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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 3, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. winter storm emergency. a so-called bomb cyclone about to blast parts of the east coast. 15 states from florida to maine on alert for severe weather. snow slamming the south right now. cities icing over, schools closing. blizzard conditions causing this deadly pileup in buffalo. the alert for your commute this morning. breaking news, north korea turns the tables re-opens a key communications hotline with south korea. what it means for the u.s. as the war of words escalates between president trump and kim jong-un. trump says overnight he has a much bigger and powerful nuclear
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outrage growing. parents calling for logan paul's youtube account to be shut down after he posted that disturbing video getting millions of views. now his apology. >> i had a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment. >> why hasn't youtube pulled his account. giant jackpots, two massive lottery prizes up for grabs after no one strikes it rich on mega millions overnight combined with powerball now the jackpot is worth more than $850 million. and we do say good morning, america. perhaps winning that big jackpot would make you forget how cold it is. >> either one of them. >> 15 states are on alert for that bitter winter blast. >> you look at that storm right there. it is taking aim at the ent
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east coast causing trouble on the roads. look at that statue that froze in that state. >> the know and ice is moving north and ginger starts us off. explain what the bomb cyclone is. many of us have never heard about it but you say it's rather common. >> it happens almost every winter. a bomb cyclone you've seen that on social media and gone, oh, no, what's happening. this storm, it is a powerful form, already freezing rain and snow in georgia and north florida. you have a coastal storm coming at you. a lot of warm air on one side. extremely cold, i'm talking colder than we've seen this winter coming in on the back end. that temperature gradient helps to make this storm deepen rapidly. the pressure falls 24 millibars in 24 hours or more and as that deepens and it will by thursday night it is going to bomb out as we call it close to new england, you will see extreme wind, certainly heavy snow in some places and it is going to make travel nearly impossible so
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down, blizzard warnings in maine and eastern massachusetts where eva pilgrim is this morning. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. it is already freezing here. we are here south of boston at what would normally be a very busy ferry terminal. it is closed down this morning. the problem, this right here, ice, that dock behind me is closed because it is frozen over. and more cold weather is headed this way. the eastern half of the country crippled by severe winter weather. blinding snow in buffalo, grounding planes at the airport and causing a deadly pileup on this highway. one person losing their life and another seriously injured after 22 vehicles crashed along the new york thruway. hundreds of cars backed up with nowhere to go completely shutting down a portion of the highway. >> you couldn't see a gosh darn thing in front of you. >> reporter: 25 states under winter weather alerts.
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hudson and chicago rivers crews working to break up the ice by whatever means they can. this is the sound of a ferry breaking through the icy waters of lake superior. subzero temps also freezing water mains causing them to burst in massachusetts. missouri and in baltimore, turning the street into an ice rink. a brutal commute for those in chicago. >> i can't even describe it. it's unbearable. >> reporter: an er doctor here telling us they've seen more than a dozen cases of frostbite in just the last few days. the deep freeze heading south. cars sliding along icy highways in houston. >> the thing to remember is if you get into ice, don't jam on the brakes, you'll put a lot of steering input into it. >> reporter: one of the major concerns is a higher than normal storm surge as it comes in on the back side of this, even colder temperatures. robin. >> all right. eva, as you
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getting hit so we go to victor oquendo in tallahassee as schools are closing as a storm moves in there. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, robin. riding along with the florida highway patrol along interstate 10. you can hear that cold rain coming down. parts shut down because of the icy conditions and seen a number of accident, cars slipping all over i-10 as well. captain ryan martina nice enough to give us a ride. the patrol car was frozen over. >> it was. >> ever seen anything like it. >> very uncommon. >> a look at another uncommon sight. this fountain completely frozen over. see all that ice. the problem with ice in florida, not exactly a state equipped to ham those types of conditions so now being told instead of salt, they'll now be laying down sand to battle all ice and snow accumulating here. it doesn't get more florida than that. combating the snow and ice with sand. >> a way of looking at it. i love how the officer keptis
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let's bring in ginger. the storm is moving. fill us in on the track. >> you can hear it in victor's shot. that is sleet and he was talking about freezing rain that was glazing the cars. that happened in lake city, florida, and you could see more than a tenth of an inch of ice start to accumulate. as the storm that developing low starts to push north, the timing of it takes it through florida and georgia this morning then south carolina and north carolina this afternoon and tonight and that's why we see all those schools closed up and down throughout the southeast. it clips the mid-atlantic, the farther east you are, the more snow and the more wind you get so the tighter you are to the storm that is off the coast that is where you're going to see the heaviest snow and certainly wind gusts, guys, could go up to 70 miles per hour. some of the places here in new england could have over a foot. robin. >> oh, my, okay, ginger, we'll get back to you in a bit. airlines bracing for the major storm offering travelers a chance to reschedule or cancel their flights now before the worst of it hits and our senior transportation correspondent david kerley is a
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national tracking the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. some of ginger's colleagues, the forecasters have been watching this storm too and know it's going to cause problems. especially at airports that don't normally deal with these cold, icy conditions so starting this morning at jacksonville they start to expect some problems and they're canceling flights and north, a couple of big hubs will be affected. atlanta and charlotte so they're all watching this very closely, already a couple of hundred flights have been delayed today. a couple hundred cancel mostly in the southeast and there is concern for the airlines that their passengers will be affected so offering waivers. this means if you have a flight to the affected area in the southeast all airlines are saying we won't charge you a change fee. there are other areas being covered by some of the airlines. check with your airline. if you want to stay away from the storm you could get that change fee waived. robin. >> good to know. david, thank you. the latest now on the standoff between president trump and north korea's leader kim jong-un. as the two leaders esc
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weapons there are new signs this morning of possible cooperation between north and south korea with the restoration of a hotline to reduce tensions between the two countries. let's bring in martha raddatz and, martha, the president's tweet last night really sparked a huge reaction on social media. >> reporter: it sure did, george. social media lit up over this one with fear and shock and some calling for the president's twitter account to be shut down. the tweet came in response to kim jong-un saying he had a nuclear button on his desk. president trump in what sounds like a playground taunt about manhood tweeting i too have a nuclear button, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his and my button works and as we read that, a reminder we're talking about nuclear war here with a north korean dictator who values nothing more than his personal power and comes as kim jong-un is perfecting a nuclear tipped missile that could reach the
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tens of thousands of american troops in the region, george. >> yeah, that rhetoric alarming. at the same time you see this possible rapprochement between the north and south between the north and south koreans. >> reporter: he's liking trying to create a wedge but there is great relief this communications line between the north and south is once again re-opened after two years of silence, that line is on the border there in the so-called truce village. there may be in-person talks next week which would largely center on whether north korea would participate in the olympics but it is a start and south korean officials say this will not hurt its relationship with the u.s. although the u.s. says any talks won't be taken seriously if the north does not stop its nuclear program, george. >> yeah, martha, in some past olympics north and south korea have competed together. >> under the same flag and i think that's what the south is
