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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 11, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. protesters pouring into the streets coast to coast overnight. hundreds arrested over the weekend after rallies turned violent. anger over deadly police shootings is boiling over and now new details on the gunman behind the deadly attack in dallas. did he have a much bigger attack in the works? >> we're convinced that this suspect had other plans. >> we have what authorities found in his journal and his deadly arsenal. and the hero mother hit while shielding her children from the sniper. she's now speaking out. >> i didn't do anything that any other mother, father would have done for their own child. >> joining us exclusively this morning. as president obama cuts short his trip overseas and heads to dallas. >> any violence directed at police officers is a
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>> as the city comes together. also this morning, an abc news exclusive. the woman behind this dramatic facebook live video. >> the joifr just shot him in his arm. >> it shows the moments raf a police officer shot her boyfriend is here live as the officer's attorney says there's more to the story. ravaging wildfires tear through the west. more than a dozen growing this morning as thousands evacuate. hundreds of acres and homes burn. right now 11 states on high alert. and good morning, america. we begin this week with so much emotion and unrest all across the country after those devastating shootings. some rallies like this one did turn violent. dozens of officers injured. this healing is going to be hard. >> we have so many striking images to show you. this encounter between a young woman and officers in riot gear in baton rouge and
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angeles protesters joining hands making a statement as the country mourns the loss of those lives in louisiana and minnesota and, of course, those five officers in texas. in dallas this morning, closed offices re-opening. the city is reaching for understanding and, amy, on the scene in dallas. good morning, amy. >> that's right, george. good morning to you. the city of dallas preparing for president obama's visit here tomorrow. as this city still in mourning and on edge after that deadly shooting thursday night with calls for peace and justice growing louder and protests and vigils across the country. overnight hundreds of protesters shut down l.a.'s massive 405 freeway in both directions. as night fell on memphis more than a thousand demonstrators took to this bridge bringing interstate 40 to a standstill for almost four hours. >> all: hands up. don't hoot. >> reporter: in baton rouge rouge where alton sterl
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killed, 48 arrests overnight following more than 100 arrests saturday. among them, plaque lives matters activist deray mckesson. >> i remain disappointed in the police. >> reporter: in st. paul minnesota, 21 officers were hurt during a rally. one suffering a broken vertebrae after a concrete block was dropped on his head. protesters throwing fireworks. rocks and molotov cocktails. 102 people arrested. meanwhile, the country rememb remembering the five dallas law enforcement officers killed in an ambush by a loeven gunman. >> every one of those men and women that lose their lives in the line of duty, they are fathers, they are mother, they are husbands, they are grandpas, you know, we're the same. we're not different. >> reporter: the other nine officers injured in the shooting all released from the hospital and recovering at home. this morning, a nation praying for peace, sever t
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gathered at this town hall in west dallas. >> i don't care what color they are, it's hard to reject love. i have never seen love lose a fight. you can wrestle it down to the mat and try to hold it down, but before you count to ten, love will leap back up again. >> and speaking of all the love it is right here behind me an outpouring of support piled on top of two dallas police cruisers and president obama cutting short that trip to europe to return home to the states. he is set to visit this city tomorrow where he will attend a memorial service for those fallen five officers. robin. >> all right, amy, thank you. we have the latest on the investigation into the gunman. new details emerging about the attack he planned and his frantic final moments when he scrawled a message on the wall using his own blood. abc's matt gutman is on the scene for us, as well there in dallas. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. authorities are telling us micah johnson acted alone still they're picking through his cell phones and laptops in order to
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what he was planning. now, they say he had been scribbling in those journals you mentioned that he practiced bomb detonation and doing tactical drills in his backyard all in order to become what they call a killing machine. this morning abc news learning micah johnson had been planning an even more destructive attack on police for months. >> he was amassing the capabilities to do more mayham than he did on that day. >> reporter: but police say he saw that black lives matter protest as a target of opportunity. one that he had been training for. taking self-defense courses and doing tactical drills in the backyard of his middle class home. authorities say he even detailed some of the training and planning in a journal. >> the person talked extensively about a shoot and move protocol and tactics. >> reporter: shooting and moving tactics johnson used to confuse and kill police officers. >> he had a lot of magazines and he was ready for an extended firefight. >> reporter: the army vetan
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rifle and a handgun when he began sniping at police near el centro college around 9 p.m. thursday night. dallas police chief david brown telling cnn his officers were trapped in a kill zone. >> we are learning some of the positions of our deceased officers and it was -- they went this a funnel. >> reporter: towards midnight they negotiate with him for two hours. >> he lied to us. playing games. laughing at us, singing. >> reporter: johnson leaving a final message. he may have been wounded as he made his way up the staircase and he was writing in his own blood? >> that appears to be the case on the way up the staircase he scrolled the letters r-b. >> reporter: police are still investigating its meaning. at 1:30 a.m. police fatally wounding johnson with a robot-borne bomb killing him. a tactic that triggered protests
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the use of that robot bearing the bomb was controversial. do you think it was warranted? >> i do believe it was warranted. it saved lives, it would have been a tragedy for more officers to lose their lives. >> reporter: now, authorities decided to go ahead and detonate that bomb despite the fact that they knew there were people inside that college at the time. they had apparently become trapped there when the school went on lockdown but all of them were evacuated unharmed. >> let's get more from our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas in washington and, pierre, the investigation has intensified. authorities still searching for any possible accomplices. >> reporter: good morning, george. authorities this weekend continued to look for any support johnson may have had especially from black supremacists and so far found no evidence to link others but the dallas police chief said he plans to leave no stone your honor turned. the suspect micah johnson embraced a radical form of afro trendicism and supported the new black
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advocates violence against whites and jews. he was on radical websites and in one case liked a page that said kill everything blue that moves. and while such language is incredibly scary it may be just within the margins of free speech. it's a general call to harm people but not a direct threat but there are those in law enforcement who worry those preaching this might inspire violence the way isis radicals have been doing on social media. >> so much hate. thanks, pierre. robin. thank you, george. now to a texas mother being called a hero. mia taylor and her four sons were caught in a hail of bullets and joins us from gar land, mia, it is so good to see you. tell us how you are doing this morning as you continue to heal and recover from your wound. >> i'm just very thankful and
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still here. i'm glad my boys are still here and i'm just they trangful. >> thankful is the word and we are thankful for that, as well. you went there with your sons to the protest. tell us what happened then. >> yes, ma'am. we -- i wanted to take my boys to the protest so they can just see unity and how we can come together to make a difference and everything was great. you know, it started to come to an end and we were just talking. >> and then the shots rang out. when did you know that you were hit? >> as we were on the corner, we heard -- it was really just me and my boys and the police officers on that corner and we heard that first shot. and we all just kind of looked around and officers included not entirely sure what that was or where it was coming from and then the second shot rang out and i heard
