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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 2, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's raucous rally. >> the president-elect kicking off his thank you tour and giving supporters more of what they got during the campaign, also naming his pick to lead the nation's military. and a school scare at a junior high, a teenager brings a gun on campus, firing a shot in the hallway. how the 15-year-old was stopped upon. playing out on social media. the driver going well over a hundred miles an hour, weaving in and out of traffic. how it ends and the condition of the driver this morning. and natalie portman getting all kinds of oscar buzz for portraying jacqueline kennedy just after the death of jfk. we talk to the star about what she learned playing the role on this friday, december 2nd.
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it's good to be here on a friday. i have adrian here. we haven't seen diane since she started rubbing elbows with the stars. >> well, you know. she's having her people call our people. >> she was here and she's like, i'll be off this friday, having tea and crumpets. >> we'll see that interview with natalie portman later on, but we begin with donald trump, thanking supporters and celebrating his successful run to the white house. election rally in cincinnati, ohio. he highlighted his agenda, boasted about his midwest wins and blasted the media. then he announced another cabinet pick. more now from abc's kenneth motin. >> donald trump's victory lap, a thank you to battleground ohio for giving him a decisive victory. >> i love you, ohio. this is a great place. great people, i have so many friends.
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on his thank you tour as the news broke that the president-elect picked his secretary of defense, retired general mad dog mattis. >> they say he's the closest thing to general patton that we have and it's about time. >> reporter: congress would have to pass new legislation to get mattis confirmed. he served 40 years, led troops in several wars and is known for his tough military strategy. but economic strategy was the focus of trump thursday in indiana, praising the deal he struck with carrier air conditioning to save 1,000 jobs bound for mexico. the state where mike pence is still the governor, offered the parent company a $7 million incentive package over seven years. >> these companies aren't going to be leaving anywhere. they're not going to be taking people's hearts out. >> reporter: trump's deal is
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washington. bernie sanders wrote, trump has endangered the jobs of all workers. he has signalled to corporations that they can threat to offshore jobs in exchange for business friendly tax benefits and incentives. >> trump's tour will continue over the next few weeks, including crucial states he won, and those he thought he would have done better in. thanks to kenneth. one more note about trump, he's reaching across the aisle, meeting with north dakota democrat. the transition team called her a proven leader. if she joins the administration, her state's republican governor will get to choose her replacement, bringing the senate's gop majority up to 53. and new jersey governor chris christie may be interested in being the next chairman of the republican national committee. trump's team is said to be encouraging christie to go for
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by reince priebus as he becomes white house chief of staff. it would put christie in a high profile position, but it doesn't require senate confirmation. state election officials will hear arguments from trump's attorneys, including a claim that the petition was not signed properly. green party candidate jill stein to tennessee where 11 people are confirmed dead from historic wildfires, the flames raging across the great smokey mountains and tourist city of gatlinburg. 700 homes and businesses have been destroyed. dozens have been treated for injuries as well. rain did deliver some relief, but fire officials caution, the region remains vulnerable because of months of drought, and the death toll, we're told, could continue to rise.
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than 30 tornadoes slammed eight states, stretching 500 miles, killing at least seven people. power lines are down and thousands are still in the dark. former nfl running back, joe mcknight has been shot to death in what appears to be a case of road rage. it happened near new orleans. mcknight was standing outside of his car when another motorist opened fire. mcknight is the second nfl player killed in the new orleans area thi former defensive end will smith also gunned down in april after a traffic altercation. families breathing a sigh of relief. a 15-year-old boy fired one shot at his middle school until some brave people stepped in. those heroes, the boys' own parents. >> reporter: a near tragedy at this junior high school outside salt lake city stopped in a way
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>> junior with a gun. there was an active shooter. he's under control now. >> reporter: police say a 15-year-old student armed with two guns, fired one shot into the ceiling, threatening students. his parents were on the way. they were concerned about his recent behavior. they rushed to the school, heard the shot and went towards the sound. these students were one classroom away and say it was the shooter's dad who intervenes. >> came out of the room and told him to put the gun down. >> reporter: police say they disarmed their own son before anyone was hurt. the parents were worried about their son acting strangely, and then they noticed two guns missing from their home and assumed the worst. they were right. police credit the boys' parents with the fact that no one was hurt. neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. that's an amazing story there. the man some describe as the
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down as ceo of starbucks. howard schultz built the chain to a globally known brand with more than 25,000 stores in 75 countries and one on every block here in new york city. after april, schultz will focus on starbucks' involvement in social causes and a new chain of high end stores with $12 cups of coffee. >> that's not what we're paying now? >> why stop at a $6 latte? you know what i'm saying? >> might be gold i >> we'll be lined up. >> that's true. we have another sign of the holiday season. the national christmas tree in washington, now lit. president obama threw the switch at the white house for his eighth and final time. >> he was accompanied by first lady michelle obama and daughter sasha. president obama saying the tree brings a message of unity, decency and hope. performers included garth brooks and chance the rapper.
