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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 4, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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that major winter bomb cyclone of snow and ice exploding right now. slamming the east coast. blizzard warnings from north carolina to maine. cars spinning out this morning. a police officer rescued and ice possibly causing this train derailment down south as parts of the atlantic ocean freeze over. schools in new york, philly and boston shut down. thousands of flights canceled. now more than a foot of snow is coming and the coldest air of the season is moving in. we're live up and down the coast tracking this monster storm. and a storm brewing in the white house over that bombshell new book. president trump's lawyers demand steve bannon cease and desist after the f
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attacks trump's family, calls don junior's meetings with russia treasonous and says the white house is facing a category 5 in robert mueller. trump firing back saying bannon, the man he once called friend, has lost his mind. the president's former white house communications director anthony scaramucci is here live only on "gma." good morning, america. well, that monster storm is starting right now and in some parts of the country they're seeing the most snow they've had in nearly 30 years. >> a live look at ocean city, maryland, dangerous wind conditions right now, blizzard conditions across the east coast and here in new york, we're seeing the beginning of that winter bomb cyclone. that's a live look at the roads in long island. schools are closed across the northeast. 15 states in the storm zone. >> as you can imagine our team is spread out up and down the east coast and ginge
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us off outside our studio here in times square so, ginger, what is the latest? >> so here in times square it's started. my eyes are already watering and you can see a little bit of slick snow. this is only the beginning, guys. this whole day most of your thursday going to be full of snow and ridiculous wind and then eventually ridiculous cold. now, this thing, you've heard the term bomb. that's been the meteorological glossary for almost 40 years nearly bombing out now meaning we've seen 20 millibars drop and the pressure gradient in six hours this. is rapidly intensifying. snow flying from north carolina to maine at this hour. those blizzard conditions and warnings for that go all the way from new jersey and virginia up along the coast including parts of massachusetts and maine and that is where we have to start this morning by going to a place that has been seeing it for hour, blizzard conditions, and that's our gio benitez. he is in norfolk, virginia. gio. >> reporter: hey there, ginger, offs here are calling this
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brutal snowstorm. tens of thousands of homes are already without power and it's in large part because of these wind gusts that we're feeling. a look at this wide shot we have here because i'm walking right now through about five inches of snow here, maybe even more and we're talking about wind gusts of about 55 miles per hour. those are intense winds, so it's only going to get worse here. this morning, that winter bomb of snow and ice going off creating a mess in the mid-atlantic. virginia in a state of emergency. cars stuck as the snow piles up. one driver desperately trying to dig out. whiteout conditions a nightmare for early commuters. >> hold up, all right. >> reporter: for parts of the northeast the storm is just getting started. early this morning a truck in southern new jersey lost control jackknifed and flew off the road into the woods completely engulfed in flames. the woods and a nearby home catching on fire. schools in new york, philadelphia and boston closed
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today, boston anticipating a foot of snow? we're out there on the roads and will be ready for the storm. we have 40,000 tons of rock salt ready. >> reporter: after a week of subzero temps parts of the atlantic ocean frozen solid. watch as giant chunks of ice pile up along the shore in the outer basics pushing against this dock actually moving it. >> this way. so right now back out here live in virginia, the good news is we're not seeing too many cars passing by here so people are heeding those warnings staying indoors. but really what comes next after this is that bitter cold. that deep freeze that people have to deal with. you know, the power company has been trying to be out here restoring the power to all of the homes and businesses but they're having a hard time because of those very intense winds, george. >> what we're seeing, wind gusts hitting 39 miles an hour but in some places they could approach hurricane force? >> reporter: yeah, close to it,
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crazy to think about. we've already felt 55-mile-per-hour winds, close to 60 miles per hour, so this is just intense. that's the big story here, the wind associated with this storm. >> okay, gio benitez, thanks very much. >> george, to abc's victor oquendo in asbury park, new jersey, picking up strength and not only concern about the snow and powerful wind but coastal flooding. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, robin. all of that is a concern. conditions only getting worse out here. the wind and the snow dramatically have been picking up just over the last few hours. if i turn my head that way you can see it is whipping right across my face here. to get an idea, there was no snow. all of this dropping over just the last few hours here. the gust of wind right now between 30 miles an hour right there but could get to 50. you can imagine what that will do to the coastline and beach here. right now those
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four to eight feet and the conditions, robin, only getting worse. visible is at an all time low, robin. >> i know it's difficult for you to talk out there in those kind of temperatures but talk a little bit more about the potential for coasting flooding there. >> reporter: yeah, there is a huge concern because high tide is just starting to come up and will only get worse over the next few hours here under a coastal flood advisory, robin. >> victor, thank you. >> that is new jersey. new england bracing for the worst of the storm, eva pilgrim is there. she is in boston right now and i see her got a big pile of salt behind you. >> reporter: oh, yeah, we are here on the salt right now this morning, george. new england bracing for a battle with mother nature. they are expecting to get the highest snow totals from the storm and their big defense is this, salt. we're here in boston. i just want to give you a little perspective as to how well prepared they are to deal with it. this is a huge mountain of salt. we're at the largest
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in the city. all total in the city they have about 40,000 tons of salt ready to go to put out on the roads. overnight they were already out there starting to get these roads prepared for the storm ahead of it coming today. during the day today they'll have 700 trucks out there trying to stay on top of the snow as the snowfalls, but they are telling people to stay off the roads if at all possible and it seems that people are heeding that warning. schools are closed. the city offices are operating on an emergency basis and a lot of the businesses have already closed. the ones that have not closed, those people we talked to this morning telling us they're planning on closing early. george. >> eva, they know how to deal with snow in boston. one of the big concerns, power outages. >> reporter: that is a major concern here, the power outages and they're expecting temperatures below zero, at least feels like it behind this snow system that's coming through and so there
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freeze and your house could get very cold very quickly. so those are things they're telling people to keep in mind as they watch what happens with this storm, george. >> eva pilgrim, thanks very much. >> keep in mind that's salt. that's not snow but all that salt and it's very much needed because we're seeing just how dangerous those icy, slippery roads can be. already causing accidents throughout the south and many drivers are getting into trouble. even having to be rescued. abc's steve osunsami is in georgia where the ice may have even caused a train derailment. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning. i want you to take a look. this type of ice and snow is rare in the south but this is what's blanketing roads here. to put it in perspective we went looking for a snow shovel, ice pick, something to clean your car off and this putty knife is as close as we could find because they don't really sell a lot of those things down here. 300 pass
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miami to new york became the latest victims of the icy weather overnight when their train derailed at a station in savannah. >> we got a derailment. >> reporter: frozen switches may have been responsible. >> nearly 300 passengers on board. >> reporter: this time no one was hurt. two of the cars that derailed were just carrying baggage and passengers were moved to a different train and sent home. >> it will stay cold. that means stay indoors. >> reporter: across the south authorities are warning drivers that the roads are too slick and this could be you. in and around savannah alone, police report that more than 220 people were hurt in accidents on icy roads. stay off the roadways. drivers on their way from georgia to south carolina overnight were stuck in slow-moving traffic for more than six hours. in a region where snowplows and salt trucks are as rare as snowflake, driving on the ice is an incredible risk. >> we just slid off the road. >> drive with
