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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this storm exploding in strength, hammering the southeast. this is the scene in savannah, georgia, if you can believe it. we will show you other places not used to this weather. alison: wow! that is so surprising to see. new advisories just issued for our area. that is as we are still reeling from the effects of the deep freeze. jonathan: abc7 has everything covered for you this afternoon. the storm's latest track and potential local impact. but it really depends where you live. alison: we have team coverage with our chief meteorologist bill kelly with the forecast. nancy: and elizabeth hur in new york that could be hit hard. we are also checking on the travel impact and the options. jonathan: stephen tschida has the effect on the last cold snap for all of us. but let's start off with bill. it's moving fast. bill: all the shades in purple is a winter weather advisory in effect. it will go into effect tonight and up
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it goes as far west of prince william's county, fauquier county as well. then you get to the southeast. westmoreland county, a warning but the shade of red, ocean city and rehoboth beach is included. there is a blizzard warning in effect. look at all the red that runs up through parts of maine. a pretty widespread area that has a blizzard warning in effect. here is the storm right now. you mentioned down in the deep south. it's snowing throughout south carolina. it snowed earlier in georgia and florida. it's working its way up to north carolina. now if you look outside the clouds we have out there that weren't there a couple of hours ago are the leading edge clouds that are working on in. the system that will be affecting us tonight. with the temperatures, we went up to the mid-30's and we are above freezing for the moment. warmest temperatures we've had in a while. but the roads are
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you don't have to worry about it for the next couple of hours but by tomorrow morning the commute will be very, very different than this morning. we want to show you what the storm is already doing. florida to the carolinas. savannah, georgia, getting snow today. never has had snow on this particular day. some of the places haven't seen snow in decades. abc's elizabeth hur shows us a little bit more. elizabeth: the brutal winter weather slamming the south with a rare snowstorm. >> it's wild. i've never seen palm trees with snow on them. elizabeth: the carolinas, georgia, and even florida under a winter storm warning with snow, sleet and ice. grounding flights in jacksonville. and closing schools and turning highways to ice skating rinks in tallahassee. >> florida highway patrol shutting down long stretches of interstate 10 in both
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take a look. the bridge is frozen over. elizabeth: in georgia with slick conditions wreaking havoc on the roads, the governor so far declared a state of emergency in at least 28 counties. parts of virginia and north carolina are under a blizzard warning with the officials announcing heavy wind and snow in the region could create white-out conditions. >> all of that is not a good combination. and why we are encouraging people not to travel unless you absolutely have to. elizabeth: a plea to the public trying to avoid earlier scenes like this in buffalo. >> everything is blurry. a complete whiteout. elizabeth: at least one person was killed and another seriously injured in a massive chain-reaction crash on i-90 involving more than 20 vehicles. depending where you are up and down the east coast, forecasters say you could get anywhere from an inch to a foot of snow. the total could reach 18 inches in maine. in new york,
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for abc7 news. bill: thank you, elizabeth. they will get it much worse in new england. but we'll get up to two inches in the d.c. metro. farther east and they will get two to four in the extreme eastern side of the viewing area. say st. mary's county. then to the eastern shore and we could have four to six inches of snow if not more in spots. you can download the stormwatch7 app. it's free in the app store and google play. it will help keep you alerted for any warning or advisories going on. look at the radar as well. we'll update that. i want you to stick around. coming up in a little bit, i will break down the timing. that is important. how long will it last? we will look at more totals around the region. nancy: thank you. another frigid day, well below average for this time of year. the cold snap continues in part of our area. now reaching the breaking point. we mean that literally. stephen tschida continues our coverage of the winter blast. stephen: nancy, this is a scene
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the metro area. check this out. this eck broen -- this broken water main here. the crews scrambling trying to get the lines repaired. this is why this job here is so urgent. i want you to check out what is behind me here. these apartment buildings, these very, very large apartment buildings. those are more senior citizens. they have been without water since late this morning. the winter weather causing problems all over the area. those in downtown d.c. bundled up to brave the cold. >> winter's icy grip holding tight for another day. stephen: the sub-freezing temperatures proving too much for water mains across the region. crews scrambling to contain the flow of water racing through streets and to repair the ruptures. meanwhile at schools across the metro area, some schools
