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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 14, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. 100 million of us on alert as the coldest december weather in more than a decade moves in. this frozen ship coated in ice. and these smarrs jumping in to save a driver from an icy pond. now a new snowstorm takes aim at the midwest. president-elect trump taking his victory tour to wisconsin overnight singing the praises of former rival paul ryan. >> he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i gets to appreciate his genius more and more. >> after a day of all-star meetings from kanye west to nfl legends to an no win tour as he prepares to host a number of big wigs at trump tower today. newly released images showing dylann roof at target practice. before killing nine people at a black church.
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to testify. ♪ and celebrating one of america's favorite dads. >> on the highway. >> alan thicke passing away overnight. the star of "growing pains" known for his humor. >> not only my son but my best buddy. >> his final moments and the advice he shared for all dads just days ago as tributes pour in from actors, athletes and his family this morning. ♪ you and me we got to be and good morning, america. boy, that news came as such a surprise overnight. alan thicke, one of america's most famous tv dads as died suddenly of a heart attack playing hockey with his young son and the tributes are pouring in now. >> that's right. he is also the father of pop star robin thicke and robin shared this message early this morning calling
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friend i ever had and saying let's all rejoice and celebrate the joy he brought to every room he was in. >> alan, such a talented guy, not just an actor but behind some of the biggest tv theme songs in history including this one. do you recognize it. ♪ take the good take the bad ♪ the facts of life not. >> that's right. he also did "diff'rent strokes." he was a composer. now you can see where robin got his talent. >> i grew up watching him and loving him and got to interview him about ten years ago. he was just as kind and warm and funny as you wanted him to be. we will miss him. we have so much more on his life. alan thicke coming up later on in our broadcast. first we get to something else everyone is talking about, bitter coal, 100 million people feeling those freezing temperatures this week. take a look at this video. that is a whiteout in northern michigan. >> everybody is going, what's going on
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we'll get right to it. 24 states on alert and it's just going to get worse. >> toot to official winter but don't tell mother nature. from idaho through maine, new hampshire and vermont we have all of those warnings and advisories. windchill advisories that are really in place like minneapolis, we have our alex perez at 8 below the windchill. poor alex. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. it feels like 8 below sear rethis morning. take a look behind me. you can see massive icicles. water frozen over and this brutal cold is not going anywhere any time soon. this morning a bitter polar plunge is sweeping across the midwest. take a look at this. the frigid weather coating this ship in ice as it makes its way off lake superior. in michigan whiteout conditions making visibility near zero. in minnesota quick thinking motorists springing into action after a woman's suv plunged into
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this traffic cam showing those good samaritans helping her to safety. with even colder air on the way temperatures 30 degrees below normal. nearly a third of the country will dip below zero this week. >> can this be dangerous? >> absolutely it can be dangerous so thinking mostly about frostbite and hypothermia. both of which can be very dangerous to life and limb. >> reporter: authorities in new york investigating whether a snowplow caused two boys to become trapped in a snowbank as they were building a fort. one died. the other recovering in the hospital. officials say in this kind of weather it is very important to keep an emergency kit in your car. things like a flashlight, a blanket and jumper cables can make all the difference if you're stuck somewhere. ginger. >> alec, such great advice. i know you got to do it. right now, go do it when you have the chance. numb numbers are settling.
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chicago. nashville only 4 above zero for a windchill then it slides east, burlington, 22 below, boston, 16 below and new york city, it will feel subzero. it is not going to feel good. you don't want to be exposed to it. your skin only takes a half hour to get frostbite. through the weekend some of the heaviest will fall in some of the places that have already been hit so hard. >> thank you, ginger. right in the teeth of it, your husband. >> he's in chicago. have fun, honey. >> we're going to get the latest on the trump transition. president-elect takes his thank you tour to wisconsin and appears with house speaker paul ryan and gets that packers jersey and after a parade of high-profile visitors and bill gates and tom llamas has all the details. >> reporter: good morning. one headline summed it up best from kanye west to the midwest, president-elect donald trump's transition is still full
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night near milwaukee. trump coming out strong for his secretary of state pick as he publicly partners with the republican leader he butted heads with throughout the campaign. overnight, in wisconsin, on a christmas themed statement a political peace treaty. house speaker paul ryan presenting president-elect trump with a green bay packers jersey. >> speaker paul ryan. i really have come to -- oh, no, i've come to appreciate him. and you know honestly, he's like a fine wine, every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. now, if he ever goes against me i'm not going to say that. >> reporter: speaker ryan, the man trump once tweeted doesn't know how to win joining the president-elect at a rally for the first time. >> oh, my gosh. is this not so cool? >> reporter: trump bragging
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slew of famous faces spotted in trump tower on tuesday. >> bill gates, anna wintour, kanye, that's right. i like kanye. >> reporter: rapper kanye west met with the president-elect. the two posing with ivanka for these photos obtained by tmz before appearing in front of reporters in the lobby. >> kanye, no comment about your meeting with the president-elect. this is the president-elect of the united states. you have nothing to say? >> i just wanted to take a picture right now. >> you take care of yourself. i'll see you soon. >> reporter: west later tweeting he wanted to meet with trump to discuss multicultural issues including bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums and violence in chicago. as the transition continues, trump defending his pick for secretary of state, exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson who has had a long relationship with russia's vladimir putin. >> you know, rex is friendly with many of the
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world that we don't get along with and some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex. i like what this is all about. >> reporter: but the president-elect hitting a rodblock with the obama administration. the current white house rejecting the trump team's request for names of staffers who worked on climate change in a statement a spokesperson for the department of energy saying some of the questions asked left many in our workforce unsettled. we will not be providing any individual names to the transition team. and today the president-elect set to host a tech summit at trump tower. let's see who is invited first apple ceo, tim cook, alphabet ceo larry page, coo of facebook, sheryl sandberg and safra katz. he is bringing in leaders of science, industry, arts and they're reaching out to him to finday
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>> on that news of rex tillerson as the pick for secretary of state a lot of reaction coming in from russia and they seem pretty pleased, commentators over there but he will face tough questions here in his confirmation battle. >> reporter: so true. this just in from our producer in moscow watching and monitoring the news over there. commentators in russia on russian television are ecstatic saying this could not have been a better pick for the kremlin. senators like marco rubio are not going to like that news. >> thanks very much. more on this with matthew dowd our chief political analyst and, matt, let's talk about this right now. donald trump seems to be aware of questions coming in pulling out big guns to endorse him including the former secretary of defense robert gates. condi rice and james baker. >> well, yeah, one thing, you got to like a guy born in wichita fall, texas, and went to the university of texas so that starts as a benefit. i think one of the things viewers need to understand bob gates and condoleezza rice, their firm had a consulting relationship with exxon so it's not surprising that t
