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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 25, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," how the latest polling numbers affect both the trump and clinton campaigns. >> as a number of polls put clinton ahead of trump two weeks ahead of election day, the republican candidate calls the polls phoney and parted a rigged system. looking at the system and why trump is no longer referencing them o iraq, the all-out assault from the u.s. air force providing cover for troops on the ground. we go to the center of the battle against isis and how the never-ending violence is taking a toll on families caught in the cross hairs. traumatic images show a plane plummeting to the ground and exploding on impact killing the crew on board. investigators trying to learn what happened to the aircraft that was on a mission to keep others safe.
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>> walked into a bar and said, leaf me alone. an evergreen takes a stroll across the crosswalk, but runs into trouble with the law. police hoping the costume confer makes like a tree and leaves, but it doesn't. see how it all plays out on the mix on this tuesday, october 25th. from abc news, this is "world news now." joke right in the opening show. >> in the open. we're doing that shot, i wonder what branch of police -- >> oh, wow. >> i had to do that. >> the puns are just flowing out of you this morning. >> so sorry. >> we'll get to the ground breaking story on what happened to the man in the tree suit coming up, but we begin this half hour with donald trump set to campaign for the third straight day in the must-win state of florida. >> there is a new national poll to tell you about showing hillary clinton with a five
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to 44% for trump, and now trump has a three point edge over clinton among men, and when it comes to women, clinton, however, has a 12 point lead. >> trump is rejecting the polls as phoney. abc's tom llamas is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump telling his supporters, don't believe the folks. >> folks, we're winning, we're winning. >> reporter: trump says the polls are rigged. >> they by phoney media, and i'll tell you why, all of us are affected by this stuff, and what they do is they try to suppress the vote so people don't go out and vote. >> reporter: on a radio show in charlotte, a rare admission. >> i guess i'm somewhat behind in the polls, but not by much. >> reporter: if trump is sending mixed messages, his campaign manager is not. >> we are behind, and she has tremendous advantages, former president is her husband
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president, all more popular than she can hope to be. >> reporter: with the backdrop, he couldn't help himself, bringing up the women accuseing him of sexual misconduct. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be after the election is over. >> reporter: some supporters now pleading for trump to stay focused. this man appealing to trump's running mate, mike pence. >> please tell trump to stick to the issues and beat hillary. >> good luck. >> if anybody can tell him. >> reporter: florida is a make or break state for donald trump, calling it his second home. he has confidence, though, in the primaries, he won 66 out of
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hillary clinton is campaigning in florida today after attending a final fundraiser of the campaign. clinton arrived at the star-studded event in manhattan last night with a host of celebrities, kevin spacey and neil patrick harris and stevie wonder performed. it was an early birthday party for clinton who turns 69 tomorrow. president obama is also fundraising in california. he made the case for clinton and railed against trump last night on jimmy kimmel live as well. whip, does her homework, and works really hard. >> and, you know, she's not somebody who thinks the job is about flash and sizzle and making speeches. it's about just getting policy right and, you know, making sure that folks are doing a little bit better. >> the president also talked about getting enough sleep so he's ready if there's a crisis and took a swipe at donald trump
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3:00 a.m. about people who insulted him. breaking news from overseas. a deadly terrorist attack in pakistan. at least 48 police trainees killed when gunmen stormed a training center and detonated their suicide vests. no claims of responsibility yet, but attackers are believed to be islamic militants linked to al qaeda. one attacker was killed by security forces. crews going to tear down a camp known a nearly 2,000 migrants were bust out of the town yesterday heading to dozens of reception centers elsewhere in the country. once there, they have to apply for asylum. france hopes to completely clear out the camp by the end of the week. iraqi leaders say the fight for mosul is progressing ahead of schedule with isis fighters under attack from three directions. the u.s. is helping with the mission providing air strikes against isis targets, but also ground support to the iraqis.
