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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 3, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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i have watching and advisories. we are under a winter weather advisory. that does include the d.c. metro and it extends to southern maryland. if you look at the overall big picture, there is worse weather to the east. in terms of where the advisory ends, it goes all the way through fairfax county, prince william county, parts of fauquier county and areas to the east to get to the northern part there, the western part. you don't have the winter weather advisory. we get farther southeast, that is where the winter storm warning is in effect. the relatively rare blizzard rare is up right now for the eastern shore. ocean city and rehoboth beach, that type of thing. you mention it's occupying the entire eastern seeboard. the -- seaboard. the orange shades up to maine. there will be a lot of places dealing with a lot of snow. i don't see us as one of those. a little snow, yes. not a ton. but equally impressive is where it is snowing. we had snow in north carolina, georgia and florida. in our region we a
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that will be changing as we go to the night tonight where we are expecting snow around midnight. then into the morning commute. in terms to how much up to two inches of snow around the d.c. metro. we break down the timing to talk about more specifics. coming up later in the show, stick around, i will break down what the term is. the bomb cyclone specifically. we will have that in a little bit. larry: all right. we will talk to you soon. the "7 on your side" team can alert you the moment the child school cancels or delays. go to to sign up. alison: i want to hear more about the bomb cyclone coming up. schools across the area have been scrambling to cope with the bitter cold. it's taxing buses, heating systems and pipe as we soldier through another day where the temperatures hit zero in some part of the area. stephen tschida is following a growing list of problems. stephen: the list continues the grow. you see this heap of
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you can see the moisture. i'm telling you, it is very, very slick. water flows in the d.c. streets. >> we have nothing. you can't flush the it to or nothing. there is no water at all. >> freezing temperatures proving too much for the fragile water main. >> for the next few days it's tough on the crews. cold weather. they are tired and working hard. >> the crews scramble to repair the leans, people are shivering outdoors and indoors as well. >> i can barely feel my hands. stephen: aging schools saw the heating system fail. students had to keep their jackets and the gloves on in class. >> i had my jacket on. all day like t
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larry:mo of the lakes and pond frozen over but they are not strong enough to hold a person's weight. that is why this prompted emergency response. they searched but they didn't find signs that a person had fallen through. the winter weather alert coverage continues ahead with an inside look at how the first responders train for the ice rescues. we take a closer look at the winter storm through the south that prompted state of emergency in virginia. "7 on your side" shows what it takes to keep heaters running in the historic cold snap. alison: happening now an all-out search for retired firefighter in prince george's county.
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he disappeared yesterday and the police have been searching around the clock and they are using the helicopter this afternoon. he is unable to speak and the concern is the dangerous cold weather. we have your picture on the facebook page so you can share it with your friends. larry: disturbing details are emerging about a battle inside a reston home that ended with two parents murdered. police say it started when the parent tried to stop their daughter from dating a man they suspected was a nazi. richard reeve obtained the documents and he is live outside the courthouse now. good evening. richard: the documents and search warrants reveal what detectives found when they went inside the home. they talk about the confrontation between the 17-year-old suspect and the two parents killed in their own house. outside the fricker home, flowers and crime scene tape. the documents reveal what detectives found inside. ten shell casings or
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the hallway of the bedroom wall and door. bullet fragments in the ceiling. the arriving officers found scott fricker had had his wife buckley kuhn-fricker found dead inside. a con trannation that turned violent and -- confrontation that turned violent. the 17-year-old then turned the gun on himself. kuhn-fricker's mother told us the parents were concerned their daughter's boyfriend was a neo nazi and kuhn-fricker discovered antisemitic, anti-gay and nazi symbols and retweets on their daughter's phone days before the shooting. now the documents also reveal that detectives say they found guns and ammunition or gun parts and the ammunition inside the teen's lorton home. the teen, the 17-year-old remains in the hospital in critical condition. he faces two charges of murder. larry: paul manafort suing mueller and the justice department. the f