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case. i am amazed that we watch what we've heard from russia on this. it's like the bond movie "from russia with love." he is getting more love from russia than he is from the united states national. >> too early to tell whether he's going to be tripped up and all presidents, all incoming face at least a couple of tough battles with theirpicks. >> if you look back at the last five or six presidents, each one have faced somebody that didn't get voted through or had to resign. you saw it with barack obama, with tom daschle and george bush with linda chavez and bill clinton with zoe baird and saw it famously with george hoercher walker bush, john tower as second of defense. there is an oil field term called a blow-out. it's when pressure exceeds capacity to handle and you end up with a disaster. >> they have so much going on right now. the president-elect putting off that press conference he was supposed to have tomorrow to deal with
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and how he's going to handle it. they're having a tough time figuring out how to deal with this. >> i think two things will dog the president-elect in the first 100 days or the first year of this. the first is russia and the relationship with russia and everything that's gone on with russia and the election but i think more importantly is what is his ability to handle the conflict of interest in this and now when he was supposed to have a press conference today saying here's how i'll handle it, he has refused to draw the line and say i'm going to get rid of these businesses. in the next few months, there's going to be question after question after question about is he benefiting from decisions that the white house is making that affect his business. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. all right, now to the battle for aleppo. dramatic images as a cease-fire between rebels and the syrian regime break down. atrocities piling up and abc's alex marquardt has the latest from london. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that's right. there is no sign that this deal is working. the reports of
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eastern aleppo none of those evacuations have taken place. this is one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world and one that the next american president will have to deal with on day one. overnight long lines of buses waiting to carry trapped civilians to safety and rebels out of aleppo. but they haven't moved and despite the cease-fire deal, residents accuse syrian forces of shelling this morning. which you can hear in their desperate pleas. >> people were very bombed and were very frightened about this escalation that is taking place right now. >> reporter: the syrian regime and its allies are trying to root the last rebels out of aleppo, a city divided for four years. many of those rebels funded, armed and trained by the u.s. losing aleppo would be a huge blow to the rebel cause and american efforts in syria. as syrian soldiers advanced on rebel territory the u.n. said they received reports of more than 80
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summary executions on the spot. a spokesman calling it a complete meltdown of humanity. activists and residents posting dramatic farewell tweets and videos one telling us why he's so afraid to flee. >> i will get arrested by the regime for my activity, and i will be executed or tortured until death. >> reporter: this once great ancient city a shell of its former self. the area that these rebels control is so small that it's only a matter of time before the regime takes over the whole city. that will be their biggest victory in years and one that could dictate the outcome of this war. george. >> okay, alex, thanks very much. that situation is just so horrifying right now. we'll move on to the latest on dylann roof's murder trial. prosecutors reveal chilling images of him before and after his attack on an african-american church where he shot and killed nine people. abc's steve osunsami has the latest from charleston.
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accused killer at target practice. police say 22-year-old dylann roof accorded himself at home using the same 45 caliber flock he's accused of using in the shootings at this historic black church. families of the nine he's accused of murdering sat in shock as an fbi agent testified that roof went and staked out their church several times in the months before the killings. police say a gps device in roof's car say he drove from his home in columbia to the church in charles stand in disease of 2014, twice in february the next year, again in april and then twice in may. police say they also found a list of other black churches in the back of his car. cal virginia very episcopal was one of them. >> yesterday i got a text from one of the parishioners here and her words resonated with me, she said, my, lord, it could have been a lot of
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count our blessings. >> reporter: investigators told jurors roof had drawers and closets full of ammunition at his home. today we could hear from one of three survivors who says roof let her live so that she could tell the story. the jury could get this case tomorrow. george. >> that will be dramatic testimony. okay, steve, thanks very much. all right. more now on alan thicke. so many around the world are celebrating his life. the 69-year-old "growing pains" star passion add way from a heart attack overnight and abc's ca chris connelly reports his legacy goes way beyond the small screen. ♪ >> reporter: a family sitcom on abc in the 1980s help the mul multitalented canadian alan thicke forge an enduring connection with audiences in the states. on "growing pains." >> this is my best buddy. >> reporter: from 1985 to 1992 think starred at jason seaver work at home
7:16 am
be. >> yeah, i've heard. >> reporter: and spouse to joanna kerns maggie and mike and tracy gold's carol and two younger sibs. >> we will make sure this is the most boring uneventful night of our life. >> how do we do that? >> come on. i don't know have to tell you how to make a night -- >> young leonardo dicaprio was featured in the show's last season. just before "growing pains" he would be a talk show host on "thicke of the night" and from the beginning, central to his identity was his life as a musician. co-writing theme songs to a bump of shows, "the facts of life" and ""diff'rent strokes." one generation he would be known as the father of robin thicke of the hugely controversial "blurred lines." ♪ blurred lines." >> reporter: but it would be "growing pains" that would remain foremost in the minds of his devoted fans, among them
7:17 am
co-stars. >> read a few places that you, joanna, had a crush on -- >> that's a rumor i started. >> he did. >> how could i not have a crush on him. >> reporter: alan thicke died on tuesday at the age of 69. a father of three, one of his last tweets, featuring his advice for new dads. love, then love some more. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, san francisco. >> can't do better than that advice. >> he was loved by so many. definitely. >> such a sad story. looked so young and vibrant rnlts we move on to last night's big honor for robin. she was inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. there you see it, of course, she was a star at espn before coming to "gma" full time and look at her. she was radiant last night. let's listen. >> i am just so thrilled and i know that this honor was made possible because of the opportunities that i was given, the many, many
7:18 am
all of us, all of us as a matter, man, woman, black, white, gay, straight, we just want the same opportunities. >> robin really was glowing last night. ginger and i were lucky enough to be there and see her honored and it was really beautiful to see how she came up through -- oh, yeah, see, we took a selfie. we dockabled it. how she came up and just -- in a man's world really in sports casting and such a trail blazer and awesome to be a part of that. congratulations again, robin. that's why she's not here because there was an after party that ginger and i did not go to. it started at 10:00 last night. >> no thank you. >> all right. ginger, you're back with heavy rain and snow heading to the west. >> yes, so we've been talking about this. two round, you can see right here that atmospheric river is on now the flash flood watches for the end of the week go all the way through burbank so that could be an issue.
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late sunday - wild up & down temperature swings over the next 10 days today: sunny becoming mostly cloudy late. highs: 42-47 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: stray shower/flurry early. becoming mainly clear and breezy. lows: 21-28 winds: w 5-15 mph thursday: blustery and very cold. highs: 21-29 winds: nw 10-20 g 35+ feels: single digits and teens
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and coming up that dalia dippolito case accused of ordering a hit man to kill her husband. is the jury now deadlocked? we'll talk to dan abrams about that. and then uber alert. new claims employees at the ride hailing company could track you when you leave the car. the new security concerns this morning with we come back. i lel after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. both made me turn around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve
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s. at the corner of happy and healthy. . good morning washington. i'm melanie hastings. we've got frigid cold air on the way. here's veronica johnson. >> no weather issues today. the highers 43 as we rise out of the 30 ever. some afternoon cloud and a cold front comes through late that will really send that cold air in and our temperatures tumbling. a blustery conditions tomorrow. 30, 40 miles per hour. another weather alert day potentially for saturday, sashed morning with a little wet snow mixed with freezing rain and maybe monday morning with icy roads . and we'll get a check on traffic coming up in our next report which about 30 minutes. we'll sent it back now too "good morning america." have a great day.