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>> just slow down. slow down. >> reporter: subzero temperatures along with the ice and snow have shut down highways and even entire cities along the east coast from the carolinas to south georgia, multicar pileups, spinouts and car wrecks are leaving hundreds out in the cold. >> it's just going to get worse as this snow keeps falling. >> reporter: the temperatures are supposed to rise here a little bit and some of this ice is expected to melt a little bit but then a new problem, it's expected to refreeze so this continues, robin. >> it does and it is heading this way and we're experiencing it right now and we have a road cam to show you what the conditions are like here in the new york city area. this is long island and if you don't have to be on the roads, don't. >> you can't go in the air. thousands of flights have been canceled across the northeast. so many airports at a standstill right now. david kerley at reagan national tracking the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. the airports are being
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right now it's here in the mid-atlantic. of course, that will move into the northeast. here's a look at airports that will be affected today. here in d.c. a couple. philly, new york and boston which is going to get a lot of snow as far as total amounts and we are just starting the travel day and already nearly 3,000 flights have been canceled already and newark, new jersey, has been hit especially hard, nearly 900 flights have been canceled there. of course, the airline saw this coming. they are offering waivers, if you're waking up, looking, supposed to fly into an affected area and don't want to fly they will most likely waive the change fee. that's the good news. you can fly another day. the real concern it's not so much the snow in this storm, it's the ice from the cold temperatures and the wind that is going to cause problems at the airports. >> yeah, we've seen that up and down the coast. david kerley, thanks very much. >> very difficult travel day. maybe these folks had their flight canceled. i can't imagine why they're standing out here but
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cold temperatures so you got good company out there, ginger. >> i had to have friends. we brought friend as long for me. when you have a storm that's dropped 5.3 inches of know in a place like charleston, south carolina, third largest on record you know it's going to develop and it is moving closer to the northeast so let's talk about how much snow you can expect and the timing. it moves through, this is happening now and it moves really quite quickly because it rapidly intensifies and then really new york city up through boston through the afternoon, it starts to diminish then by tonight it's all but gone from new england. what it leaves behind is a foot of snow in the easternmost areas of say, new jersey or lyle, connecticut, rhode island, there will be a couple of swaths where you see one to even three-inch snowfall rates per hour so it's going to come down heavy at times, visibility is going to be very low with those winds and i'm concerned about the power outages going back. let's head back in though to robin. >> you come on in too, ginger. to the breaking news out
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west, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake joeling people awake in the san francisco bay area early this morning. let's go to our senior national correspondent matt gutman in california for the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. that quake struck right beneath the university of california at berkeley just east of san francisco and while it wasn't a huge quake it was shallow, only about seven miles deep so it was felt. residents describe five to ten seconds of rolling as the jake rumbled and as you mentioned so many jolted out of their sleep. check out these products knocked off the aisles at a supermarket. dogs began to bark and alarms went off and what's keeping folk as wake right now is that this quake happened right on the hayward fault which is capable of producing a 7 magnitude quake which could be devastating right under that heavily populated area, robin. >> still had to be very frightening for a lot of folks this morning, thank you, matt. we switch to politics and that bombshell book rocking the white house, michael wolff's
7:14 am
"fire and fury: inside the trump white house" features blistering attacks on the president and his family from steve bannon, the strategist by trump's side during the campaign and the early days in the white house. it has drawn a furious response from president trump now threatening legal action against bannon and our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is here with the explosive details. the white house on a war footing over this. >> reporter: yeah, it looks like they already are at war. those lawyers for the president sent a cease and desist letter to steve bannon demanding he stop making what they are calling disparaging comments about the president or his family. behind closed doors of the white house, president trump allegedly critiqued his top aides calling son-in-law jared kushner a suck-up, senior adviser kellyanne conway a cry baby and former press secretary sean spicer stupid. at the center of the fallout a man once in the inner circle who trump has called a friend, former white house chief strategist steve bannon. >> there's nobody we think higher of than president
7:15 am
own accusations between donald trump jr., jared kushner, paul manafort and a russian lawyer whom they were told had dirt on hillary clinton. bannon called it treasonous, unpatriotic and he said team trump, quote, should have called the fbi immediately. all in a tell all book "fire and fury" by veteran journalist michael wolff who had unprecedented access to the white house. in it bannon says there is a zero percent chance don junior didn't take the attendees of that trump tower sit-down to meet the president despite the president's insistence he knew nothing about it taking aim at ivanka saying she was a nonevent and became a white house staffer and that's when people suddenly realized she's dumb as a brick. 312 pages pulling the curtain back on the trump administration saying ivanka also discussed the possibility of running for president herself. the white house calls it trashy
7:16 am
>> i think furious, disgusted would fit when you make such outrageous claims and completely false claims again the president, his administration and his family. >> reporter: but just months ago trump lavished praise on bannon. >> i have a very good relationship as you no he with steve bannon. steve has been a friend of mine for a long time. i like steve a lot. >> reporter: now the president going public with an unprecedented rebuke saying, quote, steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. overnight on breitbart news radio, bannon praised the president. >> the president of the united states is a great man. you know i support him day in and day out. >> reporter: wolfe goes on to write almost everyone on the trump campaign thought mr. trump would not only not be president, they thought he should not be president. even the president himself, wolfe says, didn't think he would win. and his wife was so opposed t
7:17 am
he did, though her spokeswoman disputes it. no one is off-limits. the book says ivanka trump makes fun of her father's comb-over hair and notoriously germophobic trump ordered white house staff not to touch anything, especially his toothbrush. reprimanding housekeeping staff saying if my shirt is on the floor it's because i want it on the floor and that he had a long time fear of being poisoned. that's one reason he ate so much mcdonald's, the food was premade and no one knew he was coming. now, the author says he spoke to more than 200 people for this book. the white house is trying to downplay the access he had saying he was on the grounds of the white house only about a dozen times. aides say the author did have one brief conversation over the phone with the president after the election, george, but we can't verify any of this ourselves because they refused to release the white house visitor logs. >> right, but even a dozen visits to the white house in the
7:18 am
lot for an outside journalist. on another matter as this was happening we learned overnight the president disbanded the commission he set up to back up his false claims about voter fraud in the last election. >> reporter: exactly. they say so many states are refusing to participate in the investigation that's why they disbanded it. you'll remember it was set up by the president after the election based on these unfounded claims that millions voted in the election illegally. there is no widespread evidence of voter fraud. >> cecilia vega, thanks very much. coming up we'll talk to anthony scaramucci, the president's former communications director but first we want to go back to ginger right now. >> george, the windchill here is 14. the windchill in west palm beach, florida, 29 so this is a deep freeze and even colder air comes behind this storm. look at those advisories. the snowy cities now.
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meteorologist, much more on the storm throughout the morning. and more on that bombshell book about the white house. anthony scaramucci is here live.
