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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 17, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," flash flood warnings across the heartland as severe storms roll eastward and this massive dust storm closing down the freeway in the southwest. accuweather has the forecast. >> and voters in two states head to the polls today as donald trump fends off more attacks and slams "the new york times" calling their report a lame hit piece. and new this half hour, trouble continuing for tiger woods. >> as the golf superstar edges closer to a comeback, he made quite a splash in front of some fans and not exactly in a good way. >> and double elimination on "dancing with the stars." with just one week left, who got the boot last night and who advances for next week's two-part finale? the full story ahead in "the skinny" on this tuesday, may 17th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> they danced in groups of three on "dancing with the stars" last night. >> it was kind of interesting toe see the symmetry between all three and ginger zee did well. of course, we'll delve into that, as well. >> the voters got extra sway this week. the judges seemed happy to give out high scores i think. >> and there was a really interesting performance that you have to see. >> i'm excited to show you that. >> first we have to get to the severe flooding and thunderstorms in the south central states. the storm system strongest in oklahoma and kansas and the lower mississippi valley right now and it's hanging around through today. >> more flash flooding is likely and it also brings damaging winds, large hail and sometimes isolated tornadoes. portions of highway 6 in houston are closed once again because of flooding just days after the road had reopened following april's flooding. now, some area businesses report a 40% drop in sales while the highway was closed. and that same storm system is bringing dama
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the occasional tornado like this one that was spotted in oklahoma near the new mexico border. no significant damage or injuries reported. but that doesn't mean the south is out of danger today. far from it. >> yeah, accuweather's paul williams is tracking storms for us. good morning, paul. >> good morning to you, as well. kendis, diane. three things we're going to have to watch out for, damaging winds 200950 to 70 or 75-mile-an-hour winds, hail the size of baseballs according to the historical aspects of this same storm and, of course, flooding down pournz keep in mind we're looking for big cities to be hit with dallas, shreveport, austin, san antonio as well as houston, expecting these areas to be hit with tornadoes. then there's a secondary problem. you see this gulf moisture that's coming off plus a change in the jet stream? that combination is going to make it uglier for the folks in texas is, louisiana, arkansas, oklahoma going into mississippi. we're looking at the possibility of flash flooding along i-10.
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i-20 as well as i-40 and this is going to stretch all the way through thursday. kendis, diane. >> and on the other end of the weather spectrum, this massive dust storm in eastern arizona closed parts of interstate 10 for a while yesterday. it was the second time in as many days the freeway was shut down. officials tried spraying a large farm field with water to try to cut down on the dust. >> now to the race for the white house as voters head to the polls today in kentucky and oregon, donald trump continues to blast "the new york times" for an article about his relationship with women. but he now has a surprising ally, an ex-girlfriend featured in that actual story. we have more now from abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the former model quoted in a front page "new york times" investigation into donald trump's relationships with women is coming to his defense. rowanne brewer lane now denouncing the story. it said when she met the billionaire, trump immediately took her into a room at his mar-a-lago estate, asked her to put on a swimsuit and then paraded her before a crowd. >> i think they had an agenda
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with that one, because as many times as i asked and as many times as they promised that it was not a hit piece, clearly it was. >> reporter: "the times" portrayed the incident as degrading, but brewer lane, who went on to date trump, says it wasn't. >> he's very much a gentleman. and he's polite, he's thoughtful, he's a good listener. >> reporter: trump tweeting, "we have exposed the article as a fraud." but "the times" is standing by its reporting, saying brewer lane was quoted fairly, accurately and at length. the story quoted other women, too -- >> miss utah! >> reporter: including a former miss utah, who told the paper trump introduced himself and kissed her on the lips. she said it was not an isolated incident and called it gross. it wasn't the only reason trump was playing defense. he also fired back at british prime minister david cameron, who called his proposed muslim ban stupid. >> well, number one, i'm not stupid, okay? i can tell you that right now. just the opposite.
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the only one challenging trump's intellect. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> reporter: hillary clinton seizing on that theme, too. >> let's just imagine i'm on a debate stage with donald trump. so, let's suppose -- here's the question. so, what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is, "i'm going to create them. they're going to be great. i know how to do it. but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do." >> reporter: and hillary clinton making some headlines of her own here in kentucky when she said that she wanted to put her husband, quote, in charge of reviolatizing the economy. but her campaign playing down those comments, saying it would be getting ahead of one's self to talk about any kind of
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hillary clinton administration. cecile yeah vega, abc news, lexington, kentucky. >> as for bernie sanders, is he looking ahead to next month's contest heading to california after wrapping up his visit to puerto rico. sanders held three events on the island which is mired by a decade long economic crisis. he told thousands of supporters puerto rico must be given time to restructure its debt, grow its economy and create jobs. and he rejected the call for austere measures. >> secretary of state john kerry kicks off day two of high level talks on the middle east. yesterday kerry and the italian foreign minister hosted a meeting in vienna on the crisis in libya. they agreed to provide weapons to the libyan government fight isis. today the u.s. along with 16 other nations will discuss extending the cease-fire in syria. and we have breaking news in the manhunt for two brothers wanted in connection with the murder of a washington state couple. one of those brothers is finally in custody. the sheriff's department says tony clyde reed contacted the u.s.
