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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 3, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. autria: breaking this morning, forced out into the cold. to overnight fires. the rescues having all you were asleep. this: we are on your side morning with the efforts to keep your kids safe and warm on your way to class. two jackpots, hundreds of millions of dollars, up for grabs. the new headline overnight about one of those massive rises. -- prizes. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: heads up, parents, multiple school systems close -- with two-hour delays this morning. take a close look at your screen. they are all operating on a two hour delay this morning. an extra two hours to try to warm up and get going. it is going to be tough on this wednesday. veronica, how bad is it? veronica: tho
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nothing to do with the current coastal storm still developing in the southeast. that will start impacting us late tonight and early tomorrow morning. meanwhile, the bigger story in the immediate time is the cold. bethesda, woodbridge, all coming in between eight and 15 degrees across the area this morning. we could go about two weeks here seeing our temperatures in a deep freeze and below average. let's talk about that system coming up the coast. we've got a winter storm warning, in the purple in the , panning over. areas around jacksonville, unusually cold. as we head up the coast you can see locations like ocean city and the winter storm warning weather could be as much as three to four inches of snow. yes, travel will be impacted, mainly across eastern and southern maryland for tomorrow morning.
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will be topping out in lower teens. about 33 for a high temperature later today. when i come back i will tell you about the subfreezing temperatures that will follow behind the storm. julie: i got to tell you that these temperatures are really having an effect on the roads, buses.and fairfax county reported that over 200 bus routes were delayed because of mechanical issues with the buses that were sitting still for a week or two during the winter break. so far a lot of the buses that get up and get moving simply didn't do it. montreux's the alternative learning center is running 30 minutes behind schedule. you can check those delays on their website. suzanne kennedy is headed into fairfax to see if there are any other delays and what you can do to see if your kids are prepared . tying up your commute to and from the
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blocked off due to an incident. there was a water main break on wheeler road, tying up the right lane each way. ride coming at the up in 10 minutes. autria? autria: breaking this morning, a townhouse in flames. larry: suzanne kennedy is in laurel, where it is a busy scene. suzanne: here in the 7800 block of carissa lane where a fire started just after 4:00 this morning. where the fire started, authorities telling us that it spread to the first floor out of that unit, coming for adults and two children. in the unit next door they are also impacted. authority saying that there were two it all to and one child and then off to the left year, this unit also
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taking a look over here you can see a significant number of firefighters on the scene here. firefighters called in from another county to assist. no injuries here, authorities telling us they are trying to you the situation wrapped up as soon as possible. it's her difficult for firefighters and the tenants to be out here in this cold. reporting in laurel, suzanne kennedy. larry: in southeast, people forced out of their homes when of apartment caught fire. despite the extreme cold causing problems for firefighters, the fire was contained to the apartment where it started. no one was hurt of the family cannot go back inside. this morning for another d.c. school, archbishop carroll high school, schools -- and this after the heat in the power were knockout in the
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this morning cramer is back open and ready for class. a battle against the elements in baltimore. look at this. a water main break in the fells point neighborhood, trapping cars, covering the streets in ice. cuts will not be able to off the water until later today and then it will be another week until they get the part they need to fix the break itself. larry: for the latest forecast at your fingertips, download the abc 7 stormwatch app right to your start -- smart phone. raking now, the president of the mormon church has died. autria: adrianna hopkins is standing by with a look at the hobson.thomas adrianna: he became president of the church in 2008. he spent most of his life serving the church, becoming a bishop at age 22. he was appointed to the second-highest governing body
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1978. the next president has not been named, but it is expected to go to the next longest tenured member of the governing quorum. police have identified the woman found in a burning car in southeast. last thursday officers responded to a report of a shooting on a jury in street. once at the scene, they found the car on fire. they found lewis inside from -- inside, with multiple gunshot wounds. her death is being investigated as a homicide. autria: aim man behind a crash that landed seven people in hospital is in court today. branden vincent was behind the events and this morning he faces an array of charges, including an assault on a police officer. his rampage finally ended when he pummeled into a minivan
