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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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nancy: oh, my. michelle: it's hard to recognize him. he's all bundled up. that was abc7 maryland bureau chief brad bell in ocean city this morning. true blizzard conditions out there. nancy: the snow here tapering off. the temperatures are sinking. you can expect sub zero wind chill. jonathan: we will have information on closings and delays as they come in the newsroom. you can stay ahead online at with the abc7 news app. also get text alerts at right now the blizzard's effects felt from the southeast to maine. nancy: flooding along the new england coast is described as bad as ever. m. -- michelle: abc7 has live coverage for you. chief meteorologist bill kelly monitoring the storm and the dangerously cold air settling in. nancy: we'll check back in with brad bell and stephen tschida and the closings here. jonathan: sam sweeney is at dulles airport that received several diverted flights but we'll start with bill kelly and the forecast. this was a wallop.
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bombagenesis? bill: bomb cyclone. i retreated stuff from the satellite that showed it wound up and lookedded like a hurricane out there. that is the deep drop of pressure we talked about last night. it's pushing up to new england. for the most part out of our area in terms of what is going on with the snowfall. now we have driving winds out of the northwest. that moves us forward to the next story. it's a big story. wind chill advisory posted for the entire region. of course, it includes d.c. metro. that goes all the way up out of our region as well. the wind gusts right now, if you've been outside you know this and you might hear this. the tree flowing around. we have a wind gust of 40 in winchester. 36 miles per hour is the wind gust around d.c. 38 in gaithersburg, frederick, the same thing. if you look at the temperatures now the big chill begins. 26 in d.c. 22 in gaithersburg. the feels like temperature is what you need to prepare for if you are going outside now is in the single digits already. the numbers 13 in d.c. 11 in
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those are relatively warm to where we are going. it will be dangerously cold tonight. that we talk about and we'll break it down for you in a little bit. talk about the storm once again. stay just enough off the coast that we didn't get a bulk of it in the d.c. metro. but on the eastern shore, holy moly! blizzard warnings were there. blizzard to remember. warnings are still in effect. abc7's maryland bureau chief brad bell endured the worst of it. oh, man, that is some scene out there, brad. brad: bill, i got to tell you what. it's beautiful to see right now. if you take a look at all the snow and out to the ocean. the ocean is actually, there is big waves and it's flair calm. winds are blowing out. look at the drifting snow. we don't know how much we got here but there are drifts everywhere that go down several feet and blocking the road. i can finally take off the ski goggles to cover myself up with today because there was so much
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so much snow. the storm arrived with a vengeance overnight. frigid winds blasting horizontal snow with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. true blizzard at the beach. >> this is what it looks like at its peak. 7:00 a.m. this morning. this wind is howling. steady blowing 30 with gusts over 60. if i take up a little bit of the powdery snow, you can see it blows away. brad: the few who ventured out didn't get far. chokedded with snow drifts as big as sand dunes. >> i couldn't tell how deep it was here brad: people are not supposed to be out in this. larry hogan declared a state of emergency last night and today came to ocean city himself to monitor conditions. >> this is just not anything that anybody wants to be out
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it's more deceiving. people say it's not that bad. there is ice and blowing. wind conditions and dry snow creating in some cases six foot wind drifts. this was desaving. if you look at it now it looks like a winter snow scape. it's beautiful. this is still biting cold. i can't overstate it. i have covered many hurricanes in this town. that is what it felt like today. it felt like a hurricane except with the temperatures in the 20's. wind chills who knows what. back to you. bill: they don't make numbers that low. get yourself warm. thank you for covering that aspect of the storm. we had category one force winds in some spots.
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this is already at 4:00 in the afternoon at 8:00 below. that air is heading our direction. i think we are widespread. everybody in the sound of my voice sub zero with the wind chill tonight. we will talk about that hour-by-hour and look ahead to the weekend when it will warm up. talk about the overall pattern. i see a little light if you don't like the cold temperatures in minutes. jonathan: looking forward to that. it made a mess of the morning commute. the tractor trailer jackknifed in brandywine. elsewhere it was slick and we got report of accidents all over the place. michigan -- michelle: it wasn't just beaches. this is virginia beach. anyone who tried to drive through this storm got stranded. nancy: look up the coast. plows through the blooded streets.
