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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 4, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the book, the bombshell, the backlash. >> it's revealing new details about life in the west wing and the residents itself. the president lashing out at someone who had been one of his closest advisers, steve bannon, who's quoted in the book taking aim at the president and his family. lawyers for the president are responding overnight. we're covering it all. a major winter storm slamming the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled and schools taking no chances. closed ahead of the monster storm. the latest storm track ahead. and a fire breaks out at the new york property where
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>> and it's the best scientific discovery ever. the experts say you should be eating pizza for breakfast. can't argue with science. it is science after all. it is thursday. it is the 4th of january. from abc news, this is "world news now." and we do say good morning everything. we are going to start with the plot twist in america's number one soap opera, just happens to be reality and the main characters are the president and his former chief strategist, steve bannon. >> the president unleashed on bannon and followed up with a cease and desist letter demanding that he stop making disparaging remarks about the first family or face a lawsuit. in a radio show last night, bannon said the president is a good man but called ivanka dumb as a brick and describes don jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer as treasonous. >> reporter: former w
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chief strategist, steve bannon out with bombshell allegations. donald trump jr., paul manafort, jared kushner and a russian lawyer whom they were told had dirt on hillary clinton. in an exclusive new book, bannon calls the sit-down treasonous and unpay the rotttriotic and ti hud have been called immediately. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things differently. for my, it was opposition research. >> reporter: his father defended him. >> from a practical stand point, most people would have taken that meeting. >> reporter: the president insists he was not aware of the meeting during the campaign, but bannon says there's no way that's true, saying the chance that donald trump jr. didn't walk the attendees right up to his father's office after the meeting ended was, quote, zero. and he warns,
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crack don jr. like an egg on national tv, just months ago, the president lavished praise on his former chief strategist. >> i have a very good relationship, as you know, with steve bannon. i like steve a lot. >> reporter: tonight an unprecedented public rebuke. the president saying in a quote, steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. the president accuses bannon of leaking to reporters and exaggerating his role, adding steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as i make it look. >> i think furious, disgusted would probably certainly fit when you make such outrageous claims and completely false claims against the president, his administration and his family. >> reporter: the bombshell book "fire and fury" is due out next
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michael wolff getting exclusive access. he says that they thought they would lose and that kelly aanne conway was actively interviewing for a tv job. saying that melania trump didn't want her husband to win and cried when he did. and that ivanka discussed the possibility of running for president herself one day. the white house dismission it all as trashy fiction. the white house was pushed as to why and how this author had so much access. because they don't release visitor logs, they say he was here about a dozen times. they also say that the author did have one conversation over the phone, a brief one, with the president, after he took office. but the author says he spoke to more than 200 people, many of them the closest aides to this president. cecelia vega, abc
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white house. >> that's not all. let me get ready, because the tea was spilled in that book. there was a whole lot. shall we go through -- >> many details that we learned. >> so the white house insider shared many of the details about the president, saying he spends his evenings eating cheeseburgers in bed, watching tv and talking on the phone. >> they say he likes mcdonald's, because he fears being poisoned and with fast food, nobody knows you're coming and the meals are safely pre-made. one excerpt claimed that the president and first lady sleep in separate bedroom the. housekeepers are forbidden to pick up his clothes or anything he throws on the floor and no one is allowed to touch his toothbrush. >> there's more. i need more tea. the president is described as ill-informed. so much so that a top aide was summoned to teach him about the constitution, but he allegedly got bored by the fourth amendment. the book also says that t
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advisers, referring to him as an idiot and a dope behind his back. woo! there was a whole lot. >> all right, we'll get to the rest of that throughout the morning because there was plenty. but we have to look at this monster storm playing out rye no -- right now, packing heavy wind and heavy snow as well as frigid temperatures and hurricane-force conditions. >> the storm may be to blame for a partial amtrak train derailment in savannah, georgia this morning. emergency officials say switches on the track froze up, but no one on board was injured. and the radar showing the storm moving up the atlantic kohl'sco the northeast where blizzard warnings are in force, and it could dump up to ten inches of snow before it's over. washington, d.c. was one of those spots getting snow. we are with elizabeth hur in new
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you. and for crews here in the northeast, they've been down this road before, and officials say they are ready. but some towns down south where they don't even have salt trucks to work with, they are dealing with a snowstorm. some of these towns have not seen this in 30 years. we are talking about parts of georgia and florida, where slick conditions turned highways into ice skating rinks, and driving conditions were just downright dangerous. the heavy wind and snow also wreaked havoc on the roadways in south carolina. residents were wrarned to stay inside, stay off the roads for their safety. now as far as snow totals are concerned, forecasters say it depends on where you live along the coast, but some areas in the new england area could get more than a foot of snow when this is all said and done, so how seriously are officials here in the northeast taking this storm? again, the snow hasn't even started falling. that's when they announced schools in t
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york city and boston areas will be closed today. their message, bottom line, better safe than sorry. >> there's dangerous cold that comes after it as well. the storm is having an impact on air traffic across the country. >> more than 3,000 flights coming into and out of east coast airports have been canceled so far with more to come for sure later today. that's creating a trickle-down effect at airports nationwide. >> and that means long waits for those folks who extended their new year's holiday waiting to get home. >> those lucky foalks. >> we have an intense storm moving its way up the eastern seaboard. snow accumulations with highest amounts expected in maine, possibly up to two feet in the maine area. this low pressure system intensifying, not just bringing snow but high, gusty winds. gusts up to 70 miles per hour.
