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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 13, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. massacre in the nightclub. terror in orlando. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. at least 50 killed. 53 more wounded. new video this morning captures the moment the gunfire erupted. >> people literally covered in blood. >> the latest right now on those terrifying moments inside the gay nightclub. the 29-year-old shooter opens fire, armed with a rifle and a handgun. new clues about what could have set him off. his bizarre 911 call pledging his allegiance to isis. i'm feeling the bullets passing by me. >> please can we do something.
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speaking about the man she divorced. >> this was a sick person that was really confused. and went crazy. >> now his father revealing new details overnight. >> i couldn't believe that was my son. >> as a nation and a city search for answers. why was the gay community targeted in the vicious massacre. >> this was an act of terror and an act of to hate. >> we're live with this special edition of "good morning america." and good morning, america. we're live in orlando this morning. after a crushing weekend. the world remembering the lives lost in that tragic shooting, the deadliest in u.s. history. >> we're right across the street from that site of that massacre. officers exchanging gun fire with the shooter. making a daring rescuer. >> there's
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right now to save those lives. the shooter's name omar mateen. 29 years old. born in new york. he pledged allegiance to isis on a 911 call during the shooting. officials are now just finishing a sweep of his home. they had been there since the shooting began. how did this man on the fbi radar slip away, he was interviewed twice? >> we're learning now more about the lives tragically lost in the attack. so many stories emerging about the victims and the heroes. their families and friends are speaking out and take a look this morning at the orlando centennial, sharing this front page, saying, our community will heal. >> and the world is embracing the community this morning. tributes pouring in from around the globe -- the pope, queen elizabeth. sharing their heartbreak. you see the vigils right there, pray for orlando. one of the mt
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hundreds of people lining up to donate blood. they had to turn some away. >> everyone wanting to help. we have full team coverage this morning, live in orlando and across the country. abc's gio benitez starts us off and has the very latest for us. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you. overnight, we spoke with a survivor who lived only because he played dead for three hours. that excruciating clock ticking as more and more people were killed. saturday night, inside this popular orlando nightclub, just after 2:on 02 a.m. 15 minutes after last call, the club still packed with 320 people. abc news obtained obtaining this cell phone video from the brother of the clubgoer. listen as those first shots ring out over the music. [ gun shots
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help me, i'm trapped. we were getting trampled. >> reporter: at 2:07 a.m., the club posting this facebook message, everybody get out of pulse and keep running. a security guard fires at the shooter, now identified as 29-year-old omar mateen. armed with an ar-15 richle, mateen retreats further into the club, shooting more people along the way. >> just keep crawling. >> reporter: club patrons now held hostage. some barricading themselves in bathrooms. at 3:00 a.m. bomb squads and hazmat crews arrive. trying to talk mateen down. mateen calling 911 to pledge his allegiance to isis. >> telling america needs to stop bombing isis. >> reporter: he was calling people on the
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the wounded trapped inside with the gunman. some even playing dead. you played dead for three hours. >> yes. >> reporter: police detonated a controlled explosive to distract the gunman, the s.w.a.t. team moving in. plowing into the club with an armored vehicle, then rushing in and taking down the gunman in a barrage of gunfire. one officer shot in head, saved only by his helmet. 30 hostages freed. >> we now have a large mci unit. 250 patients. >> reporter: eight horrifying hours after the shooting began -- >> it's a great sadness that i share we have not 20 but 50 casualties. >> reporter: this shooting is now the deadliest in u.s. history. >> may god be with them. it's hard.
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bullets did hit his friends. he nearly everyone who died. serving as a mentor to many of them. one of the lucky voices able to tell his story this morning. >> okay, gio, thank you. i'm here with ray rivera working at the pulse nightclub. thanks for coming in this morning. let's go back to that moment. you were sort of winding the crowd down. >> yeah, bringing the vibe down. so, and then, i heard a couple pops. >> did you think it was shots? >> i thought it sounded like firecrackers. i turned the volume down again and some more. followed by some more. >> you were out on the patio, this was happening in the main room? >> yeah. >> what exactly could you hear. >> all the gun shots. >> bursts,
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time. people running out, heading towards the exit. you know, trying to get out. i didn't realize what it was until i looked inside and saw everybody running out and at that point, i dug behind the deejay booth. there was a little pause, about 15 seconds, at that point, the person under the booth i was like go -- >> you were able to run out to the street in. >> we ran out the exit gate. >> you never had a chance to see the gunman? >> no. could just hear it. >> was anyone shot -- >> not on the patio, no. >> people were just -- >> that was more of the escape route, everybody was jumping the fence. >> were people getting out of the main room where the shooter was? >> yeah, yeah, everybody was heading for every exit there was. there's another side room which security did a great
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getting everybody out of that room. they got them out that way. and then, basically, once the shots started coming, everybody cleared. >> you were working hard to help others get out. >> i was trying, people were just running and falling and hiding underneath the deejay booth. at that point, i was like this is getting really serious. i thought it was a joke. a little pause and a break, i was all right, like, go. that person took off. i went behind him. we were down the street for about -- from 2:00 to about 7:00. >> three hours as the hostages were being held. >> then the shots were fired. the explosion against the car that was there. >> you can't imagine -- >> it was one of things it was a great night. same
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was great. then chaos broke loose at 2:00. it went from a great vibe to, you know, one of the worst tragedies right now. >> we're glad you got out. thank you for joining us. we want to talk more about the victims and the heroes of this tragic shooting. the gunman killing at least 50 and injuring 53 others. those people, parents, sons, daughters and loved ones of so many and in those moments of terror, so many heroes stepping in to help and save lives. among the deseased, 23-year-old stanley almodova. luis omar ocsio-capo and kimberly morris. juan guerrero and his boyfriend christopher