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yelled out, you know, he's got a gun. he said, run or get down and then it just was a barrage of bullets that just almost sounded like they were coming from everywhere. my kids took off up the block and, of course, i'm making sure that they're ahead of me as much as possible and i'm running as well, but then i feel it hit me in the back of my leg and it slowed me down immediately and i guess my son andrew turned around to either see where i was or he might have heard what i said, i'm not entirely sure but he turned around and i'm like, oh, god, i just grabbed him and i just fell on him just kind of just through all my weight on him to get him down into the street and -- >> your motherly instincts just kicked in. you were there, you wanted to protect your children. >> absolut
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>> and what did the police do when they knew that you were shot? the police around you? >> several -- a few officers had come up that block right where we were and they saw us laying there and one of them asked is anyone hit? my son said no because he was not aware at the time that i had been shot. i said yes but in a very low kind of tone as to not startle my son. and the officer asked again a little more aggressively is anybody hit? i said, yes, sir, i am, in my leg and i mean they went into action. they surrounded us. they did for me and my son what i did for my son and that was to protect us and they went into action, no hesitation whatsoever. >> they were doing their job. >> i'm just so grateful. >> doing their job to protect and to serve and you saw some police officers get shot
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your eyes, mia. >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, yes, i did. i saw two officers -- i saw two officers get shot. >> i'm so sorry. i mean, i know what you were saying and what people are trying to grapple with what's going on in this country, and in part the protests you said that you were there with your sons because of unity. you wanted to show dallas coming together. there were others that were there, though, as you know because they were upset with the two gentlemen that were killed earlier in the week and in minnesota and in louisiana. what do you say to people who are waking up or about to start a new week, mia, and last week is one that we all want to put behind us but we have to learn and move forward
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>> we do. we absolutely do. as my son stated, you know, these are isolated incidences, unfortunately, it's frequent in the incidences but we have to -- we have to learn to love. we have to learn to understand that policemen and policewoman are not robots. they are human. we are all human and we all make mistakes. some are more permanent mistakes than others but we can all get over anything if we just come together, just communication. it all starts with communication if you ask me, i just -- we all have so much more in common than i think that we all want to
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admit. and it starts with family. it starts with family. >> you know, you remind me a lot of my mom. she said, honey, we have more in common than not so why don't we focus on those similarities and a lot of it begins with family. >> exactly. >> mia taylor, thank you so much. >> exactly. we do. >> yeah, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> for your strength and courage and continue to know that the nation, the world, are thinking of you, your family, all the people there in dallas, as well as the families who lost loved ones last week in other places. thank you, mia taylor. you take care. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. thank you. >> so she was shot, she didn't want to startle her son so she whispered to the police officer that she had been hit. >> and you just see how much she is powered by love. so strong. >> message there for all of us. >> all these shootings front and center in the race for the white house right now as just one week before the republican convention in cleveland.
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latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: with the country still reeling after the ambush in dallas and protests across the nation, donald trump is accusing the president of ignoring reality, trump tweeting "president obama thinks the nation is not as divided as people think. he is living in a world of the make believe." race now at the forefront of the campaign. one of trump's biggest supporters, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani with this advice to black children. >> if i were a black father and i was concerned about the safety of my child i would say be very respectful of the police. i'd also say be very careful of those kids in the neighbor and don't get involved with them because, son, there's a 99% chance they're going to kill you, not the police. >> reporter: and this blunt view of black lives matter. >> black lives matter, white lives matter, asian lives matter. hispanic lives matter. that
7:16 am
racist. >> reporter: a much different tone from hillary clinton. >> i'm going to be talking to white people, i think we're the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries that are coming from our african-american fellow citizens. >> reporter: trump supporter retired army general michael flynn who's being vetted to be trump's running mate strongly disagreeing with clinton's statement. >> and she talked about white people being to blame. i mean, that is so irresponsible. >> reporter: but flynn may have his own troubles gelling with trump. >> i think women have to choose. >> reporter: he is a registered democrat who unlike trump supports abortion rights. and a big week ahead. senator sanders expected to endorse hillary clinton at a rally tomorrow and we may learn who donald trump will pick to be his running mate before next week's convention. george. >> okay, tom, thanks. more on this from martha raddatz who joins us from dallas and our political analyst matthew dowd from san antonio.
7:17 am
there speaking with voters and now heading across the country to cleveland. this issue, of course, top of mind for everyone. >> reporter: it truly is, george. really everyone we've talked to has talked not only about a racial divide but the political divide and because we're in dallas and we've been around here obviously, everybody is talking about how you bridge that divide. some of the voters i talked to say they really haven't made a decision yet. that they're listening to donald trump, they're listening to hillary clinton, but keeping their children safe and somehow bringing this nation together is really paramount on their mind, george. >> matthew dowd, we saw in martha's interview with general flynn, he said he was basically pro-choice. difficult for republican vice presidential nominee but donald trump is zeroing in on this decision now, biggest decision as you said of his campaign, the biggest one he has control of. other contenders, chris christie, mike penns, the governor of in
7:18 am
>> well, i think this is a very important point in the time for donald trump. i mean for two reasons this decision matters to him a lot. one, he needs to dominate the conversation again, george, in the course of this and he's lost control somewhat of the conversation over the last month. it's important for that and, two, he needs somebody to be part of his tag team. he's been tag-teamed. he needs somebody to help him attack the other side and carry his message and he's not had that since he's gotten the nomination or come close to getting the nomination. >> okay, thanks very much. let's go to ginger. >> 19 wildfires burning from colorado to california. this from boulder kobe bryant is the cold springs fire. two out of state campers were arrested for setting that fire. we've got hundreds of folks even overnight that have been evacuated from their homes. santa clarita, california, the sage fire and then, of course, looking at 49% contained and 77% contained in this part of california. much more fire danger today. a whole lot more coming up
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to you by brookdale senior living. temperatures. (our average high is now 89). this afternoon temperatures will top out in the upper 80s under a mostly sunny sky. things start to change on tuesday as storm chances and humidity start creeping back up. as high pressure moves east into the atlantic, southerly return flow will develop on the back side. this allows muggier and hotter air to build back our way. tuesday's storm chance is predominantly confined to the west of d.c., keeping most of the metro area dry. a warm front will lift through on wednesday, making it our most likely day for storms. the atmosphere will stay primed for spotty thunderstorms thursday and friday.