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. lanes were blocked for more than seven hours. they are now back open. . and celebrity chef josé andres calling a truce with the president elect. in a tweet they suggested they drop their lawsuits and donate the money to veterans. the president elect sued andres after he abandoned plans for a restaurant at trump's d.c. hotel, siting trump's statements about immigrants. trump is set to be deposed in
7:27 am
that case before inauguration day. and we'll have more coming up in 30 minutes. now
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yeah!... whoaaa! welcome back to "gma" and look at that christmas tree go up in flames. it happened so fast. this morning we have a new warning about holiday hazards. you see our live demo getting set up right there. we have our friends from the university of maryland's fire protection laboratory and show you how quickly it can start and what you can do to avoid it. >> important advice. also right now, winter weather alert. 100 million americans in the path of freezing temperatures and a bitter cold blast as a new snowstorm gets ready to hit the midwest and northeast. and the dow is riding high around that 20,000 mark. it could finish the day above it for the first time ever. and everyone waiting to see if the fed is going to raise interest rates today. >> i'm sure a lot of people looking for that. also this morning you've probably seen these
7:31 am
professional athletes hazing rookie team members making them dress up in all kinds of funny ways. this morning there is a big crackdown and we'll tell you all about it. >> i can't believe you did that when -- >> i did not do that. >> you didn't get hazed. >> we didn't quite do that to our football rookies. we did other things but that's usually baseball. >> okay. >> if they did it, i wouldn't tell. >> okay. that is coming up. we begin with that surprise twist in the dalia dippolito murder for hire retrial. just hours into deliberations jurors told the judge they were deadlocked and sent them back in to try again and ryan smith has the details. >> reporter: five years ago dalia dippolito was convicted of murder in just three hours. that conviction overturned. now in her retrial after six hours of deliberating and viewing more than an hour of recordings of her alleged murder-for-hire plot they can't reach a unanimous verdict, they say. a jury will attempt for a second time this morning to determine the fate of dalia dippolito. >> we have the following note from the
7:32 am
we, the jury, feel that we cannot reach a unanimous decision. >> reporter: the judge sending them home overnight asking them to try again today. >> i see you back here tomorrow at 9:30. >> reporter: during closing arguments monday dippolito's lawyers revealing she has a child at home. becoming a mother while on house arrest since her first conviction was thrown out in 2011. >> give her that freedom back to go home to her family and infant son. >> reporter: the jury then asking to rewatch and relisten to all audio and video recordings of the 34-year-old dippolito who was accused of hiring an undercover officer posing as a hit man to kill her newlywed husband of six months. >> is your husband michael? okay, i'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> reporter: that video, the center of this case made by the boynton beach police department. the defense claiming they staged it arguing that officers set up dippolito to impress the crew of the tv show "cops." the police dar
7:33 am
those claims. >> this case is 100% on the egregious misconduct of the boynton beach police department. >> reporter: dippolito pleading not guilty telling our amy robach last december she knew it was all a show for the cameras. >> the tape was -- it was a show. it was a tape. that was the purpose of it. >> you were acting in those tapes? >> yes. >> reporter: but prosecutors say the video speaks for itself. proving dippolito's guilt. >> i'm confident like 5,000% sure. >> read her body language. there's not an ounce of hesitation. she's confident. he says i'll put two shots to the head. she's fine with that. he told you she didn't even given. >> reporter: now the jury can't reach a verdict today, the judge is expected to give an allen charge asking them to try one last time. if there still isn't a verdict he could be forced to rule for a mistrial which could mean a third trial for dippolito possibly. if convicted she faces up to 20 years in prison, george. >>ing o. ryan, tha
7:34 am
dan abrams to talk about this as well and it only takes one. >> wait, what. the dalia dippolito jury is it divided? i mean, this is a case where in the first trial, they came back in three hours. this was one of the most absurd defenses we had ever heard in the first case. remember, the first case in amy's interview she said it begin, oh, i was just on a reality show. i was just acting. i didn't mean any of it. well now she's actually come up with a slightly more plausible defense which is, oh, the police just wanted to impress the show "cops," et cetera. she's on tape talking about killing her husband -- there's no ambiguity. there's no sort of maybe, if, she restates it again, she says she's sure that's exactly what she wants. >> the jury says they want to see the undercover police recordings again. does it suggest maybe -- that there was something going on there, more than we saw? >> look, i think what it means apparently this jury is divided in some way. that cou
7:35 am
could mean more than one person but they're probably starting from scratch. they're probably starting from the point -- this was a really quick case. the prosecution's case was those tapes. that was it. there were a couple of witnesses and that was it. so i would think what they're doing is saying, all right, let's just calm down for a minute. let's try and start this again. let's go through these tapes. let's review it and now that tape you see which wasn't initially going to come in of her sort of faking this reaction to finding out that her husband is dead could become critical. i mean, it wasn't going to come in, the defense brought it up on cross-examination. boy, wouldn't that be interesting if that became a critical factor but this is stunning. let's be clear, it is stunning this jury is divided. >> divided based on what you're saying prosecutors will go back again. >> oh, yeah, there will be a third trial. because, remember, the first one, the only reason she got a new trial is because of an allegation of something happening in jury selection. she was convicted. they will try her again if there's a hung jury here. >> dan ab
7:36 am
>> it is certainly not over. thank you. well, now to the mystery death in southern california. a well-known business mogul who founded the chain corepower yoga found dead in his san diego mansion under suspicious circumstances and nick watt joins us from los angeles with more on that story. good morning. >> reporter: amy, well, this morning san diego police are investigating the, quote, suspicious death of the yoga mogul who did more than perhaps anyone to popularize yoga across this country. he's dead in mysterious circumstances, age, just 48. trevor tice found dead alone in his san diego mansion. >> welcome. i'm trevor tice. >> reporter: here teaching yoga on youtube. >> downward facing dog. >> reporter: tice founded nationwide chain corepower yoga. devotees reported included julianne hough and "the big bang theory's" kaley cuoco. >> that is going to be a big huge loss for our yoga
7:37 am
911 call. >> person known to the occupant of the house went over there to check on them and they found a deceased person inside. >> reporter: police telling us due to suspicious circumstances, homicide detectives were called to the scene and are currently investigating. officers working late into the night. tice bought the oceanview property for $3 million in january reportedly living there alone with a remodel under way. he was the father of a nearly 2-year-old daughter, his father told us the family is deeply saddened by the loss of our capable, gregarious, generous and warm-hearted spirit. dubbed the starbucks of yoga by some tice's corepower is now a multimillion dollar business with more than 160 studios. a spokesperson telling us we are deeply saddened to confirm that our founder trevor tice passed away. no further details are available about cause of death. now, these are still the very early hours of the investigation
7:38 am
causes are not being ruled out. they will know much more when the autopsy is complete, probably sometime later today. amy. >> all right, nick, thanks so much for that we appreciate it. michael, what's coming up on our big board in coming up, amy, a pro sports hazing ban is what's coming up. why we may no longer see images like this. and holiday hazard, that new warning about christmas tree fires, our live demonstration when we come back in two minutes. when i'm with you... the rest of the world... fades away. so i got you something... that stands out as beautifully... as you do. le vian at jared. jared works directly with le vian designers to bring you more exclusive pieces... than any other jewelry store in the world. like the le vian ombre bracelet... featuring le vian chocolate diamonds. the one gift as unique as she is. at the only store to find it. that's why he went to jared.
