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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 23, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following for you this morning on "world news now." a robot submarine capable of diking 10,000 feet is joining is the search for flight 804 this morning. the fuselage is the focus of the search this morning. the latest just ahead. iraqi troops trying to retake the city of fallujah from isis. the u.s. is providing air support in the effort and in baghdad, security is being beefed up in the green zone after protesters breached the fortified area. 18 hours after a massachusetts cop was killed during a traffic stop, the man accused of shooting him is also dead after a gun battle with police. central massachusetts is in mourning for this veteran police officer. and bringing the audience
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their feet last night in las vegas. madonna and stevie wonder paying tribute to the prince while kesha delivered her first televised performance with an emotional performance of dob dylan's performance "it ain't me, babe." those are some of our top stories on this monday, may 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." 3r6 good morning. we begin this half hour with the deepening mystery ask your rounding is the egyptair flight 04. there's still no sign of the flight recorders or the fuselage. >> those so-called black boxes are crucial to the investigation holding key information that could help determine whether a malfunction or terrorism is to blame for the crash. the search for the missing jet stretches over 5300 square nice in the mediterranean sea an area about the size of connecticut. >> abc's molly hunter joins us
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more on this. good morning o morning. >> reporter: that's right. we're on the mediterranean coast. it's a breezy day here. so choppy water but clear skies for that search. that search area, as you mentioned, about the size of connecticut is likely to continue to expand today. in addition to that submarine today, a french navy ship arrives with its sonar system. heavy duty and hi-tech with the ability to pick up pings from the black boxes. the pingers have about a two-mile radius for the signal. only three weeks left of battery life. given it's been four days and the debris that's been spotted and the u.s. navy and egyptian navy continues to spot, that debris could have been swept far from the crash site and where those black boxes landed in the last four days. so the egyptians and contributing countries continue 0 spot debris. yesterday as you mentioned the u.s. navy spotted more than 100 pieces. but as that submarine goes out, as that french navy ship goes out today, they're hoping for more
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while investigators priority is the black boxes the data recorders which could have the answers, the civilman sister last night made clear to families that finding it the human remains was his top priority. diane, phillip. >> molly, we saw families gathering at the airport, those first few days hoping for answers. then those emotional pictures of memorial services on going. where are those families now? >> reporter: those families are mostly still in cairo. more families from paris arrived over the weekend. the minister of civil aviation met with families. 306 those passengers were egyptian 15 were french. still no answers for the grieving relatives. the families told us the hardest is not knowing. all weekend we saw memorial services and empty coffins. some effort to get closure as the investigation goes on. >> and molly, in the first few days of all of this everyone was
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pointing toward terrorism. now it sounds like it's more likely a mechanical failure. what changed. >> that's right. those confirmed acars messages automatically sfrentd on board strongly indicate a mechanical failure. french aviation investigation officers said those messages confirm a fire was detected in it the lavatory and the cabinet below the lavatory. others are leaving open the possibility it could have been a bomb that started the fire. at this point with no claim you have responsibility from any terrorist organization four days later and intelligence agencies are listening closely to a speech pattern that might suggest that. it sounds like a mechanical failure. everyone here is saying it's too early to tell. we'll have to wait for the flight data recorders. >> molly hunter live in egypt this morning. thank you. now to politics and donald trump and hillary clinton are running neck and neck in a new poll as they face
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control. trump said in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms. clinton called his gun policies dangerous saying they would make america less safe. meanwhile, bernie sanders is also slamming trump for his comments on immigration, muslims and women. >> i think everyone here is in agreement that donald trump must not become president of the united states. the job of the president is to bring people together, not to divide them up. >> sanders is campaigning in california looking to lure latino voters away from clinton. he visited the u.s./mexico border and toured a meeting place for separated families between san diego ante wanna. today sanders is holding two morallies in the l.a. area. former president bill clinton is also holding a string of events notice california on behalf of his wife. he mentioned donald trump by name in a rare move
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out several times at a campaign stop near bakersfield. clinton called the make america great again dumb and blasted trump, accusing him of demonizing muslims by keeping them out of the country. >> officials in indonesia are warning more eruptions are possible after a blast from a powerful volcano there. at least seven people were killed after ash be shot two miles into the sky. the volcano dormant for four unites is before roaring back to life in 2010. president obama is in vietnam this morning where he's meeting with top leaders in hanoi. it's the first stop in a week long trip to asia. later today, the president travels from hanoi to ho chi minh city where arlette saenz gives a report. >> reporter: president obama receives a red carpet welcome in vietnam as he tries to forge a stronger relationship with an old enemy. he started his day at the presidential palace in hanoi, meeting with the
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president to discuss trade and regional security. the president announced the u.s. is ending a decades long arms embargo on vietnam as concerns mount over china's territorial claims in the south china sea. >> this change will ensure that vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself and remove a lingering vestige of the cold war. >> reporter: this is presidential obama's first visit to vietnam and the third by an american president. he follows in the footsteps of presidents bill clinton and george w. bush. later in the week, obama travels south to you ho chi minh city. president obama will be driving around town in a motorcade but one of the ways the millions of people who live in the city get around is on a moped. today with the help of my tour guide, that's how i'll be getting around. >> reporter: motor bikes clog saigon, once the heart of the vietnam war, now a bustling commercial hub where the
