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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. donald trump leaves the press behind for a private dinner with his family amid new reports of a transition team in turmoil. >> i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command. >> two staffers pushed out. trump fires back overnight. new fire danger. massive clouds of smoke, large send hundreds to the hospital as schools close across the southeast. dozens of wildfires scorching seven states. now the national guard is being called in to battle the blaze. wrong side of the law. a divorce attorney sentenced to prison. >> i thank god you got caught. >> accused of hypnotizing female clients without their consent and sexually assaulting him. the video that got him caught.
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struggling to break free from the flames. bystanders trying to find a way in. >> hurry! >> the cop who rushed to the scene and the crucial move he made to save that person's life. here, here, here. >> all accounted for. >> a lot of news this wednesday morning. this is a moment that created a bit of chaos last president-elect trump evading the press for a surprise dinner. >> and there he is, you can see stopped by the 21 club here in new york last night and the fellow diners were cheering his arrival. >> they must like what he said. he said he would lower their taxes. this comes as donald trump's transition is in the spotlight. reports of tension inside the team. some top figures pushed out and his family playing a prominent role and he pushed back with
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on it and am the only one would knows. >> reporter: good morning. there is yet another tweet this morning. president-elect trump also tweeting that he never asked for national security credentials for his children. we'll have more on that in a moment but now some republicans are describing a very rocky rollout with this cabinet and even some republicans going as far as saying that the people around trump are poisoning the decision-making. overnight, president-elect trump escaping from his skyscraper turned fortress for dinner down the street at manhattan's 21 club. this photo posted on twitter showing trump and his family getting a standing ovation. trump then seen here parting ways with son eric, daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner also spotted leaving the restaurant. trump bucking the tradition of transparency for a president or president-elect and leaving his home without the pool of
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continuing turmoil inside the transition team. one of the president-elect's top advisers on national security abruptly resigning. former congressman mike rogers reportedly pushed out, just as the campaign prepares to announce trump's pick for national security adviser. >> i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command coming out of new york. hopefully they'll get that settled pretty soon. i think they'll need to do it because as the clock ticks, all important. >> reporter: general michael flynn, a contender for the nsa post and sources say the transition team is taking their time with rolling out their cabinet to prevent the backlash that followed their first two announcements. anti-establishment trump loyalist enraged over the announcement reince priebus would be chief of staff while many democrats were alarmed after stephen bannon was named chief strategist and white house
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his first official act, he appointed a man seen as a champion of white supremacy as a number one strategist in the white house. >> reporter: and the trump team having to oust a low-level staffer after that person put an informal request for national security clearance for trump's children, ivanka, don jr. and eric who are all on the transition team. >> i just know that that was never a formal request. it's just basically i think trying to leak information. >> reporter: sources with the transition team say it was never president-elect nor his children. now, there was some news, dr. ben carson did not want to serve in the trump administration. an adviser to him saying he didn't have the life experience to be a cabinet secretary. but then overnight dr. ben carson taking to facebook saying that he did not want the job not because it's too complex, but rather he thinks donald trump needs a group of advisers outside of the washington bubble.
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political analyst matthew dowd for more. as you know all transitions have intrigue. the long knives are always out but this issue exacerbated by the surprise results of the election. the prominent role of his family. how quickly can he get it under control? >> i don't think any of us should be surprised about what's been going on. this guy is frank sinatra. he does it his way and as we remember he can't change campaign management three types in the midst of a campaign race and every time we would say you can't do that he wins the primary. he wins the general election, every time we said you can't do that and running the transition in the exact same way running trick plays on every play and we're sitting here saying you can't do that but seems to be winning when he does it. >> so far, steve bannon, can he survive the backlash? >> i think that's a real question, george. i think it's building -- i thought it started and might go away after a while but it's building in the course of this. i think donald trump will stand firm by him.
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race. he's not going to be pushed aside to do this but it is a problematic situation that one of his first announcements has received this much attention. >> and saw that interview on "60 minutes" but so far no press conference. at some point does he have to come out and fill this vacuum a bit more. >> he seems to only fill it by tweets and uses twitter as a press conference vehicle in this. i don't expect him to do a press conference until after he's inaugurated president of the united states which would be going to do it until then. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. >> all right, george. there has been a spike in hate crimes across the country since election day with more than 400 incidents reported in the last week as more anti-trump protests break out and mary bruce is in washington with those details for us. good morning, mary. >> reporter: robin, good morning. well, this is where it all started. students walking out of class yesterday gathering here outside of the trump hotel to march across this city, make their
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whkt [ chanting ] >> reporter: taking to the streets and hundreds of students raising concerns about the new administration. >> we want to let donald trump know that he cannot divide us with his racism, sexism, all that bigotry. >> reporter: the crowd shutting down pennsylvania avenue, blocking the lincoln memorial. >> we want to come together and show that we are strong and that our voice matters. >> reporter: at the back of this protest ee wean found trump supporters. >> i think they're justified to said on the campaign trail was definitely very polarizing and i think they should give trump a chance. >> reporter: intimidation and harassment has grown dramatically to a billboard in california, the number of hate crime incidents doubling since last friday. according to the southern poverty law center more than 400 incidents in the past week. four types more than the average. many but not all of the incidents making reference to
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incidents trump said point blank he told his supporters to stop it. but many say he's not doing enough and the protesters we spoke with yesterday fear this could just be the beginning. robin. >> and, mary, looking at some of those from yesterday they're too young to vote but yet they still want to be out there. >> reporter: yeah, many of them definitely underage, too young to vote but still said they feel their future is at risk and felt it's very important their voices be heard. >> we'll move on to that deadly airport shooting in oklahoma killing the father of an nfl player as travelers took cover, the airport shut down before the gunman was finally found. abc's phillip mena is at will rogers world airport in oklahoma city with the latest. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: george, good morning. yeah, that shutdown causing many delays, in fact, southwest airlines canceling all of its flights in and out of here last night following the tragic death of one of its employees. terror outside a terminal in
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airport. they've got some situation going on here. >> reporter: around 1:00 p.m. shots fired in the airport parking lot. >> a victim has been shot on the sidewalk outside the southwest ticket counter. >> reporter: police in tactical gear searching for the shooter going from car to car for nearly three hours. >> the suspect's vehicle was on the second level parking garage. it is a red pickup truck. >> reporter: this morning the search for the alleged killer over. authorities finding the man suspected of setting up a sniper's nest and opening fire outside >> suspect was located. deceased with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: oklahoma city police confirming the alleged gunman killed southwest airlines employee michael winchester. the 52-year-old son, james, a pro footballer with the kansas city chiefs. the team tweeting their support writing, our love and support is with james and the entire winchester family. our heartfelt thoughts and
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halt all operations, suspend arrival and departing aircraft. >> reporter: going into lockdown, passengers stranded on planes for hours. others seeking refuge inside oklahoma city's will rogers world airport. >> it was our call for safety measures to make the delays. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. now we're hoping to learn the name of the suspect and a possible motive from 34ris a little later today. meanwhile, the airport george. >> okay, phillip, thanks very much. all right, let's make a turn to ginger for the latest on those wildfires in the southeast and look at all that smoke, ginger, that's affecting a lot of people. >> so much that people are complaining, wheezing, shortness of breath, at least 200 just in tennessee were sent to the hospital. this is an image of atlanta, what it looks like, outdoor activities being canceled. you're in school and call a smoke day because the smoke alarms wouldn't top going off in parts of tennessee. that's what we're dealing with. you can see it from the
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to see it. it's not going anywhere. from north carolina these -- the acreage just keeps adding up as to how much burning and fighting as much as they can but the conditions are very bad. the drought in place, exceptional drought and we're seeing 36 large wildfires that stretch from west virginia into virginia, north carolina, south carolina, so many states dealing with this and there's that storm track, the ring not going anywhere. guy, atlanta hasn't had rain for 30 days trait. haven't done it in 86 years. >> surprised some people that the wildfires are in this part of the country. >> it is but they get them to this extent this much smoke and this long, not normal. >> thank you, ginger. now to the search for answers after a high school student went on a stabbing spree in utah, the teenager taken into custody accused of slashing five of his fellow classmates in the boys' locker room and clayton sandell is in orem, utah, with new details.