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claims mueller exceeded his authority and the order with the special counsel is not permitted under the federal regulations. mueller indicted manafort and a business associate on charges including conspiracied on money laundering. alison: that lawsuit comes amid new allegations of "treasonous" from the trump campaign from farmer white house strategist steve bannon. the claims elicited a strong response from the white house. jonathan elias following the developing story at the "live desk" now. >> it is getting nasty here. details are coming out from a book titled "fire and fury: inside the trump white house." author michael wolff reportedly interviewed hundreds of people lewding former white house chief strategist steve bannon. he called the meeting between the trump campaign officials and a russian lawyer in 2016 >> translator:>> -- "treasonous." he said the
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jr. like an egg on national television. the president fired back saying when bannon was fired he lost his job and he lost his mind. this afternoon, sarah huckabee sanders responding to the accusations of treason. >> i think that is a ridiculous accusation. one that i'm pretty sure we addressed many times from here before. if that is in reference to comments made by mr. bannon i will refer you back to the ones he made previously on "60 minutes where he called the collusion with russia about the president a total farce. jonathan: michael wolff writes that trump didn't want to win the election and he was horrified when the numbers started to trend toward him. more to hear. larry: the threat to the humanity is how the head of the group responsible for the doomsday nuclear clock described the president's recent tweets about north korea. the president touting the signs and the power of his nuclear button in response
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un saying his nuclear button is at the ready. the back and forth comes at north korea re-established a hot line with south korea for the first time in two years. alison: the head of iran's revolutionary guards claims days of abbott -- antigovernment protest are now over. today the government organized rallies in several cities. unlike the antigovernment protest today's rallies were covered by state run media. thousands of people took to streets angry over iran's stagnant economy. at least 21 protesters were killed and hundreds of people were arrested. larry: a small but nowerful change on capitol hill today. two new senators sworn into office shrinking the republican majority ahead of a long-to do list. we detail what is ahead. reporter: today the senate became a little less republican. >> do
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support the constitution against all enemys? >> pence swore in two new democrats. al franken replace in the minnesota, tina smith seen with former vice president mondale. and alabama doug johns joined by his close friend former vice president joe biden. after beating roy moore in alabama, jones' arrival shrinks the g.o.p. majority to 51 republicans. the g.o.p. hopes to extend the majority in the mid-term election. three republican heavyweights retiring. orrin hatch's retirement opens the door to a run by mitt romney who now lives in utah. romney has been a frequent critic to president trump and could with a foe in the senate. >> mr. vice president could mitt romney run for senate? >> s on the agenda is working on protection for the so-called
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the president ended the daca program in september telling lawmakers to find a fix. >> he asked to us do it months ago. we have done nothing. nothing. i believe by january 19 we need to take this up as one of the critical issue on the agenda. >> budget director and the legislative affairs director mark short told reporters they were there to strike a budget deal. alison: a panel will not reconsider the decision to include disputed ballot in the virginia house of dellgates race so it's still a tie between the democrat and republican incumbent. the state board of elections will hold a random drawing to pick the win earn tomorrow morning. democratic victory would split the chamber 50/50, the republican victory would give the party a one-seat majority. when you think your vote doesn't co
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election. larry: that is right. coming up still at 5:00, the hunt for a killer after a woman's body is found inside a burning car. what her grandfather remembers about the last time he saw her alive. alison: plus, abc7 takes you inside the dangerous training to save people who fall through the ice. larry: d.c.'s new teacher of the year as we put the "spotlight on education" >> first, the stormwatch7 weather team takes a look at the historic storm unfolding now that has left even florida with a blanket of snow.