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asia-pacific trade deal. the president will continue discussions on trade when he travels to japan for the g-7 summit. president obama also announcing today that the peace corps is coming to vietnam for the first time. the volunteer organization will be invited to set up operations here in the country. their main focus, teaching english to vietnamese students. it's quite a contrast to four daiks ago when many people signed up for the peace corpses in order to avoid coming to the milt conflict here in vietnam. >> thank you so much. the world humanitarian summit is under way in turkey described as a way to uphold humanitarian law. pope francis among those expressing great hope for the first 'two-day summit to provide more efficient help for people suffering in the wake of natural and manmade disasters. in sports, even before next weekend's indianapolis 500, driver james hinchcliffe has notched a remarkable victory. he's won the pole position for the 100th
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last year, he was in a hospital fighting for his life after a terrible wreck. he won the four-lap qualifying race yesterday by a whisker and now he wants to talk about this year's race and not the accident. >> one of the reason youth baseball games use aluminum bats is because they don't break usually. watch what happens yesterday. megan gar swung and her bat comes apart. >> that is crazy. the ohio state players were confused for a moment. look, she was safe. she got to first base. >> pretty good strategy. >> look at that, completely broke in half. >> tennessee, they also clobbered ohio state, 10-1, but wow. aluminum bats are not supposed to break. >> well, so the issue, right, the bats aren't supposed to break. they will say that's safer. but a ball hit by an ahim num bat tends to come at you faster. a lot of little league teams are
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bats. >> only while and college. the pros not allowed to use them because they're too dangerous. that's a rare occurrence. i played high school baseball. we used lumen bats. i've never heard of a bat being broke everyone had that way. >> for anyone thinking to use this strategy even though it went well for gear in the particular round, their team got beat unfortunately. >> that one hit is all over the place. there you go. got her name out there, nobody was hurt. there you go. coming up, a bear attack. the hiker who barely eskiped with his life in the alaskan wilderness. what eventually saved his life and what you need to know before you head out into the woods. and the dream weddings in florida that have turned into bridal nightmares. what one wedding planner did that left these couples high and dry. first a look at these temperatures. >> announcer: wlnz wea
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a purple heart earned during world war ii has been reunite with the soldier's family in oregon. carlton henley was killed in action when his plane was shot down near jan. he was just 24 years old. his wife got the medal in his honor but she remarried and somehow it went missing for 60 years. it was returned to henley's sister through a non-profit group called purple hearts reunited. and there's been a reunion of a different sort for an iraq war veteran. navy reservist brad van cleef had to leave his kitten behind when his tour ended. the cat, by the way, is known as mr. meowgi. great name, right? the spca and operation baghdad pups made that reunion possible although it took the cat nearly two months to make it to his new home in southern california. >> can he catch a fly with chopsticks in that is the question. another ani
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turn out so well for a hiker in alaskaing. > attacked bid a bear that bit right into his head. >> it happened so fast, the hiker apparently had no choice but to stand his ground and fight back. abc's aditi roy has more. >> reporter: a miracle in the wild. after an alaskan man comes face-to-face with a full-grown brown bear. >> it was like looking the devil right in the face. >> reporter: kenny steck encountered the predator while he was filling up water bottles during a hiking trip with family in southeastern alaska. the experienced outdoorsman said he had left his bear repellent back at camp when the massive animal came charging at him. when steck lifted his leg up to protect himself, the bear clawed it. >> i remember thinking, this thing is going to kill me. >> reporter: he tried yelling, but he says the bear crushed his shoulder blade, and put steck's head in his mouth. >> one of his fangs had gone right into his head. >> i remember the sound of it breathing, and i remember the sound of it snarling. >> r
2:46 am
bear just let go and ran away. his wife and three other family members on the trip, nurses, who were able to treat his wounds right away. >> for some reason it wasn't my time to die. >> reporter: looking back, steck tells me it all happened so fast he might not have even had time to reach for that bear spray. he just thinks he got incredibly lucky. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. too close for comfort. >> that's incredible. so we have some ways if you find yourself stuck between a bear and everything else, what do you do? let's see a few of these things. you're never supposed to run from a bear. >> that's the instinct but it's like did you ever try to run away from a dog? they like to chase you. bears will chase you not only on the ground but up a tree. >> do not climb a tree. you're supposed to throw something, anything you have. anything you have to distract them. just to get them off of you. >> they
2:47 am
far away from you, if he hasn't spotted you, try to get out of there. if he does spoet you from far away, put your hands up and speak in a normal tone that you're a human being, they don't think you're another animal. bears have no interest in us generally. they don't want to come and hunt. >> you while that's going, the adrenaline's going. i don't think i could think of any of those things. another story from the world of barpz this one is a lot cuter and fuzzier flow it was caught on camera. this happened in the southwestern chinese province of szechuan. these little guys causing mischief inside their breeding base. >> they just love wicker baskets and apparently they're taking issue with this poor cleaning staff. trying to take their piles of leaves away but they aren't having it. >> the bears are having fun playing with the leaves and do not want them removed. this is wha
2:48 am
getting their toys taken away. >> coming up, counting down to one of the biggest days of the lives for so many women. >> but this morning, why some couples say planning for their big everest day has turned into their biggest nightmare. you're watching "world news now."
