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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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six to eight shots. >> let's go. let's go. >> get back! get back! >> we as a country must come together. >> officer down. >> this must stop. the divisiveness between the police and the citizens. >> the lives do matter. >> we must answer the question that god asked. am i my brother's keeper? that in fact we are all our brother's keeper. [applause] jonathan: it was a horrendous night in dallas, texas. when it was over, the ambush, five officers killed. michelle: that man identified as the shooter. several others injured. alison: the peaceful protest turns chaotic. >> a guy with a lone rifle. we don't know where he's at. >> parking garage. >> he's in the building right there. >> this was a well-planned, well thought out, e
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tragedy. jonathan: it was a shootout and hours of negotiations followed after. michelle: and now we know one suspect is dead. alison: again, it started as a peaceful protest. let's get to our team coverage now beginning with marci gonzalez. marci: it's still blocked off as officers collect evidence and information on this ambush that claimed the lives of five of their colleagues. today, heartbreak in dallas following the loss and chaos here overnight. [sirens] [gunfire] five police officers killed. seven others along with two civilians injured. when a sniper positioned above a peaceful protest against police brutality starts shooting, targeting police officers. >> he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. massive master with no cover from the spray of bullets from above
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lives saving others. one seen here taking on the gunman. that officer killed in this final act of bravery. among the victims, 43-year-old transit officer brent thompson who was married just two weeks ago. >> our hearts are broken by this loss. we are one people. we stand together. marci: suspect micah johnson killed in the standoff. police searching the former army reservist home and questioning at least three other suspects. >> this was a well-planned, well-thought out, evil tragedy. and we won't rest until we bring everyone involved to justice. marci: johnson claimed he left bombs downtown. they have found nothing but the streets are shut down as they search. live in
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gonzalez, abc7 news. back to you. jonathan: they have identified the gunman in the case. what do we know about this guy? is he the lone gunman? there are no other gunmen that were involved? marci: you know, police haven't given us the specifics. we know there are other suspects who are in custody. but as far as what their role was in that is all of this, police have not clarified that yet. but we are learning that this suspect that they have identified, 25-year-old micah johnson was an army reservist up until last year. he served for six years. we are told he did two tours of duty in afghanistan. though it's unclear if he ever saw combat. jonathan: marci gonzalez in dallas. thank you. alison: we know dallas was just one american citizen that had protests last night over the recent police-involved shootings. across the country, demonstrations stayed peaceful. michelle: from coast to coast, huge numbers calling for changes in the way communities are policed. there is outrage and anger about the
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continues our live team coverage with the angle. sam? sam: yes, michelle. right now we are outside the u.s. justice department. this is the scene of a planned protest that is going to take place we guess within the hour. again, this is one of the scenes. you have authorities waiting for that to happen. it follows protests in d.c. yesterday that took place shortly before the dallas sniper targeted and killed police officers. protesters were angry about police killing black men in louisiana and minnesota. last night a black sniper apparently targeting white officers. the reaction to recent events were all over the place in d.c. today. >> anybody who i think has been monitoring things and watching how things progressed, you know, maybe should have foreseen some of this happening. >> we have to prosecute all the police officers who don't follow the rules, who don't proper
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but that doesn't justify killing people. that was pandemonium last night. if you watch it on news it's like watching what is going on in syria. we have devolved into what? sam: those are the police officers waiting for this protest to get underway. it's supposed to get underway in the hour outside the justice department. i will back with more on "abc7 news at 5:00" as we hear more people talk about a racial divide that they wonder is perhaps growing even wider. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, sam. thanks. last night peaceful in d.c. in a march that went from the capitol to the white house. officers alongside them letting folks make the walk. today officers here across the country are looking over their shoulders and for good reason. d.c. police make changes to the patrols today. jay korff is at m.p.d. headquarters with more on the changes. jay? jay: today we spok
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department, her entire agency, her officers are reeling and struggling with the events of what happened last night in dallas, texas, but she says they have to push forward, they have to continue to focus while they mourn. so they can protect the city. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> black lives matter! jay: we apologize for the technical difficulty. what i can tell you is that almost immediately within just a couple of hours after the attacks in dallas, texas, chief lanier did a couple of things. the first thing she did around midnight is double up all patrol officers. as there is in the vehicle there isn't one anymore. until further notice, moving forward there is two in a patrol car. that is one thing she wanted to do immediately.
