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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  January 4, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hitting right now-- dropping snow across the region parts of maryland now under a blizzard warning. the weather impacting roads, airports, and schools. good morning washington. we have team stormwatch coverage. eileen whelan is on the road in storm track. but we start with veronica johnson in the weather center.
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(location) happening right now - a winter blast slamming the east
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snow even falling in northern florida for the first time in three decades and its not stopping there. the winter storm now called the bomb cyclone" is headed north.. passing over the dc area right now. abc's stephanie ramos has more. now you can expect to hear the word "bombogenesis" today, as people
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"bombogenesis" today, as people discuss this winter storm. for more on just what that means-- lets head back to veronica johnson in the weather center.
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for the latest forecast at your
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forecast at your fingertips - download the a-b-c seven stormwatch app right to your smartphone. coming up-- crazy in love. a wild chase ends with a kiss, a taser, and felony charges. we'll show it all to you.. coming up.
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for the latest forecast at your fingertips - download the a-b-c
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fingertips - download the a-b-c seven stormwatch app right to your smartphone. from fire-- back to snow now. and a man in pennsylvania has come up with a creative way to clear snow from his driveway since he doesn't have a snow plow. check this out. jonathan scill took the giant cardboard box that his t-v came in.. and attached it
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his fiancee captured this video from outside their home. it may not be pretty but they say it gets the job done. the video has been viewed more than eight-million times on facebook. at xx time for weather. toss to vj ad-lib wx i'm abc7 meteorologist, ad-lib wx
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and clyde impersonation - taking officers on a high-speed chase in a stolen uhaul truck. you've got to see this. after the couple crashed and were surrounded by police..they sat inside the truck..had a few drinks and started making out! 20 minutes later..they got out..hugged eachother and made out again until police tased the man involved. they were then taken into custody. there is much more coming up on good morning washington. ryan hughes .. what are you working on for 5 0-clock.
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stormwatch 7 winter weather advisory across the d-m-v! flakes falling fast in some spots. mother nature packing a powerful punch. we have team coverage of how it's impacting your morning commute, flights, and many schools. let's begin with stormwatch 7 meteorologist veronica johnson!


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