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christopher's mother. >> when he was in high school, he started the gay straight alie yans, i have been so proud for him. let's all get along. we're on this earth for such a short time. let's try to get rid of the hatred and the violence. >> reporter: family and friends revealing heartbreaking messages from their loved ones trapped inside. >> i think i'm dying. i love you guys. >> reporter: this month mother receiving detailed account of her son's last minutes through texts. eddie justice barricaded in the bathroom. this text reading, he's coming, i'm going to die. >> he has us and he's going to kill us. >> reporter: many of the 53 wounded still alive thanks to the quick-thinking of strangers. >> i saw the bartender and the
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wound i take off my shirt and i tie my shirt around his leg to stop the pleading. >> reporter: vigils overnight. you don't believe your brother's dead. >> i don't on. i refuse to believe that. >> reporter: how important is hope for you if. >> he's the only reason why i'm standing. >> reporter: we just checked in with him a little while ago, he hasn't heard from his brother, he's devastated but remains hopeful at the same time. we want to turn to one of those heroes, joshua mcgill. he came across bartender rodney sumter. he used his shirt as a turn kwet to stop his bleeding. thank you for being with us, joshua. >> thank you very much for having me. >> tell me what the latest is with rodney. i know h
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in just a bit. how is he doing? >> i checked on him yesterday and he seemed to be stable. i wasn't able to see him due to not, you know, he was still in the emergency department. but i did get confirmation last night from one of his friends or family relatives that he was stable and he was doing okay and that he would be having a surgery this morning at 7:30. we're standing by to see if i can meet with him. if not, maybe i can see him later on today if not tomorrow. >> joshua, you most certainly saved rodney's life. walk us through those moments when you were able to escape the bar when the shots rang out. tell me what happened next. >> at first i didn't know what was going on. it was a typical night, it was very fun. nothing -- it was very end of the bar time, they had already
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luckily my roommates and i were near the back patio exit. we left when we heard the initial gun shots. when ran into the parking lot through the s"afety zone that s set up as the perimeter from the police. running through the parking lot i heard gunshots again, that's when i jumped behind the car, my roommates kept going. initially when the gunshots got further away that's when i kind of peeked around to make my run for it. that's when i actually found rodney kind of limping around and he was mumbling he needs help. i told him everything's going to be okay. i'm here to help him. he told me he thinks he's been shot. i
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know that i'm going to try to stop the pleading. i took my shirt off and tide it around his first, initial gunshot arm on his left arm. i took his shirt and tide it around the other gunshot wound. i noticed he had another gun yn shot on his upper back area. because that's when he was starting to complain about pain, i just applied as much pressure i could as we walking toward the nearest officer that was on stand by. once getting to the officer he basically told us to lay low. he did say that there was no ambulance arriving on the scene but they were going to transport us to the emergency department via police pa control car. the officer said, here's all you need to do is keep him conscious and when you get into the patrol car, we'll have you lay on
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back and have rodney lay on top of him, i want you to squeeze his back as tight so that he doesn't plead out. during the process riding to the emergency department, i could hear the police officers in the front seat saying, you know, keep him conscious, talk to him. that's when i learned his name. i told him my name. he told me his name was rodney, 27, from jacksonville, florida, he has a little brother. i told him, stick with me, you're going to be fine, i promise you, everything's going to be okay. we're almost to the emergency department. i did, you know, however tell him, i'm not sure if you're religious or not, we're going to say a quick prayer. >> you parade with him -- >> yes ma'am. >> you were incredible on every level, joshua. physically helping him, emotionally helping
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spiritually helping him. our thoughts are with rodney as he goes into surgery and with you, joshua. thank you. >> thank you. not a problem. >> we did exactly what he needed to do. >> wow, incredible. we'll turn now on what we know about the shooter. investigators are searching the home for weapons. he had been on the fbi's ray for possible links to terrorism. and brian ross. >> good morning, george. long before the attack, omar mateen was known as unhinged homofobic and violent. >> this was a sick person. this was a sick person that was really confused. >> reporter: this is omar mateen's ex-wife who told abc news he regularly beat her and a man full of hatred
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>> angered and emotional and violent. and that later evolved to abuse. toward me. >> reporter: as the fbi sought clues as to what triggered attack on the orlando nightclub, his ex-wife said he couldn't stand people who were gay. >> he would express his anger towards a certain culture, homosexuality, there were definitely moments he would express his intolerance about homosexuals. >> he also had a lot of hatred for people. >> reporter: mateen was an american citizen born in new york, who attended high school in stewart, florida, he worked as a security guard for the last nine years, posting this picture of himself
7:18 am
picture. >> he really loved the police department, he worked as a correctional officer or a guard at the juvenile le ding went center. >> reporter: his ex-wife knew of no connection to extremism but officials said that mateen declared his allegiance to isis in a 911 call. the fbi had twice investigate mad tooen for possible ties to terrorism in 2013 and 2014. interviewing him three times but concluded he was not a threat. >> we determined that contact was minimal and did not constitute a sub stif relationship or threat at a time. >> reporter: he remarried a few years ago and had a 3-year-old son with his second wife when he carried the
7:19 am
his ex-wife. >> i'm luckily to have the family i have. because they saved me from death. >> reporter: because there was no evidence to any ties of terrorism, there were no criminal charges. he was able to legally buy the two guns he used in the attack purchased just last week. amy. >> brian, thank you. those revelations about the fbi investigation are raising big questions this morning. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas is here in orlando with more on that side of the story. good morning, pierre. amy, this could happen again, on a terrorism watch list and still legally buy a gun, the big question this morning is, why didn't the system blink red when he went in to buy those guns.
