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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 15, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now" giants of the tech world meet with the president-elect. >> the industry's most powerful leaders getting the open for business signal from president-elect trump despite some being object of his scorn in the campaign. what he told them as well as latest on the transition. developments in war-torn syria, the serious fire that broke down yesterday is reportedly back on, but as rebels pull out, tens of thousands of innocent lives hang in the balance. >> heart stopping moments on the top of a building. an emergency worker sneaks up behind a distraught man threatening to jump. how he took action from there. get ready for the most intense game of rock, paper, scissors you'll ever see. >> oh, my
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>> the agony of defeat. the play ground game like never seen before on this thursday, december 15th. >> no, never go with rock! from abc news, this is "world news now." >> never go with rock. >> why? >> because rock -- you always go with rock because you always assume your competitor goes with rock because they will assume that that's a powerful thing, and you're just going to go there with rock. no. >> then you pick paper. >> exactly. >> what if they have rock. >> it's harder to do scissors. >> what if you know that you know that you know you're going to do paper? >> then you figured out the plot for "inception," the movie. >> all right. now that we've talked about rock, sis sore, paper before we do the story on rock, scissors, paper, let's talk about the president-elect. >> exactly. it's a simar
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giants of tech. >> i bet they were discussing the high-tech game. >> donald trump met with a dozen or so tech executives, and you can see there at trump tower, encouraging innovation which many of them had feared he would undermine. trump's three oldest children were in the meeting, again, blurring the line between the family's personal and professional lives. here's more now from tom llamas. >> reporter: trump tower turning into silicon valley, the president-elect, summoning the leaders of amazon, google, facebook, paypal, and apple, some of whom publicly supported hillary clinton. >> we're going to be there for you. you'll call my people, call me, doesn't make a difference. there's no formal chain of command around here. >> reporter: as trump welcomed tech leaders, he's also defending his pick for secretary of state, rex tillerson, amid charges that tillerson is
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close with vladimir putin. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world we don't get along with. some people don't like that. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex because i like what it's about. >> reporter: apparently, so does russia. tv newscasts there reporting there are few americans who have such good relations with the russian president. the relationship built during tillerson's years as the ceo of exxon mobil, one kremlin commentator saying, tillerson's nomination is, quote, some kind of christmas gift from the american people to the russian people. putin, himself, sounding eager to meet trump face-to-face saying, quote, we're ready at any moment here. from our side, there are no problems. tillerson now bracing for what could be a challenging confirmation hearing. it takes three republicans to block his nomination. his record at exxon mobil now under scrutiny including recent
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made it clear to foreign governments, his focus was not on american interests, but exxon mobil's interest. >> i'm not here to represent the united states' government interests, not here to defend or criticize it. that's not what i do. i'm a businessman. >> reporter: trump's decision means for the first time in 24 years, there are no women or minorities in the top four cabinet positions. and tillerson is one of ten millionaires and billionaires named to the administration so far. more news from the transition team, donald trump just this weekend had been down playing the presidential classified briefings he was receiving, saying he's a smart person and doesn't have to hear the same thing every day. on average, he was receiving one a week, but that's changing. now this week, he'll receive three every week. we asked the team why, they said they are just changing protocol. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> thanks to tom there. the inauguration is five weeks
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every moment. hundreds of workers took part in a day long rehearsal using a floor map of washington, d.c. to see how the festivities play out. we know "america's got talent" star will sing the national anthem. the trump team calls the 16-year-old soprano an inspi inspiruatiinspir inspiration for all americans. 24 hours after falling apart, a cease fire is back on in aleppo, syria. the evacuation of tens of thousands of civilians trapped without food, water, or medicines starts this morning. opposition fighters will be all allowed to leave the war-ravaged city. those remaining have detailed horrific conditions, including execution of women and children. helpless citizens, doctors, and activists begging for help, and the heart breaking pleas from the youngest residents, and many will not survive the carnage unless help comes immediately. officials are trying to
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philippine's president saying he use to kill suspected criminals. he said he personally shot suspects when he was the mayor to show police they should do the same. the justice minister says he exaggerated to get the message across. he's been widely criticized for the brutal crackdown on illegal drugs that led to the deaths of more than 2,000 suspects. for the second time in months, yahoo! reveals it's been victimized by a massive cyber attack. more than 1 billion accounts were breached. it took place in august 2013, a year before 500 millioning th as were hacked. the source of the incident has not been identified so far. they are urged to change passwords and security questions. in south carolina, closing arguments expected in a church shooting trial. dylan roof accused of shooting
