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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 3, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it is jonathan: a winter weather flakesy and the first are now falling. how much will fall in the impact on schools and how the cold will get colder. >> i cannot sleep through the night because it was called. nancy:
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right now at howard university, dorms without heat. abc 7 storm coverage starts right now. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. we are on stormwatch 7 winter weather update, the snow moving towards ourarea, and temperatures are starting to plummet. nancy: a massive storm system is bearing down on the east co ast. schools in prince george's county and montgomery county are delayed, schools in prince william county sold. there is a full list scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we will have the impact this is having, but we are starting tonight with chief meteorologist bill kelly and exactly how much snow that you can where you are. we will see a large temperature spread around the area. the storms are still off to the south. here is what we
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you folks to the west, not much if anything at all. around the d.c. metro come up to two inches of snow. parts of maryland, two to four inches, and then four to six inches in st. mary's county. .ou have zero to six within this swath is what we are watching. the snow starting to work up the i-95 corridor. reports in alexandria of light snow, the sending to the south. it is interesting to look, from the shore and on sure it changes over to snow. it is relatively warm over the ocean waters. this is so strong because it has a lot of energy, but off to the east but widespread. blizzard warnings posted for parts of the eastern seaboard. for us,
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advisory until 11 a.m. the morning commute could be dicey if you are east of the d.c. metro. we will break down the timing and show you the overall picture and talk about the temperatures come a huge part of the story coming up. nancy: lots of impact. we are getting word right now that spotsylvania county is closed tomorrow. see as muchl not snow piling up in the heart of d.c. come it is different to the east. in st. mary's county they are ready to fight the winter storm, and that is where tim barber continues our stormwatch 7 team coverage tonight. tim? us: if you guys were with and saw this coming down a little bit, now it is really coming down. the last half hour it really started coming down. take a look at this car, showing how much it has accumulated. it is only about 30 degrees right now in st. mary's county, so the snow comes right off.
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work, taking the kids to school, it will be worse. that is why they are getting ready with the snowplows and will hit the roads at midnight. sticking to the streets at 5:00 tonight. the temperature was 33 degrees. in just a few hours, snow is on the way. >> i'm hoping i can use this. and a shovelt salt upon returning from a colorado ski trip. >> it was colder here than it was there. tim: the county works department is getting out the big shovels, preparing for two to four inches of snow that could blanket the county. public works says the county has 15 plows ready to help clear 1300 miles of road. 12they are basically out for hours and then come back in. tim: the county also has 75 contractors for back roads, an
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this is one of the new plows we were just talking about in the story. it just pulled up, lining up with the rest of these fellows. we have three plows, but dozens more will hit the roads in just the next hour. we will have the latest throughout the morning and tomorrow. you can also get the latest on the abc 7 news app as well. from st. mary's county, tim barber, abc 7 news. cold to take a shower, that his how student-athletes are describing the dormitories after getting back to campus after the winter break, met with boiler issues, making it tough to keep the dormitories warm. tom roussey is live on cap us with the issues and the impact it's having tonight. tom? tom: this is not a good situation. behind me right now, howard university crews.
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this right here, steam. this heats the dorms and right now it's not working for all of them. studentse howard returned from winter break tuesday, some of them got a rude awakening. >> i cannot sleep through the night because it was freezing cold. >> i want to take a shower today, could not do it. it is too cold. tom: some are doing better than others. >> i was surprised i have he. tom: others have no heat. classes start monday and the university is asking students not to come back until sunday at noon at the earliest. it is too late for some. crews are working to fix what howard says are problems with boilers and ruptured steam pipes. throughout the night, parts of the campus were filled with steam as the crews work. while they fix the problem, some dorms may remain without heat fo
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experiencing one of its coldest stretches in years. some have had enough. >> i cannot go through another night like that. it is too cold. this issue and the fact they have to keep working on it, they are shutting down the campus both tomorrow and friday. will stay open and howard will continue to accommodate students as they come back. as you saw in the story, some of the accommodations are not very comfortable at the moment and the temperatures are only going down from here. live on the campus of howard university, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: as you know with the snow moving in, schools will be affected. get alerts when your child upon school is closed or delayed sent to your phone by signing up for our closing alerts. that is on our webpage, . nancy: just how big of a storm system are we talking?
