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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 3, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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effects. we are talking temperatures. >> it's been so cold. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist bill kelly is in the weather center. what do we expect of the snow totals and when do we expect to see it? bill: when is midnight to tomorrow morning. how much, two inches that you are talking about there. looking ahead the next component is the bone chilling temperatures. a lot on the menu. let me show what we have as far as advisories. this will go out to central loudoun county. areas that are farther out to the west. you are not in the advisory. shenandoah valley, i doubt you get snow at all but to the east is the opposite. there is a blizzard warning posted. not just for the eastern shore around our area, all the way up to part of maine. it really is a large area. geographically speaking. but also i will point out on the map the pinks and the oranges. sliver down
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does not take up the eastern half of the country. along the shore where we are going toe see the largest totals. where the storm is currently, it's off to the south. south carolina and north carolina, seeing snow. rain on the radar. at least picking up by the radar out around the outer banks. but it transitions to the winter mix and snow and north carolina. that headed to our area. the clouds in the afternoon the leading edge there. how much snow, as you mentioned, up to two inches around the d.c. metro. i think it's potentially on the higher side. but i certainly see it in the range of the possibility. you go farther east. even in our area, st. mary's county. two to four inches possible. areas that are farther east seeing more than that. temperature wise is warmer today. we got above freezing. but we are right back down to 32. so all surfaces will hold it as snow. everything will be below freezing. we will continue to break down the timing specifically and move ahead to the
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temperatures. colder than it has been. see you in a few. jonathan: is this the stuff to shovel off quickly so it won't ice up on you? bill: get it quickly but i don't think it's as well as some snow. but i recommend get out there as sundhage as you can -- get out as soon as you can. jonathan: thank you. breaking news from 5:00, an s.u.v. ended up stuck in icy water where ten-mile creek and west baltimore road intercept in montgomery county. the survivor ended up struck in the crossing. the frigid water and the ice to the bottom of the doors. the person inside was helped out to safety. frigid temperatures are really taking a toll on the scoos, cars and pipes. go to stephen tschida now live in northwest washington. what are you seeing out there? busy people repairing broken mains. stephen: water mains are bursting all across the region tonight. hundreds of apartments and homes and businesses without water. crews are scrambling.
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the street of d.c. bundling up and bracing for even more cold weather. water mains made brittle from the freezing temperatures. buckling from the cold. spewing water into streets. ands forking cutoffs to hundreds of apartments and homes. >> no water. it hasn't been on since i guess about 11:00 this morning. winter's grip on the metro area prompting people to bundle up and venture outdoors. for some, the cold, piercing buildings as well. school systems across the region acknowledging some of the heating somes failed again today. >> the heat wasn't working. i got the big jacket on. so i had to keep it on today. students required to wear if jackets, gloves and scarves in class. some parents
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it's wise to keep schools open when the classrooms get uncomfortably cold. >> tomorrow will be frigid. i think school needs to be canceled. >> here is something. a hand warmer if you are in a classroom that remains cold tomorrow. students may want to use them. if you are out and about, especially if you are driving or walking walking with the rupd water lines there is a lot of ice out there. be careful. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. there are weather alerts down the east coast. the fun side of the snow. areas that aren't use to snow making the best of it. just like this. this is from charleston, south carolina, where up to four inches of snow could fall by tonight. it looks like they already got nice powder out there. officials are urging people to stay off the roads because of ice and low visibility. the airport is also shut down. romantic. jonathan:
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you can tell they are not used to snow, they are wearing sneakers. we have school delays coming in at the bottom of the screen. sign up for the school closing text alert at we have a list of closings on the website. you can check it. and the app to download to your phone or tablet is helpful when the closings start. michelle: update now. things are getting back to normal after the blue and orange line after a track problem near mcpherson square snarled the start of if commute. trains are no longer single tracking but you should expect delays to linger to the everything. jonathan: the battle of steve bannon and donald trump. if you haven't heard, president trump sparring with the former top strategist steve bannon. in a statement president said, "bannon not only lost his job, he lost his mind." he went on to minimize bannon's role in the campaign and in the white house. in a new book bannon calls a campaign meeting between a russian lawyer, donald trump
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kushner as "treasonous" and "unpatriotic." steve bannon reportedly talk told the president several times a week since leaving the white house in august. michelle: for the first time in recent history, montgomery county officials have charged an alleged drug dealer with manslaughter. the accusation his fentanyl was lethal. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis with a story you will see only on 7. >> in 2016 alone, opioids killed nearly 2,000 people across maryland. police suggest stephen woods is responsible for one of those deaths. it was august 2016. woods allegedly texted a male neighbor who lived three doors down in this georgetown community. writing, "brown in town. this was a new batch. let me know what you think." woods then allegedly stuffed the drugs under a mat on his back patio. the neighbor typing back, "thanks for hooking it up. i'll catch you on the other end." ch
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man dropped dead on his parents' kitchen floor an hour later. as paramedics attempted c.p.r., the victim's phone buzzed. it was woods texting, "i see an ambulance in front of your house. are you okay?" he later added, "i'm praying you are okay." police located a sliced straw with powder residue in the basement where the man slept. at the crime lab it tested positive for fentanyl. an artificial version of heroin that is often cheaper and more potent. now some 18 months later authorities are making local history in montgomery county. not only charging woods with distribution, but also involuntary manslaughter. upping the prosecutorial ante the combat the opioid pandemic steven woods is 34 years old, he has a wife and a young child and now faces up to 50 years in prison.