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run ♪ >> nobody wants to hear about anyone taking the money and running especially when they're paying for a wed sfwloog that's exactly what happened to several florida couples. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: this woman, a florida wedding professional accused of creating nuptial nightmares is promising your dreams will come true. >> i love when a bride and groom call me a week after their wedding when they get home from their honeymoon and they're like kate, that was the most amazing day of our lives. >> reporter: catherine bentley is facing charges of grand theft and fraud accused of taking tens of thousands of several soon to be spouses without making any plans at all. the resort she worked with was not aware of numerous weddings she booked. >> her car was
2:51 am
that and fallen on financial difficulties. >> reporter: david and jen were planning their dream wedding at their dream destination in the florida keys. after reading rave reviews about bentley online they say they hired her, handing her nearly $23,000 only to never hear from her again and they weren't alone. several other potential couples also allegedly scammed. one reportedly coughing up at least $15,000. >> that actual came from my mom, a check she wrote from her retirement fund. it was hard for her to give me the money. >> reporter: the resort terminating its relationship with bentley after finding out what was allegedly going on honoring the couple's reservation reaching out directly to david and jen giving them a break on the cost to make sure their wedding dreams still came true. in february, david and jen taking the resort up on their offer saying i do. the m
2:52 am
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♪ all right. i love this next one. this woman is nearly 90 years old and she loves to sing the national anthem. >> for this holocaust survivor, the song itself helped her get through many tough times. and now she got to sing at the venue of her dreams. here's abc's john donvan. ♪ oh, say can you see >> reporter: 89-year-old hermina hirsch loves to sing. especially this song. >> i love the song itself, i love it. >> reporter: her husband of 69 years says that singing has always brought hermina joy. >> this is her life, she likes to sing.
2:56 am
her family her dream, to sing the national anthem at the ballpark for her favorite team, the detroit tigers. >> the next thing you knew, my older brother took a video of her, and gave it to andrea, and andrea posted it on social media. >> reporter: an audition, sort of. word spread and the tigers could not say no. ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: hermina was born in czechoslovakia. in 1944, at 17, she was locked away in the notorious nazi concentration camp called auschwitz. she survived and built a family in america. they were there last night. 200 family and friends turned out at the ballpark to listen, and to celebrate. >> it's one of her favorite songs because she's so patriotic. because of everything she's been through and how she got here. >>
2:57 am
>> reporter: as she hit the high note and a dream came true. ♪ and the home of the brave [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: john donvan, abc news. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> so well done. >> that's awesome. she's apparently been a tigers fan since she moved to that area 60 years ago. >> wow. that's such a cool story. i love hearing all these stories. she apparently had been singing the anthem at holocaust survivor meetings in the area for years and got a chance at this huge venue. >> i loved seeing her go to the crowd. come on people, get ready for the big moment. >> her whole family were there to see it and made such a better moment. loved it. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember, follow us on facebook at
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this morning on "world news now," a suspect standoff with police turns deadly. >> the shoot-out taking place after a fellow officer was allegedly killed by the suspect during a traffic stop. this morning, the husband and father of three being hailed as a hero. it looks like donald trump is gaining ground on hillary clinton. a new abc national poll shows he's jumped ahead of her with likely voters as the two take on the issue of gun control over the weekend and as bernie sanders hopes to cut into the clinton's delegate lead in the golden state. a graduation gaffe for a west point cadet going viral. she's seen marching in formation but not without firing off a couple of text messages. is the criticism she's face shg unfair? you decide. and madonna brought down the
3:01 am
and celine dion wowed the crowd with an emotional performance. but not before about britney spears went all out in the show's opener. our reporter is live in las vegas on this monday, may 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." that's a good show. good morning. i'm phillip mena in for kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. let's get right to our top story this morning. a sad one. a massachusetts police officer fatally shot during a routine traffic stop. hours later the suspect jorge zambrano died in a shoot-out with bliss. >> they say he burst out of a closet guns blazing. the officer leaves behind a wife and three children. abc's chuck severe sten has more. >> reporter: an fer down, an officer down. shots fired. >> reporter: gunshots during a routine traffic stop in massachusetts. >> vehicle has f
3:02 am
responding rochdale heading towards at that time direct of lester. >> reporter: police officer ronald tarantino's brothers in blue rushed to the scene but it was too late. shooter was gone and the married father of three died at the hospital. >> we are devastated for his family. the residence of auburn have lost a dedicate and brave public servant. >> reporter: immediately police launched a manhunt for the suspect. investigators say tarantino had stopped the vehicle just after midnight when someone with inside opened fire hitting the officer multiple times in the chest. >> i heard rapid fire gunshots. initially i thought it was fireworks but my wife was upstairs, had the window open. she said no, that sounded like gunshots. >> reporter: tarantino had just transferred to the police department two years ago. they escorted the fallen officer's body as members of area fire and police departments al absoluted the procession. chuck receiver sen, abc news, new york. a judge in
3:03 am
expected to issue a ruling in the trial of a police officer in the freddie gray case. officer edward nero is charged with assaulted, reckless endangerment and misconduct in the connection with the rate of last year. he suffered a severe spinal injury in the back of a police van and died a week later. the officer chose for his case to be decided by a judge rather than a jury. six people were seriously hurt when their church bus rolled over near san bernardino about the california highway patrol says the bus was returning from an annual retreat when the accident happened. none of the accident victims injuries are threat fling. >> a 5300 square mile area they are hoping to locate the black boxes from the flight which crashed last thursday. without the boxes they won't be able to determine whether the plane malfunctioned or if terrorism is to blame for the crash. matt gutman has the latest from cairo.
