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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 1, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," flood emergency across texas. >> more residents forced to evacuate their homes as the relentless rain strands drivers and damages property. and the storms are not showing any signs of letting up as twisters touch down in the region. >> donald trump lashing out at the media unhappy with being questioned on the specifics of his charitable donations toward veterans groups and offering a glimpse at what life would be like inside a trump administration press corps. a woman's wild encounter with an elk at a national park. the animal charging her and sending her flying. what that tourist is saying this morning about getting too close. >> and keeping him on his toes. the golfer on the edge and playing the ball as it lies, a noble effort, but can he pull it off? his buddy's
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you a hint. that's next "the mix" on this wednesday, june 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm linzie janis in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. it is great to have lindsay back fresh from vacation. >> it's wonderful to be back and to be here with you. >> it is great. are you number ten. >> number ten lady. >> number ten. the tenth co-anchor. absolutely. it's great to have you here. diane is still under the weather and speaking of under the weather, that's where we're going to get started right now with the flooding that is widespread in southeastern texas. here's what we mean by widespread. look at that. >> all that muddy water has civiled over the banks of the brazos river forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. experts say the river appeared to crest last night at more than eight feet above flood stage and well above the previous record level. it is not expected to
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below flood levels till the weekend. the water could remain high for up to three weeks. >> wow. so north of there in central oklahoma, it was really a frightening day as a an series of small tornados were seen. the twisters were short lived. they caused no reports of damage or injuries. so let's get more now from the texas flood zone. abc's phillip mena is there. >> reporter: in texas, the rivers are rising and the records are falling. >> this is at a critical stage here, because this water is just about out of its banks. >> reporter: we toured the devastated neighborhoods in richmond. residents helplessly watching floodwaters creep to their doorsteps. how bad is it right now? >> real bad. i was here last night, i haven't slept all night. >> reporter: in booth, they're packing up and moving out. >> my husband came home at 5:00 this morning and said, "get out of bed, get your clothes and let's get out of here." >> reporter: the town of thompsons cut off. the main road in now a river. i'm about two miles away from where the banks of the brazos river should be.
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the river is cresting at nearly 54 feet, the highest levels in more than 20 years. the floodwaters infested with fire ants, water moccasins and debris. families trying to save livestock. horses in simonton -- >> there they are, all ten of them. >> reporter: -- sheltering on this home's front porch. parts of texas, seeing their wettest may on record. up to 20 inches of rain in the past week alone. now, at least seven dead, including an austin woman who drowned while tubing monday evening. it's not raining here now. that's the good news. but the bad news is, more rain is coming later this week. phillip mena, abc news, richmond, texas. >> quite a scene there. the rain showing no signs of quitting in texas. checking the radar right now, parts of central and western texas could get up to 4 inches of rain. over the next two days. unbelievable. some flash flooding could happen there during that time. fortunately, eastern texas will see smaller
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overseas now where the syrian government has carried out a wave of deadly air strikes on rebel targets. some of these images is difficult to watch. the video shows young children being pulled from the rubble after the bombs hit. at least 17 people were killed and dozens more were hurt. the u.n. estimates 400,000 people have died in the syrian civil war. >> now to dot coming out swinging against the media as he backed up claims that he raised millions for veterans. he held a news conference to name dozens of groups that benefited from $5.6 million that he collected during a fund-raiser for vets in january. some of the contributions including trump's own million dollar check was only mailed last week after trump was pressured to give an accounting of the money. yesterday he railed against reporter who's questioned him including our own tom llamas. >> i'm not looking for credit. but what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars have people say, like there can
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abc, he's a she's in my book. >> why am i a she's. >> because you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> and i ask fair questions. >> tom's a good guy. trump also made it clear that this is what it will be like when a president trump meets with the white house press corps. >> hillary clinton is shifting her focus to california as she bats bernie sanders for the biggest delegate prize in the country. after picking up the endorsement of governor jerry brown she now has the support of virtually every major democrat in the state. nor now from abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: hillary clinton blasted donald trump calling his fund-raiser for veterans a stunt. >> he's bragged for months about raising $6 million for veterans and donating $1 million himself. but it took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution and getting the money to
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bernie sanders is riding a wauf of momentum. sanders is drawing huge crowds in santa cruz. >> and if we win here in the largest state in our country, we're going to go marching in to the democratic convention with incredible momentum and we will march out with the democratic nomination. >> reporter: the reality, sanders could win in california, but has very little chance of actually winning the nomination. clinton has built up a huge delegate lead. jerry brown, california's popular governor, endorsed clinton in a letter saying, "clinton's lead is insurmountable." a point echoed by california's senior senator, a clinton supporter who suggested to me it's time for sanders torn pack it in. >> he ought to be able to read the sign posts as well as anybody else. and if he did that, he would know that i
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reversal of eight years ago when hillary clinton scored a big victory in the california primary and we all know what happened then. symbolically, it would be a huge blow for clinton to lose in california. that's why the clinton campaign has just announced she will go on a five-day campaign swing throughout california beginning on thursday. she may not need the delegates. but she sure doesn't want to end her primary campaign with a loss in california. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. new details are emerging about this weekend's shooting spree in houston. army veteran dion isio garza fired 212 times before a sniper killed him. police believe he was suffering from depression. they think he acted alone, not as part of any terrorist group and he left rambling messages taped to the walls of the tire shon where he killed a customer. a former oklahoma volunteer deputy has been sentenced to four years in prison for killing an unarmed man last year.
