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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 23, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "worlds news now," rushing home to the holidays with millions taking to the roads and skies today, danger weather could be in the why. why expect delays even if it's clear where you are right now. president-elect trump taking to twitter for more surprise announcemen announcements, this time on how he intends to increase america's nuclear arsenal, plus, how he's putting pressure on u.s. diplomats over middle east policy. new this half hour, the growing danger of exploding batteries. >> that incident of a man scolded for using an e-cigarette right before it blew up prompted new concerns as travelers are packing them for the road. what you need to know about the devices. catch a tiger without a shirt. the internet post from woods that has us getting in the spirit, and others scratching ou
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or beards. the very sweet reason behind tig tiger claus. that's a thing on this friday, december 23rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the image will make it all make sense. >> tiger claus is the best tease ever. >> we'll get to that in the skinny, but people are on the move this weekend. we're going to start with the busiest travel days of the year. about 100 million americans are traveling this weekend hitting the roads, the rails, and airports. the big concern, though, those two major storm systems. one there on the radar heading into the midwest. the other hitting the west coast expected to have a ripple effect across the country. >> driving could be dangerous. one person was badly injured crashing into a snowplow in new york state, and in san diego, this driver had to be rescued.
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be rescued from the vehicle. >> oh, wow. more than 400 flights expected to be cancelled or delay today at lax, an airport struggling to recover from two days of gridlock. david kerly with the latest. >> reporter: holiday travel on one of the busiest days of the year delayed. in two coastal cities and some in between. >> the flight was delayed and delayed and delayed. >> reporter: more than an hour delay in newark and los angeles and phoenix and las vegas as well. the lax delay, the faa says, airport runway and taxi way construction is to blame with rain contributing. >> it's been a pain. >> reporter: all during two of the busiest travel days of the year, and a record-setting holiday travel season. we are on the 27th floor of skyscraper in downtown chicago, and this is united's command center looking at the weather, international flights, domestic flights, everyone tracked on a board, and green up there i
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good. heavy volume and potential weather -- >> we'll have dallas take a look at it. >> reporter: keeping the airline operating centers on their toes. >> this room is here tasked with putting pieces of the puzzle back together to minimize customer impact ultimately. >> reporter: the concern is weather in the midwest. there is forecasted snow in chicago. the question is, will it be heavy enough to affect operations? david kerley, reagan international airport. parts of the desert southwest was hit with an inch of rain, causing some street flooding. this was the afternoon commute in phoenix. it was quite a mess. >> with more on the forecast, joined by justin povick, good morning. >> kendis, mara, thanks, good morning to you. we're tracking multiple storms, two storms, the first of which bringing rain to the central plains and snow to the northern tier of states towards the twin cities more so slippery travel towards i-35 and 94.
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short amount of time because we have storm number two now impacting the southwest with heavy rain towards l.a. and mountain snow on interstate 80 measuring in feet way up there at 7,000 feet. poor traveling conditions again today along the west coast and poor travel in the upper midwest. next storm eventually turns into a raging blizzard over the plain states over the weekend. kendis, mara, back to you. >> thank you, justin. moving on from the cold weather to talk of cold war. president-elect donald trump is raising questions and fears with a tweet about nuclear weapons. trump's post said the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. appearing to conflict with u.s. policy. the comment came hours after putin called for boosting his country's nuclear capacity. trump's spokesman said the president-elect was referring to
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proliferation among terrorists groups and rogue regimes. trump fired off another controversial tweet calling for a u.n. security council resolution to be vetoed, weighing in before any official response from the current white house ad administration. egypt later pulled the resolution calling for israel to immediately stop building settlements in palestinian territory. officials reefed out to trump to stop it, and obama administration is not saying how the u.s. would have voted. hillary clinton won the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million more votes than donald trump. certify results in all 50 states give hillary clinton the largest pop paw lar vote margin than any losing candidate. she received 48% compared to 46% for trump. intense man hunt underway for the man suspected of driving a truck into a crowded open air market in berlin this we.
