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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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witnessed an epic t-mobile finale. >> thank you guys so much for watching. >> good night, everybody. we made it! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: nominations are determined by chart performance in billboard, based on sales, airplay and streaming data tracked by nielsen music and social interactions measured by next big sound. thvo monitored, and verified by telescope inc., an independent vote management company and the results remain confidential until the time of presentation. air travel provided by american airlines. ? what didn't you see at the amas? what's been going on backstage? "gma"'s here -- all access with music's biggest stars. now, tomorrow morning, see it all only on abc's "good morning
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takes home the mirror ball trophy when the two-night finale event of "dancing with the stars" begins at 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. central. ? ? >> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. kimberly: breaking news from
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scene moments ago and is live with the updates. i know that you have limited information, but what have you found out? anna-lysa: kimberly, we just spoke with the chief and he said this is a homicide investigation. a man was shot and killed around 9:00. officers are hard at work, looking through the apartment here in the 13,000 block of deerfield road a the police say they are investigating this as a possible home invasion. officers are lining the area, surrounding the scene. the apartment is kind of close to a dead end, it is a dead end actually. when formation on what happened or a possible suspect or motive, but we will be here through the night collecting information. on deerfield road, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news.
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breaking like this when it happens. just sign up to get text alerts from our newsroom by going to a windy and chilly end to the weekend, and redskins-packers with the big game. high wind causing power outages in maryland and virginia and fanning the flames of a bonfire. we begin right now with meteorologist josh knight. everod out. josh: it will stick around monday. by tuesday we get to just breezy. there is a very strong low-pressure system hanging to the north, creating this counterclockwise flow, bringing the windy weather. a chance of flurries falling right now into frederick county, maryland, parts of loudoun county.
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the temperature right now with the windchill, 27 d.c., 20 winchester. if you have to let the dog out one more time tonight, that is what you were stepping out to, so bundled up. 30's monday morning, but it will feel like the teens and 20's because it will still be breezy. lunchtime not much better, feels like 30's. on the way home, sunset at 4:50, cooling quickly, will feel like the 30's. it starts to get better closer to thanksgiving. more about that and if you have travel plans the update from across the country coming up. kimberly: it has to be better than the last 24 hours. right now, dozens of people out of apartment building in kensington have no heat after gusty wind snapped power poles and downed trees. anna-lysa gayle was there a little bit ago and filed this report.
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o timeframe for when the electricity will come back. crews are working hard to get the electricity back to the customers who have been without power now for several hours. occasionally you would hear the sound of a chainsaw, because they are working to cut fallen trees. dozens of people along kensington parkway lost power in the afternoon as high winds move through. >> i heard this tremendous bang in eve went out. >> about 2:30, 3:00, i was browsing the intersection and -- rousing the internet and i heard this loud bang and it went out. anna-lysa: 140 apartments were without power at the kensington house apartments according to a spokesperson for montgomery county fire and rescue.
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the night. >> it will be tomorrow morning before get the electric back. we have emergency supplies, flashlights, extra blankets. anna-lysa: with the temperatures dropping into the 20's overnight, the focus for those in the dark is staying warm. >> fortunately, the building is still pretty warm, pretty well insulated. i think it will be ok. after 24 hours, it will be unpleasant. anna-lysa: been blocked off as crews are working to do, so people in this area will have to look out for the areas that are impacted. pepco did not have a timeframe for when the power will return, but we will update u.s. soon as we know. live in kensington, anna-lysa gayle, news channel 8 at 10:00. kimberly: a fire spread and the
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road. cheryl conner covers those impacted by the fire. cheryl: a hot fire on a cold blustery night inside is ideal, but not like this. strong winds caused a bonfire to spread in damascus. >> i cannot believe anybody would start a fire in this wind. cheryl: heavy flames spread. >> low humidity, dry drop conditions, and the wind are conducive to rapid fire spread. cheryl: investigators are trying to determine the initial calls of the fire that burned at least three acres of land. when the 60 firefighters thought they had a handle on it, small fires popped up. nobody was injured.
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hay while the road and fortunately that was all that was in the barn. they will stay on fire watch even as we lost daylight. firefighters had to cut down some trees and go through the burned to bury. >> -- and go to the burn debris. >> you have to be very careful with any kind of fire materials. cheryl: of wind-related problems in montgomery county. several reports of fires and branches down throughout the day. in damascus, cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: a developing story from st. mary's county, the search and recovery just a few hours ago ended for fishermen who went missing. roger griffin is the man who is still missing.
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to the overturned boat. they were participating in the 24th a dual chesapeake bay fall classic fishing tournament win heavy wind kicked up the surf. >> there were very rough sea conditions at the time. the coast guard was able to get a helicopter up in the air. kimberly: the fisherman who was rescued is doing very well. the weather canceled the third day of the tournament. a gun man who ambushed and killed a police officer in cold blood during a traffic stop. this happened right across the street from police headquarters. reporter: tonight, a tense manhunt in texas for the man who ambushed a san antonio police officer, shooting him in the head. >> officer down in front of headquarters. reporter: officer benjamin
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running a traffic ticket in front of police headquarters when another driver pulled up, walk to the passenger side window, and shot him twice before driving off in a dark-colored car. >> it's a worse nightmare. reporter: investigators are scanning surveillance video, trying to identify the killer and the motive. >> never see anything like this happen, and unfortunately dallas and baton rouge come it has happened here. reporter: year, 50 eight other officers have been shot to death in the line of duty, a 60% increase from last year. kimberly: until the shooter is caught, san antonio police are only making traffic stops in teams. it's going to be a very busy travel week. a major airport's union plans to strike could interrupt travel plans. we will talk about the
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plus, tailgating tips, redskins fans dealing with the first chill of the season. tips for staying warm and having fun. >> monday on "good morning washington" secure i.d. day. the security chip on your card is supposed to save you from hackers, but we tell you how safe your card really is. >> and seven lucky winners will get
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kimberly: new developments in the presidential transition come announcing more cabinet nominations this week. donald trump met with potential nominees for a second day this weekend at his new jersey golf course. they said that trump is considering the registry of muslims. the incoming white house chief of president-elect is not ruling anything out.