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turned from brisk to bitter cold quickly. heating systems breaking down from over-work. >> i think they should have closed the school plause the flu is -- because the flu is going around and my son just got over the flu. stephen: back live now. some good news at this location. they are filling in this hole. that means the water main here is repaired. they told the residents here, there were hundreds in this area in northeast d.c., that they would be without water for eight to ten hours. they are telling me the water should be on very soon. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you very much. just in for you now. abc7's "good morning washington" has a special start time tomorrow. that will be 4:00 in the morning. you will have traffic and weather updates every ten minutes as the storm moves in. now to some other news of the day and a public war of words between one-time ally steve bann
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detailing the inner workings of the white house. cheryl conner joins us now from the "live desk" with more. cheryl? cheryl: steve bannon called a meeting between trump campaign officials and a russian lawyer "treasonous." but we have seen the president fired back with his own sharp words. it all started with details of a book titled "fire and fury: inside the trump white house." according to "the guardian," michael wolff interviewed hundreds of people, including former white house chief strategist steve bannon. in referring to a meeting between trump campaign officials and a russian lawyer in 2006, bannon said, "even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or expletive, and i think it's all of that, you should have called the f.b.i. immediately." he also said, "they are going to c
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on national tv." the president fired back saying when steve bannon was fired he lost his job, and he lost his mind and he also said that steve was rarely in a one-on-one meeting with me and only pretends to have influence to fool a few people with no access and no clue whom he helped write phony books." this afternoon white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders addressed the back-and-forth. >> if anybody has been inconsistent, it's been him. it certainly hasn't been the president or this administration. cheryl: also in the book, wolff said that trump did not want to win the presidential election. at the "live desk," i'm cheryl conner. jonathan: fire and e.m.s. need your help to find the brother of a former firefighter who was last seen tuesday in beltsville. this is a picture. the brother of a retired montgomery county firefighter. they believe he needs help. if you have any information about where he may be, contact either the fire department or the police department.
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learning more about a double murder that took place in reston. a husband and wife were killed and the man that was arrested, the teen that was arrested had been dating their daughter. richard reeve right now at the fairfax county government center with the new developments. rich? richard: yeah, these documents give us an inside look into what investigators found when they went inside that house. it detailed how there was a shouting match between the 17-year-old suspect and the two parents who ended up dead in their own home. now take a look. this is black fir court in reston, virginia, on december 22 around 5:00 a.m. the suspect had snuck in the house. search warrant dock metropolitans show that detectives found at least ten shell casings inside with blood stains in the hallway and on a bedroom wall and door. now police found scott fricker and his wife buckley kuhn-fricker shot dead inside. the accused gunman, their daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend, the documents say shot himself in the head afterwards. now the documents also confirm a violent confrontation before
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kuhn-fricker's mother told us at abc7 the parents were concerned the boyfriend was a neo nazi. they discovered tweets on their daughter's phone with antisemitic messages and anti-gay messages days before the shooting. the 17-year-old suspect remains in the hospital in critical condition. he faces two murder counts. coming up at 5:00, what detectives say they found in the suspect's home. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: all right, rich. thank you very much. while president trump and north korea's kim jong un's war of words over nuclear weapons escalates, relations on the ground between north and south korea are changing. the two sides opening up talks for the first time in about two years. a literal hotline between the two countries reopening and high level talks could happen in person in just a matter of days now. jonathan: coming up here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- renewing the search for mh370. we will let you know where it stands.
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alison: plus, coming up. driverless technology that could save your life if you fall asleep. we'll show you what happens if you start to doze off. nancy: a new strategy to combat the opioid epidemic in maryland. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- prosecutors throwing the book at dealers. more severe charges than ever before. brad: now that ponds are freezing over in our area, a many esaj from a local fire -- a message from a local fire department that could save a life.