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stand -- they have con sell lores on stand -- counselors on standby. we are accustomed of protests and rallies in d.c. there are something rarely issues. the officers are out making sure that the protesters are in a positive environment and they are safe and secure. one thing that chief lanier said they have worked hard to do that over the years. they have worked hard to work with communities. she believes, she told us today that what happened in dallas is not indicative of how the nation feels in regard to members of law enforcement. back to you. alison: jay, thank you very much. another note on the campaign trail. politics took a day off. both democratic and republican presumptive nominees canceled rallies today. donald trump was going to hold an event in miami this afternoon. instead he is putting that off. hillary clinton was supposed to campaign with vice president joe biden in scranton. that event also canceled. michelle: breaking news now from a
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a police officer was shot in a traffic stop in ballwin. the suspect took off after the shooting but was caught a short time later. the officer was taken to the hospital receiving life-saving treatments along the way. he is in critical condition. stay with abc7 for continuing team coverage of the ambush in dallas and all breaking news. we'll bring any updates live right here and online at at the bottom of the hour we'll take a look at how police unions here are responding and patrolling while mourners gather at the national law enforcement officers memorial downtown. jonathan: all right. let's shift gears now and talk about the weather now. we have storm prediction center had us under a slight risk of severe storms today. chief meteorologist doug hill joins us with the forecast. coming down in buckets. doug: a slight risk but no severe storms. we have dropped to 80 in reagan national. still 91 in manassas. 90 in fredericksburg. the s
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the humidity for the fourth consecutive day makes it feel warmer. still around 100 degrees in areas that have not seen the rain. the heat index is 85 in washington. the doppler radar, most of the shower activity east of the city right now. any one of the storms producing heavy downpours. some lightning, still the technical possibility that some could be severe as they head across the by a. generally, most of the activity we'll see today we are seeing right now. it will continue to move east and the southeast. if you are dining outdoors we will leave an isolated shower or storm in the forecast. otherwise partly cloudy, muggy in the 80's. we have changes in the weekend and we will share them in a few minutes. alison: okay. we'll see you then. thank you very much. also today really tense moments at the u.s. capitol. it happened this morning. officers found what appeared to be a weapon in an employee's backpack. that triggered a lockdown of the entire grounds there. with armed officers warning people to stay away. it turned out the suspicious item was harmless.
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is fueled by the events of the past week and month. >> i hope that very soon that we will be able to put some of the divisions behind us. as i said, we are better than that. our country is better than that. so, let's pray that cooler heads prevail. and that we can go on about the people's business without the personal fears that accompany some of the events we have seen. alison: the lockdown did last close to two hours before things returned to normal. jonathan: coming up here on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- we will have continuing coverage from dallas. michelle: we will talk with abc news security expert brad garrett for his take on the shooting. alison: and this. >> i have no words. i have no way to express where we are at this moment. alison: still reeling from an attack on one of its own at its station opens up about the ambush in dallas. what the top cop in prince george's county says needs to be
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jonathan: the sights and sounds of last night in dallas. and that there is the suspected gunman who is now dead. the latest we have at this hour is this. five officers are dead. seven others are wounded. two bystanders also wounded. the suspect as we know has been identified as micah johnson. police are searching his home. he was in the army for a short time. we are continuing to monitor the situation. we will provide updates here on abc7 news. if you have to step away, we are constantly updating on the website. go to that. get it on the app, alison: a little bit closer to home now in baltimore. day two of the trial for lieutenant brian rice. he is the highest-ranking officer charged in the death of freddie gray. rice was one of three bicycle officers who encountered and then arrested gray. gray would later die of the injuries sustained in the police van in the ride to jail. rice elected to have a bench trial. the last two trials you will remember ended with at
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acquittals. time for a check of the traffic situation. angela foster is here with details on that. >> thank you, alison. good afternoon. a soggy commute for the friday ride as we gear up for the weekend. mostly what we're seeing as we look at the map, volume delays, especially around the capital beltway. on the northside from silver bring to the legion bridge. we have the outer loop delays and typical inner loop slowing those making the trip from bethesda to fairfax county. show you 395.