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alison: take a good look at this video. wow! see the spinout? the danger even a little bit of wintery weather can bring especially in the areas that are so rare. this camera set up in san antonio that caught vehicle after vehicle spinning out on a busy roadway. you know the one thing that all the vehicles have in common? rear wheel drive. no surprise there. texas is one of several states dealing with the rare wintry weather. larry: up and down the east coast from florida to maine, every state dealing with the snow or bracing for snow. meteorologist josh knight takes up on
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spots that hasn't seen snow in decades. josh: a view from space as a massive winter storm comes together. bringing snow to places that hasn't seen it in decades. in tallahassee, florida state reopening after being closed since tuesday. this morning mark the first measurable snow for the city since 1989. for the first time in his life this little boy got a chance to run around in the flakes. this morning was colder in tallahassee than juneau, alaska. it wasn't much but it doesn't stop the kids making a few snow angels. the storm made it perfect for a snowball fight. >> i have never seen this much snow. >> in savannah, the airport is closed. now it looks more like a snow globe. this is the eighth time in 70 years savannah got an inch of snow. for the girls in charleston, this was their first
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it's freezing mountains like this one. the cold temperatures are likely to stick around. now the winter storm is moving north and strengthening. stormwatch7's meteorologist josh knight. alison: so the big take-away for us is potentially we could expect delays or cancellations tomorrow. bill: i think so. for schools and travel as well. especially if you are traveling up north. even down south where the system has been. there is so many aspects to this that i find fascinating. of course i'm a meteorologist. cold and snow like josh talked about. you have what is to come. then later we talk about the system itself. i made mention to it earlier. you get people out on facebook and twiter that throw the name bomb cycle out. a lot of is it for fear mongering but there is a term. an actual meteorological thing. i want to show what is coming up. charleston, south carolina. a lot of times you mig
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golf. first rain and then snow. then boom, snow. on this day going back in history on 50 years savannah never had snowfall on this day. it's not june 3. it's beginning of january. the record for them a little over three inches of all time. they didn't break that at least last look i saw. but, you know, it's rare. alison: it is. bill: to get this much snow down there. that far south. the overall big picture here. there are several things to talk about. we are at 33 right now in d.c. by itself very cold. but it's warmer than it has been. it's considerably warmer than going to be. we will tap into this from
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west. lacrosse is minus 7. i will point out the feels like temperature for us. we got in the mid-30's for the highs today. here is the overall big picture. the focus locally is going to be on this system down to the south. it's bringing snow right now. i showed you. part of south carolina, up to north carolina. a lot of rain right offshore. the outer banks that are getting that, the radar picking it up as rain. the temperatures are cold. it will continue to work its way up north. the timing of it as we go into the night tonight and the day tomorrow. it's going to fall overnight to the morning time frame. once we get in the daytime tomorrow, jumped ahead a day. once we get into tomorrow in the day it's fine. then that continues to move north. if you have any travel plans tomorrow, especially if you are going to new york city or boston, that could be a big problem for you. the current weather alert we have. the winter storm warnings or what you see in pink. the blizzard warnings are in eff
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the eastern seaboard. in our region we have a winter weather advisory posted. the winter storm warnings go south. more locally there is a winter storm watch off to the east. we are watching a winter weather advisory here around the d.c. metro. so, how much snow can you expect? generally speaking in this lain here and there, up to two inches of snow. i do see two inches over the higher end model. balancing back and forth between half an inch in our region. specifically around the d.c. metro and the areas farther west. you go to the west and that is where we could see two to four inch snowfall. not forgetting southern maryland. then it's four to six where the blizzard warning is in effect. watching to the west, shenandoah valley, blue ridge, the mountains to the east. western section of maryland. i don't expect any snow for you. certainly not inches of snow. that is what we are watching. th
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early tomorrow morning. the heaviest of that is well east of interstate 95. temperatures in the teens. upper teens and the mid-20's. that is what -- one of the warmer things. we drop temperatures. decrease clouds. it's okay in the afternoon. very cold with temperatures in the upper 20's. the next several days we have the temperatures in the teens for the high temperatures on friday and saturday. wind will also pick up. we will have very potentially if not likely sub zero wind chill readings when you account for the feels like temperature in the morning time frame. biting cold continues. larry: get ready. alison: okay. let's go to nancy chen at the "live desk" with breaking news. nancy: we are following breaking news. we understand a car right now is in icy water. this is in boyd, maryland. one person is inside. they are not hurt. rescue crews are
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i can only imagine how terrifying it to be in the water with the temperatures as cold as they are. we have seen frozen lakes and ponds and rivers all over the place. we understand one person is not hurt as the rescue crews trying to get the person out. what is particularly, particular about this incident is this the same place that another car was also trapped in this icy water two days ago. that incident the person did get out safely. we understand that it will be the case in this situation as well. we have skytrak7 on the way. as soon as we have that image up for you, we'll bring it to you live. back to you. alison: thank you. still ahead a race to save a dog found frozen to the ground. larry: putting it all on the line to save a stranger inside the dangerous training for i.c.e. refuge. >> putting spotlight on character, commitment and excellence on teaching. i'm kellye lynn with the d.c.