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right now investigators are trying to figure out why a kid who seemed to be a model student suddenly turned his high school here into a crime scene. the first calls came in just before 8:00 a.m. >> mountain view high school four possible stab victims. >> reporter: a 16-year-old boy described as a straight "a" student with no history of problems allegedly stabs five classmates then himself in a locker room. >> do you know where he is now. >> down the south part of the gym. >> reporter:oa >> actually had boxed the suspect into a little bathroom area. staff members did place themselves in harm's way. >> reporter: soon a police officer, assigned to the campus, arrives and shoots the suspect with a taser. it's all over in six minutes. >> the scene is now secure. suspect down. >> reporter: the victims are in the hospital. >> he just stabbed me, he said.
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the suspect had not been bullied by any of the victims. this is not retaliatory. >> you want to feel like you can send your child to school and never expect this to happen. >> reporter: his parents released this handwritten letter saying we are at a loss to express how deeply sorry we are for the pain and injury caused. the suspect is out of the hospital and in jail. the school will be open this morning as students and teachers try to get back to normal. george. >> a lot of trauma to deal with. clayton, thanks very much. if you fallout from the hot car trial. the mother has spoken out and now we're hearing from one of the jurors who reached the decision. steve osunsami brings us the story from atlanta. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. prosecutors in this case are debating whether they'll ask the judge to throw the book at justin ross harris to give him the maximum sentence. we're also hearing from his ex-wife who says that families judging hers should look in the
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>> we find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: as justin ross harris waits for sentencing where he could be locked up for life. the woman who stood by his side is going off on the guilty verdict. >> cooper was the sweetest little boy. >> reporter: leanna taylor is taking her anger to facebook, the mother of cooper harris who died from heat exposure speaks directly to critics "so now you may be saying justice has been served but guess what, you can convict every parent that this promise you two things, one, it will never bring our children back and, two, it will not prevent this from happening in the future." taylor tried to convince jurors that she too believes that the boy's father forgot his son in the car on his way in to work that day. >> he must have forgot. >> reporter: but this morning we're hearing from juror number three who says that from the very first vote jurors were leaning guilty. candy parrish is a 23-year-old married stay-at-home mom and in her statement to abc news she
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that played throughout his day that you wouldn't forget your child in the car. to say he literally drove just half a mile to work only five minutes and forgot his child is unbelievable. i think it is really hard to do something like that. prosecutors are now underlying that leanna taylor herself will not be charged. >> there's no evidence in this case. you know, to charge her with anything. >> reporter: her attorneys this morning say they wish the district attorney had say said this a little earlier. they also point out that she took a polygraph to passed. harris' lawyers now plan to take his appeal to the georgia supreme court. george. >> thank you, steve. amy is here with the other top stories starting with president obama in greece in that's right, president obama got a tour of the birthplace of democracy today visiting the acropolis in athens. he is in europe trying to reassure allies about the incoming trump administration while discussing debt relief and the refugee crisis during an address to the greek people today. meanwhile, thousands of
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and u.s. policies. officers fired tear gas and stun grenades to control that crowd. back here in this country athe least 28 people have been arrested while protesting the north dakota oil pipeline project blocking a local railroad and even trying to set the tracks on fire. the protest has spread to 300 cities and towns from california all the way to vermont. the pipeline operator is asking a federal judge to approve construction under the missouri river. another for profit college and faculties stunned. new jersey based star career academy closed its doors blaming financial woes one year after losing a fraud case. a terrifying crash in georgia, take a look as a freight train smashed through the trailer of an 18-wheeler that got stuck on the tracks. the driver jumped out just before impact and remarkably was not injured. and a dramatic rescue in california. flames trapping the driver of
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worried the car could exploit. an officer used his patrol car to push the volkswagen away from the fire and with the help of a fire extinguisher eventually pulled that driver to safety. it is being called the new concorde, richard branson has unveiled the prototype of a supersonic jet that could hit 1,400 miles per hour flying from new york to london in just 3 1/2 hours. test flights could begin next year. and here's something special pizza. domino's now delivering by drone, this is happening in new zealand, claiming this right now what you're looking at is the world's first commercial delivery using an unmanned aircraft. it took three minutes to reach its destination, apparently it is usually just six minutes by motorcycle. by the way in case you're wondering what kind they eat, chicken and cranberry. >> cranberry. >> cranberry. >> wouldn't be my cup of tea. >> i thought ham and pineapple
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>> that's good. >> really? >> yeah. >> we got a divide here. >> george. >> we'll let ginger settle it. >> i like the hawaiian too. i like the sweet and salty. that blizzard watch on. mt. hood, oregon, the storm where it's beginning, two inch per hour snowfall rates so it's happening, everybody and we have that watch now going up for the first major storm for parts of the northern plains of the season. minneapolis could get in happening west and northwest of them, rockies, parts of colorado as that low transfers across, look at the timing, the next couple of days, we'll see inch, some places a lot of inches. warm cities brought to you by
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- 20 temp drop saturday to sunday - coldest air of the season sunday/monday today: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. highs: 63-66 winds: w 5 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 37-45 winds: nw 5 mph sunny and mild. highs: 61-66 winds: nw 5 mph saturday night - 20 temp drop saturday to sunday - coldest coming up here on "gma" the attorney facing prison time for hypnotizing then sexually assaulting his female clients. they didn't know it was going on. the secret recordings that got him caught. new home nightmares.