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you continue toward leesburg pike. on the interstates getting away from the capital beltway, 66 dealing with a crash. for folks just past nutley street. no issue on 95. just building volume for you. that is 59 in maryland as well as 95 in virginia. very quickly the accidents in the city. right lane blocked eastbound on eighth street. southbound on the anacostia freeway. the crash is at burros avenue. we send it back to you. jonathan: thank you. now we get a look at the extent of the damage in eureka, kansas, after a late night tornado touched down. the twister ripped apart several homes and a mobile home park and left a nursing home in ruins. despite the damage, though, there are no reports of anyone that got hurt. much of that is attributed to tornado warnings issued 15 minutes before the twister touched down. michelle: that wasn't the case in taiwan where super typhoon nepartak ravaged the area killing three people and injuring 142 others. it struck this
4:17 pm
roofs off buildings, flipping cars and dumping rain all across the island. the storm hammered the eastern coast of taiwan with torrential rain and wind for several hours be making landfall. jonathan: so they get typhoons on that side of the planet and we get hurricanes here. we are in the middle of hurricane season. michelle: right. while we haven't seen a threat yet this summer you can still feel like what it's like to be in one. alison: we sent eileen out to college park to do just that. >> we are standing inside a wind tunnel about to simulate hurricane-force winds at the glen l. martin wind tunnel at the university of maryland. i'm joined by two doctors with the university of maryland. what kind of research are you doing here to help better prepare structures in the event of hurricanes? >> well, we test a few things for survival at hurricane speeds. for example, the gen
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electricity goes out. those have to tested up to 150 miles per hour to be sure they will keep working. >> so now is the time to prepare. you work with flood research. you know a lot of wind and water in our area. what do we need to do to be better prepared. >> you need to know what the risk is. are you subject to flooding? is it wind? wind will be everywhere. are you prepared. >> right now the atlantic hurricane season pretty quiet but we'll be watching it. let's kick this up into high gear. all right, guys. >> that was incredible but it gives you a good idea how powerful the winds are in a category three hurricane. we almost got to 115. the cutoff for the category three is 111. of course, this is a cool visualization. but it really does speak volumes to how import
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to get yourself and your family safe this hurricane season. michelle: important information. on a lighter note. i couldn't help but notice her hair looks incredible. alison: the wind-blown look. jonathan: doug and i have the same issue. it doesn't bother us. doug: i did one years ago in my early 30's. did a tunnel. alison: what did it feel like? doug: you know when your dog's mouth is out the car, the same thing. jonathan: have you been able to lean forward? doug: i have been there, done that. good for eileen. a couple of storms coming and dropping rain. cooled the temperatures down earlier. newschopper7 up a little while ago. this is near tipton airport where the chopper goes in and out. they were near the airport when the downpour came down. the rain shaft, it was a small storm but torrential rain either side. we had one here in rosslyn about 20 minutes ago. pouring like crazy. five minutes later, bright sunshine. that is the pattern you may see a fe
4:20 pm
get to the maps and tell you the weather story. it will have a better conclusion and start as we get through sunday and early next week. tonight for pool forecast. outside of the isolated shower and thunderstorms. that threat will taper off over the next few hours. it will be hot and humid with temperatures in the 80's. gaithersburg tonight is looking good. at bora park for the fireworks at 9:30. should be in the low to mid-80's with partly cloudy sky. it will be muggy. temperature is 80 degrees at the last check of reagan national. still 91 in manassas. 90 in fredericksburg. 91 in charlottesville. warm and humid weather to continue through the nighttime hours. this is what it feels like. 102 in frederick. 100 in culpeper and fredericksburg. feels like 92 in annapolis. 85 in the capital. if you're with us through abc7 news at 5:00 and 6:00, watch the degrees. the temperatures going to rise with the sunshine.
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and the storms are east and southeast of the metro area. heavy downpours but non-severe. some lightning but just a lot of rain. interestingly not much else to the rest. that is good for us. plan for the next hour or so. in the area south of the district through southern maryland, eastern shore, anne arundel county. heavy rain and lightning continues there. the future heat index shows the humidity back with us tomorrow at 95. but even though the air temperatures are hot. the dew point temperatures and the heat index will fall by tomorrow afternoon. we will turn drier. by sunday it will turn cooler and drier. so we'll dry out from the rain. but still muggy in the 80's through the evening tonight. for area, overnight. partly cloudy. in the 70's. there could be storms well south of washington overnight. it's a cluster over west virginia right now that we'll watch. tomorrow, hot for sure. humid to start. afternoon thunderstorms. but slowly turn drier through the day. that sets a stage for a much better pattern here on sunday. plenty of sunshine.