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nd delicious. go you! try the fresh fit menu. only at subway. your side 7 is on with live, local news from "good morning washington." larry: john gonzalez is in calvert county where flakes are falling fast. eileen: -- john: one of the flakes in my ear. we have heard the term bomb cyclone. the last check at 23 degrees. on the sidewalk right off of inches. a good 2 we have seen a lot of the maryland state hig
7:24 am
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veronica: blowing, drifting, fine, powdery snow. it feels like 9. snow coming down until 9:00 this morning. mix in between 2-4 inches. when. icy.ds it will still be northbound 95, the remains of this crash on the snowy right shoulder as they clean up this mess. at croom road
7:27 am
the crash on the right side of the highway. on the east side, 665 at reaver road stay to the right to get by the crash. larry: get update anytime with the abc 7
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't always come naturally. this i can do, easily. benefiber® healthy shape is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! welcome back to "gma." you're looking live right now at the roads in long island, new york. slow going there this morning as that winter bomb cyclone of snow and ice is slamming the east coast. we also have a live look at ocean city, maryland. you see the winds kicking up there, as well. that's one of the biggest dangers this morning all the way from north carolina to maine and some of the coldest air of the season is moving in. >> when you see that video, millions are facing that messy and dangerous commute this morning so back to victor oquendo in asbury park, new jersey. conditions are getting worse out there. >> reporter: absolutely, they are, robin. the winds getting stronger and felt another big gust. right now they're 30 miles
7:31 am
per hour throughout the day. now that we have more light let me give you an idea of what the surf looks like. these waves getting bigger and bigger, they will be between four to eight feet throughout the day and the other big concern with that, the coastal flood advisory. high tide is expected within the next few hours and this is starting to come up and up this way so this is only getting worse out here, the wins picking up and the snow as well. there's no snow out here last night. all of this dumping within just the last few hours. we could be looking at up to a foot of snow. >> you and everyone stay safe out there. back to gio in norfolk, virginia. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, listen, you can see right here people are already starting to dig out here in this virginia neighborhood and you can just see how much snow is all around us, how much snow has fallen overnight. the wind, that's the name of the game, victor was talking about the winds he's been feeling. we've been feeling those gusts to c
7:32 am
miles per hour. i want to show you this wide shot. right now what we're seeing on these streets is that the plows haven't been able to get through here just yet and plow these streets. that's what's going to be happening through much of this area but we're talking about freezing temperatures, robin. talking about those temperatures really dipping into below zero windchills, that's going to be the dangerous situation in the coming days. >> a lot to contend with. okay, gio, you take care. thank you. we'll track the storm, of course, all morning long but let's go over to george in we'll get more on that bombshell book rocking the white house called "fire and fury: inside the trump white house" by michael wolff. we'll get a reaction from the man who was white house communications director for about 11 days, anthony scaramucci. >> great to be here, thanks. >> thanks for coming in. i know you haven't read the book. you've read the reports. what's your reaction. >> listen, it's a tough book. it's unclear what is true, honestly, and what isn't true because, unfortunately, a
7:33 am
was happening in our society as people are saying things, it gets printed and goes into a book like that or go on a website that's a tawdry website so it's unclear to me what's true and what isn't true. >> it's pretty well sourced and know he spoke to dozens of people. he says he did. he has tapes, he says, of his talks with steve bannon and others, at least 12 visits to the white house is there 'talk about the stuff i know. first of all the president wanted a win, nobody was working harder during the campaign than the president. you may remember this, but 24 hours before the election he was moving from pennsylvania up to michigan, one last time in michigan before the polls opened and so he's a tireless worker. he's somebody that wanted the presidency, so this whole narrative that no one in the campaign thought he was going to win and he didn't think he was going to win, i honestly don't buy it. i was there, george. i saw the whole thing. >> you were also there briefly in the white house. when you left you took on steve bannon. said he was a force for -- was not a positive force inside the white house. we've seen his comments now in this book sayin
7:34 am
treasonous, this and also very scathing comments about the president. you feel vindicated. >> well, let's talk about the book for a second. the treasonous comment is absolutely ridiculous. if steve said that he should get on the air and come on your show today and take it back because there's nobody less treasonous than don junior. nobody more patriotic. perhaps the president is more patriotic than don junior. >> the meeting with russians in trump tower -- >> i didn't go to that meeting and so i don't know all of the details related to the meeting, but to say somebody is treasonous and doing something against the interests of the united states because they took a meeting is absolutely ridiculous. you're not going to meet a more honest person than don junior and you know, maybe you don't know, maybe you went to law school or didn't go to law school, you have to have criminal intent to do something treasonous, this is ridiculous he would make a statement like that and of course he's not coming out saying whether he made it or not. >> somebody like steve bannon worried about
7:35 am
investigation being a category 5 storm about to hit the white house and you have mark working on this saying he resigned after he was concerned about these meetings might have been obstruction of justice. this is serious for the white house. >> george, again, i want to talk about the stuff i know. the stuff i don't know i don't want to speculate on. here's what i know, the president was playing to win. he obviously won. he's done a great job in the first year. even my liberal friends can't point to one policy that he's promulgated in 2017 that hasn't been a good policy for the united states. can't find anything. >> a lot of your liberal friends might be against that tax bill. >> they might be. they live here in new york but the middle class if you look through the whole middle class, by and large the middle class is getting a very significant disposable income boost which will help their families. high income people that live in new york, listen, they're going to get hit a little bit but that's up to the state and lal
7:36 am
and make it more competitive. >> let's talk about steve bannon more. the president says he lost his mind trying to downplay his role. you were there for a brief period. he was playing a significant role in that white house. >> you know, yes and no. you know, i think that some people have a tendency to overexaggerate their roles as it relates to what happened. i think the president's statement is pretty declarative. he brought steve into the race after 17 candidates were already defeated. he had momentum going into the convention. >> complaining about the influence of steve bannon is what you did when you left. >> the president said he was a leaker. the president said he cared about himself and only focused on his own brand. that was clear and declarative from the president. you and i had an interview. i more or less said the same exact thing and so that tells you something about how he was operating inside the white house. here's what i know about the president. i hav
7:37 am
he is a collegial team oriented person and wants the people around him to get along and work together on a team. he doesn't like the back biting. he doesn't like the carping. when i got hired one of the jobs that the president gave me, yes, work on the communications, but help me stop the leaking. people have a tendency to forget how frenetic and crazy the leaking was in the months of may. >> looks like it didn't stop given the book and not just coming from steve bannon. let me follow up with this -- >> the internecessary sent fighting has stopped. general kelly has done a good job of putting that down. >> this is a pretty scathing portrait of the president not just from bannon and reports gary cohn, reince priebus, h.r. mcmaster described the president with words like i had dot, dumb and dope. >> i don't think any of those people think he is any of those. people were calling george w. bush all of those sorts of adjectives and says you cannot
7:38 am
presidency. you know he's not dumb. i know he's not dumb, in fact, if anything he has probably the best emotional intelligence in terms of sizing and reading people and he got steve bannon right and he basically declared that yesterday for everybody. he probably felt that way privately about him and he was trying to keep the peace, he liked to keep the coalition of the republican party together but when you have a lone wolf operating rogue he had no choice but to do what he did yesterday. >> anthony scaramucci, thanks very much. we'll be right back. ng all your posts about the new weight watchers freestyle program. stephanie b. here, says "freestyle is freedom to choose and flexibility to live." i agree with you, stephanie! how much easier is it now, to go to any restaurant and eat almost anything? brittany ivy says, "simple. freestyle is freeing!" the new weight watchers freestyle program has over 200 foods that are zero points®! now you can count less and enjoy more. join for free and lose 10 lbs. on us! hurry, offer ends january 8th!