3:04 am
and personal belongings are being scooped off the surface of the mediterranean, the search begins beneath it. france moving this sub-hunting ship into place tonight. its mission now to locate something else in the depths, the wreckage of flight 804. and egypt's president saying his navy is deploying a sub capable of scanning the depths at up to 10,000 feet. how big is the search area? >> it's around 60 something kilometers. >> reporter: a radius of 66 kilometers, means the search area is massive. over 5,000 square miles, or about the size of the state of connecticut. the pentagon announcing its p-3 planes flying round the clock sorties over the area, using those sophisticated sensors, have so far detected 100 pieces of debris. those warped seats, perforated handbags and smashed paneling suggest the violence with which the plane broke apart. during the final minutes of the flight, multiple smoke sensors going off. including in the bathroom and just below the cockpit. it could indicate catastrophic
3:05 am
mechanical error, or terrorism. >> in my view, it's highly likely because of the amount of effort that isis and al qaeda have put, over the last few years, into trying to develop an undetectable bomb. >> we've examined the overhead images, we've looked at the signals intelligence. we've looked at the mab fests. we haven't come up with any hard evidence of terrorism as of yet. >> reporter: in these recordings, the pilot talking to air traffic control, eerily cheerful. >> thank you so much. good day, good night. >> reporter: hundreds gathered at his funeral. the aviation minister saying he wants to bring the families a sense of peace. >> the human remains will be the number one priority. >> reporter: what everybody wants are answers. but since not a single terrorist group has claimed responsibility, it's possible the only clues may be with the black boxes, and there are fewer than four weeks to retrieve them before they go silent. matt gutman, a
3:06 am
>> turning now to the race for the white house. and donald trump gaining ground on hillary clinton. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows trump with a two-point lead. that's a stick cal dead heat but it's a big jump from march when clinton was lead big nine points. over the weekend, clinton slammed trump over his gun policies warning they're dangerous and would make the country less safe. >> he's talking about more guns in our schools. he's talking about more hatred and division in our streets. >> i don't want to have a guns in classrooms although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly. >> former president clinton also blasted trump during a campaign stop in california. in a rare move, he mentioned trump by name several times. he told voters trump is demonizing muslims by trying to keep them out of the country and labeled trump's make america great again slogan as dumb. >> bernie sanders is also in
3:07 am
donald trump. saying he must not be president. and he criticized trump for insulting mexicans, women, muslims, and others. sanders is holding two moralies ood in the los angeles area hoping to cut into hillary clinton's advantage with latino voters refusing to drop out of the race saying he an still has a pathway to victory. >> president obama is in vietnam this morning for the first stop on his week long visit to asia. the president announce that the arms embargo with vietnam is now lifted. he will then travel to japan where he will visit hiroshima, as well. and president obama has just issued a statement about this weekend's killing of a top taliban leader in a u.s. air strike. he calls the death a milestone in our effort to bring peace to afghanistan. the strike which happened just across the border in pakistan is the most aggressive u.s. military action in pakistan since e raid that killed osama bin laden. investigators now say that prince may have been dead for
3:08 am
found in an elevator at his minnesota home. but there's still no official word on the cause of death. last night, stevie wonder joined madonna for a touching tribute to prince to close out the billboard music awards show. we'll have more highlights from the show later in this half hour. nick menza, the former drummer for the metal bands megadeath is dead. he collapsed on stage during a performance of his progressive jazz trio in los angeles. menza was megadeath's drummer for nine years and five records including "rust and peace." the cause of death is thought to be a massive heart attack. nick menza was 51. there was another security scare at the white house just two days after the secret service shot an intru intruder. mystery objects were floating over the grounds that turned out to be a few party balloons that eventually landed on the north lawn. they lifted the lockdown as soon
3:09 am
issue was. safety experts advise against walking and texting, right? but how about marching and texting? a facebook video showing a cadet at the u.s. military academy doing just that during a pregraduation parade. moments later she and the rest of the glass of 2016 received their 2nd lieutenant bars. >> the video has now gone viral with some viewers complaining not only about the texting but that they say the cadets weren't all in step and they weren't all in their proper uniforms. we don't really see that here. it looks like everyone is in step. it does appear that new officer is texting. >> of course, she's getting a lot of criticism this morning. i think unless you've actually been in the military, i think you know, that's. >> it's hard to know especially because it's a pregraduation march, now like they were calling her up to receive her bars and she was texting on her way up to the stand. you know, the uniform issue seemed to be more about shoes. some of the women who were in skirts home n
3:10 am
certain color on. others didn't. some were in athletic shoes, some were in a low heel. i don't know. my inclination is usually to cut people a break like that. i don't know how sprikt the rules are for those ceremonies in fairness. >> the full video if you catch it online there are a couple of cadets carrying their shoes while they're walk package who knows what she was doing. maybe she was talking to her parents. >> maybe she was telling mom and dad where she would be. >> it was graduation after all. so i say cut her some slack. >> congratulations to all the cadets. >> that's right. coming up, how much would you charge for your kidney? why one congressman from pennsylvania wants to make it legal for to us sell our organs. the controversial plan he says will save lives. >> music's big night last night in league. who camous at the big winners at this year's billboard music awards and the performance that had had everyone on their feet. you can always
3:11 am
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but the more than 60 families evacuated from this neier arizona are now being let back into their homes and firefighters respectful containment of the fire later today. it's believed the b
3:15 am
transformer explosion. no buildings were damaged. >> mosquitoes carrying the zika virus are expected to begin inspecting americans in the u.s. in the next nont or so. dr. anthony fallacy says about 500 americans already have the virus but all those cases are travel related meaning the individuals were either infected while outside the u.s. or contracted it from someone who had traveled. turning now to another growing health concern. the chronic lack of donor organs. >> it's opened the door to the illegal practice of buying and selling those life-saving organs. >> a controversial plan would be attract more doaners. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: the radical new proposal that kyle mckinney says could save his life. >> i personally think it would be a great idea. >> reporter: mckinney's kidneys started failing him at age 15. the husband and father now desperately hoping for a new one after four years on the wait list. >> it's hard on a family, it's
3:16 am
hard on the girls. >> reporter: kyle is one of more than 100,000 americans on the wait list for a new kidney. every day, at least 12 people die because there are not enough donors. a new pilot program proposed by congressman matt cartwright would test whether financial incentives would attract more donations. >> you make it something like a pension contribution, or an education fund contribution, something that is not transferable. >> reporter: but the national kidney foundation argues organ donation with any monetary incentive is a mistake. >> people who are poor may think differently about giving donation of a kidney if there is a financial reward. >> reporter: the mckinneys say the financial challenges for many donors are real and this legislation could help. >> i love the aspect of the noncash incentive. >> because a lot of these people very families. >> representative cartwright is making his proposal on thursday.