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alison: well, this is a great story. every year, the d.c. public school system honors the educators who are standing out in their profession. larry: in the "spotlight on education," kellye lynn introduces us to the dcps teacher of the year. >> let us all stand. kellye: the young audience was
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jones education campus. a standing ovation for an educator who spent a career standing for her students. [applause] >> it's amazing. this is an experience i never thought i would get. >> i am overwhelmed. this is not about me. i cowell not have done it without you guys. >> that with us third grade teacher coleman when the d.c. education officials surprised her with a major announcement. she has been selected as the 2018 teacher of the year. >> what is the expectation for today's lesson? >> the standing ovation excellence award carries a please of $10,000 -- prize of $10,000. >> i was speechless. i was like whoa! >> when the principal here at walker jones think of coleman, two word come to mind. commitment and excellence. her teaching style -- >> structured. i thought about this the
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i know exactly where all my children are. i know what all my children need. >> i'm the one that will get in the mud with them. i would stay late or come in early and make sure i provide them with the support they need. >> the e.l.a. instructor spent three of her 18 years in teaching at walker jones. her supporters say her presence is helping to improve student performance. >> i think my teacher is hardworking. >> hardworking educator who is standing out among her peers. >> you got it. >> in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. larry: wow! just ahead, fire rips through an apartment building. leaving dozens trapped. that is when people began dropping babies from balconies. just ahead the men who caught them. >> she was a tough little cookie. alison: a grandfather's search for answers after a woman is found murdered in the trunk of
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: a good visual tonight of just how cold things have been. that is an ice cutter clearing the chesapeake bay near annapolis.
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ice condition three on the bay meaning ice is likely for waterway. at this hour we are tracking more than the bitter cold. we are watching a bitter storm churning up the atlanta. alison: what can we expect? bill kelly is tracking a winter weather alert. bill: good evening, everyone. what we expect is snow. late tonight, probably around midnight going into the early morning. not a ton relatively speaking for us but we are under winter weather advisory that does include the d.c. metro. if you off to the west, you probably won't get anything for the shenandoah valley. that will extend to the prince william county line. you will go back east and this here is a blizzard warning that is in effect that includes the coastal areas up and down the eastern seaboard. they don't issue the blizzard warning that often. that is something that bears watching. the system bringing widespread snow from south to north carolina. starting to exit the region. this is
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the area tonight. the timing and the total coming up in a few minutes. alison: see you then. the "good morning washington" team will be on the air early to help you naver gait whatever mother nature brings. tune in for weather and traffic every ten minutes starting early at 4:00 a.m. a chill regular minder of the dangers we are seeing from the ice all across the area. look at this monday night. this is where firefighters were saving a family after their car crashed into an icy creek. tonight we are getting a first-hand look at the training behind the rescues. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in north potomac with the inside look tonight. brad? brad: yeah, alison. i want to tell you how relevant it is. in the last hour we got word of two incidents in montgomery county. at the same place you mentioned. another car went in 20 inches of water after crashing in the ice. we heard of a boy skating with the friends at an area where skating is prohibited who also we
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friends. we see it every year. footprinting going out to a hole in the ice. this was from montgomery county fire department drill set up to show you something you need to see. >> are you okay? the montgomery county fire department swift water rescue team trains for this every chance they get. >> are you ready? >> the reason is simple. ponds and rivers start to freeze over people will end up falling through the ice. they need to be rescued. even when it is this cold. >> it might be really thick on the shore. if you go to a place over where water is moving and it could be thin. there is no such thing as safe ice. >> when it happens. when someone falls through, immediately call 911 so they can get rolling. then pay close attention to where the person went in. keep talking, keep telling them to shot give up. keep fighting.
