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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[chanting] alison: breaking news, trump tensions spill overi, protesters across the country includingn d.c. take to the streets, letting america know they are unhappy and scared about the future. jonathan: this coming one night after donald trump surprises. we have reaction from president-elect trump, celebrating. alison: we get start with the escalating protests in d.c. tim barber is there. tim, what's the latest? tim: things got tense right before 10:00. we are at the corner of pennsylvania avenue and 17 straight. a protester was arrested in front of those cars come in
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he was hauled away in a secret service van at the intersection of 17th and pennsylvania. let's give you video of some of that video that was shot, handcuffed and taken away. we saw them being loaded into the back of the secret service van at the intersection of 17th and pennsylvania, taken away, the crowd dispersed. earlier, some of the protesters were burning a flag in front of the trump international hotel, then they walked ove before that, some of the protesters try to break through the barriers in front of the hotel. there were some tense moments, but the protests for the most part were peaceful, just voicing frustration with this campaign.
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win came out of nowhere, according to them, not happy with that, so voicing their frustration. they marched at the trump international hotel and then to the white house, where we saw the arrest. there were some sort of fight that broke out when the person was arrested. we don't know exactly what happened, but as soon as we get details we will let you know right away. life on pennsylvania avenue, tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: new protests outside of the trump hotel in d.c. held now, eggs being thrown and flags being burned. anna-lysa gayle is outside of the hotel. what's happening? anna-lysa: as you can see, there officers surrounding the trump hotel right now as protesters expressed their frustrations, similar to what tim was explaining earlier. there holding signs saying "build bridges," "not my
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chanting things like "not my president," making sure their voices are heard, expressing their frustration. it's similar to something we saw a earlier at american university. we are joined by a student from howard university, isaiah kaine. tell us why you came here? >> thank you, yes. ok, ok, very well. i came here because my country is in distress. a demagogue, a racist, somebody who has a video released admitting that he sexually assaulted women, rape charges against him -- anna-lysa: do you believe the results are what it is and are willing to accept it? >> yes, i believe in democracy. i believe in democracy. but as a sociologist, i also believe in equality.
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deserve their rights. i believe that each and everyone of us as individuals are equal. i believe in equality. i think that is very important and what needs to be pushed. this man was endorsed by the ku klux klan. anna-lysa: with the election dividing the country, how can we come together? >> the election is not dividing the country, donald trump is dividing the country. anna-lysa: thank you. night as the protests grow and we monitor the situation. live outside of the trump hotel, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. >> not my president, not today! jonathan: as we mentioned, protests are underway in dozens of cities across the country, doing it in chicago for hours. the demonstration stretched for
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trump tower in new york city. this was the scene in new york city. tens of thousands of people converging on trump towers in manhattan. any protesters say they no longer feel safe in their own country. others say they fear their loved ones may be deported. and seattle police are investigating after i've police were shot near protests in that city. two people have life-threatening injuries. investigators do not believe the shooting is tied to the protests. we are keeping a close eye on the situation. alison: believe back at home, we numbers are broken down, young voters ages 18 to 25 voted overwhelmingly against donald trump, so it isprize -- no surprise that the election results have hit college campuses hard, including in our area where an american university student set fire to an american flag.
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anna-lysa: isaiah a young set an american flag on fire wednesday afternoon at american university, hours after donald trump was announced the president elect. >> this is a last resort. i feel like i was backed into a corner, if that makes sense. anna-lysa: a spokesperson for the university said about 200 students convened this afternoon in a protest to express their reactions to the presidential election outcome. she went on to say that the university is not condoning the burning of the american flag, even though the act is protected speech. >> i'm really anxious and nervous about the vitriol. anna-lysa: trump supporters who watch the protests are hoping there will soon be unity across the campus and the nation. >> i think we stand together during these next four years and
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anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: meanwhile, a different message, in message of hope and a call for unity from hillary clinton as she conceded the race to trump today. she spoke of the clay from new york city hours after calling the president elect to congratulate him. clinton urged americans to accept the results of the race and focus on working to bring the country together. mrs. clinton: i know how disappointing you feel, because i feel it, too, and so do tens of millions of americans who invested their hopes and dreams in this effort. this is painful, and it will be for a long time. alison: clinton, while falling to trump in the major battleground states, what wound up winning the popular vote. she said she would work with him on behalf of the country.