3:17 am
related bills all aimed at getting more donors to save more lives. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. thank you. coming up in our next half hour, the controversial new move in the war on distracted driving. why people who text and drive now have a lot more to worry about than just the police. but first, there were distractionses a plenty last night in las vegas at the billboard music awards. we're checking last night's big winners, and the eye popping performances next. >> announcer: "world news now
3:18 am
♪ >> it was a jonas brothers reunion of sorts at last night's billboard music awards. that's little brother nick singing along with older brother joe as he and his band performed their smash hit
3:19 am
ocean." that was one of the many big moments last night in las vegas. joining us now from the center of where it all happened is abc's lauren lyster. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, diane and phillip. yeah, the show had pop stars swirling through the air, dancing with fire, dancing with a giant guitar, saluting a music legend lost and, of coue, getting a few awards in between. >> it's the weekend! >> accepting is the first award of the night for top 100 artist most nominate the artist the weekend evoking prince to start the show. >> i want to dedicate this show to the late, great prince. rest in peace. >> reporter: top male artist going to 12-time nominee justin bieber. >> thank you to my family. i want to thank god. >> reporter: in billboard fashion, it's as much a concert as an awards show. britney spears opening with a medley of some of her greatest hit ♪ >> reporter: and pink flirting with actual flames as
3:20 am
"just like fire" spinning in the air over the audience. celine dion performing on tv for the first time since the january deaths of both her husband and brother. ♪ i have to find the will to carry on ♪ >> reporter: accepting is the icon award. >> honey, this one's for you. the show must go on. [ applause ] >> reporter: and madonna playing tribute to prince. ♪ purple rain, purple rain >> prince, you know we'll love you forever. ♪ purple rain, purple rain >> reporter: and the big award of the night, billboard's top artist going to. >> adele. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: and for those who couldn't be here at tonight's show, they could still play a role. fans voted for the billboard chart achievement award going to
3:21 am
was kesha in this dispute with her record company. originally said she couldn't perform. then she could. lou did that go over? >> as you said this was some controversy because she was performing and then wasn't and was again. during that wasn't portion, it was because dr. luke, her producer and the record label rescinded approval for her act. she took to instagram talking about it. of course, this is bigger than just her performing at the show. it has to do with on going litigation between kesha and her producer where she's alleged abuse which he denies. nonetheless, the show did go on. it was a quiet moving and emotional performance. >> seemed like there were a lot of those tonight. >> thank you very much, lauren. >> definitely. first of all, kesha in a totally different light than how we're used to seeing her. >> bob dylan song. >> pink for me stole the show. she's just amazing. i don't know how she does it. >> i think on the inte
3:22 am
was the performance by madonna and stevie wonder, the tribute to prince. >> when stevie came out, how fun was that. >> what a great night.
3:23 am
3:24 am
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time now for "the mix." we start things off in florida where if you think that the crocodiles there are looking maybe a little bit bigger and scarier, there could be goo reason for that. researchers say they have found three nile crocodiles. they're just one problem with that. unlike american crocodiles, nile crocodiles are not only bigger, they like to eat humans. >> african mile. >> whereas american crocodiles tend to shy away more from humans. >> if you forget what a crocodile attack looks like, there you go. >> we have a solution. >> there he is. >> look who that is. >> to the rescue. he can't be everywhere though. >> crocodile dunnedee. got to love him. not only does he save
3:26 am
crocs, he saves you from muggers, too. >> i want to know how they got dlt. >> you call that a knife? this is a knife. >> how did they get there. >> that's the question. and they only found three. but they suspect there are a lot more out there. >> got to have a bigger knife if you're hanging out in florida. >> watch out. >> vodka, all kinds of vodka. there are grape vodka, wheat based, all sorts. brand-new vodka coming from the bay area made of fog. made of fog. that's right. >> how does that work. >> it's called fog point. and the creators here from hangar 1 distillery wanted to do something that embodied the values of the bay area which are sustainability and local production and wouldn'ted to give a nod to the drought. so they got shooestz mr. to get the waterlogged fog and throats through them and sending drops down trickling in and they made enough over six months to make 2400 bottles of this vodka.