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there. >> that is, completely. beautiful scene there. and the 12 days, by the way, of christmas. we always talk about this, will not cost much more than it did last year. apparently some folks at pnc bank did the calculations. the cost of all the gifts in the song, and it's only .7% more than last year. the total is $156,508. >> go ahead then. the biggest increase was in the two turtledoves, up more than inflation. seven swans are the most expensive item, over $13,000. that's more than the eight maids of milking, nine ladies dancing, and eight maids a milking. >> we all know that. but apparently the turtledoves are more expensive this year because of lack of availability. we looked into it. >> nice. coming up, the wild ride as
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miles per hour. how it finally came to an end. on the first anniversary of the san bernardino massacre, some new evidence that officials say could have brought about the rampage. it's an abc news exclusive. that's straight ahead. >> we're finding new information that could have led to a motive in that case. you can find us on facebook. wnn and twitter @abc wnn.
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the rhode island driver live streaming himself on facebook, now infamous, speeding through traffic at 115 miles an hour, he finally lost control along route 6, plowing into the back of a garbage truck, barrelling across three lanes and slamming into the barrier. he survived, facing a slew of charges now. to california now, hard to believe it was a year ago today that one of the deadliest terror attacks in american history happened in san bernardino. >> this morning new look at images captured just moments before the violence at the husband's christmas party. >> reporter: it's an annual tradition with the san bernardino health department. a meeting and then a holiday party. officials tell abc news, new evidence shows the christmas decorations, the tree, may have been the trigger that led this man and his wife to go on their terror rampage.
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statement in an online account that she didn't think a muslim should have to participate in a non-muslim holiday or event. >> reporter: the police chief tells abc news the shooting began after far ruk posed in front of the christmas tree and left the room. >> that possibly is a motive in this case. >> reporter: officials say farouk and his wife, tashfeen malik who came here from pakistan, were sharply focused on the holiday ga obtained by abc news, shows farouk at a california firing range, just days before the attack, practicing with the weapons he and his wife would use. >> 911. >> we have an active shooter here. >> ma'am, listen to me, take a deep breath. is he still shooting? >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: farouk and his wife killed 14 of his fellow workers at the party and wounded 22 more. >> how many rounds did he fire? >> oh, my god, a million.
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facebook, pledging alegion yanss to isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. but officials say the couple actually had to conduct an listen search that very morning. who is the leader of isis. >> maybe they didn't know who it was. >> reporter: two lone wolves. who died in a fierce gun battle with police after killing so many. and the couple had more terror in mind. authorities say they left behind thre conference room. when they were stopped by police, they had been circling the neighborhood for hours, trying to remotely detonate those bombs and take more lives. brian ross, abc news, new york. coming up in our next half hour, sexual harassment at work. government numbers now showing a stunning 60% of women say they've experienced harassment on the job. one diverse group of women shining a light on what they're
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>> but first shining a light on some of the darkest eights in mearge history. what natalie portman is saying about portraying one of america's most beloved first ladies in her hours of unimaginable grief. you're watching "world news
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? and a good early morning to you. with dozens of major films to her credit, spanning more than two decades, natalie portman is again stretching her range. >> she was one of america's most beloved first ladies, and it was one of america's darkest chaptersers. now portman takes us back to jackie kennedy's darkest days in a movie that's opening today. diane sat down with her in new york.
