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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 2, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" clinton and trump with different tones on the trail. >> addressing a crowd in florida, clinton lays into a shouting protester saying she is sick and tired of some trump supporters. meanwhile, trump seemed like a changed man, keeping the tone positive, and in less than a week >> a scuffle in ohio, and a scene the officer squad car, like something out a video game, how did it play out? >> then before they bid farewell 1600 pennsylvania avenue, for the first time, america's first family opens up their private residence to photographers.
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their home. and -- >> high fly ball to left cente -- >> it was that night for chicago, lucky zen for their fans, and now it all comes down to one game, a do or die final faceoff. we're going to have that, plus a friendly reminder from the sportsman in chief about where to get food for today all thanks to that stolen vase. it is >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i was watching in the makeup room. >> you were watching in the makeup room, a cubs fan? >> yeahment i'm from chicago. >> she's here just fort occasion. >> good to be here. >> yes, linzie. >> slow clap. >> slow clap. >> excited for the cubs. i would like for them to win. i have to say. >> as would many of the people
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this was the scene -- >> oh. >> this is one of the bars that was in wrigleyville last night. can you tell the folks have been waiting a long time for this to happen? >> sad not to be in chicago. the atmosphere is electric. >> it is. of course you and i partied in wrigleyville after any cubs game, and it's fantastic. just imagine now. just imagine their excitement knowing the cubs have forced a critical game seven. in cleveland, they hoped for a party as well. this was the crowd outside the stadium there. there's the cavs across the street. ended early, and they gathered outside. >> exciting for everyone that's gone to game seven, i think. >> yes. >> a nail biter. >> it is a series that we all wanted. the fox executives are happy. >> i'm sure they are. >> this is a presidential race that a lot of people wanted to
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the we're. we have less than a week to go, and things are tighter by the days as the candidates are starting to double down on the battleground states and beyond that. >> hillary clinton is looking to remind voters in florida of donald trump's most damaging moments including demining and degrading comments about women during a late night rally. a protester interrupted clinton shouting allegations about her husband, but clinton fired back. >> i am sick and tired negative, dark, divisive vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards. we're going forward into a brighter future. >> trump struck an uncharacteristically quiet tone
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sticking to self-incriminated remarks. >> in wisconsin, trump urged early voters who have second thoughts to change their ballot, a practice allowed in some states. it's your voice, your vote. >> reporter: donald trump departing from fiery speeches to deliver a closing argument. >> we have to close our ties with petty politics of the event, running mate mike pence, spoke first, uncharacteristically sixmens longer than the nominee himself, then trump with a promise, overturning obamacare when he is sworn in. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace, and we will do it, and we will do it very, very quickly. it is a catastrophe. >> reporter: the strangest part of the speech? what trump left out.
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e-mail investigation. in fact, few attacks on clinton at all. >> i'm asking you to deem big, push for bold change, and to believe in a movement powered by our love for each other and our love for our country. >> reporter: but trump unable to avoid some of the controversies dogging him in this campaign. the washington post publishing this image, a six foot self-portrait trump reportedly bought using money charitable foundation. despite questions about charitable giving and refusal to release taxes, supporters stick with him. in a rally outside wisconsin, look at the line, as far as the eye can see. the frtrump campaign is pouringd money into wisconsin as well as pennsylvania, but also in other states, some considered to be hail marys like new mexico and michigan to turn from blue to
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details emerging about a brief meeting between james comey and his boss, loretta lynch. they spoke face to face monday for the first time since alerting congress about a new batch of e-mails related to hillary clinton's long time aide setting up a political fire storm. the meeting was cordgill, but wanted to know how he was doing. reports say she still has confidence in him to handle this gas prices spiked on the east coast following the deadly pipeline explosion in alabama. it delivers a third of the gas used on the east coast. it was shut down after the fire monday afternoon, second closure in two months. during the closure in september, gas prices rose by 20 cents a gallon in the southeast workers are working to reopen the pipeline by the weekend, but analysts say it could take a month to fix everything. the second full day of
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matter of hours. jurors are deciding whether two people connected to new jersey governor chris christie caused a politically motivated traffic jam near the busy george washington bridge in 2013. in a pretrial hearing in bill cosby's sexual assault case continues today nearly philadelphia. the judge deciding if a deposition in a 2005 lawsuit should be admitted in this case. cosby's lawyers say he made what could be damaging statements after being told he wouldn't be the trial against a georgia man accused of leaving his toddler son in a hot car to die. his former wife took the stand to defend him, even though she admitted that he ruined her life. here's more. >> reporter: after months as being painted by a monster by prosecutors accused i leaving his son to die in a hot suv, justin ross harris gets help on
