the great smoky mountains national park. it's the most visited national park in the entire country and i found out why firsthand. there's so many fun things to see and do here and really get yourself reconnected with mother nature.
8:31 am
♪ go big or go home welcome to great smoky mountains national park. ♪ go go ♪ go big or go home >> reporter: straddling the north carolina/tennessee border, 500,000 acres of nature's awesomeness, 2,000 miles of stream, 850 miles of hiking trails. >> last year we broke records at 10.7 million visitors. there's so many things in the smokies to explore. >> reporter: i was there to do just that. >> hey, i'm charity. nice to meet you. >> reporter: fly-fishing with the rudders of r&r fly-fishing and i got to be honest i have no idea what i'm doing. just like a giant onesie. ♪ go go big or -- >> reporter: i have a couple of pint-sized pros to show me how it's done. >> such a good cast. i'm super jealous. >> reporter: finally with a lot of help. >> back and forth. here and here. >> that's not a fish. it's hook. oh, i had him.
8:32 am
line. got him and sinker. a trout. high-five. from that to a higher altitude the grotto falls but beware, look out for llama drama on the trail. little-known fact, llamas haul supplies in the great smoky mountains national park. the campsite where we're all sleeping going rogue with tree tents made by a company called tent style. it's got a great view. but what's camping without camp songs? ♪ i invited country singer drake white to join me. ♪ living the dream >> reporter: the nashville native is not playing to a packed house -- >> i feel inspired out here. >> reporter: -- he's living the dream camping out in tennessee's wilderness. >> you got enough room for your luggage, your guitar, your speakers. the roadies. >> reporter: time to kick back around the fire
8:33 am
leave the singing to the professional. ♪ and finally it's time to tuck into our tree tents for a night under the stars. ♪ back to freedom what it means to me ♪ >> so i'm suspended about 11 feet in the air here, lara, which means that half the fun is getting in and out of this thing. it's kind of like a giant jungle gym for adults and once you're out, back on the ground, now this tent, the top is mesh so i had a cover that's really important. we had a massive thunderstorm and i was able to stay totally dry. it's daunting to think this is suspended by three huge trees but i was never nervous or worried because this can hold up to 880 pounds. i slept like a baby. it was almost like sleeping in a hammock. it was unbelievable so i'm giving tent style and their tent, these things two thumbs up now it's about 8:30 so my next-door neighbor should b
8:34 am
white, the country singer and i've got morning coffee so let's check him out and see what he's up to. usually at this hour he's got his guitar, of course, he does. >> hey, brother. >> you doing all right. >> i'm doing well. >> listen, i knew you group up in alabama. no stranger to camping. what was it like for you sleeping in the tree tent? >> it was great, man, to disconnect in a place that i've been so many times, the smoky mountains are beautiful and there's just such great nature. >> so easy to fall asleep. there's a stream and you got that ambient white noise to make it easy to fall asleep. of course, not his first rodeo. we had all the supplies ready, a fire, great food but most importantly, what did we have? >> i've got a glow in the dark toilet paper. >> glow in the dark toilet paper because you never know in the great smoky mountains, it gets dark fast, isn't it. >> nature calls for sure. >> it wasn't just us camping out. if you look over there, another tr
8:35 am
producers maria and taylor sleeping there, as well. it was a major family event. i know you've been to the smoky mountains a bunch before. people at home, if you haven't been here yet you have to get out to the great smoky mountains national park to see, to smell and to listen to this, it's the great outdoors and nature and people at home if you want to check out more about this great park or any of the other great parks around the country go to "gma's" twitter page or the youtube channel. >> i want to say, jess, i'm totally convinced when i heard about the assignment, i thought you would be way high but with it raining you would want to be above ground. looks fantastic. >> nice forecast. >> tell drake thanks so much. you guys look -- i mean i know we were joking saying we want to go cannes. no, this is where you want to go. >> thank you both. loving all the national park pictures you're sending. keep them coming with the hash
8:36 am
#myparkgma. come over here. lara could turn around and show the back of your -- >> okay. >> really, but celebrating nurses day, birthday, mother's day here on "gma." >> a trifecta. happy nurses day. fantastic and a kidney recipient from her sister the kid 234i donor. how long have you been with that. >> 21 years. >> and still going strong. what a celebration. got mom. we are going to take a look at the weather. check out what's happening in lexington, in northern parts of tennessee we got some flooding that's still ongoing from the thunderstorms yesterday. flash flood watch posted and what's a second front comes flew the great lakes, we're looking at colder temps. these temps in the morning, in the 30s some spots. showers, but will be most likely tonight. highs around 70 tonight. showers and thunderstorms are likely on friday, but ending by late day.