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the homeowners say theirs are full of outrageous problems and de defects. our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is on the case for you. and a "star wars" bombshell. what carrie fisher is now revealing about a secret relationship with harrison ford. didn't see this one coming, did you? so my daughter tells me you don't eat meat? uh, nope.
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>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. a former student under arrest for making threats against hess old high school. prince georges county police say 20-year old man threaten odd twitter to bring guns and explosives to high point high school at bellsville, yesterday. found that he did not have access to either. he has been charged with a threat of mass violence. new clue in the search tore a missing university of maryland student. caitlin george was spotted on security video entering a baltimore greyhound station friday. she purchased a ticket and boarded a bus headed for norfolk, investigators do not suspect foul play in this case. anyone with information on her
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call the university of maryland police.
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with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> reporter: walking to work today, commuter forecast, mid 40s to around 50 degrees. yeah, another chilly start for us but with sunshine it will feel nice by late morning. late morning clouds, a few moving in and by the afternoon hours i think we'll turn partly cloudy. the high of 64. maybe a sprinkle little system that crosses the area north of dc later today. we clear out tonight, sunshine for your thursday, friday, saturday showers, cold, windy on sunday. >> reporter: if you're making the ride on interstate 95 this morning, just be alert. 2 accidents, one in dale city hall, one close to the prince william parkway. residual delays. northbound 95 toward the springfield mixing bowl. else with, the ride of
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and get a $10 gift card. toys"r"us ...awwwwesome! welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at trump tower right here in manhattan. everyone waiting to hear who else president-elect trump will choose for his white house staff and who will he pick for his cabinet. some reports of turmoil but trump tweeted moments ago he attacked "the new york times" saying they're so totally this is going so smoothly. some new appointments expected over the next week. >> as we know the trump transition is already under way led by vice president-elect mike pence set to dine with vice president biden today in d.c. and that lunch comes less than a week after biden and pence sat down at the white house to discuss their transition. uh-huh and we got a little "star wars" bombshell. carrie fisher is now pulling back the curtain on a secret relationship she says she had with harrison ford during the filming of that movie.
7:31 am
she wants to say. doesn't she? >> you remember that interview you did with her. >> how could i ever forget, robin. goes in the record books. also, mary j. blige here opening up about her divorce for the very first time and the music that is helping her get through it. it's only on "gma" and, man, to hear her rehearsing this morning started off my wednesday just right. >> i used to listen to mary j. before games. >> yeah? >> yeah. ? we'll start now with that bombshell case in ohio where a lawyer guilty of hypnotizing several clients so he could molest them, the women say they have no memory of what happened and abc's mara schiavocampo has more on how the lawyer was finally caught. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning, a really unbelievable story. that lawyer admitting to using hypnosis to essentially put these women into a trance causing them to forget hours of time during which he took advantage of them sexually.
7:32 am
turned defendant. >> there is just remorse and grief in my heart. >> reporter: 59-year-old divorce attorney michael fine sentenced to 12 years in prison for hypnotizing six female clients without their consent or knowledge and then molesting them. >> he used my trust in his position as my attorney to gain information about my vulnerabilities. >> reporter: according to legal documents in 2013 one of fine's clients noticed that after their appointments her bra was disheveled and that she could not recall the entire duration of these meetings. something that happened again and again. suspicious she began tape-recording her conversations. learning shocking details about their meetings, she says, she didn't reremember. that fine began to use code words to get her into a trance-like stage and then engaged in a sexually charged discussion saying things like at
7:33 am
able to control yourself. >> and he would say that he had some relaxation techniques that the best thing they can do is try to relax in order to help themselves. >> reporter: the first victim took the recordings to police who had her wear a wire and video record her when fine began the same behavior at the next meeting they nabbed him. while hypnosis is a powerful therapeutic technique there is no consensus on exactly what's possible against someone's will. >> can we make place through hypnosis? the short answer is no. however, we could possibly convince them that the temperature was so hot that they might want to disrobe. >> reporter: now fine has pleaded guilty to five counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping. all with the sexual motive specification. in a statement he says he accepted responsibility for what he did wrong.
7:34 am
he will have to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years and is facing civil lawsuits from the women. now, there are so many unanswered questions about hypnosis and it's particularly hard to study what you can make people do against their will because the studies themselves may be unethical. george. >> well, that makes sense. okay, mara, thanks very much. let's try to answer some with dan abrams. what a creepy case. >> wow, i mean really unbelievable. all right, first of all, you've got these women, you've got to feel i women. they are going to a divorce attorney. this is at the lowest point in their lives. they're in the middle of a fight or about to have an enormous -- >> custody, the most important issues, and this guy is taking advantage of that. which is, you know, which is in and of itself a problem and also terrible for lawyer, by the way, because this is supposed to be the most trusted relationship is between an attorney and a client, but if this case had gone to trial, it would have put
7:35 am
if it had you would have had experts on both sides saying it is real and does work and the other -- >> i think the defense would have have to have been you can't force someone to do something against their will and yet increasingly hypnosis is being taken seriously by the scientific community and heard in that sound bite in the piece there it does sound like you can get people to do something -- >> you can change their will is the point. >> you can change their will and as a result, it would have been fascinating to hear this over hypnosis but now that he's pled guilty that's not going to happen. now facing 12 years behind bars. >> very good police work here. >> oh, yeah, absolutely, the fact that they were able to -- she has the withwithal to take it to the police and put this undercover video on her and have the evidence where i think this is what forced them to plead. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. >> thank you both. now to our investigation into new home problems following reports of buyers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars only to find what they say is
7:36 am
correspondent brian ross is here with more. good morning, brian. >> well, good morning, robin. america has seen a new home billing boom but our investigation conducted it with abc stations across the country found that with that boom, has come heartbreak for so many new homeowners as they say their dream houses have turned into nightmares. in suburban washington, d.c., the owner of this new home has a hole in her foundation and a snake that moved in underneath. all up and down y >> the people in this new subdivision say their great-looking houses on the outside are to chock-full of problems and defects onnen the inside. >> it's very upsetting. it's the most expensive purchase we'll make. >> in one subdivision after another. >> the water would start here and travel along the ceiling. >> reporter: our investigation found homeowners claiming shoddy
7:37 am
>> reporter: with big builders slow or refusing to fix the problems big and small. >> you continue living in something that no one can give you answers for, no one will fix it. it was our house. it was where we lived. and we had to just walk away from it. >> reporter: what they all had was a bad case of new home heartbreak. >> look at that. >> just kind of typical of the homes that are built to sell, not built to last. >> reporter: something these two men short of the sherlock holmes and watson of new home too often. >> significant crack. >> reporter: the industry trade group says unhappy homeowners are in the minority and that americans have expectations that are just too high. >> the american consumer expects a perfect home. there's no such thing as a perfect home. >> reporter: yet documents show the home builders including the biggest d.r. horton set aside millions to deal with construction defect claims. horton calling it the ordinary course of business. >> i think the quality of