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when the fbi was the one doing those background checks. >> all right, pierre thank you. so much more coming from orlando. on this special edition of "good morning america." the shooter's father speaking out, what he says may have set off the his son. and presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton both speaking out on the tragedy. live. wait. you' real? yeah. with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s. day or night. plus, we're not going to waste your time trying to sell you a bunch of other products you don't really need. that is really nice of you. i feel really bad about shouting at you. oh, you weren't shouting. you were just speaking in all caps. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. new aquafina sparkling. lightness and refreshment in perfect sync.
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>> anchor: good morning washington. i'm melanie hastings. a new look at the emotional toll there the orlando mastker. family and friends comforting each other outside an orlando police station as they learned minutes before their loved ones had died. police have released the names of 24 of the 50 victims. the orlando shooting prompted and urgent call for blood donors. hundreds lined up to donate at a local red cross center. you can answer that call, too. we have posted a link to local donation centers and drives on our website. head to and search donate blood. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a great day.
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welcome back to "good morning america." you're looking live at the scene of that massacre that occurred early sunday morning. # 50 people killed, 53 injured. at the pulse nightclub in orlando. in washington, d.c., this morning, you see it at the capitol and white house, flags now at half-staff, president obama ordering all government buildings to fly the flags at half-staff to remember those victims. political fallout this morning as well. >> we should mention that robin is on assignment overseas. this morning the world is remembering and honoring the victims of this tragic shooting the deadliest in american history
7:31 am
chorus paying tribute singing "true colors." huge tributes at one of the tonys overnight. we'll hear from the star of "hamilton" coming up. >> it was a powerful night. we're learning more about the orlando sheergt omar mateen. his father is speaking out now. abc's linzie janis sat down with him. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is the apartment complex where omar mateen lived. investigators leaving here just this morning. last night omar's father spoke with us saying he fell compelled to address the victims' families. overnight the father of omar mateen speaking out. >> and i want to tell everybody out there that i'm really sorry for what happened and i'm really sad and mad and i share your pain. >> reporter:
7:32 am
his wife came to american three years ago. any idea why he did this sf. >> i wished i had. he surprised me. because i didn't see anything irregular with him. >> reporter: he said his son recently got upset when he saw a gay couple showing each other affection. did he getting anry? >> he got shocked that they were kissing each other in front of their families and their kids. >> reporter: in light of what happened, do you look back at anything he said that indicated hatred towards -- >> no, i didn't see nothing irregular. if i would have seen something i would have stopped it myself. >> reporter: was he
7:33 am
he wasn't. because he had no beard and he was just a regular person going to work and coming back and taking care of his wife and his kid. >> reporter: do you think he did it for another reason in. >> if he was alive i could ask him that question. from what i remembered i don't think he was radicalized. >> reporter: he has a young son? >> yeah, 3 1/2 son. >> reporter: a 3 1/2 grandson, have you spoken to his wife today. >> yeah, she called me and she was very mad and was crying. >> reporter: did she know anything about his plan? >> not that i know. >> reporter: he's aware that the fbi interviewed omar, he said his son made some comments years ago after being provoked and teased by co-workers. amy. >> all right, linzie, thank you for that. joining us now one of the survivors of the shooter, christopher hanson getting a drink at the bar when he
7:34 am
the gunshots erupt and he hit the floor. you said when you first heard the shots you didn't know they were gunshots you thought it was part of the music. then you started people dropping. >> once i saw the people dropping, you could see the blood everywhere. it was time -- the person next to me was shot. then i dropped. i had the flee. >> i can't imagine what goes through your mind at that moment, the person next to you is shot. you drop to the floor, crawl out. tell me what you were thinking -- >> i wasn't. my mind was saying get out, get out. from where i was located, i remember there was an exit near the pay patio, so i crawled my way, once i got out the patio, i got up and squatted down
7:35 am
zag my way across the street. >> then you saw people who needed help. >> yes, i helped a victim who was with another person, carlos he was helping, we saw him, he was bleeding in the back and when we saw the bullet hole it was about this big, we put. it in the hole to block the blood from bleeding out. to know if he made it out or not he didn't speak. it was latin night. music is international. i stayed and enjoyed myself to have a good time. >> then the unthinkable happened. then you ran at the moment. what was happening when you got out of the building. >> you could still hear the gunshots. it was like the length of a song. it was nonstop continuous and then you just heard a brief
7:36 am
silence, then it went all over again. i don't know how many rounds were shot. those who were making it out, evenaln the driveway area so they cou could -- to see who could go where. the girl that everyone is talking about, she was hit in the arm and she had heart problems, she was having problems breathing. i was trying to help her, keep calm. she was from ohio, as well, just moved down here. she's a tourist. i'm a tourist. we were able to talk about to keep her alive. >> thank goodness there were people like you in the club. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. thank you for having me. we'll be back in two minutes with the political fallout. donald trump and hillary clinton
7:37 am