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that is in boston there and across new england. coastal flooding as the incredible strong storm pushes inland. a lot of damage out there. we take you to maine in ten minutes from now. nancy: that is powerful video. when it snows here some parents are critical of the school system clothing but they think their kid could have made it to school. this is no different. did your school district make the right call? that is the instapoll question. go to to weigh in or open up the abc7 news app and tap "vote." and stephen tschida continues the team coverage with the parents split on the decision. >> not many parents thinking it was a good idea that we spoke with today. the seton elementary school is closed up tighter than a drum. this is despite a sidewalk that is clear. if you look to rhode island avenue, the
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smoothly. a lot of parents here in d.c. and across the region are not thrilled about no school in the conditions. the streets are clear. the sidewalks are dusted with snow. parking lots, not so bad. what do some parents think about canceling school today? >> it's ridiculous. we have an inch, maybe two in places on ground. >> school districts canceled class and this meant a lot of parents had to scramble to find child care or stay at home. the trampoline park saw a spike in business. some parents looked for ways to entertain kids they believe should have been in school. >> supposed to be a big storm. everybody thought it was and then called it off.
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stephen: traffic is back moving smoothly. in d.c. there are an abundance of schools. one on every block so most students walk to school. that is why some parents were upset. we got a response a short time ago. and it was a written out statement that said the city has a set policy that looks at weather conditions, temperature, the winds, snow accumulations. based on the conditions, the mayor makes the decision and she made the decision to close schools today. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michigan find out the minute your school is delayed or canceled. subscribe to the closing text alert at and follow along on the abc7 news app. nancy: in other news it's now official. g.o.p. delegate david yancey is the winner in the much disputed 94th district delegate race. he wednesday chosen the winner -- he was chosen the win either over shelly simonds. his name was picked from the
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the virginia state house hold a one-person advantage but in a few minutes we will explain why it's still far from over. jonathan: a woman visiting washington claimed she was sexual assaulted in a massage session in bethesda. this is the latest in a string of similar cases across the area. our montgomery county reporter kevin lewis now with a story you will see here on abc7. >> victor mendoza gonzalez spent five years respecting a room at the gym in downtown bethesda where he offered a variety of massage therapies. despite a five-star rating on yelp, police allege the masseur sexually assaulted a female client last year. court docs state the woman felt frozen. later returning to her hotel where she called police. mendoza gonzalez joins a list of at least four massage therapists accused of sexually assaulting customers in the last 12 months in the county
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mendoza gonzalez still has an active status and his license valid through october. however the owner of the fittology gym told us off-camera the 39-year-old packed up his belongings on friday without explaining why. he hasn't returned calls or texts since. his company website vmg massage therapy claiming it's closed temporarily. at the apartment there was no answer where he lives with his wife and young child. police say the massage therapist refused to sit down and share his side of the story. he faces more than 30 years in prison. investigators add there is reason to believe more victims are out there. live in downtown bethesda, kevin lewis, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" --
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feuding over a new book. >> there was a claim that the president didn't know who john boehner was is pretty ridiculous. nancy: now it's taken to a new level. warriors getting involved over a trump tell-all. michelle: plus new information from the ntsb on the deadly crash in washington state last month. the one thing the agency says could have prevented this from happening coming up. bill: good evening, everyone. i'm meteorologist bill kelly. continue to track the storm. here it is. pushing in new england. they have widespread blizzard warnings in effect. for us we are talking about dangerously cold wind
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s best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. michelle: cell phone video shows chaotic moment after a passenger train collided with a truck in south africa. 18 people died and more than 250 were hurt. authorities say it appears that the driver of the truck tried to outrun the train at a crossing. the train was filled with passengers returning to johannesburg after the new year's holiday. nancy: new information now from the ntsb which is investigating this deadly derailment in washington state. take a look here. this was back on december 18. speed now a leading factor. there was a 30-mile-per-hour sign two miles from the bend. we knew the train was going close to 80 miles per hour when it hit the reduced speed zone. the ntsb saying today it's still not talked to the train operator as
