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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, dangerous weather this fourth of july. torrential rain and flash floods slamming the midwest. even reports of tornadoes. severe storms pushing east. will you be able to see the fireworks in your neighborhood? new clues about the blast that rocked central park. now more police than ever taking to the city's streets this holiday. and around the country, authorities tracking millions all at once, looking for sipes of danger. donald trump's tweet at the center of a political firestork. is it anti-semitic? what's he saying tonight. and the 911 call that prompted this aggressive takedown. >> do not move! >> why police are now apologizing tonight.
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good evening on this fourth of july. we begin this holiday with severe storms and a nation on high alert. these images just coming in. reported tornadoes, a dark wall of clouds in kentucky. and near charleston, west virginia, this walmart in kentucky badly damaged by the storm. torrential downpours blinding drivers in the midwest. and at the same time, police are out in force from coast to coast, ahead of the festivities tonight. the nypd deploying the largest police detail ever on the fourth of july. ginger zee has the holiday forecast in a moment. but we begin tonight with abc's phillip mena. >> reporter: tonights severe storms marching across kentucky, sending trees into homes. dangerous displays lighting up the night skies, alongside the fireworks this holiday weekend.
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lightning setting homes ablaze. in plano, texas, homeowners salvaging what they could after this strike. another bolt sparking a fire at an apartment complex near dallas. >> and suddenly, there was a bolt, i never heard such a large bang in my life. >> reporter: it's all part of a wave of storms punishing the planes and now marching east. in colorado, hail the size of golf balls shattering windows. >> i thought there was a tornado coming. i ran to the windows and the hail was just blausting through the windows. >> reporter: from nine inches of rain in kansas to this twister in still water, oklahoma. state troopers there searching tonight for a woman after her car was swept away in floodwaters. across the country, another threat. 16 wildfires raging across eight states. some officials warning backyard fireworks scout easily spark fires, because conditions are bone dry. whether it's fireworks or lightning, the threat of fires is a major concern tonight. he
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that destroyed this apartment building. but thankfully, cecilia, everyone was able to escape safely. >> phillip, thank you. let's get right to abc chief meteorologist jiginger zee. the storms are pushing east, so people won't see the fireworks show. >> reporter: yeah, we have the clouds here ahead of the storms to the south and west. the rain we're going to get is relatively besign. the storms to the southwest that i'm concerned about. the hail in the northern plains and the area in kentucky. we saw the latest pictures in, from the severe thunderstorms and reported tornadoes. you have that severe thunderstorm watch for the next couple of hours. let me take tow the next threat. that's the rain that comes through. we stopped it at fireworks tonight. parts of virginia, west virginia, going to see the heavier downpours. new york city, still going to inhibit you a little bit. minneapolis tomorrow, in the heart of it.
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damaging wind, the main threat. cecilia? >> ginger, thank you. the country is on high alert, and washington, d.c. security teams are out in force at the national mall. a record number of people traveling today, and police at traffic control centers on the lookout for trouble. abc's linzie janis and the millions of families on the move tonight. >> reporter: across the country, millions of americans are gathering to celebrate the fourth. and tonight, police on high alert for anyone or anything suspicious. boston taking no chances for its famed boston pops concert. law enforcement keeping a watchful eye. >> we have the capabilities to adapt and adjust and get cameras there in a moments notice. >> reporter: standing guard in new york city, a counterterrorism command center, monitoring 9,000 cameras. >> at the click of a mouse, we can move from camera to camera.
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people expected to come out and watch the show here. here in new york city, these are some of the thousands of officers who will be patrolling during tonight's fireworks display. new this year? a team of docks now specially trained to sniff out explosives on a moving target. >> we live in very dangerous times. the public depends on us. and we depend on you. >> reporter: bag checks and body scans, a given for the half million people expected at chicago's navy pier and d.c.'s national mall. where we found the national guard. people there reminded that it's a no drone zone. cecilia, hundreds of thousands of people are gathering along new york's east river. authorities here and across the country are asking crowds to be extra vigilant tonight. cecilia? >> linzie, thank you. now, to that mystery explosion in new york's central park. a teenage tourist losing part of his leg after stepping on a moment head device. authorities revealing new clues tonight.
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a plastic bag. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: tonight, the nypd searching for answers about the mysterious object exploding in central park, and the motive for leaving it behind. >> i refer to them as an explosive hobbyist or an experimenter. si believe we have someone who made this material and then he wanted to test it. their backyard is central park. >> reporter: the material now being tested at a forensics lab. the sound of sunday's blast caught on camera. after an 18-year-old virginia tourist set off the explosion, simply by jumping off some rocks. moments later -- >> officers! >> reporter: -- police and the bomb squad rushing to the scene. >> it sounded like a cannon. so, that's why i thought it was like a fourth of july thing. >> reporter: the victim's friends caught in the chaos right after the blast. >> we don't know what happened. there was a small pl
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>> dust. >> then dust. >> beyond the caliber of fireworks, just based on what we heard. >> reporter: the victim, a college student, has now had part of his leg amputated. officials say the three tourists are not suspects, and there is no indication of terrorism. but there are still many unanswered questions. >> the best case is that somebody was terribly irresponsible in putting together chemicals that they knew could hurt somebody. worst case is perhaps somebody planted this with an intent to hurt people on a very busy holiday weekend. >> reporter: the victim's family says he is in serious but stable condition. as for the investigation, officials say the lab results for the explosive material will be back later this week. cecilia? >> okay, mara, thank you. and to the race for the white house now, donald trump caught in the middle of a twitter firestorm once again. this is the tweet at the center of it, hillary clinton calling the use of that star ant anti-semitic, but late today, trump doubling down, calling her the most corrupt candidate ever. here's abc's mary bruce.