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>> this is a good morning washington update. comfortable start. 50s and 60s this morning. through the afternoon, 87 for an afternoon high. typical high about 89. so very nice, low humidity. very great july day. into the evening, temperatures will slip back to 70s by 8:00. all and all good looking stretch. next big, next thing happening is heating wednesday, and mugginess. shower or storm come wednesday. and behind that heat lingers through the back half of the week. >> reporter: brian we are trying to recover from a couple of accidents on the capital beltway north side. outer loop near university boulevard. colesville roadside of the roadway. and old georgetown, outer loop crash side of the road. delays before 95. and southbound delays on interstate 95 as well. meantime we are looking
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where we have heavy slow traffic for the most
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>> anchor: good morning washington. i am melanie hastings. here is a check of the top stories. an oxon hill man held without bond in connection with a murder of his estranged wife. 41-year-old jamillla odom in a car when killed on oxon. shortly afterward estranged husband showed up at the police station and turned himself in. and it is the final day of metrosafe track surge three. there is no rail service between national airport and braddock road. tomorrow surge four begins, and that means more headaches for blue and yellow line riders. maintenance work will shut down service from reagan national to pentagon city. phase four runs through july 18. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates right now on good morning washington
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at the growing memorial outside dallas' police department honoring those five loves lost after a shooter opened fire during a peaceful protest last week and the president will be in dallas tomorrow for a memorial cutting short his trip overseas. also right now 11 states on alert as more than a dozen wildfires tear through the west. thousands of acres burning sparking thousands of evacuations. and overnight a health scare for joe perry from aerosmith. he appeared disoriented then collapsed offstage during a new york concert. the latest on his condition coming up. a lot more from dallas as well. amy is there. >> george, good morning. the city of dallas waking up to this incredible memorial that's
7:31 am
several days in front of dallas police headquarters as protests over the weekend here remain peaceful. the city getting ready to host president obama. he is arriving tomorrow to speak at a memorial service honoring those five officers killed in the ambush shooting here last thursday. former president george bush also expected to address the crowd. last night from los angeles, to memphis, thousands gathered in cities all over the united states to protest the treatment of black men by police. hundreds were arrested over the weekend in baton rouge and 21 officers injured during protests in st. paul, minnesota, coming up in the next hour we will hear more from that powerful town hall with an inspirational message of unity and peace, something this entire country needs. robin. >> all right, amy, thank you very much. we'll get back to you later. those protests sparked in part by the police shooting in minnesota that took the life of philando castile. the aftermath livestreamed on facebook by his brave girlfriend, diamond reynolds. she is here live with u
7:32 am
morning. and we'll bring you that exclusive interview coming up but first eva pilgrim has the latest on the investigation from st. paul, minnesota. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. those officers involved in the shooting are on paid leave as this investigation rolls on. this morning we're hearing from one of the officers' attorneys who say there's more to the story than we've been told. >> i told him not to reach for it. i told him to get his hand off it. >> reporter: this morning new developments in the shooting of philando castile gunned down by police officer jeronimo yanez after being stopped for a broken taillight. >> you told him to get his i.d., sir. his driver's license. oh, my god. >> you don't kill a man for a taillight. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: the officer's attorney speaking out overnight. >> there was more than one reason to stop the car. there was more than the reason that the brake light was
7:33 am
>> he's licensed to carry. >> reporter: while castile who was armed inside his vehicle is said to have had a valid permit to carry, yanez seen here in the city of falcon heights annual report tells abc news through his attorney that once the 32-year-old had been pulled over, he did not comply with officer's orders. >> this incident had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the presence of a gun. >> reporter: the officer's attorney says he has seen video and audio of the stop he thinks will prove their case. for now, the only video seen by the public, this one, castile's girlfriend calmly capturing the horrifying aftermath. >> you shot four bullets into him, sir. he was just getting his license and registration, sir. >> reporter: holding it together until she is placed in the back of a police car eventually breaking down. her 4-year-old daughter who witnessed the terrifying ordeal from the backseat comforts her. >> it's okay, i'm right here with you.
7:34 am
his attorney says he'll be able to speak more freely about what happened once the video and audio are released. for now he's waiting for investigators to do their job, george. >> okay, eva, thanks. we are joined now by diamond reynolds and her attorney larry rogers. thank you for coming in this morning. we are so sorry for what you've been through and we know how hard it has been just to see you watch that video one more time but you and your daughter have also been so strong throughout this. how are you doing? ? we're holding up. i mean, every day is challenging but with god and all the support of everyone around america i believe we can get through this. >> and i think all of america has been so struck by the kind of composure and strength you showed during that horrifying few minutes with the police officer. can you explain how you remained so calm and how you decided to shoot that video? >> i was able to remain
7:35 am
because i knew in the back of my mind if anything was to alarm that officer he possibly could have took me and maybe even my daughter and what made me record the live video was god telling me it's your word over theirs and i just wanted the justice. >> and, you know, you saw in that piece from eva the officer's attorney is now speaking out as well. he says this was all about the presence and display of a gun. that it wasn't about race and that he has audio and video that backs up that case. how do you respond to that? >> i'm appalled that they would even say that, you know. the officer didn't take proper procedures so the fact that they're stating that they had probable cause is absolutely incorrect. >> so what happened? did the gun ever come out? >> no.
7:36 am
he was never even asked was he armed or anything. we told him, he told him. >> so when you say the officer didn't follow proper procedure try and take us to those moments before you were able to pull out the video and explain what happened. what you saw, what the officer said, what was going on. >> well, she's done that largely in the video. the video depicts the immediate aftermath but it really describes the entirety of what happened because she describes the moments leading up to when she pulled out the phone and it's never denied, it's never refuted by the officer and she emphatically says you asked him for his license and registration and that's what he was getting at the time you shot him. >> so the gun as you said never came out. >> never. it never came out. it could never be a threat. he didn't ask about it. he didn't know it was on his person. he came to the car. he said it was a traffic stop for a taillight and that he asked for license and registration. that was it. that was all. >> as you saw the
7:37 am
taillight wasn't the only reason the car was stopped. did he ever mention -- >> he never mentioned anything other than a taillight in which we later discovered there was no broken taillight. >> and that's the concern we have here is that they will begin to add facts to the circumstances which is why her livestream video from facebook is so important. it's con temp andous with the events that occurred and emphatic about what is happening and complying with the officer. the man is still seat belted while he's shot and while a gain is still trained inside the car and she is there she knows after the events unfold she won't be believed. she won't be trusted and she like many people across america have to document things because people inherently trust the officers against the citizens so people are forced to -- >> in that moment -- >> i knew that people would choose sides and i knew that they wouldn't see me as being the p
7:38 am
the truth and because of that i chose to in that moment record the immediate aftermath because i wasn't able to record in the moment because i didn't want to pull put myself or my daughter in more danger but i knew by recording i would be able to have my side brought to the table. >> have you seen the audio and video that the officer's attorney is speaking abouty do you know what he could be referring to. >> i don't and what's important about that is that she didn't hide a video. she immediately displayed it to the public and to the world. so if they have evidence that they think refutes that, produce it right away. don't hide it, show it to us. we had's like to see the dash cam, every piece of evidence they have. we have demonstrated and shown what we have and the world has seen it. governor dayton you will kaed it as he saw it. this involved race. this involved issues that likely would not have occurred had they been white people driving through the area.
7:39 am
this morning. what would you say to him? >> i would just like to say that i'm very hurt that he would take my best friend away from myself and my daughter's role model away from her. it's just very unfortunate that things had to result like this and i just want justice to be served. >> you look over at your daughter several times here over just the last few minutes. what do you say to her when you hug her now? >> i just tell her to stay strong and we're going to be okay and we're going to get the justice that we deserve. >> and what does justice mean to you. >> justice to me means everyone being held accountable for their own actions. we're all human. no one is born into being doctors, no one is born into being lawyers, no one is born into being police,
7:40 am
so justice to me meaning someone meaning him has to be held accountable, not as an officer or a man with a badge or someone even protecting our people, but him within himself as a person how he was born into this world just with no titles, no labels, he needs to be held accountable. >> no special treatment for anyone. we all should be required to live by the rules the same set of rules and when you do an act that is unjustifiable you should be held accountable. >> you want justice and what do you hope for the country coming out of all of this unrest, all this violence we've seen over the last week? >> i am very baffled that people are resorting to violence with violence. violence is never the key. it's not acceptable. we have to be able to come together and lead by example. if we're not able to stand
7:41 am
emotions then how can we ever expect anyone else in the world to do so? >> and law enforcement has to stop closing ranks and stand up for what's right and what's just. we want an independent investigation by the department of justice. there is no faith in police policing police and investigating police. >> absolutely. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> good to have diamond here and her attorney, larry rogers and little girl and sister here too so she has a lot of support around the country and here in the studio supporting her too with her family. coming up on our big board, more reports of sexual harassment complaints against roger ailes and a midair mystery. what made several passengers sick on a delta flight? and pokemon problems. a warning from police for people playing the popular new smartphone game. we'll be back in two minutes. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c.