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welcome back. time now for our big board and our team of insiders standing by for more on the morning's top stories and we begin with that hazing ban. we have all seen the images like these, denver broncos players, oh, yeah, those are some lovely haircuts. wow, the phoenix suns new guys carrying children's backpacks. baseball rookies dressing like women but this week the major league is banning that practice
7:41 am
with us now, bruce, strahan says he never got hazed. what do you make of this banning the practice? >> i think it's fantastic. we have to understand that we are examples or players are examples to the world and if they're demeaning others that doesn't send the right message especially for what's going on in today's times. >> when i say i wasn't hazed what i meant was i had to buy doughnuts and buy juice for the whole team and all that stuff and didn't consider that hazing but throw guys in the ice tubs and do different things like that. what do you experience or did you experience mig in your career? >> well, in college for me, michael, it was, you know, my freshman year coming in during conditioning and i'm excited, ready it play and i'm sprinting my tail off and some of my teammates were like, yo, rook circumstance what's wrong with you. why you doing that, you bet ever get back. my thoughts are i'm trying to be the best i can be and you're going to have a problem with thatt'
7:42 am
insecure. through their insecurities it allowed me to push that much more. i want everyone dealing with things like this, push back because they can't stop what's truly special. >> i love your message. that's see great. but, you know, there are those who say, hey, this practice builds camaraderie. this is what bonds us all together. what do you make of that? i'm guessing you don't buy it. >> shame on them. the fact that the demeaning someone allows them to feel closer to you. if i hit you in the nose, michael, are you going to feel good about me? absolutely not. you're going to grab me because i know who you are. but that's what we have to realize, it's only through the cowardice acts of these other individuals they're insecurity and their insecurities come off and think they want to say, oh, it's because it bills camaraderie, foolishness, it doesn't build that. >> it happened to me so it's going to happen to you and happens in fraternities. it's a horrible practice. i agree. >> one of those things too where i felt like you n
7:43 am
younger player so you want him to feel comfortable when he comes to work. >> you should be a mentor not a bully. >> absolutely. >> exactly. >> bruce, they talk to you just like that? hey, thank you, man. thank you. don't go anywhere. you'll stay right there. up next a holiday hazard alert. the latest report from the cpsc says holiday related accidents sends about 14,000 americans to the hospital last year and david kerley joins us from the university of maryland where they're about to put on a show to give a little demonstration but, david, before we get to that demonstration, what are some of the other common holiday incidents or accidents that happen to people? >> well, you mentioned the big number, 14,000 injuries in november and december of last year from our decorations. that's 230 injuries suffered by americans and it breaks down like this and the ladder is actually part of the big problem, 41% are
7:44 am
somebody who's used it to get up to their tree or put their lights up. 10% are lacerations where you decided to use something sharp to open that present and cut yourself and about 10% are lifting things that are too heavy. but as i said that's a pretty big number, 230 americans injured every day during this holiday season, guys. >> all right. i notice you were walking away from that tree because we're about to have a live demo to show how quickly a dried up tree can go up in flames. >> so we are lighting it up right now. this, we're getting close to the time of the season when these trees get really dry. let me get out of the way here and watch this happen. isaac, would works in this lab here just like -- a little bit of an accelerant. a little dried out and a sense of how fast between 2010 and 2012 an estimated 200 annual fires where the christmas tree was the first item ignited. ten death, 20 injuries, $17
7:45 am
this is how fast it can go. this is why you need to keep an open flame source or heat source away from a dry christmas tree in your house or this is what can happen. >> oh, my. i had chills watching that. that is so frightening. >> less than a minute, the entire tree is gone. >> wow. all right. that's very important for everyone to see. david, thank you so much. bruce, thank you as well. we appreciate it. coming up next that new claim about uber. could their employees be spying on users? >> interesting. >> scary.
7:46 am
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7:48 am
company this morning is now pushing back. this morning, startling claims that employees at the ride hailing giant uber, they have been able to keep a watchful eye on anyone from exes to celebs according to a recent court filing by a former forensic investigator for the company as part of a wrongful termination lawsuit. he alleges that uber's lack of security regarding its customer data was resulting in uber employees being able to track high-profile politicians, celebrities, even even personal acquaintances. >> the data that was included in that included the trip origin, trip destination, route taken, what type of uber. >> reporter: reporter will evans spoke with spangenberg. >> he said it was ongoing and since so many had this wide access, that anybody could look
7:49 am
the company would try to catch people afterwards. >> reporter: uber telling abc news in a statement it's absolutely untrue that all or nearly all employees have access to customer data with or without approval. and sharing a warning it says employees see every time they access internal data tools that says, you may not access the account of anyone you know personally, another employee, a celebrity or other public figure or anyone at all out of curiosity. >> a lot of apps we install on our phone have pretty intrusive privacy items on there. in the case of uber it's your location, it's your phone number, it's your social media. your picture. >> reporter: uber claims it has fired drivers in the past for violating its policy. some of which is based on an honor system. now, the company says certain access requires several levels of approval meanwhile, the lawsuit is now in arbitration which meanst
7:50 am
in private but, boy, oh, boy -- >> we're talking about it. >> people are concerned about it. >> understandably so. thank you, gio. coming up, should you pay someone to train your baby to sleep? george is laughing. the mom -- >> i'm laughing because i did it. >> all right. we got an honest answer. this mom says it was the best money she ever spent. we'll talk about that. george is not sure about that. lara, what's going on upstairs? >> hi, guys. what a great morning up here in the studio. derek and julianne hough are here with a very special announcement and a hover camera following their every move. this is how they get ready. looks like us. they'll perform live on "good morning america." ♪ tell me all the things that i wan wanna hear neath ♪
7:51 am
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back here on "gma," we are loving the audience. you guys are great already but wanted to show you this video out of india. check this out. the cars flipping in the 87-mile-per-hour wind gusts. that cyclone the equivalent of a category 1. whoa. all right. well, all of that now has been brought to you by the u.p.s. store. your local news and weather, derek and
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. liberty stands with you.
