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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 4, 2018 2:37am-3:00am EST

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down in this part of the world where snowplows are as rare as snowflakes, more than it200 peoe were hurt today in accidents on slippery roads. already 17 people across this country have died in the cold. and much of the storm hasn't hit yet. 50,000 people are without power in florida and georgia. in the northeast, they are bracing for a nor'easter, even as they dig out from the storm that just hit. steve yoe sun same eyosunsami, n savannah. >> the only question is how much snow is going to fall. >> we continue to track the storm that's going to be impacting the i-95 corridor through the day on thursday, first getting to d.c., then new york, working its way through boston as we head into the afternoon. high, gusty winds, whiteout
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outages and damage due to wind. and on top of that, look at these snowfall totals. new york city area getting three to six inches of the white stuff. kendis, linda? >> and the frigid weather is raising concerns about the price of natural gas. the extended cold conditions could put serious strain on the usually abundant supply of natural gas. it could result in some shortages by the end of winter. and the unusually cold temperatures in the southeast created a major problem for some residents, about 80 sea turtles had to be rescued in panama city, florida. if the water gets too cold, the turtles go into shock. >> ah. >> yeah, they float to the top. they can't help it. staffers at the gulf world marine institute are checking them out and will release them into warmer waters next week. they get incapacitated.
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>> yeah, they need help. a st. louis mom has set an interesting record. take a look. there's a cheetah. >> the three boys and five girls were born. the zoo just went public with the births. the cubs are said to be doing fairly well. your cute picture of the morning. >> pretty adorable. recovering from the post holiday sales hangover. shipping companies are bracing for a record year of gift returns, how to get the most back even from gift cards. and how the celebrity chef, model, tv host, now a restauranteur.
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yep, we've got a mouth breather. well just put on a breathe right strip and... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone so you can breathe... ...and sleep. go to today to request a free sample. a police chase through four towns near l.a., officers followed a u-haul truck along the freeway then side streets. the truck blew a tire, rode on a rim and slammed into another truck. when it ended, the suspects were hugging and kissing.
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>> they now face multiple charges together. >> what? that is so weird. >> that they survived? >> after going through all that, they just kind of hugged and kissed and -- >> and now the cops are taking them in, taking them down. >> and getting tased. all right. true love. how about a beyonce video for "on the run" with jay z. that's thousand would tu that's how it would turn out. american shipping companies are trying to keep up with record gift returns. >> here's abc's rebecca vjarvis. >> reporter: $90 billion in gifts heading back to stores. ups expecting americans will ship back 1.4 million returns. >> as e-commerce grows, you see returns grow
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well. >> reporter: nearly 30% of items bought online get returned. take advantage of free return shipping, now offers by about half of retailers. know the return policies. some offering 30 days, some even shorter. planning to return the old-fashioned way? save time by starting the process online. >> walmart came up with an app making it easier to do an express return within 30 seconds. >> reporter: plus cash in on any unwanted gift cards by trading or selling them on cardpool or gift card granny where you can get about 90% of their value. many will swap out christmas decorations for gift cards and many don't expire for five years. rebecca ja rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. we're going to move on to a couple of f
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starting with the future of jon gruden. >> there's a good chance he will be the next coach of the raiders. he coached the team for four seasons starting in 1998 before leading the buccaneers to a super bowl win. and josh rosen is leading a quarterback exodus out of los angeles. he says he's skipping his final season at ucla to enter the nfl draft this spring. and sam darnold is going pro. he's giving up his final two seasons with the trojans who got destroyed in the cotton bowl by ohio state, just to rub it? >> wow. someone loving that. >> did you throw that in there? and coming up, ayesha curry. >> the celebrity chef, model and wife of steph curry upped her game.