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we welcome you back. time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by with more on this morning's top stories. t.j. holmes is here at the desk with us and we'll get to him in a moment but we'll start with new very manies in the legal drama surround fox news chairman roger ailes. "new york" magazine reporting six more women claimed ailes sexually harassed him years before he worked at fox news as others have come to his defense including maria bartiromo, greta van susteren and jeanine pirro. dan abrams, women are coming to his defense, supposedly these other accusers, how will it shake down with the case? >> let's separate out the court of public appeal from the court of law. the court of public opinion these high-profile women, some of them former prosecutors, are very helpful to roger ailes but in the court of law the more important question is going to be who are the accusers, what is the credibility? two of them on the record here with regard to the four other, i
7:45 am
at those. the reporter who reported this story has been going after fox news and roger ailes for years here. some of his reporting has been questioned but the bottom line if they're able to get people on the record making similar accusations to roger ailes that could be problematic for him. >> roger ailes' attorney on the record as well and read his statement. he is saying it's become obvious miss carlson and her lawyer are desperately attempting to litigate this in the press because they have no legal case to argue. the latest allegations all 30 to 50 years old are false." we want to move to steve ganyard. this air scare for passengers aboard a delta flight diverted to tulsa after several passengers reported feeling ill and according to the tulsa fire department some passengers showed signs of elevated carbon monoxide levels and, steve, you're our aviation contributor. this is really scary stuff. we all know that carbon monoxide can kill. >> that's true, george. i'm still not sure what caused these people to
7:46 am
carbon monoxide in the cabin doesn't make sense. perhaps there was something where the engine exhaust got mixed but i still think that what caused this is a bit of a mystery. we also saw that some of the passengers panicked so perhaps there was some sympathetic symptoms going on here but delta will get to the bottom of this and the faa will look over their shoulder to make sure they do. >> we need to have the answers. you're right about that. thank you. now a new pokemon game that could be putting people at risk. pokemon go is an app that lets people see the characters through their phones as if they exist in the real world. the goal to catch them by going to these spots like the one we have one outside the abc studio, right? >> that's idea. the most popular app in the world right now. >> what's the deal. >> you're looking at your phone. if you see a pokemon you're triering to catch or says 44th and broadway to get it i need to physically go outside. it keeps up with you via gps, you see the problem now, people can keep up with you so now police in missouri say
7:47 am
had an instance where people are using this app to lure people, other players in the game to specific locations that are kind of secluded so, again, folks, they can tell exactly where you are and get you to a specific location. >> so you're playing against mebody who draws you to an area. >> they can draw you to it by different versions essentially say you can make a lot is going on in this area and stay there and wait for somebody to show up exactly where you are because the game is so hot and addictive people are lured to these areas. i got to go get this pokemon and they will come to the area. this is the real deal and they are putting out warnings now that -- >> what are they doing about this. >> they're trying to tell people, just play with people you know or friends if you're going to new areas and look up, people are using this thing right now walking down the treat looking down, where is this thing and going into unknown areas and, boom. >> a difference in times square than going down a dark alley. >> that's exactly right. >> we'll be right back. hi mom.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
many around the country coming together to support one another in the wake of the recent shootings including some incredible kids in texas who are organizing lemonade stands for police officers. so let's go back to amy in dallas with more. tell us more here, amy. >> yeah, that's right, robin. a note of hope in the midst of all this sorrow. an outpouring of love and support coming from community members. four little girls in dollars raising nearly $8,500 for the fallen officers an hundreds visiting that stand including officers and first responders helping the girls with their tremendous fund-raising effort but they weren't the only children showing love to the officers. lemonade stands set up in neighboring counties all over texas raising money to support the families of the officers killed in that ambush in burleson, a young boy named charlie set up a lemonade stand and raised $2,400 for the fallen officers' families. incredible gesture for so many who are grieving, robin. >> that's a lot of lemonade. that is wonderful.
7:51 am
>> good for him. >> wanting to do whatever they can. we'll get back to you in our next hour. when we come back serena williams one-on-one just moments after winning wimbledon. who does she sit down with? lara spencer. come on back. it's trop50. it's fine. it tastes delicious and has 50% fewer calories with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. but... it can't taste this good ... read the label. ...and have 50% fewer calories? exactly, now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe it has 50% fewer calories. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
>> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: grab your sunglasses, here is brian with the forecast. >> weather: comfortable start. 50s and 60s this morning. through the afternoon, 87 for a afternoon high. typical high 89. so very nice. low humidity. very great july day. into the evening, temperatures will slip back to 70s, by 8:00. all and all good looking stretch. next thing happening down the pike s heat returning on wednesday and mugginess. could be a shower or storm wednesday. behind that the heat lingers through the back half of the week. >> reporter: brian, our heavy flow of traffic inside of the capital beltway mostly, especially on 395 northbound, clearing the accident at gleeb road and now northbound delays from capital beltway cost you about 20 or 25 minutes. just to get to the 14th street bridge on the capital beltway, through oxon hill had an earlier incident at the woodrow wilson
7:57 am
bridge. delays now back to temple hill road. and if you are making a trip on eastbound 66, 50 minutes from manassas to beltway. crash on 28 sully road northbound approaching lee jackman highway. melanie back to you. >> anchor: thank you angela. now top stories. a scary situation overnight in montgomery county. technical problem shut down the county's 911 response system. four hours. and starting around 11:00 last night. people that called 911 got a busy signal. service was partially restored around 1:30 this morning. but officials expect people to get busy signals at certain times throughout the morning. they don't know what caused the on you age but they are asking people with emergencys to contact their local police or fire departments directly if they continue to get a busy signal at 911. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates right now. just head over to good morning washington on newschanel 8. we will send it back over to
7:58 am
have a great monday. [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it!