7:38 am
as it's ever been, better. >> better than ever? >> yes, sir. >> are they shoddy? >> i say no. >> reporter: again and again it was only after the builders knew abc news or one of our stations was on the case that repair crews finally showed up. the bulldozer to redo the draining system at simone angle's home in alabama didn't show up until after abc news started to ask questions. >> it's only because abc news is here or they would not have fixed it. >> reporter: i only after wrtv got involved that the builder sent an execute tough it check out roofing and drainage issues. >> this is how we knew it was leaking. >> reporter: outside houston, the builder d.r. horton offered to buy this house back after our station ktrk began to investigate a homeowner's complaints of defects and problems. >> they weren't even moving until you got involved. >> reporter: these are not
7:39 am
$500,000 and the best advice first to spend the money to hire an independent home inspector to look for flaws and defects and finally beware many homeowners end up signing away their right to sue as many include a mandatory arbitration clause which means it cannot be appealed and is kept secret. very important. >> brian, thanks very much. you can see more of brian's report tonight on "nightline." big board? >> what's coming up, ivanka trump under fire over that bracelet, was her company trying to make a profit over her father's election win. you may want to listen. you are you about to be charged for using that overhead bin on that airplane? it might be. we'll be back in two minutes to talk about all those things with
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but we're gonna get it just right. what do you think bullseye? [ bark ] ok, let's do this! hey! hows this look? hmm? whoa! what do ya think? it's like you... it's like you read my mind! ? ? time now for the big board. our team of insiders standing by live for more of today's top
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company appeared to exploit the election promoting this $10,000 bracelet she wore on "60 minutes." you see it right there. matt dowd back with more. ivanka's company forced to pull back that promotion pretty quickly. >> yeah and she absolutely had to do that. i think that, listen, donald trump and ivanka and her whole family has always dealt with their brand and how they can utilize it in a way that enhance what is they're doing but her like her father is going transitioning from private life to a public life and they'll have to change the way they do business. >> now, but this isn't the first time you've seen family business mixed with the presidency so what is another past example of this? >> you're right, michael. roger clinton, president clinton's brother put out an album which apropos called "nothing good comes easy" in the midst of while he was president of the united states and jimmy
7:43 am
always get the candidate and the office holder in trouble and most of the time they have to shut it down quickly. >> this is something very different coming up. you've seen his kids on the transition team and son-in-law playing a prominent role in the transition and the plan going forward, they say, is for the kids to keep the business, to keep on running the business even though donald trump is in the white house. >> george, i think this whole thing is fraught with peril for donald trump and as of the united states he'll put it in a blind trust but it's problematic to have your kids requested by low-level staffers to get briefings puts it in a serious situation of who knows what and how they are using it. >> it's not a blind trust if the kids are running it. >> no, it's not a blind trust if the kids are running it and serving on the transition team in the governmental positions. it is a problem. >> okay, matt dowd, thanks very much. >> something we'll keep her eye on. thanksgiving, all that travel, it's all just days away
7:44 am
only bring one personal item on board when you go to visit grandma. well, that's what one -- that's what united airlines to do starting next year and david kerley is here joining us, david, united made a big announcement yesterday. i'm just curious, what are they trying to do and what does it mean for someone traveling on a budget? >> to compete. it's all about competition with the low-cost carrier, michael. it is a question of what you don't get. it's called basic economy. just that personal item which has to go underneath your seat you don't get any bin space, you also don't get to select a seat until the day of the flight. can you say middle seat? that's what's going to be available then and you'll be the last group to board. united says this and some other changes they're making they think they can increase revenues by $5 billion by 2020. wall street liked that a lot yesterday. >> the question is what will the passengers think? is the low ever price enough incentive to take these
7:45 am
low cost fare person will get what they want and when they get on the plane they'll get the same service, the same drinks and everything else. they will be probably in the middle seat but, george, this is really all about segmentation and price point. you'll have these folks at basic economy and your regular economy then you got economy plus if you want more legroom and business and first class up above. just cutting up the pie trying to get more revenue. >> auctioning off every seat on the plane. >> getting more bare bones. pretty soon you'll have to bring our own seat. >> i'd like 7a, please. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, matt. virtual reality headsets could be one of the hottest gifts but are they safe for your kids? >> i tried them. they're pretty fun. ther to bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages.
7:46 am
more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. ?
7:47 am
odent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ? we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ? we asked real people to use cottonelle... on their bums. es make a difference? it gets it all clean. they give me a very happy feeling bum. cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. go cottonelle, go commando. back with what may be the hottest holiday gift this year, virtual reality headsets but now some doctors are raising concerns whether they could cause health problems especially
7:48 am
t.j. is here and you have one of the devices with you. >> well, per usual i'm in my own world back here, but this time i'm in a virtual world. now i'm seeing all this in 3d. you're seeing it on the screen but i feel like i'm going down in the ocean in a shark cage. these things are fun, they're hot. it's going to be the really cool game but for a lot of folks you think the danger might be bumping into somebody or tripping over something but the danger might actually be to kids' brains. >> reporter: so real. >> oh. >> reporter: that people forget that it's not real. virtual reality has people literally falling over themselves as it immerses them in a 3d world of sport, adventure and even danger but these virtual reality headsets expected to be on a lot of kids' christmas lists are causing real world concerns. >> virtual reality is still a very new technology. still evolving and we really
7:49 am
may be on children. >> reporter: dr. banik says they could cause long-term issues for young children. >> in virtual reality the brain is only getting input from the eyes and don't know if that is going to have an impact on the other senses and how we integrate and experience. >> reporter: but the technology is so new it hasn't been studied. manufacturers of virtual reality headsets warn they're not for young kids. samsung says its products are for kids 13 and up and playstation recommends theirs for 12 and up. no one really knows the impact. in the meantime, what is a parent to do? we swapped out. strahan wants to play with the new toy and he is. for parents this is what you need to know. use your common sense. they're a blast but not enough research to know what the impact may be but don't have them doing it long term. don't have really young kids do it in going back to our
7:50 am
>> you get lost in a new world. >> when t.j. said it could affect your brain and then you make me put it on. thank you. i appreciate it. >> what's it like, michael? what are you seeing? >> nothing. >> i'm sorry, i hit the off switch before i came back. >> sensory deprivation is so much fun. what's coming up, holiday "deals & steals." tory johnson on the road at disney springs with big savings on some magical great mary j. blige is here live, yes, opening up for the first time about her divorce and a very powerful performance you'll want to stick around for that.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
back here on "good morning america," got to show you one more image of that super moon as it illuminates the smoke and haze in the northeast over northwest georgia outside that plane window. wow, that really showcases it. i wanted to also show you the warmth. it has been so persistent under that ridge along with the drought. could see records from denver to even places like dodge city today. that warmth, though, not going to last long.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by l.l. bean. find products that last at l.l.