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♪ ♪ we're back now on "good morning america" with our special coverage, you're listening to the gay's men chorus of washington. singing the star-spangled banner outside the white house. this happened last night. the white house in mourning over the senseless ma sa kerr of 50 people in orlando. the candidates are speaking out. abc's jon karl is at the white house with more on that. good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. reactions from donald trump and hillary clinton were a study in
7:40 am
contrast. hillary clinton denounced it as an act of terror, adding, quote, we need to keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals. donald trump for his part used his statement to denounce the attack and then went after the secretary clinton and president obama. president obama disgracely refused to even say the world radical islam. for that reason alone he should stop down. and trump also put out a tweet just hours after the attack saying, quote, appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamic terrorism. i don't want congrats. i want toughness and vigilance. as you can imagine, amy, that tweet really set off quite a firestorm. >> it certainly did and george has more now with donald trump. >> and we're joined this morning by donald trump on the phon
7:41 am
us this morning. you tweeted out yesterday, we have to be tough, smart and vigilant. what are you proposing in the wake of this tragedy. >> one thing we have to do, george, we have to get the people that surround these maniacs to start talking. people know when they're sickos for the large part in san bernardino with bombs all over the apartment. in this case, we'll find out that many of the people who lived next door he had bad intentions. nobody reports to the fbi or the police. we have to have -- we have to have a ban of people coming in from syria and different parts of the world with this philosophy that is so hateful and so horrible. >> but, sir, let me interrupt you on that one, how would a ban in this case make a difference? he was bor
7:42 am
>> that's right. we have people whose hate is equal to his. we have stop people coming in, we have no documentation. they could be isis. in fact some of them have cell phones with isis flags on them. we're taking in people and it's getting worse. we're taking them in by the thousands. hillary clinton wants to increase it by 500%. she wants more to come in as opposed to none coming in or less coming in and that in and of itself is a disaster. >> and one of the other things that we have learned in the last 24 hours is that omar mateen was interviewed by the fbi three separate times, investigated twice, yet he was able to buy a gun relatively easily, should something be done about that. >> he was licensed. you talk about gun control, when obama
7:43 am
that was so inappropriate. the problem is we have maniac, he could have used a bomb just easily. probably more devastating. so, that's not the problem -- >> should have been more of a background check -- should someone who has been on a watch list, investigated like that, an extra level of background checks before he gets a weapon. >> it's very sad, he slipped through the cracks and the fbi has to be very upset about it. i'm a big fan of the fbi. they have to be very, very distraught. >> finally, you have gotten some criticism about one of your tweets, talking about appreciating the congrats. hillary clinton's communications director said, trump said he's got
7:44 am
platitudes. >> i have been getting thousands and thousands of tweets and letters that i was right, congratulations, i don't want congratulations, there was no congratulatory tweet. the last thing i want. i want strength, i want vigilance, i want people to report when they see something bad. i was right and i had been right and i am right. we need intelligence gathering like we have never had before. an enemy without an uniform. it's very dangerous. we're fighting an enemy without an uniform. >> mr. trump, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much, george. now we'll hear from hillary clinton next. the tempur-breeze makes me, not cold, but not hot... it's amazing! ah, it's like a summer breeze cracked window. it's that perfect cooling effect when you sleep. i can sleep the way that i sleep,
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you see the vigils right there here in this community. so much heartbreak as we remember those victims, the lives lost last night and the tributes coming in from around the world. abc's gio benitez has more on that. ♪ >> reporter: overnight, a nation in mourning and shock. people reeling and reacting across the country. emotions running high at the tony awards. >> hate will never win. >> reporter: from host james corden. >> all we can say you're not on your own right now, your tragedy is our tragedy. >> reporter: to hamilton's man of the evening lin-man yell miranda. >> when senseless act of tragedies remind us that we're not here. love is love is love is love. >> reporter: to the giant of stage and screen
7:48 am
>> when something bad happens, we have three choices, we let it define us, we let it destroy us or we let it strengthen us. today in orlando, we had a hides you dose of reality. i urge you, orlando to be strong. because i'm standing in a room full of the most generous human beings on earth and we'll be with you every step of the way. >> other celebrities sharing messages of support online. from lady gaga, stand strong with your pride. to justin timberlake sending love to his former town. i hope we can pa wake up and realize we're all the same, just humans. this growing vigil at the
7:49 am
landmark in new york city. to the gay men's chorus in washington, d.c., standing in front of the white house, singing "we shall overcome." ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: but perhaps the most moving sounds of all -- orlando's gay men's choir singing cindy lauper's classic anthem, "true colors." ♪ i see your true colors >> saw so much determination from people around the world to stand up against this kind of hate and this violence. >> that's right, the #orlandounited is such a powerful one. seeing those long lines at the blood drives was so powerful. the go fund me soaring over $1 million. people from around the world, those donations pouring
7:50 am
they're now hoping to get $2 million for the victims of the tragedy yesterday. certainly, that number will continue to rise. we'll be back. coming up in the next hour, we'll have the latest from orlando. and we'll talk to you about how you can talk to your family when a tragedy like this happens. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken.