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year. attorneys rested their case yesterday without calling witnesses. meanwhile, the final witness for the prosecution is polly shepherd, one of three survivors from the shooting. jurors heard the emotional 911 call. >> did you see him at all? yes. he's a young 21-year-old white dude. he's got it in his hand. he's reloading. how many shots fired? >> i don't know. so many. >> jurors were shown home video of roof shooting targets in the backyard with the same gun he allegedly used in the rampage. if found guilty, jurors have to decide whether to sentence him to death. in connecticut, ceremonies held to mark the 40 anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. there was a moment of silence and flags flown at half staff across the state. 20 children and six educators killed by a 20-year-old gunman who then killed himself. millions of americans face bone-chilling temperatures
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wind chill alerts out from north dakota to maine. this video from buffalo this morning where you can see there's a bit of a thunder and lightning show on display as well as blowing snow. take a look at these morning lows. 0 in chicago. 11 in pittsburgh. 26 in new york city. 15 in st. louis. west coast is dealing with rain and snow. in oregon, thousands of children stranded at school either because of the busses or parents were stuck in traffic. the federal reserve raised a key interest rate. the increase means slightly higher costs for mortgages and credit cards. the fed projected three more increases next year. stocks had the worst day in two months following that announcement. and amazon's drone delivery has liftoff in time for the busy holiday shopping season. the company shared video of the first drone delivery including a bag of popcorn and a video streaming device. the test run took 13 minutes and was for an amazon shopper in the u.k. more
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that one guy, that one guy whose outdoor christmas light display puts everyone else to shame. >> if i live the in the 'burbs, i'd be that guy. some tried to get into the battle, right? compete house to house. >> yes. >> then there's this house in detroit. that family on the left put out the white flag saying ditto with the arrow where the neighbors went all out. they were going to be more elaborate, but couldn't compete and figure, why waste the time. >> for the record, the woman who has the sign said it took four hours to make that sign, so they did put in some work into it. >> four hours. >> four hours? >> four hours. >> i mean, did she create the lights from scratch? filament and wires? >> exactly. >> okay. that one confuses me. anyway. coming up, from ditto displays to
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may get a run for his money from the hot young conservative talk show host with a viral following. why she's inflaming passion on both sides of the aisle. the scene from the other side of the world, this firefighter sneaking up behind a suicidal man on a rooftop. how it ended. check out the behind the scene pictures on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." " ucks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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firefighters saved a man who was about to jump from the rooftop of a 30-story building. what was a harrowing rescue in china. the man threatened to commit suicide due to relationship problem. while friends and others were a distractions, the firefighter crept up behind the man and pulled him to safety. >> oh. risky. >> yeah. but it worked. >> all right. meanwhile in florida, a murder for hire trial ended in mistrial. >> it gained notoriety on "cops" and it was the seconds attempt to try a woman for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to kill her newlywed husband. here's the latest. >> i must declare a mistrial. >> reporter: a mistrial in the murder-for-hire case
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jury in west palm beach, florida came back split. >> there were three votes for guilty and three votes for not guilty. >> reporter: the state attorney vowing to try yet again to prove she hired an undercover officer posing as a hitman in 2009 to kill her newlywed husband. >> like, 5,000% sure. >> reporter: arguing the videos in this case speak for themselves, but defense claimed this clip was staged by the police department to impress the crew of the tv show, "cops." >> is your husband michael? sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> reporter: maintaining she was going along with what she believed was part of the show as she told us in december. >> that was the purpose of it. >> you were acting in the tapes? >> yes. >> the reality is she attempted to hire people to kill me before. >> reporter: in 2011
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convicted after solicitation to commit first degree murder, but that verdict was thrown out on appeal. now the 34-year-old is preparing tor tried for a third time. >> what we're focusing on is how we can better bolster our message and get that out there in round three. >> reporter: the state attorney says the trial begins as soon as possible. meanwhile, she's scheduled to be back in court in three weeks for a status check. kendis, diane? >> marcy, thank you. in the next half hour, the growing debate among new parents, should you sleep train your baby? opponents says training is nothing more than the cry it out method of just ignoring the baby's screams. first, she's the young conservative fire brand who's lighting up the internal. in 24-year-old is a rising star and feeling passioned across the political spectrum. "world news now" this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and