4:22 pm
comfortably warm with the lower humidity. mid-to-upper 80's. same deal on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. when start to warm it up again. humidity levels rise again. daily chances of the showers and the thunderstorms each afternoon. michelle: all right. thank you. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- rebound heading into the weekend on wall street. the surprising surge in hiring next. jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:30" -- the show of support for fallen officers. a memorial dedicated for fallen officers in d.c. have become a spot for locals and visitors to pause, reflect and to mourn.
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alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert and a rally on wall street coming in the weekend. it comes on the heels of a better than expected june jobs report. 287,000 jobs last month. that is a shot in the arm for the economy. that followed may's dismal addition of just 11,000 jobs. the unemployment rate did rise two points to 4.9%. but that is viewed as a good sign. more people who left the job market are actively searching again. jonathan: the federal government is investigating claims that the quintessential american motorcycle may not stop on demands. meanin
4:26 pm
doesn't stop. they have received 43 complaints about the harley davidson brakes not working. two people have been hurt. the claims cover 430,000 motorcyclests made between 2008 and 2011. it is possible some riders who had brake problems weren't changing the brake fluid every two years as you are supposed to. michelle: for anyone still looking for a job, dating app bumble may be able to help out. they are branching out introducing a new feature this fall called bumble biz. it will allow people to make career and business contacts. it's just the latest expansion for the app. this spring it launched bumble b.f.f. to help people make new friends. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a difficult day across the nation. everyone moved by the events in dallas, minnesota, louisiana over the past three days.
4:27 pm
agent brad garrett next. brad: a local police agency dealing with the death of one of its own. now grappling with the pain from dallas. reporter: d.c. leaders gathering for a wreath-laying ceremony this afternoon. i'm amy aubert with the story "why are you checking your credit score? "well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you?" "then she says...bazang!" "ok, good one." (laughs) "bazang. remember?" " get it?" "bazang?" "yeah!" "uh, how do i check my credit score?" "credit karma, don't worry bud it's free." "ohhhh." "credit karma. give yourself some credit."
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. doug: back now with a quick update on the showers and the downpours across the area. you can see by the bright colors the heaviest rain, thunderstorms moving east of the metro area. we zoom in for a quick look. prince george's county. anne arundel and that is where the heavy showers and storms. not a lot more coming our way. the forecast through the evening once the batch moves out, we should see the skies dry out and clear. it will be warm and muggy overnight with the temperatures holding in the 80's through the everything. for the weekend, still hot tomorrow. lower humidity levels. highs to 95. there could be afternoon storms. sunday is delightful, sunny, cooler, less humid. highs in the upper 80's. that is the latest from here. jonathan: now the latest from dallas this afternoon. we kow
4:31 pm
have been killed. seven injured. two bystanders also injured. the suspect in this case killed by police has been identified as micah johnson. police are now searching his home. this was an army reservist who did two tours in afghanistan. we are continuing to monitor the situation. we'll provide updates on abc7 news. if you step away from the tv for a short time don't worry about it. download the app. whether he be updating there and putting out news alerts as women. joining us now a former f.b.i. agent brad garrett. i guess the first question for you, so many people woke up this morning who didn't see it last night. it takes your breath away. what was your initial reaction when you heard what happened and played out in the streets of dallas? brad: it clearly sounded like a sniper of some sort. at that point we didn't know motivation or number of people. but the problem, jonathan, is that if you are elevated, it's dark, you are shooting down at people it is extremely difficult in urban environments to determine where is the fire coming from?