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well, when you think of the words super mom, ayesh
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may be one of the names that come to mind. >> she's the mother of two, author, celebrity chef, tv host and now about to get busier, here' we're up all "nightline" with juju chang. >> reporter: it's sort of like ayesha curry's opening night. what gets you all nervous? >> it's the first time i'm putting myself out there, making myself vulnerable. >> reporter: on this night, she's opening her flagship restaurant. and we're right there with her for all the bustle for the big day. this is like performance art, though. it's so cool watching everybody come together. it looks like chaos hours before. and then it's this beautiful performance. >> reporter: it's this face that's become so familiar to her 5 million followers on instagram and her wildly popular twitter feed, but it's not just on social media. >> we're going to strain this directly into our
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food network. >> hello, bakers. >> reporter: and here as the coast host on the great american baking show. >> i'm ayesha curry. >> reporter: and this is her all dolled up as one of the latest celebrity cover girl models. >> no matter the arena, i'm always in the spotlight. >> reporter: but this mogul in the making is quickly becoming her own brand, with her own cookware line, a kid friendly cook service. and her daughter's antics that often go viral. you're juggling eight different titles. >> obviously mom and wife first. those are the two most important titles. >> reporter: oh, right, she's married to this guy, steph curry. >> reporter: you didn't say nba wife. >> hmm. >> reporter: that's not a title. >> no, i don't think i'll ever call myself that. because i feel like, i mean, i don't think my
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call himself chef's wife. >> reporter: there you go. ayesha's a staple in the stands, cheering her husband at near every warriors home game and he often returns the favor, making a cameo on her cooking show. >> you don't have to give yourself applause. >> reporter: and supporting her at her restaurant. i love the way you support each other. >> it's important. one thing my mom always told me was to never lose yourself inside of your marriage. >> reporter: this restaurant is part her vision. her third in the international smoke franchise, along with celebrated chef michael mena, they've carefully crafted a menu that's a global fusion take on barbecue. her parents are here rooting for their daughter on her opening night. >> it's serious. i'm fine. oh, my goodness. i hope that's cover girl. [ laughter ] >> reporter: some of the menu items pay homage to her
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>> i grew up eating with the jamaican johnnycake. >> reporter: so you brought your family cooking into the restaurant. >> oh, yeah. whatever i can, i sneak in. >> reporter: now it's time to get down to business for the big night. i brought my mom and squad of sisters and families. back to help me sample the delicacies. >> we have our jamaican johnnycake. >> oh, wow. >> this is my recipe. try the corn bread. >> i love that you are all captive. >> we're so happy to be together, actually. >> that's got to be nice. >> reporter: for ayesha, perhaps that's the surest sign of a good dish. creating a flavor. that helps bring people together. >> i mean the people in here -- >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang? san francisco.
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doing that. >> she was able to bring juju's family together. she can do it all. coming up, this happened. we'll tell you what happened, next.
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(colonial penn jingle) ♪ grant on top of the books there, that's the same author that wrote "hamilton." >> every book on that non-fiction list, i've been saying, i'm going to read that. it is time you heard the music for this happened. the original noah's ark was built to with stand the storm, the replica in the netherlands,
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this replica of noah's ark, 76 yards long came loose from its moorings and slammed into other boats. >> oh, no! >> and was a little bit beaten up after this massive storm that took place there in the netherlands. winds were only about 55 miles per hour, but, >> you would have thought they would have built the ark to withstand the storm. >> it's a museum there floating down the danube in another part of europe. >> noah would not approve. >> noah would not. and check it out, this happened. okay. that's ralph, the t-rex showing off his ice skating skills, ow! the california gold synchronized skating team was getting in a little skating before christmas, not sure why the t-rex costume was being worn,
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it maybe shielded his big -- >> that's a beautiful move. >> they don't even stop to see if the t-rex guy is okay. let's keep going. so, let's move on now to, you know, you have those friends who are trying to take a nap, and they will kind of pester you all the time. it happens apparently in panda world as well. this is in chengdu at the reserve there in china. this panda is in a playful mood and trying to get the friends to wake up, and like, nah, nah, this would be on a friday night when my friends are lierks come o let's go out. >> that's me on a saturday morning when i think my daughters are going to let me sleep in. mommy, mommy! and check this out, a husky who can say "i love you." >> say i
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>> i love you. >> or saying something. >> i love you. we can make
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this morning on "world news now," the book, the bombshell, the backlash. >> it's revealing new details about life in the west wing and the residents itself. the president lashing out at someone who had been one of his closest advisers, steve bannon, who's quoted in the book taking aim at the president and his family. lawyers for the president are responding overnight. we're covering it all. a major winter storm slamming the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled and schools taking no chances. closed ahead of the monster storm. the latest storm track ahead. and a fire breaks out at the new york property where


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