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we're back with new revelations about the infamous siege at waco. the religious sect headed by david koresh, children raised inside the secretive group are now speaking out nearly 25 years later. it's part of an abc documentary "truth and lies: waco" and, amy, you have more on this. 25 years. >> it's been 25 years and those children, as you may remember, were completely isolated from mainstream society. well now they are describing the trauma they faced and the trials of adjusting to a life after their rescue following that fiery siege, few americans will ever forget it. it was the standoff that captivated the nation. >> dozens of federal agents are surround the headquarters of a religious group in it was the worst blow the atf has ever suffered. >> four federal agents and a member of a cult group are dead. >> reporter: the branch davidians in waco, texas,
7:43 am
david koresh. >> you know what koresh means? it means death. >> reporter: spending 51 days engaged in a siege. >> nobody planned on coming out alive. we were all going to die. there was not going to be a giving up situation. >> they were totally dedicated to their cause and totally dedicated to their leader. this was not a passing thing. >> reporter: inside their compound koresh's devoted followers and dozens of children. >> you see this here? this is my family. it may not be like your family. >> we were shocked when we saw those precious kids that were his biological children. >> her name is serenity. >> reporter: one thing that was clear, these kids were afraid of david. in the way they behaved and complied and the way they interacted with him. >> do you love me? have a kiss? thank you. who's treated
7:44 am
negotiating with koresh to surrender or at the very least free the children. >> what i'd like is for you to send a couple of children out. >> it's not possible. i just asked him. he said no. >> david koresh was the absolute leader inside and his word was final. >> david agreed to send them out two by two if we would read a specific scripture that he gave over the radio. >> my name is dave koresh. i am speaking to you from the mt. caramel center. >> we got six children out the first day. >> a total of ten children have been released. >> reporter: over 75 people died in the massacre including two dozen children. the children who did survive now nearly 25 years later are grown and recalling the horror of those days. >> the fbi confirmed that 7-year-old joanne vega is safe. >> i was brought to a home very late at night. i think your body goes into a level of how do
7:45 am
>> the kids are being taken to emergency shelters that have been set up especially for them. a team of specialists 5 is assessing each child. >> their resting heart rates were he extremely elevated. twice as high as in a normal child so we knew inside that they were churning and fearful. >> everything was different. trying to understand what it's like to take a bath just seemed very scary to me. flushing toilets scared the bejeebers out of me. >> now in the end about 75 people including more than 20 children died in that fire. only a handful of people survived to tell their stories. what they had to say is chilling and sheds new light on what actually happened there in waco that we all remember but just we never got those details from the people inside until now. >> especially those children. >> i know. >> i know. thank you so much. you can see "truth and lies: waco" the documentary tonight at 9:00 p.m. coming up here much more
7:46 am
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7:49 am
. we're back with the latest on this massive storm. some parts of the south getting the most snow they've had in nearly 30 years. back to steve osunsami in georgia and, steve, a mess for so many but some fun for some kids. >> reporter: you know what, george, for all of our talk about train derailments and icy roads this is a treat for children in the south
7:50 am
never seen snow and there are many of them. take a look. these pictures are from florida. children making angels in the snow. we saw a number of these kids out yesterday. it's fun to watch. because there's so much joy while the rest of us are dealing with so much misery. >> they were making a lot out of barely an inch of snow right there. thank you, steve. >> reminds me i was in hattiesburg a couple of weeks ago when it was snowing there and same thing, the same thing. haven't seen it there in a while. you enjoy it. coming up ginger is tracking the storm and in this winter weather flu rates are spiking. is it too late to get the flu shot? dr. ashton is here to tell us. come on back. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica.
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welcome back to "gma." you start with the pictures out of charleston, south carolina, more than five inches on the palms there and the ice shoves that we would see in minnesota happening in north carolina, along the atlantic coast so it is cold so deep orlando had their first freeze in four years so the first 32 or below blizzard warnings up f
7:55 am
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7:56 am
announcer: 7 is on your side right now with live, local news from "good morning washington." maryland isn city, looking more like antarctica. how is it? absolutely blizzard conditions. ithout all of this stuff couldn't be out here. very heavy wind. i am bracing myself now. i will slideig in, sideways. heavy snow has been falling for hours. we don't know how deep because it is drifting so
7:57 am
the visibility is almost nil. i am about 50 yards from the sand dune and 50 yards from the ocean, i walked to the sand dunes and i cannot see the ocean. will be snowing like that for another 3-4 hours. we are seeing wind gusts around 60 miles per hour. the winter hurricane gets a little closer. dry air right now. the snow will be over soon. after about 1 inch or so, it is 27 but feeling like the teens. julie: a little fender bender. the orange line at vienna offloading at courthouse because of equipment problems. 95, most of the activity on the
7:58 am
service is suspended on the northeast regional between d.c., olk, and newport news.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. winter bomb cyclone. that monster storm of snow and ice is exploding right now. major warnings up and down the east coast as parts of the atlantic ocean are freezing over. schools in boston, philly and new york shut down. thousands of flights canceled. we are live from the snow zones. flu season is spiking right now. multiple school districts closed after an increase in flu cases. hospitals are overwhelmed. what you need to know to fend it off. is it too late to get the flu shot? plus, millions fighting nasty colds that just won't stop coming back. dr. ashton here with how to stay healthy. parenting alert. after loga
8:01 am
youtube post that had so many parents concerned we'll show you stepby pi step how to protect your children online. and half their size. three incredible weight loss journeys to being healthier and happier. how these three women transformed their bodies and their lives. the astonishing reveal right here on "gma" as we say good morning, america. thank you, simone. she knows hearing that song always puts a smile on my face. i don't know if these folks have anything to smile about but they're doing the best they can on this snowy thursday morning. millions up and down the east coast in the path of that winter storm, the south seeing rare snow, some, you know, got to make the most of it. this video came in from south carolina. why not. a snowman on a surfboard. >> he looks happy. ofco
8:02 am
the northeast very hard. blizzard conditions in some areas and ginger tracking it all. >> here in manhattan we've seen 30-mile-per-hour gusts. jfk, 40-mile-per-hour gusts. these folks don't care. they're happy to be out here in times square but it's going to get worse, guys. it's going to get a lot worse. there is a band that we see moving through long island that could add to to three-inch snowfall rates and officially have done it, bombed out. since 11:00 p.m., the pressure in this storm has dropped 32 millibars to right now. so it's happened and you can see it, it looks very circular. you can see that cyclone formation and have the blizzard warnings in place, that snow all along i-95 and to the east. blizzard means you not just have snow but of course gusts of 35 plus for three plus hours. some will see blizzard conditions for five, six, seven hours at a time. look at some of those later, 72, atlantic city. montauk, 58 and 63 for
8:03 am