4:32 pm
shot in the back. i think you have civilians shot. you are talking about a lot of movement going on. even if you are a decent shot you will hit maybe people you didn't intend to shoot. jonathan: what were police officers from agencies all across the country doing today? what were their supervisors telling them? i can't imagine the advice or the protocols changed overnight. brad: i think you will see maybe more officers doubling up instead of traveling alone. i'm going to guess that when they have to do the mass gatherings that cover a crowd that you and i see regularly in washington, d.c., they are going to have to create maybe some sort of countersurveillance with drones, with something. this is me suggesting. i don't know what they are actually going to do. they will have to create cover for themselves basically to look for people like mr. johnson. unfortunately, this now is going to trigger some other
4:33 pm
about doing the same thing. jonathan: we know that two police shootings are apparently what triggered yesterday's shooting in dallas. talking about those two police shootings, because we look at both cases. to most they seem egregious but they hadn't been prosecuted, they haven't been thoroughly investigated. to departments tell their officers to change how they approach people on the street because of what we have seen? brad: it's a mixed bag. some of them have, to try to deescalate situations instead of the police becoming part of the problem. the unfortunate thing about both minneapolis, or saint paul and the other shooting in louisiana is that you only have the video. in either one of those, if you had to judge both cases it doesn't look good for the police officer. but you don't have the other 85 or 90% to what went on. so to assess good
4:34 pm
shoot, we have to wait. on the surface it would look like maybe there could have been alternative ways to handle both situations. but again, it's hard to assess without being there. jonathan: we appreciate your insight. brad garrett, former f.b.i. agent. thank you. alison: thank you. police departments across the country reacting today to the shooting in dallas. michelle: including officers within the prince george's county police department where emotions are still very raw after the district iii station was the target of an attack as well. that resulted in the officer jacai colson's death. brad bell continues our coverage. brad: this is the district iii station that came under fire in march. yes, it is still very fresh, very raw. i want to show you something here. see this yellow line? this is a busy road. that evidence paint showing where the gunman was and where he was firing is still there. what happened in dallas hurts for th
4:35 pm
sheriff's deputies deal with a domestic situation. a windshield is shot out. they are clearly on high alert. one admits it's hard to be out here. at a routine traffic stop, a second prince george's county police officer arrives for backup. for safety. the head of the police union admits the dallas tragedy is on their mind. >> absolutely. it is hard to be out on the streets patrolling knowing that your safety is on the line every minute, every second of every hour of every hour of every day. brad: in prince george's county it has been four month since a gunman filmed by his brother targeted officers allegedly because he wanted to kill cops. the end result was the death of officer jacai colson. it's not could it happen here. it has happened here. >> i have no words, no way to express where we are at this moment. brad: he says his
4:36 pm
tough and will continue to answer the calls for help but he hopes something changes dramatically in the national dialogue. >> can we all agree that seven people being dead should cae pause no matter what side of the debate you are on and step away from violence and begin real dialogue? brad: back live at the district iii station you can see the been aer to honor jacai colson. "our brother, our friend, our hero." the bullet holes if the attack are still in the doorway. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: powerful image from last night. you can see here hospital workers coming out after the shift was over. arm in arm. this was them working around the clock yesterday in dallas. long night for them. this pause was for a moment of reflection. today people from all across the country came out to the national law enforcement officers memori
4:37 pm
where mayor muriel bowser spent a few moments today passes along her condolences as well. it has hit everybody really hard. amy? amy: well, absolutely. city leaders came out around 2:00 this afternoon for that ceremony. you can see the wreath now placed alongside other signs of support. flowers left for the texas tragedy. for him the tragedy hits close to home. >> whether it's dallas p.d., public safety or washington, d.c., whether it's whatever. we are all in solidarity. amy: the national law law enforcement officers memorial a gathering place friday. >> we built this to make sure nobody would forget the service and the sacrifice of our
4:38 pm
respects. laying a wreath in honor of the live lost. >> today we mourn for our fallen. we pray for them. we pray for their families. amy: national memorial officer fund president say the community, police need to work together. >> if you look around the memorial, there are names of men and women who died for you and me. yet this nation doesn't seem to get it. amy: memorial growing throughout the day friday. >> it seems like there is more hate in this world today than it ever has been. >> a ceremony serving as a remindeder of solidarity. -- remindeder of sol darety. amy: the flags were lowered to half staff this afternoon. in times like these, we need to come together.
4:39 pm
in the meantime, the trump campaign is not supporting a statement from the virginia campaign chairman corey stewart. the prince william county board of supervisors chairman had this to say about the shootings in dallas. >> i specifically blame hillary clinton, lieutenant governor and minnesota governor mark dayton for the murders of the four officers in dallas last night. before they start thinking about their own political careers they need to start thinking about the lives and the security of our police. jonathan: stewart is no stranger to controversy and says his comments today are his own and do not represent the trump campaign. alison: they with abc7 for continuing team coverage of the ambush in dallas. we'll bring any updates live right here. always online at you can also sign up for breaking news text alerts right there as well. michelle: but first, we could use this. storing a little faith -- restoring faith in humidity after a long week.
