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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 18, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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later, audacity of hope gives way to uncertainty of now, yet optimism is a valued currency, home and abroad. >> let's hope the best. >> reporter: byron pitt in berlin. >> the president now on his way to peru a little bit later on this morning for his last foreign trip. but back here in this country, travel across colorado is difficult. the first blizzard of the season making interstate 70 a nightmare at times with pi >> the storm is now headed to the northern plains. accuweather has the details, justin, good morning. >> thanks. good morning to you. big snowstorm working its way north and east over the plain states, and look at the snow accumulations here by the time we get into late tonight. east of fargo along interstate 94, north and west, the twin cities, upwards of double digit snow accumulation, some areas well over a foot of snow.
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damages winds to exceed 60 miles per hour into the overnight. mara, kendis, back to you. >> justin, thanks so much for that. a new warning about drug and alcohol addiction. it's taking a far worse toll than many of us think. a new report from the surgeon general says 78 americans die every day from opioid overdose and 78 die from abuse than a weakness in character. the surgeon general says abstinence is an unscientific approach and supports use of medications for addiction treatment. a town in central illinois assessing damage after a deadly gas explosion. the moment of that blast in canton captured by surveillance cameras happening while crews repaired a natural gas leak caused by digging. one worker was killed, and a dozen others were hurt.
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scene. >> you were having dinner -- >> yes. >> reporter: you hear? >> a boom, loudest boom ever heard in my life. i thought lightning had hit. >> another person said they thought the town was bombed. parts of downtown canton are closed to the public. ground has been broken on the future home of the los angeles rams. the $2.6 billion 80,000 seat stadium is being built in cafo and rams moved back to l.a. this season after 21 years in st. louis. they may share the stadium with the san diego chargers who are still considering a move. and king james is paying triabout to the greatest. lebron james donated $2.5 million to the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. the money will go towards an exhibit to the boxing champ and civil rights activist who died
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magic johnson and michael jordan have also contributed. >> good for them. you may say, i'm loving it, seeing the future of the mcdonalds. they plan to roll out video kiosks for ordering and table service at all locations soon. they already revamped almost 500 restaurants and it's concentrating first on big cities. no word on how long it takes to make the changes in all 14,000 locations. >> that's cool. >> it is cool. new day. that other icon of amerin the selfie bottle. when you tilt the bottle at 70 degrees, it automatically snaps a picture of you. >> okay. so it then allows you to share this real thing on snapchat, facebook, or instagram. >> oh, i see the image. >> the selfie bottle developed for coca-cola israel, and we're not sure if it's going to be available in this country.
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and smile. >> as though we need another opportunity to take selfies. >> exactly. >> what the world needs, more selfies. coming up, insomniac theater, how the prequel is smashing ratings meters as well as a tale of family loyalty going back to those you left behind. >> first, the new developments in the brutal murder of a young man from connecticut found buried in a shallow grave jersey and a connection to a prominent jeweler to the stars. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather
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here's the latest. >> what happened in there, james? >> reporter: this may well be a long time behind bars, and it will not be his first visit. he has a series of mug shots from a series of arrests in florida, but there was nothing like this. >> these guys were animals. i wouldn't treat -- i wouldn't treat -- i wouldn't have treated a squirrel this way. what they tried to do was to say? i hope they get everything they deserve. >> reporter: the murder leaving two families devastated. >> it's horrible when you do something good for somebody and next thing it turns out the way it did. >> reporter: turned out to be murder. the 26-year-old was stabbed 15 times sunday morning and rackover is charged with murder, and disposing of the body in a shallow grave in mammoth county. the body burned as well. also charged in the crime,
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place where the body was buried. >> we believe at some point he helped take the body out of there and bring it to new jersey, but it's unclear, again, because they are both uncooperative. >> reporter: born in florida, a troubled youth until meeting a prominent jeweler, and he took him in, brought him to new york and tried to help turn around his life. the elder rackover devastated now that it turned to tragic. >> down, cries, and siays, why i dd something so good to turn out so bad. >> thanks to jim here in new york, and it's just the new york media has been all over the story. a tragic one. see all the young people involved. >> can't wait to see the legal case now. we'll be right back.
