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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 24, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," another not guilty verdict for an officer in the freddie gray case. >> protesters hit the streets as all members of the baltimore police force were called in to keep the peace. more just ahead. hillary clinton trying to shake bernie sanders but overnight he's vowing to fight on, saying the democratic national convention will likely be a messy one. this as a new social media post from donald trump's camp attacks bill clinton. the tsa's top security official has been remove after reports he receive aid plum bonus despite issue of an issue at the nation's busiest airport. will the move help ease growing security lines? and hoverboard hijinks. the viral video of a girl taking a spin on the popular toy but wait until you see
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when she starts to spin out of control. that's "the mix" on then tuesday, may 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm phillip mena. let's get right to our top story this half hour. the acquittal of a police officer in the freddie gray case. it calls into question the cases against five other officers charged in the case. >> abc's chuck severe sten has more on the response in baltimore. >> reporter: police keeping a tense quiet on the streets of baltimore, but the anger was up full volume at the courthouse where officer edward nero walked in facing years behind bars and walked out a free man. >> that could be my child. i don't want that for my child. >> police don't go to jail like we do. >> reporter: he was charged with four counts of assaults and endangerment as he held him before he was handcuffed before puttin
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near row was not in the van that will carried gray as he was placed unrestrained on the floor. somehow his spine was servered. when he died a week later, baltimore exploded in jail. the judge clears officer near row of all charges saying there was no evidence that the defendant intended for a crime to occur. >> had he been found guilty of these crimes, officers across the country would feel they could not arrest people that they could not do their jobs. >> reporter: six officers were originally charged in the death, the first case ended in a mistrial after a hung jury. the next trial in two weeks is the most serious, a murder case against the driver of the van. chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york a death rote inmate in the georgia could ask for a new trial after a court found prosecutors barred african-americans from being on his jury.
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1987 for the murder of an elderly white woman. the court said records that surfaced decades later showed a concerted effort to exclude black jurors. the high court ruled 7-1 with charns thomas dissenting. syria is blaming other middle eastern countries for a wave of deadly bombings. the seven blasts killed at least 80 people in coastal cities, the first time the cities have been hit in the five-year civil war. the targets included bus station, a power station and a hospital. isis is claiming responsibility but the syrian government blames turkey, qatar, and saudi arabia. >> more than 2600 migrants were rescued in the past 24 hours in the mediterranean. the italian navy which released had this video participated in the operation along with malta, ireland and doctors without boarders. they were using riktetty rafts and rubber boats to try to reach africa. >> federal investigators will be looking into the cause ever cause of a deadly plan
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a sky diving plane crashed and burned just after takeoff on the island of kauai. it's believed the pilot, two instructors and two jumpers were on board at the time. and another small plane dplash hawaii. this one off of han lulu. the aircraft was approaching the airport when it crash landed into the water. two lifeguards swam out to help the passengers on board and then a jet ski rescued all four. underwater images show the small plane right where it crash landed in the water. a plane than had just taken off from the denver airport was forced to return after a bird strike. abc's kayna whitworth has the details. >> reporter: the terrifying emergency landing playing out just moments after takeoff. the virgin america flight taking off just before noon, headed from denver to san francisco. 122 passengers and five crew onboard. the pilot radioing for help, declaring an emergency. the airbus 320 suffering a bird strike, according to denver international airport.
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>> virgin 864, you know where the bird strike was? >> we're assuming it's the right engine. >> reporter: you can see the flight path here. they were in the air less than 20 minutes, landing back on a neighboring runway without incident. virgin america saying in a statement, "the safety of the passengers and crew was never in question." but it's a very real fear in the air. birds striking planes. just weeks ago, a bird denting the front of this dallas-bound american airlines flight, forcing it to return to seattle. and that landing on the hudson river in new york city in 2009. thankfully no, one was injured but bird strikes are a major concern. and according to the faa, they cause more than $300 million in damage every year. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. canena, thank you. there's been a shake-up at the tsa. its top security official has been replaced a month after accusations he had received $90,000 in bonuses despite poor management. and new leadership team is
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at chicago's o'hare airport. o'hare had some of the worst problems was long lines for screening. now to the race for the white house where bernie sanders is predicting that the democratic convention could be messy. sanders insists he will condemn any violence but added that democracy is not always nice, quiet and gentle. and he's urging the party to be more inclusive. meanwhile hillary clinton called for party unity as she ripped into donald trump at a union convention in detroit, this time slamming his business record. >> he could bankrupt america like he's bankrupted his companies. i mean, ask yourself. how can anybody lose money running a casino. really. >> and donald trump is stepping up his attacks on bill clinton with a new video posted on instagram using audio from two women who accused the former president of sexual assault. >> like many community college graduates this time of year, ta nearby abraham is trying to decide which school to attend
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unlike most, he is only 12 years old. >> he was only allowed to take his first community college class if his mother also took the class with him because he was only 7 years old. soon he was explaining relativity to her. he expects to become a medical doctor by the age of 18. he says he's just a normal kid who enjoys video games. >> and will be very wealthy one day. >> and walking across the stage to pick up his diploma was a bigger milestone for mica mcdade. because mica had never walked before. he's will had cerebral palsy since birth and had been practicing for commencement for months. >> getting out of his cheech surprised his classmates and families. rightly so, they gave him a standing ovation, his parents weeping tears of joy. of course, they were not the only ones. such a touching moment and what a moment to show. his klatt mates and families
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accomplished on this day of academic accomplishment all he's been through. >> he's undergone a number of operations, lots of physical therapy and still doctors told him he would never walk. so what a day to show that if you really put your mind to something and to defy all the expectations. a great inspirational story there. >> you get chills. >> coming up later "the mix," a pair of electrifying musical tribute ooze. >> and a whale stuck in a net along a new jersey shore gets help from some human friends. >> and later a trip through the hall of fame of laughter. touching back the clock to see how far comedy has come. barry mitchell gives us that hilarious report. check out our behind the scenes pics on abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." for dog hair and dirt i use resolve pet foam. spray it on evenly.
