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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  November 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> redskins fans and players brace for the cold. we have live team coverage i had on abc 7 news at 6:30. right now, the search for a miin in sinking a fishing boat in this tragic accident. >> now, abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. >> good evening. talk about football weather. it will be a chilly night for redskins fans at fedex field. team coverage of the battle, scott abraham is collecting fan
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cold it will get. josh: feels-like temperature is will be in the 20's. that will be the big change. windy weather sticking around, a few snowflakes trying to push in on the west side of town. a couple flurries will be about it. thanks to the wind, along with the cold a, it feels like 29 in d c, 27 in we look at what is happening with the wind, 25 miles per hour in d.c.. having a tough time staying warm. as we go through the game, starting at 8:00, 28 for your feels-like temperature, 29 at 10:00 as the wind fades a little . by about midnight, feels like
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night time, it will begin to feel like it. anna-lysa gayle has been out there as people are showing up at fedex field. how are people staying warm? anna-lysa: i can tell you, they are using those gloves, hats, scarves and whatever else they can think of, and plenty of layers. people are standing around, a lot of propane heaters by the rvs here for the tailgate portion of the festivities. we have seen some bonfires. music always keeps people warm, so that is in the background. clint is a fan, and a pro at tailgating. how do you stay warm? >> dress in layers. we have the bus set up so we can block the wind. you have to get creative, and enjoy the night. anna-lysa: and you have a
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from the wind a little. anna-lysa: is it worth it being here enjoying this? >> absolutely. you can't do this at home, you can't get this watching television. we are having a great time, ready for a big win. it helps keep that cold away. anna-lysa: he has been here for hours with us. we will be here throughout the night. another issue for fans tonight, they wl but for people who are taking the metro, the last westbound train at the nearest metro station leaves just before 11:30, so some people may be leaving the game early tonight. live at fedex field, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: scott abraham talked to fans to see how they feel about the primetime matchup with the packers. >> it is a big game, but i feel bad because sunday night to
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>> they do well when they are in the spotlight, but we have dropped the ball at critical moments and i hope tonight, we will bring it back together. scott: how is this going to work? >> he will be sad on the way home. >> a long ride for one of us. i am not driving, so i am good. >> is it cordial? >> it will be. the redskins will win, so it will be ok. >> i don't know. scott: >> i was. scott: how do they get the revenge? >> they have to run therevenge? >> they have to run the ball. >> we might have an issue with the wind. they could throw the ball and it could go someplace unplanned. scott: this is playing into the packers' hands, the cold-weather? >> we are watching.
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and scott online at facebook and twitter. they will keep you posted while our weather team keeps an eye on the wind and the temperatures. download the stormwatch 7 weather app. a developing story tonight from the potomac river in st. mary's county, weather may have played a role in sinking a fishing boat with four men in it. maryland natural resources police identified all one is in the hospital, when is still missing. the 52 -- the search for a 52-year-old man has ended. >> a gray pickup truck sits in the parking lot at this marina, where he group of fishermen left for the 24th annual fall classic fishing tournament. the men were on their way back when their 30 foot boat took on
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county. >> there were rough conditions. the coast guard was able to a helicopter in the air. >> this morning, a 30 -- 839-year-old man was rescued. >> he was wearing a life jacket, clinging to the overturned vessel. he was alive. he was transported to the hospital. >> around 8:30, a good samaritan spotted the body of a 40-year-old man, and the coast guard rec another man. a mayday call coming -- came in on saturday night. >> it is unfortunate. we are stunned about it. >> rick owns the marina and says around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the wind picked up and the fishermen were up against three foot waves. >> it got violent. >> kurt was wanting to participate, but his boat is
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split second. >> you try to be careful, but they probably, it probably got dark on them, too. kimberly: that was ryan hughes reporting. the wind fueled this party -- this fire in damascus. this comes to us from fire and rescue. the flames spread from a barn to the woods and brush. no one was hurt. crews plan to stay on the scene for several hours to watch for gusty winds snapped a power pole in kensington, knocking out power to the kensington house apartments. 140 apartments are without power at this time you're in the emergency lights are on. a street is also closed in the area. coming up next, more big names roll into donald trump's golf course.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. kimberly: firefighters in fairfax county battled to house fires, one broke out in a home on villa lane in falls church around 6:00 a.m.. smoke and materials in the home library ignited combustible the house. the people made it out safely, but two were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. two dogs died. the fire cost 170 thousand dollars in damage. in great falls, crews arrived to find a home on north false court and gulf in flames. still no word on what caused the fire. it happened around 2:30 a.m. and no one was injured.
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in howard county at a golf course. crews battled the flames around 6:00 a.m.. fire fighters lent a hand in knocking down those flames. a dramatic contradiction. the president-elect blasts the cast of "hamilton," but his vice president elect didn't seem as offended. plus, the season so far.