3:27 am
it else is for 125 bucks a pop. >> are they going to make a smoky version for smog? like the mescal of the vodkas. >> after a few, i don't think you could tell a difference anywhere. >> maybe it's fogka. >> get it now. >> a case in the uk has raised the issue of jobs where women are required to wear heels. many are saying it's unfair. this new company in the uk decided to turn the tables a little bit. they had all men for a day wear heels. these were the hilarious results. i thought maybe it would be a good idea. >> put them on. >> what do you think, phil. >> let's do it. >> can you do it. >> i don't know if we'll have enough time. i'll walk around. it's so difficult. i have no idea how women do it. >> i love the guy who says this is no big deal. this is easy. he very nearly falls down the stairs. >> it's never easy. how about some stroller talk. there is a stroller, look at that, the
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the race for the white house is now neck and neck as donald trump and hillary clinton step up their attacks on each other. wal have the latest from the campaign trail. the deep dive for answers. the search for that missing egyptair flight is heading to the bottom of the sea as families an say good-bye to the passengers now presumed dead. a full report from the region just ahead. new this half hour, a chorus was supposed to sing the national anthem but instead was drowned out by someone else. >> the snub leading to a terribly awkward moment for the singers and the fans. find out why many think it wasn't exactly an honest mistake. >> and the biggest moments from last night's billboard awards. the best of the music world coming together to put on an action-packed show, plus the
3:31 am
performances that didn't leave a dry eye in the house. that's in "the skinny" on then monday, may 23rd. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> not enough special effects at the billboard awards last night. >> that was a lot of fun last night. a lot of fun. >> great performances. goods morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm phillip mena in for kendis gibson. we begin with the battle for the white house. new poll numbers showing an ultratight race between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> right, it's getting interesting if it wasn't already. the latest abc news/"washington post" poll has trump two points ahead of clinton within the margin of error, a virtual tie and a dramatic shift from march when clinton had a nine-point lead over trump. bernie sanders is also slamming trump while trying to chip at -- chip away at clinton's lead among latino voters. we get more now from abc's david wright. >> reporter: donald trump is coming up fast, according to the new poll. the brash billionaire closing a nine-point gap to overtake hillary clin
3:32 am
>> you know, i call her crooked hillary. >> reporter: this weekend, the two of them squared off over the issue of guns. >> he's talking about more guns in our schools. he's talking about more hatred and division in our streets. >> i don't want to have guns in classrooms, although in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly. >> reporter: trump took the new numbers in stride. >> i think we're going to do very well. i think we're going to do even better than that. >> reporter: but the new poll also shows trump and clinton to be the most unpopular candidates ever to run. nearly two-thirds of registered voters have an unfavorable view of both major candidates. that's why democrat bernie sanders told george he's sticking around. >> i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. >> reporter: clinton has already crowned herself. >> i am going to be the nominee. >> secretary clinton is jumping the gun a little bit. >> reporter: the season finale of "snl" imagined sanders as the
3:33 am
little too long. >> senator sanders, i'm sorry, but the night is over. >> no, no, it's not over. it's not over until i say it's over. >> reporter: sanders insists he still has a pathway to victory, and he's made it clear he plans to stay in the race through the end of primary season about three weeks from now. according to the new poll, he has the most positive rating of the three of them. david wright, abc news, new york. >> thank you. >> overseas now to iraq where a major battle has begun over the city of fallujah. iraqi troops are fighting to retake the city from isis which has been in control since december of 2013. the u.s. military is backing the operation with air strikes. if the battle is successful, only one iraqi city, mosul, would remain in the hands of isis. meanwhile iraqi security forces have installed additionalal blast walls and layers of razor wire around baghdad's green zone, this after the compound that
3:34 am
iraqi ministries was breached recently by hundreds of proteste protesters. many of them supporters of a powerful shiite cleric who led months of demonstrations for government reform. >> a robot submarine is joining the search for egyptair flight in the mediterranean this morning. so far they've have found belongings but the fuselage and flight recorders are still missing. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest from paris. >> reporter: the u.s. navy searching above the mediterranean sea. >> is there a possibility they found debris already today? >> reporter: spot morgue debris, at least 100 pieces believed to be from egyptair 04, while below below an egyptian military submarine is now led together -- heading to an area where the plane is believed to have crashed early thursday. they will scan as deep as 10,000 feet for the airbus a320's black boxes, we're told the key to answering what caused the disaster. >> we will announce when we get close to them or at least reporte where they are.