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jonathan: before this maliceive fire took place at the flower branch apartment in silver spring, there was a business there that was a lifeline for the community. now the man who hundreds of people depend on needs help himself. jay korff takes us inside mr. kim's rainbow. jay: rainbow coin laundry owner has always been hands on. >> i couldn't reach up for the soap and he did it for me. jay: it's also served as a nurturing hub of sorts. >> hello, hello. look at you. you look so pretty. jay: hosting art classes and tutoring sessions for the children of customers. >> he is not just concerned about himself and making a profit from the business. he sees it
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of the community. jay: despite all of kim's best intentions, he is struggling. >> you know what? i notice that the place used to be just packed. you could barely get in. but now it's very thin when you come in. jay: last year's gas explosion at the nearby flower branch apartments drove many of his customers away. in a web exclusive you can see right now only at, find out what is being done to preserve mr. kim's rainbow. >> if you were a billionaire, i'd be on my knees and say, "please help us right now." we don't have a lot of time. jay: jay korff, abc7 news. alison: this just in. paul manafort charged in the mueller probe is now suing the department of justice. he says it doesn't have the authority to investigate
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the charges came up in the russian investigation but they are not tied to russia. stay with us for updates on the story. now a "7 on your side" consumer report. hyundai is developing technology to eliminate crashes caused by sleepy drivers. they would look for changes in eye movements and other sensors would look for serving and erratic movement. the software would automatically bring the vehicle to a safe stop on the side of the road. nancy: the new search for the mh370, the airline that vanished. there has been no trace of it since but this time they are launching from south africa to go to the indian ocean and look in the southern portion of the ocean. there were 239 passengers and crew members aboard the flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. back to the winter blast. the potomac has some parts that is frozen ov
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it's safe to walk or drive or do anything. jonathan: not even close. it's very dangerous. you could fall right through it. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in north potomac with a first-hand look at what it takes to rescue somebody when they go through into the icy water. brad: it is no easy feat. just about everything is frozen over. most of the people watching this. you are not going near a pond. let alone fall through. but in our business and the fire department business, we know it will happen. somewhere there will be footprints to a hole in the ice. fortunately this one is just a drill. you should see the lessons learned from the drill. in the fire department training scenario, a victim has fallen through the ice. it's impossible for that person to get out. >> typically as they try to pull themselves up, the ice will probably break even more. brad: a rescuer properly suited up and tethered to the shore and the rest of his team heads out,
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pond. >> put this around your arm. i'm going to twist it and pull you out. brad: the montgomery county fire department does a demonstration like this every tame ice begins to form -- every time ice begins to form. they hope it saves a life. if someone goes in, try 911 immediately. try to throw a rope or a kayak or ladder to the victim but don't go on the ice yourself. >> if it's not stable enough for one person to fall through, if you put two or three more people on there, all the more for ice to fall through. brad: even though, in the cold days ahead, many people will be skating on frozen ponds. these guys don't want you to take the risk. >> there is no such thing as safe ice. brad: no such thing as safe ice. the fire department responds and they have equip like this. pole -- have equipment like this. they have poles or throw
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but don't go out on the ice. but look around, maybe there is something to use to help. maybe a branch like this that is long enough to reach someone and bring them ashore. if not, slide it out and it could be something to prop themselves up across the hole like this. it might save a life. in potomac, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: great advice. thanks. we are not the only ones in a deep freeze. check this out. this is from chicago. this must be drone video. cool. that is the freezing over of the river. drone flying over to give us an idea. that is the lake. the empty boat slips have iced over. temperatures in the past few days sunk well below zero. and heading south from there. alison: look at this. this is in pensacola, florida, where a man's pool has frozen solid. the surface is completely solid as you can tl
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the man who took the video said his daughter was crying that the pool was gone. [laughter] i'm sure she has never seen anything like that. jonathan: drain the pool, because if it stays like that and it freezes over it will tear through the wall of that thing. drain your pool! nancy: that is remarkable. bill: we talk about snow, we talk about minnesota and we show these impressive video of the massive cooldown. we have snow -- for example, i talked about this earlier. savannah picked up snow. the records go back 153 years. jonathan: no snow? bill: not once ever on this day. alison: this is historic. bill: last i checked they had an inch or so. that was earlier today. that was the sixth snowiest ever for them. ever. on any day. jonathan: they don't know what to do with snow down there. bill: no. the pool problem is not that big of one. we are looking at rehoboth beach. the reason we are showing you that, it's beautiful. but we have a blizzard warning in effect for you folks on the eastern shore