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up-close look at those american efforts. >> reporter: with heavy machine guns, rpgs, and automatic rifles, iraqi security forces hounded ice sis fighters in villages south of mosul. the u.s.-led coalition striking from above and on the ground. and this is the man in charge of the u.s. ground forces in iraq, major general gary valesky. after dawn, we join him for a look inside the u.s. >> reporter: how much of a problem has isis -- [ inau [ inaudible ] our first stop, a moon scape, the first reporter at this isolated american outpost. we are east of mosul. american soldiers moved in here just about three days ago to help the iraqi partners as they advance on mosul. they are monitoring everything
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of the battle playing out. they cleared it completely of isis? >> they moved their headquarters forward. >> reporter: driving along in mine resistant military vehicles, standing ready to strike targets 20 miles away. >> they collapse back to mosul, and the question is how hard will they fight in mosul? >> reporter: the general and i walked the streets of mosul back in 2009 as the city was beginning to thrive. then isis took over, and now the destruction isis is leaving in its wake is apparent. that is nothing compared to the human toll. villages just south of mosul are also telling their relatives that military-aged men are being rounded up and executed, and that some families are being taken to the center of these
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shields. martha raddatz, abc news, northern iraq. in this country, new information about the deadly bus crash in southern california. investigators say there were no skid marks or other indications that the bus driver tried to brake before hitting the truck which was only moving at 5 miles per hour. the bus may have been going as fast as 65 miles per hour. it purturns out the driver was owner of the bus company and its only driver. he and 12 passengers the search in oklahoma is intensifies for a man who kill his aunt and uncle and shot two officers and officials warn he has some sort of disease he may try to spread. >> reporter: michael vance who live stream his get away as seen here on facebook -- >> about to steal another car, like, right now. >> reporter: according to police, is responsible for shooting at least five people,
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officers wounded. >> i have two officers. >> reporter: the officers shot in the foot and leg while responding to reports of a shooting sunday night in oklahoma. >> when the gentleman came out with an ak-47 and opened fire on everybody. >> reporter: police returned fire, hitting vance twice, but authorities say the suspect managed to flee that scene after stealing a police car. >> and came over here at this bear creek mob where he carjacked a lady, shot at her and injured her. >> reporter: and early monday morning, another call for help from a man believed to be the suspect's fifth victim, shot during an attempted carjacking prompting the u.s. marshalls to join the hunt for vance, a 38-year-old with prior run-ins with authorities. he was recently released from
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and that accusation might be what set him off. that's according to police who say their investigation is continuing, but at this point, confirming that the two people killed were the suspect's family members. kendis, diane? >> thanks to elizabeth. a new study reveals the toll cigarettes take on the nation's health. more than a quarter of all cancer deaths in the u.s. are caused by smoking. the highest rate arkansas where 40% of cancer deaths were linked to smoking, and kentucky the highest amount for women, at 2 the 9%, and utah with the lowest rate of cancer related deaths. flu shots, customers arrange to have a registered nurse meet them between 11:00 and 3:00 to ad more the vaccine.
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the location including 18 cities and the entire states of delaware, connecticut, rhode island, and new hampshire. >> if you need to get in touch with anyone in cleveland or chicago, do it before 8:00 p.m. eastern because after that, they are busy. >> and drinking. >> glued to the television and beers as the cubs and indians face off in game one of the world series. >> so both teams worked out at cleveland's progressive field on monday, and it's worth last title was in 1948, and the cubs have not won the series since 1908. >> and in attempt to break the cubs' so-called curse of the billy goat, a well-known chef cooked a goat. >> oh? >> it was rubbed with spices and smoked for hours. >> okay. so the meat was used for sandwiches, and sold at a popular restaurant in chicago's famous willis tour, and the
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>> hoping just making to the world series doesn't show that the curse has been broken, they hope taking down a goat -- >> roasting a goat -- >> takes care of whatever is left, leftovers of the curse. coming up later in "the mix" -- thanks for the sound effects -- a look at earth from space 70 years later. a heart-stopping video of a plane crash with investigators looking for answers. why it was fly place. later, the big twist, premier of "the walking dead" gets reactions from fans. we'll tell you why the hit show has fans and actors always on edge. check out the behind the scenes pictures on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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new video this morning showing a the island of malta. the french surveillance plane banks to the right just plunging there right after takeoff slamming into the ground burst into flames. authorities say all five crew members on board were killed. it was going to libya's coast to monitor human and drug trafficking routes. here at home, members of congress call for federal action to ab solve the death of national guard deaths in
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and fight in iraq and afghanistan. a decade later? they are asked to pay back the money. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: after serving for two decades, army sergeant robert richmond agreed to go back to war after receiving a $15,000. >> i had a contract, risked my life to serve the contract. >> reporter: ten years after receiving the money, the pentagon wants it back. in the height of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the entice soldiers across the country to reenlist. extra cash intended for those with skills in high demand, but criminal fraud by a national guard official dispensing bonuses led many in california to receive payments they didn't qualify for. guardsmen like christopher van meter who survived a roadside bomb in iraq received a purple heart, and then notices to pay back $46,000.