nantucket. it's happening in the midst of it but it is going to be here at least in new york city through the early afternoon. let's head back in to robin. >> i don't think he can ride his bike. he was walking it. so glad you got the folks in that shot because they have been out there. >> they moved. >> wabc's amy freeze on the road in new york driving into the storm on long island and, you're already seeing some accidents, i can imagine, amy. >> reporter: yeah, a dozen here in suffolk county as the morning has gotten underway. schools are closed and businesses are closed. this is not just a major snowstorm but potentially a very dangerous one if you're traveling. let us get you out on the roads westbound making our way back to new york city after going to exit 68 which is almost the end of the long island expressway and people are out on the roadways trying to make it to where they necessarily have to be. we're going out about 30 miles an hour and these roads were early treated with a brine
8:04 am
the major problem here is going to be blowing snow. when you've got the blizzard warning those winds continue to put the snow back on the roadways even when the snow lets up. the other complicating factor is going to be the very low temperatures. when you get so cold, salt really doesn't work. you've got to keep the plows out there clearing roads and when you have blowing snow it's difficult to do. we noticed they started to sand some of the ramps so getting on and off the long island expressway sand will help to do that. in places like new york city they don't use sand anymore because it clogs the sewer systems so this is going to be one where you want to stay off the roads and home because it is just that dangerous to be out on the roadways. we continue to see these conditions worsen by the minute. >> we could see that. >> live from the road cam monitoring the conditions, back to you. >> let me give a shoutout to you and all the people at wabc, your colleagues. you guys do a great job, you're the station we watch in new york city and you are always on top of it. got in bright an
8:05 am
and early this morning so amy, for folks who don't know her, that is her name, amy freeze is her name. >> amy said to stay off the roads if you can. a lot of people have to be on the roads. we have tips now about how to stay safe and warm. you know, the arctic blast can take a real toll on cars as well and t.j. is outside with an automotive expert, audra fordin to show us how to keep your vehicle up and running. >> women auto. as you know audra fordin this, is something we heard. rex, because of visibility, something we don't think about, a simple thing you can do before you take off. >> we have our ice scraper and our brush out so just swiping the ice and snow off the headlight will give you visible. it's as simple as that. >> something we don't think to do. we always wipe this off, the windshield. we don't want them frozen. >> the best way to prevent wipers from freezing, putting a plastic bag over the wiper, putting a rubber band to it and it won't stick to the windshield. >> you have to do it the
8:06 am
>> and to remember to pick up the wiper blade like you see here. >> something we do every time our car is covered in snow and ice, we blast it on full blast, right? >> actually, no, all you get is cold air blowing in your face. what you need to do is be patient. the heat will generally from the engine naturally warm up the cabin and you just have to wait. that will happen organically. what you could do with air conditioner because it's a dehumidifier that will take the moisture out of the air. but that's cold too so another tip, crack the window open a little bit. >> you're telling me to turn the air conditioner and crack the window when it's 10 degrees. it's counterintuitive. >> do either or, not both. >> should we take things out of the car overnight. >> loved ones. >> there's that. >> your friends, people, pets and carbonated beverages. otherwise you're going to be left with a big mes
8:07 am
explode. another good thing to take out also your electronics. the moisture can do damage to the screens. >> and the things we should leave in the car, though that we should possibly have in the trunk. >> let's go take a look. things that you should leave in the car are a blanket in case you're coal. you've got your gloves, nonperishable food. and what i like is to have a shovel in there in case you're stuck and you have to wait inside your car, remember to shove out the exhaust so that the fumes don't actually go back into the cabin while you're sitting in there. >> some of the things we don't think about. >> some things people might be worried about the fuel doesn't freeze anymore. you don't have to worry about that. >> a long time ago we used to have dry gas. we don't do that anymore because there are additives and ethanol is a drying agent that's already put into our fuel. >> so there you go, george. happy driveing. >> a lot of good advice there. >> always great to have audra but, t.,
8:08 am
to be mad. you don't have a hat on. >> i knew you were the only one that would say that, robin. >> i was just saying what everybody was feeling but thank you for those tips from audra. >> thank you, robin roberts. >> thank you. coming up as flu rates spike across the country dr. ashton is here. is it too late to get that flu shot. what to do if you have a cold that won't go away. amy's interview with actor corey feldman. what he is saying about his friendship with corey haim and life as a child star. lara, what's going on upstairs. >> hello, george. i want you to look at these pants. we'll meet three amazing women who used to fit that these pants. now they're half their size. get rid of those. what they do to change their lives coming up on "good morning america." at carmax, we'll buy your car even if you don't buy one from us. because maybe you're already buying a car somewhere else. or maybe you want to shop around. or, maybe you don't want to drive a car at all anymore... like, maybe you want to ride a camel into the dessert and take a deep hard look within.
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8:13 am
wow! [ cheers and applause ] what a great crowd that we have here. >> happy to be inside is there they are very happy to be inside. i love how some folks still have their hats on. i don't blame them at all. seal's heat it up with "pop news," lara spencer. >> hi, good morning to you all and to you, we begin with reese witherspoon announcing yet another project on the way. her hello sunshine production company is burning bright. up next is a thriller, drama series for apple based on the true crime novel "are you sleeping." octavia spencer will tar in and executive produce alongside reese and book to film productions are a successful formeat for reese. "wild" and "gone girl" are based on popular novels and
8:14 am
base on a book of the same name up for six awards at the golden globes in sunday. >> she embodies girl power in every way. >> every way. >> such a pleasure to share her news always because she is such a kind person, hard worker. >> you said you'll be there. >> i'll be there. i'll have it for you monday morning and be there all night long with the stars. i don't know what i'm wearing. we'll get to that another time. also in "pop news" this morning, a dream come true for fans of shonda land, "scandal" creator shonda rhimes confirming, i'm excited about this, there will be a crossover this season featuring "scandal" characters showing up on "how to get away with murder." [ applause ] >> love that. >> love it. it will start in an upcoming episode of "scandal" and move seam seamlessly to the other show. this script page on
8:15 am
shared by shonda where olivia pope meets annalise keating and shonda posting, people, it's happening! i love this. she added the hashtag how to get away with scandal. very clever. well, i mean -- >> what i love about this woman, she keeps it fresh. she's always got bright ideas. she's so creative. >> look for this, guys, closer to the end of the season and it will be a two-hour tv event, i'm sure we'll be talking about it. [ applause ] and in writer news, i don't know if you heard it's snowing out so as bitter temperatures wreak havoc around the country it is definitely scarf season. we'd like you to check out the chunky mohair tube scarf. created by bulgarian brand du dukyana. the human size scarf will run you $280 and find it on their
8:16 am
knit fashions and, yes, i ordered one. here it is. >> how can you walk in that, though? >> let's find out. >> that is not happening. [ applause ] >> dukyana. >> you're writing it down in my whole family will love those. >> for today that looks pretty good. >> it is a sock. >> in chic mohair they want to you know. you look fabulous. >> thank you. and then just a little happy news for you, eight is enough for a new mom in missouri. that's how many cubs were in this cheetah's litter at the st. louis zoo. look at that, three boy, five baby girls. the eight births are said to be the most ever for a cheetah in a zoo and all the cubs and mom are doing just fine. >> see that little face. >> that's all i got today, guys. >> all right, thank you. we turn to our "gma" cover story cold and flu rates spiking across the