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donald trump on the defensive over this image. a tweet showing what appears to be the jewish star of david over a backdrop of money, labeling hillary clinton "the most corrupt candidate ever." critics say it smacks of anti-semitism, but trump is pointing fingers, tweeting "the dishonest media is trying their absolute best to depict a star in a tweet as the star of david rather than a sheriff's star or a plain star." on cnn, a top trump aide vouching for the candidate's character. >> there is nothing anti-semitic about our campaign. certainly nothing anti-semitic about mr. trump. >> reporter: but no explanation of how the campaign came across that image, which was previously posted in a white supremacist chat room. it's now been changed, the star replaced with a circle. trump has tried to embrace the jewish community in the past -- >> i'm a negotiator like you folks. we're negotiators. >> reporter: -- noting his family connection. >> my daughter, ivankais
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>> reporter: but tonight, the clinton campaign is calling trump out, for using "a blatantly anti-semitic image from racist websites to promote his campaign." they say it's part of a pattern. but now, trump firing back, saying that's ridiculous, and that clinton is just trying to divert attention away from her e-mail scandal. >> and mary bruce joins us now from washington. mary, those conventions just weeks away, and you're now hearing some more about some vp picks? >> reporter: yeah, both candidates auditions potential running mates. julian castro, if picked, would be the first hispanic on the presidential ticket. donald trump has been meeting with mike pence, and just today, with iowa senator joanie ernst. trump tweeting earlier that the only people that are not interested in being his vp pick are the people who have not be asked. cecilia? >> mary, thank you. we want to turn overseas now, to a growing wave of deadly terror attas.
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three suicide bombings reported in saudi arabia in the last 24 hours. in iraq, ten people killed today in baghdad. that's a day after the deadliest bombing there in nearly a decade. in just the last week, major attacks in four countries, killing more than 230 people. abc's alex marquardt, here he is on isis calling for even more violence before the end of are ramadan. >> reporter: a suicide attack tonight in saudi arabia, next to islam's second holiest site. one of three attacks in that country in just the last 24 hours, including one near the us consulate in jeddah. they cap off a spectacularly bloody week, as the muslim hold will month of ramadan ends. in baghdad, isis claimed the massive bombing that took the lives of 167 people, the deadliest attack in war-torn iraq in nearly a decade. it was 1:00
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explosives in a truck ripped through a busy neighborhood. the flames consuming shops and restaurants that moments earlier had been full. parents out with their kids, celebrating ramadan and the end of the school year. isis has suffered huge setbacks in iraq and syria, losing long-held ground and forces. but those losses somewhat offset by dramatic terrorist attacks. 44 killed last week at turkey's main airport. then 20 mostly foreign hostages killed on saturday in a restaurant in bangladesh's capital. among the dead was faraaz hossain, who studied in the u.s., and whose family says the attackers let him leave, but he refused to abandon his friends. isis is still able to terrorize and inspire around the world. cecilia? >> alex, thank you. now, to italy. and the growing mystery surrounding the death of an american student. 19-year-old beau solomon was found dead shortly after
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abroad program. his body pulled from a river today. abc's gloria riviera has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: tonight, a deadly mystery unfolding in rome. 19-year-old american beau solomon, found dead in a river today. described by family as a star student at the university of wisconsin, stellar athlete and a proud cancer survivor. >> had over 15 to 20 procedures growing up throughout his life and was able to overcome all that. >> reporter: solomon had just arrived in italy as part of a summer exchange program. his school in rome saying he was last seen in a pub with friends early friday morning. and then, he vanished. his roommate alerting the university when solomon failed to show up later that day for orientati orientation. desperate for answers, his family flew to italy on sunday to work with authorities. italian news reports said solomon's brother say he was found with a large wound on his head, blood on his shirt, his wa
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there are also reports, not confirmed yet by police, that there were credit card charges made on both solomon's cards after he vanished. his parents have identified the body. they are working with police and authorities at the u.s. embassy in rome to try to find out how this cecilia? >> glory ya, thank you. and that statele of emergency in florida, kaulsed by that toxic invasion. beaches closed for the holiday because of dangerous algae spreading in the water. it smells as bad as it looks, if not worse. and the rest of the summer is now in jeopardy. abc's eva pilgrim on how long think could last. >> reporter: marine is closed, beaches empty on this holiday weekend. toxic algae has turned these normally bustling south florida destinations into ghost towns. >> can't get in the water. it's terrible. >> reporter: florida's governor declaring a state of emergency in four counties, temporarily closing several beaches along the treasure coast because of encroaching pools of algae.
