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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 17, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," donald trump fighting back. >> he's responding to those reports of negative interactions with women with an ex-girlfriend defending his behavior. calling out the reports as biased. meanwhile, hillary clinton is laying out how she would debate the donald but she's still battling bernie sanders on this primary day. >> extreme weather. flash flood warnings in the south. heavy rains completely submerging cars. lone star state getting hit hard and the tornado watch continuing overnight. >> three people saved after their boat split completely in two in frigid waters. the coast guard got there the just in time. we'll show that you dramatic rescue. and the thunder rolls. oklahoma city shocking golden state in game one. will the
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victory set the tone for the rest of their playoff series? that's the question. we'll have those highlights or low lights depending on your perspective on this tuesday, may 17th. floi floi >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> highlight, low light. i guess nobody saw that coming. what a game it was. halftime, it was all golden state. and then. >> and then, and then they blew it. they blew it. >> not. you got to love the internet. many people went on and the memes were just beautiful. >> they don't waste any time. >> take a look at this one, a real picture of the press conference steph curry held afterwards. the caption being when your dad and his friends had a 13-point halftime lead and they still lose. >> the crying jordan. will it ever end. >> no, and it really shouldn't. >> awesome. we're going to get to many of the highlights and low lights that have game. >> we will indeed. we begin with
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unleashing a barrage of tweets against "the new york times" as an ex-girlfriend comes to his defense. >> trump is dismissing a report about his treatment of women as false and a former model featured in the article, well, she's now denounced the story, as well. times" is standing by its reporting. it's your voice, your vote this morning. the latest from abc's lana zak. >> reporter: donald trump had no official appearances monday but he was still front and center on the campaign trail. a former model quoted in a front page "new york times" investigation into the likely republican nominee's relationship with women is coming to his defense. saying an incident described as degrading by the newspaper was in fact not. >> he's very much a gentleman. and he's polite. he's thoughtful. she's a good listener. >> trump tweeting we've exposed the article is a fraud. the "times" is standing by its story which also quoted other women accusing trump of crossing the line. at the same time, the likely democratic presidential nominee is zeroing in on the republican
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debate stage with donald trump. so let's suppose here's the question. so what is your plan to create jobs. >> his answer is, i'm gog create them. they're going to be great. i know how to do it. but i'm not telling what it is i'm going to do. >> reporter: hillary clinton also responded to a heckler at a kentucky campaign stop who shouted that's not true. >> it's time people stopped listening to republican propaganda. >> reporter: clinton's challenger senator bernie sanders is campaigning in financially strapped puerto rico. the two the democrats will fight it out tuesday in the kentucky and oregon primaries while trump will pick up more delegates in his quest to clinch the nomination. lana dak, washington. >> some two weeks after quitting the race for the white house, john kasich is ruling out a third party run. he tells cnn people have reached out to him
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donald trump but he said it would not be constructive. kasich also said he has no interest in becoming trump's running mate and he's still not sure if trump will get his endorsement. congress made it closer to approving additional funds to battle the zika virus. republicans in the house have offered a $622 million measure. that's about a third of what president obama requested. meanwhile, the senate is scheduled to vote later today on a bill that would provide just over $1 billion in funding. that's expected to get the green light. we now know there will be no showdown in the supreme court over the obama administration's rules for cost free access to contraception. court sent the case back to the lower courts with instructions to explore a compromise. that avoids what could have been an even split ruling as the high court currently has only eight justices. faith based groups are challenging the administration's arrangement for sparing them from paying birth control costs of women covered under their health plans.
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the course' move is women will still be able to get contraception. the court hand aid victory to internet search firm spokeo. the justices threw out an appeals court decision in favor i've virginia man hop had sued because an online profile about him was filled with errors. in a 6-2 decision, the court ruled that consumers could bring legal challenges only if those errors had caused actual harm. now to the extreme weather in the southern u.s. severe thunderstorms are taking particular aim at oklahoma, texas, and louisiana. residents of corpus christie, texas, say they've never seen flooding like this before and they got as much as a foot of rain in just five or six hours. hundreds of vehicles stalled out and dozens mpb people had to be rescued. that same storm system also produced damaging winds and the occasional tornado like this one in oklahoma near the new mexico boarder. luckily now significant damages or injurie
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investigators are expect 20d place the blame for last year's fatal amtrak crash in philadelphia. the reason is distracted driving. a source close to the investigation says the engineer was paying too much attention to radio traffic about another problem. a rock thrown at a philadelphia commuter train. the amtrak train went into a curve much too fast. eight passengers were killed in that derailment. federal investigators have arrived at the scene of a deadly plane crash in mississippi. four people traveling from texas to virginia were killed when the plane went down. abc's steve osunsami has the latest. >> reporter: federal aviation authorities are at this tragic scene tonight, just outside the tupelo airport, trying to figure out what brought down the private plane just seconds after takeoff. >> we got smoke in our cockpit, we need to come back -- >> reporter: right before the crash, the pilot radioed back the frightening distress call, saying he had smoke up front. >> i've got some smoke in the cockpit. >> reporter: the plane, bound for virginia, crashed into this field, where they say it sounded like thunder. it barely missed hitting nearby homes.