8:17 am
forcing schools to shut down in tennessee. you guys, your kids aren't in school today. >> nope. >> a snow day. >> hospitals are overwhelmed and there's even a shortage of tamiflu in some areas. jen is going to talk to us about it. what we need to know. here we are deep into winter >> that's right and the cdc puts out their weekly flu update so we have the latest numbers and right to the map. if you look at the country, you can see the majority of the country is showing widespread activity and then regional activity in some other states. those are the yellows so nothing that we don't expect at this time of the year but i want to show you something interesting and this is why i have these marshmallows. there is some science data so show when it's colder the flu is more viral lent. the outer surface, the warmer it gets the more soft and mushy and easily transmitted. this soft one, easily -- it's a cooked marshmallow, this is
8:18 am
not so easy to crack. part of the reason we see seasonality. >> to late to get the flu shot. >> not too late. in march or april you can still get the flu shot. >> people talk about that but they're also talking about -- we talk about the flu but we get a lot of tweets talking about the coal. these coals that just won't go away. >> that's right. and my twitter feed blew up with this last night. people saying they're sick for one week, two weeks, have a residual cough. a couple of theories. one of the things is remember there are a lot of viruses that cause the common cold, rhino kriers, coronavirus so you can just have bad luck and be exposed to different viruses back to back. it could be a new infection caused by bacteria which we call a super infection an it's possible it could be the natural course of that first illness and if you have any pre-existing medical condition and you get better and then you get worse, that can be a warning sign, so in some cases you do want to seek medical attention. >> we have, as you said, how many people sent us
8:19 am
talking about that. is there a superbug out there as well? >> influenza a. that's the freedom annapolis strain. that's the one circulating right now and if you just get the common cold i want to go some things that are not medically proven but these are what i say my mom, grandmother recommends. they definitely help. stay in bed. increase your intake of fluids, chicken soup does have ingredients that actually can help you medically. there is science behind that. and then over the counter decongestants or pain relievers will help you feel better and some evidence older people who have gotten the flu vaccine have less risk of heart attacks and cardiac events. >> how is the nondrinking going. >> going great. >> people are still -- ? people are really into it. we've gotten a ton of feedback online. >> i love the support. >> when people tell me they hate the cold weather, single digit high temperature a
8:20 am
you and keeps the flu down. now let's do your "gma" moment. we loved this with from yesterday. 2-year-old clayton seeing snow for the first time. >> you got to hear him. >> whoa, what is this? look. >> it's got to be confusing, right? the first time. >> what is this? is it snowing? come on out. >> he's stunned. >> this is what my son did too. he didn't like his boots were wet. clayton is taking it on saying, wow, wow, wow. got to coax him out there. it's fun, clayton. >> wow. >> there he goes. that isi'm abc7 meteorologist,
8:21 am
we have something special to bring to the table and you sat down with corey feldman. he has new movie about his relationship with corey haim and they have a story to tell. >> they were known as the two corey, best friends, co-stars and had wild types growing up together but dark stories of drugs and alleged molestation and now corey feldman says he is sharing part of it in the biopic "a tale of two coreys" but claims there is much more he is holding back. they were the teen heartthrobs of the late '80s. and together corey haim and corey feldman starred in films like "the lost boys." and "license to drive." >> it is a license to live. a license to be
8:22 am
>> reporter: now in his new lifetime movie "a tale of two coreys" executive producer feldman documents how the child stars' lives spun wildly out of control after years of partying, drugs and alleged abuse by hollywood insiders. how would you describe your friendship with corey haim? >> volatile. you know, every day it was either we were like closer than brothers. or we were at war. >> this was supposed to be our big thing, man. >> we got into fistfights but we loved each other that much. that's what brothers do. >> you said that this film is the g-rated version of an x-rated story in that's very true. >> how watered down is this version. >> very watered down. it does veer you from the truth. what you see in the film as the ideal of corey being taken into a trailer by a guy in a suit is not really how it happened but that's how the lawyers made me say it happened. >> how did it happen? >> well, i can't say exactly how it happened because i wasn't
8:23 am
there. i would be sued for defamation, however i can put it into a film as part of a story line and that's what i intend to do so the truth will be revealed if people donate to my campaign. >> he calls it his truth campaign. an effort to raise $1 million through crowdsourcing to fund the real film he wants to produce, one he says would include allegations of past sexual abuse by several hollywood men, feldman has already publicly named two men he claims molested him when he was a teen but says he knew of alleged abuse by other men as well. >> so you know the names of the men who you say abused corey haim, your friend. >> yes if that you witnessed them quocking into a room and corey then telling you what happened. >> and also corey telling me beforehand, hey, this happened to me. this is what happened to me when i was 13 years old. and this is why i am the way i am. that needs to be told. that person who did that damage to him and raped him at 13 years old needs to be exposed.
8:24 am
film. >> i mean hopefully if i'm lucky. i deserve to. don't i? i'm a director and an actor. i have to get paid for my work. >> feldman claims some of that money he raises will go toward the film production and charity. do you understand your charity. so many women have come forward and told their stories without any security teams or without any legal -- >> but those women, half of them got paid off. i didn't get paid off. i was -- >> not all of them. >> i said half of them. >> if your goal is to protect other children and stop it from happening why wouldn't you release all the of names? we are in totally new wears. when you say something you're believed in a way you weren't before. >> okay, that's nice of you to say. so when the lawyers come after me and they start harassing me will you be there to defend me? the bottom line is i'm not an accuser. i'm a vic and i'm a survivor. i have done what i have done to try and help other people, it's true but at the end of the day i'm a producer of a movie. >> feldman says he has not been
8:25 am
protection to defend him if he were to reveal more names. >> i am making the movie to expose my truth. i'm not just going to throw it out there and be slain down. if you or anybody else wants to tell me that you're willing to give me the legal protection that i need, let's go. >> now the 46-year-old says he is continuing his fight to honor haim who died of pneumonia in 2010. >> what do you think corey haim would say about what you're doing and trying to accomplish. >> he's the one that asked moo he to do it. he asked me to do it. for his memory. we were two normal kids that wanted to experience life together, mature together. i never tried a drug until my molester gave it to me hencefort if i hadn't been put with a molester, i would never have done drugs. i would never have been arrested. i never would have had these terrible things happen in my life and we will be having a very different conversation today. >> he told police about his abuse back in 1993, he says
8:26 am
an investigation was never pursued after apparently missing for years those recordings with police they were recovered last .and turned over to the lapd. feldman is hoping a new investigation is launched into those men but the lapd will not comment on the matter. "a tale of two coreys" premieres january 6th on lifetime. >> sounds like we'll hear a lot more. okay, amy, thanks very much. coming up important to protect your kids online. some easy setting changes that can make a huge difference.