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tractor trailer plowed through the market. the venue reopen yesterday after after concrete blocks were placed to prevent another such attack. the attack exposed much more important flaws in europe's antiterrorism security. despite raids in germany, the suspect has not yet been found. at least two americans, both from texas, injured in the berlin attack. richard ramirez from south texas is in serious condition. he's been living in berlin for 18 years. his partner was killed in the attack. his family plans to bring him back home as soon as he's able to travel. >> i think he needs to be around us. we need to be around him, and we need to come together, of course, as a family. that's what families do, especially this time of year. >> the other american injured is russell schultz of austin who was drinking wine with friends when the truck barrelled through the market. two of his friends died, but he
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five under arrest in australia. four of the five born in australia. all of them became self-radicalized, but inspired by isis. they were allegedly planning to attack public sites with explosives and other weapons. police say the arrests have ended that threat. back in this country, we have breaking news from arkansas where a suspect has been arrested in the road rage death of a little boy in little rock, 3-year-old king was killed last saturday while riding in the back seattle of his grandmother's car. there's been a man hunt since them. he's been identified as 33-year-old gary holmes charged now with capital murder. police make a dangerous discovery during a domestic disturbance call in florida. they were called after the suspect argued with his parents. his mother asked deputies to check out fumes in the home. abc's pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: police responded to the home after an
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>> why does your room smell like chemicals? >> chemicals? >> reporter: the report of a disturbing chemical smell was just the start. >> do you carry a knife in the pocket like that? >> reporter: within seconds, a fight erupts. authorities are investigating whether the chemicals found are explosives. >> you look around the world, see what happened in germany, we treat this as a potential terrorist. >> reporter: sources say he has a criminal record may have mental health issues, but he allegedly said things to his mother suggesting he was at least thinking about isis. >> mom made statements to detectives that when he gets mad, he says things to her, like, i'm a terrorist, i'm going to isis. >> reporter: while no terror ties have been found, authorities say the suspect had, quote, the potential to do bad things. abc news, washington. police are searching for two suspects involved in the
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driver in florida. the driver was held hostage for 11 hours, and forced to chauffeur captors in a crime spree. they used his phone to take pictures of themselves and finally released him, but said they'd kill him if he called police. two other suspects have already been arrested. and how about some fresh evidence crime just doesn't pay. a crook in springfield, ohio smashes his way into and e-cigarette store to grab the small tv on a table. looks around, sees nothing else worth taking, grabs the tv, and then slips and falls as he tried to get out. >> well, that's probably got to hurt. combination of the broken glass and the wet floor. it's not as if he was not warned. the mishap gave the surveillance camera a good look at his face. he'll have a lot of time practicing reading skills now, somewhere private and quiet. >> you see the reading skills were lost. >> very wet floor, be careful. ie, don't pick up a tv and try to r
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all right. well, coming up, why there are a lot of packages disappearing in the windy city. >> police looking for the grinch responsible for the theft of christmas presents, but may have been on the hunt before the seasons changed. >> and what? what? what is up with this guy? is that a slimmed down santa? or yet another sign that -- i don't know who it is. can you guess? >> are we supposed to say? no. it's a tease. leave that hanging there. >> it's like a hanging chad. in the skinny. "world news now" weather brought to you by life alert.
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photography from minnesota. take a look at this. a wall of sea smoke created after temperatures well below 0 collided with much warmer water from lake superior. fog is created when there's an inverse of temperatures with the air being colder than the water. really cool. >> yeah, it is. >> looks like specific effects. turning now to an incident caught on camera by a city bus. >> we reported on the danger of lithium batteries ignited, and this case raises questions once again. >> reporter: this man trying to use iz e-cigarette on a fresno bus gets a scolding. >> hey, you can't vape on the bus, man. >> reporter: when he puts it in his pocket, a scorching. it reportedly happens again in england. sparks and fire shooting from in guy's pants, here in a purse in new jersey, and in florida, a caller to 1 says an exploding e-cig torched this car. >> a cigarette blew up while
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smoking it, i guess. >> reporter: according to the u.s. fire administration, problems start with short circuits in high powers lithium batteries. investigators are trying to find out what caused fires in others like hover boards and mobile phones. at the university of colorado burn center, dr. ann wagner saw 14 e-cigarette injuries this year and worries about the potential danger. >> how bad can injuries get? >> extremely bad. i mean, they can end up with loss of life, so that's about as bad as it can get. >> reporter: the e-cigarette industry maintains risk of explosion is low, but recommends using the right charger for the right battery and says never carry a battery in pockets where keys or coins can trigger something like this. abc news, denver. dangerous video there. police in chicago, in the meantime, hunting for a a true grinch on the north side who is swiping packages from the front porches
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they reloeased new video for hopes he's arrested soon. opening the packages, grabbing the contents, and heading off, the act taking just a few seconds. this is one case of 13 instance reported to the chicago police this month. they think the same guy is responsible. well, coming up, the shirtless santa. >> grinch to santa claus. >> shirtless. >> a-lister pulling the plug on a new year's eve concert. that's in the skinny coming up next. "world news now"
