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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 4, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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across the region as a winter storm moves in. snow falling right now, impacting roads, airports, and schools. good morning washington.. i'm larry smith. and i'm autria godfrey. lets get right to this winter weather-- impacting everything in our area. first up -- delays and cancellations on amtrak. northeast regional service between d-c and newport news and norfolk is completely cancelled today! amtrak is also operating a modified schedule between new york and boston. and the board at reagan national is showing more and more red. it's a similar story up and down the east coast. about 3-thousand flights are canceled today,
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com. more than 2-thousand are delayed right now. if you have a trip scheduled -- the airlines are being flexible. all the major carriers have travel alerts in place. that means -- you can change or cancel your tickets at no cost. dozens of schools are closed or delayed in and around the d-m-v this morning. prince william and spotsylvania county schools are closed. prince george's.. fairfax county and d-c public schools have a two hour delay. you can also see the full list scrolling on the bottom of your screen. we have team stormwatch coverage. eileen whelan is on the road in storm track. but we start with veronica johnson in the weather center. (location)
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so - just how big of a storm system... are we talking about??
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seen from space!! take a look. this was the view from a nasa satellite. and while some parts of the south are seeing snow... for the first time in decades -- the north is bracing for almost unheard of cold. in fact -- by the end of this week, parts of the northea
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colder than the planet mars... which at last check -- had a high temperature of minus 2 degrees. happening right now - this winter weather making life very difficult for student returning to howard university. student athletes tell us that the dorms are too cold to take showers! tom roussey is on campus with the issue -- and the impact it's having remember, you can get alerts when your child's school is closed or delayed -- sent right to your
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is closed or delayed -- sent right to your phone by signing up for our closing alerts at wjla-dot-com. those closing are also scrolling at the bottom of your screen. coming up-- a tell-all book
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the white house responds to scathing allegations, from former friend steve bannon. what he says the trump team was really thinking on election night. salisbury, md
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coming up--
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leading to angry shoppers. more on the last minute rush to prepare for a winter blast. plus, how much for a song? well, one mistake may cost "spotify" dearly. you won'y believe how much money the company is getting sued for. thats coming up..
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like inside grocery this. this is what it looks like inside grocery stores in boston, as thousands try to stock up on provisions, before the city gets hit with a major snow storm. this is the same system that is impacting us right now. as you can see, many store shelves are empty. that storm is expectedo
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lunchtime. president trump is out with a rare and scathing rebuke of former white house chief strategist steve bannon - a man he once described as a good friend. a forthcoming book obtained by abc news includes explosive allegations made by bannon about a meeting between the president's son and a russian lawyer who promised damaging information about hillary clinton. abc's arlette saenz is following it all in washington. in the day ahead - we'll find out the winner of that tied race for virginia's
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a panel of judges has ruled that it would not throw out this controversial ballot in the race for the 49-th district. that means the winner will be decided by a random drawing today. a democratic victory would split the chamber 50-50. a republican victory would give that party a one-seat majority. it's the news "shonda-land" fans have been waiting for. a t-g-i-t crossover!! shonda rhimes, announcing it on twitter. that tweet saying -- "people, it's happening." with the hashtag "how to get away with scandal." we don't know when the crossover shows will air. we do know - both shows return on january 18th.. so get your popcorn ready. at xx time for weather. toss to veric
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toss to veronica and molly.
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but for the music streaming service spotify.... that mistake may come with a big price tag. a publishing group says -- spotify played songs it didn't have the rights to... ten-thousand times! now -- the company is seeking the maximum damages of 150-thousand dollars - per song, per play. in case you don't feel like doing the math -- that totals 1-point-6 billion dollars. yes -- billion. with a "b." a live look now at ocean pines..
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they are under a blizzard warning there. we'll be back. a winter blas
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