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who training alongside the operator. three people were killed. dozens were injured. thieves swiped two people of jowlry owned by a qatarry prince in the middle of the day. earring and brooch of diamond, gold and platinum. they were on display at the palace in venice. the security system was not working properly when the jewels vanished. police have not made any arrest. jonathan: want to see something cool? watch this. south carolina family playing in the snow. catch out the catch -- check out the catch that the dog makes. ready? nice grab. not used to catching snowball. good job. focus and determination. the storm is long gone from the carolinas and now it's new england's turn to get pounded by the nor'easter. some areas are getting panded and others are waiting for it. meteorologist from wgme is in bar
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he is in the crosshairs of the storm. what are you experiencing now? it doesn't look too shabby considering the storms you usually get. >> you caught us in a low. an hour ago it would be difficult to see to the bench behind me. this is all about the wind in this storm. gusts are expected to gust over 60 miles per hour. gusts are close to 40 miles per hour. check out the ground here. that doesn't look much like a blizzard or a nor'easter. less than an inch of snow. but ten to 15 feet away you walk here and drop the yardstick in and you are at 17 inches of snow. this freezing on anything that it
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for a foot of snow and the gusty conditions. reporting in bar harbor, maine. back to you. jonathan: you are waiting for another foot. this is the worst storm in a few years. there has been a lull up there. last year was mild but this year looks like it's already off to a start. >> we are off to the races this year when it comes to winter in maine. we had a storm near christmas. now we have this storm to deal with. in southern maine, the snow is still pounding. coming down hard. this is one of the most popular tourist attractions here. it's home to acadia national park but you don't see any forests today. jonathan: thank you for the report. we appreciate it. as always, we know it could be worse. nancy: terrible! stay warm out there. sorry you had to hear that. let's zoom out, shall we? look here at t
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satellite showing the formation. this is a building over the southeast spiraling up the coast. >> this is the energy and it's wrapping around the pressure. the milibars are dropping. we talked about that yesterday. and how it developed. impressive. jonathan: people are texting are you alive? we got an inch or two. michelle: we dodged the bomb. bill: and adam is the sacrificial employee. nancy: you could have waited until he couldn't hear you. bill: speaking of the coast in our region we have bad weather, too.
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in is the top of the radio and we had the snow but then the sun breaking out. jonathan: look at that. bill: yeah. we have breaks from the clouds. the next story we are talking about the cold conditions. here is the total. they did vary widely around the area. southern maryland is where we saw the total. farther east you go. we talk about this yesterday. the higher the totals are. around the greater area, the greater d.c. metro, there is half an inch to an inch and a half. less the farther west you were. how about dulles? picking up .01. compare it to calloway at 6.1. prince frederick had five inches of snow today. temperatures get to this. 26 in d.c. 26 in harrisburg. 11 in elkins. 15 in parksburg. but the temperatures are already down to 13 in d.c. minus readings. back to the west. ocean city at 9 with the wind gusts to
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the wind gust widespread 20 the 30, to 45 miles per hour range. i don't see it changing much. it's an area offshore skies are clearing out but that is good and bad. it's good that we don't have the snow falling from the sky but it opens up the insulator to let the earth radiate the heat back out. biting cold night. i'll show you now. instead of the hour-by-hour forecast in terms of clouds; the story is the temperature. the hour-by-hour forecast feels like. we are at 8:00. we are in the single digit widespread with temperatures minus zero or below. by 11:00, i think everybody within the sound of my voice has a feels like temperature at or below zero. at 3:00 in the morning. widespread temperatures in the minus territory. overall tomorrow we have widespread readings with the feels like to the 10 to 20 degree below zero. maybe the warmer spot at minus five. a bitter, bitter cold day.
4:21 pm
some of you tomorrow the high looking at the wind chill factor doesn't get above 5 or 4. really dangerously cold temperatures tomorrow. you have to take that seriously. if there are cancellations or even delays, it could be delayed to 3:00 in the afternoon and it will be a biting cold. clear and very cold, it will feel well below zero. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. but we are only warming to the teens. i doubt we get to 20 degrees. not even close accounting for the wind. same with saturday, we warm sunday. guys, look at the end of the cold tunnel. 40 degrees on monday. could we actually get to the nowhere hall high -- normal high for this time of the year?