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you will be okay. we'll rescue you. >> if the ice broke for one person it will break again if you try to go out and get the victim yourself. be you can and should look for a way to keep him or her above the water. >> the message is fro, don't go. there is a ladder or a boat or something to slide out to a branch to hold on to. >> the rest of the message is don't get yourself in trouble in the first place. no matter how thick the ice may seem. >> well, they really mean that the pond may look good but they are not safe. the fire department is with us. they had to take off and go to incident. bewere going to show you equipment. this is something to think about. if someone falls through the ice look for something as simple as a stick. reach out to them if they are close by and pull them in. if they are farther out launch the stick across the pond because they may put it
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the hole and use it as a support to keep their head above water until they be rescued. you don't think it will happen but every year we see it happen. it looks just like this. when we arrive on scene, it is a terrible sight. in potomac, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: it is really terrible. three years ago this month. tragedy struck on thin ice in montgomery county. three boys playing on a retention pond plunged through the ice in gaithersburg. one of those boys, 10-year-old d.j. mcmullen drowned in the icy water. firefighters rescued the other two boys. larry: it has been nearly a week since a woman's body was found in the trunk of a burning car. tonight we are learning more about the woman who lost her life. sam ford has her story. sam: the video recalls happier times earlier last year with lewis, her ex-girlfriend. not last thursday when k, as she called her,
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of kay's car set on fire in an alley. >> i kept calling her. why aren't you answering? pick up. >> neighboring heard multiple shot in the alley behind adrian street southeast and saw a raging fire that claimed the life of a woman who was reared by her grandparents. both of her parents were dead. >> why would they want to do this to her? looking for answers. >> she had a criminal record. arrest on gun charges and had been to prison. her grandfather said she was tough but never saw an end like this. >> she was free spirit. you know, full of life. full of fun. >> lewis seen her with the 5-year-old son. she said they were no longer lovers, lewis was still a best friend. >> my ex-girlfriend but no matter what she still loved me
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i talked to her every day. >> as you can see there are still signs from last thursday's fire including some of the debris from the victim's car. police say at this point they have no suspect or the motive in this case. the grandfather told us at he was coming home last thursday, he saw his daughter leaving. the cars passed. it was the last time he saw her. reporting from southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. >> we have an update for you about an s.u.v. that ended up in a montgomery county creek. this is what brad bell reported on a few minutes ago. we just received these pictures. this is from montgomery county fire and rescue from the scene. this s.u.v. drove out onto the icy water. this is at 10 mile creek and old baltimore road. we are told that the only person that was in the s.u.v. did get out
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there on the scene. we are seeing this father over and over again and the crews remind everyone to be really careful when you are driving. larry: be vigilant. take your time. still ahead a dog found frozen to the ground prompted a race to save his life and find the person responsible. >> next a woman who spent decades helping people through the worst day of their life. this is hero 24/7. >> a fire at bill and hillary clinton's home. what wi know about what happened when the firefighters arrived.
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bill: all right, everyone. get to the weekend outlook in a moment. in terms of the temperatures tonight we will keep temperatures warmer than they have been. they are below freezing. we are watching snow late tomorrow and tomorrow morning. overnight low range upper teens to 20's. 26, 27. then we look at the weekend outlook. boy, it's cold fo
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18 the high temperature forecast on saturday. 27 by sunday. bone chilling weekend. i don't expect the snow. we are keeping an eye on that. i will explain the actual dynamics of what you are hearing called a "bomb cyclone."