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but outside the beltway, a lot of trump supporters in the area. the dmv tonight, despite clinton carrying three states, the supporters outside of the beltway are celebrating the larger victory. tom roussey continues the coverage live in an area heavily supported by trump in this race. tom: yeah, jonathan, you look at the protests in d.c. could not be a more different scene in hagerstown tonight, not a lot of folks night, but a lot of folks are very happy. check out the results from the election here, trump winning this county by more than two to one, washington county, 63% to 31%. >> i actually voted for obama in 2008. tom: eight years later, it is a trump sign in his yard. he says president obama disappointed him on issues like immigration and jobs.
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and i was not happy with what obama was doing. tom: although hillary clinton easily won the state of maryland, it was not because of washington county. it's completely different than inside the beltway 60 miles away. here there are trump signs, but barely any for clinton. >> i trust him more than hillary, to be honest. tom: trump voters say that he connect it with a minute a way that she was not able to. >> people. >> we've been getting the same old thing for eight years now and i'm tired of it. >> the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. tom: while some were not surprised by the win -- >> i expected it, just because of the way people were talking. tom: others were stunned. >> i was shocked. i figured she was going to sneak in.
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in washington state, he also won in nearby frederick county and calvert and st. mary's. in virginia, trump won stafford county, king george, and fauquier county. reporting live in hagerstown, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. we'll bring you complete coverage of the transition of stay with abc 7 and steve: a cool evening right now, but at least the rain has come to an end. scattered showers across southern maryland, but not amounting to much more. much time, be sure you have the sunglasses and a light jacket, upper 50's near 60 degrees. sunshine the entire afternoon. friday, trekking a cold front
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jonathan: police in prince george's county are searching for somebody who is pretending to be a police officer, pulling somebody over, and then robbing them. this car is similar to the one that the fake officer was using. it is outfitted with red and blue dash lights, and the man was dressed in uniform. he pulled somebody over in temple hills yesterday morning, assaulted the man, and took his wallet. asked to call the real police. alison: you depend on it to keep your family entertained, but could the technology be putting you at risk? how hackers are using your devices to target you, your
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alison: we are looking at live pictures from los angeles right now, just one city where protesters have taken to the streets, antitrust professors come in reaction to the election
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knew the results, preparations were underway for the inauguration of the 45th president. with 72 days until the inauguration, work continues on the grandstand in stage where donald trump will be sworn in in january. mayor muriel bowser said she will show her support when it comes to the inauguration. mayor bowser: i don't recant anything i've said, but i do hope, and i've said this would previously , he said he wants to bring non-supporters in. alison: the yunel duration will be january 20 come and we will -- the yunel duration will be january 20, and we will bring you full coverage of the inauguration. jonathan: we have smart tvs, cell phones, smart technology, but that same technology makes our lives easier, safer, but
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scott taylor looks at what you can do to protect your home from being hacked. scott: from games to reading books to artificial intelligence devices -- >> what is the weather going to be like tomorrow? scott: christina and their family rely on their wi-fi more than ever before. >> it's hard to me scott: a security expert says all the gadgets increase your risk of being hacked. >> think of every wi-fi device in your house as a door, it and they try to hack into the stuff. scott: nearly every electronic device is hoped up to the internet. anybody could be watching, but there are things you can do to protect yourself. make sure that you keep your passwords different.