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. protesters clash with police overnight. hundreds arrested over the weekend. fury over the deadly police shootings growing. millions trying to find a way forward while we honor those we lost. >> we don't have to compromise justice for peace. we can have both of them hand in hand. >> this morning an important conversation. thousands weighing in on how to start the healing. new overnight, aerosmith guitarist joe perry raced to the er. the latest on his condition. parenting alert. can shumsucking and nail-biting be good for your kids. their bad habits could mean a lower risk of allergies. ♪ demi lovato, jamie foxx
8:01 am
sensational song. why the two of them have georgia on their minds. ♪ i'm on top of the world all of that and the big serena slam. serena williams making history at wimbledon. >> i mean i still really can't believe it. 22 titles, wow. >> going one-on-one with lara right after her big win as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ i'm going to stand by you and we do say good morning, america. tony robbins is going to be here in our next half hour with a special message of healing and hope this morning as many try to come together in the wake of the recent violence. >> we'll talk about that a lot more. also we showed you a little bit. there she is, serena williams, wimbledon champ and just moments after she sat down with lara. we'll bring you that in just a little bit. >> it was a magnificent final. >> it sure was. let's start out in dallas though, amy
8:02 am
latest on the investigation. good morning, amy. >> george, robin, good morning to you. former president george w. bush will join president obama here in dallas tomorrow for a momential service as this city comes together in the aftermath of thursday's attack. abc news has learned micah johnson had been planning an even larger attack on police apparently training for months. investigators are now trying to decipher a message he wrote in his own blood inside that parking garage where he was killed by a police bomb. right now the focus here on the victims and their families. crowds gathered for a vigil for transit officer brent thompson who was married just two weeks before losing his life in that ambush. we spoke to his two bosses this morning. >> the outpouring of support has been truly overwhelming. i've heard from transit agencies and transportation agencies from all over the country that have contacted us and said, what can we do to help? we're thinking of you and praying for y'all.
8:03 am
>> we have cars out. the cars are totally covered in flowers. we have individuals that are performing daily vigils at both locations. >> meanwhile, in several cities overnight there were protests against police violence. hundreds of demonstrators shut down a freeway in los angeles and more than a thousand protesters blocked a bridge in fem memphis but the situation there remained mostly peaceful. to cecilia vega with the morning run down. >> good morning. we want to begin with news that the u.s. military is about to escalate the fight against isil in iraq. defense secretary ash carter made an unannounced visit to baghdad today after word that iraqi forces have captured a ke'arre base near the isis-held city of mosul. carter says the base will be an important staging point and if needed he says americans are prepared to join iraqi battalions when they fight to retake iraq's second largest city. navy investigators say human error to
8:04 am
accident. a cable supposed to stop the plane snapped and there it goes plunging off the "uss eisenhower" and the pilot manages to pull up to avoid crashing into the ocean. workers missed a critical maintenance. and turning to politics. a new poll shows most americans disagree with the justice department's decision not to charge hillary clinton for using that private e-mail server. 56% disapprove but our abc news/"washington post" poll finds most americans now say the e-mail scandal will not influence their vote. a frightening moment for aerosmith guitarist joe perry. he is in the hospital after collapsing during a concert right here in new york. fans say perry appeared disoriented. seconds later he staggered offstage then passed out. the 65-year-old is reportedly now in stable condition. perry was performing with johnny depp and alice cooper in their band the hollywood vampires. there is a parenting alert this morning about the danger of
8:05 am
e-cigarettes. the new study suggests the habit is leading to a level of nicotine use among teenagers not seen since the 1990s. researchers say cigarette smoking rates remain steady even as vaping became more popular. it turns out one thing parents do not have to worry about so much is thumbshuckers. thu thumbsuckers are far less likely to develop allergies and the same for kids who bite their nails. those habits expose them to more germs and boosts their immune system. and finally it is clear why some people are meant to play baseball and others should probably just stick to watching the game. as for playing check out san francisco giants catcher buster posey throw the ball to his pitcher who was arguing that a call -- he was arguing a call and wasn't looking but apparently that doesn't even matter. the ball falls -- look at that -- right into his glove and then there's this. giants fan disastrous attempt to catch a foul. she's using her food tray, yeah,
8:06 am
all the neighbors they get splashed with beer so stick with watching the game, lady. >> oh. >> she may have been trying to protect herself. >> oh. >> very generous. >> go, giants, from this san francisco girl. >> there you go. >> news that goes pop. >> i got "pop news." leading off, i'm sorry, ladies but one of the world's most eligible bachelors is officially off the market. no, it's not michael strahan but derek jeter has tied the knot with "sports illustrated" swimsuit model hannah and we might see the captain coaching little ones sometime soon after stepping away from baseball, jeter told "people" magazine he was looking forward to fatherhood. of course, we say congratulations to the new happy couple. >> very discreet, very quiet. >> elegant too. >> keeping up with sports. next up, i want you to meet your u.s. women's gymnastics team, booils booils, laurie
8:07 am
hernandez, ali raceman are ready for rio and trending big on facebook but it'sly due to douglas getting off to a bad start with her bounce routine and bounced back with a killer vault. she won the gold in the all around in london back in 2012 so big expectations on her. now she came back. she crushed it here on the dismount on the vault. a lot of tension right now because she finished seventh overall this past weekend. there were a lot of other girls that didn't crack the starting lineup but the national team coordinator said she was prepared to dismiss her mistakes as flukes and we're sure she'll be more than ready for the games and looks like her teammates. >> fierce-looking team. >> oh, yeah. ready and ready to party. big expectations. >> ali and gabby going back again. >> yeah, fingers crossed for the u.s. team. finally you mentioned earlier demi lovato surprised fans in brooklyn at her concert this past weekend with a showstopping duet with
8:08 am
foxx and had a little "georgia" on my mind. >> look at you. ♪ wait and see the road leads back to you ♪ ♪ georgia georgia ♪ yeah >> they sound so good together. pretty cool on demi lovato's future now tour with nick jonas all around the country she's had a lot of different surprise guests in atlanta t.i. came out. a lot of really nice surprises for all the lovatics out there. >> how brave of you to sing "georgia." >> i think, yeah. i won't quit my day job. no, i took my shot. i had my window. i took the shot. i'm good now. america, you got that one. that's a c minus effort. we'll move on. >> the "morning menu." >> a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." an important conversation about how to heal after all of
8:09 am
recent violence, plus, serena williams making is tri with her grand slam title. what she's telling lara about her wimbledon win plus tony robbins is here inspiring millions of americans here live with an important message all comi coming up right here on "gma." ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium, 24-hour tablets. ♪ even if we can't find heaven of course you go all out for date night... even if you're just staying in. walgreens has all the beauty products you need for whatever makes you feel beautiful. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now get 5,000 bonus points when you spend 25 dollars or more on participating beauty and personal care products.