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a child it jacket from the van remains in critical condition this morning. larry: breaking news out of south korea. they say they have begun culinary contacts with north korea on a reopening of the cross can -- cross-border communication system. said he had a button on his desk to launch nuclear with -- missiles. trump tweeted "will someone from his depleted and food starved regime tell him that i have a nuclear button and it is bigger, more powerful, and mine works." witha: the senate returns two new -- two new senators. jones defeated roy moore in alabama. it is the first time the state has elected a democrat to the 20 five years. smith replaces al franken, who resigned amidst several
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misconduct accusations. the house returns from recess on monday. keeping hope alive, nobody one last night's mega millions jackpot. the turn for powerball. $414 million up for grabs. your chances of winning both? one in 88 quadrillion. autria: so you're telling me there is a chance. larry: just a chance. autria: a baby born on the interstate, but it's not like any highway delivery you have heard before. coming up, a police chase from a hollywood movie. veronica: a coastal storm, looking at some of the parts in our area getting a little bit of snow. moderate to major impacts for
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veronica: prepare today for snow falling at this time
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we have an talking about the storm for the last couple of days. the track depends on what we are going to get. still organizing rare in the deep south. look at jacksonville, georgia, icy conditions, it could have about an inch of ice in this section of northern florida. that coastal storm making its green.o the meaning that road conditions and clouds for your afternoon and evening rush, 10 p.m. to midnight is when the snow will start developing. theou slick roads, mainly interstate 94 court or for tomorrow. look north of d.c.. cape may, new york, boston, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. if you have plans to fly into new york city or boston, there are likely to be delays by tomorrow afternoon. and all of blizzard in new england. we will talk about the cold air
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julie? julie: 95 in virginia, 20 minute commute to dale city. heads up coming from the southbound george washington parkway. accident pushing everybody over to the left. , westf the point of rocks of pleasant view road, that's where we have the crash. delay. a 30 minute center, busrning delay is the factor in the morning commute. julie: a case against stash larry: coming up -- larry: you don't want to live with mom and dad forever, do you? i'm making smoothies! how do i check my credit score? credit karma. don't worry, it's free.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria:
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maryland. inry: a football player shot the back and paralyzed. adrianna hopkins has more from the live desk. adrianna: larry erin the third had everything going for him. a football scholarship at marshall, good grades, a loving family. he was home over the break when he went to a house party he saw advertised on social media and that is when things took a tragic turn. >> he was standing against the wall, him and his girlfriend. these two guys got in an argument and they just started shooting. my son stepped in front of his girlfriend to shield her and one of the bullets got him. that bullet lodged in his spinal cord and surgeons cannot get it out for fear of doing even more damage, leaving him permanently paralyzed from the waist down. >> he has his moments. he's been very calm, but he's had a few
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that's to be expected. there were more than 100 people at the party, many of them from out of state. at this point a gofundme page has been created to help with his recovery. there could be charges against the homeowners that were not there at the time of the shooting. larry: seven is on your side this morning with health matters and a flu vaccine that could last years. researchers at the university of washington are working on a what they are calling a dna vaccine. right now scientists have to guess how to protect you each year. the new vaccine will tell your body to create anti-bodies to fight the infection and it could be available within the next decade. autria: the wait is almost over. ♪ autria: doesn't sound much like
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sitting the internet on fire. justin timberlake, coming out with a new album before the super bowl. trailernute long teaser on twitter, the album entitled man of the woods is inspired by his son, wife, and family. he calls it the most personal album he has ever written. larry: usually he has more of a dance beat. autria: man of the woods. don't know about that. larry: it's not sexy back. autria: speaking of trying to get his sexy back? larry: just in time to get your new year's resolution. kidd o'shea is checking it out for us. [laughter] kidd: good morning, guys. rightif you are in bed now and are like, i don't want to work out. look around here, these people get out of bed to work out when it is freezing cold
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you can, too. we just started class at 6:00. >> this is our signature technical boxing class. still getting in the basic workout, a lot of focus on technique. kidd: you also said that this is where the dancers are right now. i like that idea. >> dance is when you work on your footwork, try not to get hit. kidd: what's going on over here? >> shadow boxing, focusing on the form and the technique. making sure the punches are precise. kidd: could anybody start in this class? i am. >> absolutely, we are all booked. the best thing about boxing is it's all about percussion. you learn so much and you are always learning more. kidd:
