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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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jonathan: our first real shot of winter weather, brutal cold on the way. when you wake up, maybe some snowflakes. alison: when does the arctic hare arrived and what we need to know for the commute? we start with meteorologist steve rudin. steve: the cold arrives overnight.
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is the wind will pick up at about 2 a.m., 3:00 a.m. we can deal with this, this is easy, lower 40's inside the capital beltway. we even have a few snow showers northeast of baltimore. really nothing around the immediate metro area. if you see a few flakes, it will not amount to a whole lot. the bigger story will be the windchill factors. by 9:00 a.m., you will need a thick coat, gloves, scarf, a hat, the works. the feels-like temperature's eight degrees, even colder north and west. it stays cold pretty much all day long, with windchill factors below zero for hagerstown, winchester, and luray through the later afternoon. we will go through the forecast hour-by-hour, plus looking into the weekend, another chance of a wintry mix early saturday morning. and looking ahead to christmas travel, the big christmas
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alison: all right, steve, thanks. looking ahead to tomorrow morning, area school systems will have workers out long before sunrise to make sure school buses will be on time. in past years we have had trouble with the buses running and traveling during this kind of weather, so they spent the afternoon checking batteries and making sure that the school buses are using winterized diesel. the minuteront to traffic and weather, tune into "good morning washington" starting at 4:24. stay connected when you are not in front of your tv on facebook, twitter,, and you can also download the stormwatch app for updates. alison: a 7 on your side consumer alert. yahoo! believes that hackers data from more than one billio
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this happened more than three years ago. datathe company says that name, email addresses, phone numbers may have been stolen. not credit card data. this is a separate reach from the one announced back in september. at that time, 500 million it accounts were exposed. jonathan: more than 100 people marching down pennsylvania avenue, towards the trump hotel. there was a group of jewish people protesting a hot a kia -- a hannukah party. anna-lysa: there have been several protests in front of the trump international hotel this week. there was yet another, weeks ahead of inauguration day. the police monitor the protesters as they marched from here to freedom plaza. ♪ anna-lysa: dozens of protesters denouncehe streets to an exclusive event at the trump hotel wednesday evening. organizers are upset
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conference of major american jewish organizations for hosting party at the hotel owned by the president-elect. we are sending a message that the presidents of the major jewish organizations does not represent the majority of jewish people in america. they represent 50 national jewish organizations on national and international concern. on their website, they issued a press release on november 9. the statement says in part, "we congratulate president-elect trump on his election victory and welcome his clear commitment to being president for all americans and to bind the wounds of division. withok forward to working president-elect trump and his advisors in the transition before his inauguration." >> what they are doing is terrible, divisive, causing harm. anna-la:
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are in an establishment that has trump s name it? >> there is a lot of symbolism around this. workers at the trump international hotel would not comment on the event. as for the conference, we have not received a response from them. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: there is a possible conflict of interest over donald trump's d.c. hotel. house democrats say that a federal agency told them trump has to sell his stake in the hotel. the general services administration says it has not made a final decision in this case. trump is renting the property from the federal government. the contract says, "no elected officials of the government of the united states shall be admitted to any share or part of this lease." stay tuned as this plays out.
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transition, the role of donald trump's three adult children seems to be expanding. r father'sdant thei meeting today. and donald trump junior interviewed candidates for interior secretary. cnn is reporting that if iv anka trump will use the white house. alison: let's get back to the cold weather. happening now, preparations for the winter weather we told you about earlier. snow team is deploying snowplows to keep the roads safe. tom roussey has how the region is getting ready. hi, tom. tom: hi, alison. have deployed, so we decided to deploy with them. we get to follow one of the salt trucks. this
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with salt about 15 minutes ago. plan is to work all night long. we are on sorts to coda avenue in northeast. -- we are on south dakota avenue in northeast. the past half hour or convoy of trucks arrived at the ddot facility in northeast. they were loaded with salt. they want to make absolutely sure that the roads are fine for the morning commute. >> they will be out all night through 9 a.m., really mainly to make sure the a.m. commute tomorrow is not impacted. we will make a decision likely tomorrow going into friday, depending on the forecast, what our deployment will be friday night or saturday morning. d.c. is not the only place where trucks are out.