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jackie has its perks. >> my dialogue coach would laugh at me. it was smou good for me to be doing it while i was doing something else, because it made it unconsciously part of my system. >> and you get great meals out of it too. >> it's like a prize at the end of the session. >> reporter: the academy award winner has racked up two awards, two more nominations and plenty of oscar buzz for the movie "jackie." >> you'll have to share something personal. people won't stop asking until you do. >> and if i won't, they'll interpret my silence however they want. she holds back her tears, but she can't hide her anger. >> reporter: framed around a real life interview jackie did just a week after her husband's murder, the film centers oklahoma exclusively on the days following president kennedy's assassination, giving us a view
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woman who just lost her husband, house, and title in a devastating blow. >> i'm not first lady anymore. >> reporter: and still mourning their life together, jackie is determined to frame their legacy. >> people like to believe in fairy tales. and for one brief, shining moment -- >> what was the most surprising thing that you learned about jackie that you think most people don't know? >> how much of a role she took in telling her own family story and her own family legacy, that she was the one who coined camelot, which is wild. and very ahead of her time. >> reporter: while john f. kennedy is barely seen in the film, robert kennedy is at fist forefront. a roll peter sars gard nearly turned down. >> you said you don't like playing real people. how do you end up with this role? >> i did this movie in spite of it. when i was first offered it, i did not want to do it. people are just going to be
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mark of perfection, sounding like him. and i don't -- it's not what i do. >> reporter: but critics are loving sars gard has bobby, one of the few characters that jackie confides in. yet it's her relationship with the unnamed reporter played by billy crude-up that gives us some of the film's best moments. >> i'm saying, jack? jack, can you hear me? jack, i love you, jack. >> i'm guessing you won't allow me to write any of >> no. because i never said that. >> what makes her a great figure is not that she's an idol or an icon, or an arc type, it's that she's a human being who had to suffer through something extraordinary, and then also curate the legacy of her husband. >> and crude-up may be on his way to creating a new legacy of his own. >> you come out of the spotlight, win the oscar, now
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do you have good luck, good taste, or are you the good luck charm? >> i'm going with the last one there, to all of you directors out there. >> reporter: not only is portman considered a favorite for a second oscar, she has her second baby on the way. >> enjoy it. sometimes being tired can make you feel kind of happy and out of it. embrace the insomnia. >> yeah. >> so that's what we've been doing wrong, not insomnia and been miserable about it. >> i don't nezly love being out of it, but i do know what she means, because there's somewhat of an adrenaline high that you get when you're on your 14th win. >> absolutely. she showed off her baby bump last night at the d.c. premiere of it. she admitted that she looks a lot bigger than she actually is, because she's not due for several more months. >> she looked beautiful. >> and the critics love her in this role.
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ditch the misery. let's end this. ? ? >> all right, let's talk about some beer can christmas trees. >> yes. >> because nothing says the holidays like beer. >> especially in australia. they don't drink the eggnog that we drink. they drink beer. this guy, wes boyd has made a it's 14 feet high. he asked his friends to donate the beer cans as they celebrated weekly. this is the cool thing. it's actually to help raise awareness for alzheimer's, and an organization there that fund raises both wes's mother and grandmother died. >> would be better if they filled it with beer. >> so to another first, we had
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principal ballerina that's black, and now the first black santa claus at the mall of america, this is the first to do that. it's unbelievable. his name is larry jefferson. he won this nationwide search for all of that, so kids will be greeting him over the next four days there in minneapolis. now we say goodbye and good luck to a colleague who has been a part of "world news now" for 23 years. barry mitchell. >> you produced my weirdest work, just two guys in search of that's the staff in polka, across the usa we trayed, to munch kin land for a parade, that's the staff in polka. ? we've had just great adventures, you and i throughout this land, like chaoing down on pull testicles, boy they tasted bland. we caught blue fish, what a scene, the fish were blue, but i
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this morning on "world news now," president-elect donald trump unfiltered, making his first extended comments since just after being elected. in the battleground state of ohio, trump tipping his hand on a major cabinet pick, takinga i swipe at the media. the rising death toll in an apocalypti in case flames spark up again. and new this hour, sexual harassment in the workplace. >> candid comments from women who work across the economy. what's being done to fight back? and "full house," the famous house from that classic show, sold. the famous dwelling from that classic show, now off the market. the buyer is someone who should


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