8:27 am
announcer: seven is on your side right now with live, local news from "good morning washington." autria: swapping sand for snow. larry: in ocean city, it is a blizzard on the beach. brad? seems like a winter hurricane. steady 30 mile-per-hour wind with bigger gusts i'm standing where i could have my feet. in the snow. where it is ice, i am blowing sideways. we have been having these conditions for hours. it is impossible to
8:28 am
it is a combination of all of these elements. the wind, the cold, and the snow. it seems like a blizzard to me. i will send it into veronica. atonica: you need wind leased at 35 miles per hour to be able to classified as a blizzard. we have seen that in ocean city around dover. i have blizzard warnings up. we will have the occasional gust from 25-30. the strongest wind, and you .ould see gusts until noon prepare for the arctic air. the snow ends and another 2 hours and the cold will sweep in. highs in the 20's, tomorrow in teens with subzero wind-chill temperatures. prepare yourself for tomorrow morning.
8:29 am
roads and sidewalks could be icy. the major interstates look great.
8:30 am
and welcome back to "gma." great to have you with us on this snowy thursday morning. you know, a lot of parents are thinking twice now about what their kids are watching online after that incident with youtube star logan paul, so how do you monitor what they're seeing and do those parental controls actually work? we have tech life expert stephanie humphrey with simple steps to help parents and a lot of us are thinking about how did a content like that stay up for as long as it did knowing that it only came off not because youtube took it down but because the actual poster took it
8:31 am
the sheer volume of content that gets loaded onto youtube every day. 5 billion videos get viewed every day on youtube and they ran into this problem last year with content and they promised to bring their content moderators, their human moderators up to 10,000 this year but even with 10,000 moderators that's one moderator to every half million videos that gets viewed. >> i have three kids in the house, two teenagers, one a tween and they watch youtube all the time. i'm overwhelmed as a parent. how do i control thewhat they'r watching. >> you can set restrictions on the youtube app. we have an account up here right there on your home page there's that little picture icon up at the top there and you're going to click on that and once you do, it's going to bring up your settings so you want to go into your settings and then you see you can set it into restricted mode so you really just turn that on, excuse me, you really just turn that on but you can se e
8:32 am
description there, it says no filter is 100% accurate. it's based on the users that actually report abusive or offensive or inappropriate material so you're still going to really have to keep track of what they're watching but this will help. >> what's the difference between youtube kids and youtube. >> so there are two separate apps. youtube kids is specifically for the little ones and you will have to go in there and set those settings as well. head down here to the bottom of the design where you see that little lock icon, once you get in there you're going to have to set a passcode so this is so the kids can't get in there and set that and once you get through you'll head back to the settings and what you want to be looking for here is that search feature. you want to turn that off because you don't want them to have the ability to search all over the network. you just want them to watch what you want them to watch so turn that off and that will help for the kids. >> you're showing us this
8:33 am
ipad. are the phones different. >> the phones are different but android devices do have similar functionality. >> here's my next question. i just mentioned phones. my kids have their own devices, they have their own pass codes. so how do you have -- i mean i just feel like they're going to turn off any settings because they know how to do it because it's their phone. >> on their iphone x phone, what you can do is go into settings, you can hit that general option and then if you see the restricts you choose that setting and you can enable it so you can actually set your own passcode to enable what they can do and see on the phone. >> on their phones? on their phones, yes, you can set this on their phone so you can enable or disable a lot of the phone's functionality. but there is also content blocking on the iphone as well for music and tv shows and websites. hit the website button you can see you can limit adult content or set it for specific websites only and apple actually suggests a few familyri
8:34 am
you can add to the list so if you think youtube is something they can't handle. >> i feel like a horrible parent because i have never seen any of those things. i learned a ton. three women who made amazing transformations and are now half their size when we com
8:35 am
8:36 am
i'm back on "good morning america" and we are getting excited for one of the most anticipa
8:37 am
back. with the original cast, of course, and they're featured in the new issue of "entertainment weekly" as you saw right there. we have an exclusive sneak peek and there is, of course, roseanne barry and john goodman on the cover and returns in march and "ew" is on newsstands tomorrow. oh, lara, it is so beautiful out there but we'll head right back over to you. >> i was just saying that color looks fantastic on you. >> i was saying i got a lot of it on. >> i mean, prettiest pregnant woman over. four days old, the new year, some are thinking about g
8:38 am
little inspiration. three women who challenged themselves to get healthy. they're featured in "people" magazine's half their size issue and we'll meet them but first here are their stories. >> sara clouter battled body issues. at over 300 pounds she hit a breaking point after giving birth to her first daughter. >> i knew that at that weight, i wasn't going to be around for her whole life. i wasn't going to be able to play with her and enjoy things with her because i could barely move at that point. >> melody perdue faced the same struggle fighting her weight for as long as she can remember. >> i would start the diet and be successful and gain the weight back. >> reporter:ing an emotional turpining point after a near fatal car accident. >> i remember being immobile not only because of the accident but because of my weight. >> reporter: and a new life to give her motivation to change her own. >> after i had my son and just
8:39 am
thinking to myself, i can barely go up and down the stairs to put him in his bed for a nap. how am i going to keep up with him when he's a toddler? >> reporter: morgan root always led an active lifestyle serving six years in the military. that came to a halt after gaining 80 pounds. >> i got pregnant with my daughter and the back-to-back pregnants is when i put on the weight. >> reporter: the scale climbing to over 250. every extra pound standing in her way. >> i just didn't have the energy to keep up with my kids. i was missing out on those moments that you should have with a newborn and a toddler. >> reporter: these three women making positive changes for themselves and their families, ready to show their transformation right now. so we have "people" magazine editor zoe ruderman here sharing the inspirational stories. how do you choose the men and women each year. >> wre
8:40 am
made changes that all of us could make so this isn't about surgery or gimmicks but real hard work. so all of these women, they exercise more, they changed how they ate and set realistic goals. that's really important. you hear the stories and you're -- >> i could do this? and overcame huge obstacle. >> we'll hear from them. first up is melody perdue. her before picture right now, okay, now let's all look at how much weight she lost. get ready for it. 180 pounds, guys. so let's see what melody looks like now. you're not going to believe this. come on out, mel. ♪ how you like me now >> are you kidding me? [ cheers and applause ] i mean, i get chills. i'm so happy for you. >> thank you. >> all right. so talk to me about you tried dieting since middle school, right. >> yes? what was the final -- what finally made you follow through? >> well, it was pretty much after
8:41 am
son and i just wanted to be active. i was sick and tired of being immobile and just being lazy and laying around and i just wanted to be around for my son as well. >> so was it having that child and saying i want to be there each day for him. >> yes, i definitely wanted to be with him and play with him and be active and do everything i couldn't do as a child. >> very inspirational. zoe, i'm sure we can see why you chose melody. >> what's so interesting, it isn't about wanting to look different but about being around for your children. it's about being able to be mobile and you suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome so that's an even bigger impediment to losing weight for women so there's this idea of having huge obstacles that you can overcome. >> truly inspiring. two more. next amazing transformation is morgan root. we'll show you her before picture. are you ready to see how much
