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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 26, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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he alleged shot at motorists and drove the wrong way. the suspect has been arrested and charged. abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> reporter: terror on a phoenix highway. >> they're getting several reports of a shooter on sr-87. there is a male who is shooting a machine gun. >> reporter: it began just before dark, with frantic calls to police. a driver opening fire on passing cars. >> there's a male subject injured. >> reporter: police identifying that gunman as 36-year-old james david walker, who they say shot at 13 people in six different cars, wounding two of them. this car set on fire by gunshots. the driver's head grazed by a bullet. >> he's just taking shots at anybody and everybody that comes across him. >> reporter: police say walker then stole another vehicle at a gas station, firing at police as he fled. bullets hitting a police cruiser. he escapes. on the run for three hours. then, a chopper spots the stolen vehicle, abandoned in a ditch. nearby, police find an ar-15 rifle, ammunition and body armor.
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a half mile away, a s.w.a.t. team and police dogs move in on the suspect. this is the second time in a year a highway gunman has paralyzed this community. police are still investigating last summer's shooting spree that targeted drivers and injured a 13-year-old girl. officers in this case telling me that walker could not have obtained those weapons legally. he spent 16 years in prison for second degree murder, and he's facing multiple charges including attempted homicide. kayna whitworth, abc news, phoenix. >> a university of oregon fraternity is suspended after members were accused of trashing a california lake. authorities say the students left behind trash and nearly 100 tents. the forest service says workers spent hours cleaning up the half a mile wide swathe. police are investigating whether other fraternities or sore 0 or theities were also involved. >> the gossip website and hulk hogan, a florida judge denying gawker's request for a retrial and refusing to reduce the
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hogan sued gawker over a leaked videotape of him having sex with his then best friend's wife. this comes as pay paul founder peter they'll acknowledged he helped finance hogan's legal fight. >> a giant sinkhole swallowed 20 carson a busy street in florence, italy. the scene was captured on video. authorities blame a burst water main. crews evacuated the area as clean-up and investigations got under way. there were no immediate reports of injuries or casualties. >> just a sinking feeling. in washington, a little girl confined to her home because of a rare condition now has a special place because she can't risk infections, leaving home is nearly impossible. so a group of generous girl scouts built this play house for hannah. it has opened up a whole new world for her. >> her mother can watch her play from every window of their home. hannah gets to be outside. doctors didn't give her much of a chance of surviving beyond her first birthday. last week she
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>> absolutely great something so simple can make such a big difference there. >> absolutely. people underestimate how acts of kindness can affect somebody else. >> coming up, the incident that delayed a flight out of denver. the airplane meltdown. it was caught on video. a passenger throwing a fit. is that a kid or a passenger? wow, throwing herself on the floor right outside the cockpit. and what happened next. and wait for it. >> waiting. >> so this happened. who is that guy? and what did he do with that water bottle? we're bringing back an old favorite segment this morning right here on "world news now." >> it is huge. wait till you see it. >> first, take a look at the temperatures. >> announcer: "world news" weather brought to you by united health care. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five,
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seems like every time the toilet someone's there to undo it. after a superior clean, apply the lysol click gel. to keep it fresh, flush, after flush, after flush. for a toilet that gets clean, then actually stays that way. lysol that. it is fleet week in new york city. the annual ritual got under way with a parade
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up the hudson river. they were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of well-wishers. as many as 4500 navy, coast guard, marine service members will descend on the city, free tours, military demonstrations are set to take place throughout the week. in annapolis, maryland, the navy's blue angels displayed their mastery in the sky and. ed various high speed aerobatic maneuvers, part of the naval academy's commissioning which can. >> over at the denver airport, a different kind of incident played out as a passenger jet taxied to the runway. >> so one passenger got so upset, she threw herself on the floor right outside the cockpit. abc's neal karlinksky with that story. >> reporter: the airbus a-319 was still on the runway in denver, as the woman, captured by a stunned passenger, is seen lying on the floor at the foot of the cockpit door, kicking and screaming, saying the flight is going to go down. >> she attempted to pull out the oxygen bag
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she jumped out of her seat. >> reporter: the flight attendant, standing off to her side, remains calm. >> can we get the paramedics here? >> the flight crew's number one priority is to protect the passengers and the airplane and then communicate with the flight crew as to what's going on. >> reporter: it's a problem facing flight crews more than you might imagine. on this iceland air flight to jfk in 2013, passengers took matters into their own hands, duct-taping an unruly passenger to his seat. faa statistics show an average of 141 incidents a year. though, this year's numbers are much lower so far. police got the woman off the plane, but they didn't arrest her. she seemed to be dealing with some pretty serious issues and was taken to a hospital instead. neal karlinksky, abc news, seattle. got feel bad for her. clearly something wrong there. aviation consultants actually say the crew could have done a better job here. they should have called the paramedics before calling the police. >> that was one of the first things they do. that flight was heading
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i get sometimes over not having peanuts on a flight. that quite that sort of temper tantrum that took place there. it's getting increasingly hostile in the air for many people. by the time you get on the flight, you've gone through all the sa lines we've talked about. >> people's patience runs low. every now and then you find a passenger having a problem. sometimes it helps to catch the warning signs before it gets to that point. that's kind of what they're saying. either the crew could have handled it better or maybe the gate agents need to keep a better eye out. even passengers. if you see someone that seems like they're agitated maybe there's a way to circumvent it. >> if you're feeling agitated on a flight, order a vodka shot. >> coming up, young talent on display at the white house. >> why first lady michelle obama is hoping these kids could be the future of arts education in america's schools. you're watching "world news now."