7:56 am
. this is a good morning washington update . good morning war. i'm melanie hastings here with your top stories. new laws are now in effect in arlington to protect consumers from predatory towing. last night the county board approved an ordinance. one new improvement, new sign act. this will provide the opener with safeguards should their vehicle be damaged. students in monday gop are you county could lose their spring break in 2018. school officials say that makeup days are built in for bad weather but if the winter weather is severe spring break approximately could be at risk. montgomery county school system as closed about five times each year in the past decade . the bitter coiled weather is not here yet. >> no weather issues
7:57 am
the high 43 as we rise out of the 30s. some afternoon clouds and a cold front comes through late and it will really send that cold air in and our temperatures tumbling blustery conditions tomorrow with those winds 30, 40 miles per hour. another weather alert day potentially for saturday, saturday morning with a little bit of wet snow mixed with a freezing rain and maybe monday morning with icy roads . interstate 66 eastbound has pretty much gridlocked from manassas. elsewhere we're just seeing volume delays as you travel around the capitol beltway, especially on the outer loop near interstate 95 in the college park area, on the inner loop area and a quick peak at
7:58 am
german town through gaithersbur and you can get more updates now on newschannel8.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. 8:00 a.m. celebrating alan thicke. ♪ as long as we got each other >> the beloved tv dad from "growing pains" passed away, just 69. now his final moments with his family and reaction pouring in from his family. staying warm in this deep freeze. the best boots for winter, experts trying out 17 pair, the ones that will keep you warm and dry. >> this is kind of remarkable i'm standing in water right now and i actually can't feel a thing. >> your exclusive first look at the season's best picks. ♪ break free. sleep training your baby. the mom who paid hundreds for someone else to help her child sleep while she went on vacation. >> why not save myself the heartache. >> is it selfish or the key to finally getting some rest? and get ready to dance. julianne and derek hough performing here live and they're
8:01 am
saying -- >> both: good morning, america. [ applause ] referee time i see them they're so talented. >> good morning, america. a happy audience. you guys ready for christmas, aren't you? >> yes. >> yes, that's a big yes. all right. julianne and derek hough are here. and they have a very special announcement and they're going to perform for all of you just ahead. >> can't wait for that. >> we have buddy valastro and his family here. that means we'll eat good, everybody. they're sharing their favorite holiday recipes with us. >> we have not stopped with the cookies and now this. this is all part of your big countdown. great american cookie search. the finale is tomorrow.
8:02 am
thank you, america. keep sending in recipes, sharing them with you on [ applause ] >> we've been really honing in on the really great one, that one yesterday -- >> banana. >> yes. >> that was good. >> let's go to cecilia vega for the morning rundown. >> save me some of those cookies. good morning to you. the big story this morning, tech titans descending on trump tower for a face-to-face with the president-elect. top executives from apple, google owner alphabet, facebook and oracle among the names on the list. many opposed donald trump during the election but they now say they're ready to talk jobs and innovation. the head of ibm will also be there after pledging to hire 25,000 american workers in the next four years. at a late night rally in wisconsin trump made his first public appearance with house speaker paul ryan and called him a great guy and compared him to a fine wine despite their very public clashes during the campaign. trump also praised his secretary of state pick
8:03 am
exxonmobil's ceo rex tillerson a skilled global business leader but tillerson faces a tough confirmation fight. many lawmakers concerned about his close ties to russia. wall street is awaiting a key decision by the federal reserve. it comes this afternoon and is expected to raise interest rates by a quarter point. this would be only the second rate hike in the last decade and it comes just as the dow has been surging closer to the 20000 mark. a new bombing raid over aleppo are threatening a cease-fire. just hours after syrian forces took over the city. thousands of civilians are trying to evacuate but buses that were supposed to carry them out have left that city empty with no passengers. the u.n. is investigating reports of civilian executions in areas formerly held by rebels. five u.s. marines have been rescued after a crash landing off japan. their osprey aircraft went down after a problem during refueling. just last week a marine pilot was killed when his fighter jet crashed
8:04 am
authorities in colorado are planning new dna testing in the jonbenet ramsey case. reports claim there were flaws in the interpretation of previous dna tests on clothes the 6-year-olds was wearing. jonbenet was killed on christmas 20 years ago. and this morning, the tributes are pouring in for actor alan thicke, best remembered as the dad from th ' the '0s sitcom "growing pains." >> the guy completely blows your doors off. >> god, i don't want to hear this. >> he made me feel so -- >> please, dad. >> i could have just walked out of that concert and hitchhiked right across country. >> stop. >> sorry. >> thicke spent seven seasons playing dr. jason seaver. he died after reportedly suffering a heart attack while playing hockey with one of his sons. he had three boys including, of course, singer robin thicke. just this week he offered some advice to new dads. he tweeted, love then love some more. alan thicke was 69. guy, i had no idea he was such
8:05 am
prolific tv theme songwriter either. >> i think maybe more for the music really drove him. he was so passionate about it. >> you could see it obviously went to his son, as well. >> absolutely. and we'll continue on alan in "pop news." he was truly one of the nicest and funniest guys in hollywood. his final role a guest cameo on "fuller house" and shortly before his passing he posted this final tweet trademarking his sense of humor. season 2 fuller house looking good. i even like the ones i'm not in. one of his last scenes was with candace cameron bure who posted the picture of the two on instagram saying she was sad beyond words and knew him for a long time. candace is the real life sister of kirk cameron who played his son on "growing pains" and i had the pleasure of speaking with alan and the whole cast of "growing pains" at a reunion a couple of years ago where he told me abc almost gave him a very different role than lovable dad jason seaver. check this out. >> at the time abc was interested in a couple of actors and finding
8:06 am
"growing pains" was one of the vehicles. i was one of the guys and the other guy was bruce willis. >> happy trails, hans. >> so i guess there would be have been a chance i would have been in "moonlighting" and bruce willis would have been their dad. >> would have been two very, very different shows. >> wow. >> i think they made the right choice. >> i think abc -- everybody lands where they should and in that interview expressed how much love and pride he took in his tv family. i saw it there as he did with his real-life family, alan thicke will be so greatly missed. >> he certainly will. [ applause ] >> we're sad. really sad. he was a big part of our lives, you know. also in "pop news" turns out the library of congress is definitely not forgetting about the "breakfast club" any time soon, the 1985 coming of age tale added to the national film registry. one of just 25 movies to make the cut for 2016. also on the list this year,
8:07 am
"lion king" which is special because jeremy irons is with us today. "the princess bride" and "thelma and louise" to be added to the registry. >> those are all really good choices. >> we saw "breaks if club" over the weekend. >> it's timeless. >> it holes. >> my daughter watched it last week. she loved it. till good to everyone. >> the brain, the jock, the outcast. as you can relate to somebody in that film. >> getting detention. oops. >> to be added to the registry films must be at least ten years old and deemed culturally historically or aesthetically significant. fyi. finally, had to share. here she comes again. one of the great songs, dolly parton once again helping the folks who live in the gatlinburg, tennessee, area affected by those horrible wildfires in november. dolly raising several million dollars last night in a telethon her victims recruiting more than 20 other country stars like kenny rogers and
8:08 am
three-hour show, taylor swift stepping up donating $100,000. >> wow. that's great. [ applause ] kenny chesney also stepping up in a big way. $125,000. >> wow. >> so great. [ applause ] >> dolly pledged $1,000 a month for six months for anybody displaced by the fire. is it any surprise the university of tennessee is now offering a class about part ton. history 307 otherwise known as dolly parton's america. uses her life and times as a guide through the examination of key issues in the 20th century. >> wow. >> they use her as a launching pad to talk about making it in america and she certainly has. >> she has. >> exactly. >> that's "pop news," everybody. >> thank you, lara. >> whoo. [ applause ] and coming up we'll hear from that mom who paid a profession professional w professional to train her child to sleep getting a lot of reaction this morning including from me. [ applause ]