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lewis, abc7 news. michelle: a husband and wife killed in reston. next at "abc7 news at 6:00", the confrontation with the man their daughter was dating. the bombshell developments from the investigation. jonathan: every travel hub from miami to maine affected by the monster winter storm. "7 on your side" helping you reach your destination. the airlines offering f
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jonathan: new court documents obtained by abc7 revealed a shouting match before a double murder inside a reston home. investigators say scott fricker and his wife buckley kuhn-fricker confronted the daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend after he snuck into their house on the morning of december 22. they suspected that he was a neo nazi. police say the teen shot them and then turned the gun on themselves. he is still in critical condition. detectives say they found gun parts and ammunition in his home. michelle: paul manafort is suing special counsel robert mueller and the justice department. the former campaign chairman for trump claims mueller exceeded his authority and the order creating the special counsel is not permitted under the justice department regulations. a federal grand jury indicted him on conspiracy and money laundering. jonathan: joe biden didn't hold back when he wud asked about presiden
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tweets regarding north korea. >> this is not a game. this is not can i puff my chest out bigger than your chest. it's not presidential. jonathan: most recently president tout cited the size and power of his nuclear button on twitter compared to kim jong un's button in response to kim jong un saying his nuclear button is always on his desk and at the ready. michelle: two new senators sworn into office as the republican majority shrinks ahead of the midterms. doug jones is first democrat elected from alabama in a quarter century. also sworn in was former minnesota lieutenant governor tina smith who replaces senator al franken to resigned amid allegations of sexual pist -- misconduct. jonathan: part of a former president homes up in flames. the big 911 response to the estate that involved the secret s
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tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
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michelle: firefighters responded to the home of bill and hillary clinton home. they were not home at the time. it started in the secret service facility in the property and they bought the home in 1999. jonathan: the random drawing to determine who will represent virginia's 94th district will take place tomorrow. the democrat reached out to republicans saying whichever outcome should be accepted. republicans didn't exactly agree. the drawing originally scheduled for last week was delayed while the democrats challenged the last ballot counted that results in a tie. michelle: back to the stormwatch7 winter weather alert. scenes like this at airports along the east coast will make the air travel challenging now. flights are canceled and waivers ready to be handed out. abc7's t
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national airport with how things are shaping up for tonight. what are you seeing, sam? sam: michelle, it is not good. there are cancellations from tampa to toronto. right now the airlines are scrambling to get the flights out of the storm's path and get passengers rebooked. there are 2200 cancellations for tomorrow alone. the skies in washington are still cleared but the fight boards are starting to turn red. >> delay, delay, delay. >> the monster tomorrow makes its way up the east coast, travelers from florida to canada feel the impact. joe trying to get to jacksonville where snow is expected. >> it's bad weather. it's very cold. schools are closed. we are not used to this. we don't have anything to take care of this. >> more than 500 flights have been canceled so far today. airlines allow passengers to change or cancel the tickets for
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>> the airline was terrific. they didn't charge us a thing to change. >> the big four airlines tell us more than 55 meteorologists working around the clock to track the winter storm. again tomorrow, they are expecting thousands of cancellations. reporting at the national airport i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: a lot of travelers will have a name for the storm. it won't be good one to name on tv. michelle: there has to be a hashtag on this. bill: i'm sure. bomb cyclone. michelle: bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb. bill: bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb. la bomba. that's good, too. we have a couple things we are talking about. right now is the snow. the potential for us. we are watching the big, big chill after this. so currently we are at 32 at reagan national. everybody for the most part