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the presidential transition. new developments in the presidential transition. president-elect donald trump met with potential cabinet members at his new jersey golf course. today's list included chris kobani, who advocated for a registry of muslims. trump met with new jersey governor chris christie and rudy giuliani. a number of nominations are expected this week. the president-elect continues to bash the musical "hamilton" on twitter. he sent out a fourth tweet this morning, calling the show highly overrated. the president-elect is upset over the audience bo oing mike pence. mike pence said he had no problem with what the cast did. >> we heard a few boos and some cheers, and i nudged my kids and reminded them, that's what freedom sounds like. at the end, i did hear what was said from the stage, and i can tell you, i wasn't offended by what was said. i will leave to others where the
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appropriate venue. kimberly: the president-elect went after saturday night live, calling it a one-sided show. trump has frequently complained about alec baldwin's portrayal of him. i have a suspicion it is not going to and for another four years. the 44th annual american music awards, right here on abc seven, hosts jay pharaoh and gigi gaga and bruno mars. they start at 8:00 right here. i like what the hosts said, nobody is safe. it is going to be a roast, maybe. josh: the weather begs you to stay inside and sit on the couch, snuggle up and watch. kimberly: everyone is scurrying
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so far this far -- this fall. 40 right now at reagan national, but the breeze is 25 miles brouwer, making it feel like we are stuck at 29 degrees. you know it is going to be cold or other places further out of town. these were the peak wind gusts. if you felt like it was breezy, 51, 56 in leesburg, up to 47 miles per hour through the afternoon, they were gusting. tomorrow morning, not as windy but still breezy. feels-like temperature is, or wind chills, four 7:30 tomorrow morning, 24 in d.c., 16 in manassas, 19 in frederick. a cold morning. you will want hats and gloves. bundle up, especially for kids at the bus stop. tomorrow morning, by lunchtime,
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fredericksburg, 37 in d.c., 35 for leesburg. we don't really want -- warm-up. after school, still going to be on the chilly side. tuesday morning, starting off in the teens and 20's around the area with feels-like temperature's. your bus stop forecast, c minus to get the day started up to a be minus on the way home. windy again but not quite as windy as today. white of it to talk about on the 10 day outlook. we stay dry, but as we get into tuesday, that will be more of a break from the wind. travel for thanksgiving, if you are leaving town on tuesday, staying closer to the coast, no problems. into the middle of the country, snow closer to minnesota, then
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west coast, showers over there as well. as we work our way to wednesday, closer to home, getting out of town on wednesday, we will find the rain working its way into the midwest. nashville to columbus in chicago, rain showers. still dry and sunny around the east coast. we will deal with rain showers into thursday. for thanksgiving, we will see a few showers early in the morning, the second half of the day looks much better. your 10:00 in the morning of thursday, 55 to high. overall, not a bad thanksgiving. a few spotty showers early in the morning. black friday, a few more showers. kimberly: the redskins have home field advantage, the packers have home weather advantage. >> you have to have -- to be a diehard to go to the game.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. robert: redskins looking for we are getting ready for the primetime battle. hopefully the redskins are ready. erin: take a look behind me. many of the players are bundled up out here at fedex field. this is the coldest home game so far this season. we are an hour and a half away from kickoff. take a look mind me, you can see the players with sweatshirts on, trying to stay warm, do whatever
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here, he has oh a tank top on. he is the only one wearing the tank top. he has to be freezing. earlier come i caught up with mike jones from the westing -- the washington post and asked if the team is better than the one that lost to the packers in the playoffs last season. >> i think so. they have the experience factor with comfortable in the system. offensively, they are more athletic. it is not the way it was when they had pot roasts and the guys were really struggling to get off the field. they are faster and i think they are a better team. erin: is this the time when the redskins beat the packers, given the turmoil and the fact that rogers is struggling? >> they need to take advantage of that. a good team can capitalize on the opponent's week this is.
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. the packers have lost four of their last five, and they are desperate. they are like the old boxer who still has a killer hook. erin: you think this could be a get well game for the packers? >> i wouldn't be surprised. the redskins look good, but they may come up short. erin: the redskins have three questionable players, desean jackson one of them. we haven't seen him yet, but that doesn't me reaction tonight on this game against the packers on our sunday show at 11:30. should be a good one. robert: tell them to put a jacket on. it is way too cold. the blue jackets, we picked this one up in the second tied at one. the quick strike for the ninth goal of the season.
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lead. one minute left, blue jackets with a power-play. with a power-play. alexander wittenberg in front of the net for the easy game-winner. capitals brought this 1, 3-2. college hoops, maryland battling in the second half, tied at 58. a couple blocks by jackson. trumbo, a good look from the corner. he had 27. two minutes to go, tied at 64. a tough fadeaway in the lane seals the deal. they make it out alive. the final, 71-66. the maryland women had an easier time against niagara, the final 96-64. a different score there. kimberly: do you think francois has battery heated clothing on? robert: he is from florida.
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kimberly: we are feeling guilty that we are inside and our colleagues are suffering in the cold. robert: i'm not. i don't feel bad. kimberly: you will get your turn. josh: tomorrow morning feels even worse. we start off with set -- teens and 20's, your high 46 but it will feel like the 30's all day long. be ready to bundle up. 50 on tuesday, wednesday will be nicer, a few morning showers on thanksgiving, looking good for
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game after the turkey.
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