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looks like christmas is coming early. >> yes. >> a photo out there of mac daddy santa. you may not recognize him with the disguise on. tiger woods posted a photo online, on twitter, of himself with the fake goatee and hat and glasses and all that, but the shirtlessness gets people's attention. >> yeah. this is something he does, i guess, every year. >> apparently so. >> a tradition for him. tiger's been coming back lately. he's getting into shape. you think he's looking all right? >> looks great. this is not your typical dad body. quite fit there. >> yes. trying to make a co
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i had my own christmas tradition. >> are you shirtless? >> no. >> dang it. >> not quite. >> but it is a ticket to the gun show. >> it is a ticket to the gun show. >> complete with lights. >> wrap in lights. >> i love it. >> this was done several years ago. classic. only problem is after they wrapped me up in the lights, they leave, and i'm trapped. >> yes. >> russell wilson is also playing santa claus. he's giving pretty extravagant gifts to the team members playing oprah. giving two first class tickets to anywhere in the world to everyone in the seahawks' organization. >> yes. >> every player, coach, trainer, and equipment staff member. i cannot begin to think what it cost. >> most importantly, the offensive linemens. take a look. >> amazing. >> i love the humble brag of it,
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>> oh, yeah. >> like, i'm such a good person. this is what i'm doing for the team. >> he showed samsung tvs there. >> tvs as well. >> i wonder what she gets in the stocking. hopefully something sparkly. drake and jlo. >> you know the rumor has been -- >> i love this pairing. >> i do too. that they are an item. they were spotted at dinner having a private dinner together. now the latest clue that something might be going on is j-lo cancelled our new year's eve performance in miami that was scheduled to be with drake in vegas, this is according to the new york post. >> they were supposed to talk about music, but new year's, they say you spend it with one you love and have a kiss at midnight. you know who else is going to be in vegas with them? >> who? >> me. i just found out
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us. >> wow. what are you going to do? >> see them perform on new year's eve. >> get out of here. >> absolutely because that's how i roll. >> oh. >> all right. something much more tame now. >> i didn't know that. that's too good. >> yeah. >> just one dance. >> the song -- what's the song? >> i need to control this segment. sorry. >> all of me. that song -- >> so all of me, it's a beautiful song that's been played at many, many, many weddings, as you know, you know, all of me -- >> loves all of you. >> exactly. it's sappy, it's great, it's beautiful. >> it's perfect. hit a billion views on youtube. >> a new threshold there. >> betting half of these are repeat views from those with a terrible breakup. song on repeat over and over again. >> the others, of course, that joins that list, there's gangnam style, most viewed on youtube and blank
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relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. well, as we approach christmas and hanukkah, we look back at the headlines for the week. >> terrorism overseas, a mass explosion, and donald trump going over the top. here now, a friday rewind. >> one of the most frustrating you encounter in your career is involving children. if anyone has information in the case, come forward. >> the branchs caught them. >> it happened in 2005 in the same market. another firework went off in 2006 and 2007, and a lot
3:56 am
markets was burned. >> just having fun with my friends, and the markets were starting to close, and at first we heard glass breaking. we started seeing people with blood on their faces, and there were people fainting and sitting on the floor, and, yeah, we knew something was wrong. we tried to ask people, but nobody knew. >> he shot again from close range on the body of ambassador. looked like a movie. >> i think the major implication is that it will hopefully put the fear of god a little bit in the powers. the spillover from syria has become a global problem. >> inside the kremlin, there's glee over the turmoil in america, but they are now bracing for some kind of retaliation from president obama. >> i think it's important that congress takes a very open
3:57 am
happened, how it evolved, what was russia's motives. >> when the election happened, i couldn't help but think of the girls that were 18. i completely understand when people say just shut up and act, but, for me, there are times when i feel a real need to speak to those girls. >> we get to do what we love every day, so in by doing that and being able to meet a little kid, give him a jersey, his mom with us, that brightens his day, brightens christmas, that never gets old for us. >> that was a great moment on the ice there with the washington capitals. well, might not know this, but christmas is on december 25th. >> oh, thanks for the reminder. >> then there's boxing day on december 26. >> good to know, thanks. >> what is boxing day? >> we're still waiting. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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two decades.
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making news in america this morning, donald trump tweeting about american nuclear weapons and triggering concerns about a new nuclear arms race with vladimir putin's russia. trump aides scrambling to explain what the president-elect meant. are decades of u.s. policy about to be scrapped? the question this morning. around the world concerns this morning about holiday terrorism. new arrests in germany following this week's market attack and authorities in australia claiming to foil a plot they say was set to be carried out on christmas. will weather woes be part of your holiday travel? it's one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season. the potential for problems and your getaway forecast coming up. if you're hitting the slopes let's hope you're not left hanging around like this guy. how he got there and how he got


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