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nancy: paramedic lieutenant pam graham organizes officers in field. she continues to dedicate herself in the offtime driving the cancer patients to the treatment. that is why she is the hero 24/7. >> i'm in charge of rehab. making sure occupants have a place to go. >> i am worried about the pime working in the fire so they can set up a rehab. >> the hours are long. 42 hours on and 72 off. she spends some of the 72 hours answering a
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call. >> she takes patients to and from treatments all over the d.m.v. in her own car and on her own time and paid for the gas. >> but anything she can do to help is worth it. >> i don't have to dry. i can't drive anymore. >> they are dealing with so much now. >> this is more than a labor of love. it's memory of her grandmother who died of breast cancer. >> she was always doing something to help the needy, the less fortunate. that is -- i saw that. >> on top of all of
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a field investigator for the state of maryland medical examiner's office. teaches paramedic training at the prince george's community college. so e schedule is jam packed but if she can do this with the schedules and the duties that she has anyone can get involved to give cancer patients rides. alison: i can't count how many people she helped. fantastic. larry: out of her own pocket. a great passion. thank you. great story. breaking news right now out of northwest washington. tom roussey on the scene tracking metro delays. he is at mcpherson square. what is going on? >> well, the situation is improving. let me step out of the way. a fairly clouded platform. it was worse 20 minutes ago. there was a rail issue. possibly a cracked rail between here and the smithsonian station. that led to single tracking fo
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the situation is getting better. single tracking is over. that is the good news. i was talking to commuters who tell me it's getting better. one guy was getting up to get a beer but most people think it is getting better now. reporting live, inside mcpherson square metro station i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: thank you. keep us posted. coming up next -- >> a company says in the cold temperatures their phones are ringing off the hook. they share tips how to keep your home
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alison: take a look at this. acts of heroism outside atlanta as the firefighters braved sub freezing temperatures battling a fast-moving apartment fire. they were catching babies along the way. >> literally all hands on deck. >> there were adults on the balcony dropping the babies in their arms. alison: oh, my goodness. catching babies like footballs. unreal. firefighters weren't sure how many of the infants they caught. when the smoke cleared four adults and eight chilen
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hurt. the injuries with believed to be minor. 50 people lost the home. larry: a dog in michigan rescued after getting frozen to the ground. his ordeal began new year's eve when witnesses say he was hit by a car. the dog laid down in backyard and didn't move for a day. animal rescue group was able to save him from the bitter cold. >> i got to the point to move him, i wrapped him and i went to lift the blanket and it wouldn't move. i peeled him off the ice. this is not a stray dog. to loved pet. >> feliz as he is now called rushed to the veterinary hospital. recovering from several broken bones and the owner has not come forward. alison: so sad. for some hvac companies around here when the temperatures plummet the service call goes through the roof. larry: amy aubert spent the day with the company swamped all week
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>> freezing temperatures are heating up business. >> there are a lot of residents that need our help. the systems are not able to keep them comfortable. >> the gaithersburg based company is taking calls. >> how busy is it. >> nonstop. >> we have had a constant job. probably two jobs per crew for the full crews. >> when it comes to heating, cooling and electric they know their stuff. in temperatures like this, there is self-preventative measures you can take. >> first and foremost change the air filter. even if it's only a couple of weeks old. when it's this cold you want to let the system breathe. >> they suggest making sure you don't have too many vents closed. maintaining the system throughout the year. seal off any areas in the home where the cold air might seen in. >> that is the biggest challenge for us to overcome heating that cold, cold air as it
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>> frigid temperatures mean a jam packed schedule. larry: busy, busy. alison: so finally, bill, we want to hear your explanation about what everyone is talking about. it's because it sounds threatening. bill: it does. alison: bomb cyclone. bill: bomb cyclone. with twitter these days a lot of people throw it out there. it is a term. this is tough to tribal air pressure. let me throw it this way. it's beautiful. we have beautiful days, high pressure. you heard nice day high pressure. the air from above is sinking. picture on the bed, or a kid a pile. squish. that is high pressure. when we get storms what happens is the air rises. at the surface you get lower pressure. when we look at the storms like today we look at iso bars. these are lines of constant pressure. everywhere you see a white line is equal pressure. that is 990
5:51 pm
i will tell you that in a second. that is a decent storm. watch as we go to the next 12, 24 hours. notice the lines and how many more occur. the pressure will lower. forecast to 960. a lot of numbers. what does it mean? the bomb cyclone, it means area of low pressure, storm with the rapid intensification. it has a 24-hour drop in pressure of 24 mili bars. a big drop in pressure. also warm weather help it. so that low pressure at 960, category three storm is like 950 mili bar pressure. for comparison sake. when it's over water look at the temperature difference. we have teens and 20's out here. the water temperatures are 60's and 70's. so that term bomb cyclone is an area of low pressure that intensifies and the definition of the 24 milibars so it's a big stor
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intensifying. i hope it makes sense there. that is what that is. warm water. does it make sense? robert: it did. the forecast was the bomb. nice! here we go. wins are not easy to come for. no matter the sport. you fight for the w. the next coach makes it look easy but it's not. on saturday he hit it big. that is why he is the coach of the week. after it happened coach matt donahue had no clue. >> when think mentioned it is when it dawned on me. >> the catholic university women basketball coach scored his 300th win. >> they mobbed me in the team room afterwards. i kept trying to talk and bring the focus back to what we just accomplished on the court. they were having none of it which was humbling for me. >> do you ever see 1,000 in the future? >> that is a crazy number. certainly you want to be as successful as you can.