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a humpback whale is enjoying some newfound freedom off the coast of new jersey. that's because a group of fishermen rescued the whale from a fishing net. the men had called the coast guard but when they were told it would be hour before a boat could respond, they took matters into their own hands. >> unfortunately, it did not turn out so well for another whale. a drone video caught the feeding frenzy of dozens of tiger sharks as they for the whale's carcass to shreds in australia. it's not known if they killed the whale or itas
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dead. but a tourist cruise boat happened by. killer drew peterson is back in court, this time accused of trying to have a prosecutor killed. in yesterday's bombshell testimony, a fellow inmate said peterson offered him $10,000 to help murder the prosecutor. the informant also testified he confessed to kill is lis fourth wife stacy peterson peterson's body has never been found. >> there's a major new development in one of the nation's biggest murder cases. the accuses killer of chandra levy is getting a new trial. >> the young washington intern was murdered 15 years ago. the defense is now pointing the finger at a california congressman who had an affair with her. abc's david wright has the latest. >> reporter: bombshell new allegations in a sensational washington murder case. could a congress man's alleged secret sex life have been the motive for murder in the allegation being made for the man sentenced to of 0
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prison for killing chandra levy. she was a 24-year-old washington intern who disappeared 15 years ago this month. >> we just big anyone who has information to please call it in. >> reporter: her murder one of the biggest stories that summer. juan deke, a legal immigrant from el salvador was convicted based on a jailhouse confession to other inmates. it was later set aside. he's facing a new trial this fall. now his lawyers have filed a blockbuster motion zeroing in on levy's relationship with former congressman gary condit claiming aggressive sex involving bondage may have killed her. a pair of knotted tights found nearby. defense attorneys say condit may have used them to retrain levy during a rough sex act gone wrong. chandra leave have i's parents are split over the defense efforts to re-evaluate his possible role. >> condit
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doing that but it doesn't prove that he's the murderer. >> young women can be caught up in the web of predators or powerful people and you don't know what happened to them. >> reporter: the defense motion claims condit had a powerful motive to either kill and or cover up the circumstances of her death whether her death was intentional or accidental. at the time, condit told abc's connie chung he's innocent. >> congressman condit, do you know what happened to chandra levy? >> no, i do not. >> did you kill chandra leave have i? >> i did not. >> david wright, abc news, new york. >> it's a big one. that case was considered to be possibly the next o.j. case. we were all distracted because 9/11 happened around the same time. the fact it's coming back into the spotlight could be major. >> backing in 2001, condit refused to submit to a polygraph test submitted by the d.c. police but his attorney said he actually passed one of those
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tests by a privately hired person there. so still after all these years, still puzzling. > his attorney saying this theory has already been unequivocally rejected. we'll have to see,000 all plays out. >> coming up in our next half hour, the mother arrest ford what her son did during a family vacation. she let her 11-year-old son drive a golf cart. but was her arrest justified? what she is charged with and what she is now saying this morning. >> first, who's your favorite comic? we'll tell you why the comics of the past have had so much influence on who we love today. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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>> deletes this thing. ♪ ♪ hey, politics and foreign wars, all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka >> no, no need to check your calendar. it is not friday yet. but our polka maestro barry mitchell had a little something special for thus morning. >> he's a musician but also a comedian. he sat down with the human encyclopedia of come couldy to find out why those comic legends of the past are so important to the genre of today. >> comedy addresses its generation. it speaks to its generation. it makes people laugh because it's relating to them. to go into any comedy club, the top hack eyed subject matter is tinder, uber and bill cosby. >> we're at the stan comedy club
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historian cliff nester rof. who would be a ground breaking female comedian we maybe never heard of? >> there was a woman jamed jean carole. she was around in the 1930s, '40s and early 1950s. >> always showering me with presents like when i went on my honeymoon. he gave me a matching set of luggage. three shopping bags. >> initially considered a novelty and maybe the first modern female standup comedian. >> i was fascinated by dick gregory, the first black comedian to sbeg gray the playboy clubs. >> very much so. for years and years and years, standsup comedy was segregated. you had the chitlin' circuit and the rest of the circuit. dick gregory came along and he was the comedy hit of 1961. and because he was the first black comedian to address a mainstream white audience in nightclubs across america, he had to