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within that particular religion who we do fear, but i have also made it very clear we are not blanketedly judging an entire religion but instead will try to pinpoint problems and temporarily suspend those problems from coming into the united states. kimberly: trump also met today with new jersey governor chris christie and rudy giuliani. the southern said there have been 800 hate crimes in the last two weeks. mario cuomo created a special unit within the police to investigate hate crimes and violations of civil rights. >> the ugly political discourse of the election did not end on election day. in many ways it has gotten worse, deepening into a social crisis that challenges are very
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and as a people. kimberly: hate crimes have been on the rise for some time. the fbi reports hate crimes against muslims jumped nearly 70% after 2015. president obama gave his final international press conference today, speaking to reports at the conference in peru. he addressed concerns some around the world have expressed about his successor. president obama: you cannot campaigning matches up with -- that the language of campaigning matches up with governing legislation. kimberly: the president says while he does not intend to be a constant critic of donald trump after he leaves office, he does deserve the right to reengage in issues hey cares about. the chilly weather not stopping fans from tailgating at fedex
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have fun. >> layers. >> jackets, layers, food, beer. >> hand warmers, gloves. >> as much warm food as possible. kimberly: and body heat. metro is forcing redskins and packers fans to make a choice -- leave early to catch the last train or find another way home. the last westbound train on station, leaves in just a few minutes, before 11:30. so with folks wanted to catch that train, they would have had to have left their seats about 20 minutes ago. it is really chilly and got a miserable outside. the wind makes it brutal. josh: it really cuts right through you. i took the dog out after dinner tonight for a walk and it really takes a toll on you.
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thing, make sure you look for it or you will have to spend some time tomorrow morning to do it. throughout the day, some cloud cover throughout the day, even some flurries. we had a chance, but nothing more coming from that, just a few flakes. most likely around hagerstown, frederick, towards the panhandle of west virginia. the wind gust right now miles per hour in frederick, 47 leesburg, 32 manassas, 37 d.c. it is not letting up. the wind advisory is in effect until midnight tonight. the feels-like temperature tomorrow, right around 7:00, 24 in d.c., 22 southern maryland, 19 leesburg, 18 frederick, 16 manassas. these are the temperatures you are taking the kids to the bus
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winter day. i know it was in the 70's saturday, but a different story tomorrow. the windchill in d.c., 33 at recess, 39 on the way home. that is in the district. count on areas further to the west and north to be cooler than that. bundle everybody up, you will need it all day long. we top out near 46, but it will not feel quite that were because of the brees. weather, the fire dangers, a fire weather watch tomorrow for the majority of the region thanks to the low humidity and gusty wind, so fire can spread quickly. tomorrow46. tuesday, making travel plans, the wide picture across the country, we are find across the east coast and the mid-atlantic. we have some rain and snow further west, minnesota all the
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closer to home, the same system comes further our way. where we deal with the rain is closer to nashville, louisville, columbus, ohio. still dry around the mid-atlantic. when we see the rain will not be until thursday morning. should be pretty early. i think it will be spotty and light showers. the temperatures not too bad, mid 50's. friday, closer to the upper 50's with a few showers on black friday. much-needed rain in the extended forecast. kimberly: pretty good weather for the post-turkey football game in the yard. and there is a heck of a football game going on right now. robert: the redskins in a battle right now with the packers.
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>> desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: right now the redskins are battling a very hungry green bay packers team. this will be down to the wire. at the moment the redskins lead to green bay 29-24. kirk cousins has three touchdown passes on the night, robert kelley has a touchdown run before the half. washington trying to hang on. we'll have much more on this
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jordan joins us,, 11:35 right here. the caps today hosting the blue jackets. in the second, tied at 1-1, caps with the power play, nicklas backstrom passes to alex ovechkin, his night goal of the season. caps take the lead. one minute left in the game, tied at 2-2, jackets with th the caps drop this one, 3-2. college hoops, maryland battling towson. check out the is by justin jackson, the great say. terps on the run, melo trimble had 27. two minutes to go in the game, tied at 64-64.
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terps make it out alive, 71-66. and maryland's men's soccer game gives up a late lead against providence in the ncaa tournament and lose 5-4. they were the number one team of. the country. that is a shock to all of us kimberly: 5-4. robert: painful. kimberly: thanksgiving
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kimberly: a 7 on your side consumer alert for holiday travelers, aaa predicting 49 million people plan to travel this week, topping last year's record of just under 47 million. there pump, but there could be problems if air travel takes you through chicago. 2,000 employees from baggage handlers to repair crews plan to strike over a low wages on thanksgiving day. the union is expected to announce which day they will start their strike. in a statement, american airlines say they are working to ensure there are no disruptions to operations. all holiday travelers are hoping
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spring. tsa is trying to assure everyone they are ready. >> we are running a daily operation, hour-by-hour at the top 30 airports. kimberly: tsa hired 1,400 new officers and promoted 4000 officers from part-time to full-time. arrive early. gas prices are sitting just above two dollars heading into thanksgiving is two dollars $.20 per gallon. some parts of virginia are under two dollars. nationwide, drivers are set to pay their second lowest think skimming gas prices in eight years. prices are falling because of falling oil prices. tomorrow, 7 on your side hosting secure i.d. day, partnering with


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