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on my footwork here. there you guys go. more later, after 6:30. autria: get it. [laughter] larry: might help with the dance party. [laughter] well, do anything, dance around to try to warm up today. veronica: try to warm up and prepare for tomorrow. here we go, another round of winter weather for us. this time instead of cold, it's snow. anywhere across the area, it could be a mixture of nuisance snowfall around the ec areas west, montgomery county, and delays just to the east, down towards st. mary's, calvert county, maybe even some cancellations, it really depends on where you are. that's what i want to stress about tomorrow. i didn't want to bury the lead. briefly above freezing at the bus stop, a little
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that is at least something to embrace, i guess. 33 degrees for your afternoon hours. just some cloud cover across the area. temperatures overnight dropping down to the teens. temperatures have been very low over the last couple of days. when it starts to snow across southern maryland, when it starts it is going to stick right away on any untreated surfaces. your highest chance for snowfall , right here, this is a look at your thursday. chances start dropping off after 11 a.m. to lunchtime tomorrow. afternoon rush, that's fine, chances possible here in southern areas of anne arundel county. four inches to six inches expected for ocean city, where the
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some very cold air. temperatures dropping hour-by-hour, 18 is the high temperature on saturday. julie: right now around the capital beltway we are looking at some problems. unfortunately we have delays as a result of a stalled vehicle en route for near dow her house road. on the outer loop the beltway coming from 270 towards river road, quickly pulled over to the shoulder there. stop and go, slow, due to rubbernecking delays. will show you 95, 23 minute ride towards the beltway. on 395, this is where we had a crash at the end of the ramp coming inbound across the 14th street bridge, costing you a bit of time with an early merge across the potomac. 28 west of pleasant view road here before you reach
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that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes,
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. fory: a desperate search two girls, missing from texas. thepolice believe that girls could be with her mother's roommate, who is a person of interest in the mother's death. for twotistate manhunt girls, missing after their mother was found dead on new year's eve. isour concern and focus bringing the girls home safe. >> police issuing amber alert. man believe he is with this in round rock, texas. authorities tsonga he may be traveling with the girls in a gray car. they initially thought that he was heading to the louisiana.
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and colorado. are notlieve that they with terry allen miles willingly. >> we will have the latest on the manhunt coming up at 7 a.m.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. 6:30, new developments from northern virginia. what are we just now learning about six firefighters charged with a disturbing crime? a smallfrustrating that animal like this could mess up all the plans. autria: rerouted, a pint sized intruder that emptied out an entire plane full of people. good morning to you, washington. larry: welcome back this morning. glad you are with us and welcome back to the cold. autria: thanks so much. larry: [laughter] just for you. autria: rolling out the refrigerator for the holidays. , please tell us it will get warmer at some point. above freezing for today, which is kind of amazing.
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freeze. understatement to say that we are anywhere near that. quantico, you are coming in right now at eight degrees. later today, as mentioned, up to 33. saturday, 19, 18 degrees, high temperatures next monday finally into the lower to mid 40's for the early part of next week, which really seems like a heat wave. we will have gone most two weeks with this arctic air. over this chance for snow tomorrow, bringing as rain a bit. readingsgit ridge -- at the bus stop for the kids. they will be inside, clouds in the area. the areas that will be impacted the most with snow tomorrow morning, julie, calvert and st. mary's, those are the areas east of 301. maybe some possibilities of cancellations near here. certainly et
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the coast. very cold air follows after that on friday. eileen: right now it's a slow ride inbound on -- julie: right now it's a slow ride inbound en route for. on the mainline a crash at the right side, 22 in a right out of dale city. 28 at the point of rocks and in tuscarora each way west of pleasant view road due to an overnight crash. just a reminder, yesterday there were 200 bus routes affected by the delays in fairfax county due to the cold weather. this morning we are checking in at the montrose alternative learning center, already running behind schedule. check out the bus delays website for more. and in our traffic watch the next 10 minutes we will get a closer look at the ride in silver spring. autria:
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elementary in oxon hill, maryland, closed today due to a water main break. heads up for the students and faculty there. you developments in the store that we have been following since it first broke year on abc seven -- broke here on abc seven. larry: new deals -- details. john? john: they have been charged, but not the ones that they were expecting here in this small town of strasburg, virginia. alleged story of this gang rape started to surface, when we were here in november, people didn't want to talk on camera. they were shocked and ashamed. this morning, six firefighters, including the chief and the captain from the volunteer fire department here have been charged. but not with a sex crime. instead charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. a ms. demeanor that carries up