4:22 pm
that a train or bona fide light. bill: i think it's a light. nancy: it's a glow. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the tie-breaker and the republican hold the majority in the state house. for now. michelle: flights diverted from the northeast to our area. we will take you to dulles airport where some travelers were surprised to be welcomed to
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nancy: the tie-breaker deciding control of the statehouse but as richard reeve reports the democrats are not ready to give up. >> they put names in the canisters and dropped it into a bowl. picked one out. the winner. the stuff of political drama. >> board of election members -- >> putting the names of david yancey and shelly simonds in film canisters. plopping them into a glass bowl. picking out the winner. 50/50 chance. yancey, the g.o.p. incumbent became the winner. the race certified and now it appears he is on his way back. this is after disputed ballot which bubbles were filled in for both candidates. the attorneys arguing successfully that the ballot should be
4:26 pm
democrats argue it should be thrown out. after the drawing, simonds says she wasn't ready to concede. >> yesterday, i offered my opponent a deal that would have made this final. he did not take the deal. therefore for me, all options are still on the table. >> yancey releasing a statement that said, "this race could not have been any closer. the election is behind us. the outcome is clear. my responsibility now is to begin the work i was re-elected to do." is this hotly debated contest over? coming up at 5:00, what the election officials are saying about this. in richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: election is just beginning. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- another derailment on amtrak. this time in the southeast. how the monster winter storm might have played a role.
4:27 pm
>> plus a nightmare for travelers. planes going to new york diverted to d.c. how are the passengers now getting up to new york? a live report from dulles coming up next. >> new at 5:00, do you remember that christmas tree powered by bicycles? find out what is happening to the bicycles now that t you might take something for your heart... your joints... the bicycles now that t or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: it's chilly but nothing like this. this is ocean city, maryland, by the drawbridge. you saw car go by. not a lot of traffic. the winds out there are gusting. they have blizzard warnings in that way. they have picked up snow. bill was telling us a few minutes ago they have had a foot of snow in some areas with the drift and the wind blowing. michelle: a lot of the snow is blowing sideways. we mentioned the wind is really the problem. team coverage continues with bill kelly and sam sweeney at dulles airport. go back now to bill in the weather center with the winds out there. bill: it's a huge part of our next story. you combine the winds with the arctic air out there. now we are talking about dangerously cold wind chills. let me start with that. feels like around the region. already down to 9 at andrs.
4:31 pm
there are more single digit readings than there are double digit readings on the map. we are only at 4:30 in the afternoon. by tomorrow morning it will be a completely different story in terms of it being much colder. look at the wind gusts. if you go out tonight you have to hold the hat and take the cold aside. wind advisory out. the winds are pushing 40 miles per hour. i do see those coming down a little bit tonight but i don't see it calming overnight. wind chill advisory out. sub zero readings are widespread. we still have a blizzard warning along the eastern shore. that is up another hour. it expires at 6:00. look at how widespread that shade is. the blizzard warning, 750 miles, bill, up and down the eastern seeboard to new england where the snow and the storm bring in the winds. just hammering the area now. a clear counter clockwise spin. in our area we are talking about the cold and the wn
4:32 pm
rapidly drop even without the wind chill. we are down in the teens. but speaking of the winds, and the cold, really played a role. there is some people now at dulles that didn't plan on visiting the d.c. metro. sam sweeney sout there live with more on that. how are you? sam: it's messy out here. a lot of people didn't imagine being here. imagine you get on the plane yesterday on the other side of the world. you think you are going to new york. you get there and the pilot says there is too much snow. the airport is closed. we are going to d.c. that is what happened to thousands of passengers today. by midday, many had diverted to dulles. >> started in japan, went to tokyo. then coming to new york. but we landed here. >> new york city airport shut down by mid-morning. baltimore stopped taking diversions by the afternoon. at dulles, diverted morning passg
4:33 pm
york. >> terrible. awful. pretty bad. >> more flights diverted. the bus companies told airlines at dulles they wouldn't drive to new york. airlines had passengers line up for free sandwiches. by this point most of the people had been traveling for 15 to 25 hours. >> very disappointed. this is a long flight. now we have to wait for a bus to take us to new york. >> live look at dulles. you can see a lot of people here. just left here emirates, 15 hours and 27 minutes from dubai landed and now they have to get on a bus to new york. some people are not as lucky. stuck in hotels tonight. the airline not giving them an estimate of when they will get to the final destination. live in dulles, sam sweeney, abc7 news. michelle: you feel for the travelers. thank you, sam. right now schools are weighing potential delays and closi