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space. that is the view from a nasa satellite. while the south is getting snow for the first time in decades, the north is bracing for almost unheard of cold. the end of this week, parts of the northeast could be colder than the planet mars, which at last check had a high temperature of -2. jonathan: the board at reagan national is showing more red. similar across the east coast. it is only going to get worse. more than 3000 flights have been canceled tomorrow. this is according to flight aware. if you have a trip scheduled, airlines are being flexible. carriers have travel alerts and plays, which means that you can change or cancel your tickets at no cost. nancy: the "good morning washington" team will help you navigate whatever mother nature brings. tune in for
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traffic updates every 10 minutes starting at 4 a.m. tomorrow. jonathan: the cold weather led to a very big mess on metro at the height of the evening commute. this was the scene at the mcpherson square station after a cracked rail led to single tracking on two lines, the station jampacked with riders. a good reminder in the cold weather is to plan extra time for your commute no matter how you are traveling. two girls missing from texas have been found safe in colorado. investigators say that they are suspected of dr. -- there suspected of dr. isn't the 30. their mother was found dead in their house. word of a cease-and-desist letter from president trump's attorney to steve bannon. war ofhe latest in the words between the men who used to be a united team. lindsey mastis joins us from the
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abc news is reporting that president trump's attorney sent a letter to manning steve bannon stop making "disparaging statements about the president and his family." it is just the latest in a string of arguments between them. it was sparked by a new book that is due out next week. bannon called a meeting between top trump campaign officials and russian officials treasonous and that they should have called the fbi immediately. van and claims that trump did not expect to win and that his campaign manager kellyanne conway was interviewing for a tv job at the time. the white house firing back, calling it trashy tabloid fiction. sayy: meantime, neighbors it is a quiet area, but the street in germantown is the center of a murder investigation, a man found dead in a home.
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alike are wondering why. anna-lysa gayle has the investigation right now. anna-lysa: when the police were first called to the home, they were told it was a suspicious situation. they soon figured out foul play was definitely involved in the man's death. sceneack 7 was over the in germantown where a homicide investigation began just before 4:00 wednesday afternoon. a man was found dead inside of this house in the 12,000 block. investigator stood outside of the home most of the afternoon as family members grieved nearby. the police have not released details about the cause of death, but they say that he suffered trauma to his body. a neighbor described thick humidity as a quiet area. he has lived on the block about 15 years. >> first time i've seen trouble since i've been here. >> it is shocking. anna-lysa:
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conducted to determine the cause of death. at this time the man's name has not been released. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. computer glitch has capital one customer seeing double and seeing red. jonathan: a mistake will have you keeping a close eye on your account. and could be a game changer when it comes to changing clothing. patent was granted to amazon for a smart mirror. and we continue to track the massive winter storm battering the east coast. the snow is already coming down in st. mary's county.
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handsase raise your right and prepare to respond. u.s. senator new sworn into office, doug jones, the first alabama democrat elected tohe
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the senate at a quarter century. a former lieutenant governor in minnesota was also sworn in to replace al franken. there are now 22 female senators, which is a new record. nancy: president trump side an order doing away with the voter fraud commission. that decision after a number of states refused to provide voter information to the presidential advisory commission on election integrity. president has claimed voter fraud cost him the popular vote in 2016. tomorrow is the day we find out the winner of the tie-break for the virginia house of delegates, a panel of judges ruling today it would not throw out the ballot in the race for the 49th district. that means the winner will be decided by a random drawing tomorrow. a democratic victory with split the chamber 50/50. republican victory would give the party a one-seat majority. jonathan:
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chairman paul manafort is suing the department of justice and special counsel robert mueller, saying the doj and mueller are overstepping their authority. he has been indicted by a federal gary jury over -- or injury over money laundering and conspiracy charges, not related to the investigation. nancy: a glitch had some capital one customer seeing double, a system issue mini that every debit card transaction was charged twice. capital one is working on a fix and customers will not be responsible for any fees incurred as a result of the problem, but still no word on when those customers will get their money back. jonathan: youch. getting dressed has been pretty much the same process forever, but amazon is looking for their newest patent that looks to move the daily routine into the future. the tech giant has been granted a patent for a blood it reality mirror. it ca
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showing you the outfit with ever having to put it on or take it out of the closet. it is not clear if the mirror is just a development or just an idea. it would be super cool. nancy: it would. and a look at just how cold things have been leading up to the incoming storm. an ice cutter clearing the chesapeake bay near annapolis. the coast guard is expecting ice on most waterways in our area as the temperatures stay low, very low. bill: we will be flirting with record lows with the next weather story, which starts tomorrow evening. tonight's weather, the snow working in, light snow cutting up i-95, fredericksburg through the district. and further to the north. the heart of the energy is still off to the south.
