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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  July 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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autria: jummy olabanji has the latest in the push for answers was a chilling message from one of the suspects at this moment. said thate suspects there are bombs planted all around downtown dallas. police cannot verify that right now but they are not taking it lightly at all. video to show you overnight. ,he fbi on the scene in dallas assisting in the investigation. sweeping the heavily trafficked downtown district for any sign of explosives. held up in the parking garage told police that the end is coming and he began shooting. , policehours later confirm he was killed in the gunfire. dallas area rapid transit confirming that brent thompson, who you see here behind me, was killed in the ambush. he was the first officer to ever die in the line of built
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of duty since the department started in the 1980's. the other officers have been identified. all three are expected to survive. back over to you. autria: this morning we have learned that they are suspending most of their service in downtown dallas through local area transit. the mayor calling the majority of the downtown districtnd active times in. the people who work in certain parts of the year being told to stay away from the area. we checked flights into and out of dallas, for work. right now they are all on schedule area -- schedule. traffic stop in minnesota turned deadly and was streamed live on his book, the aftermath. wasfiancee said that he armed legally with a concealed carry permit and says he was reaching his wallet during the ti
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fire. two days later, officer sterling shot in the chest --alton inrling shot in the chest louisiana. been theootings have subject of a lot of talk your at home. this is a subject many have been weighing in on. heard aboutve people weighing in on twitter and other social media accounts. yesterday they opened up the phone lines and from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. they were chock full of callers. these were the cohosts of the morning show. openmade you say we had to up the lines and postpone a lot of normal coverage. >> i think that's the reason we are on the radio to be a act. when things like this happen, it takes precedent.
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year, though it didn't happen here, we are all black people with black men being slaughtered by police officers. i think it's only appropriate and the right thing to do. inwaking up this morning hearing about the news in dallas, how are you planning to address that in the show? >> it feels like it was inevitable. freddie gray, go all the way back there. we had to basically stop the music and cover what they called the baltimore purge. we have to use our platform and influence for the people. many are saying -- it didn't happen directly here, but it is affecting us all. we were on it. when i woke up this morning people were like -- you heard about what and in dallas?
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this is the nation's capital. i think that all eyes are on us anyways. got to handle it. kevin: if you're headed into to 93.9 and call in to voice your opinions area live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis. autria: there is still plenty unfolding in this story. new orders coming in for d.c. police. how is the shooting changing things around the city? plus even more breaking news overnight. a super typhoon making landfall. the situation on the ground right now.
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larry: we were saying it feels a bit cooler this morning? veronica:
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for me? it's still sticky. i'm still advertising that it is plenty sticky out there. the moisture in the air, we will have enough without some good rain when some of these storms start later today. talking about the hot, talking about the sticky this afternoon. rush, as the morning storm chances are noon until 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.. and eileen is already outside in all of the trinity. eileen: i think the reason it feels a little bit that are is we have us quite brees and rosslyn. might seem a little bit at her. tomorrow, the last day of our heat wave. falling and will be low humidity will be with us tomorrow sunday as well. let me show you the timing of that holly humidity for
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and will be sticky in the morning. and may feel hours bit on the sticky site and after or rocket feel more comfortable. i the navy yard on saturday, 6:00, it will be hot but at least the humidity is lowering. on the stormy afternoon, coming up with veronica. let's get to julie for a look at the roads and trails. especially if you are traveling in virginia. that seems to be the slow spot out of mclean towards the american legion bridge. the crash of the georgetown hike out on. about a 20 minute commute back towards montgomery county. you mentioned the rails. futuree, single tracking track repairs and single tracking between medical enter and venture i.
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autria: tracking that breaking news from dallas. larry: officers digging into new orders for d.c. police, straight ahead.
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jummy: if you are just waking up with us, we have got the latest right now. we just heard from dallas police. they get a primary and secondary sweep of the downtown area. right now you can see that no explosives were found. this is the new information coming in, the good news after this horrific event overnight. here's what else you need to know right now if you are just waking up. 11 officers in the dallas area shop vice diapers at a black lives matter protest. i've of them are dead this morning. one in critical condition. one suspect is dead. police say that this is a targeted attack.