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over there and it was just so -- it was so black. >> reporter: firefighters who raced to the scene found the remains of the four victims, pieces of the plane on fire and little else. >> there's quite a bit of debris. it could have been some mechanical problems or something that caused this plane crash. >> reporter: the names of the people killed gathered from flight records has yet to be released. the coroner says he'll need dna to make a positive i.d. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. now to a scary few seconds for a driver in the d.c. area. a wall collapsed just missing that silver suv. the alert driver, look at the scene here, getting out of the way just in the nick of time. investigators think the ground was soft from all the recent rain and a section of the foundation gave way causing the wall to crash down. >> scary one. so apple may be having some trouble
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buffett clearly still has faith. his company recently purchased more than $1 billion of apple stock boosting at val i by nearly 4%. last month apple reported its first quarterly lost in 13 years and buffett usually avoids investing in tech companies. that small stubhub logo on the jersey of the philadelphia 76ers is the first among the four big u.s. sports. the first corporate ad that will begin appearing on the team's jersey start offing the season after next when a three-year pilot program begins. the sixers apparently sold all three seasons to the site at $5 million a year. >> quite a good deal for stub had ub. >> a lot of exposure after it. >> i'm not sure how much exposure. the team only won ten games last year. >> let's talk about the nba. last night's western conference finals started out well for the golden state warriors. they were playing
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oklahoma city at home. the defending champs were up by 13 points at halftime. plenty of people thinking this game was over. >> but then russell westbrook of the thunder scores 24 of his 27 points in the second half. the thunder came storming back, ultimately claiming a six-point victory. >> so this is a first time the warriors have lost at home in this year's playoffs. game two is wednesday night in oakland. steve kerr there reacting to a play that was probably a mistake by the refs but that's a whole other matter. >> i'm sure there be a lot of people debating that one, as well. >> they thought it was a two-garret r quarter game. >> unfortunately, it was scheduled for four. >> they would have won if it was just two quarters. >> that's not how it works. >> good chat. coming up later in the mix," play houses of the rich and famous. >> but first, a yacht snaps in two leaving three people stranded in icy water
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(colonial penn jingle) you're looking at a coast guard rescue from the 46th degree temperature waters from lake erie. three people were pulled to safety after their yacht broke in
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boatright there. center of the screen there. the coast guard found the victims cling together hull suffering from hypothermia. the helicopter pilot credits life jackets for keeping the three people alive in six-foot swells. >> on land an effort to save a wild animal tragically backfired. >> it involves a baby bison found inside yellowstone national park and the misguided of some park visitors thinking they were saving it from the cold. abc's neal karlinksky explains. >> reporter: cute as it looks, this picture gone viral of a baby bison in the back of a yellowstone national park visitor's suv is the latest evidence of people hurting the things they claim to love. park rangers say visitors were worried about the little bison, so they took it to a field office. the result? the bison was rejected by its mother and had to be euthanized. >> we have a little saying here. give them room, use your zoom. >> reporter: it's a frustrating trend. people snapping bison selfies. this woman was caught by another
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visitor actually petting the new national mammal. authorities went after these boy scout leaders after they saw video of them toppling a famous rock in utah dating back to the jurassic period. they said they feared it would fall. and this week, actress vanessa hudgens paid a $1,000 fine for posting this on instagram. her name and a boyfriend's carved into arizona's famous red rocks. and when it comes to wildlife, park officials are warning people yet again keep your distance for your own safety and the animal's. neal karlinksky, abc news. it's a good warning. sometimes people think they're helping. i'm sure those guys didn't think that this is the way that story would end with that poor little bison. >> they were pretty convinced it was too cold to survive so they brought him in. bad idea. >> now we know. coming up in our next half hour, those long les at the airports we've been warning you about are here.