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people, the wife he betrayed. >> i'm humiliated. if i never see him after the day, that's fine. >> reporter: no love lost, but she doesn't believe he meant to kill their son in june of 2014 and agrees he accidently forgot to drop the boy off at day care in the way into work. prosecutors say harris left the child in the car because he wanted a child-free life, and say while his son was dying in the parking lot outside his atlanta office, inside sexting with other wome she still says he wouldn't hurt their son. >> he loved the boy? >> very much. >> reporter: another term, accusations he researched hot car deaths online before his son died, but those were knocked out of the court. other family members are testifying that he loved his son, and even people at the day care agree. abc news, atlanta. well, pope francis is back
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sweden. it was on his journey home that he was asked a question about women priests. francis said the last word on the issue came from st. john paul ii back in 1994 when john paul wrote that the church has no authority whatsoever to ordane women and said that judgment should be held by everyone in the church. francis said john paul's statement was clear and remains in place. the baseball season is now down to one game. >> it is do or world series game six last night was fun, batting practice for the cubs. bryant's home run in the first, russell smacking a double driving in two more runs. the cubs had a 3-0 lead before the indians even came to bat. >> all right. russell came up again in the third with the bases loaded. he emptied them with the first world series grand slam in 11 years. >> wow.
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runs, but in the end, it was the cubs winning 9-3 forcing tonight's deciding game seven in cleveland tonight. >> yeah. it'll be fun to watch. >> it will be. >> tonight, 8:00 p.m. >> not knowing the day. >> the big cubs fan that you are, exactly. see you have it marked on the calendar. >> it's the hours. >> yeah. >> i will be watching. >> absolutely. >> you know who else? >> you. >> yes, and the president. president obama. >> that's lady. >> yeah. president obama was in columbus, ohio yesterday. this is where we mix politics, food, and the world series. >> everything. >> check him out. >> so he was campaigning for hillary clinton, and during the rally, he talk about an issue that everyone can tfinally get behind. >> if you can find the time, i'm aware that because francisco stole second base in game one, everyone in america gets a free
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yeah! >> did you see that look on his face? >> cute. >> so taco bell is giving away free tacos today between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. at participating locations. it was steal a taco promotion. >> clever on their behalf. president obama continued there to say that if you have time to get a taco, you have time to go and vote. >> yeah. he tried to >> i agree with that. >> coming up, a preview of the latest emojis having you scratching your head or palming your face. >> or drooling. >> yes. >> that's in the mix, but, first, they may be leaving the white house in just a few short months, but the first family's taking us on a tour seeing how their staging their living quarters in the white house before the new residents take over the lease. >> and also ahead, the bizarre scene from ohio, suspected car thief wrestling with police, and
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. we're back with this wild scene in the streets of chicago. that's a suspected car thief wrestling with a police officers. he was.
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suv. then he we want to the driver's side of the cruiser and sped off. he crashed into a tree a few blocks away and, get this, police are still trying to find him. he's still on the run. >> a police dash camera in oklahoma captured the violent ends to a week long man hunt of a police shooting suspect. >> oklahoma state troopers released video of that suspect's final moments in a dramatic shootout with police. >> reporter: low quality deadly rampage of oklahoma's madman on the run comes to an all-out end. >> michael was our worse case scenario, period. >> reporter: a fugitive, murdering his aunt and uncle shooting at two police officers nine days ago, bragging about more trouble on facebook. >> it's the real deal. >> reporter: cornered sunday
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roadblock. firing 60 rounds from his ak-47 at five trailing cops. this state trooper firing through his own windshield with a military rifle. just listen to the bullets fly. he used his stolen 1-ton pickup like a tank rolling it towards officers. >> shooting apt you guys. >> reporter: where he died from multiple gunshot wounds. >> this was the night hurt anyone else. >> reporter: with michael dead, they arrested two coworkers and girlfriend charging them with helping him escape. abc news, los angeles. in the next half hour, the new black friday, more than three weeks away from thanksgiving, the major retailer that's already offering plaque friday discounts, but should you take the bait? what you need to know before you click or swipe. >> first, weeks away from the
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private quarters to photographers. the rare look at how the obamas put their own personal touch on america's most historic residence. that's next on world news now.