5:53 pm
mental capacity to think that high in that terms of things. >> but he is well on his way. he is averaging around 18 wins a season at catholic. including three conference titles in ten years. >> the reality is it's just a great reflection of a lot of heart work and dedication from the terrific young women and assistant coaches i have had the pleasure of working with through the years. >> he is the winningest coach in school history and he wants his players to win more than just basketball games. >> this is so much more about what you are doing in next 40 years rather than next four years. if we can be part of that and help you do great things with your futures, we have succeeded. larry: congrats to the coach. robert: wizards host the knicks tonight. last night they lost to the spurs. but check this out. mano ginobli meant to pass this. but instead, nothing but net. i was so unbelievable everybody kept
5:54 pm
that is a bucket. happy new year to mano. luckier man on
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larry: a month ago we reported on inflated grades at ballou high school. but today they celebrated a attendance success story. >> seventh grader sierra jefferson. >> bus bowser and the district education leader high-fived 25 students with the performance attendance and on-time arrival. this is a positive dpcs story coming weeks after the i-team report on the widespread absenteeism at ballou high school. after this group photo, the mayor talking with the reporters declined to answer questions about the attendance schools now under scrutiny. >> bowser streed
5:58 pm
state superintendent and the chancellor doing con current reviews of the district policies and brothers. >> we want to be clear and the adults in the schools that are responsible for managing and reporting data to be clear on what the rules are. >> today the focus on the everyday council campaigned the students. >> middle school is a transition time where a student goes from becoming a child to becoming an adult. >> they attribute the attendance success on many factors in the summer. with home visits and every student family. >> building a trusted relationship with the families. >> if there is any type of issue on the train or the area they make sure that the families know about it immediately. >> another factor is attendance improved school wide after the parent teacher conferences in the fall with the communities participating. in southwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. li
5:59 pm
about the i-team investigation faking the grade. if you know about the grade fixing, inflated graduation rates, let us know. you can e-mail us or call the confidential tip line. michelle: we have live stormwatch7 team coverage tonight as a bitter cold sticks around and we brace for snow. jonathan: palm trees in the snow. this is charleston, south carolina. a winter storm exploding in strength. it's hammering the southeast and marbling ever so close. michelle: new details about a brutal murder that left a couple dead and what the court documents reveal about the suspect that night. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00ment" on your side. jonathan: well, the latest snow totals are in. we could get two inches of snow in the district. even more south and east of us. michelle: terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency for virginia. bottom line here is even if you don't see snow, it will still have bone
6:00 pm
effects. we are talking temperatures. >> it's been so cold. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist bill kelly is in the weather center. what do we expect of the snow totals and when do we expect to see it? bill: when is midnight to tomorrow morning. how much, two inches that you are talking about there. looking ahead the next component is the bone chilling temperatures. a lot on the menu. let me show what we have as far as advisories. this will go out to central loudoun county. areas that are farther out to the west. you are not in the advisory. shenandoah valley, i doubt you get snow at all but to the east is the opposite. there is a blizzard warning posted. not just for the eastern shore around our area, all the way up to part of maine. it really is a large area. geographically speaking. but also i will point out on the map the pinks and the oranges. sliver down


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