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that tweet on north korea just one of 16 the president sent yesterday and new year's burst from the white house. cecilia vega is there and, cecilia, they included in that burst fresh attacks on hillary clinton and the president's own justice department. >> reporter: not to mention a major conspiracy theory attacking the justice department as a deep state working to undermine his presidency. on hillary clinton he is going after huma abedin suggesting she should be punished for her handling of certain government e-mails. take a look at that tweet. he said, quote, jail deep state justice department must finally act, also on comey and others. now, right here in the briefing room i asked sarah sanders whether he believes the deep state is a real thing and whether he believes the entire 100,000 people in the justice department are part of it. she said to me, quote, obviously he doesn't believe the entire justice department is part of it. >> but he is keeping up the pressure right there. he has been unhappy with his attorney, jeff sessions,
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one of the things they pushed off they passed that tax bill was the spending bill for the whole next year so creates the possibility again of a government shutdown in january. >> reporter: yeah, we're just days away from it on the 19th. there will be a big meeting on capitol hill and top republican, top democrats from nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, representatives of the president will be in that room and have 16 days to keep this government open. the -- da deal is likely to be part of that. democrats are certainly going to try to tie a fix for these undocumented immigrants brought to this country illegally as children to that now. senior officials tell me the president wants funding for a border wall as part of that. he needs democrats to get this fix done but, george, as you've seen he's bashing them and back to bashing them on twitter again so 2018 sounding a lot like 2017. >> democrats not likely to go along with the wall, thanks very much. >> president trump facing big changes on capitol hill losing a key ally, utah senator orrin hatch
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at the end of this term. a lot of speculation mitt romney will run for his seat. our senior congressional correspondent mary bruce has more. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, this is a real setback for the president. orrin hatch, the longest serving senate republican is the top trump supporter here on the hill. but despite even personal pleas from the president hatch announced he is retiring after 41 years here, the former boxer said it's time to hang up his gloves. this now opens the door for mitt romney to make a possible run for the utah seat. romney has become an outspoken critic of the president and could be a powerful foe on the hill. he hasn't said what he plans to do next but check this out overnight he changed the locator on his twitter account from massachusetts where he was once the former governor to utah where he is a longtime resident. everyone up here reading these twitter tea leaves to try to figure out what he might do next. >> when he did that people are like, hmm, what's up here. orrin hatch is just the latest
7:13 am
that he's going to leave office. what does this mean, mary, for the midterms? >> reporter: yeah, we're seeing a real exodus, hatch joins jeff flake and bob corker in announcing they will not seek re-election while in the house you have at least 28 republicans who announced plans to retire or resign. now, many of these are lawmakers from deep red states, but this does make what is expected to be an already difficult election year for republicans even more difficult and, remember, republicans have already lost that key seat in alabama, the democrat doug jones is expected or will be sworn in here later today. that brings the senate republican margin down to just one vote which will make their agenda likely more difficult to pass. >> does seem that way. okay, mary, thank you. >> retimes a big tea leaf. the latest on the swatting incident that led to the death of a 28-year-old father accused of placing the call due in court this morning and matt gutman has the story, good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey,
7:14 am
we are now learning that the suspect is believed to have been behind dozens of similar swatting calls. he's even served time for swatting. the kabc building i'm standing in right now and it's believed the fatal call was triggered about i a dispute by two online gamers neither of whom had any apparent connection to their victim. >> i have shot him in the head and he's not breathing anymore. >> reporter: this morning wichita police are investigating how this chilling 911 call from a man claiming to have shot his father led to the death of an innocent unarmed man over a thousand miles away. thursday night kansas city police raced to the wichita, kansas, address where the caller claims to be holding family members hostage. >> i already poured gasoline all over the house. i might set it on fire. >> do you have weapons on you. >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: but when police arrive they don't find the alleged caller, tyler barriss. he was 1300 miles away
7:15 am
angeles, allegedly playing a prank. but officers don't know that. so when 28-year-old andrew finch opens the front door, officers surround his house and order him to put his hands up. >> show your hands. >> reporter: it's at this moment police say he lowered them. one officer fearing finch was reaching for a gun opens fire killing him. investigators believe that fifrp was a victim of swatting in which a person reporting false criminal activity in order to trigger a s.w.a.t. team response against an unwitting person. even celebrities like justin bieber, ashton kutcher and miley cyrus have been victims of swatting in the past and swatters themselves are notoriously hard to pin down. >> these cases are difficult to investigate because they happen online. and these hackers oftentimes are very sophisticated about covering up their identity. >> reporter: now the mother of the innocent victim in that deadly prank is looking for answers. >> my son wouldn't have
7:16 am
anything, he said -- they did not give him a warning. >> reporter: now finch's mother says she wants the police officer who pulled the trigger charged. but first we are likely to see barriss extradited to kansas, possibly to face charges of second degree murder. now, what's so disturbing, george, law enforcement officials say hundreds of these swatting calls are made every year. >> unbelievably irresponsible. thanks very much. we switch gears to the lottery jackpots climbing in the new year. powerball is still out there as well and now the two jackpots combined more than $850 million. erielle reshef here to break down the numbers. let's start with the biggest ones of all, odds against winning both prizes, 88 quadrillion. >> yeah, but you can't win if you don't play, george. so you got to play the odds even though they're not so great. not in your favor. this is only the second time ever that both jackpots have been this high at the same time. so let's take a moment and dream maybe about
7:17 am
we won. if you took home tonight's $440 million powerball jackpot, guys and you chose a lump sum you'd instantly become $278 million richer, that means you'd have more money than jennifer lawrence, brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio. if you were to beat the 1 in 88 quadrillion odds george just mentioned and friday's mega millions so that the two together, you'd win a combined $539 million lump sum and that would make you wealthier than pop royalty like beyonce and taylor swift and almost be as rich as real royalty, queen elizabeth. you could buy more than 100 lamborghinis. could buy 150 private jets or 5,000 private islands. i think we own want our own private island with this cold weather but experts say they have big tips if you want to go long on this, you need to play the range of numbers, so don't go with your birthday because months only have up to
7:18 am
69. there are some really big -- >> i love this. telling me how to win the 8 quadrillion to 1. >> i didn't know quadrillion was a number. >> 15 zeros, robin. >> erielle, thank you. back to ginger. even colder air moving in behind the storm? >> even colder if you can believe it or not but want to warm up, go to the west coast, maybe alaska, a place where this morning the temperature in anchorage is warmer than it is in jacksonville and tallahassee, florida. it has been warmer because the ridge that's happened on the west coast, it also drives the big deep trough so, yes, even colder air, windchill advisories that go all the way to west palm beach, you guys, as we go into tomorrow morning.
7:19 am
calvert county tonight - thursday am - snow late tonight east of i-95; highest accumulations over southern md from coastal storm - windy from a powerful nor'easter thursday/friday - another reinforcing shot of cold air late week (highs in the teens) - 40s return early next week today: becoming cloudy. cold. highs: 31-35 winds: se 5 mph tonight: cloudy and cold. snow developing east of i-95. lows: 19-25 winds: n 5-10 mph thursday: early morning snow east of i-95. windy and c coming up, calls growing for youtube to shut down one of their top stars, logan paul's account after his disturbing post that got millions of views. how warrants can restrict what their children are watching.
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and try pluggable febreze to continuously eliminate odors for up to 45 days of freshness. pluggable febreze and fabric refresher. two more ways to breathe happy. larry: good morning on this wednesday. breaking right now, people forced into the golden fire hits and townhouses in lowell. crews believe it happened in the basement and spread to the first floor. the good news is that the fire is out and everyone has gotten out safely. this afternoon the senate will reconvene with two new senators being sworn in. doug jones will be sworn in after his narrow defeat of roy moore. and the minnesota lieutenant governor will be sworn in to termthe remainder of the of a
7:24 am
earlier this week over sexual misconduct allegations. parts of our area could see snow tonight. a check on your frigid forecast and the weather, coming up after the break. stay here.