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to surrender yesterday at the mexican border. he's now being held in san diego. john reed is still on the loose. they are suspects in the disappearance and presumed murder of their former neighbors whose bodies still have not been found. >> president obama has honored a group of the nation's law enforcement heros at the white house. mr. obama presented them with the medal of valor which is the highest honor given to law enforcement. among those receiving the medal was l.a. officer donald thompson who while on duty suffered serious burns while pulling an unconscious man out of a burning car. oklahoma officer david huff received his medal for confronting a knife wielding hostage taker at a walmart, saving the life of a 2-year-old girl. >> the public safety officers we recognize today with the medal of valor found courage not in search of recognition, they did it instinctively. >> and the grandmother of philadelphia officer robert wilson accepted his medal for him.
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the staff and customers as the a store when gunmen opened fire. a prep school graduate convicted of sex assault could be freed from jail tomorrow. owen labrie's bail was revoked in march after he admitted to violating his curfew. but yesterday a judge said he would allow him to be free on appeal as long as labor bre wore an electronic monitoring bracelet. he was convicted of assaulting a 125-year-old girl while both were students at a prestigious boarding school. and singer sinead o'connor has been found safe in the suburbs of chicago. she was listed as missing after not returning from a bike ride early on sunday. two hours after she started that ride, a rambling message was posted on her official facebook page. o'connor was diagnosed with bipolar disorder more than a decade ago. she's admitted to having thoughts of suicide and overwhelming fear. >> moving ahead to tiger woods. he was doing some promotional work yesterday ahead of the upcoming tournament he's hosted in maryland.
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saying he was hitting the ball better. then he took shots for the cameras. look at the first one. boom. straight into the water. >> wait, no. so that wasn't supposed to happen. >> no. >> well, the second shot's got to be better, right? >> sure. >> come on. >> where did that one go? >> that's good for me. >> what about the third? the third's got to make the green. it's tiger woods. >> get there. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> just problems that tiger, he's just like us. >> each one was higher than the last one. it seemed as that. >> he's making progress? jack, is that where it's supposed to go? >> in a word, no. >> thank you very much. very succinct analysis. >> our note was at least he was consistently bad. >> when he was speaking to the media before the whole thing, he also said that he's working on the consistency of his game. so that all makes sense. >> he also said that he thinks he'll be able to catch jack nicklaus. i don't know how.
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no, we like tiger. i like tiger. >> maybe it was a ploy. maybe he's hustling all of us. coming up, they're here. those long lines at the airport that the tsa has been warning us about, they've arrived. and we have what you need to know before you head out for your next flight. >> and the rare look inside the home of a tennis champion. she's wearing that hoodie again. what we see inside serena williams' apartment in paris might just surprise you. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by my pillow. nnouncer: "world news now" weather, brought to you bip my pillow.
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firehouse that that car is actually skidding into. the car was caught on the fire department's security video. the firefighters pulled equipment off the trucks to get the passengers out. there were no serious injuries but the fire station needs extensive repairs. >> it was an ugly looking crash. >> a pet owner in houston is have i grateful this morning after fire crews rescued her little dog. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon in an apartment complex. the firefighter found the frightened pooch covered in soot, hiding inside a wall. after a little oxygen, the dog named suzaku was back to normal. the woman's cat was also rescued. >> might need a little bit of a bath after all that. >> yes, but they're happy still. >> look at that, good to go. let's turn to the growing frustration at u.s. airports. >> yes, so the tsa has been warning us about longer lines in the coming weeks but now those longer lines, well, they're here. and they're so bad many ss
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>> how can you keep your cool and your travel plans on track? here's abc's david kerley with some tips. >> reporter: again, thousands of passengers are waiting in line, some more than two hours. for hundreds, they missed their flights. the option for some? spending that entire evening at chicago's o'hare airport on a cot. >> not the greatest. could have used a bed. that would have been nice. >> reporter: why? because security has been bogged down with more flyers, no increase in screeners and tighter security. how can you get through faster? there are some ways. book during non-peak times. morning and evening are busy, midday is lighter. check your bag. fewer items to screen. try the my tsa app, which provides wait times at your airport. and probably the smartest move is to sign up for pre-check, the fast lane. it costs $85 and requires a hand print. which is the most important tip? >> know the rules. know what you can bring in a checkpoint, what you can't bring through the checkpoint.