8:09 am
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8:13 am
we are back now with that big parenting debate. should you hire a sleep trainer to work with your baby? >> is this really a big debate? >> not in the stephanopoulos house. one professional paid a professional to train her baby when she and her husband went away. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: working mom of two katy landrum calls it the best money i ever spent paying someone else hundreds of dollars to sleep train her 3-month-old baby. >> since we were planning on hiring a sleep trainer and we had an upcoming night away we thought, you know, why not save myself the heartache. >> reporter: in an online article for idea rhettbook" magazine the real estate agent featured on "selling los angeles" writing at $30 an hour,
8:14 am
manage the process seemed like a no-brainer. adding she planned a getaway to a luxury california spa and resort because i didn't want to be in earshot of bo's weeping. treating ourselves to a restful retreat meant we could try to enjoy ourselves instead of dwelling on what was taking place at home. >> i was so nervous i kept trying to come up with reasons why he wasn't ready to do it yet. >> reporter: sleep training babies can be controversial. >> it's usually not that black and white. often it's a blend of methods depending on the baby and what the parents feel comfortable with. >> reporter: her article shared thousands of times with many commenting. one writing, this is so selfish. others saying if a woman doesn't have time to be a parent, she shouldn't have kids. but many came to her defense writing, it helped put him on a schedule and i'm all for making home life happy and rested for both parents. >>
8:15 am
people to sleep train but for me being a working mom of two it's just something that i felt strongly about. >> what may be right for one family may not be right for another family. >> now, doctors say that you can start sleep training your baby as soon as they're big enough to go a full night without eating. what's most important is consistency. whatever method you choose be consistent so the baby know what is expected of them and by doing those you should change their behavior within a week. she got her doctor's approval and self-employed and when the parents can sleep, the whole house is a little happy. >> absolutely. all right. i mean if you just looked at george's body language right now, i think it says a lot. >> we did it. we tried it when ellie was i guess 3. it was -- the lady was lovely. it was very expensive. elliott is still pretty much in our bed. >> no, but the reason you did it was because -- i understand this, i think a lot of moms can unrs
8:16 am
your -- the crying breaks your heart but you have to do it. as -- >> as mara said, the consistency is most important. it was our fault we were not consistent. >> you have to put ear mruls in. >> it's brutal. your little baby. >> they do have more than one kid and can't keep the other kid up. >> thank you so much. coming up next the best winter boot picks that can take on water, ice and still keep you warm? we're revealing them next. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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islocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. yes, yes. i'm back. back now on "gma." we are -- yes, i'm getting my tips -- i've already forgotten. >> she's amazing. >> derek and julianne hough are here. you guys. we have so much more coming up. it's getting coal. you know that. also about to reveal the best winter boots. i know you guys know about fashion. morning, maybe again late sunday - wild up & down temperature swings over the next 10 days today: sunny becoming mostly cloudy late. highs: 42-47 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: stray shower/flurry early. becoming mainly clear and breezy. lows: 21-28 winds: w 5-15 mph thursday: blustery and very cold. highs: 21-29 winds: nw 10-20 g 35+ feels: single digits and
8:21 am
as you can see i didn't know i was coming out in the cold. you're all ready for our winter boot challenge. so many getting hit so hard. you have the best boots recommended by that gadget website wirecutter. >> yes, george. i don't always step in ice water. but when i do, okay, look. now, this looks dramatic but i don't feel a thing because i'm wearing according to wirecutter some of the best boots on the planet. now, most of us when you buy boots you do a little shopping, get the best price but there's a whole lot more to it than that. walking in winter isn't always that wonderful without the right boots. this morning, product review site the wirecutter is out with its best picks for men's went i'm boots. it took 100 hours of testing in frigid alaska temperatures.
8:22 am
please. >> to get an idea of the wirecut you're testing we head to minus five experience. a bar where almost everything from the chandelier to the benches are made of ice. >> cold in here, isn't it? >> a little bit. >> it is 24 degrees fahrenheit. >> to test the boots for warm they submerged them in ice and measured how quickly the temperature inside the boot dropped. testers wore them on city streets and outdoor trails to test for traction. now an extreme challenge for these boots. the wirecutter's waterproof test that goes way beyond reasonable expectations. >> we're going to step into these bucks of ice water for five minutes or until the boots leak. >> all right. let's do it. in our test we stepped around, you know, mimicked walking. >> kind of remarkable. i'm standing in water right now and i actually can't feel a thing. >> isn't that pretty crazy. >> i got some water. >> this is -- >> a crazy test. >> you made it almost four minutes before that happened. >> on me the
8:23 am
the wirecutter's pick for best overall men's boot costing around $200. >> great for the city. they've got decent traction. >> on nick the keen's pole lear best runner-up suited to outdoor fun around $200. on women these were the top picks. columbia heavenly omni heat laceup boot for $140 and keen duran polar for $200. we have to let people know wirecutter gets a percentage of the sales they get through some of the links on their articles and let you know that. these boots hold up just fine, not cold, not wet, no problem. this is the key. i want to let you know. a good tankaway what we do when we get cold we layer up with socks, don't do that. wirecutter. what you're doing is restrijding blood flow to your feet by doing that and making your feet colder. has the opposite effect. use polyester, don't use the cotton socks that retain a lot of
8:24 am
so that's a good tip and, again, boots -- >> a believer now. >> i'm a huge believer in thanks very much. back to michael. all right, thank you, george. i'm here now with "dancing's" derek and jooug housing. the most talented siblings around. we saw them dancing earlier and they're going to dance for us in a little bit. right now they have a big announcement to make and i don't want to hold them back. what is the big announcement. >> so excited to announce that we are going back out on the road with our new show, "move beyond." >> live on tour. live on tour. we're excited going out next year. the first show april 19th and we're excited. this is beyond anything we've done before. it's beyond our expectations and pushing the limits and we're very, very excited about the show. >> tickets go on sale this friday, december -- >> stocking fillers, you know. check it out. >> i mean i'm watching you two sit here before we come back from break. and you're like taking care of your sister.
8:25 am
dance -- >> yes. >> you've done some great numbers on "dancing with the stars." dancing together. how is it dancing with a sibling and who is bossier? >> we actually work pretty well together. hidden language where we don't talk. we go -- >> we just dance and figure out our problems that way. >> that's it? >>s that a it. but, no, it's actually great where we feel very privileged. feel very lucky to do something you love with somebody you love and care about and it's a wonderful thing. >> and "hairspray." you were awesome, by the way. >> thank you, thank you. >> we expected -- everybody expected to see the dancing but you're singing. >> yes. >> is an album coming up? >> you know, what's great with the show, the tour, we're going to incorporate. that julianne started out with "grease live" which was amazing. [ applause ] and so we incorporate that within the show as well. >> we'll sing, we'll dance, you know, do a little funny skit moment between derek
8:26 am
we have to play up the brother/sister -- >> the best part is the interaction with the audience and love connecting with the audience and bring them up on stage and meet them afterwards and -- >> our favorite part. >> one thing i low is throwback thursday and posted a photo. we got to walk you back. this out. is that mark -- >> that is mark ballas. >> we've known him -- i was 10 years old and my spray tan, my cornrows, my long nails and, yeah, i mean, that is legit. >> back in the day. >> you know what i love, congratulations on the show, first of all. i love all of you guys -- you kind of came up together and still growing together. it's awesome. everybody, stay right there. julianne and derek are going to perform live for us.