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veronica: weveronica: are drive for both commutes but whatever little sunshine we have this morning, a little more than 12 hours out, snow will start falling around southern maryland and calvert county, ryan:0 where we could see two to four inches of snow through the morning rush tomorrow. hughesville, down towards the southern maryland, the impact definitely comes tomorrow morning. julie: right now we are still looking at delays if you're traveling on saint barnabas near wheeler, where we have the water main break and only the right lane got by each way. as
7:27 am
is closed today because of the break. 395, crash before the 14 street regina shoulder, 18 minute ride leaving the beltway. larry? larry: get
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ghts bacteria on teeth, tongue, eeks and gums. giving you the confidence of a healthier mouth. colgate total. be totally ready for life. back here on "gma," and that is a live look at a big fire in decatur. it's near atlanta, georgia. at least 12 people we know are injured and firefighters are battling it in this bitter cold weather. it's 28 degrees there. 15 states along the east coast are on alert for dangerous winter weather from florida to maine. >> it's moving all the way up the coast. also this war of words escalating between president trump and kim jong-un. president trump fired back at north korea's leader overnight with a tweet saying he has a much bigger and more powerful nuclear button than the north korean leader's. today is national returns day, the biggest day of returns after christmas. consumers are sending bac
7:31 am
billion worth of goods in holiday season. we'll have more on that coming up as well. >> what's happened to it's the thought that counts. first in this half hour we'll begin with that emotional apology from youtube star logan paul after he posted a video apparently showing someone who took their own life. this morning calls are growing for his channel to be shut down and abc's adrienne bankert is here with more on all this. good morning, adrienne. >> good morning to you. yes, wildly popular on youtube with millions of kids watching all of his videos, endorsement deals from pepsi and hbo but this morning, logan paul is facing more backlash for his latest video. >> i've made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment and i don't expect to be forgiven. i'm simply here to apologize. >> reporter: in a stark change of tone from his usually comedic videos youtube star logan paul says he's ashamed of his actions. >> for my fans who are defending my actions,
7:32 am
they do not deserve to be defended. >> reporter: the social media influencer with more than 15 million youtube subscribers. >> ow. >> reporter: faces intense criticism after posting a video he shot in what's known as japan's suicide forest where he shows the body of a person who recently killed themselves. many reacting to the fact that paul makes jokes throughout the video. parents whose kids watch his hugely popular channel are outraged. one tweet reads, the worst part is logan paul's cult fan base is little children. who just watched their idol laugh and joke as someone ended their life. >> he's a complete and utter insensitive idiot. >> the fierce backlash prompted him to take down the video. this morning many question why youtube which told abc news it prohibits violent or gory content posted in a shocking, sensational or disrespectful manner didn't remove the video
7:33 am
immediately. >> i think that youtube was probably blind sided. >> reporter: youtube says a billion videos are uploaded every day announcing in december the company would have 10,000 employees monitor content after deleting over 150,000 videos deemed disturbing or featuring predatory comments just the month before. it follows efforts to monitor what people can broadcast on facebook, which launched a review last april after it took over two hours to take down a video of a murder. as for paul, many want his channel shut down. >> you have to violate their community standards three times in order to be kicked off youtube but there is really no such thing as permanently banning someone from the platform. they might lose their subscribers but there's nothing stopping them from opening another account. >> reporter: youtube has told us our hearts go to
7:34 am
family of that victim. they were mentioning exactly what so many wondered was, you know, who was this man? who was the body that was shown in the video? but you have to have a certain stipulation to violate those terms of service enough for them to shut down your account, of course, repeated violation of the community rules or the terms of service and also anything that would incite hatred or violence, harassment, identity theft with something that was a large violation and many wondering if any of the things that logan did would cause them to shut his site down. >> have we heard from other youtube stars. >> one major stars saying he should put his money where his mouth is and saying that if he really did want to help because we talked about him laughing in the video, kind of awkwardly, a little uncomfortable, that if he really wants to help those who are the victims of feelings that could lead to suicide, he should make a contribution to a charitable cause that fights suicide and fights -- pursues suicide prevention. >> that would be a step in the right direction. we b
7:35 am
how important is he to youtube? >> hugely important and he's one of many of these youtube stars that is hugely important. 15 million subscribers. he's been making a 15-minute video a day getting 300 million views a month and he's making somewhere between $12 million and $15 million off these youtube posts from both the advertising revenue and all of the people who are looking at this, young people pry may already looking at these youtube videos. >> are you surprised youtube hasn't taken action. >> i'm not surprised because i think that we're in a whole new world right now. i think that youtube is right now trying to figure out what its position is. they have their community stand dards but they're somewhat murky and as we heard from adrienne what's interesting is now the youtube stars themselves are the ones who are speaking out in this whole new world that we've entered into where pretty much anyone, frankly, anyone can go out and post a video online today and it takes a while for the community to have a reaction to that video
7:36 am
sort of response to that. >> for youtube to not even be the ones to take it down, it was logan paul, his choice to do that, how do you monitor? it's so difficult. >> it's very difficult, i mean, they have a safety mode, parents can use a safety mode on youtube and we can walk people through exactly the steps to do that but i think also this requires conversations with families and it's not easy. you can monitor this on your home computer, for example, in that safety mode if you go on the parent can activate safety mode by clicking that blue sign so where you login to your google account or your youtube account you click on that sign in the upper right-hand corner and scroll down, the bottom there is a safety button there and you can click on lock safety mode on the browser, that way no one can sign in without a password on that particular computer. the issue here is this is so much more broad than one account or one computer. obviously youtube has its own terms and restricts and say if you're in the
7:37 am
have to be 13 or older to use youtube but, again, this is a much bigger conversation than what parents can do. >> we had the conversation at home last night and the kids know that it's outrageous. they know just about everything he does is outrageous, that's part of the fun but they were horrified, i think, like so many others were by this, by actually, you know, watching logan paul go into that forest. >> this is graphic. one of the things people have not addressed yet is the fact that youtube doesn't have to monitor a billion users like this. they know who their biggest stars are so the important thing to note would be to hold their biggest stars accountable and be monitoring those stars to let us know that they care enough about the content of these influencers put out there. >> because they have so many subscribers and the one thing that he did say in his apology, he said that he understood that the young people are defending him. like the young people who follow him were defending him where older people were outraged and he said, and he said you cannot
7:38 am
that. even ee realizes -- >> he's owning up to it. >> it's great you had the conversation with your girls because in talking to some colleagues here, they went to their children and asked them and they were just like, kind of nonchalantly, yeah, i saw it but didn't know it until they asked their kids if they had seen that video. >> there is a desensitization when you see all of this content that -- >> that's a problem. >> people forget what's real and what's -- >> the kids think all of it is a joke. that's the thing. thank you all. thank you very much. coming up there's a multistate search for two missing sisters, we'll give you the details.