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has a shortage of officers and it's training more than 750 right now. but they won't be on these lanes until some time next month. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. >> when we come back, it was double elimination on "dancing with the stars." >> and what mariah carey says you will never see her without. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny, so skinny okay. so if it's tuesday, it means topping our "skinny" headlines, the big night on dancing with the stars. double elimination. >> it was a big night. >> with one week left there are now three couples left standing after a night of high scores across the board. perhaps the most dramatic was nyle dimarco's performance. as if it's not impressive enough that he's made it this far despite being deaf, an he danced last night the ann argentine tango being blindfolded. so he can't see or hear anything that's going on. yet, somehow he was able to master this choreography. needless to say, crowd was impressed. the judges were, too. they gave him a perfect score. a perfect 10, 30 across the board. >> it was absolutely beautiful. >> what a moment. >> also scoring a perfect 30,
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wan yea morris and lynn say arnold with a fast paced '20s charleston but it wasn't enough to keep them from getting the bool. >> that's right. and pittsburgh steeler antonio brown and sharna burgess, despite what some critics say was his best dance of the season scoring 28, they're also packing. >> yeah, it was probably the only time that he wore a shirt all season long. >> not that i'm complaining. > yeah, exactly. so that means ufc fighter paige vanzant and mark ballas made the cut after scoring a near perfect 29 after dancing a perfect trio samba with alan bersten, hip hip chin chin. >> she is fantastic. >> surprisingly, i wouldn't have pegged her to be this good. >> when i first starred watching the sure, i wasn't sure who the dancer was and who the competitor was. speaking of people who are awesome, our own ginger zee managed to make the cut last night. she scored a near perfect 29 with her quick step.
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and she will be going on to the finals. a lot of people had her winning. the oddsmakers had her winning it all at the start of the season. >> and this week, the voters are voting this week but their votes will count toward next week. part of the final vote that will come into decide who actually wins the competition are what voters were voting this week. so these performances mattered a lot. >> next, a rare peek inside serena williams paris pad. >> after recovering from that unfortunate dog food tasting incident, the world's number one ranked women's singles tennis pro has given us a snapchat tour of her luxurious apartment in paree. >> that's right. >> she show off some vintage artwork and the sense of style and displayed her decorated home that has great hardwood floors, and a pop of color on the windows to contrast the neutrals. >> that's what i was thinking. the phenom shows she knows a
3:51 am
space, scale, and complementing cool and clean contemporary lines with notes of industrial chic. these are matt's words. >> i love when you have to read something about decoration and something about somebody's dress that's great. >> that i know nothing about. sorry. >> it's like when i cover sports or basketball specifically. >> so next, she says she's not cinderella and her life has not been a fairy tale. >> that's right. and that and some other juicy tidbits have been released on this new trailer for mariah carey's documentary series "mariah's world." the five-time grammy winner is taking fans beyond the glitz and behind the tabloid rumors and behind the scenes as she prepares for her sweet fantasy tour while planning her wedding to james packer. she also is sharing some of her many life rules. >> i'm wearing these glasses because we're in fluorescent lighting. i have a rule which states i will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses.
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i know it's vain. "mariah's world" premieres later this year on "e." first world problems.
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♪ we are family, i've got all my sisters with me ♪ >> this song is especially relevant to our next story. do you want to know why? >> why. >> because five, five crime fight sisters are keeping it all in the family right here in new york city. >> i see where you're going. i was thinking sly and the family stone. >> they've risen through the ranks breaking both racial and gender barriers to serve and protect their fellow new yorkers and abc's robin roberts sat down with all of them. >> she might not be bossy but she is a boss. deputy chief juanita holmes is one of the highest ranking women in the nypd overseeing the domestic violence unit. >> i'm the second oldest but the second oldest girl so i was left you know, braiding the hair,
3:56 am
homework, cooking at a very early age. i realized that god was preparing me for something bigger and better. >> reporter: her sister, captain janice holmes is the first african-american female commanding officer of her precinct. the younger sisters estella and selena are both sergeants and all followed the foot steps of retired sergeant berniece holmes. historically, we've seen the breakdown of trust between law enforcement and the african-american community. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: the holmes sisters are uniquely a part of both. how do we rebuild the trust? >> when i think about trust in the community. i think there has to be a strong relationship with the community. it can't be us against them. it can't be those people. it is important that you push that message down to the officers. we can have all of the meetings we want to have with our executives. if the boots on the ground don't
3:57 am
out, it's really, it's not going to work. >> reporter: appreciate your honesty because you're saying that there's room for improvement on both sides of the issue. >> absolutely. >> reporter: what do you think it says about your family that you all as a family have committed so much to this community to law enforcement? what is the legacy of the holmes family? >> i think it is good thing when you can leave a legacy of positive role models who the children and people in general in an environment that we were raised in can view and say, you know, they were no different than me and look what they achieved. it's a mind-set, if you think big, you can be big. if you think small, you can be small. so think big. >> good for them. what a great message. >> quite a sister act indeed. they have like 13 siblings. >> half of them work in law enforcement and they have a new generation, too. juanita's son william he gr
3:58 am
>> very impressive.
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making news in america this morning, severe weather. tornadoes, large hail and strong winds on the move overnight, flash flooding still a concern right now. and for several days to come, we're tracking it all. one of two brothers accused of killing a couple in washington state is now in custody. >> primary day. voters heading to the polls in two states. bernie sanders hoping for another win while hillary clinton turns her attention to donald trump and the new scandal surrounding the presumptive republican nominee. we're live in d.c. it was a risky rescue when people at the beach jump into action to save a shark.


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