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7:54 am
who were trying to save their leaves and we'll talk about how parents can talk to their kids. >> so many important lessons for us paeshts up there. we want to head to ginger and a check of the weather. >> amy and george, an ef-3 tornado through montana, baker, montana. scary images. so fortunate no was hurt seriously. a look at where that could happen today. tornadoes and potential for hail in the plains. then on tuesday, it goes right into kansas city. so, watch out for for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers
7:55 am
[ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
7:56 am
>> reporter: good morning. smooth sailing in the weather. here is jacqui jeras. >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. after temperatures in the 90s this weekend, more seem today with highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s. lots of sunshine to go around. humidity lower, a little bit on the breezy side as well. tomorrow, few more clouds move in across the region. high around 84. isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon on wednesday, but more likely on thursday and friday. looks like it will clear out just in tame for a nice weekend. >> reporter: a few distractions on some of the major thorough fares this morning. 66 eastbound prince william parkway, the crash moved to the side of the road. not on 95 northbound to springfield, blocking the right lane with
7:57 am
you can see it on the side at the ramp on the outer loop of the beltway. 95, maryland, two accidents closer to the beltway. southbound delays. this is a look at the beltway headed toward the wilson street bridge through prince georges county delays start at the branch avenue. >> anchor: thank you. top stories now. a new look this morning at the emotional toll there the orlando massacre. family and friends of the shooting victims comforting each other outside an orlando police station as they learn just minutes before their loved ones had died. just in the last ten minutes order police say they have identified 48 of the 50 victims. that includes the shooter. in the wake of the shootings, police departments increased security at pride volunteers here in dc and around the country. we spoke with people at the festival and concert on pennsylvania avenue and they told us the added police presence was a comfort. it was also a moment of silence for the
7:58 am
survivors at the start of the concert. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. right now. hope you have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a special edition live from florida. massacre in the nightclub. terror in orlando. new details on the deadliest mass shooting in american history, 50 killed, 53 more wound zbld there were bodies everywhere. i was crawling. >> it was literally like a scene out of a horror movie. >> and i just played dead. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team with in a three-hour standoff with the shooter. survivors texting their loved ones from inside the club. the struggle to escape. heroes stopping to help the wounded. >> i took off my shirt and i just tied my shirt around the wound to stop the
8:01 am
this is terrible. he ee's my only child. >> orlando residents lined up for hours to help the victims. when senseless acts of tragedy remind us that nothing here is promised. >> as the gay community and the nation struggle to come to grips with the massacre. good morning, america. we're live in orlando this morning. covering the aftermath of this nightclub massacre early sunday morning. robin on assignment. amy robach and our entire team here in orlando. here's what we know at the hour. at least 49 people killed. plus the shooter. and 53 others wounded. after 29-year-old gunman omar mateen opened fire at the nightclub, declaring allegiance to
8:02 am
he was interviewed multiple times by the fbi. >> and the work to save the victims continues right now. so much blood needed and so many people turned up to donate they had to be turned away. we'll talk to dr. ashton about that coming up. she'll talk about the response. right now, we want to get to lauren lyster, you have the latest right now. >> reporter: george n the last 24 hours new and frightening details continue to emerge about how this all went down. but as we're learning more about the tragedy and the suspect at the center of the investigation, we're also hearing tales of survey surveyal. inside orlando's nightclub pulse early sunday, terror and carnage. >> out off nowhere i just hear --
8:03 am
automatic gun. >> reporter: police identifying the lone gunman omar mateen. killing at least 50 injuring 53 others. at 2:02 a.m., police respond to a call of shots fired. the shooter armed with an ar-15 declaring his allegiance to isis. some able to flee, many trapped inside. >> didn't look back, just ran to get out of there. >> reporter: three hours later, police moving in on what they say had become a hostage situation, s.w.a.t. officers exchanging gunfire with the suspect. 3 killing him in the crossfire and along with tragedy, stories emerging of surveyal. >> lot of screaming and running. >> reporter: tales of heroism. her friend angela seen here he covering in the hospital,
8:04 am
running behind her. >> i was able to get out and the only reason was because of angel. >> reporter: president obama calling the massacre an act of terror. >> this is a sombering reminder that attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. >> reporter: more than 100 miles from the attack, bomb squads, local authorities and the fbi searching the suspect's apartment complex as we learn more about the man behind the shooting. his ex-wife telling abc news -- >> this was a sick person that was really confused and went crazy. >> despite the darkness there was also light, vigils held around the country overnight. >> okay, lauren, thanks very much. brian ross, in new york, we just had another briefing here from the fbi and other p
8:05 am
information on the final moments of that mass saer is. >> george, dramatic details of what happened in that final moment. police believe that most of the victims were killed in the initial shooting and then for three hours the gunman mateen held them off, talking on the phone, making his pledge of allegiance to isis. the police chief decided at some point there was an imminent threat to people, 15 people in one bathroom, he made the decision to go through the walls, first they sawed explosives. they used an armored vehicle to go through the wall. the chief described the moment when 12, 13, 14 of the people inside, hostages fled through the wall and the gunman himself came outside and the that's when the final gun battle took place and that's where he was killed. >> brian ross, thank you very much. want to go the pierre thomas down here in orlando, our senior justice correspondent. pierre, so many questions about how
8:06 am
the cracks and was able to purchase weapons in just the few days. >> reporter: george, this is a huge issue this could happen again. this is a situation where the system simply did not blink red. you saw it at the press conference, i just asked the fbi senior official here why didn't the counterterrorism agents knoll that man was buying guns even though he was interviewed by the fbi. we're told today the fbi director may hold the briefing to discuss how this could have happened. this is a serious issue going forward. imagine if information is not being shared like this information again, george, this could happen again. >> they're going to have to answer these questions, pierre thomas, thanks very much. back up to new
8:07 am
llamas is there with the other headlines. new details in another tragedy from right there in orlando. a young singer on the verge of stardom, christina grimmie was shot and killed moments after a concert on friday night, she was signing autographs for a fans when kevin james loibl gunned her down. no link between her killing and the nightclub massacre. oscar pistorius is back in a south african courtroom, he's there to learn his sentencing for the shooting of his girlfriend reeva steinkamp. he faces 15 years in prison. new video showed a dramatic moment a baby girl is pulled from the rubble of an air strike in syria, she was trapped under what was left of a building. back here at home, texas continues to
8:08 am
storms, being indoors didn't help. this is what it looked like inside the houston galleria. some areas got an inch of rain in 15 minutes. the pittsburgh penguins arrived home with the stanley cup. last night a moment of silence to honor the victims of the orlando shooting. finally, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers trying to extend their season tonight against steph curry and the warriors. golden state could claim its second straight nba title with a win tonight. see game five of the nba finals right here on abc. let's turn now to the morning menu and lara. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. coming up on "good morning america," we'll hear from two eyewitnesses who were inside the nightclub recalling the terri terrifies moment when the gunman opened fire.
8:09 am
performance by the gay men's chorus of new york city. all that coming up on "good morning america." today's the day! oh look! creepy gloves for my feet.