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we are back with a nationwide amber alert. authorities now searching for two texas sisters who went missing after their mother was found dead in their home. police believe the girls could be with the mom's roommate who is now being called a person of interest in the investigation. that's him right there. and abc's marcus moore is tracking the case from dallas. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: well, george, investigators are chasing down leads for any sign of where these two little girls could be and have been missing for days and as you know police believe they're with a man who a person of interest in their mother's death. overtight a multistate manhunt for 7-year-old luluvioletta bandera-magret and her sister lilly griffith. >> our focus is bringing the two
7:43 am
>> reporter: police issuing an amber alert asking for the public's help to find them who they believe is with terry allen miles would lived with their mother in round rock, texas, in austin. he may be traveling with the girls in this gray car. police say they initially thought miles was heading to louisiana but tips leading authorities to the other side of the country with possible sightings in new mexico and colorado. >> we believe they are not with terry allen miles willingly. >> they were called to bates' home twice when a co-worker and boyfriend suspected something was wrong. >> i'm glad that my kids and wife were here. >> her body was found the next day. this morning her daughters nowhere to be found. authorities calling her death suspicious. >> it's our neighbor. it's the holidays and, you know, you want to feel safe in your neighborhood and with your kids and everybody and just to hear something like this is very devastating. >> reporter: this morning the hospital where she worked grieving the loss saying, quote, we will carry on her
7:44 am
doing what she loved, caring for our community. louisiana police tell abc news this morning that back in 2011 miles was charged with attempted murder after the alleged beating of his then girlfriend. those charges were later dropped and this morning the community hopes the girls will be returned home soon. >> we sure do. dj khaled's collaboration. why he is joining forces with oprah and could it help you lose weight? come on back. eestyle! ♪ ♪ this is how i freestyle! i've lost 82 lbs., and i can eat wherever i want. i'm freestyling with dessert, and i'm down 46 lbs. the new weight watchers freestyle program has over 200 foods that are zero points®. now you can count less and enjoy more. i freestyle any way i like. join for free and lose 10 lbs. on us!
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we brought these hearty folks in from the cold. our husbands didn't think we'd make it on tv. please help us prove them wrong. we did. we did. [ applause ] and simone says you could head upstairs and you can be upstairs with our audience there. we aim to please. i won't tell you what t.j. said his sign would say. we cannot -- i cannot go there. you can tell us about this collaboration, dj khaled and oprah. >> we're used to him working with justin bieber, jay-z and folks like that but he is a big-time producer but shot to superstardom when he became known as the snapchat king. believed to be the first person to monetize snapchat. everybody has been coming after him, advertisers because they want his out audience which is now going to be able to watch him lose weight. >> dj khaled. >> reporter: music producer dj khaled famous for his
7:49 am
♪ i don't know if you can take it ♪ >> thank you to everybody that celebrated with us yesterday for my son's birthday party. >> reporter: and even motivational speeches. >> never give up. never surrender. put this money in your savings account. >> reporter: is now joining forces with none other than oprah winfrey. >> i like that. i like that. >> reporter: the two entertainment titans have turned colleague, both working together on under weight watchers where dj khaled will document and share his body weight progress with his millions of followers on social media. oprah welcomed the 42-year-old record labor exec saying welcome to the hashtag weight watchers freestyle. he put this photo with the caption the smile you make when oprah tweets you. the folks at weight watchers are happy too after announcing their newest hire to the mass, their shares rose 8%. oprah who owns a nearl
7:50 am
with weight watchers joined the company back in 2015. >> i love bread. >> reporter: and since then the former queen of daytime tv has earned about $300 million. >> yep. >> all right. look, folks, i've spent time with dj khaled over the years profiling him but i was at his home. he has this chef, personal chef and they made lunch for us. you know what we had, fried chicken wings. he opened a restaurant in miami called finger licking. that's about fried chicken and now he's going to tell people to lose weight and it's fantastic. it's great but he's dedicated to it and know he's gained some weight. >> if he can do it. >> anybody can absolutely do it. his following of young people. that's who weight watchers is after. >> they will follow. all right, all right, t.j. i wish i could tell you what he said his sign would say. but, you know, we -- speaking of losing weight the first look at the bet diets of 2018. which came out on top and how to know which is
7:51 am
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7:54 am
breaking the ice on the hudson river just south of albany, new york. a time lapse showing that. even colder air is coming. not just for the northeast but windchill advisories stretch all the way to beak cara
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by alka-seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels.
7:56 am
good morning to you, washington. there is trouble this morning for a d.c. school. archbishop carroll high school in northeast is close to this morning because of plumbing problems stemming from this extreme cold. just yesterday, kramer middle school was in the same boat in southeast and is reopening today as planned after a broken pipe knocked out the heat and power yesterday. it is back to class for students and teachers. in half an hour the man behind this assault, carjacking chait -- carjacking case and crash that landed seven people in the hospital is due in court. branden vincent is accused
7:57 am
violent series of events. it ended when he slammed into a minivan packed with people in herndon. a child ejected from the van remains in critical condition. of ourdy, some parts snow -- some parts of our area might get some snow tonight. this cold has me so tongue-tied. it's going to be a fast mover for us with minor to moderate impacts. we are more than 12 hours out with 33 is the high for today. dry and quiet with clouds moving in. right through noontime, a dusting around the corridor. , st. mary'snches and calvert county, that is where there could be some delays and cancellations tomorrow. julie? dry pavement, we will take it, no accidents to report on the beltway, but inbound en route for tying up the left lane, 270
7:58 am
commute to travel 13 miles from interstate 70 towards 109. an earlier crash on the shoulder, taking a look at 66, a 16 minute ride coming in from the fairfax county parkway to 495. i'm back with another update in silver spring. traffic,ou can go weather, and news updates at any time with the abc seven news
7:59 am
all everybody stumbles,ail. but some of us do it well. there's a little klutz in all of us. that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. bomb cyclone. the powerful storm forming right now about to slam parts of the country and it's about to get even colder. 15 states from florida to maybe are on alert and the surprising place in america that is the warmest right now. also this morning, president trump and kim jong-un escalate their war of words over nuclear weapons. trump says he has a bigger and more powerful nuclear button. the president's tweets ignite a huge reaction overnight. new this morning, which diets are really best for your body, your lifestyle and your health? the brand-new rankings by top researchers and doctors. we'll tell you which diets came out on top.