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tomorrow. we are at 34 in reagan. finally above freezing for a little bit but we'll drop back below considerably. we have 24 in pittsburgh. 22 around columbus. the feels like temperature in the teens there. the feels like temperature for us is below freezing but it's warmer than it has been. so i want to focus on the clouds and radar. if you look out the window, you see the clouds. you didn't have them a few hours ago. that is the leading edge working to our region. radar picking up light snow returns to virginia and north carolina. very little of any of this is reaching ground. this is just the leading edge. the bulk of it is down south. we are looking at a myriad of models. some of them hold it off to 3:00 a.m. one model brings snow here by 8:00. i think that is way overdone so i'm not showing that. we'll go to roughly midnight. give or take a little on either end. we watch the weather system work ino
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it. now we see the dark color of blue. before i advance this, where you see the blue is where radar is indicating the snow. the darker shade of blue, heavier the snow. we are looking at majority of the snow well east of the area. we anticipate the snow potential around the d.c. metro, through fairfax county and areas maybe a little farther west than that. if you are watching from the shenandoah to the blue ridge, i don't expect snow for you guys. this is what it looks like at 6:00 in the morning. alison and i were talking about this, will there be school delays? i think there will be in maryland and areas farther east. once we get to mid-morning tomorrow, it's unlikely it will be snowing. clouds will clear it out tomorrow afternoon. in the total we will say generally up to two inches. in our region, not a big snow maker but i think it will affect the morning commute. it is coming in overnight and early tomorrow morning in a weekday. then we get to 2:00 to
4:23 pm
the west and the snowfalls snows will be even greater. it's 19 to 25 tonight. it's very cold but not as cold. then the cold air kicks in. tomorrow, the clouds and snow potential early in the morning. they will clear out in the day. we don't get involve freezing. we don't even get close to freezing for friday, saturday and sunday. the temperatures are in the teens to mid-to-low 20's. then we watch a warmup to early next week. lindsey: i'm lindsey mastis at the abc7 live desk. breaking news on metro. a track problem. just outside mcpherson square station. the silver line isn't even going through downtown right now. the trains are turning back at clarendon at arlington. we will have an update on the service as soon as we get one but expect delays on the blue, orange and the silver line. at the "live desk," lindsey mastis. nancy: thank you. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" --
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not a place yet but there are ripple effects of the storm. your options if you are heading up and down the east coast. >> a final word from an opioid
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died of opioid overdoses in maryland in 2016. but the prosecutors are utilizing a new tool. only on 7, kevin lewis is live to explain. kevin? kevin: yeah, nancy. this opioid problem is getting so out of control. authorities are now upping the ante. charging dealers when the drugs they sell cause someone to die. police say stephen woods is a known heroin dealer who lived with his wife and young child in this germantown town home. in august 2016, woods allegedly texted a male neighbor who lived only three doors down. brown in town. this was a new batch. let me know what you think." woods then reportedly tucked the highly addictive drugs under a mat on the back porch. the neighbor later texting back, "thanks for hooking it up. i'll catch you on the other end." only a
4:28 pm
parents found him on the kitchen floor of his home as paramedics attempted c.p.r. woods allegedly texted his lifeless neighbor. "i see an ambulance in front of your house. are you okay?" he later added, "i'm praying you are okay." police collected a cut straw with powder residue in the basement where the victim slept. it tested positive for fentanyl. a synthetic, often more potent version of heroin. now nearly 18 months later, prosecutors are sending a stiff message, charging woods with involuntary manslaughter, making him the first alleged drug dealer in montgomery county history to be held liable for a user's death. prosecutors tell me this case conveys they are serious about this opioid pandemic plaguing our area. all told, woods now faces up to 50 years behind
4:29 pm
lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: this started as a car fire. when it was out, firefighters found a woman's body inside. tonight abc7 is speaking to the family of the murder victim. jonathan, as the winter storm makes its way up the east coast, airlines are canceling thousands of flights the next few days. i'm sam sweeney at reagan national. a live report on what you need to know. alison: ahead at 5:00, a reminder of the danger that comes with the cold. a race to save a dog found froze on the the ground. that and more when larry joins me for "abc7 news at 5:00". you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally und in jellyfish,
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plement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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announcer: this is a stormwatch7 winter weather alert. bill: welcome back, everyone. we continue to track the weather working on in the show. check this out. bring up national harbor. the potomac iced up on the eastern side. it has been so cold as you know. it will get even colder. we have a couple of things we are talking about in terms of the storm. get you out the door, show you 34234 d.c. great falls is around 31. gaithersburg at 30 degrees right now. the temperatures will play an important role in the story. we have the possibility if not the likelihood of snow heading our way. we warmed up a little bit above freezing today but not enough to take the su
4:33 pm
up. everything is frozen solid. hard freeze. the temperatures are all going to be dropping down below the freezing mark in the next two hours. clouds worked in. no snow right now. not worried about the snow for the evening commute. we are focusing in on late tonight and tomorrow morning but what you look at now includes the d.c. metro. this is a winter weather advisory in effect. we are looking at anywhere between the far western side, half an inch to around up to two inches. if you go to the eastern shore there is a blizzard warning in effect. the farther east you go, the heavier the snow will be. the more widespread it will be. that will take us to part of new york. boston may be a nightmare. that may affect your travel plans even locally if you have any of them.