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looking at. two feet possible in maine, near a foot in boston. lynda, kendis? president trump's former campaign chairman is suing robert mueller and the justice department. he says they exceeded their authority when they let the russia investigation expand to his business dealings. >> he is facing money laundering allegations going back a decade. he says mueller's authority is too broad. he wants the indictments against him thrown out and the scope narrowed. and a small fire created a stir on bill and hillary's property. it broke out on the second floor of a detached building behind their main home in chappaqua, new york. the clintons weren't home. the cause is still under investigation. as the snowstorm bears down on the east coast, one more weather note, and it is really significant and dramatic from california. this is just in to us right now >> take a look. >> it is raining in california. >> a
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>> a puddle has formed. these images from santa cruz. it had our affiliates there and our stations going into rolling coverage. they had continuous live coverage. >> of the puddle. >> of the puddle and the rain. when you're from the north like we are and you're used to snow and cold weather, we like to tease our friends in the southeast. but the problem is, there are a lot of people not used to the roads and the weather and the bad conditions that it really have something to be concerned about. >> it is. >> make sure everyone is very careful. we're used to those icy, slick roads. >> there in california, we do send our prayers up to them. hope they'll get through that rain. coming up, the first brand new menu item to hit in and out burger in more than a decade. what you can now get to wash down that double-double. but first, the loud noises that forced not one but two emergency landings for a flight. we'll tell you how it
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delta airlines says loud noises forced two emergency landings for london-bound passengers were caused by loose cargo. the crew heard a boom after the flight left atlanta on tuesday. it turned back and passengers changed planes. >> the sound was heard again forcing a second emergency landing. delta hasn't revealed the exact cause of that noise. now to the shocking new developments in the case of the woman and her family held by the taliban. >> her husband is behind bars this morning charged with more than a dozen criminal offenses, including sexual assault. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: joshqua boyle, the canadian man held by the taliban in iowa. he's charged with 15 criminal offenses, including physical and sexual ray sauassault of a woma. the alleged assaults took
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in october with his american wife and children after five years of captivity in pakistan. caitlan coleman was six months pregnant when the couple was captured. while in captivity, she gave birth to three children. she says they witnessed their mother being beaten and raped by guards. >> and afterwards, the animals wouldn't give me back my, they wouldn't give back clothes. >> reporter: upon their return to freedom, boyle talked about what he hoped to rebuild. >> going to be of incredible importance to my family that we are able to build a secure sanctuary for our three surviving children to call a home. >> reporter: hess wife caitlyn has now released a statement saying ultimately t is the strain and trauma he was forced to endure for so many years and the effects that had on his mental state that is most culpable for this. she went on to say that she and the children are healthy and holding up as well as
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joshua boyle's lawyer said he has never been in trouble before and looks forward to defending him on these charges. lindsey davis, abc news, new york. coming up, three days into the new year, stocks are already two for two. how close we are now to the dow hitting 25,000. but first, a '70s game show classic makes a big return. why host alec baldwin says it's one of the best jobs he's ever had in his life. that's next on "world news now." i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed.