8:27 am
this is a good morning washington update. >> good morning washington, i'm melanie hastings. here are some top stories. breaking overnight. a 13-year-old boy has died in a crash on i-195. three other people were hurt, one critically. sky track seven flew over the scene last annihilate. police say the wreck involved multiple vehicles including a truck. lanes were blobbed for more than seven hours but they are now back open . and a storm watch seven alert. v dot says it has already started pretreated roads in northern virginia and are ready for snow season. roads are already being treatedd with salt and sand before the temperature is expected to drop by tomorrow. now, let's get an update on
8:28 am
>> no weather issues today. the high 43 as we rise out of the 30s. some afternoon clouds and a cold front comes through late that will really send that cold air in and our temperatures tumbling. blustery conditions tomorrow. another weather alert day potentially for saturday morn with a little wet snow mixed with a freezing rain and maybe monday with icy roads . the ride from interstate 95 to the capital beltware in virginia not going to be a bad one. you have plenty of company but no accidents to report. as you hoed to work the springfield mixing bowl. in the meantime we are getting reports of a crash southbound i-270 purchasing sadie grove road. one of your travel lanes is going to be blocked. accident clean up on
8:29 am
we'll send you
8:30 am
[ applause ] ♪ i got faked out by that camera running straight across. welcome back to wednesday morning. we're on "gma." welcome to our audience right here. [ applause ] and let me start out with a question for all of you. it's pretty easy. how many of you use emojis when you text? [ applause ] like a halfhearted one. >> do you? >> some for my kids. >> which one? >> for my little girls winking heart eye. such an easy -- >> melting hearts over here. >> the question is how good are you at it? if you know what these mean there is a company in london that could be looking t
8:31 am
you. it translates looking for an emoji translateer. >> a company is really looking for this. >> they do entire books out of emojis so we'll try -- i know. they do. >> that would take me a really long time to read. >> let's see how good everybody is. let's put up some. this is a popular song. >> it's upside down. dance crown. >> dancing queen. "dancing queen." >> very good. that is good. is that job still open? >> red bull. >> wow, michael. [ applause ] okay. i'll top now. put it up again. michael now needs another job. job number seven. >> that's impressive. >> this one is actually kind of hard. if you can get this one, michael, god bless you. upside down again. oh, wow. whoa. this is tough. >> ts
8:32 am
co-worker. >> it's hard. it starts -- >> do you have a phone charger? >> my phone is dead. do you have a charger. you got it again. [ applause ] >> did you cheat? >> last one -- >> better get this one. this one is an american sports team. >> jets. new york. >> you got it. >> you got it. michael, impressive. >> hey, hey! [ cheers and applause ] another job. >> that one was incredible. >> yeah, i mean, i text with my kids all the time and my friends aren't that adult. [ laughter ] and so, so but i have a question for everybody too. how many of us, especially this holiday season get a gift, you want to give it back and have customer service issues. how many of you have lost our temper on the phone talking to customer service? >> yeah. >> pretty common, right? >> yes.
8:33 am
said, well, apparently it is a way to make it work a little better. it's about your words and how you use your words. >> can i speak to your manager? >> no, that's not what you do. >> instead of saying, your product is garbage say this product is garbage. you got to learn to take it away, not personalizing it. yes, and here's some things, don't forget to use the word perfect, great, fine, all right and please if you use please, those words help you and say thank you throughout the conversation. not just at the end of the conversation. >> i know that you're just the messenger but when you're really angry it's hard sometime, right? >> they say they can take a lot of abuse. they're kind of used to it but it still does affect anybody. what's wrong with you, don't say that. you know, don't say do you know how much i hate your company? yeah. >> wrong thing. >> no. >> but use words of empathy and
8:34 am
throughout the conversation and your customer service needs will be met. >> kill them with kindness. >> a little christmas cheer, a little holiday cheer. >> you catch more bees with honey or flies. >> catch more -- >> is it bees? >> yeah. >> catch flies with just about anything. >> it's bees, amy. all right. speaking of thank you we're grateful this morning to have a legend with us. we're going to bring a triple threat. oscar, tony and emmy award winning actor jeremy irons, come on out. [ applause ] >> good morning. good morning. how nice to see you. hello, big man. >> good it see you, my friend. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> lovely to see you. >> lovely dress in thank you. >> you must be freezing. >> i'm not. mwah.
8:35 am
>> good to see you. >> i'm glad you're wearing your woollies. >> very nice. >> i love how jeremy when he walked out you soaked in the applause. >> well, you do that. no, i love it. i never get that at home. [ laughter ] >> neither do we which is why we come out every day. >> makes you feel great. >> you feel very important. >> that sort of scowling look saying do you want an egg over the counter. >> you played so many iconic roles, i think we were talking about a couple of them earlier. scar, of course, in "the lion king." >> you see. >> spaceship earth ride at end cot. you hear the voice of jeremy irons. do people ever ask you to do the voices. >> and i can never remember them. it's terrible because i'm very old. i think when did i do scar? i can't remember but what is worse is that people say, how can i look at this actor doing this role and all i can hear is scar. i can't believe him at all. i know he's a
8:36 am
why is he pretending to be a person. very difficult. your successes hound you, you know. >> those are just successes to have. >> we were talking. there's a neat article about you in "the new york times." >> oh, yeah. >> this weekend. >> about number one you own a castle. >> yeah. >> is it pink? >> no, it's not pink. >> is it the color of fresh seaweed. >> the color of fresh seaweed. yes. it's sort of that yellowy bit on "gma." >> the neighbors aren't keen. >> sadly my neighbor died a year ago but rough west court farmer and when all the furrer was going over color. what color would you have painted it, james. he said i would have painted it gray. >> yeah. >> he said it's your castle. you can paint it whatever color you want. >> i agree. i agree. [ applause ]
8:37 am
>> also talked about how you, you know, being an actor and on the road you love to make whatever you are very homey for you. how do you do that? >> i do it with sort of bits i can pack easily like scarves and thing, you know, bright hotel rooms and love to drape. i have a sort of feminine side which does that which is -- >> pink castle. >> it goes with a pink castle. >> very in touch. >> and it softens me. >> you always bring your little doggie. >> my dog, please, doggie. what is a doggie? puppy, no, she's a dog. she's a very, very serious dog. but she's always called a puppy in this country. i can't understand it. people go, hello, puppy. she's not a puppy. she's 2. she's a grown-up experienced dog. not only that but she's a bitch. >> she really -- she technically is. >> i was just going to say which is nice and funny as you are, you play a bad guy, hard to
8:38 am
set me up for it in "assassin's creed." >> no, he's not a bad guy. >> he's not. >> he's misunderstood. let's take a look at the clip. >> here you go. >> thank you. 1917. 1953, watson and krikorian find the double heel lick. 2016, my daughter finds the cure for violence. you've always been brighter than me. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was the beautiful marion cotillard. playing my daughter. i don't have a daughter but i wish she was my daughter. >> she's lovely. >> i'm not a baddie but just a person doing what he does. an awful lot of people doing that in the world and you might look at them. we have one or two in this city. you might look at them and think what are they doing, but
8:39 am
hairstyle they're doing their best. >> a lot of people spend time doing their best. we can stand back and think, oh, you're making a publicish job of it but they're trying. my character is the same. he's not a bad guy? a lot of stunt work in this movie in "assassin's creed." in fact, our own t.j. holmes went with the movie's lead stuntman damian walters and he re-enacted the movie's signature jump, leap of faith, i guess is what the scene is called. it's a freefall for more than 100 feet up. look at that. boom. i mean that just makes my stomach drop. oh. >> did you have to do that. >> well, what they asked me to do, you'll see. i stand still a lot of the time on the edge of things. and the director would say, when i say fall, i want you to leap and he'd make me stand there and he'd never say fall but there was always that tension in my
8:40 am
was about to leap 120 feet but i never had to. he think it's something to do with my age. >> no, no, no. >> they were worried i might die. >> just being smarter. >> want to see t.j. holmes give that a try, can you go to our page, actually, our "good morning america" page on facebook and see his actual leap of faith which is something i would not have done. >> you can see "assassin's creed" on december 21st. >> listen, it's -- december the 21st. i don't bull -- really i don't -- >> you don't mince words either. it's an amazing movie on every level. you're going to have a fantastic time with this movie. i don't say that often. >> thank you for coming in. thank you. julianne and derek hough perform live.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we are back now with our tenth annual warm coats, warm hearts coat drive partnering with burlington and kids fashion delivers. the drum roll for the tally, please. 40,061 coats. an incredible number and we still have time but first here's a look at our friends who are giving back. we've had some "gma" friends bring the heat to times square. brett -- >> hey, america, it's brett eldredge. >> katie.