4:34 pm
between between has a look at the travel options -- reporter sam sweeney has a look it the travel options. sam: this is a mess for the travelers in the next couple of days. the snow hasn't started to fall in d.c. look at the boards. they are turning more red by the hour. there are delays and cancellations from miami to maine. now this afternoon the airlines are encouraging thousands of travelers to look for alternate options. the snow hasn't started to fall and 1,500 flights are canceled tomorrow. trouble spot is charleston, savannah and jacksonville, florida. >> where we live 60 miles south of jacksonville, it's 29 degrees one night. we were scheduled to fly tomorrow. with the snow possibly coming in tomorrow we decided to get out early. fortunately they had a seat. >> all the major carriers have
4:35 pm
>> the airline was terrific. they didn't charge us a thing to change. total across the country, 500 flights canceled today. reporting live at the national airport, i'm sam sweeney. jonathan: don't miss updates on the storm. download the stormwatch7 app from google play and app store. you will get updates on your location. developing this afternoon there is new information about a woman found dead in the trunk of a car. it was set on fire. the police just releasing the victim's name but tell us they don't have a single lead in the case. sam ford is live in southeast washington. they need help here on this one. sam? sam: indeed, jonathan. i'm here in the 800 block of
4:36 pm
adrien southeast. there are remnants from the fire including debris from the victim's car. the victim identified as 23-year-old lewis. she lost her life here. she was in this car. it was set on fire. in fact, she was shot multiple times in the car and set on fire. it was an horrific scene. the police say there was nothing they could do until the firefighters extinguished the blaze. the woman's body showed no signs of life. he was -- she was called k by friends and family and she is remembered as a caring person who had some trouble with the law but never expected to suffer in the end. >> nothing i can do. she is dead. >> she was a tough little cookie.
4:37 pm
were some fights. but the fights led to this or i don't -- like i said, i don't know. the police at this point say they have no suspects or motive in the case. not clear if she was placed in the car and driven here around shot and the car set on fire or if it look place here. her grandfather told me today that he was coming home last thursday when he noticed his granddaughter leaving. the cars passed. that was the last time he saw her. we have more coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". i'm sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. the mount vernon estate reopened the revolutionary war theater after a $2 million renovation. the visitors can check out a film depicting george washington's role for the fight for independence. it replaces one that has run
4:38 pm
2006. jonathan: when the weather does warm up, researchers from james madison university will be back out searching in central virginia. they have been using ground penetrating radar to find graves of slaves owned by the school's namesake. they are restoring the slave quarters on the site. he wrote the bill of rights but he also owned many slaves. >> tina jones is now the junior senator from minnesota and doug jones is the first democrat to represent alabama in a quarter century. >> there are still a lot of questions given the unique nature of the special election. alabama is a conservative state but they arrested a democrat to the usa. he doesn't expect the constituents to support all the decisions but he hopes they suppo
4:39 pm
>> historic moment and shift in the balance of power. >> after pledging transparency on the campaign trail, he plans to keep his promise to do what is best for all the constituents. at the end of the day hopefully we find common ground. >> it's not always easy in washington. jones sides with fellow democrats on contentious issues like abortion rights, gun control and affordable care about. but his top priority is saving the c.h.i.p.