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wind chill temperatures are down or not as cold. we are in the mid-to-low 20's around the area. in terms of what have is happening. much colder to the west. teens to low 20's. 30's in our area. the system watching starting to make its way up north. it's this particular one that will be moving from the south up to the north to bring us widespread snow right now for south carolina in to north carolina. charleston today had three inches of snow. more than three inches. maybe it was five inches of snow. savannah had over an inch of snow and never had snow on this particular day. cities that generally don't get it received snow. starting to push to the central part of virginia. where we stand with the advisories. there is a wind chill watch out for the blue ridge. that is looking ahead to the next weather story. late tomorrow and into friday. it will be bone chilling beyond this. winter weather advisory posted for the d.c. area. that is up unt
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into effect tomorrow morning. hour-by-hour. everything you are fine. heading out this evening, you don't have to worry about snow. just fine. no problems on the road with the weather related problems. once we get to midnight i see snow around the area. i will pause this at 2:00. it will fill in more. here is 4:00. let me say, though, i want to be clear. the farther east you go the greater the chance for snow. heavier the totals will be. this is not the blizzard. the way it looks now unless something major changes. not a huge snow maker but the timing. everything will stick. you wake up tomorrow and look out and get ready for work. oh, man. there is snow on the ground. half an inch up to two. no question it will snarl traffic. watch "good morning washington." get you out the door. by noon it moves out of here. early
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the swath that you see. the areas of calvert county to the southeast. st. mary's county. two to four inches of snow. there are school delays. calvert county, two-hour delay. all of these in yellow on the website delay. west-moreland county canceled for tomorrow. we already have that in. forecast range is 19 to 25. with the snow. the heaviest is well east of i-95. then beyond this guys, the next story we are talking is bone chilling air with the high temperatures struggling to get out of the teens. michelle: oh, boy. as you mentioned the timing of this is critical. that is why the "good morning washington" team will be up early tomorrow. at a special start time. 4:00 a.m. they will be ready with weather and traffic as the snow moves throughout the area. we have crews from the beltway to the beach. jonathan: did you see robert here? he was celebrating when he heard the there was snow and
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robert: i don't think i was. jonathan: you were happy. michelle: he is from chicago. robert: so i hate this. i'm used to it but i hate all of it. coming up the wizard going for three in a row. we talk about the wizard's number one priority tonight. that i
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robert: wizards are back in action tonight. yes, they have been playing well of late. in fact they are 7-3 since john wall's return from injury. tonight they host the knicks. the wizards won seven of the last eight at home and look like they are starting to find consistency. after all, what's winning if you can't do it all the time? >> stay consistent. we have stayed consistent. a team game. team defense. team offense. that is basically it. we have enough time. we have the same team from last year. you see what we did last year. we have to stay consistent for what we do. >> in football jay gruden will be back as the redskins head coach but who knows what will happen the following year. there is no shelf life for nfl coaches unless you are winning big. jay gets it. he knows there are no promises in the nfl. >> every year is its own entity and every year is important. we have to be competitive and do better in
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against the cowboys and the eagles and the giants moving forward. the nature of the business is you have to perform. you have to have success or you will have a short-lived tenure. it's important for us to get off on the right foot and get a fast start. robert: congrats to the university of central florida for going undefeated this season at 13-0. they have changed the twitter account to 2017 national champion. jonathan: congratulations. robert: champs in their mind. jonathan: you talk about the redskins cleaning out other take lockers. this time that all the teams are cleaning out. robert: it's cleaning time. michelle: you have a lot to tell us. bill: there are snow late tonight and early tomorrow. then we drop the temperatures in the teens. around if you add the winds we are easily sub zero wind chills. to the seven-day. michelle: oh, boy. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for being
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try and
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tonight, two breaking stories. the major storm slamming the east. and the storm inside the white house. steve bannon turning on the president's family. calling donald trump jr.'s infamous meeting with the russian lawyer inside trump tower, quote, treasonous, claiming there's zero chance don jr. didn't take them to the president's office. tonight, president trump firing back. also tonight, the states of emergency at this hour. the massive storm called a bomb cyclone. possible hurricane force winds slamming into the east. the track now shifting. know totals will now be even higher. florida to virginia, d.c., philly, new york and boston all getting hit. president trump


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