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? ? moving out in 87 days to be exact. >> yeah. >> the obamas. >> not moving out for a few week, 87 days, but before they pack for the first time ever, america's first family has opened the doors to their private quarters. >> yeah. architectural die jest is set to publish a spread how the obamas made the white house their home. here's abc's jessi palmer. >> reporter: one of the most
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world, but the living quarters of the actual residence of the white house is mostly out of view. now as the first family prepares to depart. architectural digest has a look into their home for the last eight years. >> a real fascination how would people with stature and power live in their private time? when you look at the history of the decorating in this private space, you can see personal touches of each administration and how they want to live. >> reporter: ever since jackie lifted the vail on camelot -- >> i think it should be a pretty room. >> reporter: people have been eager for a glimpse for the private quarters of 1600 pennsylvania avenue and how each presidential family makes them their own. >> i think the obama family made their biggest mark on the personal quarters through hard work. it has a slightly more modern, contemporary edgier feel.
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the first african-american female artist featured in the white house. >> we know mrs. obama has gone to great efforts with her own wardrobe and the statement that makes, and i think the art work is a piece of that. it's a continuation of making a statement of incollincollusiven. >> reporter: in some cases, keeping things the same, a mirror from george bush's administration, still in the same spot for the family that followed. a link in the very private room for a very public family. >> i hope they'll be an ins inspiration to be next. >> i really like what they did with it. they didn't -- >> beautiful job. >> didn't use the $100,000 that new presidents get to put their stamp on the place. they paid for it themselves. >> spent on it themselves. we have no idea how much money they used to redecorate the place. that magazine with the white house there and the private quarters will be out on election day.
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...head, no sick days medicine. all right. it is time for the mix, and we're going to start out with new emojis the the date not yet announced by apple, but we have a little bit of a preview. the face plant emoji. >> shocked before. >> that's great, isn't it? >> done it many times. >> like, duh or embarrassed. >> sound effects with it? >> that's just my own personal sound effect. >> uh-huh. >> and then there's a finger's crossed, that would be useful, wouldn't it? now you have to use -- >> that's every cubs' fan right now. >> there you go. >> now use pray if you're not religious, you know, the hands praying, and then drooling.
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man or woman or when you wake up from a nap? >> for the buffet. >> it's for the winning team fans the next morning. >> good one. >> or something. moving on. >> thanks, jack. >> drooling for next year. something that a lot of people are drooling for, but others angry about. starbucks getting starbucks. so they came out with this new cup. it's a limited edition cup and it kind of looks holiday-like. look carefully, though. the mosaic is 100 people drawn in one continuous stroke. they go it's the holiday cup. they were angry because you know the holiday cup is red, and so why isn't it red? they took christmas out of last year's cup, and now they completely lost it going green. >> pc.
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be a holiday cup. this is not it, just to celebrate community. >> this could be some sort of political statement, huh? unity, devicive times. >> perhaps. >> statement about the election, maybe? >> i guess so. >> here's another one for you. this is a great halloween costume. have you been to cvs? this guy decided to be a 12 foot long receipt from cvs. he made this costume. got, scanned it, cut it in squares, printed it, taped it together, and walked into the store. >> he scanned it? >> said i want to redeem my coupon, and it work. isn't that hilarious? >> all that -- >> so bizarre how you get long receipts. a waste of paper. >> saved two bucks after that.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump reaping out to democratic voters who may have change their minds, reminding a crowd last night, you can change your vote if you already voted. this as hillary clinton launches a new offensive in the face of the e-mail investigation dogging her campaign. the details ahead. the gas pipeline in alabama is now spurring fuel shortages with drivers across the country possibly feeling the blast ripple effect at the gas pump. and new this half hour, the skies are expected to be even more crowded over this year's thanksgiving holiday with air fares already on the climb. almost by the hour. >> but prices are dropp ping foa growing list of hot holiday gift items. the major retailer already offering black friday deals.


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