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>> announcer: "world news now" continues aft
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♪ turn the beat around love to hear percussion. ♪ turn it upside down >> your bff. >> turn it up, turn it up side down. >> we almost harmonized there. almost. hoping to turn the beat around in america's underperforming schools, fir
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obama welcomed student performers from around the country for the first ever white house turn around arts talent show. >> this wasn't just any talent show. abc's serena marshall checked it out for us. >> reporter: they were breaking it down and singing it up. ♪ kids from across the country showing off their talent at the white house all part of the administration's turn around arts program that aims to bring art classes back ing inlow performing schools. >> across the country, arts classes were being cut back or eliminated all together. over a million students weren't getting any music education and nearly 4 million students had no access to the visual arts at all. and these were serious losses for our young people. >> reporter: the program pairs up schools with famous mentors like bernie williams,little buck and paula abdul. >> having arts fully part of my school
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discover having alignment with passion. it only fueled me to do better in school. i had you know, the ability to see other kids who shared the same passion as i did. >> reporter: when you talk to these kids, you've been working with them for a while, what is the one thing you're really hearing from them. >> the fact that they're loving what they're doing. they're excited to be there. >> reporter: excitement not the only goal. the administration points to findings that found improvements in math and reading as well as higher attendance and reduced suspensions by a staggering 90%. >> me drawing and being like overwhelmed and one dancing. like it encouraged me. i can do this, i can do that. i can do all of this. i can just rise. >> reporter: rising in their dancing, singing and poetry. >> when i watch tv, i build materials out of cardboard, plarveg and twine. >> i know i'm meant to do this. if i could, i would
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my other home. >> reporter: performing for the first lady for the last time. >> you all make me want to cry. i just want the nation to see this. you know? because these kids are possible in every corner of our nation and the world. these aren't, this isn't strange. this is who these kids are. this is what their potential is if we invest in them. >> reporter: when the obamas leave office, the first lady hopes this tradition will live on and announced a partner with the kennedy center to make sure those kids will continue dancing and singing. kendis, diane. >> dancing and singing, we don't like any of that here. none of that at all. >> the white house says a result of the program has been so successful in these difficult to serve communities nat program will be quadrupling in size by the way. >> 35 schools, 11 states. >> and
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k-y touch. it is my first one. >> it is time for our old favorite here on "world news now" "this happened." >> we are starting our segment with this. ♪ >> so that is a talent show any charlotte, north carolina. >> epic. that senior, by the way, mike senator, whose bottle flip has become viral. >> he planned this for a year. for a year he practiced throwing water bottles. he says the secret is a specific kind of bottle and a specific kind of water. >> okay. we have no idea, by the way, if this is the right kind of bottle or the right kind of
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segment go by without trying. >> absolutely. so. >> look at you. >> oh, it landed right though. >> it almost landed. it did not stick the landing throw. >> i didn't know you were going to get so fancy. let's see if i get it to land. >> see this one. >> three's the charm. no. >> no. >> clearly we won't be able to create. >> all right. >> we'll move on maybe. >> that sounds like a really sturdy desk here. next to the hazards of graduation ceremonies. >> they're not kidding when they say those tossed graduation caps can be dangerous. so check this out. twitter user megan carta as the university of texas got nailed. >> i hope that's just a camera. >> with that cap. >> it's not in her face. whoo. but the fire works are nice. >> nice till that happened. >> we hear she's going to be okay. >> ah. >> i think he's
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right. >> she's going to be all right. >> i bet she celebrated afterwards anyway. and finally, to a 6-month-old baby who has broken a world record. >> her name is zila. and this is what she did. she's the youngest water skier in the world. >> mind you, she can't walk. she can't even crawl yet. but she can water ski. >> that is really cool. so she skied an impressive 686 feet on lake rue in polk city, florida. and she is looking amazing. completely confident. >> and they said i think it's this clip, they said it was just her second try. do you know how long it takes to stand up on water skis? you usually don't get it on your second try. >> or just to stand up period. >> for those worried about safety, they had a whole line of people ready to catch her if she fell. >> i'm going to try this one more time. ready.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump facing more angry protesters. >> the presumptive republican nominee was confronted by demonstrators inside and outside of his rallies. meanwhile he's calling attention to hillary clinton and her latest trouble involving her e-mail scandal now at a tipping point. more twisters hitting the heartland causing damage and bringing baseball-sized hail. the powerful storms destroying homes and flipping cars. >> and see this dramatic sea rescue as hundreds of migrants and refugees cling to a small capsized boat desperate to escape violence back home. of this memorial day weekend, if you're afraid you'll miss an important work e-mail, you might be able to rid yourself of that anxiety for good by moving to a place where weekends work e-mails are now


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