8:01 am
and justin timberlake kicks off 2018 with a big tease to 64 million fans. what he's revealing about his new album. >> just where you are in your life right now? and close to home inspiration behind it. ♪ new attitude get ready for "black-ish" star yara shahidi graduating to "grown-ish" and now here in times square. jara is saying -- >> good morning, america. >> yes, she is. >> got accepted to harvard. that young woman. yeah, we'll talk to her about that and a whole lot more in this chilly wednesday morning. let's see. day three of the new year. how you doing with your resolutions? before you head to the gym, there are some common mistakes that could injure so so we have important tips. jen ashton made that big announcement saying she's giving up alcohol for the month of january. sparked a huge reaction and she's going to come
8:02 am
explain why she's doing it and how you can. >> taking it head on because you would think it would be overwhelmingly positive which it was but there was negative reaction to it as well so she will address it all but first we want to get to that major storm slamming the south moving its way up the east coast, snow and ice creating dangerous driving conditions, so, ginger, what's coming next? >> freezing rain is coating the roads in north florida. it is snowing in florida this morning, guys. look at waycross, georgia, that frozen fountain shows you how cold it is deep south and the pink and white making into that southeast georgia, north florida area on the radar. let me time it out. a developing low that will deepen as we go through the day. what that means for southeast georgia, south carolina and north carolina is wind and then eventually snow and ice. especially coastally so if you're charleston or savannah you want to pay attention especially east of raleigh because the closer you are to this low, so the closer to you are the coast will get the most snow. eastern new jersey
8:03 am
connecticut and rhode island and as this thing deepens where you're hearing that term bomb cyclone, 24 millibars it drops in 24 hours. that's the threshold. we think it will happen here and the guffs go close to 70 miles per hour and inevitably hurt travel tomorrow in the northeast and tomorrow night and you'll end up with significant snow in a lot of the places that don't get it and speaking of places that don't get it, juneau, alaska, people are venturing out, beautiful, anchorage had a record high of 44 yesterday. yeah, warmer than what, jacksonville, florida, will be with a high only in the mid-30s so there you go. we're all flip-flopped. >> that does not happen too over. >> dare we say baked alaska. >> you can say it. >> thank you, george. >> we move on to that escalating war of words between president trump and kim jong-un taunting each other with talk about their nuclear buttons. cecilia vega back with us
8:04 am
good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. you're right. it sounded a lot like a school yard taunt but we are talking about the possibility of nuclear war here. the president ratcheting up tensions overnight with that tweet. take a look. kim jong-un just stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times. will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him i too have a nuclear button but it's much bigger and more powerful as kim is perfecting the missile that could reach the united states but it does come as it appears that there is some softening between the two sides north and south. the communications line between both sides has now re-opened after two years of silence and there is now the possibility of in-person talks between the two countries largely about whether north korea will participate in the upcoming winter games but as you know that tweet overnight setting off major alarm bells an the world. >> because if there's any kind of
8:05 am
who knows what can happen. thanks very much. the rush to return unwanted holiday gifts. national returns day and as we mentioned consumers are projected to take back $90 billion worth of goods this holiday season. delivery services are bracing for what could be a record-setting week. rebecca jarvis is back. you've got details on this. >> 90 billion with a "b" in return, yes, a quarter of all returns are going back at this time. 1.4 million returns today is what u.p.s. projects. up 8% from last year and according to u.p.s., 75% of consumers returned at least one purchase from an online retailer last year, retailers are listening, 49% are now offering free return shipping but, robin, as you said, what happened to the thought that counts. >> i know, really. so they are listening to their customers but what are retailers getting out of this new policy. >> if people go back to the store h. is where the retailer really wins because people in general
8:06 am
something if they bring a return back to the store. about 54% of people say they will buy something if they bring the return back according to a washington, d.c. based technology company that works with retailers to handle returns. fur going back to a store one thing people should keep in mind, look at that return policy, a lot of them, a lot of them have 30-day return policies so you're not quite in the window yet but you might as well take care of it right now. if you got a gift card from a retailer or restaurant that isn't your favorite, you actually do have an option there for returning it, you don't necessarily return it to the retailer, that's not what they do but can you go on websites like gift card granny, raise card pool and sell it for a portion of what it costs, what it actually is valued at and then you get a little money for the gift card or you can regift it too. that always works and i'm happy to take it. >> 30 days. >> thank you, rebecca. coming up here, which diets top the list for 2018? the best one to help you lose weight and the easiest
8:07 am
plus, big news for "fixer upper" stars chip and joanna gaines. and lara upstairs getting some workout tips. >> i'm not ready yet but i will be. going to the gym, one of the big new year's resolutions but you could get seriously injured making easy common mistakes. that's why these two are here. chris a heidi powell showing us the smart way. welcome back to "good morning america," everybody. [ applause ]
8:08 am
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welcome back to "gma." great crowd that we have staying nice and warm up here. >> all of the ladies in the audience. >> i do. >> representing miss america. hello, ladies. >> hello. [ cheers and applause ] >> very nice. >> i saw tom. >> hello, miss louisiana. >> look at tom, please. he's trying so hard. there you go. [ applause ] >> all right. "pop news," lara. >> moving my coffee. a lot of hand movements today. we'll begin with justin timb timberlake. rumors swirling and now he's confirming a new studio album is coming. yeah, he released that little teaser video coming up february 2nd. two days beforeis
8:13 am
bowl halftime performance called "man of the woods" and the ten-time grammy winner says it is his most personal album yet. he says it's inspired by his wife jessica and 2-year-old son growing up in tennessee. that sounds fantastic. the video posted with just a single word, that word, friday." so maybe we could be hearing some new music from justin as early as this week. [ applause ] i'm on the case. >> you on it? all right. >> yeah. also in "pop news," america's most famous fixer upper is making time for a new project as robin alluded to a little earlier. rumors were running rampant when chip and joanna gaines told fans season 5 of their hgtv hit will be their last saying they wanted to focus on family and their magnolia business. they shared this photo of joanna's growing belly along
8:14 am
chip's belly announcing their fifth child is on the way. give it up. i love these two. i love the show. wrote on their post, gaines, party of seven and then in parentheses chip wrote if you're till confused, we are pregnant so we got it now. congratulations to the family and if you watch the show you'll understood why this child's middle name might be shiplap. >> say that three times fast. >> i'm scared. in the back i was wondering if i should day it. you know what i'm talking about. they always use this wood named shiplap. >> moving on. the lineup for coachella has been announced. pack your bags, george stephanopoulos. it looks really good. headliners for the two weekend desert festival include beyonce. [ cheers and applause ] the weeknd, eminem, a little something for everybody. yeah.
8:15 am
i love this. you may recall queen bey had to cancel her performance due to her pregnancy with twins so she's back and there are some other great artists set to perform as well includining siz and it kicks off april 13th. i've never been. i really want to go. i don't know. do we have time for one more? >> go ahead. >> all right. what do you know. so finally on "pop news" a penny saved was a penny earned in china. inspiration for the new year. this guy walks into a local auto dealership and pulls out ten massive bags of coins and says i want to buy a car forcing the dealership to shut down for the entire day because the staff had to count $11,000 worth of small coins. he's been saving for years and is finally ready to buy his own set of wheels. inspiration. [ applause ]
8:16 am
change -- >> when you see a penny, i always pick it up. find a penny pick it up all the day you'll have good luck, robin. >> and might have a new car. >> yes, exactly. >> lara, thank you. we turn to the "gma" health alert and exclusive reveal of the best diets of 2018. "u.s. news & world report" is looking at a wide range of health and weight loss factors and talk to dr. ashton in a moment. first here's the year's best diets. every year 45 million americans make a pledge to improve how they eat but with so many ways to diet -- >> i lost 50 pounds on jenny craig. >> i lost 82 pounds and i can eat wherever i want. >> reporter: -- how can you know which is best for your lifestyle and body? this morning "u.s. news & world report" releasing their findings on the 40 best diets worth trying. >> no one diet is right for everyone so we like to give people a road map of how to choose the best diet that suits them whether
8:17 am
lose weight or manage a congressic disease. >> reporter: to calculate the rankings they convened a panel. >> reporter: 25 top nutritionists, physicians and other top researchers in their field to rank them on nine different categories. >> reporter: the result, if you're looking to lose weight the best diet is weight watchers. they claim you can drop up to two pounds weekly. the program assigns every food and beverage a smallpoints value based on its nutrition and encourages you to eat more fruit, veggies and lean protein while reducing sugar and unhealthy fats from your plate. the easiest diet to follow, the mediterranean diet. it stresses having an active lifestyle while consuming low amounts of red meat, sugar and saturated fat. in addition to losing weight, you may also avoid a host of chronic diseases. but the best overall diet. >> this year the mediterranean diet ranked number one in a tie with the dash diet for the first time. >> reporter: the das d