7:56 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. maryland regulators have approved a rate hike for pepco, good news is the increase is less han the 10% the power company asked for, but the hike which is about 5% will still add without $7 to your monthly bill. pep dc, prince georges county and mongomery county. in less than five minutes dc police will be at full force making sure you're following traffic safety laws. this is part of the street smart campaign and it runs through november 27. drivers, bikers, pedestrians who violate safety laws can get fines of up to $500 a chilly start. here is veronica johnson. >> reporter: walking to work today, commuter forecast, mid
7:57 am
us but with sunshine it will feel nice by late morning. late morning clouds, a few moving in and by the afternoon hours i think we'll turn partly cloudy. the high of 64. maybe a sprinkle with this weak little system that crosses the area north of dc later today. we clear out tonight, sunshine for your thursday, friday, saturday showers, cold, windy on sunday. >> reporter: on the roads right now we've had accident this time, we're blocking a lane. now we have pretty much stop and go traffic from the capital beltway traveling northbound 395. this impacting your ride on southbound george washington parkway, as you personal into the 14th street bridge. 95 northbound, two accidents. one in dale city. one closer to the prince georges county. prince william parkway. capital beltway, on the brakes
7:58 am
college park to georgia avenue. melanie. >> anchor: thank you. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. we'll send it back to good
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight the president-elect slips out of trump tower for dinner with his family as oreos of tension over his transition emerge. one insider calls it a knife fight and the president-elect fires back. mary j. blige here live opening up about her divorce. the battle over money with her ex and the music that is ? "deals & steals" hits the road. >> all: good morning, america. >> live from disney springs with savings just for "gma" savings. ali is here spilling the beans. >> i'm about to shoot with george stephanopoulos, big diva. >> you never know what will happen live. >> both: and she's saying -- >> good morning, america, and
8:01 am
? it's been too long. we love it when ali is here. >> yeah. i just sort of sit back. wonder what's going to happen. >> buckle up, america. >> you never know what's going to happen. she has a funny new show called "nightcap" and, george, you even make an appearance. >> i make a real stretch of my acting skills on this one. it was so much fun to do and i am a very proud husband. it is so funny and we're going to hear a lot more about >> i smell an ending for george. >> she'll be coming up. also some really big holiday "deals & steals," michael, you have some details. >> yes, i do. tory johnson is at disney springs with a deal right now. >> hey, welcome from disney springs with exclusive deals from some of the brand-new stores. uniqlo and that special
8:02 am
whole family, all the pieces range from 9.90 to 14.90 slashing it to 51%. more coming up. >> the santa caps, you do not have to wait till thanksgiving. more deals coming up. the morning rundown from amy. >> all right, and good morning. the big story donald trump pushing back against reports of turmoil within his ranks. trump broke protocol ditching the media last fight to go out to dinner just hours after a national security adviser was forced off his transition team. every lobbyist has been booted but he insists it is on track and abc's tom llamas is at trump tower with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning and president-elect trump try to go defend his transition process and his transition team, trying to paint a picture it is all smooth sailing. overnight he first posted this. very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions.
8:03 am
but trump 150e78ing to be very concerned about some of the press coverage that things aren't going as planned and tweeted this morning the fail ago "the new york times" story is so totally wrong on transition. it is going so smoothly. also i have spoken to many foreign leaders. trump's tweets come as some republicans are describing a very unorganized transition process, though the trump team maintains things are very calm right now and going as planned. we do know that last night president-elect trump took a break. he left trump tower and had manhattan's 21 club, the problem, though, president-elect trump left without the press pool that is there to cover his every move. it's a tradition of transparency that president-elect trump didn't care about last night. amy. >> dr. ben carson is clarifying why he took his name out of the running for a possible cabinet position. he says it has nothing to do with the complexity of the job as was first reported. instead he said he'd rather serve as an adviser because it's important for trump to get advice from people outside of
8:04 am
and senator john mccain is warning president-elect trump he will oppose any effort to reset relations with russia. mccain says a thaw in relations would be unacceptable. in athens, today, president obama reassured europeans that the nato alliance is strong and said he's confident america's commitment to the alliance will continue. president obama said he an donald trump may have different views but american democracy is bigger than any one person. heavy winds could caution problems for firefighters wildfires in drought-stricken north carolina. 46,000 acres have burned in that state alone and in neighboring tennessee, smoke sent hundreds of people to the hospital. well, parenting alert. a possible breakthrough in preventing sids or sudden infant death syndrome. researchers have found that babies who died of sids had low levels of a certain brain protein that regulates sleep arousal. this raises hope that babies could one day be screened to determine their risk of sids.
8:05 am
we want to know how these ducks crossed the road. take a look at this. yeah, thousands of them on a farm in china hurrying to a pond. a similar crossing caused a big traffic jam a couple of years ago. apparently the farmer does this to get the ducks exercising so they'll eat more and fatten up. >> oh, no. >> saying that to george. >> she called it. >> i called it. i'm sad. >> the truth hurts sometimes. >> no, it's going to hurt. thank you, amy. >> thanks, amy. all right, there, lara spencer. "pop news" is a little saucy this morning. not my fault. it's carrie fisher. thank you, robin. carrie fisher, you know, she'll tell us anything, right? amy has experienced. now going public about a whirlwind three-month affair between her and harrison ford. she claims the secret romance occurred while the pair filmed the original "star wars" movie
8:06 am
he was also married, fisher was 19. the actress telling "people" magazine, quote, it was han and leia. is it han and leia during the week -- i'm from long island. it was han and leia. it was han and leia during the week and carrie and harrison during the weekend and she dreamed he would propose to her. the relationship, however, ended after filming wrapped and opening up about the whole experience in a new book problem what called "the princess diarist" in which she shares journal entries she wrote to herself. they genuinely seemed fond of each other in "star force: the force awakens" as kylo ren's parents. >> didn't know about the book. >> i don't know about that part of the story. we shall see. my guess is carrie didn't ask. >> my guess is we'll never hear from him.
8:07 am
has a new role. it's cleveland's spokesperson for the arts. who knew the actor got his break as an intern for the great lakes theater festival back in 1977. he's a giver. now he's going back to host not one but two events sponsored by the greater cleveland film commission. the two time oscar winner will kick it off with a discussion about the importance of arts education then host a benefit for the production business, 600 will attend and the best part he's students and educators from 38 schools throughout northeast ohio. tom's first break being cast as soldier number 27 in a stage production of "hamlet" during that cleveland acting internship. he has not forgotten. >> he did a really good job as soldier 27. >> you have to start somewhere. >> absolutely. and then finally in "pop news," if wednesday is off to a slow start we have the perfect
8:08 am
mathematical model to have coffee connoisseurs make the best brew. it proposes that size does matter. grain size is key to achieving peak flavor citing smaller granules for bitter coffee and larger ones for a softer silkier taste. they stem from the two-step process where coffee goes from bean to water and researchers coffee machines based on their discovery and hoping to make the daily grind a lot better for you. that's "pop news." >> you made it slightly dirty. >> i need a little time and can do it with anything. >> she had a disclaimer at the beginning. we are excited. mary j. blige is here. she is opening up for the first
8:09 am
music, her beautiful music that is helping her get through it. you'll see it here on "gma."