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should never have the same passwords. if your child is using a device with a camera, tape over the camera when not in use. use the security software already built in. and if shopping online, pay with a credit card, not a debit card, which potentially would allow hackers to wipe out your account. while there is no failsafe protection, use simple steps to go a long way and stoppi to use your smart devices and tech devices. scott taylor, abc 7 news. jonathan: and according to the fbi statistics, last year alone, internet crimes resulted in $1 billion of losses nationwide. alison: could there be a hidden
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in the u.s.? 300,000 women will get breast implants this year. the typical patient of the surgery actually has higher self-esteem and better mental health than the average population. why would statistics show that women with implants are more likely to commit suicide than women without them? tomorrow, kimberly suiters investigates a possible dark side of breast implants. jonathan: 7 on your side consumer alert, and general motors is cutting 2000 factory workers in january. this is the first layoff for the company in six years. they will fire about 600 workers in ohio and 800 in michigan. they make smaller model cars which have seen dropping sales in recent years. steve: showers are finally coming to an end.
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low temperatures from the upper 30's in the suburbs, lower 40's downtown d.c. overnight, a bit breezy with wind out of the northwest at 10 to 15. tomorrow morning, sunglasses and a jacket, you will need them. upper 30's to just about 40 degrees when you wake up. sunrise is at 6:30, meaning the warm-up will quickly from the midmorning into the afternoon. highs near 62 degrees to the west. martinsburg and charlestown. the immediate metro, lots of sunshine, lower 60's reston and fairfax. upper marlboro right around 60. southern maryland, 59 charlotte hall and leonardtown, lower 60's stafford and fredericksburg. futurecast from stormwatch 7, it
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the north and west, a bit breezy. the wind will start to ease through wednesday, then they change direction friday. that is because a cold front is moving through. behind the cold front, a push of colder air, just in time for the upcoming weekend, the coldest day of the season coming saturday. the extended outlook, low 60's thursday. lower 60's veterans day friday. then the cold front swe the upper 40's saturday. that is inside the capital beltway. colder around i-81. 60 sunday, so a nice jump, lower 60's monday and tuesday. alison: steve, thank you. is arlington's predatory towing
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jonathan: apple is making get a little cheaper to buy a knife. -- to buyan iphone. they are offering refurbished phones for sale. they say that it eats with their desire to be among the leaders in green issues. right now iphone 6 abnd 6s are available. alison: it's an issue that has
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years in arlington, tow trucks poking up and driving off with your car minutes after you park. some fear that a new proposal will make it easier for towing companies to act in a predatory way, increasing the distance that a tow company storage lot can be located from the county line by an extra mile. >> it's ridiculous. i understand parking for long times, a couple hour, an hour, you park and turn around and the car is gone already. alison: supporters say the goal is to increase competition without adding an unreasonable distance that people have to travel to pick up their cars. the county board will consider it and several proposals. jonathan: let's talk about what's happening in sports. the wizards have to get on a roll.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: a win for the wizards tonight, but there is still frustration within the organization, and i mean john
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porter. the former hoya finish with 34 points, had 20 in the first half. also had 14 rebounds. here is the frustration. second half, john wall takes marcus smart to the ground, that was flagrant, automatic ejection. that was after he was fined $25,000 for bumping the monday. the good news is that was her to get their second win of the season. the redskins will start a brutal second half of the season sunday facing the minnesota vikings. if they want to make the playoffs, they need wins. >> this is like the playoffs. all these games matter. we are in the hunt of it. we have to play tough every single game and get the job done.
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baseman daniel murphy was named the national league's most outstanding player at the player's choice awards. jonathan: if the skins do it this weekend in minnesota, that is three in a row. robert: buckled down, like my jacket is not buttoned right now. jonathan: we were not going to
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steve: the seven day outlook, temperatures cool thursday, lower 60's, same on friday. a bigger cooldown saturday, around 50 degrees. 60 degree sunday, lower 60's monday. the full moon monday evening, the beaver moon.
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the harvest moon. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next.
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? >> jimmy: get me the hat. and the bush. all right, and the stakes. >> no, no, not the stakes. >> give me the stakes. >> okay. and the wig. the sensible pantsuit and the statement pearls. the e-mails.


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