8:18 am
pressure by encouraging a diet filled with fruit, veggies, whole grains and lean protein. while limiting foods high in saturated fat and sugar, sweetened beverages and sweets. as promised jen is here to talk about this a little more. you also have a degree in nutrition. >> yes, ma'am. >> so do all of these diet -- let's talk about it. >> these diets give people a lot of options because as we heard there is no such thing as one size fits all. the reasons they work, there are several of them. number one they're sensible. they are portion controlled or what we call, you know, calorie restrict the to some extent. they all are fairly low in sugar and they all pretty much minimize or avoid processed foods. these are the mainstays the fundamentals of any healthy eating plan. >> we hear about protein and fats and carbs and they're different in each diet and the body, how does that affect
8:19 am
of medical school and flue triggs degree studying macro nutrients, basics here. you talk about protein, we need protein as a source of energy, there's plant-based protein and animal-based protein and helps to carry signals throughout the boyd and function as enzymes and help with growth and muscle repair so very important and move on to fats. same thing with fats. different types, saturated. unsaturated. major source of energy. and there are fat soluble vitamin, fats in our diet help us absorb those vitamins then when you move on to carbs and probably the most loaded you hear good carb, bad carb, again, there are simple carb, complex carbs. this is the major source of energy that our cells function on. the healthier ones, fruits, vegetable, whole grain, the less healthy one, those white refined sugars. >> how do we know which one is best for us? >> okay, well, i used to say look for three ss, now a fourth. th
8:20 am
work for you. it has to be safe, smart, has to be sustainable and really want to look for sugar. that's where all the focus is total sugar but added sugar and what i brought are some things that in general can be healthy. chocolate milk. we've heard a lot about that. when you talk about soy chocolate milk it can be loaded with sugar, organic maple syrup. don't let the term fool you, pressed juices, hugely popular now. >> beet juice. >> the sugar bomb. in moderation and even greek yogurt. read labels. you want to stay under 25 grams of added sugar for women and these can pack 20 grams just here. >> okay. we are going to have you back because you made a pledge on the air yesterday saying you were not going to have any alcohol in january and it got quite a reaction. >> huge. >> we will talk about that in the next half hour. >> i'm with her too. i'm going alcohol-free. wait, i have to. time for your "gma" moment. this is phyllis,
8:21 am
teacher right here in new york and so you're going back next week but all of us that came off of a week off and now are back at work, i have to show you what it feels like by wednesday, phyllis. it feels like this. little nora is trying. she thinks she's moving through the week. it's really more like a little swim. you can do it, nora. her mom says she looks up referee once in a while, did i make it? no. she's a year old in rockwell city, iowa. if you can't get through your week and saying, i just need somebody to hold me, you got to be like dozer. the 90-pound boxer. yep, lori his owner says we do this, don't judge. i rock my boxer. it's okay. it's cool. sometimes you need this on a wednesday, right? those are my two videos to represent what midweek feels like after you've been off. that's your "gma" moment. we want you to share your, something that makes you laugh outloud. something that will make everybody smile. share them on my facebook page,
8:22 am
calvert county tonight - thursday am - snow late tonight east of i-95; highest accumulations over southern md from coastal storm - windy from a powerful nor'easter thursday/friday - another reinforcing shot of cold air late week (highs in the teens) - 40s return early next week today: becoming cloudy. cold. highs: 31-35 winds: se 5 mph tonight: cloudy and cold. snow developing east of i-95. lows: 19-25 winds: n 5-10 mph thursday: early morning snow east of i-95. windy and all right, it is time to get fit. what we're doing is the smart way. here is chris and heidi powell. millions of americans, you guys know, are hitting the gym as part of their new year's rests but "the washington post" is warning newcomers, injuries are happening so to help you avoid getting hurt chris and heidi have important tips. i loved this segment because it does happen all
8:23 am
>> it does, absolutely and all starts right here on the treadmill. the most common piece of equipment in the gym and see it happen all too often. they do too much have son so results in all kinds of inflammatory issues like plantar fasciitis in the feet and bursitis in the hips. >> once you get these they don't go away easily. >> it takes a long time. >> yeah, absolutely. but even above and beyond chronic issues, the number one thing we see as far as injuries on the treadmill is falling. this is a big, powerful machine and you got to respect it. if you don't know what you're doing you have to ease into it. >> gabby is on the treadmill. let's talk about what she's getting wrong and right. >> the first thing she is doing wrong is she's not paying attention. we always say do not text on the treadmill because that belt you have to run on is two feet wide. all it takes is a half inch of a misstep for her to be thrown into the wall, weight, whatever behind her so important she pays attention to what she's doing.
8:24 am
safety strap. people don't even realize this is there. you must attach the safety strap to your clothing and then if you do, in fact, suffer a fall, the entire machine will shut down completely and your injury will be reduced, yeah. [ applause ] yes! >> i don't put it on. you're right. so simple. >> so important and talking about the itises that chris was talking about before, long-term injuries to prevent it. we want to make sure we start with five minute, maybe ten minutes a day. we don't need to jump in full bore and do an hour a day. >> nice running outside. >> it is. >> great. so we'll move on to the bike. lots of different kinds of bikes out there. recumbent like this. the classic, the spin bikes. lots of injuries happen on bikes as well. >> there are so this is the recumbent bike, obviously and the biggest injury is going to be a knee injury followed by lower back, neck injury from looking up too much and when you're on an upright
8:25 am
there is a lot of wrist injuries from too much pressure put in the upper body not enough put in the lower body. >> okay, all right. so let's talk about it. >> there's a lot of wrong happening with courtney. he knows what he's doing so the first thing, here's what lime looking at severe bend in the knee which means he's overusing his quad and prime candidate for patellar tendinitis. in order to prevent it he is is going to adjust the seat all the way back. when that knee is fully extends we're looking at a one-inch bend in the knee, very important here. >> sounds good. they other tips. >> whether on a recumbent on spin bike when setting that saddle height make sure your handlebars are at the same height. if you're pregnant or have lower back issues raise them up a little bit. >> there we go. there we go. >> a lot of room for error. a lot of potential for injury. we have one minute left. >> numberne
8:26 am
comes to weight lift something shoulders, elbow, knees and lower back. lots of tendon and ligament tears because people are doing all this the wrong way. they're swinging those weights around. absolutely. >> a lot of wrong so especially the way that she's thrusting the weight up is the number one no-no with free weights. that means the weight is too heavy for her. she's going to want to make sure her core is engaged. her body is stabilized and getting the full range of motion. if she can't perform ten reps at a time. >> go lighter, right. >> go lighter. yes. >> absolutely. >> come on. let's see some clean reps. >> i work out twice a week after the show and we're always told to roll so you don't have an arch in your back. >> activate the core. >> activating the core and is this looking good. >> what do you think? >> i think it looks great. [ applause ] >> all right. >> from chris and heidi, you got to check it out. we'll be back on "good morning america."
8:27 am
>> live, local news from "good morning washington." adrianna: in minutes, the man behind a wild scene in herndon will go to court. autria: branden vincent is accused of an assault, carjacking, chase, and crash. it landed seven people in the hospital. the chase ended when he slammed into a minivan packed with people. a child ejected from the van remains in critical condition. adrianna: people forced into the frigid temperatures as fire ripped through several townhomes in laurel. it started in the basement of a middle row home on carissa lane and spread to the first floor and the unit next door. the good news is
8:28 am
and we are told everyone made it out a fleet. autria: it is cold again. i know we sound like a broken record, but there is nothing else to say. veronica: we really do. it has been about a week and a half since temperatures have been below freezing. only once above freezing. we will do it again today for a couple hours. as we turn mostly cloudy, then late tonight, a little snow will start developing across our area. it will start out fairly light and it will start here in southern maryland around , andrdtown, st. mary's overspread the area. by the end of it, a dusting to an inch. right now, we are looking at delays if you are traveling on metro. that is due to track problems outside of naylor road. , ao, 395 northbound 20-minute ride with lanes all open. we are still cleaning up the crash in gaithers
8:29 am
you want to stay to the left in order to get by. autria? adrianna? news,na: be sure to get traffic, and weather updates anytime with the abc7 news app. autria: stay with news channel small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000.
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a wonderful audience that we have again and if you want to prove your husband is wrong, come to us. we'll help you out like these women right here who were outside in the cold. we're here for you. >> that message this morning. our next guest is an activist and actress, scholar soon heading to harvard after getting a college recommendation letter from none other than michelle obama. >> we've watched her grow up on abc's black plaque and now she's starsing in her own spin-off show called "grown-ish."