8:44 am
>> emeril. >> why don't you donate a coat. >> donating is so easy. all you have to go is bring it in to our store, drop it in the box and we take care of the rest. every gently used jacket burlington receives in store makes its way to a good home. in colorado, nuggets basketball player diyral arthur and his wife donated 300 coats to the denver mission rescue. >> put your hands up like that. >> these kids are excited about it. you can see by the smiles on their faces. >> it makes me warm. [ cheers and applause ] >> we want to thank darrelle arthur and his wife and for the mission for being part of the coat drive for ten years. so special and have our big coat box, right here you're seeing it in times square but something behind it, right? there's a lot behind it. that's right. these kids are part of broadway's "shine," kid actors on broadway who doughat
8:45 am
over 350 coats and counting. thanks so much for being part of our effort. go to your local burlington store. go to our website for more info- single digit wind chills - wintry mix saturday morning, maybe again late sunday - wild up & down temperature swings over the next 10 days today: sunny becoming mostly cloudy late. highs: 42-47 winds: nw 5 mph tonight: stray shower/flurry early. becoming mainly clear and breezy. lows: 21-28 winds: w 5-15 mph thursday: blustery and very cold. highs: 2 we are back with derek and julianne hough. these two have eight mirror ball trophies between them on "dancing with the stars." they're now dancing across the country on their upcoming tour but first they are dancing for us. >> all right. hit it. ♪ ♪
8:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you guys want more? >> got to move with us. ready. >>. >> both: giver it to me one time, give it to two times. give it to me three times. now scream. ♪
8:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. we are back now with buddy valastro and his family and we count down to the finale of our great american christmas cookie search. buddy, thanks for being with us. how are you doing? [ cheers and applause ] >> you're obviously famous for your elaborate desserts. rethink sweet >> being a father of four and knowing the trends in america, everybody wants to eat the good stuff and it tastes well but they don't want the calories and i partner with whole earth sweetener and they have a bunch of different products like a
8:51 am
substitute equal half the sugar you would put in your recipe with baking blend and it's half the calories. >> half the calories, half the sugar. >> all right. so you brought your lower calorie gingerbread cookie. >> these are my lower calorie gingerbread cookies which i'll cut out and put on a pan here and if you go to there's this and a bunch of other recipes. >> tell me what the taste is like. >> this is why i partner with them. when they first gave me a bag of it and i put it in a cookie recipe, i brought the cookies home to my kids and they couldn't tell the difference between them and it's all natural. >> okay. >> so and it's available retailers all over. >> tell the truth, kids do, don't they. especially your two. >> absolutely. >> so we got our gingerbread men. who doesn't like that for the holidays and give them red and green buttons, bada bing,
8:52 am
boom. >> let me taste one. >> see what you think. >> i got my lovely wife. >> hi, how are you. >> does all the baking and cooking at home for the holidays. >> this is the more traditional italian -- the italian cookie. pronounce it for me. tarallesome. so we just add some milk, egg, baking powder, vanilla, flour, shortening and mix it together and voila. we end up with this. >> and then you -- these are cool. did you make these with this? >> yeses. >> instead of rolling it up -- >> cut it into half-inch pieces and make a long one like that. put it up, sprinkle on top in so easy. >> very sese for the kids. >> look how cute these two are, marco and carlo. tell me what you have. chocolate chip cookies. >> yes. >> what do you do with the chocolate chip cookie. >> >>
8:53 am
buttercream on and then you put the cookie on top like that. >> yes. >> wow. >> i like that. >> we start them young. you know that. >> you could even put more. >> we start them young in the family and we love to bake as a family. there's nothing like baking at home with the kids. >> a chock chip oreo twist. thank you so much. marco, carlo, lisa. thank you so much. marco, carlo, lisa. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart. >> whoo! >> thanks to derek and julianne hough. tickets fortheir tour go on sale friday. >> you're working on christmas, as well. looking forward that. >> thank you. . from obvious seven this thia good morning washington update. >> right now hundreds of airport workers are on strike. employees at dulles and
8:57 am
national hit the picket line this morning. it's all part of the fight for a 15-dollar an hour wage . a weather alert ahead of the architect pick cold blast headed our way. says it's already treats roads with salt and sand before the dramatic temperature drop. so when's it all happening? >> no weather issues today, the high 43 as we rise out of the 30s. some afternoon clouds and a cold front comes through late that'll really send that cold air in and our temperatures tumbling. 30, 40 miles per hour. another weather alert day potentially for saturday. saturday morning, with a little bit of wet snow mixed with freezing rain. maybe monday morning with icy roads. as you make your trip on 66 east
8:58 am
we had some earlier collision activity. it has now been moved to the side of the roadway but look at the delays. in the meantime if you are traveling on the beltway still seeing delays on the inner loom. also inner loop as you approach 29 and we are looking at 29 and 32 where we had al crash earlier. mallny, back to you . and now are you still searching for that perfect gift? coming up during the 9 o'clock hour of good morning washington on newschannel8, we are showing you six holiday gift ideas sure to impress everyone on your list. be sure to tune in. it's just a couple minutes away on good morning washington newschannel8. hope you have a great day.
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from the new film, "assassin's creed," michael fassbender. and fashion races, it is all happening right here in lives holiday square spectacular. plus, performance from recording artist gavin degraw. also, richard curtis returns for another day at the coho's desk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and richard curtis! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> i love this


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