3:20 am
wrote his act. he got joke books from a dime store, you know, mother-in-law jokes and my wife is a bad cook. he would open with those types of jokes. once he had the audience laughing at those kinds of jokes, then he hit them hard with jokes about all the issues that were affecting black america in the early '60s. >> and they listened? >> they listen and they laughed. >> got a little snow down there in georgia for the first time in 100 years. i had a cousin damn near got killed after that snow. he thought he was leaning up against a snow bank and it turned out to be a ku klux klan rally. >> one of the themes in my book is influence. louis c.k.'s influence was george carlin. george carlin is not a surprise. the you be known come public. >> murray langston. >> yeah, yeah. >> they gave me this permanent wave. >> he told one-liner jokes. he was very popular for a while in america.
3:21 am
the unknown comic's act. it makes the unknown comic more important than you might think. you would dismiss him but he inspires one of the biggest comedians in america today. >> the comedians, drunks, thieves and skounld drews and the history of the american comedy by cliff nest ter rove. >> i must be really good. >> and, of course. >> here's cliff's book right here senator cliff's book is available in bookstores and amazon. i love the take on the unknown comics and how much influence they've had. >> we all know about louis c.k. we don't know -- it's interesting to hear how he got his influence. i never heard of the unknown comic. >> you look at certain, they were talking about one-liner comics. mitch hedberg has gone on to inspire many others but not so many people know about him either, or steven lynch. i'm a huge fan of comedy. i loved hearing about all
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that. i might give this one a read. >> mitch hedberg. you haven't heard of that guy? so funny.
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k-y touch. all right. time now for "the mix." and with the billboard music awards we were talking about madonna's tribute with stevie wonder to prince. great performance. >> absolutely. >> i have one that might top that. meet the sin pay theed ladies, they are a tap group. and this is their tribute to prince with "when doves cry." check this out. ♪ this is what it sounds like when doves cry ♪ >> wow. >> just perfectly in sync. they do not miss a single step. a single beat. they were actually on "good morning america" when they tapped to beyonce's "formation." i think they've outdone themselves with this one. >> you can tell how talented they are. look at that.
3:26 am
it -- they did it justice right there. it looks so good. >> flawless. through flawless. >> another tribute to another legend, michael jackson, we all remember the song "smooth criminal," one of my favorites. >> great video, too. >> absolutely. there's a cover done in tokyo, japan we want to play for you by a goal named two cellos. listen to these two guys doing "smooth criminal." ♪ down there. they're originally did the cover back in 2011. >> what i love about these guys is the first time they did this and they put the video out that, video went viral. this was just another performance of it, yet now this one is going viral yet again because no one got enough the first time. >> it was posted today. it already has 50,000 views. >> absolutely. well, something else that unfortunately for a little girl
3:27 am
video of what not to do on a hoverboard. you see the sister there, she's kind of stuck in a hoverboard turn. listen to her ask her sister for help. jami, what she keeps saying is jamie, jamie, i can't stop. jamie, rather than helping her sister kind of sends her into a larger spin, which eventually sent her crashing into the wall. and her mother's reaction was jami, you were supposed to help her but we're told she's just fine. the wall, on the other hand, the wall's not so fine. but her sister's getting a kick out of this. >> with that kind of spin, nothing good was going to come of that. >> jami does not do very well under pressure. >> drywall. unless you live in oklahoma city, everyone loves step curry. step curry, the mvp of the league right now. look at this little kid. it's his doppelganger. his name is landon. adorable.
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this morning on "world news now," there's a lot of back and forth in the race for the white house. hillary clinton mocks donald trump's business record as trump releases a video with some ugly accusations about bill clinton. and bernie sanders is hinting at division among the democrats at the convention. new efforts in the search for missing egyptair flight 804. investigators holding out hope that the plane's black boxes once found will reveal the cause of the crash and if terrorism played a role. >> and new this half hour, severe storms are giving an unseasonable look to some of the regions. >> heavy hail coming down in this pennsylvania town looking there like it's still winter and the spring storms across the country certainly not welcome especially when those funnel clouds loom. and jojo is back after getting her heart broken


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