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killed was a dallas area rapid the first ever to be killed in the line of duty. more coming up. autria? kidd: a change your -- autria: a change here at home. larry: reshaping the way that officers keep each other safe on duty. we have more on the changes you are seeing right now. suzanne: there are certainly heavy hearts here as a think about their brothers and sisters in law horsemen and dallas as we have an outside the head orders this morning. we have seen cars going by, all of them with teams of two officers inside. that is the change that they have made overnight here. overnight,ning nonviolent protests held in downtown d.c., people wearing black lives matter t-shirts and shouting. earlier in the evening that's what start
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after the shootings of alton sterling. authorities telling us that they are keeping the situation and staffing fluid. we have reached out to the d.c. police officer foundation and they are going to come talk to us about what happened in dallas overnight. we reached out to the d.c. fraternal order of police to get their thoughts about what happened. we will of horse he staying on top of this story and monitoring it throughout the day. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. larry: staying on top of the latest raking developments. much more to come. you can always get the latest online. news thisher breaking morning, i typhoon causing devastation across the eastern typhoon coastline -- eastern taiwan coastline. tearing r
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building and causing damage across the coastline. are only expected to worsen. it is expected to hit eastern china tomorrow area -- tomorrow. larry: governor terry mcauliffe is planning a news conference in alexandria this morning, saying that the 106 $5 million grant will address the worst automatic in northern virginia. some of the money will go towards the extension of the interstate 95 express lanes. another major announcement. have been airlines tentatively awarded flight cuba. at least 10 airports will have one weekly nonce flight to havana and some of them could start as early as this fall. tonight the fourth of july fireworks show
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fall farm.t summits the event was postponed because of the rain. tonight people are welcome to free food, blankets, alcoholic averages, and fireworks of any kind are not allowed. the mega millions jackpot is up to $540 million. since has hit the jackpot march. if you win you can take your pick, 29 years or the one-time payout of $380 million. autria: we also be would keep working? veronica: did you say that? hilarious. autria: would you take a lump sum? veronica: lump sum. anything could happen tomorrow arealaughter] larry: i want the interest. i don't want you to have it. autria: your numbers are still pret
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veronica: yes, they are. today is not looking great for the afternoon. the storms are moving a little fast or. comethey develop the through with a lot of wind. right now we have a relatively clears thy and an overall partly sunny for us. 76 in annapolis, maryland. 6:00 thisuntil 5:00, evening, the chance for some strong, potentially severe thunderstorms. the storms come through it will allow the temperatures to come down 87 degrees by 5:00. fireworks in gaithersburg, it will be just fine for that. let me show you the timeline, late in the morning here you can still see
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sunshine in the area. especially to the areas north and west of us. culpeper, towards making your way eastward they will come through with a lot of wind. 91 in the the. there are the storms around for. 4:00 they are east of the area making their way to the day and areas of ocean city. anyone going to the beach today, know that you could be hitting some storms. today's high, 95. tomorrow, 90 but the change comes midday on saturday when the humidity starts to drop. back in just a couple of minutes with a timeline for tomorrow, when we could see a stray shower or two. delays around at the capital beltway, bumper-to-bumper on the inner loop out of virginia towards the american legion bridge
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an 11 minute commute towards the bridge. the earlier crash has cleared. jasmine says that they are in route. foxhall near double hill, they will be using alternative routes. keep in mind that accidents were road.ed at silver hill the red line this morning having some problems, single tracking due to unscheduled track repairs and track albums between medical center and friendship heights have that stretch tracking as well. stay with us
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: a fraternity helping to be -- helping people to beat cancer. by partnering with the huntsman cancer institute they are getting once the closer to ending the disease. >> my mother was diagnosed when i was seven. i was young and i didn'
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a some have known cancer from young age. >> she fought for nine months before passing away. >> others, it's been more recent. >> a few years ago my mother was diagnosed. this is before i was in the fraternity. we moved to salt lake, actually, and i took her to treatment for about seven months. >> jonathan and ryan, two brothers from different by a common, united goal. >> it's one of those things that touches and if -- everyone. we know someone who has been affected by it. >> that's why they are joining the brothers. >> we made a commitment to mr. huntsman to raise $10 million for him, but that's just the beginning. this year alone they raised $1.3 million. >> to cure cancer in your generation.