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oo you've written and direct many shows with your brother, cast your wife in your shows, which of them is harder to work with? >> how do i answer that. it was very difficult working with alec baldwin. the guy is a monster. >> that was alec baldwin there. returning to the small screen last night, right here on abc kicking off season three of "match game". >> and he opens up with lara
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spencer. >> here's the host of "match game." >> reporter: a new year brings a new chance to fill in the blank. >> we've been watching "lord of the rings" all wrong. apparently the one ring to warn them all isn't worn on your finger, it goes on your blank! >> reporter: the revival features every day people vying for $25,000 while trying to match the often risque answers of a celebrity panel. in a game of fill-in-the-blank. >> you've got strahan, steve. what's special about alec baldwin. >> are we rolling? >> reporter: yeah. >> you're throwing that down? >> reporter: i'm throwing down. >> you're throwing down strahan, steve harvey and why me? i think it's obvious. >> reporter: and the man behind the skinny
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alec baldwin. >> and i play trump on tv. >> this is a time when i like to reflect on all the good things i've done this year. it will only take a minute. >> reporter: he says it's all fun and games. as busy as you are, why a game show? >> literally, i said to myself, i'm so lucky. tv has replaced the movies in the hearts of the american viewer. >> reporter: there's just great quality. >> so much choice. when i do the game show, i said i get to stay home, i work with people i love, i have a ball. it's in new york, it's easy. and everything in my life is about being with my kids. because why have kids at my age, why have kids and not be with them? >> reporter: this season features a brand new lineup of hilarious pan liselists that he helped pick himself. those panelists not shy about sharing their thoughts on baldwin's stellar hosti
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>> he's fun, he's wit eyty. >> i got lost in his eyes when he wasn't looking at he. >> those other shows, they can be funny. you're relying on mom and dad and the host, harvey's funny, but's not near as funny as i am. >> lara spencer with baldwin. >> they look like they're having a lot of fun. >> got to love his humblebraging. are you a fan of "match game"? >> it's come back several times to tv. now that i have a little one, i don't know if i want her watching it. because when i was a kid and watched it, it went kpleentsly over my head, all the things they were talking about. it gets saucy. >> the original one, by the way, premiered in 1962, revived several times over the course of the few decades. >> like once a decade for the next couple three decades.
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dads don't take sick days... dads take dayquil severe. the non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat... ...stuffy head, no sick days medicine. okay, time for the mix, and when you think breakfast, of course, you think eggs. you might have a bagel or a doughnut, we're not judging. but there's somebody who says this is actually the perfect breakfast meal. >> i people, it's the perfect food anytime if you think about it. pizza, hello! >> this is like, science has looked into this. who wants pizza, anybody? >> yeah. >> what do they say? >> science has looked into it. some expert on flour and rice from the uk. and he says the nutritional value of pizza in general is because of the carbohydrates, and because pizza for breakfast
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the day, you need a lot of carbohydrates, and pizza has a lot of carbohydrates. >> soki e i can eat some of thi right? because, science! please, please. don't leave it here, i will eat it all. >> no, please do eat it all. oh, tony, did you want some pizza? so that's end to his scientific study there. >> oh, okay. >> that it's important for -- >> i'll take it. >> for you for breakfast. there you go. >> i mean, i have to say at this hour, we eat all kinds of crazy things for breakfast. while you take care of that, kendis. >> all righty. >> let me talk about in-n-out burger. does everybody know about in-n-out burger? it's most any california. but in-n-out burger is introducing its first menu item -- we're getting this back. just
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in-n-out burger has its first new menu item in years. >> this is huge. this is mega. >> 15 years. >> you would think it would be some kind of new burger or maybe they introduce bacon as you were saying earlier. no hot chocolate is the new menu item in california on the west coast, which sounds, i guess, okay. it looks delicious covered in marshmallows, and they had it on the menu decades ago and it fell off. hot chocolate at in-n-out burger. i'm betting it's really tasty. >> it is in and out, which is great. it is wintertime all around. wow, did we empty that out? >> savages. you people! >> you people are pigs! holy cow! there's a dog that would have loved a pizza. just sledding here, it's actually enjoying this
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>> that australian shepherd dog sliding down the hill by
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this morning on world news, a powerful winter storm is barrelling up the east coast right now. snow and ice paralyzing parts of the south, and the storm is gaining strength as it moves north. the morning commute promises to be treacherous for millions. we're tracking this monster storm. also happening this morning, new reaction from the president's lawyers to the bombshell comments by former chief strategist, steve bannon, those comments coming in an explosive new book, a look inside the trump white house. and this half hour, the search for two missing sisters now finally over. ending just hours ago. the girls had been missing since


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