8:31 am
>> hey, girl. >> hello. >> hi. >> nice to see you. hi. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we're both big fans of "black-ish." beau of us. >> thank you. >> each and every week. saw it last night but you are heading off to harvard. >> yeah. >> my goodness. [ cheers and applause ] >> as george said and, you know, you're not just picking any major. what are you going to study. >> i'm double paiging in social studies and african-american studies and social studies -- [ applause ] -- is an interdisciplinary sociology anthropology, economics and philosophy major. >> wow. >> covering the waterfront. >> giving you a good base. >> it does so i chose it because so many people i worked with in the nonprofit space ended up being social studies majors at harvard and i thought it was a sign so i decided to work backwards. they have jobs i
8:32 am
the major. >> not even 18 yet. [ applause ] we also share a birthday. february 10th, yeah. but tell me about this new thing you're starting. >> 18 by 18 is an initiative that in the short term is focused on midterms and focused on increasing voter turnout and youth voter turnout in midterms especially for my generation who like me is turing 18 by 2018. and the importance of it is really to help us understand the political system and help us understand what policies we should care about, what we should be paying attention to because so many times we fee cuss on the major election and what's been lost for so many of our peers first time voters in the 2016 election was focusing on the local things because i feel like the presidential election took up so much space that these other policies really, i mean, went unnoticed and so it was important for me going into midterms to really stress the importance of what midterms does for the 2020
8:33 am
establishing policy. >> i don't know how you find the time to do it. >> she does. >> this little tv show. [ applause ] "grown-ish" will premiere tonight on freeform. want to see a little bit of it. >> let's do it. >> this is socially conscious photography based on the work of james weldon. >> is it or just sad photos of little black kids holding melted ice cream. >> i also saw a couple of sad photos of tiny black hands holding on to chain link fences. >> this is what i love about the writing. >> did you write the james baldwin line? >> okay, so that was the writer's personal homage to my obsession with james baldwin. i compare -- that's actually a picture of me on james baldwin's birthday. my parents got me a gift on his birthday. but i compare my obsession to that of someone with a boy band obsession in that i have i think two james baldwin shirt, signed co
8:34 am
mountain" and james baldwin candles, pillow. it's insane. >> you really went there. going with a theme and went with it. >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> but also a great influence on your family, prince, your father was his photographer. >> yeah. >> yeah? [ applause ] >> when he worked with prince as his personal photographer for a decade and in total their time together was about two decades, working alongside each other so much of my life was within the context of my father being on tour and me tagging along with my momma and my brothers. >> he had a picture of you, prince did, on his desk. >> yes. there's -- oh, there it is. it's says to mr. prince. >> to mr. prince. >> which really kind of summed up our relationship. he was so family oriented. i even remember when "imagine that" came out, i was 7 when we filmed it he rented out theaters
8:35 am
later would buy copies just to have to hand out to people. so to say that he was a supporter of our family would be an understatement. >> what do you hope people get out of "grown-ish"? >> honestly, "grown-ish" has quite honestly a messy narrative and the stories that we tell don't always have clean endings but they're nonetheless our attempt of basing college experience and a semblance of reality and i'm hoping somebody gravitates to a character or maybe two or hopefully three or hopefully all of us but most importantly i think what "grown-ish" really does represent are a group of people that are trying to figure out who they are within this new context of their life and so i feel like it's relatable no matter whether you're in college or out of college and i think people will pull away whatever they wish to take away from it and we cover a plethora of things in our 13 episodes. >> what's so great, yara -- [ applause ] you live that. you live that by w
8:36 am
originally about the work that you're doing and it's just so wonderful to see. it's been great to watch you grow up. now you're owl "grown-ish." [ applause ] >> you can see "grown-ish" tonight on freeform at 8:00 eastern and coming up, lara one-on-one with alec baldwins, the host of "m
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
jen is back. she's excited because she has her own hashtag, the announce many coming in and the reaction. you're having a dry january. you said you won't have any alcohol. >> correct. >> in the month of january and the reaction, you posted a video, got over 100,000 views. >> over 350,000 now. >> no wonder you have your oown hashtag. >> but you know what, overwhe overwhelmingly rightfully so it was positive but there was some negative reaction and people thought you had -- think you have a problem with alcohol. you gave us your permission and we contacted your doctor and your doctor said she is in great health, that she is absolutely a social drinker, nothing more than that and know alcoholism and aud that we talked about is a serious condition. >> right. i think here's the important thing and this is really what i want to classify. we have to be crystal clear. there is a big difference between making a small tweak as a wellness challenge and doing something for the purposes
8:40 am
abstinence and sobriety which is a very serious issue. that is not what i'm doing this for. i always try to challenge myself physically. >> you say you're going to walk the walk because if you're a physician and you're going to tell your patients to do this. >> i always try to challenge myself and this is how i'm kicking off the year with this challenge and as you said, the response for the most part was incredible. people sent really inspiring messages on social media, but some of them not so nice. i was called a lush. i was called a dry drunk. and i think the point is when you are around someone who is trying to do anything to better themselves, their health, name shaming has no place in medicine. >> i can't get over that and i'm glad you addressed it head on. you didn't bury your head in the sand and addressed it and that's the way too look at it. some people that -- something like that happens and it prevents them from moving forward but as you said great reaction. cynthia, do you have a question for jen. >> i do. >> hi. >> so a lot of people say that at
8:41 am
to take a drink to take the edge off. so in the absence of that is there another option? >> well, you bring up a really interesting point, cynthia, which is that there is some new data, new science that suggests in general that men and women drink for different reasons and it starts in adolescence or early adulthood. men for the most part drink more for the positive gain, they want to activate that reward center and feel good. women, the opposite, they drink for what's called negative reinforcement so it's exactly your question, cynthia. they drink more to alleviate a negative feeling like anxiety and to that i would say if that is your why, if that's your motivation, absolutely look for something to replace that, like meditation or exercise or reading or needlepoint. anything that will give thaw feeling of lessening the anxiety if that is the motivation. >> a great question, cynthia. [ applause ] i feel like i'm on a talk show.
8:42 am
thank you, cynthia. but also from people online this one person, diane and it's a question i know that you have had to address. social drinking. being in a social atmosphere and this person, diane, said one friend thought i shouldn't announce it because she announced she wouldn't drink and one friend thought i should announce it as it draws more attention to the fact that you're not drinking. how should you handle in a social situation. >> i'm going to learn that myself this month. i think you have to do what works for you. i don't think there is a right or wrong way. when you recruit friend, i have two doctor friends doing this challenge with me and many other relatives and friends and, of course, the great "gma" viewers who have gotten on board. the more people know you're doing it the better because it takes that kind of pressure off because, yes, adults do experience peer pressure. that doesn't stop in seventh grade. >> unfortunately, it doesn't but you're getting great tips about what to do. >> really, really good ones and i think that, you know, we have -- this is my drink ofchoice.