8:37 am
>> all right this, weather report brought to you by planet fitness. all right, programming note here, if you miss jimmy kimmel live last night he mentioned he's got something big planned. take a look. >> and also tomorrow night i'm going to be making a major announcement about my future and the future of america. i cannot say more than that but this is a very big announcement and i hope you will there for it, guillermo. you know what it is? >> yes. >> hmm. >> do you know what it is? >> not a clue. >> we should have had guillermo here to tell us. >> i don't think guillermo knew. >> tune in to "jimmy kimmel live" at 11:35 eastern time. >> i never saw amy prep for an assignment more. >> ryan just asked me, ryan gosling asked where should i look. i said just look at me. i waited my whole life to say
8:38 am
just look at me, ryan. >> you're my lighthouse in the storm, amy because i've had a lot of coffee and i'm about to crash into the rocks. so take me through. >> i'll be your harbor. this is ryan gosling star as longside russell crowe in the new '70s era comedy. he is funny, "the nice guys." he plays a private investigator teaming up with russell's character but it's not at least initially a match made in heaven. take a look. >> give me your left arm. >> huh. >> your left arm. give me your left arm. >> no. >> come on. >> no. no. >> all right, look, when you're talking to your doctor just tell him you have a fracture of the left radius. >> no, no. >> deep breath. >> aaagh! >> mind if i have an apple? >> now, how long did you practice -- >> hard to watch that. >> that scream, that was lovely. >> that was the honeymoon period for me and russell. >> the first time you met him. >> things were obviously he's not here so
8:39 am
having problems. >> we'll get into your therapy. >> unbuddying. >> conscious unbuddying. >> he'll be on tomorrow so we like -- we're separated for like we've agreed to keep 4 hours apart. >> good to know. >> when you see him tell him i look happy. >> we'll play some of what -- >> i'm happier than i've ever been, okay. will you tell him that. >> i will tell him that. i want to get into the movie but first i understand the girl to boy ratio in your house is 3-1. >> yes. >> how is it going? >> it's heaven. it's like walking through a field of flowers every day. >> well, congratulations. >> i live with angels. >> very nicely put. >> it's a ray of sunshine in a dark time, honestly, because with russell it's really -- it's sad. it's sad that we've turned out this way, you know. >> you actually play a father in this and that relationship between you and your -- she's 13-year-old actress but your daughter, it's really the heart of the movie because you and russell have your
8:40 am
alongside -- she's just a star in the making. >> yeah. you said that because you didn't know how to pronounce her name. >> angowri. >> it's angowri and they say it -- i have a similar fear in my eyes too. angowri. they say it's like mowry although i think it's pronounced mow-ry. she's incredible. one of her first films. she was definitely the most mature person on set. >> it seemed like that. it seemed like that. >> speaking of immaturity. you and russell, now, you had amazing comedic timing and the first time you worked together. correct? was the magic immediate or did it evolve. >> no, it's a filter they added in post. just later on. same people that designed golem for "lord of the rings" they gave us chemistry. it feels
8:41 am
going. you reference therapy. you have couples therapy videos. can we take a quick look at one of them? >> why don't you tell ryan about what happened friday? s>> it comes up. tank top, man bun and he says, hey, girl. >> i never said it. >> it wasn't the first time and it wasn't the last time. >> i never said it. >> okay. i had to look up the hey girl thing and then i saw that russell also was confused about the hey girl reference and he said you make him feel old. i officially feel old. explain what the hay girl thing is. >> i wish i could. honestly i was hoping you could give me a little clarity on that. >> so we're all confused. >> i think we're all confused, yeah. >> the movie is funny. you can see why. >> what did you say. >> it's unearned. i don't really deserve. >> you've never said hey girl. >> i've never said that, no. never said it.
8:42 am
>> ryan gosling, come by more often. you've been a pleasure this morning. >> thank you so much. thanks for having me. >> he a nice guy. a funny guy. >> a nice way to tie it up. >> you like how i did that. okay. >> you should do this professionally. you're good at this. >> all right. you can come back tomorrow. "the nice guys" hits theaters nationwide friday may 20th. coming up, lara is taking us behind-the-scenes of the hit broadway show "hamilton." >> whoo. >> have you seen it? >> no. >> you've
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
so how good is the broadway musical "hamilton," robin? very good. so good that the first lady michelle obama declared it as the best piece of art of any kind that she has ever seen and i dare say she's seen a lot of art. and while it is not easy to get tickets we know the show's creator lin-manuel miranda is ensuring 20,000 high school students get the chance of a lifetime. ♪ patiently waiting every expectation ♪ >> it is the hardest theater ticket in america to get. unless you're these kids. >> i'm alexander hamilton, the $10
8:46 am
freaking war because of me. >> high school singers rapping, performing about of all things american history. ♪ watch out you're about to get shot ♪ [ gunshot ] >> and their biggest fan happens to be the hottest star on broadway. >> i'm having a feeling situation in my heart. >> as you're sitting there watching it, are you being inspired as a -- >> oh, my god. >> as a composer, writer, as a thespian. >> you know, this particular crop and in particular that we saw today i wanted to buy half of those singles. >> these kids are here as part of the "hamilton" education program. >> "hamilton" is the jumping off point for them to engage with history on a deeper level. >> reporter: students like these from new york's park east high school get to see the show after studying "hamilton" thanks to the learning institute and rockefeller institute. >> figured out the world. he noticed what he wanted to do. he wanted -- that's what he did. the same thing i am doing. >> i connected with
8:47 am
ambition. he knew what he was going to do and he followed through with it. >> they're the best audiences we get. >> reporter: the feeling is mutual from audiences and critics alike. miranda named one of "time" magazine's most influential and won him a pulitzer prize. >> what's it like to be on that stage and see faces like the president of the united states? >> it's thrilling and sometimes you look out and, hey, steven spielberg, i see you on the aisle. all i wanted to do was be steven spielberg when i was a kid. i thought, okay, steven spielberg is watching me. i guess i'm in a steven spielberg in my own mind for the next two hours. one of the best shows i ever did. trying to be worthy of the audience i had and feel that way every night. >> reporter: he is on an epic run making musical theater and american history not just cool but red hot. >> so 16 tony nominations.