4:40 pm
leave his sick son's side. >> you know what? i'm not going to ask her to try to move over a little bit. jonathan: the hospital picture that has gone viral and update on his boy's condition. we have that for you coming up. then new at 5:00 -- the duet of a lifetime. what the little girl had to say about her experience at 5:00.
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michelle: we are now getting the full story behind this picture. you may have seen it show up on your facebook timeline. alison: the picture of a father curled up there on a hospital floor right underneath his son's crib. the father's name is andre palmer. the little boy in the crib. there he is. 20-month-old a.j. a.j. has very bad asthma. so his dad had just finished an overnight shift at work. when he got to the hospital his wife was asleep in the chair. so he said he just laid down where he knew he wouldn't wake up anybody. >> i woke up and look and i was like that is a perfect photo. >> to me it's picture of me being a
4:44 pm
alison: the palmers say they feel lucky because a.j. is already out of the hospital as you see here and they are trying to get back to life as usual. amazing picture. michelle: glad he is feeling better. that picture shared 2,800 times. that is not even including the countless online stories about it. so sweet. alison: amazing. michelle: coming up, an update to a story the item broke. the images are hard to look at. now a woman charged with dozens of counts of animal cruelty will go to trial. alison: still ahead getting ready for the weekend. from the folk life festival to a lot of laughs. we have a lot to do. >> the mail is going to be here on time for the rest of your life. michelle: you know who that is? frank calliendo and his many characters are in town. we let you know where you can catch his performances after
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4:48 pm
chris papst broke the story and he has today's update for us. chris? chris: well, ann goland was charged with 27 misdemeanor count of animal cruelty after her horse rescue farm was raided by authorities. she has pled not guilty. we know she will go to trial in september. last october the i-team broke the story showing heart-wrenching images of malnourished and emaciated horses. 81 horses were seized. seven were found dead. nine more had to be euthanized. soon after she was charged. the i-team learned after that, peaceable farm was a 501c3 rescue. under the non-profit status, she ran farms in virginia and maryland but she moved all of the horses to virginia after maryland officials began to question her about how she was ri
4:49 pm
charged with 13 counts of felony embezzlement related to her non-profit horse farms. currently as she awaits trial she is out on bail. life in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. we now know why a man fell out of the bleachers on to the wrigley field warning track in a rain delay last night. nearby fans say he tried to jump the wall but tripped over the fence that extends out a couple of feet from the ball. the man laid on the ground several minutes while being attended to by medical personnel. the hospital is not releasing his condition. alison: the first day of the running of bulls in pamplona went off without a single goring. but day two, well, different story. six people were gored. several bulls separated from the pack and started charging at anyone in their path. eight others were taken the area hospitals with other type of
4:50 pm
michelle: that road is so narrow. this is a test of your agility if you decide to partake in that. really you don't have much room to run. alison: no. michelle: frightening. alison: really scary. all right. well, moving on, tonight is your chance to take home a piece or the whole thing. this is much better news. of $500,000,000. the mega millions jackpot. it's up to $540 million to be exact. more than 30 drawings without a winner. this jackpot has just ballooned. by the way, if you are left disappointed tonight the powerball jackpot is up again too. the drawing is up to $288 million. so you can go that route. if you don't win this one. michelle: we have all invested in this. we have the fingers crossed. alison: win or lose, you don't need a lot of money to have a good weekend in town. michelle: not at all. kidd o'shea has the we
4:51 pm
kickoff. kidd: you have probably seen your friends post picks on instagram from the wonder exhibition. this is your final weekend to grab the cool picks of your own. it runs through sunday. three are leaving and another two will be on permanent display. it's opened daily from 10:00 to 5:30. admission is free. this is the final weekend for the smithsonian folk life festival on the mall. if you didn't have a chance to catch the fun last weekend, two themes this year. sounds of california and basque innovation by culture. enjoy music, drinks and food. admission is also free. take in some laughs this weekend with comedian frank caliendo. he has shows tonight and tomorrow at 7:30 and 9:45 at the d.c. improve. he is famous for impressions from john madden to donald trump where his #iftrumpwere videos have gone viral like this one if trump for a
4:52 pm