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or something. >> reporter: this living green slime is an assault on all the senses. >> smells like death. >> dead, rotten fish. >> reporter: people are complaining of headaches, respiratory issues and even rashes since the algae arrived. >> red eyes, scratchy throat. it can be bad. >> reporter: the blooms can contain dangerous bacteria and authorities are investigating reports of serious infections. the problem started here in lake okeechobee more than two weeks ago to prevent flooding, authorities started releasing water from the lake into canals that unleashed that algae on the coastline. in recent years, dangerous algae blooms have flourished in lakes around the country. experts say farm fertilizer runoff is largely to blame for the problem. >> there has to be someone some place that should be able to do something about it. >> reporter: authorities in florida now scrambling to figure out howl to clean all this up. authorities have not given a definitive timeline on when they will clean this up. as you can see, cecilia, the algae is still
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>> it sure is. eva, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" on this fourth of july. a fireworks disaster. what happened when one of them landed inside this home. and a controversial takedown. >> turn to your left. or your right. turn to your right. >> the 911 call that led to this. why police now admit they had the wrong man and are apologizing tonight. had the sh, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college and trained as a nurse. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? next tonight, to the foreign businessman in ohio wearing a traditional robe and head scarf falsely accused of being a terrorist. a call reporting him to 911 prompting a police takedown and that triggered international outrage. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> there is a male in a full head dress. >> reporter: this 911 call to police in avon, ohio, now triggering an international response. >> with multiple disposable phones, pledging his allegiance, or something, to isis. >> reporter: a desk clerk working t
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hotel tells her sister she believes there's a terrorist in the lobby. that sister calls police. >> there he is. get on the ground! >> grab his hands, cuff him up. >> do not move! >> take that phone away. >> reporter: the suspect is ahmed al menhali. >> i am tourist. this not good. >> yeah, it's not good, that's right. >> reporter: but soon police realize the report is false. he was visiting the u.s. for a heart treatment, suddenly faints. >> you okay? >> reporter: groups that track islamophobia say the u.s. is seeing a recent spike. anger sometimes directed against ne innocent muslims. marriott, which owns the hotel, says it was a terrible misunderstanding and hotel employees will be getting training in diversity and inclusion. avon's police and mayor are sorry, too. >> there were some false you a cue sa
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those are regrettable. >> reporter: as for that hotel desk clerk, officials say she may be facing criminal charges over that false report. cecilia? >> clayton, thank you. when we come back, a nasa nail-biter. a spacecraft speefding towards jupiter. the big question, at 215 times the speed of sound, will they be able to slow it down in time? and the new golden boy. steph curry's new teammate. will the warriors now be the best nba team ever? hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day that helps proactively manage both diarrhea and abdominal pain
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than 4,300 structural fires on the fourth of july. and one of the best basketball teams in the country is about to get even better. kevin durant signing with the golden state warriors. espn reporting the two-year contract is worth more than $54 million. durant becomes the highest paid player on the warriors, and joins superstar mvp steph curry. now, to a history-making moment of truth in space. nasa's unmanned juno spacecraft on an adventure to jupiter, five years in the making. and it all comes down to the next few hours. the mission will slingshot by the massive planet at a record-breaking 165,000 miles per hour. that's fast enough to fly around the earth in nine minutes. and when we come back, if you need a quick history lesson in american history this fourth of july, well, step right up. this guy is not selling any lemonade this holiday.
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on finally tonight, a history lesson on this fourth of july, and it only costs 25 cents. the little boy behind it all is america strong. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: it's july. it's hot. a kid in jackson, michigan, has got a stand. so, easy guess what he's selling, right? not so easy. because here's what a quarter gets you. >> lyndon b. johnson took over his place. >> reporter: yeah. it's history that gabe fulmerhouser is selling, or more specifically, answers to history questions. >> it's important to everyone's life and how america became america. >> reporter: because g
6:58 pm
this stuff for awhile now. well, since he was 3. >> well, since i have so much knowledge that i can't be a history teacher, i just came up with this. >> reporter: of course, the books help. plus, some customer service. >> they swooped in and attacked. >> they usually may me a quarter or more. if they pay me more, i tell them a lot. >> reporter: well, look at his takings. he's getting customers, including, his mom says, kids his own age. he would like to be a soldier, too, some day. you know, maybe make some history himself that kids would want to sell instead of lemonade. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> thank you for watching on this fourth of july. i'm cecilia vega. for david and all of us, have a great holiday. and we leave you with la
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show, pat sajak and vanna white. howdy, howdy! good to see you all. thank you. appreciate that. don't rush off. okay. thank you very much. -have a good show. -all right. all right, gang, get ready. it's "toss up" time in the old corral. "phrase" is the category. vanna's in place. the puzzle will appear. and off we go. [ bell chimes ] phil. satisfaction guaranteed. you got it, that's it.


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