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vdot has been out throughout the day, and they are out again as we are speaking is what i'm told. this is the george washington parkway in alexandria, pre- treated. according to the state highway administration of maryland, they are not pretreating roads, taking a wait-and-see approach. the concern, as we come back live on 50 in the district, not just overnight tonight but also friday night into saturday as well. says they madet deploy then, as well as virginia. are pretreating the roads. live along the roads in the district ddot, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, be safe, thank you. marking a tragic anniversary with calls for change. today marks for years
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elementary school in connecticut. 20 children were killed. this afternoon, dozens held a vigil outside of the nra headquarters in fairfax, calling for reform to help end senseless gun violence. in the crowd today, the parents of alison parker, who was shot and killed while reporting on live tv. >> that's really what motivates us. we have to do it for alison. alison: the group says they have to fight harder these days because they say president-elect donald trump has expressed support for gun owners. the nra did not comment on the protest. jonathan: developing now, a car crashing into the entrance of a mall during a busy shopping season. this happened at iversen mall in temple hills. the driver told the police he had been shot. no word on where the shooting took lace. the victim was conscious and breathing, but his condition is not known at this hour. neededs of kids in le
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nonprofit group providing health care for families across the district. tim party was at the party and northwest washington. tim, tell us all about this. jonathan, the smiles on their faces say it all. you will see that in a minute. the event was so big that they had to hold it across the street. it looks like most christmases across the country, but for some, it may sound different. ♪ tim: the nonprofit provides health care for thousands of latino immigrants. today, they provided gifts. >> thank you. tim: with the helps of donors and this man. >> i'm santa claus. >> the story of mary and joseph trying to find a room at the inn,
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coming to a new place. handful, kids had a others had gifts from the big man himself. >> i like it! tim: kids of all ages were thankful. >> thank you so much for doing this for the community. tim: and the parents were thankful, too. expanding services into maryland as well, so we will let you know if they have the same event in maryland next year. tim barber, abc 7 news. rlison: what if your ex, you friend, even a stranger knew where you were going and when? were uber workers spying on passengers?
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. of terror-tornts in aleppo, syria, will be able to leave tomorrow under a cease-fire agreed to tonight. the first cease-fire
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thousands stranded. site of ais the terrible disturbing humanitarian crisis. many people have been left without food and water. the u.n. says the failure of the first deal is outrageously cruel. jonathan: closing arguments tomorrow in the case of the man accused of killing nine people at a charleston church. lawyers for roof rested their case without calling a single witness, after the judge said -- after they said they cannot present evidence about his mental health. he could be facing the death penalty. with a 7 on your side consumer alert --is your uber driver spying on you? if true, these are startling claims. a former investigator said that car share workers were basically able to track anyone. this person is suing uber for
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insecurity and let them track politicians, celebrities, and even personal connections like exes. >> he said it was an ongoing problem that so many people had ride access, anybody could look up anything. hen the company would try to catch people afterwards. not trueber says it's almost all workers had access to the data. uber says that you need security clearance to access some of this they haven and claims fire drivers for violating the policy. jonathan: american airlines in trouble for fight -- flight delays. the u.s. department of transportation is finding the airline $1.6 million, american airlines accused of leaving flights on the tarmac three hours without giving passengers a chance to get off the plane. federal law
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requires airlines to allow passengers to get off the plane if there are long delays as well as providing them with food and water. alison: 7 on your side fighting back against these two are stealing packages from porches. prince george's county police want you to look at this image. this is pretty clear. this man tried to snatch a package from a home in capitol heights. if you have information, call the police. learn how to protect yourself from this. log on to and click on willh pirates" and you find caught on tape videos and ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. jonathan: 11 days until christmas, but it came early in fairfax county. tota himself went to inova give packages to children. he had an official police he