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8:13 am
♪ we shall overcome ♪ we shall overcome that's the gay men's chorus of washington, d.c., at the white house singing "we shall overcome." so many remembering the victims of that massacre in orlando. "nightline's" anchor juju chang spoke with some of the survivors inside the nightclub. >> reporter: in an abc news exclusive,
8:14 am
telling us they're lucky to be alive. recounting the horror they faced inside the pulse nightclub when the gunman opened fire. >> the gun shots were just automatic. it was just boom, boom, boom. just headed in our direction. a girl in front i'd seen her get hit going into the bar. my initial reaction is to get out. we're falling on the ground. everyone is trampling over each other. i'm just feeling, like, bullets, you felt the gunfire. even though this is close, the sounds were closer and closer and closer to us. >> reporter: but as the gunfire echoed through the club the gunman silent. he was shooting people at point-blank -- >> indiscriminantly. i thought i was going to die. >> there were at least 20 people dead in the vicinity of where i was. it was hard knowi
8:15 am
alive because my buddy was right behind me and he got shot in his back and he's in there. and his first concern was, where's genette? i thought she was dead, is she dead? i'm not dead because of him, that bullet was supposed to be on my back. >> that was angel? >> that was angel. he's my angel. >> i was one of the last people out, with the last group of people, we were upstairs, around a computer desk for like 25 minutes. i could hear it. >> you feel like you're in a war zone. it was just so chaotic. he wanted to kill every single one of us in there. >> reporter:er for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news. joining me now is juan gonzales. thank you for joining us this morning. last night, you said it was hard to sleep. >> it really was. i was able to see my parents. just
8:16 am
intimacy of my home that's when it hit me. >> take me back if you can to saturday evening, where you were when the shots rung out sf. >> i just finished ordering a red bull. i signed my receipt paper. i turned to the left, speaking with my friend. out of nowhere i just hearded gun shots. it was insane. literally like a scene straight out of a movie. >> how did you get out of that nig nightclub in. >> i took time for me to realize that hey, this is real life, this is what's happening -- >> those are bullets and people are being killed all around me. >> exactly. it's really undescribable, i remember ducking to the floor and saying, this is it, this is how i die. this is the end of me. i remember praying on the floor and asking god,
8:17 am
help me get through this right now. i just found the courage to get up and find an escape. >> incredibly n the chaos as you were trying to get out, i understand you even lost your shoes, that's how chaotic it was. >> people were running. people were getting trampled, you know, stumbled on and everybody was trying to get to safety and you know, it's kind of hard for you to think when there's a whole bunch of fires being shot. >> at a point where you thought you weren't going to get out. >> like i said, i crouched down i was hiding underneath the bar. i was telling myself, you know, this is not today, not today, i found the courage within myself to get up and be like, this is t
8:18 am
you'll survive this. you need to come up with a plan. being able to find that exit, trying to push through the crowd and finally escaping, like, i remember running and looking not even looking back just running, running, running, to the first lit building i saw which was a 7-leshgs even. >> thank you for telling your story. >> thank you. and we'll be back in a moment with hillary clinton with her response to this tragic shooting. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new ford escape.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
we're back now with more on the deadliest shooting in american history. the deadliest terror attack since 9/11. the political fallout now. we heard from donald trump earlier. now former secretary of state can clinton joins us. we have had twice in the last six months, u.s. citizens, american-born, who radicalized themselves, go undetected and carry out massacres like this, how can you win a war against what donald trump called
8:23 am
enemy without a uniform. >> i want to express my sympathy to everyone who has been affected directly by this terrible event. everyone who lost loved ones, the families, people still fighting for their lives and of course to the first responders. i think you've got to look at this as the complex challenge it is. now that may not be that donald trump wants to talk about, but we're absolutely up to going after lone wolves, working with our allies to dismantle the global network that fuel this radicalization. i want to set a team that's exclusi exclusive focused on detating lone wolves. to integrate all information between law enforcement agencies, strengthening our communication and working c
8:24 am
with tech companies to prevent online radicalization. while we are talking the fight to isis in syria and iraq, where we are determined to defeat them, we've got to really double down on our efforts here in this country and that means, you know, also getting the congress to do something on common sense gun safety measures that's not a separate issue it is totally part of what we now see terrorists doing. >> let me ask you about that, lot of people are puzzled by the fact that this young man was interviewed at least three times by the fbi yet able to buy the weapons because he hadn't done anything illegal, anything you're proposing going to prevent that? >> well, you know, i think this could look obvious in hindsight. i'm not going to rush to judgment to laws enforcement officials. we have
8:25 am
investigation shows us. if there are things that we can do awe must. he was intervieweded more than once because of what he was saying. he had no trouble walking in and buying the assault weapon, military-style weapon that he bought and the ammunition that he bought and we got to work together, federal state and local government to get better information into databases that can be used to try and prevent people who pose any kind of threat, whether it's because of mental health, domestic abuse or in fact terrorism from having access, easy access to these weapons. >> finally, only 30 seconds left, donald trump said he wants to reimpose that muslim ban. your
8:26 am
absolutely wrong in what he's claiming. i have said very clearly that we are going to be very careful in vetting any refugee from anywhere who's coming to this country. i believe we can protect americans and do that. i would make sure every individual, though, goes through the most thorough screening process. background checks -- >> i'm afraid that the computer is going to knock us out. >> it takes us about --
8:27 am
>> anchor: time for a check on the forecast. here is jacqui jeras. >> reporter: >> reporter: what a difference a day makes. after temperatures in the 90s this weekend, more seem today with highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s. lots of sunshine to go around. humidity lower, a little bit on the breezy side as well. tomorrow, few more clouds move in across the region. high around 84. isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon on wednesday, but more likely on thursday and friday. looks like it will clear out just in tame for a nice weekend. >> reporter: no major distractions, cleared all the accidents in 95 in virginia as well as i95 in maryland but you do have delays. capital beltway, from college park headed into silver