3:35 am
victims, investigators are also looking into alarming messages transmitted from the plane moments after this final conversation with air traffic control. >> egyptair 804, contact padova, 1-2-0 decimal. >> this is 0-7-2-5. thank you so much. good night. >> reporter: that was followed by silence from the cockpit as the plane's transmission was reported lid warning of smoke on board. those alerts continuing for three full minutes before the plane dropped from radar. >> now we have evidence that says something mechanically went wrong whether that was caused by a bomb or it was just plain mechanical, we need to figure that out. >> reporter: the only way to figure that out is with the data on those black boxes. french officials say they now have a sonar ship expected to arrive monday to help with the search. marci gonzalez, abc news, paris. >> marci, thank you. president obama is in vietnam this morning. he's welco
3:36 am
the president said there's a warm friendship between the u.s. and vietnam. he's now the third sitting president to visit the country since the vietnam war, the first stop on a week long visit to asia. the president's next stop is japan which will include a high profile visit to hiroshima. >> a man who shot and killed a massachusetts police officer is now dead. police say jorge zambrano came out of a closet firing at police officers searching an apartment for him. last evening, first responders in central massachusetts honored ronald tarantino who was killed during a traffic stop. the ret ran cop had transferred to the auburn police department two years ago. he leaves behind a wife and three children. an indian man is now the third climber to die on mount everest in recent days. a frantic search is under way for two others in his party missing since saturday. dutch climber eric arnold on his fifth trek died on friday from altitude sickness. the other victim was
3:37 am
maria strydom who died after reaching the peak with her husband. the san diego padres are apologizing to the local gay men's chorus for what it calls the mishandling of the national anthem on pride night. the chorus was drowned out by a recording of a woman i think is -- singing the anthem. that sparked outrage from the gay communities. the padres say there's no evidence of malicious intent but the team disciplined an employee for not correcting the mistake. >> turning now to basketball. the thunder rolled over the warriors in the nba western conference finals, 133-105. kevin durant had 30 points for oklahoma city. russell westbrook threw in 30 as the thunder matched the franchise record for the most points scored in a playoff game. the thunder out-rebounded the warriors out everythinged them that night. golden state's steph curry held to just 24 points. oklahoma city now have a 2-1 lead in the series. game four is tuesday night. now to soccer and paul arriola had quita
3:38 am
the u.s. national team, the first player in 16 years to have a goal and an assist in his initial appearance with the team. tim ream and bobby wood also scored for the u.s. which dominated. beating prosecutor 3-1. arriola was called as a sub for this exhibition game. many of the regular players stayed with their major league soccer teams this weekend and he got to help. >> he got to show off his stuff. >> there's a mexican player who probably isn't so happy about the goal he scored yesterday. that's because it was in his own net. >> hard to tell if he was confused or if the ball kind of bounced off his leg. he'll have a lot of time to think about it because his team is now out of the tournament while the other team, they're moving onto the finals. >> goal. how long was he going for that? he's still going. he started -- >> that announcer, his signature is that. despite the fact it was a goal
3:39 am
hold back. he continued goal. >> they ended up losing that game. right of off the head. whoops, no, the other way. >> i feel his pain. >> it's the worst feeling. >> in the many years i played soccer, i was a defender most of the time and the only goal i scored was during a corner on my own net. >> at least you got on the board. >> and we lost by a point. >> that was a big game for them, too. now out of the semifinals. >> out of the finals. >> out of the semifinals. >> coming up, caught on dashcam video is a routine traffic stop in milwaukee that watch this, quickly took a wild and dangerous turn. what happened after this woman took off. >> and a big night in music in vegas. the moving performances by kesha after being nearly banned from the show by her producer dr. luke and celine dion as she saluted her husband with a tearful version of "the show must go on." amazing. > it sure was. here's a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by downey unstoppables. forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by downey unstoppables. w can this e
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a a traffic stop in milwaukee quickly took a dangerous turn. you see there the video shows the driver who had been pulled over for speeding, suddenly throws the car into reverse, slams the patrol car behind her and then speeds off. one officer was almost hit by oncoming traffic knocked over by the door of the car. the other holds onto the driver's door. the suspect was caught a short time later. she could now be facing up to 45 years in prison. >> wow. >> and another growing danger on the highway. we hear about this all the time, distracted drivers. >> increasingly if you text and drive, you may find you have a lot more than police to worry about. here's abc's eva pilgrim.
3:44 am
>> i'm recording you. put the phone down. it's texting and driving is illegal. >> reporter: a controversial new frontier on in the war on distracted driving. citizens using social media to shame drivers. >> look at this person texting and driving. the kid in the back seat. >> reporter: this concerned man recording people he says are texting and driving. >> you're endangering your child as well as everybody else on the roadways. >> reporter: then posting those confrontations on youtube. that wyoming man is not the only one calling people out online. in california, a passenger catching another driver she says was snapping a selfie while behind the wheel. >> she's taking a selfie. >> reporter: in dallas, there's a facebook page devoted to outing distracted drivers. but is it safe? >> you don't know who you're dealing with. you know, the person can be somebody who is armed with a weapon and so forth. >> it just puts yoself in a bad situation. >> reporter: big brother is watching too, cracking down on th66
3:45 am
phones while driving. the national highway traffic safety administration discovering this driver tweeting i'm either texting and driving eating and driving or sometimes both. nhtsa responding put down the phone and #just drive. >> reporter: experts say you can safely glance away from the road while driving for two seconds. sending a text message takes on average five seconds. eva pilgrim, abc news, paramus, new jersey. >> most take longer than five seconds. >> i don't know about recommending other people especially because they're driving but they are also taking that video on their phone. i don't know that that's much safer than texting. >> that's all we were thinking while we were watching that. we're like, wait a minute, aren't they shooting that, as well? >> i think you should leave it to the police and the authorities to enforce those laws. you should just be focused on the road. >> it is such an issue now. a quarter of all traffic accidents because premium texting and driving. about six more times more likely to be in an accident because of texting and driving than if alcohol was involved.
3:46 am
>> everyone's always so focused on dwi. it's so important. we hear way too many horror stories because of that. everyone thinks the same thing, if only i had not sent that text. it wasn't that important after all. >> we're all for the public shaming of texting and driving. >> when we come back, recapping one of music's biggest nights of the year. >> we're checking out the top binners, the amazing moments and the amazing fashion at this year's billboard music awards. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny it is time now for "the skinny" and we want to start with last night's billboard music awards. >> that's right. they were live from las vegas and the ceremonies kicked off with britney spears whipping off her jacket to reveal a costume that was very bedazzled, a lot of jewelry going on. not a whole lot more than that. >> like it was 1999 all over again. >> she was honored with the millennium award and performed a high energy medley of her greatest hits, dialing it back to the '90s. not just with her music but with her stunning figure. doesn't she look awesome. >> i'm saying, i remember that in the late '90s she was "i'm a slave for you" video. all those running around. that's what it looked like. >> relax, phil. you'll be okay.