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fine. the investigation dates back to last april. a concerned citizen notified the mayor of an alleged gang rape of that happenedgirl at three different locations, allegedly. a hotel, the home, and inside the firehouse. the teenager's mother shared the screenshots of videos that were shared on snapchat. the charge to men include the chief, dale king, and the captain, christopher bangle. the other men, ranging in age from 36 to 21. the team claims that that -- the teenager claims that she was highly intoxicated, intimidated, and that sex with at least one of the men was not consensual. reporting live in strasburg, virginia, john gonzalez. autria: police trying to
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park. two people trying to kidnap an eight-year-old girl. it happened at the corner of pine avenue. the man in the passenger seat reportedly set to come to my home, i have candy. he reportedly had a hoop nose ring, a flower tattoo on his hand and a pink pimple or growth on his left eye. happening today, a meeting on the community shootings in the park view neighborhood. two juveniles were shot near bruce wood elementary school. some residents say that they are looking forward to the meeting. christ this is needed. nobody wants to see violence at all. this is a good way to get the community involved. larry: the meeting organizer tells us it's important for residents to have face time with the police in the area. it begins this
6:37 am
park view recreation center. incorrect tests, mismatching bullets to guns. the city says it's turning things around. line --r visited the the lab. larry: we have heard of snakes on a plane but in california a flight was canceled because a rat was found -- found on board. passengers had to get off the alaska airlines flight after the rodent got into the cabin. the plane, by the way, won't take off again until an exterminator certifies that it is rat free. autria: in the wee hours of new year's day, a baby was born on the interstate in south carolina. it sounds crazy, but that's not even the wide -- wildest part of
6:38 am
she was not supposed to be delivered for another three weeks but on new year's eve her mother went into labor. her fiance rushed home, picture up and sped down interstate 26. when the police try to pull him over for speeding, he kept going. he was eventually stopped when they realize what was happening. >> looks like the lady is going into labor. >> imagine flying down the interstate, get there, cops chasing you. no, i'm not stopping. with her fiance in handcuffs, the firefighter on the scene deliver the baby on the highway. mom, dad on the -- and baby are doing just fine. larry: double the jackpot, double your chances to
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morning, keeping hope alive. nobody won the mega millions drawing last night, meaning the millionis up to 418 dollars. tonight, it's powerball's turn. $440 million up for grabs. with those numbers your chances for winning are one in 88 quadrillion
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you've got to play to win. arenica: i like that you positive, larry. think positive. i'm trying to be positive about the storm system coming up. looks like we will have delays tomorrow. wanted to show you the locations that stand a higher chance of seeing delays. pax river, maryland, temperatures in the single digits everywhere. southern maryland, st. mary's, calvert county, today your morning rush is 32 to 33. here's a look at your future weather. south, as mentioned, ocean city, higher amounts of snow, blizzard conditions around new york city. a dusting, maybe one too few inches -- one to two inches. julie:
6:43 am
troubles right now, veronica, on the baltimore-washington parkway. crash with traffic squeezing by each way. plan on using 95 is the alternate. a stalled car northbound, dow or, blocking the left lane. virginia, a5 in crash in the left lane pushing north out of dale city. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update the ride. autria: struggling with the cold this morning. after over 200 bus delays in northern virginia, we are showing you what is being done to help get your kids to class on time. and another school closed because of issues with the weather, coming up next. plus, kidd o'shea is trying to keep warm on this workout wednesday. kidd: good morning, guys. we are try to help you get fit in 2018. i think this workout will help you.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: keeping up
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200 bus delays alone yesterday and fairfax county. that is where suzanne kennedy is with the latest. suzanne: good morning to both of you. just off next -- west hawks road at the bus depot, behind me you can see the buses moving. reports on two minor issues. both the montrose alternative learning center and the homes middle school, having issues with buses, a breakdown with another delay for another bus. perhaps a 30 minute or longer delay. there were issues yesterday and because of those issues they again tried to deal with it in advance of this morning's cold. behind me you can see a bus out of the way. when they move you will be able to see the small power pods where they are able to plug in the buses. see there that they plugged them in overnight in an effort to be prepared for this moin
6:48 am
we tried to to check in with the folks on the lot. they were not able to give us any information. there is a website that you can check for fairfax county public ifsdelay. you want to find out if there are any problems with your children's bus this morning. archbishop carroll high school in northeast is closed because of plumbing problems. this comes as crews is spent all day, yesterday at kramer middle school in southeast. kramer is back open and ready for class. larry: breaking news out of laurel, a fire tearing through a townhome. we are told
6:49 am