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goal but they need some help. >> one day i want people to look act as a tragic
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. obama: there has been a vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law-enforcement. the police in dallas were on duty, doing their jobs, keeping people safe during people -- during peaceful protests. these law-enforcement officers were targeted. larry: president obama speaking during an early morning news conference this morning. 11 officers were shot, five of them dead, the officers ambushed during a peaceful protest last night. good morning, washington. autria: more on that coming up in just a moment. first let's get a check on your forecast with veronica johnson. muggy, sticky, humid.
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widespread strong thunderstorms, but there will be isolated severe storms. drive for your morning with a partly cloudy sky. at lunchtime, then the storms will start to fire continuing to 3:00, 4:00, maybe is latest 5:00 this evening. today's high once again going up to 90 degrees. sticky? yes. ,lus the humidity in the air the heat index, 98 to 102. about what it was yes they. relief this evening and a big way with temperature coming down, cooling from the storms. the main threat for storms they will be from high wind. then we have got hail and the spread of flood through the area. another julie loves that, but we could see some small branches down in areas that could impact the secondary neighborhood
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we already have one large tree down over foxhall road. taking you from the roads to the rails because of the single tracking issues that we had in grosvenor, the single tracking was a long medical center and friendship heights due to track problems outside bethesda. centreville, headed back for its fair of. here comes the sun. commute out of manassas. one stop along the right side of the road, all of that activity should now be on the shoulder. here's the tree that we were talking about in northwest near w street. authorities are on the scene, have that locked off near canal road. inner loop of the beltway towards the american legion bridge, an 11 minute ride towards montgomery county. that's the traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update the roads and the rails. autria:
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several officers, dead after two gunmen opened fire in dallas, texas. just a little while ago dallas police confirmed to us that five of their officers are dead and several more are injured. downtown is now up i'm seen. stephanie ramos has more area stephanie: a barrage -- more. stephanie: a barrage of gunshots. >> people start jumping over the fences. cops yelling to go back. >> this is a hot zone. sniperse say the two positioned themselves in elevated areas in a protest against police brutality. at least five of the officers were killed. >> we believe that these suspects were attempting to triangulate on these officers.
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from two different purchases in the downtown area. >> they say the plan was to injure and kill as many officers as they could. >> we are praying for the families and asking the give strength to catch the suspects. >> police, surrounding this parking garage and exchanging gunfire as they negotiate with a suspect who says tom seven placed all over downtown dallas. the mayor calling the event's. this comes on the heels of incidents in louisiana and minnesota, where black men were shot and killed a police officer's. >> according to the national law enforcement memorial on, this is the deadliest day for law enforcement since the 9/11 attacks. larry: this was one of several protest across the country. thousands marching through d.c. last night for testing police involved shootings
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marched around the white house and on the street headed to the capital. larry: another protest -- autria: another protest in union city -- in new york city at union square. they marched to times square, where the protest grew larger. at least 40 people were arrested in times square for disorderly conduct. larry: reaction coming in on social media. autria: sam sweeney has more. sam: the president addressed the nation and the world a few moments ago from poland, where he is attending a conference. he said that there had been a vicious, calculated, and despicable attack on law-enforcement. i want to touch on a regular around the world voicing their emotions on social media this morning. this one person says that humanity is living t
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pray for the victims, the country, the world. pray for dallas is now trending area david says -- for all the officers who courageously fulfill the promise they make every day and that their life on the line for our safety. every dayerson -- this week have been in tears. i don't know what's going on in america. dallas.n do is pray for i want to end with the most important tweet of the day right here. one of the victims, presumably one of the first identified in dallas, a police officer with his father there. and this is the first dallas area rapid transit officer to die in the line of duty. this is 43-year-old rent thompson. as we continue to get new pictures of the victims and heroes who gave their life last night, we will bring them to you. we are stayg