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>> reporter: in california, roughly 10,000 soldiers told to pay up. 22 million dollars already recouped. the deputy commander said it's unfair, but his hands are tied. >> if we could wave the magic wand, we would. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, washington. the national guard says while they think most happened in california, they are looking whether it happened in other states as well. that roughly 10,000 number could >> insane. lawmakers are calling for change. something will happen eventually. the bomb shell cliff hanger revealed in season 7 premier of "the walking dead." >> which character or characters met their demise? it's been more than 24 hours how, but still, a spoiler alert made. you're watching "world news
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zombie feever gripped the land, and it's not because we're daying from halloween. >> the cliff hanger revealed from the bomb shell season of "the walking dead," and if you have not watched it, it's a spoiler alert. consider yourself warned. >> everybody dies. >> here's more. >> they're all dead. >> this is it. >> reporter: it's back! ? ? after a gut hanger wondering who faced their death at the new villain, megan -- >> you are it. >> reporter: finally, an answer. >> i'm a man of my word. >> reporter: with not one -- >> oh! >> reporter: but two casualties. fans everywhere -- >> glen! >> reporter: devastated. >> oh, my gosh. >> i can see this is hard on you
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overnight, but acting dead is not as lucrative as you might think. many of the show's actors making up to $400,000 less per episode than stars in other hit shows like "game of thrones." >> the constant threat of death or annihilation plays a role in contract negotiations p it has to keep the actors on edge. >> that is a no-no. >> reporter: the executive >> anyone you love in the show in a split second could be gone. >> reporter: everyone is fair game this season. >> until then, tata. >> oh, man. so my favorite twitter reaction. hilarious. this guy right here, i'm done with the show. i've always liked game of thrones more. i'm going to watch videos of baby kittens to bleach my eyes. >> i don't know that's a good
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chewy delights. only from tums. we're going to start "the mix" on this tuesday with mystery. 70 years ago, we got our first glimpse of what mother earth looked like. you can see this photo, way back when. it was the first time we saw earth from outer space. it was a u.s. launch, built, by the way, rocket launching in 1946 giving us this first photo. >> different than what we see now. >> yeah. it's grainy. you can't quite make out much. it's fascinating that this was just imagine how much it must have bloep our minds to see this -- >> no kidding. >> way back then, and predated the space race, by the way. sputnik launched in 1957. >> cool.
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man dressed as a tree in the middle of the street? >> what? >> not high-tech, granted, but this was in portland, maine. >> of course. >> a person in the middle of a crosswalk. looks like a prank, but police did not find it funny. they arrested the guy, it's all caught on video in what might be the slowest arrest ever. >> where did they cuff him? >> the man inside the tree is asher wood worth. a friend claims traffic patterns. he has not responded. >> where was he studying it? in elementary school? >> you were doing so well before. la elementary? >> element-tree. >> oh. >> this video is better just to be seen than to be heard.
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he's a model. he recently opened a chicken restaurant here in new york city, and so his two videos he's uploaded to youtube gained a lot of viewers, and you can understand why. he's just dressed in his underwear. okay. nice banana shot. the 27-year-old is a chef. he's a trained chef, but, you know, for -- >> and people are are watching the video for his recipes? that bowl and a pudding recipe. >> good stuff. very educational. >> yeah. >> and now to a video that you might have to inspect along with us. there's a pub in england that claims they are haunting. >> i see it. >> saying this video proves it. >> the ghost comes in, knocks the mop over, and knocks the danger wet floor over. >> weird.
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this morning on "world news now" two weeks away, election day, drawing near, with many ballot boxes all over the country already open. and as donald trump rails against the media last night, he launched his own newscast. details ahead. breaking overnight, a father jumps to his death while h on to his two sons. the children survived. hear how the police tracked them down. new this half hour, extreme weather hitting parts of asia. >> flash floods turn streets into rivers there washing cars away as reds dents try to make it to higher ground. a special presidential edition of jimmy kimmel's mean tweets. president obama dissed about everything from his looks and dancing skills, but wait until


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