8:28 am
you all the way around to georgia avenue, continuing to i270. headedinto phone call phone number, a live look crossing the american legion bridge. reports of an inner loop incident once you get to georgetown pike. travel lanes are open within those delays. melanie. >> anchor: thank you. now some top stories. a new look this morning at the emotional toll there the orlando massacre. family and friends of the shooting victims comforting each other outside an orlando police station as they just learned minutes before their loved ones had died. police have releaseed the names of 24 of the 50 victims. later tonight we're taking a closer look at the mass shooting in orlando during a special town hall. we'll by looking at what we know so far and how this country moves forward. join us for your voice, your future, a discussion tonight at 7:00 on our sister station, news channel 8. and also streaming online at you can get mo n
8:29 am
and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a great
8:30 am
welcome back to "good morning america." this morning the world is remembering those lives lost in orlando. in the worst shooting in u.s. history, a terror attack leaving 49 dead, plus the shooter, and 53 others wound zbld we're hearing more from the victims this morning about what happened in that nightclub. we'll talk this morning about how the gay and lesbian community and the muslim community are trying to come together in the face of tragedy. amy, you have more on the medical response. >> reporter: joining us now is dr. michael cheatham. the trauma center where the victims are being treated. dr. cheatham, i can't imagine what the past 30 hours have been like for your staff, tell
8:31 am
they're handling everything. >> it's truly been a difficult day and a sad day for orlando. many of us love to call orlando home, a wonderful place to live. this is a tremendous tragedy. we're all having to learn to cope with it and try to understand why it occurred. >> you have done incredible work saving lives. at last count, we heard 26 surgeries yesterday alone. i'm sure more surgeries are being added to that list. give me a sense of what's happening at the hospital. >> yes, we still have 43 victims in the hospital. we started walking around my partners and i to take a look at them again early this morning. we were operating until late last night. we have as you said, we have done 26 operations yesterday. we have another six scheduled so far. we already have some of the victims in the operating room this morning. >> i can only imagine what's been like communicating with the
8:32 am
ing for his brother and so many families searching the hospital trying to find their loved ones, how is your staff communicating with the families? >> the first priority is always the patient. our second priority and very high priority is the families. you're absolutely correct. yesterday was -- it was a devastating day for many families. we tried to communicate with the families we had about 200 within the hospital. we were trying to reunite families and victims as quickly as we could. the devastating thing was watching family members learn that their loved one wasn't in the hospital. but likely still in the club unfortunately having died from this incident. >> dr. michael cheatham, thank you for all you're you've done. >> thank you. so much incredible heartbreaking work being done by so many today. let's bring in dr. ashton. you have been speaking with
8:33 am
we're hearing a lot about the need for blood and then people are being turned away because the lines are so long. tell us the latest. >> reporter: one of the blessings that's coming out of this tragedy, people are learning how life saving blood donation can be. every 2 1/2 seconds someone in the country require blood to save their lives. relatively easy procedure. here at orlando regional, each of these trauma patients could use up upwards 50 units of blood each. we're talking massive demands. that blood bank is still serving the needs of the other patients in that hospital. so, it's a process that people should know about in terms of the restrictions of who can and can't, this is where the social and medical tend to overlap. socially, of course, it's the right thing to do that every people in the gay community wo
8:34 am
not just restrictions placed on gay men, long list of people, people who traveled outside the country, on certain medications. so, people who are interested should go online, check with your local blood bank. to be clear, this is absolutely life-save zblg jen a sad commentary of our time, every major hospital in this country trained to deal with mass casualties like this. >> george, what's going on here in orlando, is military precisi precision treatment at these hospital. every single person in that hospital right now whether they're directly involved with the care of these patients is some way on a disaster mode and they are trained. they practiced this. the surgeons are doing what they call damage-control surgery. 26 operations yesterday just on these victims. they get in and out control the bleeding and
8:35 am
to take those patients back for subsequent operation and what's next, 26 surgeries in one day is almost unfathomable to most of us. >> this is going to be an incredibly day in the hospital. they operated overnight at orlando regional. many patients in the o.r. today and will be going back for second and third operations. again, we have to remember, other patients are being cared for in that hospital and receiving unchanged, excellent care. the first 24 hours time period is critical in trauma especially when you talk about gunshot wounds of this nature, high-velocity bullet wounds and they're getting unparalleled care there. absolutely. >> dr. jen, thank you so much for joining us
8:36 am
another check of the weather with ginger. >> amy, more than 130 severe storm reports just over the weekend including the hail in wyoming here, lots of those reports came from parts of wyoming. now it's moving to east. flash flood potential. that's what they saw with almost a half-foot of rain or more. that's moved down to the south and east. what will happen today, we open up the energetic atmosphere. billings to amarillo. the enhanced risk, that slides a little bit to the east in a place like des moines, kansas city,
8:37 am
>> all right, jorm, straight back to you in orlando. thank you, ginger. so many citizens of orlando suffering in the aftermath of these attacks. we're joined by two community leaders tim vargas and ima'am muhammad musr the head of the islamic center of central florida. tim, i can't imagine how this has hit your community, how you all coming together dealing with it? >> well, it's been obviously very tough, the organization that i lead is a community center, so, yesterday, we sprang into action getting counseling, grief counseling network set up, establishing a crisis hot line and starting to work with community members that just needed somewhere safe to be. so it's been rough. >> what do you want to say to the gay and lesbian community to orlando. >> first of all, i want to say
8:38 am