4:34 pm
go to to get automatic alerts sent straight to your phone as closings come in. you can get updates through the wjla/abc7 news app. no one was hurt when an amtrak train derailed in georgia in the storm. three cars went off the track as the train pulls in the savannah station. there were more than 300 passengers and crew on the train at the time. investigators say it is too early to know if the storm played a role in this crash. savannah received an inch of snow yesterday. the most in 28 years. jonathan: a heavyweight bout of two that used to be friends. donald trump pushing back against steve bannon. trump's team demanding a tell-all book pulled from publishing. we have the new twists. reporter: president trump and his former chief strategist steve bannon are facing off. >> did steve bannon betray you? >> after a scath
4:35 pm
bannon the president said -- >> called me a great man last night. so he changed his tune quick. >> bannon hasn't denied making explosive comments about the trump family. on siriusxm breitbart news radio he insisted to the listeners -- >> never will ever come between us and president trump and his agenda. don't worry about that. >> the white house says mr. trump was furious when he learned that bannon's critique made it in a forthcoming book. he is reportedly calling the trump campaign meeting between trump and russian lawyer promising dirt on hillary clinton "treasonous" and "unpatriotic." >> i'm not going to waste my time or the country's time going page by page talking about a book that is fantasy and full of the tabloid gossip. >> the president's lawyers threatening legal action against bannon and demand the publisher halt the release. as for the president's relationship with bannon -- >> i don't talk to him. >> white house
4:36 pm
sarah huckabee sanders said the president spoken to bannon a few times since he left the white house and there were no regularly scheduled calls or meetings. jonathan: a woman found dead in the trunk of a burning car. a man found dumped along the side of a highway. the investigation is happening now into both of the murder mysteries. the question is are they connected? sam ford just talked to police about the prospect. sam? sam: the police are not saying they are definitely connected. they used the word possibility. an interview we had a few minutes ago at the police headquarters. 23-year-old lewis and 27-year-old coles grew up in the same kennedy street northwest neighborhood and were friends some acquaintances said. bodies of both were found within an hour or so of each other. three miles apart. the man's body thrown out of a car over the maryland side of
4:37 pm
an hour later neighbors near fort dupont park in southeast washington heard shots and then saw a car go up in flames. in an alley behind the 800 block of patriot street. today the police say they believe the two may be related. >> well, we are looking into that possibility at this point. we can't say they are related but it's a possibility. we are looking into it. >> why do you think it's a possibility? >> both locations. both off eastern avenue. and they weren't that far in between. sam: he says it is early in the investigation. they have begun to receive some tips. they would like to receiver more. interestingly in this case, there are two $25,000 rewards out. one in prince george's county. and one here in the city. reporting live from d.c. police headquarters i'm sam ford. abc7 news. jonathan: well, nobody w
4:38 pm
drawing so now it's up to more than $500 million. $550 million to be exact. the next drawing is saturday. as for the mega millions drawing, that is tonight. going for a measly $445 million. michelle: i guess we could make that work. jonathan: cheetah cubs and the level of cuteness is up next. michelle: the shelf life of chocolate. all in the world. climate scientists are raising red flags. could it be extinct by 2060? jonathan: that is a problem. michelle: a big one! this is a first look at how to start friday on "good morning washington" on abc7. >> thanks, guys. "good morning washington" is on your side when severe winter weather strikes. >> canceled, canceled. >> taking to us a lot of snow-covered roads. >> out here in
4:39 pm
>> we are still on a stormwatch7 weather alert. brace yourself for the sub zero temperatures. blustery winds and slick roads. stay with us for closures and the impact on the morning commute. >> tomorrow at 4:25 on
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michelle: cues the
4:42 pm
"ahhh's." the first cheetah litter born at the cleveland zoo. jonathan: this is historic. she gave birth to three males and five neals in november -- five females in november. the largest litter ever there. double the average. the zoo releasing the video thaw they believe mother and cubs are doing well. the little guys don't know it yet but they will run 65 miles per hour. this is the fastest animal on our planet. michelle: a busy momma. jonathan: a busy momma. they are cute. in the cold weather, going from fast animals to a slow one. you are told to bring pets in. zoos take stems to protect the animals. michelle: this is one of more than 80 sea turtles stunned by the cold weather in florida. rescue groops plan to take in more when the water temperatures fall below 50 degrees. it's too dangerous for them. jonathan: it disorients them. they have a good sense of direction until it gets that cold. michelle: they don't know where they are. this is a question related to the cold