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74-year-old robert bates said the shooting was an accident when he mistook his handgun for his stun gun. killing eric harris. the judge said that he took into account bates' age, failing health and dozens of letters asking for leniency. lawyers for bates are plan agappeal. police in charlotte, north carolina trying to determine why a packed school bus crashed into a man's house. that man needs to find a new place to live. abc's david kerley has the details. >> reporter: down a 30-foot embankment with nearly two dozen onboard, it was a house and a tree that stopped this school bus. >> somebody help! >> charlotte police. do you need police, fire or medic? >> i need an ambulance. i need 911. the bus is wrecked! the bus is wrecked! >> reporter: that frantic call as students crawled out of the crumpled charlotte, north carolina, bus. >> some people jumped out the window, some people jumped out the exit. >> reporter: and a stunned homeowner wondering exactly what had happened. >> i need police, medic. a school bus just went careening into my house. >> do you know if any kids are on the bus?
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i'm getting dressed now to go outside, i hear them yelling. >> reporter: 1269 students taken to the hospital have been released. the bus driver who was trapped for a time, still in the hospital, along with one of the students, both in good condition. the driver of the bus has been suspended with pay, which is normal, as the investigation is conducted. the news is not good for the homeowner who tells us he's without a home. the authorities have condemned his house because of all the damage. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> a woman who contracted the zika virus overseas has given birth in new jersey. and than newborn has severe brain damage. the mother is visiting the u.s. from honduras. doctors say the baby is also suffering from intestinal and vision issues. zika has been linged to brain abnormalities in developing fetuses. the number of children who suffer concussions may be vastly underreported. until now. up till now, the only cases recorded are those diagnosed in
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but a study finds kids are more likely to be diagnosed in a pediatrician's office than at a hospital and thus not reported. the researchers say being treated in a doctor's office is appropriate unless there are severe symptoms. on another note, completely different note. >> switching gears. >> yes. attention beer lovers. and we know there's jack who loves beer and a lot of you out there. a new device, no? a new device might just be what you need to brew up a quick cold one. >> it comes from the folks at soda stream, the company that popularized cabinet top carbonators. the new offering is called the beer bar. >> all you do is mix beer concentrate with freshly carbonated water and you've got your own brew. it's only available in germany and switzerland. that's the buzz kill there. soda strea expects to launch the beer bar elsewhere by the end of the year. which is fantastic. >> right now, it sounds like it's one type of
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it's not like you can play around and make your own. >> make your own belgian brew, chim may or something like that. only 4.5% alcohol by volume. >> i'm not a beer drinker. that seems. >> it's kind of weak. >> it's not a stella. stella is more like a 7. >> that's like 5% or chimois which is 12%. >> i'm a wine girl myself. >> of course. coming up later in the mix, meet the dog that probably has a nicer car than you. >> but first new details in the series of shark attacks this past holiday weekend including the giant bite one victim is recovering from this morning. >> blogger's regret. why one so-called mommy blog says her online musings nearly ruined her life. remember to find us on facebook on and twitte twitter @abcwnn. you're watching or
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>> ma'am, ma'am, could you please. >> oh, oh. oh. >> ouch. >> visitors to yellowstone national park are warned to keep a safe distance from the wildlife. now you see why. after all the park belongs to the year round residents, not the tourists. this elk let the woman in the blue jacket know it. luckily it doesn't appear she was seriously hurt. she was going up to take a photog
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and probably painful. >> 25 yards you're supposed to stay away. >> i would have stayed away farther than that. >> she's lucky she didn't get trampled. >> another frightening series of animal incidents in open water antoine wounded in shark attacks. >> two attacks over the memorial day weekend on both coasts. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> lifeguards are on scene. >> reporter: a shark bite survival story surprising doctors. 52-year-old maria recovering from a giant bite across her side. >> it extends from upper torso area down to the pelvis. there's multiple lacerations. it's very obviously a mouth. you can see individual marks from individual teeth. >> reporter: the mother of three was training for a half iron man sunday in newport beach swimming 100 yards offshore when suddenly attacked. >> we couldn't tell exactly what it was but it was big and gray. >> reporter: tha
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another attack, this time off the coast of florida. a 13-year-old boy swimming in two to three feet of water. >> he's like shark, he bit my leg. go, go, shark, it bit my leg. >> reporter: that bite seven to eight inches wide. last year there were shark attacks in the u.s., including six deaths, and experts warn that number could grow this year as shark populations you crease. luckily for maria, a lifeguard boat was nearby. she treaded water, crying out for help. >> she was remarkably calm. >> the patient's physical fitness was a critical element of her ability to survive what was most definitely a terrifying experience. >> reporter: lifeguards shut down several miles of beach through the weekend. after several days of searching, there has been no sighting of that shark, linzie and kendis. >> coming up in our next half hour, a heart-stopping case of road rage. chilling cell phone video shows a driver running his car over a motorcycle befe