8:10 am
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8:13 am
? who's gonna be do like i do ? ? who can you trust ? >> you know who that is. mary j., mary j. blige. that's her hot new single "thick of it" and it is great to have we'll talk to her in just a moment. you know that she is in the middle of a big tour with maxwell and has been an emotional time for mary j. as well. we'll talk about that and she'll sing for us later but first abc's linsey davis has the details. ? let's get it krunked ? ? i got the beat on my find ? ? i'm going down ? >> reporter: she's the queen of
8:14 am
50 million albums worldwide. ? >> reporter: her soaring vocals and emypowering anthems have mae mary j. blige a household name. ? >> reporter: but now the nine-time grammy award winner is engulfed in an emotional and bitter divorce battle with her husband and manager of 12 years kendu isaacs. ? powerful effect in her own concerts. ? stay with you baby ? >> reporter: as always blige shares her pain with her fans by belting it out. ? we're in the thick of things ? >> reporter: and with a new single hitting the charts she's now revealing the details of her struggle for the first time. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> your new album called
8:15 am
please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, mary j. blige. mrs. >> thank you. thank you, robin. >> do you feel the love. >> yes, i do. >> i know it has been a very emotional time for you and you shared what you have been able to. your fans want to know how is your heart? how are you doing right now. >> my heart is okay. i'm hanging in there, i mean, this is just no one wants to go through this and this is hard. and i mean i'm hanging in there. >> as best >> yeah. >> you are going through it. >> yeah. >> what was the moment? what was the time that you said i can't do this anymore? i have have to make a change? >> i mean the breaking point was when i kept asking over and over and over again for respect and to be respected and it just seems like i was beating a dead horse and seems like i was talking to a wall or i just wasn't getting it back so, you
8:16 am
i must -- i have to move on to save myself. that was the point where i was like, i'm done. i just can't do it anymore. >> can't do it anymore. your music, mary, and i have to tell you has helped a lot of people through heartache and heartbreak. what has gotten -- what is getting you through this time? >> what is getting me through is god, is prayer, is my family, people that love me, my fans. just me being healthy and me loving mysf taking care of myself and just getting that self-awareness that is, you know, put me in a place where i can see things clearer. you know, this is what is getting me through. >> we all can get lost at certain times in our journey. >> absolutely. >> and to get that back and we've heard that your soon-to-be ex is asking for almost $130,000 a month in spousal support.
8:17 am
to protect themselves, protect their money, protect everything about themselves? >> well, my message to those women that, you know, are going through the same thing that i'm going through or similar situation is that you have to -- you cannot rely on people to handle your business. you have to handle your business. you have to take responsibility and stay on top of it because things like this will happen if you don't. >> and just know and be -- and people that can help you. >> surround yourself with good people and, of course, you need people that will help you, but they can't do everything for you. you have to be in the mix of it. >> you have to be knowing that. maxwell, this tour, i've heard from friends in saying how powerful it is and he is such a beautiful person. how has the music and being on tour been cathartic to you. >> man, i mean, it's been so
8:18 am
because this is where i bring all my pain. i bring it to the stage. i bring everything and my fans are there and they come to the show with all of their issues or trials and tribulations and this is where we are healing, you know, we're getting better and we leave -- they leave out of the building feeling great and i go get on my bus, you know, feeling better, you know, than i did before i got on stage so it's definitely a place where we heal together and we grow, you know. >> it's all about growth and we grow throu of a woman," those lyrics, michael strahan said he plays your music -- he used to play it before he got out on the gridiron so gets us through a difficult time and i'm glad it's getting you through your time too. >> yeah, i have to stay strong and i have to be the strength for myself. i had to save myself and i'm saving myself now.
8:19 am
glad you're going to sing for us. it's tough to sing in the morning, isn't it? >> yes. where are you? >> we heard you rehearsing and you're going to be singing for us in the last half hour but thank you for sharing. >> robin, thank you. >> continue blessings. >> thank you. >> mary j.'s new single "thick of it" is out now and she'll be performing as we said live just ahead. coming up next huge holiday "deals & steals."
8:20 am
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8:23 am
and back here on "good morning america," a couple of sweet faces this morning. it's a little chilly but not too terriblement you ready for some holiday shopping. >> yeah. >> we'll get it with "deals & steals" in jsaturday night - 20 temp drop saturday to sunday - coldest air of the season sunday/monday today: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. highs: 63-66 winds: w 5 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. lows: 37-45 winds: nw 5 mph
8:24 am
winds: nw 5 mph saturday night - 20 temp drop saturday to sunday all right. it's time now for our "deals & steals" holiday edition and tory johnson is at the brand-new disney springs right in town center and, hey, tory. >> hey, michael. so we've got amazing deals right up partnered with all these brands with these stores to bring you these. kipling, fun, functional fashion known around the world. their brand-new glitter shimmer metallic collection. huge assortment you will find online. we're slashing prices in half, $16 to $79.50. irwin pearl, one of the most exquisite jewelry collection known for collectible jewelry and that is what you will find
8:25 am
bangles from the most fabulous materials. normally $42 to $380 but we have slashed them in half for you, $21 to 190 for really spectacular stuff. sugar boo, one of the cutest stores about celebrating whimsy and they have gorgeous melamine plate, hello buttercup and hello love muffin for michael. $8 to $20. we've slashed them in half, 4 to 10 bz. love little mismatched. you get three mismatched socks and permanent markers or patches, a variety of set, kids love this for the holiday. can you not go wrong with anything from mismatched. they are normally 10 to $38. patch set too.
8:26 am
them in half. last but not last, this is the original flip-flop. it is the super comfortable rubber. these are all designed for kids. big assortment. variety for kids. normally $17 to $19 but today you got it. we slashed them to $8 a pair. so you've got all of these deals you will find at on yahoo! we've got even more coming up, surprises here from disney springs. this is a shoppers' pa free to come too. celebrity restaurants and these guys are having a blast and goofy and mickey were having a blast. we have one more these guys don't know about in the next half hour and regular "deals & steals" tomorrow in times square.