4:43 pm
climate. could climate change end the existence of chocolate? jonathan: okay, now we have a problem. michelle: you have my attention. scientists at the "ocean's the n says it could lead to reduction of the cocoa plants. jonathan: they don't mention the word "extinct." mars is working to modify the d.n.a. of the plant to survive the rising temperatures and maybe this is the chocolate industry throwing this out there so many people will eat chocolate believing it could happen. michelle: they have me. my craving overloaded already. take a look at this. this looks like a robbery caught on camera. but look closely at the man. he can't get the drawer open to escape. >> i knew instantly i was getting robbed again. michelle: her
4:44 pm
before she locked herself in with that man next. >> we brave frigid temperatures today. with crews that spend every day
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jonathan: this is newly released video of a cell phone store being robbed. the lady knew the robbery was coming. she got the customers and they ran out the door. then she locked the door. the would-be thief is locked inside the store. so look, he pulls out a gun and tried to shoot the lock. genius, right? then he sees the keys on the counter. tried to open up the the door but he messed up the lock so he couldn't open the door. >> he broke the lock on the inside. so when he found keys about tried to make his way out, he couldn't get out because he messed the lock up. >> at some point i kind of did feel bad when he got on his knees and begged me. jonathan: on his knees begging. then his hands were up in the air. the man was already on probation for robbery. he surrendered to police when they arrived. he has been sentenced to five years in prison. good thinking on her part.
4:48 pm
alert. president trump took to twitter to celebrate the dow jones/industrials passing 25,000 points saying it was a big cut in taxes and regulations that helped boost the market. the big board reflecting that wall street rally been on the run now for a few years. by the time is closing bell rang the dow was up 150 points and finishing the day out above 25,000 points. michelle: businesses added 250,000 jobs. a sign hiring was strong up to christmas and new year. big boost compared to november. the unemployment rate is at 17-year low at 4.1%. we will get an official update on the federal jobs report on friday. jonathan: despite a strong holiday sales season for macy's, it's moving forward now with plans to cut 5,000 jobs and close several more stores this year. this is all part of a plan that went into place in 2016 that clueded closing 100
4:49 pm
the ones that will be shutting down, liquidation sales start in less than a week. keep an eye out for that. michelle: a new year's party near cleveland ended with the host getting booted from airbnb. police say the homeowner locked himself in his bedroom and called them when the party spiraled out of control. the airbnb guests invited 250 people over. yes. investigators say the man renting a room for just $40 advertised party and charged $5 a person. to the "live desk" now and larry has a first look at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry, can you believe that? larry: i don't know how we top that. we will try. tonight we are keeping track of delays and the cancellations for tomorrow. and big developments out of the white house today. what is happening with the phones, offshore drilling and the federal marijuana laws. a bus driver pulled over to help another driver on christmas eve with amazing results. what she sh
4:50 pm
that's when nancy and i join you at 5:00 in a few minutes. jonathan: we'll see you. for some, snow and freezing temperatures means another day on the job. amy aubert spent the day with a mail carrier who says this is all part of living her dream. -and-for leticia, another day on the job. frigid weather doesn't hold her back. >> you have to bundle up. it's cold. >> in the temperatures like this. she stays on the move. >> moving is a key. you have to stay moving. >> she goes through in all elements. >> you meet new people every day. >> she knows this route like the back of her hand. >> i have been doing it every day for the past six months. >> every day through rain, snow and whipping winds. she says one of these bins will take about 45 minutes to deliver. that means today is about fiv
4:51 pm
>> layer up and you will be perfect. socks. maybe two, three pairs of socks. i have on three pair of pants, long johns. >> the united states postal service urges carriers to wear proper footwear, reduce driving speed and take short steps. inside stops offering short relief. >> we kind of used to this weather so we always prepare for it no matter what. amy: prepared and ready for even colder temperatures ahead. amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: a busy time for the ice cutters. this boat is making sure other boats have a safe pass to travel on the chesapeake bay. they have been at it for four straight days. >> i'm sitting up high and sometimes you can pick open water to go through. sometimes you can't. you just look.