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we'll let you know what happened to those bikers and the driver that have car and who the police say started the whole dangerous confrontation. >> but first, confessions of a blogger. why this mother says her mommy blog ruined her life. the warning for anyone considering trying to make money off of their blaupgz you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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♪ everybody talks too much >> interesting song choice. all right. so these days it does seem like everybody's talking through their blogs making big money off of some of the even most amateurish posts. >> but one mommy blogger who was earning thousands of dollars with her posts is now coming clean about how much of what she posted was a lie and how faking it was hurting her
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abc's juju chang has the story. >> i was a mommy blogger and it consumed my life. >> reporter: josie denise says her picture perfect life on the popular blauth american mama started out as a way to earn extra money. >> i will up to 50,000 unique viewers per month and i was making up to $1500 per blog post. >> reporter: for three years, the 27-year-old mother of three would stage and post nearly every moment of her life from birthday parties to family vacations. but she says it was squeezing the joy out of parenting and her marriage. life wasn't nearly as peachy as the pictures she posted not even close. >> i was posting photos that were happy because i needed that post. if it was a sponsored is post especially, i needed the happy photo. if i had a deadline to meet the sponsored post and we weren't having a great time, i still needed to get those photos. >> reporter: feeling like she was living a lie, she quit the blog and now she's revealing what she says is a facade.
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posts. in a candid signoff called dear mommy blogger, she writes 90% of the fake nonsense i used to share on the internet as a maumy blogger writing about my fake life and oh, so happy marriage, they are pure bull. >> what she is expressing about the insincerity of her posts is a problem with all social media. because we have this habit of only posting the most perfect images that make our lives look incredible. lives are just as messy as they are fun. >> reporter: today she says she's much happier without the burden of a blog. >> i feel better about myself. so i don't have the constant insecurity and need to post constant cheerful positive messages online. it's definitely a relief to be able to be authentic. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i'd rather hear the honest stuff, wouldn't you? probably make less money that way. >> i guess reality does not pay all that much. >> i guess not. coming up, the dog with his own
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(colonial penn jingle) it's time for "the mix." >> yep. >> i'm going to start. okay? ready for this one? a dog with its own beamer. dog's name luigi maestro drives a bmw around the upper eastside of manhattaner. >> of course, it's the upper eastside. >> apparently his owner who is an author, walks behind him and controls the beamer by remote control. >> a remote controlled beamer. >> so instead of a leash, he gets a beamer. >> isn't that cool. >> that is amazing. > they're obviously becoming quite popular around town and people are taking photos and twitters going nuts. >> do you think he picks up all the female dogs like that? >> he is probably like you, a ladies man.
3:26 am
>> without a beamer. very >> he's got a better car than. >> you just in case his owner wanted to carrie him around, there's something that i have no idea it took so long to get to this. take a look. it's a sweatshirt where you can put your cat or your little dog right there at the bottom there. there's a little pouch. >> my favorite part about this is that you can remove the lining for easy cleaning. the lining of that pouch. >> in case they poop in there. >> no shedding or any of that kind of stuff. >> that's where you're going. >> that's why i don't have a pet. >> look how absolutely adorable. you can keep your cat and little dog close. it's by a company threw call it the mugaru hoodie. >> a japanese company. >> yes, so you can get that. this is hysterical. golfer. fairway fail. >> nothing wrong with this. it looks like it would be successful. good poise. >> the follow through just -- this is the best part. check out kelby tomlinson
3:27 am
they'r >> i mean, they're supportive, right? >> howling with laughter. >> trying to be supportive? or not? nobody even said like, hey, dude. they never even tried to like rescue him from that. >> augusta, here we come. >> hilarious. >> mind you it, does kind of look like tiger woods previous. >> there are many golfers that would maybe try that. >> yeah. they're called professionals. hyenas. it's hill had layerious. so there is a new ice cream cone that is out there. >> let's show people a picture of this. kind of cool. >> this is very cool. it looks like roses. they're almost as beautiful as the real thing. it's rose shaped gelato. and it's popular on social media and such. >> stunning. >> they're often used different colored ice cream for the petals
3:28 am
there. >> wouldn't mind having that as
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>> as opposed to this morning on "world news now," new revelations surrounding donald trump's controversial trump university. and the candidate calling our reporter sleazy when asked a question during a news conference. their confrontation just ahead. and widespread flooding across the state of texas. a never ending barrage of storms bringing torrential rains as rivers swell to capacity forcing rescues. anxious residents this morning bracing themselves as the floodwaters continue to rise. and new this half hour, a wild hollywood style standoff. >> arnold schwarzenegger on safari. but even the terminator no match for this perturbed pachyderm. the elephant charging the star's vehicle and setting off cinema style chase scene. >> pretty cool there.


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