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8:13 am
[we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ♪ we welcome you back to "gma" and memorials around the country growing as we remember the lives lost in recent shootings. on sunday dallas bishop t.d. jakes led an extraordinary town hall addressing the anger and pain so many
8:14 am
and how we can find help. >> tell your neighbor i love you. >> reporter: they came together to comfort, to mourn and to find answers. ♪ the nation still numb after the death of five officers and two young black men. >> that is needs a big hug. america needs a hug. >> reporter: bishop t.d. jakes turning his regular service into a community town hall. >> it takes courage to love when you've been hurt. >> reporter: from the family of alton sterling. >> i haven't slept or ate since he passed. >> to the officer who saw his friend shot before his eyes. >> i woke up this morning and i felt lost. >> reporter: to the thousands in the pews, everyone grappling with the pain. bishop jakes reminding all even when it seems hard there is hope. >> it is possible for us to love one another and work together and be on the same side. so let's continue the conversation and joining us now is eye kye tryst a
8:15 am
of "gma" dr. janet taylor and marc lamont hill author of "nobo "nobody:america's casualties." host of vh-1 live on sunday. >> you also teach at morehouse and i know you've been in touch with your students. what kind of emotions are they feeling? >> they're so raw and receive text messages and all black males and some were literally in tears devastated at the shootings on wednesday and thursday in baton rouge and in minnesota. partly because they felt like there's this inescapable violence and say we go to a great school, well educated but can't escape the possibility of violence and then they were devastated about the officers being killed and thought that would cancel the narrative against black americans so they're looking for answers and want to do something to help move the country forward. >> good to
8:16 am
morehouse men have to say. janet, so many emotion, over the weekend gathered with friends and there's anger and there's fear and tell us, janet, the difference between those two emotions and how they affect us, anger and fear. >> so fear is an instinct and, you know our brains are constantly working to see if we're safe or we need to look for something to survive so that fear in terms of feeling threatened it's a normal reaction but it's largely unconscious but the anger is a secondary emotion and it's reaction to what is going on so emotions are normal. i think, you know, we are so used to looking for happiness which is important and joy but sometimes we have to be rooted in pain so that we can work through it and before we can get to love and healing, we have to look at ourselves in terms of our own lineage, our own belief, what's been told to us about other people and challenge that so we can break that because the suffering that we feel right now is a suffering that we feel i think as black people over the last 300 years. and that suffering
8:17 am
perpetrators, so now our nation is at a time where we can be raw, talk to our neighbor, listen, we have to learn how to listen in a way that's not defensive but say i want to understand. >> the mayor of dallas, interesting, many things he said yesterday in church and one of the things he said when it comes to change, you have to be willing to change too. it's like it's very easy to say you need to change, what about yourselfy. >> no question and just you don't have to be on the other side. you don't have to -- just because we're the same ethnic group doesn't mean we all have the same feelings and beliefs. i think as a nation we have to be able to tolerate differences and learn how to listen to understand which means stop with the automatic thoughts and really be there in a way that i think it's time right now. >> and we want to bring our viewers into the conversation as well. kimmy from minnesota is jossiss joining us by skype. >> hi, good morning. >> what would you like to
8:18 am
>> well, you know, this past weekend, my -- i have children, i have four children and one of my children expressed to me that she was scared. she was scared for her dad. she was scared for her brothers and she said, you know, mommy, if you do all the right things, i mean, if you still do all the right things and then they still shoot you and as a parent that's frustrating, frustrating because i didn't have an answer for her. i didn't know how to respond and i know a lot of parents are hurting. i know a lot of people are angry but, you know, how do you turn all of that into something constructive? how do i prepare my kids for these possibilities? you know, unfortunately, i don't -- i don't want to face them. you know, but i don't know what else to tell my children. how do i talk to my children? >> thank you for that, kimmy. ma marc, you want to take that.
8:19 am
>> that's what my students are facing. we do things the right way. opening eyes that you can't behave your way out of institutional racism. we have to fight so part of what this does is we or went our kids to be realistic about what the world is and what it can be and orient them to turn that pain into power. that means they have a responsibility to not only behave properly but to also help fight the structures and build the structures, that means to organize and change the way we engage ourselves and do community watch, you know, tonight at vh-1 honors we have our artist community coming out to talk about what artists can do to be involved in the community. every secretary of our lives has to be involved with this. there's no easy answers even for our children and that's what hurts so much. >> we feed to bring in elizabeth. she has family members in law enforcement and she has a question, as well. on skype. go ahead. >> sure. good morning. thanks for having me. i have two toddlers and like
8:20 am
friends in law enforcement so, you know, i think as you were talking about anger and fear when we come from a side that we understand better our gut reaction is to want to protect that or to get defensive. and i'm trying really hard to have this conversation with young children and say that, you know, everybody -- all families are dealing with loss right now. we're losing husbands and wives and people who have six kids or recently became grandparents or whatever the situation might be and have to remember these people as individuals and try not to label and box them into stereotypes and things like that so how do you keep a constructive conversation, a positive conversation going when you're obviously very tied to one side of the conversation? >> okay, elizabeth, thank you. >> well, you tell the
8:21 am
not alone. a lot of parents are saying, i don't know what to say. i go back to martin luther king. how do you keep it going when people asked him, threatened, bombed, he said hope is always there. there is pain, there is hope and we have to keep remembering that. >> thank you. >> great last word. we'll be right back. >> thank you both. you're watching your go-to movie. which has that one scene you forgot about. you use your go-to rental blocking device... which also happens to be your go-to snack. baked with real ingredients. no artificial flavors or colors.
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find us in the fiber aisle. you must be the new teacher, huh? yeah. remember, days like today, you'll never forget. so enjoy it, you're going to do great. thanks. ♪
8:25 am
kleenex, someone needs one. welcome back. let's go outside to ginger for the weather >> let's do that. what a crowd. they're like ten deep today. this is talisia. you are turning what today? >> 21. >> she is just a tad excited. let's go ahead and check the forecast. in killdeer, north dakota, this is damage from the temperaturesr average high is now 89). this afternoon temperatures will top out in the upper 80s under a mostly sunny sky. things start to change on tuesday as storm chances and humidity start creeping back up. as high pressure moves east into the atlantic, southerly return flow will develop on the back side. this allows muggier and hotter air to build back our way. tuesday's storm chance is predominantly confined to the west of d.c., keeping most of the metro area dry. a warm front will lift through on wednesday, making it our most likely day for storms. the atmosphere will stay primed for spotty thunderstorms thursday
8:26 am
and friday. coming up, lara goes one-on-one with serena williams
8:27 am
and tony robbins is here live. >> anchor: this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: lots of sunshine today. here is brian van de graaff. >> weather: comfortable start. 50ss and 60s this morning. through the afternoon, 87. for a afternoon high. typical high is 89. nice and low humidity. great july day. into the evening temperatures slip back to 70s by 8:00. all and all good look instretch. next big change, next thing happening down the pike is heat returning wednesday. and mugginess. shower or storm could be on wednesday. and behind that heat lingers through back half of the week. >> reporter: nothing out of the ordinary traveling on the capital beltway toward any of the bridges. american legion bridge inner and outer delays.
8:28 am
and at the dulles toll hazmat situation on herndon parkway approaching sterling road. be alert for emergency response. and capital beltway, traveling through oxon hill toward the woodrow wilson bridge you are moving slowly due to an earlier crash. melanie back to you. >> anchor: thank you. right now. the group showing up for racial justice, is protesting the death of natasha mckenna alexandria woman that died last year after a struggle with fairfax county jail guards. mckenna suffered from mental illness. guards used a stun-gun on her while restrained and she died several years later. there was an investigation and determined no crime occurred. and technical problem shut down montgomery county 911 response system overnight. starting at 11:00 last night. people that got called a busy signal. service was partially restored by 1:30 this morning. and officials expect people to continue to get busy signals this morning.
8:29 am
and if you do call your local police or fire departme directly. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates right now on good morning "why are you checking your credit score? "well you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you?" "then she says...bazang!" "ok, good one." (laughs) "bazang. remember?" " get it?" "bazang?" "yeah!" "uh, how do i check my credit score?"