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this story. you can always get the latest if you are on the run on our web site. right now we are still dealing with the heat wave at home. hot, sticky with potential storms. autria: veronica j
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veronica: happy friday. the humidity has not faded yet. 80 to 81 by the beltway area topping out today at 95 degrees. forecast, or see what the ac to be on. around 100dex is again. we are tracking atkins storms, starting at about lunchtime. on the high, much less tomorrow, just an isolated shower. there's the chance, noon to or p.m. today, we will be all over this this afternoon. we have got more from outside? that's how sticky it is already it is very sticky, but there is a minimum reason feel more manageable. i want to let people know how it will
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as veronica was mentioning, most of the storms should be tapering off by 5:00 or so. storm chances lingering of it, but few and far between. you will likely be cruising across the bay bridge with windows up in the ac on. once you get across the bay and had to the beaches, it's not a bad looking forecast. high tomorrow, 91 for your saturday and isolated forms possible. most of us will be dry on sunday. the water temperatures are warming up nice the. a nice hot weekend even at the beaches where i'm sure you will be finding some relief. julie, how are things looking for the getaway traveler? >> poolside, for sure. for those trying to make their way to the jrb, here's the
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and you will find authorities on the scene blocking that portion of foxhall road. the inner loop trying to get across the ridge, right now not a bad commute saint one of his robe. the inner loop coming out of virginia towards tysons, a slow is our traffict watch. back in 10, we will update your ride. autria: our continuing coverage is morning at the deadly police ambush in dallas. larry: 11 officers shot. five dead. new changes in the nation's capital. are going a, they new strategies here in light of that overnight shooting. i will have the details, coming up. >> here at 93.9, callers
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>> someone is armed to the teeth. every motiveving on the table and are waiting for the suspect to break. autria: 11 officers shot, five of the now dead. dallas to active crime scene. and the news site and towards highly automated attack. >> complete team coverage, including the new reaction online and have a shooting is already affecting our local police departments. larry: jummy olabanji is getting us up to speed. jummy: here are the fact. we know that five officers are dead. four of them of dallas police, one from dallas area rapid. some of them are in critical condition in the hospital last now.
6:47 am
everything was peaceful but towards the end, violence or. snipers from above calculated shootings at police officers. we know that three people were arrested. one suspect was dead according to police. none have been identified just yet. 300 people have been it is large demonstration. 100 all is were assigned to the event and the surrounding area downtown. according to dallas police, they did a primary and secondary .uite for explosives none were found because one of the sniper said that there were bombs in the downtown area. mayor willchief and be holding a news conference at a: 30 our time. we will update you live with new information when we make switch toew
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the shooting is already changing the day to day operations of this lease -- of our police department. suzanne, police are getting new orders overnight? suzanne: they are, as they leave and come into their shift this morning they do so with heavy heart. i spoke to many officers not able to go on camera, but expressing shot and -- shock and sadness. >> new overnight, officers are writing in teams of two or check them in the event that they are attacked in the them will or way as to what happened in dallas. last night in washington a large but nonviolent protest was held. local crowds headed to the street. earlier in the evening the group started at the white house. they had signs addressing the two
6:49 am
rouge, one in minnesota. authorities telling us overnight that they are trying to remain fluid. has beene officers monitoring the events. we are of course going to try to reach out to members of the police community in our area. the executive director for the police officer's foundation is going to talk to us this morning about what happened and the reaction here. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. autria: thank you. president obama speaking out about the shootings in dallas from poland this morning. he called the incident a vicious, despicable, calculated attack. obama: i believe i speak for every single american when i say that we are horrified over these events.