4:40 pm
>> they also need deal for daca. >> there is a will of talk about walls and what it may entail. we have seen specifics. immigration reform is important. it will take compromise on a lot of issues. >> jones is pledging to work with shelby. >> i will look at this for what is best for the country and the state of alabama. >> some political analysts say this is a little bit of an overly optimistic view of the way it works in washington. others say the outside status could benefit him in a year where more than 20 democratic seethes in the usa senate are up for re-election. >> coming up, justin timberlake has a new album coming out. we let you know when and snow a snippet of the trailer for it.
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for the first single to drop before the album. jonathan: plus, it could reverse blindness for some people. gene theory approved last month. but we're learning how
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peanut butter and chocolate with blasted sleds. lucky charms mixing with the frosted flakes. that is wild. then you have cinnamon toast crunch with blasted shreds. nancy: i never mixed them before. jonathan: you haven't lived. nancy: i have not lived. the biggest hit that justin timberlake is the announcement he would perform at super bowl. but now this album cover on twitter. look at him there. there is a song called "filthy" is released midnight on friday. "man of the woods" drops friday before the super bowl. long time coming. michelle: yeah. we are ready for it. nancy: we are. michelle: speaking of music. beyoncé, eminem and weekend are the headliners. in april, beyoncé will close out the two saturday nights. if ial lee -- finale on friday is the weekend. and eminem scheduled for sunday night. the cheapest tickets by
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jonathan: the combined powerball and mega million jackpot is over $800 million. tonight, powerball, the drawing. that just went up this afternoon to $460 million. if and when you don't win the mega millions drawing is friday night. it now stands at $418 million. don't worry about that one, though. we have a pool here and we are planning to win that one. nancy: i am now joining that. michelle: we don't want you to be left out. nancy: appreciate that. michelle: the "7 on your side" health alert as many of us try to follow the resolution to lose weight. nancy: not a fad diet but something that can last.
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the top diet ideas for the new year. kimberly: quick trips to keep weight off? >> eliminating soda and reducing starch. >> no sugar. kilwhen i'm good i save sweets and alcohol for weekend only. 45 million americans commit to changing the diet in the new year. which is the best for you? how do you know which weight loss success story to believe? >> i lost 50 pounds. >> i lost 82 pounds. >> today u.s. news world an report ranks the best. >> no one diet is best for everyone. we lake to give you a roadmap on how to choose the best diet. kimberly: to calculate the rankings they put together the panel of the top nutritionists. if losing weight is your goal, weight watchers is number one. losing up to two pounds a week. it is work, though. counting smart point values for every food and drink. like most of the top diets
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vegetables, lean protein, reducing sugar and unhealthy fat. the easiest diet to follow is the mediterranean diet. promoting active lifestyle and limit red meat with added benefit of avoiding chronic diseases. >> this year the mediterranean diet ranked number one with the dash diet. >> dash diet led the top for eight years. designed to avoid high blood pressure loading up on the fruits, vegies, whole grain, lean protein and limited foods high in saturated fat and sugar. beverages and sweets. >> it's a lot to go through so we posted all the rankings on the facebook and the twitter pages to check it out for yourself. back to you. jonathan: thanks. the "7 on your side" consumer alert. the cost for treating inherented form of blindness. last month they approved lesturna. but now they say a full course of the treatment will cost
4:51 pm
$850,000. that is a decrease from the $1 million price tag the company first proposed. >> tapping the brakes on the auto sales, the run of historic growth could come to an ends. new sales expected to show 2% drop. the first decline since 2009. still 2017 sales figures are expected to land in the top five in u.s. history. so it's not all bad news. jonathan: all right. this winter storm, seriously people traditional warm climates are feeling the chill. michelle: from florida up to coast. there is more to come. nancy: oh good. lindsey mastis shows us what people are seeing so far. lindsey: there are so many "game of thrones" winter is here references to the storm up and down the coast. this meme says, "i finally made it to florida." no joke. tallahassee is seeing snow. in south carolina
4:52 pm
the snow coming down on the palm trees. some one left a water botle in the car in new york. it froze. so are water fountains all over the place. even the chicago river has the ice chunks in it. there is one person who is putting it all in perspective. writing "unreal." back to you. >> it is incredible how many places we have with the temperatures that are below freezing. for us, you know, we have had that for the last week or so. 34 is the temperature outside. we got involve freezing. slightly. gaithersburg at 30. 33 in manassas. 31 in chantilly. the feels like temperatures in the 20's. cold but warmer. 2 in chicago. 1 in detroit. that is the weather heading our way. colder air. focus on the big story the snowfall. working down south and heading this direction. getting snow down around the south north carolina line. starting to pu