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talk about millennials shaking up the old guard, you might say, using technology to get to stardom. >> just two years ago, tommy was hosting a tv show on her college campus, and now she's a rising star of conservative media with controversial ideas and audience that rivals the size of some cable tv channels. we're up all nightline with abc's david wright. >> reporter: lauren hosts her own show on glenn beck's the blaze, the final thoughts from the show that made a splash. >> i'm sick and tired of the failing mainstream media and democratic party blaming fake news for the election of donald trump. >> reporter: posted daily to facebook, aiming p ining at pop and politicians sounding off on race and gender. >> w
3:19 am
was concerned with our soldiers and marines overseas as he seems about about transgenders where they take a [ bleep ]. kaepernick, final thoughts for you, bud. >> reporter: many taking down kaepernick than tuning in to all cable news channel in an entire month, 66 million and counting, proudly politically incredibility and pro-trump too, and trevor noah invited her on the daily show two weeks ago. >> i'm in the lion's den, trevor. >> is that an african thing, no. >> watching that he was not gentlemanly. >> yeah. i think so. you know, he was rude. kind of a jerk. true diversity is diversity of thought, not color. i don't see color. i voted for hillary clinton, and she's white as she come. >> reporter: held her on on the show. >> i got a cadillac because i'm ameran
3:20 am
>> reporter: she does in most things. >> i had a lot of great opportunities i've seized, but don't think i didn't work my butt off to get where i am. >> reporter: your age, just for a minute. when you were old enough to vote, obama was already president. >> yeah. romney 2012. >> have you travelled? >> never been outside of the united states, not that i don't want to, but i've busted my butt to get where i am. >> reporter: she does the heavy lifting herself. >> i didn't grow up in a traditional legacy mia situation where you have producers and writers and a full staff. >> reporter: she insists she's not a journalist, but a commentator, and she showed us how she looked at multiple sources before forming opinions. >> twitter is a resource, i see what people are talking about and tweeting about, and i go and look at three or four articles from various sources before i form an opinion, and that's how may millennial brain
3:21 am
>> lazy as you can be. she's in authority now. if you want to play the game, do your homework, not just rejournal at a time things you read on twitter. >> do you see her as a racist? >> not necessarily being a race ist, but ignoring racial implications. >> reporter: the test comes after president trump takes office. is she a mouthpiece or hold his feet to the fire? you're a political commentator. do you plan to be as tough on tough? >> hold me to that. hold me to that. please, hold me to that. there's so many americans depending on him. >> reporter: just as there are millions upon millions watching her in a very real way, the mainstream media. nightline in dallas, david wright. coming up, why the so-called man flu apparently really is a thing. >> and the woman who tried to go for a month without throwing away a single piece of trash. the mix is next.
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time for the mix starting off with one, i think, the gentleman might enjoy, a new study out of the university of london is claiming that viruses hit men harder than women. they say that -- >> we just whine about it more. >> i agree with that. they say some infectious diseases may evolve to be more harmful for men than women in order to protect. did you look at it? >> i looked, but that's not what i was looking at. >> anyway, i'm saying no to this study. i wonder ho
3:26 am
>> it's true the we get sick more than women. >> you just complain about it. >> yes, and we're ignored. fighting off -- >> i'm dying back here. holy cow! >> jack's had the swine flu since the '80s. >> sweats. chills. >> speaking of chills, and amazing moment here. the world competition for rock, paper scissors taking place overseas in japan. actually, we'll get to that in a second. this woman -- i got distracted. a woman who lived trash free for 30 days. >> how? >> well, she used a lot of -- she -- most americans have 23 pounds of trash a day. she used a lot -- cut down on packaged foods, used a lot
3:27 am
compost in order to reduce the waste, and at the end of the day, her trash or end of the month, this is it, the trash fit into a small mason jar including some floss. >> good for her. more important decisions in life. rock, paper, or scissors. check it out in japan. >> i was getting to it. >> every year, japanese hold this tournament. is 100,000 members compete to be the lineup of the group's next single, and this was the final moment -- >> oh, my god. talk about the agony of the hands. >> you say never go rock? >> never go rock first. >> why? >> assume the other person's going to go rock first. >> ready? >> yeah. >> i had a feeling that was going to happen. >> you all right over there? you're going to be okay? >> just a little sick. >> e
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you have
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this morning, a billion accounts breached, another hacking, what you need to know about your e e-mail as notifications are sent out today. half the nation waking up to brutally cold temperatures and snow and whiteout conditions forced emergency rescue in the east, a snow system in the west brings snow and rain. the forecast is just ahead. new this half hour, two sisters meeting each other for the first time. >> conjoined twins finally see each other face to face. the video that warmed even kendis's cold heart. >> what do eight of the top ten sexiest men in the world have in common. once considered sloppy, it's the hipster fad that refuses to die. the answer ahead in the skinny, it's thursday, december 15th. from abc news, this is


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