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we know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, it makes attacks like more powerful, more tragic. it's a dose of reality this morning. larry: people around the country sounding off about this attack this morning. sam sweeney is tracking the reactions right now. sam: hillary clinton and donald trump have apparently not look it up. the last tweet from hillary clinton was eight hours ago. the donald trump has twitter page, the last one was nine hours ago. around the people world are reacting. this is from roger -- pray for dallas. that's the
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aaron says -- this is not who we want to be. heartbroken for my country, my city. alice -- you want to stay home from work as the world is too scary. a lot of people feeling that as they head out the doors. as we get new pictures of the videos from last night, we will bring them to you. these shootings have been a huge talking point at home. autria: kevin lewis is live at k with more oning the conversation that a lot of people are having this morning. -- kevin: yesterday they opened their phone lines to callers voicing their opinion about the shootings. this is a live look into their sewers and studios as they can you the
6:52 am
overnight in dallas. we just heard from one caller who identified themselves as a former frederick county officer. thatid that he believed the shootings were killings and that the officers in minnesota and baton rouge acted out of bounds were -- and work to aggressive. interesting insight from a former man who has identified a former frederick county police officer. wilmae dj quicksilver and , the to cohost of 93.9. they will be on the air. if you want to call in, you're deathly urged to do so. live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis. want from us on the weather. veronica:
6:53 am
change is coming, we want people to be aware that there is -- that there are storms coming later today. normally we t-storms rolling in at 2:00, 3:00. maybe east of interstate 81. down through rappahannock and ofren counties, possibility earlier storms. giving you the green light, not a lot going on. lunch time, again it will be a hot one for us. read like this time for midday and for the afternoon and evening rush. the indexy, weekly during the afternoon hours, after we get past 7:00, much improved conditions across the area. your ego. a.m., maybe even 95 today. live doppler is
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quiet, here's the front that will be approaching the area there. you can see it with michigan behind it. less humidity, that's what some saturday by mid-a. -- midday. 94 to 95 degrees, let me go into show you this much seven-day forecast. 95 tomorrow, feeling much better with lower humidity. sunday, absolutely gorgeous. back to moreweek seasonable conditions. julie? still busy this morning, problems on the roads and the rails. the orange, blue, and silver checking in with delays. the red line no longer single tracking between medical center and friendship heights and you can expect to find delays there. blocking a portion of foxhall road your double 228 large tree that is
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look for the bailout traffic on macarthur boulevard. the sixavy and slow, headed across the american legion bridge. in the next 10 minutes we will update your ride through northwest. autria: five minutes before 7:00 . kidd o'shea is here to get us in -- inadow area beyonce the now. kidd: beyonce stopping her show last night to ask for a moment of silence for the victims. you're looking at the video from the concert scotland. earlier in the day she issued a call for political action with a statement on her web that warning -- these robberies of lives. she says they don't want sympathy, they want people to respect their life.
6:56 am
before a big concert in baltimore? of course he goes into the six flag. take a look at this picture before the show last night in charm city. fans went crazy and posted a ton of teachers. one girl he falling to the ground, complete shock that she had gotten a high five from him. would too. >> these kids were freaking out that he was there. >> you would have thought? larry: kidd o'shea gets that same reaction. kidd: exactly. [laughter] hamilton star lin-manuel miranda says that fans have made it unsafe for him to leave the theater. iswe told you yesterday, last day is tomorrow. fans are trying to get segments of him. on twitter he was interacting to come out begging through the state door. he
6:57 am
simply not safe right now. i have seen its get crushed at the front when i come out and i can't have that. autria: where were you last night? at the show? [laughter] kidd: exactly. real quickly, what would you do if you won $540 million tonight in the mega millions drawing? would you quit your job? and how would you do it? -- not just send a tweet coming in, been fun. say thanks. [laughter] larry: [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ]
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, ambush in dallas. snipers open fire on police taking aim from high above. >> shots fired. >> hitting 11 officers, at least five killed. some in critical condition, a mom trying to protect her children also shot. >> go! >> people running for their lives ducking behind cars for cover. >> the kret scene unfolding at a peaceful protest against those fatal police shootings. >> plan to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could. >> one suspect surrounded by police exchanging gunfire. others in custody as police search for more accomplices and possible bombs. >> it's all come together in support of our police


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