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parents, and packages. the parents a that sing their kid smile is the best part. hopefully it will help their healing. a glimmer of hope today for families to literally lost everything. these are survivors of the deadly blast at the silver spring apartment building. today, nonprofit interfaith shoes,elped people get winter clothing, and toys, all for free. when family called the gifts a godsend, saying they likely would not have had gifts for their children without this. alison: fantastic. and an emotional end to a long-standing tradition in the district. is the mother of a fallen police officer. she has been making christmas dinner for law enforcement for 20 years, and this year is her last one. police officers are invited to eat in or take out
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and enjoy a home-cooked meal, all of it a tribute to her son. >> i miss my brian. sometimes it seems like yesterday we lost him, sometimes it seems like it's been a hundred years. alison: gibson called today's turned out unbelievable and says that it makes her so happy to bring people together. steve: all right, are you ready for the cold? it will be here by the time you get here tomorrow morning. right now, a few snow showers east of baltimore, mixing in with rain. the cold front moving overhead. once it moves across the area, temperatures will fall. overnight, mostly to partly cloudy skies, a few flurries possible, but not causing problems tomorrow morning. wake up temperatures, cold. these are actual air temperatures. middle 20's bethesda, 25 upper marlboro, 23 manassas.
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spreads the atlantic. we are looking at daytime highs only in the middle to upper 20's , with windchill factors in the single digits and teens, thanks to gusty northwesterly wind, upwards of 30 to 40 miles per hour. the good news is the gusty wind only lasts one day, it will ease friday night. although friday will be cold, it will not be as windy. wind-chill advisory's to the west, garrett county, extreme western allegheny county, nothing for the immediate metro, but that does not mean it will feel better tomorrow morning. it will feel very cold. theime hight only in 20's, lots of sunshine. a few clouds in the evening. everyone pay attention to this -- 14 degrees the feels like theerature at 7 a.m., and temperature actually goes wn
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outdoor recess for many of the kids will probably be in jeopardy because it will be too cold and windy. for further west you go, below zero winchester, below zero cumberland. noontime, through 5:00. gusty wind continues. feels-like temperature's the single digits and lower teens. the wind settles down late tomorrow night, colder temperatures return for the day friday. 26 with windchill factors in the single digits tomorrow. 27 friday, warming up saturday. could start off with a wintry mix that may begin as early as late friday night, near 60's sunday. another cold front. christmas eve, upper 40's, near 50 degrees. alison: steve, thank you. tonight for a.c. special screening at the national
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alison: the film "hidden figures" had its d.c. premier tonight. at cast walked the carpet the national museum of african american history and culture. the story tells the story of three african-american mathematicians who played a key role in john glenn's 1962 spaceflight. michelle obama will see a screening of the film tomorrow night. the film opens nationwide january 6. that looks really good. jonathan: the redskins have to win out. erin: yes, it will be tough, monday night cam newton rolling into town. cam newton was asked about josh norman today and it had nothing to do with football. have a newis franchise
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ven ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you buyer local toyota dealers. wizards looking to bounce back tonight against sure let. john wall looking to become the leader in
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wall to bradley beal, martin gortat hammers at home. less than a minute to go, washington up six. john wall does it himself. the shot goes, despite a lot of contact. another double double, 25 points, 10 assists. wiz win 109-106. when the redskins and panthers square off monday night, it will mark the first time that josh norman faces his former team. he played four seasons for carolina and made some tight ons with teammates. and hisy, cam newton girlfriend announced they are expecting their second child. asked if they would consider naming their baby after josh norman. cam: josh norman? not in a million years. if i were to tell josh norman i
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♪ i don't think we are ready for this cold. not, but thank goodness it will only last one day with a really cold. tomorrow, daytime highs in the middle 20's, the windchill factors single digits to middle teens. not as cold friday. saturday, wintry mix in the morning. warmer next week. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. alison: have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, david spade, the "jimmy kimmel live" clip of the year, and metallica. and now, on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you. i will say -- it's beginning to


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