8:42 am
128 pounds. let's see morgan now. [ cheers and applause ] >> awesome. come on down. congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. so let's talk about this. you left the military. >> yes. >> to start a family. you said that you needed structure. so how did you find it. >> i definitely needed structure. nutrisystem gave me the structure i needed to eat the right foods to lose the weight and that fueled some fitness goals and starting with cardio and working with a personal trainer and i used to hate working out and now i enjoy it. >> how did you change your mind-set? that's what a lot are sharing with you. >> you have to phi your reason and passion. my kids used to be my excuse for why i couldn't go to the gym and now they're my reason for everything i do. >> that's beautiful. so whic zoe, you said social media really helps. >> it's really interesting. we hear so many negatives about social media but we h
8:43 am
it was a motivator and held them accountable so when you're posting gym selfies or, you know, photos of what you're eating it makes you not want to have a cheat day or skip the gym. >> so using social media as a positive and not getting depressed. >> yes. >> awesome. all right. so we got one more for you. where am i. sara clouter. we have her before picture. we'll show you how much sara lost. wait for it. 151 pounds. are you ready, sara? come on out. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay. so happy for you. i love your smile. all right. so talk to us. what was it that finally you said enough is enough. >> my family was a huge driving factor for me and motivated me so much but when i started group fitness classes, oh, my god, i fell in love. it is so fun. so much so that i started teaching it and even opened my own gym and teach it every single day. i love it. >> that's fantastic and a theme
8:44 am
women being motivated by those you love and wanting to be healthy. >> absolutely. >> but to be around. >> and making small changes for big results, that was really a common theme with all these women. not setting lofty goals you can never reach. >> attainable goals. little small steps lead to bigger steps like this. listen, you ran your first marathon. >> i did. >> amazing. >> unbelievable. [ applause ] how did it feel to cross the line. >> the feeling of crossing the finish line is indescribable. i trained so hard. it was just amazing. i did it with one of my friends because accountability is so important and i just -- i can't even explain the feeling. it was best in the world. >> that got you in great shape for another big victory. you want share with us. >> i'm pregnant. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm so happy for you. i always love when you come and bring these stories. it's amazing. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> i want to say to nfsh, 16 years. >> yes. >> this has been going on. >> 16 years and we have some incredible stories. [ applause ] >> everybody, y
8:45 am
"people" magazine's half their size issue hits newstands tomorrow. we thank you and we congratulate you ladies. [ cheers and applause ] and coming up, grammy winner tasha cobbs leonard performing live on "good morning america." don't go anywhere.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ we are back now with grammy winner, grammy winner tasha cobbs leonard. her album ""heart, passion, pursuit." best-selling gospel album of 2017. yes. [ applause ] she's going to perform one of her incredible songs in a moment but first let's get to know tasha a little bit here. how are you doing? >> i am awesome. >> oh, my goodness. your sound check just stopped everybody early this morning. what is it you think about, it's
8:48 am
been number one for many weeks. what is it about this song, this music? >> you know what, it introduces god to people in a situation that they may have thought they were alone and that they may have thought they couldn't get out of but this song says, i'm getting ready to see something i've never seen no matter what the situation looks like god is about to blow my mind. >> i'm getting ready, ready for the overflow, yes, yes, i love that. [ applause ] and nicki minaj, you collaborated with her. tell people how you got to know each other. >> social media is amazing and you foe god is connecting people through social media and one day she reached out to me and told my how much my ministry blessed my life and did a tweet to 90 million followers saying when you get ready send me the album and i'm going to do 16 bars on a song for you and you have it. >> then she -- she did that. i know now you said if you collaborated with somebody else it'll be celine dion. >> c
8:49 am
together. >> celine, i want to sing with you. >> so you know she's still a newlywed. that's her husband right over there, kenneth. all right. coming up in march. so many blessings, here is tasha cobbs leonard with "i'm getting ready." >> whoo! [ applause ] ♪ ♪ eyes haven't seen and ears haven't heard ♪ ♪ the kind of blessings the kind of blessings ♪ ♪ that's about to fall on me hey whoa, listen, 'cause victory is here ♪ ♪ it kicked defeat out the door god's doing a new thing yeah ♪
8:50 am
♪ 'cause i'm getting ready i'm getting ready to see ♪ ♪ something i've never seen something i've never seen ♪ >> i need you to declare that over your life say -- ♪ i'm getting ready i'm getting ready to see ♪ ♪ yes i am ♪ something i've never seen saying i'm getting ready ♪ >> somebody, throw those happens in the air right here. o ♪ oh >> that's it. the sound of freedom. somebody shout it. ♪ oh >> declare that the past is behind you. ♪ whoa yeah >> and greater things are ahead of you. ♪
8:51 am
now just raise it now say -- ♪ i'm getting ready say ready for overflow ♪ ♪ ready for overflow >> one more time raise it say -- eat i'm getting ready ready for overflow ♪ >> it's about to hit your house. say -- ♪ i'm getting ready ♪ i'm ready for overflow >> just keep it right there. ♪ ready for overflow >> somebody put your hands in the air say -- ♪ ready for loaferflow >> it's about to be real say -- jet ready for overflow ♪ ♪ whoa are you ready ♪ ready for overflow ♪ say yes i'm ready
8:52 am
♪ hey got to get red i because eyes haven't seen and ears haven't heard ♪ ♪ the kind of blessing, the kind of blessing that is about to fall on you ♪ ♪ oh victory is here it kicked defeat out the door ♪ ♪ god's doing a new thing, a brand-new thing and i'm ready for overflow ♪ ♪ i need you to say this with me because i'm getting ready to see ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> say -- ♪ something i've never seen >> yeah!
8:53 am
>> whoo! [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue. >> i don't know about you, this woman has brought me to tears. tasha cobbs leonard, everyone. what a
8:56 am
i know you are going to do another one for us. yes, what's that going to be called. >> "you know my flame" if that's going to be on dotcom. we went to church, y'all. thank you, everybody. >> seven
8:57 am
live, local news from good morning washington. larry: the winter blast pounding our area. autria: ken calvert county, we find john gonzalez come alive. johnny g? john: this howling wind is whipping the snow sideways. snow still coming down in calvert county. the crews have been working so hard. there are getting in for a little bit of a break and refueling for another round. like i mentioned, still coming down in southern maryland. i stepped on this about an hour ago. visibility is very poor at this hour. for on a could johnson, it is not just the snow. it is the howling wind. veronica: it is that howling wind we are going to have to deal with not only for later today, but for friday and even saturday. the winter weather advisory -- they think those will come down early.
8:58 am
the snow. it is pulling out of here quickly. the storm will move off the coast. still intensifying, but moving away. highest today in the mid to upper 20's. if the kids are going to try to go sled riding or tubing, they will have to dress up in a couple of layers, kos windchills are going to be in the teens today and single digits by early tomorrow morning at the bus stop. julie: not a bad ride for those coming up the road. some trouble here to the west on 66 after the beltway. a tractor-trailer tied up in the right lane. a delay headed back. that is our traffic watch. you can get traffic, weather, and news updates anytime with our app.
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today, actress kate hudson and, from "stranger things," gaten matarazzo. plus kelly gets a tap dance lesson, and, from "jane the virgin," actress gina rodriguez all next on "live." [cheers and applause] >> ♪ i feel it coming ♪ i feel it coming, babe >> announcer: now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheers and applause] >> ♪ i feel it coming, babe ♪ i feel it coming ♪ i feel it coming, babe >> kelly: oh, hi, hi, hi. hi, hi, hi. oh, hi, hi. >> ryan: good rn


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