8:48 am
that was possible. it's been really overwhelming. it takes a lot of people to put on a show. for every one of the departments to be recognized is a validation of our work. >> reporter: and it all started when miranda famously read ron chernow's autobiography and seems hip-hop was obvious. >> i thought someone's had to have done this. >> must have been done. >> it's a hip-hop story. it's someone who writes about their struggle and thus transcends it and that's what all my favorite hip-hop artists have done. meets washington who is certainly the dr. dre to his eminem and signs hip and gives him a life in this world. >> who is jefferson in the hip-hop world? >> i don't know who jefferson -- jefferson and him are probably biggie and tupac. fundamentally different styles. >> you mentioned that you made movies as a kid. there are those who make the logical jump that this must be
8:49 am
do you see that? >> yeah. later. >> how much later? >> i don't know how much later but you know i worked seven years to make this thing a piece of theater. so i would obviously -- i would love for as many people as possible to experience it as a piece of theater first and i'm in no rush. >> reporter: for now miranda is loving every minute living his dream and changing lives along the way. >> all: hi love "hamilton." >> so many reached out. the show is opening in los angeles, san francisco, washington, d.c. next year and that daily lottery that you may have heard of will continue where 21 people win $10 tickets every single day and they go out and they rap because if you're not one of those 21 they don't want you to leave empty handed. >> what a show. thank you,
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
we are back with "newsweek"'s look at teens. they had a revolutionary report 50 years ago and now they're checking back in. so you met him. got to go. >> in 2016 teens tune in to "black-ish." rock out to justin timberlake and count texting as a favorite pastime. 50 years ago, "batman" ruled the tv waves. the beatles owned the radio waves and "newsweek" was making waves with the cover story about a new kind of kid, the teenager. the article focused on a survey of almost 800 girls and boys across the country and it talked about everything from politics to pop culture. >> fast forward to 2016 and "newsweek" is at it again looking back at those teenagers it first profiled 50 years ago. there are distinct differences
8:53 am
teens and teens in 1966. 50 years ago teenagers most admired icons were jfk, abraham lincoln, george washington, lyndon johnson and helen keller. today only one of those names remains the same, abraham lincoln and only one other president, president obama made the list. rounding out the 2016 list of teens' heroes, taylor swift, beyonce and selena gomez. what hasn't changed? teens' sense of optimism. in 1966 even with war raining in vietnam teens believed then as now the best was yet to come. >> they are still hopeful. they have access to more information than ever before and they have the ability to make changes. >> they do and "newsweek's" 50th anniversary edition is online now and hits newsstands nex
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of zyrtec. >> we have just enough time for amy to say good-bye to ryan gosling. >> good-bye, ryan. >> anchor: not the prettiest day out there.
8:57 am
here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: foggy and misty right now, most locations, we'll see a little sunshine before the day is done. today, slightly milder, around 70 or so. there is a chance of a shower late today. i think it will be more likely later tonight into the evening hours, mid day showers and thunderstorms on your friday. saturday, some of these could be strong. i think things will clear out late saturday with a nice sunday to look forward to. breezy, but sunday and monday the best. >> reporter: well, as we try to wrap up the commute, overloaded and swamped, the best way to describe lanes on the capital beltway. a live look starting from the springfield interchange. that inner loop delay cons off and on all the way into the tyson's corner area. we're on the brakes even crossing the american legion bridge. northbound 395, starting to improve from the beltway but remains a congested trip traveling through the landmark area, and for folks traveling on the gw parkway heavy, slow
8:58 am
back to you. >> anchor: metro must do list is getting longer and longer. the federal transit administration says metro must give top priority to repairs along certain sections of track. they include medical center to van ness, on the red line. potomac avenue to the d and g junction on the blue, orange and silver lines and boston to east falls church on the orange and silver lines. and the trial begins today for the second of 6 baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. a judge will decide the state of edward nero. charged with second degree intentional assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. gray died after sustaining a neck injury in police custody. you can get more news, weather and traffi
8:59 am
9:00 am
it's "live with kelly & michael." today from the new film "love and friendship," kate beckinsale. and he plays rowan on the hit series "scandal," joe morton. also, a performance from country star kelsea ballerini. plus, don't forget to log on to to vote, play, and be part of today's show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan.


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