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some lines are so long some passengers are missing their flights and forred to camp overnight in airports. what you need to know to keep your travel plans on track. >> once you get to your destination, how secure are your valuables inside your hotel room you? won't believe what our hidden cameras uncovered. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ you can check out any time you like but you can never leave ♪ ♪ well, quite a few people are collecting into their hotels are finding it's their belongings that are leaving without them. >> just because you lock your hotel room door and secure your valuables in the safe doesn't necessarily mean you're covered. here's abc's layer rare spencer on what our hidden cameras uncovered. >> reporter: watch as this brazen thief walks into a hotel room last month as a couple is sleeping. moment l
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police say he stole more than $4,000 worth of items. how to prevent that from happening to. >> you to see how safe your belongings are during a stay, we conduct an experiment. a guest arrives at a downtown richmond, virginia hotel. but this guest is actually a gma producer. approximately 20 minutes prior with three undercover cameras rolling, safety and security expert bill stanton shows up at the same hotel but he's not here to checking in. >> i'm waiting looking at his car. what watch he's wearing. the luggage he has. >> stanton is playing the role of would be thief. >> when i see an opening, that's when the a approach. and that's when i hear the magic words. >> w.y. >> i follow him right to his door. now i have his name, now i have his door number. >> armed with just these two pieces of information, stanton is about to show us how vulnerable we can be during a hotel stay. the
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next morning while our producer goes to the gym to work out. >> lo and behold he comes down to the lobby for a bottle of water. as far as i'm concerned, the clock to me to get in that room starts right now. >> let's roll. i figure i got at least 30 minutes to do what i need to do. >> reporter: his plan so bold it seems almost ridiculous. he goes to the front desk and asks for house keeping to clean our producer's room. >> 1112, wynn. thank you. >> reporter: stanton simply walks in as if it's his own room. he has our producer's permission. otherwise this could be the beginning of a crime. >> now i'm so sorry. could you give me two minutes. >> it doesn't take long for me to find anything. >> rolex. >> right by the phone and what is it? it's an expensive watch and the valet ticket to his car. >> yes. i'm in room 111. can you please bring up my
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right now. >> reporter: we are just 15 minutes into our experiment. our producer is working up quite a sweat. and stanton not so much. >> where's my car coming? >> right there. there we go. >> reporter: they ask for the ticket which stanton claims he doesn't have. but they look at the flame tag on the stolen luggage and after he goes. >> and it's as easy as that. >> reporter: later that day at a nearby hotel, stanton tracks another gma producer. >> ferguson. >> so once again, right to the front deck listening to the name room exchange. when our producer leaves the hotel, stanton sees his opening and our would be thief springs into action, again pretending to be someone he's not. >> room 711. >> reporter: from a house room phone, he calls to have housekeeping sent to the producer's room. with cameras rolling he walks right in. instead of letting housekeeping do their job, he sends them away. >> you're off the hook. >> you're off the hook. i'm going
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>> reporter: now with the room to himself, stanton has his mind-set on a bold and nearly unthinkable scenario. >> i'm in the room. i forgot the combo to the safe. >> i have it someone to open it. >> reporter: you heard right. a hotel room safe. moments later, the gentleman from security arrives to help. >> all right. she's wide open for you. >> perfect. >> as soon as that security guy is out, i'm dressed. i got his cash. i got his credit card. and i took his laptop. by the way, i put it all in his luggage. >> fascinating look there. we should mentioned the first hotel featured in that story says that they've taken steps already to correct any shortfalls in their security. >> and then that second hotel where they opened the safe told us the high standards they set for security fell short there. but they've immediately addressed the situation. scary to see how easy that was for him, right? >> especially the security case thing because that's usually where i put everything. all my
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covered. >> i'm good, i'm guahood now you know. whisper. make sure other people don't hear your name. if they hear a room number, ask for a new one.
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tiful. time now for "the mix." when you were a kid, did you have like a little play house. >> no, i always want aid treehouse. no tree in the backyard makes it kind of hard. >> that would be a little bit difficult. here's the deal. there are some kids, i'd say more opulent kids that can now get some ridiculously expensive and elaborate play houses. there's a company in denver called la petite maisson. that's one of the play houses. >> that's not the actual house. >> it's almost like the price of some actual houses. the play houses can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $57,000. they're custom made houses. you can have a cape cod type play houses for these kids. >> you that's like a real sized house. >> some of them actually have
3:26 am
running water inside. >> wow. >> it's insane. so it is now available for many kids. it features kitchens that can have the running water by request. >> i mean. >> keep going. cook up a little meal. >> doesn't that negate the whole play part of the equay splun. >> well, they're playing house. >> in an actual house. not a lot of playing pretend involved in there, is there? you know, my cousin actually baby-sat for a girl who had one of these back in the day. you know what her favorite game was? tag. >> i'm good with the -- that house is nice. >> did not care at all about her play house that was larger than my actual house. anyway, shall we move on? >> yes. >> next one is a -- so do you like surprises? >> yes. as long as i know that they're coming. > apparently you and this little girl lily don't have a lot in common. lily wanted to know what mom was planning for her birthday so she wrote dad a note pretending to be mom. it reads
3:27 am
get lily for a surprise again? i forgot. please reply here. >> my favorite part is dear wife. that's what she thinks husbands and wives say. >> that's how she thinks they communicate. >> you have a rabbit, not a dog or cat. there's this is company that has come up with a color that changes color itself. and gives you a sense of what emotions your pets are going through. so empathy is a device that visualizes dog's emotional state. red apparently means excitement. blue means relaxed and calm and for happy, lights up in a rainbow. >> i would love to know what frank's thinking with the colored collar. >> probably very angry. >> i wouldn't mind getting one for my husband. know what he's thinking sitting on the couch. >> you're saying you have a dog collar around. >> i like colors emitting off your neck so i know the wheels are turning. > angry. >> lt
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this morning on "world news now," flash flood warnings across the heartland as severe storms roll eastward and this massive dust storm closing down the freeway in the southwest. accuweather has the forecast. >> and voters in two states head to the polls today as donald trump fends off more attacks and slams "the new york times" calling their report a lame hit piece. and new this half hour, trouble continuing for tiger woods. >> as the golf superstar edges closer to a comeback, he made quite a splash in front of some fans and not exactly in a good way. >> and double elimination on "dancing with the stars." with just one week left, who got the boot last night and who advances for next week's two-part finale? the full story ahead in "the skinny" on this tuesday, may 17th.


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