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. heater. a man chasing charges for making threats against his old high school. prince georges county police claim the man threatened on twitter to bring guns and explosives school in beltsville. their investigation found he did not have access to either. tonight, hillary clinton will make her first public appearance since the election at a fundraising event here in dct former democratic presidential candidate is being honed for her contributions to child advocacy at the museum. grab a coat this morning. here is veronica johnson m >> reporter: walking to work today, commuter forecast, mid 40s to around 50 degrees. yeah, another chilly start for
8:28 am
moving in and by the afternoon hours i think we'll turn partly cloudy. the high of 64. maybe a sprinkle with this weak little system that crosses the area north of dc later today. we clear out tonight, sunshine for your thursday, friday, saturday showers, cold, windy on sunday. >> reporter: on the roads, closure in the district on harvard street approaching georgia break activity. live 270 southbound at the spur, we've got accident cleanup in german town, passing 118 from father hurley boulevard. lanes open, but heavy delay. capital beltway passing river road on the brakes especially merging in this the cabin john parkway. still with delays, cleared the crash northbound 395 crossing the 14th street bridge headed toward the southeast southwest freeway. >> anchor: you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news
8:29 am
back over to good morning america now.
8:30 am
? welcome back to "gma." we are back upstairs. nice to be back upstairs. welcome to all of you. ready to have some fun this morning? [ applause ] >> so ready. well, you know what, i have a question for everybody. how many of you have told your kids a white lie? >> wait. what are you doing, man? >> yeah. >> get out here. >> we have a special guest. ali wentworth. [ cheers and applause ] >> what's wrong with you? [ applause ] >> hi, baby. >> what happened? [ applause ] >> you know, i'll be honest with
8:31 am
don't bring her out. >> oh, my, are you kidding me? >> we're so excited about your new show. >> congratulations. >> one of the sexiest men in america. >> i know. [ cheers and applause ] >>ing? we've known for a long time. >> he owes it all to you. >> and i never make anything close to that list as a perimenopausal housewife. >> answer this question, though, when george made the list yesterday we put out the different swagger. >> he came home even more depressed and deflated than he usually does. so, no, michael. no, it might be something that makes you with your chest held high this one just hides under the bed. >> michael, you've never experienced ali here with george. >> i've experienced talking to ali about george. >> but -- >> it's fun to watch george while it's happening.
8:32 am
[ applause ] >> do you get nervous. >> do i get nervous? >> yeah. >> no, i do not get nervous. >> no, he doesn't. >> i do not get nervous. >> he shuts down and is just like this. >> he just giggles. not a lot of words. >> see what happened. i haven't had to do any work for the last five minutes. >> at home with our two daughters. what would you know, you didn't go to the prom. you played chess. by the way both our kids are sick this morning. >> oh. >> i saw them facetiming. >> i'm not, ah. sniffles. they don't want to go to school. >> no. >> yeah. >> well, i want to mention something to you. have you heard about this author simon cynic. 29 million on his ted talk. 29 million views. "together is better." it has scents. it smells. it smells good.
8:33 am
optimism. but don't you find -- >> there you go. >> don't you find the smells are very -- >> i mean -- >> very. >> but i think that that's sometimes when you first meet somebody, a mell can attract you. look, page 47 is george stephanopoulos. it's good. it's good. [ applause ] >> but they're saying that smells can remind you of a certain time so i discuss want to see about your sense. take one and tell me what you think of when you smell vanilla. >> no, you have to take it out? oh, i'm sorry. >> and pass it down. >> i can't smell anything. >> it smells like christmas. >> christmas? >> it smells like cooking cakes. it just reminds me of food. >> does that bring you back to childhood or a memory, it says smell is the strongest sense. >> you remember when i was really fat. i was. i was.
8:34 am
>> i love this. you got to come back more often. >> i know. avalanche is always good. >> avalanche. >> you know what, i love fresh cut grass and reminds me of my childhood. lavender. >> hey, can we talk about "nightcap." ali's new show, everybody, premieres tonight, very excited about that. [ applause ] and we want to show a little bit -- a little clip, behind-the-scenes -- >> oh, gosh. >> of one of the episodes with a high-profile -- i ? >> action. >> "nightcap" is a half hour descriptioned comedy and it's behind of sceneses of a late night talk show but you never go out on stage or meet the host. it's all the dysfunction and the broken toys that make a show -- have oh, wow. >> wow. >> so i play stacy cole, i'm the talent booker married to my job,
8:35 am
on the show. >> because you were lit like an angel. >> as ali wentworth, i am the creator of the show and star in the show. i write the show and i'm one of the executive producers on the show and we've had tons of celebrities come on. >> yes. >> i'm about to shoot with george stephanopoulos, big diva. >> i'm getting annoyed. >> you know why i'm here today? because she wants me to be here. >> there's a gun. >> it took 15 years of marriage to get him to come to by the way, george stephanopoulos asks nobody look at him, nobody ask him for anything. no pictures. >> you wosh out at crunch. because i swear i saw you in the steam room. >> no, you work out. >> oh, yeah. >> i don't think you ever need makeup. >> that's nice, thank you. >> back off, poor man shelly duval. >> this is harder than it looks. >> stephanopoulos it up. >> it's actually a verb. >> could you imagine what it
8:36 am
the way she does. >> probably be a better show. >> to be clear, george, we have oil money. >> i'm listening. >> i thought he was great. that's exactly when we want. >> what else is she going to say? >> believe me, i have lester holt on hold just in case it didn't work out. it's a wrap on george stephanopoulos. >> george, thank you very much. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> yep. it's a great idea the host or get to the set because we all know being in the business. >> i was going to say -- >> behind the scenes of a talk show is the real show. you know, the pervy sound guy and the neurotic producer and -- >> fonzie. >> yeah, he did. >> stage manager. and so i like to explore that world and the celebrities come on and play a funny version of
8:37 am
she gets swallowed by a snake. michael y. fox gets shot out of cannon. i make out with sarah jessica parker. yes, which our kids were on the set that day. >> that was a weird day. >> and sarah and i kissed and our 11-year-olds screamed and we had to cut and retake it. >> after that take i had to take those -- our two girls and sarah's boy out to dinner and we had a deep intense conversation. >> about sexuality. >> about sexuality. >> and george about sexuality so -- >> so a show has teachable moments is what you're saying. >> very teachable moments but it's a fun romp and it's really fun to see people like a gwyneth paltrow come on and play and be funny and, you know, get to do something else they don't normally get to do. be the people they are back behind the curtain which is so great. >> the thing is around you can't help but have fun. >> yeah. >> you're adorable.