8:30 am
"credit karma, don't worry bud it's free." "ohhhh." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." ♪ all we are saying is give peace a chance ♪ ♪ all we are saying >> some hopeful images people trying to come together after this devastation of the last week and honor those lives lost in the recent shootings. >> you're listening to the young praise children's choir joining us from dallas singing "giver peace a chance" bringing light and hope and we'll have more from those beautiful young voices coming up. >> looking forward to hearing more from them in a little bit. now it's time to hear from serena williams. she made a lot of history at wimbledon. her seventh win, 22nd grand slam title and lara spoke to her moments after that tremendous victory. >> so how do you like the sound
8:31 am
of wimbledon champion seventh time? >> it's a great sound. seven wimbledons? it's pretty -- it's cool. >> what is it about this place, centre court? you seem very at home. >> i have to say i was. i felt really comfortable out there. i felt really cool and calm and collected. >> the whole time. >> yeah, pretty much. >> when you won, describe the moment where you drop to the ground. you're laying on the grass, what did that feel like? what was going through your mind. >> it tell so good. every time you win wimbledon it's such a great feeling, you know. >> yeah, i will imagine. >> you know how it is. >> oh, yeah, i totally know what it feels like to win wimbledon. i love the moment when you looked up and you went 2-2. how great to not only win wimbledon but also to tie that elusive open era record set by steffi graf. >> it was awesome. i mean i still really can't believe it. i have 22 titles. wow! i still get a little lost for words when i think about it. >> i'm so proud of you. >> thank you.
8:32 am
>> you have the greatest attitude >> thank you. >> no loss for words at all and sheekss with her racket. now over to robin. >> yes, it was a magnificent final. we're here now with tony robbins and joe berlinger. tony has inspired so many, 50 million people and counting, including bill clinton, serena, who he said he called after that big victory, oprah, as well to tap into their inner power. now he's the subject of joe's new documentary, "tony robbins: i am not your guru." please welcome tony robbins. and joe. nice to have you both here with us. >> thank you, robin. >> always when i'm in your presence and we were here primarily to talk about the documentary and it's really kind of appropriate because what's going on in the country right now, the world right now, there's all these different emotions and you have shown year after year at your events you're able to bring people from all walks of life together in that camaraderie which you really need to feel, tony.
8:33 am
>> we work witheo countries and it's important to remember that everyone in america is hurting, if anybody that we care about, anybody in your family feels unsafe you'd want to do everything you possibly could to support them and i think the black lives matter movement is not about white lives don't matter it's about the fact that blacks in this country, there are situations that have occurred for so many years that have produced a lack of trust and fear. when you see anger, where is coming from? it's hurt and i think the only good news about this is we're hitting a threshold. it takes a threshold for people to finally make real change and we'll have to look at how we make this shift. >> sometimes you have to feel more pain than good to bring about change. >> that's totally true. >> big fan of your work. >> thank you. >> and this documentary is -- you said primarily the reason you wanted to do it is because -- >> well, you know, tony and i met socially. he invited me to do a seminar. i'm not a seminar guy or so i thought. i went, i had an amazingly transformational experience and
8:34 am
said this film. he didn't want to do it for two years so i chased him, you know and eventually he relented and it was just -- i just wanted to share with people the amazing experience i had. you know, we live in very divisive times and i've never seen in a room 2500 people, the boundaries between people just melt and people get along and i think in there's more connection that we all feel in life, there would be less problems, you know. >> and joe by his own description told me i'm the most skeptical human being in the world. i study the underbelly of humanity. >> did it change your mind? was it different than you thought? was the event different than you thought it would be? >> i just, you know, you can change your life if you want to. tony gives you those tools. anyone can pursue whatever life they want and tony just helps guide you, make -- guide you into making these decisions and it was incredibly transformative. >> did you learn something about yourself watching it and do you
8:35 am
feel it captures the tru essence? >> i was skeptical you could possibly take six-day program for 12 hours a day and convert it into less than two hours but that's why this guy has seven emmys and two academy award nominations. i was blown away by joe's ability to capture really what the essence of that's about in such a short time. >> i was a little worried coming back a second type as a filmmaker would peeking inside the sausage factory so to speak change my enchantment with my first experience and coming back a second time going behind the scenes, having a full access to everything just tripled my enthusiasm about tony. i mean this guy is just killing it for that event, 12 hours a day, for a solid 6 days, it was just amazing to witness. >> i love the title of it because you do not want to be called a guru, motivational speaker because as joe said you give us the tools because i've known you for many years and
8:36 am
have used some of the things, success clues but you don't want to give people the ability to be able to heal themselves. >> yeah, i don't tell people what to believe. i don't tell people how to live but figure out what they value most to make sure they live that because lots of people, you know, think they know what they want. but very few people are acting on it so what blocks us, of course, is fear. what blocks is all the stories. we have all the people we blame, all the situations we blame including blaming ourself. what i'm good at is cutting through that to truth. i think the one thing joe and i had in common that bond us we're so alike. >> yes. >> in every way. >> but what -- >> including our height. >> what blew me away we're both seekers of truth and want to bring the truth to people as corny as it sounds, the truth sets people and it frees your soul and family your business, frees your life. he spent his whole life doing that and in one medium and i've done it another and we've partnered and i'm touched about it. >> it's perfect, the matchup but having seen it, what, joe,
8:37 am
you've done these types of films. watching it will get out of it. >> it's not that i want him to sign up for tony robbins' seminars, but if they do, that would be awesome but spend the two hours to do something we don't take time to do to think about the direction of our own lives, to think about personal fulfillment. how to be connected with one another because i think if there were more connections between people and people felt more satisfied in their lives, there would be less problems in the world. i really do. >> most people, you know, are letting life take them. most people are not designing their lives, they're making a living and taking just a few minutes to actually think about what you want to do for the next three, four, five, ten years of your life and find out what's stopping you and changing it is incredible freedom and joy for people. >> it's incredible to be in your presence. you just want to bring out the best -- >> so sweet. >> it comes out on netflix friday and it'll be 190 countries translated so friday is the about ig day. we're excited for people to see
8:38 am
it? we because also part of your event sometimes is the coal walking and recently there were some people who got injured. can you comment on that. >> here's the truth, no one was injured. i've done it for 35 years. this is no different than any one i've done before. on average we have less than half a percent that gets hot spots or blisters. it's not going to stop you if you run a marathon and facing fire and changing your tay and getting over fears and take action is transformational but it's one hour of a four-day process and it's beautiful. but the only difference is somebody came by, didn't know what we're doing, didn't understand the process, saw people and called and said bring four ambulances, this happened about five years ago in san jose and all that was retracted. nobody was hospitalized and people came back the next day so it's really if you want to change your life, no one is forced to do this. we have medical professional
8:39 am
there is to take care of them. it's aloe anything and we'll continue to do it. >> i appreciate you not shy ago way from it and change the way you think in order the way you feel. change your state. tony, joe, all the best to you. thank you very much for this. part of this conversation, got those big paws. big paws. all right. tony robbins, "i am not your guru" is available as he said on netflix friday. let's go over now to ginger. >> oh, thank you, robin. ladies from iowa. my new friends from north carolina. what are your names? >> hi. >> wanted to yell hi. love it. all right, so let's check. it's beautiful here but you go south of that stationary front and it's going to trap a lot of moisture, storms throughout the southeast. that's for your monday and look what happens here, we call it a summer delight. what you have -- beautiful weather.