3:49 am
>> leave it on a little bit longer. >> whoo. getting hot in the studio. >> we're talking about justin bieber next. might, as well, wanted to let the britney spears video play as long as i can. justin bieber brought "sorry" and "company" to the most dramatic stage setup complete with sets of fire and dizzying light show. >> say what you want. this song is awesome. you can't hear it and not want to groove to it. >> it's a good song. i wanted to see britney spears more than i wanted to see him. >> he won a big award too. >> speaking of people on fire, my favorite, pink. she performed "just like fire." as you can see, it had a lot of pyrotechnics going on. she actually sang inside a ring of fire. and that was after she went swinging bob the ground. full-on acrobatics and she says she never lip syncs. she does all of that singing live. kills it every time. unbelievable. >> hot and the smoke. suffocating.
3:50 am
very impressive. after almost being banned from the show by her producer, dr. luke, kesha gave a moving rendition of bob dylan's 1964 song "it ain't me babe." >> i really loved seeing this side of her. very, very different than the kesha we're so used to. nice moving performance from her. but when it comes to emotion this one may have topped them all. if not a close second. this was celine dion. she saluted her late husband and surprised by her own son came out and presented her with the icon award. i mean, just -- emotions all around not only with the singing but with the acceptance speech. a really beautiful moment for her and her family there. >> it was. she ended her performance, obviously there was a standing ovation at the end, well deserved. and with tears in her eyes said the show must go on. finally, madonna paying tribute to prince. she was joined by stevie wonder for a stirring rendition of "purple rain." >> this was a great moment.
3:51 am
nobody knew stevie was coming out. just the choir behind them and the crowd waving purple bracelets. it sounded like everyone was singing along. of course, the other top story out of billboard music awards was the red carpet and the fashion. >> can't forget about the fashion. >> start with the show's co-host ciara turning heads in that silver metallic dress showing cleavage from every angle. her deand say seahawks russell wilson was right there by her side making sure nobody acted on anything. >> i don't think he minded the cutouts on that dress. >> i got to stay pretty close to her. >> she's working them. britney spears pretty much decided to keep it minimal wearing a black bra, black underwear, some lace, some knee highs, and some fish nets. you don't need to wear much else. >> keep bringing it, britney. >> meghan trainor looking beautiful in what i am told are iridescent sequins. >> getting fashionable on us. and finally, can't get this one go by.
3:52 am
someone we've never heard of. that's z lala in what looks like a bird cage. i don't know. >> she got the attention. a bird cage. >> she got the attention. s ♪ everytime she sniffs... this happens. still there... still still there... well that's how you rock a long travel day. new scent duets from gain it's the gain the keeps on keeping on. sniff, sniff, hooray!
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(sound♪ of music ♪histling) introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified.
3:55 am
k-y touch. >> we're home. >> "star wars" fans could argue that regardless of the scene, it may just be chewbacca who always steals the show. >> now a dallas mom is stealing at least some of that spotlight taking her love of chewy to a whole new level and delighting millions of facebook followers in the process. here's abc's rachel smith. >> i'm really excited to share with you something i got. >> reporter: it is the record-setting viral video. >> this is worth every penny! >> reporter: soaring to new heights in the social media stratosphere. >> now i'm going to let chewbacca talk here. >> reporter: you can't stop watching. > watch my mouth actually moves. >> reporter: setting the record fo
3:56 am
video. but why is this woman, candice payne, simply wearing a chewbacca mask and sitting in her car so popular? our friends over at slates are helping us break it down. >> payne is very charming and self-deprecating and she has a really infectious musical laugh. >> i'm such a happy chewbacca. i kind of want to drive around like this. it's the simple joys. >> she pokes fun at the fact that there are people staring at her while she's in her car in the parking lot and the fact she got this mask for herself and not for her kids. >> in all honesty, at the end of the day, it doesn't go in their toy box. it goes in my room. >> she needed to share something that brought her a lot of joy. there's something pure and uncynical. >> laugh it up, fuzz ball. >> reporter: and laugh she does.
3:57 am
>> this is the best birthday present ever to myself. >> reporter: rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> i have to say when i watched, it, the buildup to it, it kind of takes a long time. i thought what in the world? this video is so overrated. but when she put the mask on and starts laughing and the mouth is moving and making all these sounds, i was hysterical laughing. i couldn't stop. >> she cracks herself up. such a happy chewbacca. >> she's so charming. look at us. >> look at that. not as charming as kendis there. >> candice looks a little bit cuter in her mask than we do in ours. >> i think the laugh ties it all up. >> i can't do it. >> if you haven't got enough of this, candice will be on "gma" later this morning. we can relive the whole thing all over again. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- we have breaking news, president obama is in vietnam making a major announcement overnight. hear the new decision by the u.s. that's sparking instant outrage from china. bringing out the big dog. bill clinton on the attack overnight as new polls show hillary clinton trailing donald trump. plus s trump ready to pick a running mate. a robot has joined in the search of flight 804. in texas shifting through damage. emotioning running ahead of at the billboard music awards. madonna and stevie wonder honored a legend. we have full coverage ahead.


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