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how did pig tracks get on the ceiling? >> spider pig, does whatever a spider pig wants. >> homer simpson makes everything better. >> absolutely. unless you're a member of the simpson family, it's not every day you see a pig as a pet.
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in new york. starting out with a couple adopting an adorable pig let who grew into much, much more than a a family pet. she's become a social media star as well as a social movement. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: she was a bundle of joy derek walter and steve jenkins hoped for. >> she was a pig let and very little. >> reporter: a tiny, adorable tea >> she grew up and settled into the family very quickly. >> reporter: she continued to grow and grow and grow. until they realized esther was no mini pig. she's a big fat pig. >> what's this? she's our 650 pound pig. >> reporter: unable to part ways with their pot belly pet, she's
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no dog or cat. she's 650 pounds of pure piggy love, and now esther's also a full-blown social media celebrity with 270,000 followers on instagram and over 800,000 likes on facebook. >> she was not paying attention. >> i know, i know. >> reporter: they acknowledge that keeping a 650 pound pig in your house can cause problems. >> she loves to root in her blankets, one of instincts, root up the bed, make them fluffily, and we go through a mattress every two months. >> reporter: the lack of sleep has not slowed them down. they now have over 250 animals living with them incoming chickens, roosters, bunnies, and pigs. 11 more esther-sized piggies. >> you guys love watermelon. >> reporter: who unlike esther,
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all those hungry oinkers means lots and lots of food. >> all the pigs eat kibble manufactured for them. >> it was $300,000 last year. >> reporter: she has an online store bringing in cash, and her owners put out a book, but the biggest attention getter still is those witty, clever posts. think about things entirely differently. people write us and say, i'll never eat pork again, but, i had a hard time smiling, esther, you're the first thing making me smile in weeks. >> reporter: just a pig promoting a happy, healthy life, one oink at a time. >> you got to think pigs that don't live in the house, why does that one get to sleep on the couch? we're here in the hay.
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let's end this. well, you know, it's been six years since jk's last harry potter film, and now the highly anticipated harry potter prequel is out there. >> all right. fantastic beasts and where to fine them, it's in the movie, and andy plays a who arrives in 1926 new york with a suitcase full of magical creatures, but it's not long before the creatures manage to
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>> it was open? >> just this week. >> awesome effects there. the fantasy film is getting more than just a little high praise from the critics earni i ing 85 rotten tomatoes described rief with p unafraid of grimness in a way that previous harry potter films couldn't quite be. and another says an everlasting magical spell. next, described as the year's best movie and stone cold instant classic. playing a janitor in boston, forced to move back to the village where he grew up to raise his teenage nephew and
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>> i'm not going to here much longer. >> i'm not moving to boston. >> i don't want it talk about that right now. >> said you could move. >> yep. >> anyway, what's in boston? you're a janitor. >> so what? >> you can do that anywhere. there's plenty of toilets and clogged up drapes all over town. >> i don't -- >> all my friends are here, i'm on the hockey team, basketball team, i work on a boat two days a week. i got two girlfriends, and i'm in a band. what the hell do you care where you live? >> giving it a whopping 98% certified fresh. saying the film is about who we bury and what we don't, and peter, our friend, says, no film this year has moved me more with its humor, its heart, and its humanity. >> might have to see that one. that's the news this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," tracking the transition. >> as president-elect trump stays out of sight, we're learning about new details about who he's set to meet with in the coming days, including another prominent republican whom he's had choice words for in the past. happening right now, the first blizzard of the season slamming the u some areas expected to see a foot and a half of snow all before thanksgiving. smash-and-grab fail. check out this would-be car thief playing bumper cars, ramming vehicles into each other, even the one he was trying to steal. see how he came up empty handed. >> you didn't hear it from us, but if you're nervous about calling sick from work, don't stress, we have the newly crunched numbers on the perfect time and day to make that phone


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