started in the basement and quickly spread to the first floor. we are told that everyone did make it out safely. investigators trying to figure out what caused a townhouse fire in boule, maryland. it happened on spanish oaks lane. sky track 7, flying over the scene as dozens of firefighters put the flames out. they reportedly started in the basement and spread to the upper floors. now to that wild story out of fairfax county. it all ended with a violent chase and crash. the suspect is due in court. ryan hughes is live in fairfax county with the new developments. ryan? brandon vincent, waking up behind bars this morning, now out of the hospital and held without bond. this morning he will make his first court appearance. take a look at the fairfax county police mug shot released overnight. you can see
6:50 am
scratches on his face from the violent crash that sent seven people to the hospital. went on a rampage last week. he reportedly first knock on the door in a centreville rate -- neighborhood at random and when a young child answered he punched her and drove away in a stolen car. he is accused of assaulting a driver and car tracking the truck. he then stole a trailer and attached it to the truck. officer saw him and tried to make a traffic stop, but vincent led the officers on a short chase, slamming into a minivan packed with people from herndon. a child was ejected and remains in article condition this morning. vincent is then accused of assaulting two police officers. at one point at the hospital he tried to wrestle out of his handcuffs. he is facing a long list of charges
6:51 am
he is due in court at 8:30 this morning. live in fairfax, ryan hughes. larry: big news out of south korea, overnight they said they began contact on a reordered cross communication trash cross-border communications system. this after he did stress between kim jong-un and president trump. tweeted last night "will someone from his depleted and food starved regime inform him that i also have a nuclear button, but it's bigger and more powerful than his and my button works." autria: on capitol hill, the senate returns with two new senators. doug jones and tina smith will be sworn in at noon. jones defeated roy moore last month in alabama, the first time astate -- the state elected democrat in
6:52 am
years. smith replaces al franken, who resigned amidst sexual misconduct allegations. take a look at this, it's a new look at niagara falls that is pretty much solid. tourists have been taking these amazing photos and videos. 31,000 tons flowing every second. rocks,g the surrounding freezing just about everything else. unbelievable, it looks fake. larry: it does. this might be hard to hear, scientists predict that global warming could make chocolate extinct by the year 2050. that is because drier air and warmer temperatures threaten the -- cocoaal plant plant. me tell you something. if that happens? women will go extinct. [laughter] autria: my gosh. veronica:
6:53 am
do? autria: now we have to do something about climate change. [laughter] larry: right, get on that. you've got 32 years to make it work. temperatures possibly above freezing? veronica: for a couple of hours, maybe two or three hours. but with your attention on this coastal storm, you will want to make some plans around chesapeake beach in the hughesville area. you will be seeing some delays and cancellations. roads, likely already treated, the secondary roads. this coastal storm starts making its way up the coast, areas like jacksonville, icy conditions. hours away from getting into our area. try with mostly cloudy skies this morning. a bit of wind as we
6:54 am
had 32, 33. a light wind, picking up behind the storm that will bring a .ouple inches of snow st. mary's, one inch to two inches. a dusting on that interstate 95 corridor or with snow lasting through the morning rush tomorrow. the cold air through the first up to a 25 weekend, mile per hour wind gusts, bringing down the windchill and the subzero readings for saturday. stay inside kind of day, there it is. we will talk more about the impact of this coastal storm on news channel 8. checking in with sky track 7 in just a moment. on theackups baltimore-washington parkway between 198 and 197. ,ky track 7 above the accident this will be the northbound
6:55 am
traffic right now, squeezing by to the right. all lanes are open with major backups right now between laurel in greenbelt. the better bet is to plan on using 95 north and south as an alternate. keep in mind that for those traveling on route for over to the maps, the right lane is tied up there with an incident. up thesh in lorton tying right lane. autria, larry? larry: a new year and a new you. autria: kidd o'shea is working up a sweat. it is a new year, you want to be a new you, but you need some inspiration. let these people help you be inspired to work out. what is your advice to the people who are home right now and looking to start off the new year on the right f
6:56 am
different. so much more motivating. explain the class right now. >> right now they are knocking out the comforts own. working on there for work. just a funis in workout class. it is that, but you also get educated on boxing? >> exactly. we show you technique and it winds up being a much more effective workout. over,class is almost wayne is the instructor. he and i have been practicing. are you ready? [indiscernible]
6:57 am
, following directions for a well. autria: i know. a little bit of 1, 12, 1234. what's that terminology for bouncing back and forth like that? bouncing back and forth? he right be able to defend himself on the tough streets of dupont. kidd o'shea, coming for you. [laughter] we are heading over to new for three more hours.
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
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good morning, america. winter storm emergency. a so-called bomb cyclone about to blast parts of the east coast. 15 states from florida to maine on alert for severe weather. snow slamming the south right now. cities icing over, schools closing. blizzard conditions causing this deadly pileup in buffalo. the alert for your commute this morning. breaking news, north korea turns the tables re-opens a key communications hotline with south korea. what it means for the u.s. as the war of words escalates between president trump and kim jong-un. trump says overnight he has a much bigger and powerful nuclear


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