8:40 am
philadelphia, 88, syracuse, 82, going for a high 82 of bang >> all this weather brought to you by pitsmart and joining me now actress aimee carrero star of "young and hungry" is now in "elena of avalor." let's get a look first. >> today i will meet with all the city leaders and make sure they have what they need to restore our kingdom to greatness. can you arrange that, armando? >> oh, is the chief of the castle supposed to arrange these things? i'm still getting used to the job. >> i know everyone who is anyone in avalor. i will take care of everything. >> then what are we waiting for? ♪ i'll take charge like the leader i know i can be and take care of all those who are
8:41 am
counting on me ♪ i know i can't wait to see it. so tell us about "elena of avalor." >> she's 16 years old and my math is off but she's in her 50s but she's still under age so she's not yet ready to rule and so she just has a challenge of taking care of her family and this huge kingdom and have this awesome responsibility. >> your mother is puerto rican. your father is -- >> the other way around. it must mean so much to play the first latino princess. >> it means absolutely everything because, you know, i grew up with disney, this has been my family for a long time and see my own culture represented is really special and i hope it will be for everybody watching. >> how do you hope because i know it will but how do you hope that elena will inspire others. >> she's her own hero. there's no prince charming so i hope people watching will be
8:42 am
inspired by her sense of self and confidence and leadership. and we'll watch all of that coming up but all of you can watch "elena of avalor," the one-hour premiere sunday, july 22nd on disney channel. thank you for being here. robin, we'll watch it, "elena of avalor." >> we certainly are and coming up, kristen stewart is here. there she is. she's here live.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
going to talk with jesse. he's a giant and he's a giant and every time these two giants get together. >> i did not stop laughing. >> and then this week what are they up to? >> hey, everybody. >> well, trust us, it'll be one giant fun surprise on abc's -- >> good morning, america. >> and it's great to have kristen stewart here. she stars as vonnie, a movie studio secretary in woody allen's latest film "cafe society" and she puts jesse eisenberg's character into the friend zone. take a look. >> i'm seeing someone. >> oh. what is he like? >> doug is a journalist. >> oh. i just thought since you had so much free time on your hands -- >> he travels a lot. and i really like spending my
8:46 am
time with you. you know, you're very sweet. have you heard that before? you have this deer in the headlights quality. >> thank you. >> and, of course, i can relate to jesse eisenberg. i've been put in the friend zone a handful of times. so great to have you. congratulations on all of your success. we watched you throughout your career in these dramatic roles and in this movie you're taking this audrey hepburn-like movie studio second and killing it. how much did this role push you and take you out of your comfort zone? >> oh, yeah, i play somebody who really needs to facilitate this like impulsive really guiltless kind of unconventional romance so the only way that would work because if her energy was just light and inviting and buoyant all the time, and i had to audition for the part because i tend to have a -- you know, i can be light and buoyant but i tend to have a slightly more
8:47 am
weighted energy and so like, as long as you don't walk like a sailor and like so i auditioned for it and apparently did okay. >> did such a great job. we saw that clip with jesse eisenberg, the third time you've worked in a movie with him. what do you love about working with jesse so much. >> he's -- he's like just stupidly smart. it's honestly -- >> most jesses are. >> uh-huh. instead of it being intimidating, it's incredibly like i want to keep up with him. i'm not embarrassed around him ever. he's a really, really like open, warm person. he's a good actor. i've known him for years so to play somebody so outside of myself was easy with him because i could do anything and not ever feel silly. >> your character is in a love triangle with jesse eisenberg's and steve carell plays your boss. what point in this movie? how does vonnie decide, hey, this is the guy for me? >> yeah, it's kind of one of
8:48 am
those bittersweet stories where you -- you the end of their lives think about all the hypotheticals that could have been and there's nothing uncontent about their lives now but it's like who knows what could have happened if you just made a few different decisions and to be able to value and hold those and not feel like they didn't come to fruition, therefore, they were worthless, it's like you can appreciate intermittent things in life and not have them be like true to perfect form, you know, like, yeah. >> it got announced you will be directing your first short film. that's awesome. what can we expect? >> it's a -- it doesn't stick -- the cool thing about short films you don't have to abide by any standard. it's super impressionistic and very close to me and we shoot in
8:49 am
three weeks and everything is like we're about to down. >> it's so cool. your parent dis a little directing yourselves so you few it was something you wanted to do at a young age. >> i grew up going to movie sets. so i love the process. i'm obsessed with it. i've wanted to do it since i was 9 years old? thank you very much for being with us and waking up early. "cafe society" opens friday. coming up we've got a powerful performance from dallas' praise children's choir. ♪ prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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built for business. those vine-ripened tomatoes are going to feel super fresh. they just came from one of our many nearby farms. we're focusing on fresh so you don't have to guess. my giant. all morning long our thoughts on dallas, louisiana, minnesota and what we can do as a country to come together and so we have some inspiration now from the young praise children's choir from dallas. here they are singing "america the beautiful." ♪ oh beautiful
8:52 am
for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountains' majesty above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ america america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪
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[crowd cheering over phone] friday morning. ♪ one two three they're going to run back to me ♪ >> elle king brings it to times square in a live red hot concert friday only on abc's "good morning america." presented by king's hawaiian. ♪ i'm going to stand by you "good morning america" is brought to you by kleenex, kleenex, someone needs one. >> how lovely were those kids from dallas. the young praise children's choir. thank you. we needed that as we start this new week and we will remember. we will remember but we will move forward. we'll see you tomorrow.
8:56 am
have a great monday, everyone. >> this is a good morning washington update. >> anchor: grab your sunglasses. here is brian with the forecast. >> weather: comfortable start. fits and 60s out there this morning.
8:57 am
through the typical high is about 89. so very nice, low humidity. great july day. into the evening, temperatures will slip back to 70s. by 8:00. all and all good looking stretch. next big change, is heat returning on wednesday. and mugginess. could be a shower or storm come wednesday. and behind that the heat lingers through the back half of the week. >> reporter: brian, we have no accidents to report as you try to get to the 14th street bridge on george washington parkway. or northbound 395. but plenty of company for the ride. slow and heavy on both of those interchanges. and we are also looking at some slow traffic now around the capital beltway approaching the wilson bridge. and southern maryland 301 and maryland five is not bad. crash on 301 southbound at frank tippett road. melanie back to you. >> anchor: top stories. now we are just minutes away from a group of demonstrators blocking a road in fairfax. and protestors will cover chain
8:58 am
bridge road at 9:00. their calling for prison guards responsible for the death of natasha mckenna. the woman that died last year several days after she was tased four times while she was restrained in jail. and the 911 system in montgomery county is completely back up and running t crashed overnight causing some chaos for those living in the county. and people that called got a busy signal. officials telling us a technical problem was to blame. and you can get more news, traffic and weather updates on good morning washington, on newschanel 8. right now. hope you have a terrific day. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me.
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