8:43 am
do your own reassessment. a serving is one ounce. if you put one ounce in a highball you will send it back saying where is my tequila. this is two ounces. go back to basic math. moderate alcohol intake is seven servings a week. if you just go out a couple of times a week and have five of these you're already over the moderate level. >> right, right. >> you're at ten and that's really why i did it because i'm saying, oh, god, i know there are weeks i'm having five of these over the course of the week, that's ten and i want to be under the moderate threshold so one of the tips i encourage people to do, do that math. a serving of wine is five ounces, not eight. so, you know, when you start adding it up you can be well above the level. join me, though. >> you'll do a video diary. >> yep. >> you'll be on twitter. >> yep, a lot of it. [ applause ] >> okay. you can see it on "gma" facebook and twitter and after the show jen will answer your questions sous
8:44 am
page. thank you for doing this. >> oh, god, thank you. >> dry-nuary. dry-nuary. ginger. >> dry-nuary. we've got it. so i want to take you over here. this is exciting. i have chris and jake, right. you guys are from orlando, florida. i want to show you what it looks like this morning in tallahassee, florida. so let's look. tallahassee, that's it. the big snowflakes are flying. you guys are shaking your head. what? steven just took this video and so we just put it up so everybody knows it's happening in southeast georgia too following that, maybe they could get tips from erie, pennsylvania, though because they had more than 120 inches in the month of december and this is what they're doing with the snow. by the way that's not going totn - winter weather advisory st mary's & calvert county tonight - thursday am - snow late tonight east of i-95; highest accumulations over southern md from coastal storm - windy from a powerful nor'easter thursday/friy
8:45 am
shot of cold air late week (highs in the teens) that report brought to you by quickbooks. lara. >> alec baldwin has dominated tv comedy starring on "30 rock" playing trump on "snl" now returning to the small screen tonight hosting abc's revival of the '60s game show, one of my fave, "match game." >> here's the host of "match game," alec baldwin. [ applause ] >> reporter: a new year brings a new chance to fill in the blank. >> we've been watching "lord of the rings" all wrong. the one ring to rule them all isn't worn on your finger, it goes on your blank. >> reporter: the revival of "match game" on abc features everyday people vying for 25 grand while trying to match the often risque answers of a celebrity panel. >> poo poo. >> reporter: in a game of fil
8:46 am
in the blanks. so many game shows. you got strahan, you got steve. what's special about alec baldwin. >> are we rolling? >> yes. >> you asked moo he that question. you're throwing that down. >> i'm throwing down. >> i'm throwing down. strahan, steve harvey. >> versus you. >> why me? well, i mean i think it's obvious. i mean -- >> the man behind the skinny mike none other than alec baldwin. ready for his third season at the helm. we get to see you really relaxed a different guy. >> one of the best jobs i've ever had and play trump on tv. >> this is the time i'd like to reflect on all the good things i've soon this year. it'll only take a minute. >> reporter: his role as host a little surprising for an "snl" favorite and movie star, but he says it's all fun and games. >> as busy as you are, why a game show. >> i remember sitting backstage and literally i said to myself i'm so lucky. tv has replaced the movies in the hearts of the american viewer. >> there's great quality. >> so much quality, so much choice so when i do the game show, i said to myself i get to stay home. i workit
8:47 am
i have a ball. it's in new york, it's easy and everything in my life is about being with my kids. why have kids at my age, why have kids and not be with them? >> reporter: this season features a brand-new lineup of hilarious panel ifs that baldwin helped pick himself. joel mchale, niecy nash and caroline rhea. >> two of your "30 rock" pals, jack and jane. >> we have an anchor chair we like to have someone in that is reliable so i got a couple of people who i said i want them on as many shows as possible, jack and khairul line rhea. they come in the green room the stars of the show, we schmooze with them. some have a drink. some have more than one drink. >> is it fun that they're a little looser. >> the morning crowd, not. the afternoon crowd, they have a drink and then the third show, my god, it's like you think you were on the set of "pirates of the caribbean." >> judy needs a
8:48 am
shy about sharing their thoughts on baldwin's stellar hosting jobs. >> he's fun. he's witty. >> he was born for this. >> i got like lost in his eyes even when he wasn't looking at me. >> you have entertainers are a big smapart of the show. other shows can be funny relying on mom and dad and the host and let's face it, harvey is funny but he's not anywhere near as funny as i am. [ applause ] >> you can see the premiere of "match game" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc. coming up, simple changes to your diet for a healthier new year. ne
8:49 am
8:50 am
[ applause ] and as we kick off 2018 one of the top resolutions, of course, to live a healthier lifestyle. of course it is. that can be tough, though so here to help is registered dietitian keri gans partnering with splenda to kick off
8:51 am
better you series. welcome, keri. all of are you probably making resolutions or have and all of you at home potentially. we thought why not bring somebody down. nicole in our audience, come on down. [ applause ] you've got a new year's resolution you want to share. >> i really want to have a balanced lifestyle that's going to be maintainable in the long term because for me health is so much more than about physical appearance and just looking good. and i want to have a body that's strong and able to do stuff. >> okay, that's a great resolution, that's a good one, keri, you said to me earlier you can eat things you like and i see potatoes and toast. >> it's not about eliminating foods you love. first thing we want to do is choose healthier conde manies and think out of the box. you like cream cheese on bread, guess what, add a little avocado. take away some of that cream cheese, add healthy fats. it's delicious. >> the best. >> really want to try it? >> i would love to. >> great. [ applause ] and eat too. >> hummus on
8:52 am
instead of butter and sour cream. just hummus, extra fiber. >> i never would have thought of that? a lot of people feel like i don't know, i don't love the taste of fish but how about salsa on this there. add fruits and veggies for antioxidants and it's really good. >> you marv it. >> that's so good. i might just take this back with me if that's okay. >> it's also about portion control. >> all about portion control and what's important is to try to equip yourself in the kitchen and that means choose the best kitchen tools and gadgets that you can for portion control. so, example, a simple brush. instead of pouring on olive oil you can brush on olive oil. here, try a little. so you can take a little and then you just basically brush it on potatoes or squash or -- it's really easy or a spray bottle. spray your oil as opposed to pouring on a salad. >> so smart. >> so you
8:53 am
>> finally you have the hidden sugar. hidden sugar. >> we need to rethink our drink, okay. most of you probably are having coffee at home and the best thing you could do is find an alternative so plane da naturals which is made from stevia which is a plant and a lot of you might think, ooh, bitter taste, but, no, stevia from splenda naturals is delicious. great opposite. >> thank you so much. >> try it. >> no bitter aftertaste. >> thanks for sharing your resolutions. thanks to our sponsor splenda we are offering a chance to win $5,000 to help you achieve your goals. go to takes to enter. thank you, nicole. good luck. keri, thank you. we'll be right back. "gma's" simply a better you is brought to you by splenda
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8:56 am
they really do want world peace. have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
morning washington." adrianna: firefighters in d.c. investigating an overnight apartment fire. autria: it happened in the 300-block of parkland place. blaze wheno battle a they arrived on scene. despite the cold causing trouble for firefighters, the fire was contained to the apartment where it started. no one was hurt, but the family cannot go back inside. butdeep-freeze continues, the harsh temperatures are easing up a little bit. adrianna: here's rhonda could johnson. veronica: just in time for a little bit of snow. we get up above snow freezing briefly today, even holding there around 5:00, but overnight around 9:00, some of the first snowflakes we have seen in a while going to start falling. the snow will overspread the area from southeast to northwest. the snow hits the beltway, i-95 by about midnight or so and will continue through the morning rush. we will get around an inch and then 1-2
8:58 am
for southern maryland. high temperatures tomorrow will be in the 20's. very cold air follows after that for the weekend. julie: right now, we are still looking at problems, especially up in new market where we had the crash. eastbound i 70. that is blocking the eastbound lanes of i 70 at this point. all lanes are currently closed. westbound, some traffic is able to get by. we are told this is a two-car crash under investigation right now. good alternate. waterman break activity, northbound hungerford, tying up the two right lanes. southbound lanes are open to read on the green line, single tracking between naylor and southern avenue. adrianna: get traffic, weather, and news updates anytime with the abc7 news app. autria: flip on over to "news channel
8:59 am
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