8:38 am
here's the thing. i like a nice set. like i bake cookies for the crew. no one is allowed to be mean. it's my feeling is life is too short like let's have fun. >> i agree. >> we don't start until 9:00. >> really. >> because i got to get my kids to the school bus. i got to iron the boxers and do my stuff. and then, you know, also nobody is funny at 5:00 in the morning. >> don't we know it? >> i know. >> i know. >> you i'm picturing george's ironed boxers and he's go, yeah. >> i not only have to iron them but put them in little swans and put them back in the drawer. [ applause ] >> ali, how is it for you to juggle not only being the lead actress but executive producer and -- >> i love it. when you have an idea and get to kind of see it come to fruition
8:39 am
only thing -- when they talk about budget and like -- i go like, whoo. much like he is right now. and -- >> you've also created some monsters at home. our daughters think they're casting directors. >> oh, my gosh. those two -- i would look online at the videos of actors that would come in and they would sit there and scrutinize like, no, i don't like her look. no, she seems mean. i'm like, excuse me, so, yes, they got very involved but that's as far as they go. but i love -- you know, as women it's very nice to be given a little bit of power and be able to -- >> i love to see that. [ applause ] >> well, that is true because you are uber talented. you truly are. you could wear all those different hats. >> she's reading a teleprompter. >> but also how sweet you are to george and the girls. how you really are a great example of showing us how to do it. >> i got to tell you i'm very
8:40 am
somebody has a flu, bye, you guys know how to do this, i'll be back in an hour, so family always comes first. and when i say family i mean the four of you, as well. >> and we got to say -- >> before i do say where to find the show and when it's coming on got to say congratulations because you've already been renewed for season two. >> yes. [ applause ] >> the show is called "nightcap." it premieres tonight on pop. make sure you check it out, everybody. >> it's great. >> it wasn't up there. >> i know. >> coming up -- >> you know why because the teleprompter guy -- >> mary j. blige is coming up. >> whoo. [ cheers and applause ]
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we are getting ready for national take a hike today. it's tomorrow and l.l. bean's brand ambassador tyler armstrong. tyler, you're 12. your goal to sum all seven summits of the world. you've already done five. >> yes. >> mountain whitney, de family you were saying all for muscular dystrophy. >> right. duchesne's only affects boys and it's worldwide and it's a crippling disease so i'm just climbing to help my friend with duchesne so someday they'll climb with me.
8:44 am
all their stuff. what is the number one thing you need. >> i like this jacket because it's warm. you can move in it and turns into ray pillow which is like -- it's the best jacket that -- >> we've got asaturday night - 20 temp drop saturday to sunday - coldest air of the season sunday/monday today: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. highs: 63-66 winds: w 5 mph tonight: mainly clear and cool. >> tyler, we are so glad you're with us. he inspired all of us. they're getting a ll bean $100 gift card. hand them out. thanks for being here. >> everybody excited? >> and i think you'll be excited about this. really excited to share with you our mission pawsible reveal. here we go. we have had such great success. we want to give you the latest
8:45 am
our furry friend, drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> we have had adoptions totally 3,560. forever homes for our little pals. it's really exciting. >> here's one of them now. take a look at this amazing success story. a man drove across the country to rescue a dog named bella. check this out. ? meet bell l.a. a 3-year-old pit bull enjoying life with her doggie daddy travis. >> i fell in love with bella when i saw her. >> not long ago bella's future was uncertain. a resident of palm beach county animal care control, one of our mission pawsible partners until travis saw that adorable face online. >> she looked scared when i saw her so i had to rescue her. >> but it was a long road to adoption. you see, travis lives more than 3200 miles away outside of seattle, washington.
8:46 am
>> reporter: determined he hit the road driving for four days more than 48 hours behind the wheel. all for this joyful union. that's a great story. >> that is a great story. here's one you can have. a great story in the making. leopold is only 1. he is a terrier mix. he needs a forever home forever and he is available through the humane society of new york. we love lee pole and you will too so get information and so many other really great dogs on our website. >> absolutely. and everybody, stay right there because when we come back, mary
8:47 am
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we're ready. are you ready at home? we are back now with the queen of hip-hop and soul, mary j. blige performing of it." [ applause ] ? ? ? love ain't just black and white ain't that simple ?
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bring back this loving when nothing is here ? ? let me be clear i wasn't perfect but this ain't worth it ? ? i'm done with the mess ? ? i confess on the stress and i know i'ma look back and call it a blessing ? ? 'cause i ain't no quitter babe but i be damned if all these years i let you diss me babe ? ? i was there when no one wanted to stay with you baby you know i deserve more than this i do ? ? so tell me who who's gonna love you like i do ? ? who will you trust i gave you too much enough is enough ? ? now we're in the thick of it so tell me who who's gonna love you like i do ? ? who will you trust i gave you too much enough is enough ? ? now we're in the we're in the thick of it ?
8:52 am
loved you boy you had someone who really loved you ? ? should have held on held on real tight now held on tight ? ? and she placed no other one above you and she placed no one above you ? ? but you didn't want to treat her right now should've let her go ? ? should've let her go ? ? oh no oh oh oh no oh no ? ? now i'm letting go now i'm letting go oh no oh no oh no oh ? ? so tell me who who's gonna i gave you too much enough is enough ? ? now we're in the thick of it so tell me who who's gonna love you like i do ? ? who will you trust i gave you too much enough is enough ? ? now we're in the thick of it ?
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>> thank you. [ applause ] agine a world where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first.
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? "good morning america" is brought to you by secrets resorts & spas. experience adults only unlimited luxury where everything is included. [ cheers and applause ] >> mary, we got to thank you.
8:56 am
with you, okay? >> thank you. thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate you. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you and we've got one more "deals & steals" surprise, everybody. let's go back to disney springs in orlando with tory johnson. what do you have? >> all right, michael so it's not just shopping here there's also sweets so all of these amazing new friends are going home with toy soldiers helping us out with sweets from the gan ganachery and goofy entertainment with the pop carolers right on key listening to them. on yahoo! see you tomorrow. >> anchor: good morning,
8:57 am
mike pence will meet bejoe biden the learn about his new role t two along with wives are scheduled with lunch at the naval observatory and 1:00 p.m. dining officials march to make with the labor union at noon, after they reached a tentative agreement that may avoid a strike by coy employees in the baltimore washington region. employees are asking for secure retirement benefits and people prime minister pay on mild weather this afternoon. tonight, hillary clinton will >> reporter: walking to work today, commuter forecast, mid 40s to around 50 degrees. yeah, another chilly start for us but with sunshine it will feel nice by late morning. late morning clouds, a few moving in and by the afternoon hours i think we'll turn partly cloudy. the high of 64. maybe a sprinkle with this weak little system that crosses the area north of dc later today. we clear out tonight, sunshine for your thursday, friday,
8:58 am
sunday. >> reporter: accident cleanup is tying up the ride on the icc maryland 200 eastbound collision. it will be after 370 headed toward georgia avenue, and you can see emergency response blocking the right side of the roadway with this one. mean time, if you're on the capital beltway passing john hanson highway we have inner and outer loop slowing especially closer to the bw parkway, and speaking of bw parkway, 295 into the district, accident avenue to the 11th street bridge. melanie. >> anchor: thank you. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8.
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