we stand right next to you, support you and we'll do our best to protect you. you know, we are as orlando community very shocked by what happened, the massacre yesterday morning, really was unimaginable. you know, over the years, our communities have been attacked by the same hate groups who would come in and protest at their center and then they come to our mosque and protest. so, we are two vulnerable communities that are under attack. and to have someone who claims to be muslim go attack, you know, this community here is shocking. >> claims to be a muslim. >> claims to be muslim we say you can't be a muslim if you have the heart to hurt a human being. and we condemn his
8:39 am
know, on the strongest terms. what he did is a hate crime, is a criminal terrorist attack that we condemn as muslims in the strongest terms. >> coming in the middle of gay pride month. you have seen these parades, celebrations across the country, but a lot of free now as well. >> yes, you know, again, we saw lots of pictures coming from l.a. and different pride evens that were happening across the country, we received support from, you know, people around the world, even, and it's been super heartening to see, you know, out of this tragedy that there is a community that's pulling together and even more than that a world that's pulling together. >> do you feel united in the face of this tragedy? >> we have worked on many times on many fronts united the interfaith community here is united behind the
8:40 am
and we are committed to our diversity as a community. the muslim community, i spoke to leaders from new york to california yesterday, said we need to stand up together to express our solidarity with the lgbt community. we need to stand up against terrorism, loud and clear against the actions of isis. and so, we're calling on a march in washington next month, on july 23rd, right at the national mall, we're asking muslims, we're asking everybody to come out in the community to support and to speak that this tragedy will unite us not divide us. >> thank you both for joining us thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
as we look at those images we're back now with psychiatrist to talk about how to cope with the emotional fallout from the orlando attack and talk about it with your family and we were just saying, if you have children you are wondering how do i even begin to explain this? the truth is, how do you wrap your own head around it as an adult? >> you may feel, anxious, mad, sca scary, all those are normal after a traumatic event like is this. >> as i walked to work today all of us are very sad, but there's a feeling of vulnerability. >> absolutely there's that feeling and that thought that this could be me and can i still go shopping and the movies? the answer is, yes, you have to. the intent of terrorism primarily is to inflict harm but it's also psychological to make you think you're not safe and you're more vulnerable.
8:45 am
>> let's take back that power and talk about how to talk about such a complicated topic with young children. >> think about their ages. so, certainly between the ages of 5 through 7, they may see and hear things, you can acknowledge that there are bad things that happen. but let's talk about what's good, let's talk about how to love, how i love you, how to be kind to other people and how to embrace and tolerate people who are different. so, it's an opportunity to really focus on what we need which is more love and more tolerance and not hate within our households and certainly within our communities. >> is there a possibility that you can talk about this too much? inundated with images on tv right now, on every channel, is that possible, talk and explain it too much. >> limit exposure. what you can talk about is what's good and what's positive. again,
8:46 am
acknowledge the uncertainty, acknowledge your own fear but frame it with love, frame it with positivity, even tap into loving kindness and how you show you love and kindness to other people. >> i think that's a beautiful message. how can you reassure your kids when yourself aren't even positive that you're feeling safe? there are things that we do that keep us safe. remind us of day-to-day things that we do to stay safe. if your kids are old enough and probably 5 to you know 12 you can do what if situations. make sure you implement that with your kids. facetime, hugs, making them feel connected. at the end of the day, loo if is uncertain but love is
8:47 am
>> yeah, and i love the idea of the what if scenarios little peace of mind. we appreciate your kind words. >> thank you. coming up, everybody, a tribute from the new york city gay men's chorus, a moving. er formans
8:48 am
8:49 am
so many touching tributes and moving images of hope this morning in the wake of tragedy in orlando. the new york city gay men's chor rous has a tribute in times square. here they are singing "light" from the broadway hit "next to normal." ♪ ♪ ♪ we need some light first of all we need some light ♪ ♪ you can't
8:50 am
and all alone ♪ ♪ it's a sorry sight ♪ it's just you and me ♪ you'll see ♪ night after night the morning light ♪ ♪ but we've waited too long for all that's wrong ♪ ♪ day after day ♪ we sing all our cares away ♪ trying to find the things we feel but
8:51 am
♪ some are never gone but we go on ♪ ♪ we still go on ♪ and you find some way to survive ♪ ♪ and you find out how to be happy at all ♪ ♪ to be happy and alive ♪ ♪ day after day ♪ day after day ♪ day after day ♪ ♪ it's the price we pay the price of l
8:52 am
we pay ♪ ♪ we love anyway ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ day after day ♪ day after day ♪ day after day
8:53 am
♪ some day see the sun ♪ there will be light ♪ there will be light ♪ ♪ ♪ there will be light ♪ there will be light ♪ there will be light
8:54 am
8:55 am
prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
8:56 am
thanks to new york city gay men's chorus and all of you sharing this morning with us. >> what a moving tribute. we'll see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
looks like it will clear out just in time for a nice weekend. >> reporter: accidents on some of the key routes, 95 in virginia near the springfield interchange. trying to get back up to speed there. also 95 in maryland. cleared two crashes on the stretch approaching the capital beltway southbound. this is what you'll find, though, that delay is waiting on the outer loop before you get to new hampshire avenue headed around to i27o heavy traffic on interstate 66 as expected this morning because of metro's safety track surge. you'll see delays inside the beltway as well. >> anchor: we're bringing you the
8:58 am
massacre in an orlando night club. we know the identities of 24 people killed. authorities clarified just a short time ago there are 49 victims. the 50th person dead is the gunman. family and friends of shooting friends comforting each other outside the police station as they learned their loved ones had died. coming up on our sister station, news channel 8 at 9:30, grammy nominated tiherndon is live on set to talk about what it was like to be the first major male country artist to publicly come out as gay. he he knew it was the time and the reaction he got from fans on our sister station, news channel 8. where you can
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly." today, host of "the daily show," trevor noah. and star of "adventures in babysitting," sabrina carpenter. and a performance from country star frankie ballard. plus "rosewood" star morris chestnut joins kelly at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and morris chestnut! [cheers and applause] ♪


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