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counterclockwise spin. starts to get a little eye shape the last couple frames. the snow extends on shore, but around the d.c. metro we should be -- we have been back there the last hour trying to analyze these models. on the farare western edge of that, so we will see considerably higher totals to the east. in st. mary's county, we solved him come and it is snowing much greater already than it is to the north. we are under a winter weather advisory around the d.c. metro, going back to loudoun county and fauquier county. after that we do not have an alert to the west. a wind chill watch will be in effect. 30 d.c. rightes, now, 21 harrisburg, much colder to the
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be freezing, so every flake will stick. 1:30 a.m., it fills in. darker colors to the east. if it is not snowing where you are now, i would expected to start in the next hour or two. this is 4:00 a.m., snow in the morning commute. 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., could be extraordinary slow. even if we get a half inch of snow or an inch of snow, it will stick. mid-to-late morning it kicks out. noon tomorrow, it should be well off to the east. we will then be watching a big cooldown. i mean bone chilling. 19 degrees with wind friday. the windchill factor friday morning, probably -5. then even colder late friday, struggling to get out of the teens. this is dangerous. this right here, you get into
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freeze before finally rebounding monday, tuesday. we are watching the snow potential very closely. we will keep you posted on the latest. jonathan: the streets of south carolina looking like a sled dog race. this is video from charleston. they made the best of it. a woman was being pulled by her dogs. they got about five inches of snow there, the third highest snowfall total for that city. they look right at home in the snow. nancy: he is a good boy. by tom petty, missy elliott, and the doors are about to cost spotify big-time in a lawsuit.
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been waiting for, shonda rimes tweeting, "people, it is happening." we don't know when the crossover shows will air, but both jews return january 18 -- but both shows return january 18. jonathan: big trouble for music streaming service spotify with a hefty price tag. nancy: a publishing group said that's bona fide played songs that he did not have the right to 10,000 times. the company is seeking the 0 perum damages of $150,00 song per play. jonathan: that totals up to $1.6 billion. yes, billion with a "b". nancy:
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mega millions jackpot. jonathan: that will not cover the price tag. have been soards hot lately, and so has john wall. sports is coming up.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the was earns have now won five of their last six hurry up martin gortat who has been having his worst season as a wizard chipped in tonight against the knicks. 9-10 from the field, not bad. winding down of the first half, bradley beal fires the three, off the mark, but wall beats the buzzer to give the wizards the two-point halftime lead to. it was all washington after that. quarter, wall throws down the vicious one-handed jam. bradley beal wall, led the way with 27. the wizards win. george mason on the road, taking on umass. iiovertime, otis livingston
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the foul in the basket. the junior guard tonight. the patriots get their first conference win of the season tonight. and you have to meet this little doodle who loves bowling. his high game, 93. down, even gets strikes once in a while. he started bawling when he was just 12 weeks. [barking] erin: the owner was on the usa junior national team in college. jonathan: wait for it, that looks like it is going to hit the spot. erin: and alex ovechkin has been selected
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jonathan: governor
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see -- a state of emergency for the state of maryland. bill: the temperatures will drop
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jessica chastain, sean "diddy" combs, and music from brandi carlile. and now stay right where you are here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're with us. we have a whole lot


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