>> player: greenshaw. >> the mail came earlier. >> why wouldn't it? i delivered it. they are terrible mail carriers. kidd: i'm "good morning washington's" kidd o'shea. i hope you do something to make you happy. have a great weekend. steve: all right. we have had a few showers out there as we move through the afternoon hours. evening temperatures around 82 to 88. if you are heading to the pool, be on the lookout for a few scattered thunderstorms. it's hot and humid. look at the feel-like temperatures right now. a little cooler at reagan national due to the downpour we had in the hour. but still feels like 102 in leesburg. the same in fredericksburg. 101 for a feels like temperature in culpeper. satellite and radar, the showers and the storms are moving toward the east across southern maryland. those will be across the by a in the -- across the bay to the next hour to hour and 15 minutes. forecast tomorrow near 95 degrees. muggy morning to give way to
4:53 pm
may see isolated thunderstorm. don't forget alexandria's birthday tomorrow night with the big fireworks display. our brian van de graaff will be there announcing the fireworks with the temperatures that will fall through the 90's. eventually in the 80's. then the 70's. looking better on sunday. 87 degrees. the same on monday. but we'll crank up the heat and the humidity along with a better chance for pop-up showers and thunderstorms. wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. we start yet another heatwave. with temperatures above 90 degrees. angela foster, a lot of folks have left early for the beaches. how does it look now? >> it looks like the typical friday getaway. we have gridlock, especially around the capital beltway. as you can see on the map, a lot of red. traveling through fairfax county especially. from the springfield mixing bowl you will hit the gridlock through annandale. a couple of fender-bender along the way as well. the biner lo
4:54 pm
loop delay gets heavier getting close to the dulles toll role and the parkway. we are getting work on the outer loop near new hampshire avenue. a crash that may also tie up lanes. i want to quickly take you to the cameras just to show you what it look like for folks making the ride now on the fairfax county side. you see both the inner and the outer loops struggling here as you pass old dominion drive. alison, back to you. michelle: thank you very much. alison: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- as the fallout from back-to-back police involved shootings in louisiana and minnesota, the actual events and the aftermath go viral on social media. what kind of effect does it have on the nation? we'll explore that coming up
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
alison: electronic media lets anyone with just a cell phone become a broadcaster. michelle: national correspondent jeff barnd found experts say this is having a negative effect. some of the video you are about to see now is graphic. jeff: tuesday morning this week, viewers witnessed a death gone viral. cell phone video shows alton sterling gunned down in baton rouge by officers. while police hold him down, sterling's right hand disappears. two shots are then fired. then three more.
4:58 pm
wednesday, diamond reynolds broadcast live on facebook the incident. >> you shot four bullets into him. >> thursday, dallas, witnesses document the horrific scene as the snipers take aim at police officers. >> they are shooting right now. >> media expert says social media capturing terrifying violence has dramatically changed our national psyche. >> in the long-term it has a threat of desensitizing people saying i have seen that shooting, i have seen that murder. jeff: many experts say the new age of video at crime scenes can helping hundreds of cases but we have also entered a dangerous era was morbid voyeurism can take priority over the truth and even the value of life. last year in virginia, tv reporter alison parker and her
4:59 pm
on live television. the gunman uploaded his first person perspective of the crime to his twitter and facebook accounts. >> there is a dark side to wanting to find out bad things that happen to people rather than, you know, lifting people up and glorifying the great heroes and the great things that millions of americans do every day. jeff: clearly much good can be gleaned from social media. in this technological age and in this cases it has come at an awful price. in washington, i'm jeff goldberg, abc7 news -- i'm jeff barnd, abc7 news. >> shots fired. code three. >> we have a guy with a long rifle. we don't know where he is at. >> you see video footage after video footen of them running toward -- footage of them running toward gunfire. >> he got hit. ran up, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> the suspect said he was upset about the recent police shootings. >> we stand united
5:00 pm
people. and the police department in dallas. alison: tonight, five roses lie on the national law enforcement officers memorial in d.c. they are there in tribute to the five officers ambushed in dallas during what was supposed to be a protest, a peaceful protest against police violence last night. instead, five police officers are dead. seven others injured. after last night's ambush. two other civilians were injured in the shooting as well. this afternoon, police identified the gunman at 25-year-old micah johnson. we are live in dallas with the latest on the investigation. reporter: the flags have been lowered across the country and here in texas. the governor's mansion will be lit in blue tonight to honor the law enforcement officers who were the victims of that terrible shooting in dallas. while the investigation gets underway, this


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