4:53 pm
so your future cast. what we are watching is for the system to move north and continue to push its way off to the north. affecting us late tonight and early tomorrow. we are basically looking at midnight on either side for it to work in the d.c. metro. the farther east you are, the more snow you will get. if you have travel plans to philly, new york/boston specifically, they have all kind of problems. i doubt boston is up and running tomorrow in terms of an airport. they may be up to a foot of snow. then it will quiet down for us making our way through the day. this is just one forecast model. it brings us up to an inch in d.c. we will go up to two inches on the high end. i would be surprised if we had more here. to the east we could see the totals in the two to four inch range. 11.3 in boston. another look at it in terms of the timing at 11:00. you can see that wor
4:54 pm
2:00 and we get to 4:00. i think the 3:00 a.m. to the 6:00 a.m. time frame is where we see the heaviest of that before it moves out of here. so the morning commute could be cold. it could be snowy. we'll watch it closely. beyond that, the temperatures will drop. by friday morning we are in the teens. i don't expect temperatures on friday in the afternoon barely get out of the teens. you are watching "abc7 news at
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john: every year at this time people in d.c. looking for a new place to live end up scammed out of hundreds of dollars. it's a rental scam. a young man has a warning for anyone else looking for a place to live. sierra ghee trying to keep a positive face in front of her son. but the single mom is devastated after being the latest rental scam victim. >> i found a house on craigslist. okay, i can pay this. this is a nice house. >> she found an ad for a cute house for $700 a month. unfortunately the land lord told her she was out of town for a few weeks. >> she says okay, put a security deposit so we take it off the website. >> since all she had was the photos she drove by to confirm the house was real. >> i went by in daytime to look at it. it's a beautiful house. >> so she agreed to transfer the owner half the security deposit until she could get
4:58 pm
returned another call. unfortunately this is a classic home rental scam and it targets people every year in the holiday season. innocent folks looking for a place to rent in the new year. we are not showing the outside of the house because a family recently bought it and now lives there. the photo stolen from last year's real estate listing. i called the man but just got a voice mail. >> hi, this is john matarese. john: the ad is now gone. she is out $350. >> would you like it if someone took advantage of you and your hard times and you are looking for something? it's like popping somebody's dream. >> how can you protect yourself? never send money to a landlord you can't meet. if he is out of town, the chances are good he is not the real owner so don't waste your money. john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00, how much, when and where. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist bill kelly hat the latest -- has the latest track on winter monster mov
4:59 pm
and a shouting match and shell casings. new document shed light on the night a murdered husband and his wife confronted their daughter's boyfriend. and a new book sparks extraordinary response from the president. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: we begin with a winter weather alert. a storm described as a bomb cyclone that every state on the east coast will feel from florida to maine. this comes as bitter cold nationwide is blamed for at least 16 deaths. larry: our area of virginia declared state of emergency with snows only hours away. we have team coverage starting with chief meteorologist bill kelly. bill: we are going to describe the bomb cyclone coming up in a little bit. this is what it looks like outside now live as we are looking at the national harbor where it is frozen along the potomac. i want to take you here to the monitor for a
5:00 pm
i have watching and advisories. we are under a winter weather advisory. that does include the d.c. metro and it extends to southern maryland. if you look at the overall big picture, there is worse weather to the east. in terms of where the advisory ends, it goes all the way through fairfax county, prince william county, parts of fauquier county and areas to the east to get to the northern part there, the western part. you don't have the winter weather advisory. we get farther southeast, that is where the winter storm warning is in effect. the relatively rare blizzard rare is up right now for the eastern shore. ocean city and rehoboth beach, that type of thing. you mention it's occupying the entire eastern seeboard. the -- seaboard. the orange shades up to maine. there will be a lot of places dealing with a lot of snow. i don't see us as one of those. a little snow, yes. not a ton. but equally impressive is where it is snowing. we had snow in north carolina, georgia and florida. in our region we a


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