4:52 pm
michelle: a patriots fan, too. eddie summers piloted the ice cutter for 23 years. he says while the ice formed earlier than normal this year it's nothing compared to the solid sheet of ice he had to cut through in 2015. jonathan: here is the problem with his gig. if he gets stuck he is there until march. [laughter] bill: he's done! jonathan: you can radio all you want. if the cutter is stuck, you are done. bill: that is true. it's one of the days seriously i'm grateful that, i'm sure we are, we have an indoor job. i'm sure you are, too. those folks that work outside, you just got to bundle up. it's dangerously cold. of course we have the snow. widely varied in the area. dulles got a tenth of an inch. not a big deal. a lot of fairfax county and western part picked up a half an inch or so. look at calloway and prince frederick. five and six rage. we talked yesterday the farther east you go, the worst snow you get. look at the numbers. 17 inches of snow. jonathan: holy cow! bi:
4:53 pm
16, 14, 15, brooklyn picking up a foot of snow. it's really, really hard to measure snow in a blizzard. you have drifts all over. it's almost impossible to measure it consistently. different total a mile down the road. but there are good totals there, official totals from trained spotters so those are interesting. look at that. michelle: gorgeous. jonathan: you know when you have that much snow, everybody has to get out and shovel. i have been there and done that. you are sore for a couple of days. then another storm comes and you do it all over again. bill: it starts getting very old. you look outside. temperature wise we are 26. beautiful now that the clouds are starting to clear. the wind chill factor, the feels like temperature is the big story. already down to the single digits around the area. the numbers only going down tonight. it's ten below in pittsburgh. right now. not a feels like forecast. it's 4 below in indianapolis. three below in buffalo. bingington the same thing. storm out of the
4:54 pm
this is 11 tonight. the whole day tomorrow. i won't pause it. we should have a gorgeous day from the inside looking out. it will be dangerously cold. brutally cold tomorrow. so if your kids do not have a delay or cancellations -- i'm sure there are schools that will do that -- please don't just send them to the bus stop. it's dangerous. pet, bring them inside. if you work outside, the next few days highs in the teens and wind chill struggle to get above 5. layer beyond. put hand and feet warmers in. there is a rebound as we warm back in 40's by next week and beyond the abc7 data. seasonable conditions are expected. we may, may hit 50-degree temperature. michelle: whoa! bill: i'm crazy town today. jonathan: you're everybody's best friend now. thank you. bad experience with a business. you leave a bad review. there are some things you can say that can get you sued. coming u
4:55 pm
george carlin seven dirty words you can't say. we have the top four things you cannot do on a
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
john: the web has been the consumer's best friend in recent years. travel plannings ruined by an airline? unhappy with an appliance you bought. then you can
4:58 pm
online at sites like yelp, the ripoff report, consumer trip adviser and others. but consumer reports maggie: money adviser warns that some companies are now suing people posting negative comments because negative comments remain on the web forever and can harm a company's rememberration for years -- reputation for years. so from the doesn't that stink file, the innocent phrases that could get you sued? "consumer report" says when complaining avoid "scammed me," "stole my money," "a horrible business" and similar phrases that a lawyer could claim were libel. you are probably saying doesn't that stink? the maggie: says it is safe to complain if your complaint is legit, deals with just one issue and can be supported with some proof. the first amendment allows free speech to post a review but keep it factual and leave emotion
4:59 pm
waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00, the frigid coast, wind, snow, ice and the coastal cities frozen in place. >> it's ridiculous. >> parents look for ways to entertain kids. >> the most unusual election in recent memory comes to an end. maybe. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> a blue saturday warning in effect for part of the eastern shore. >> the wind chill advisory across the metro area that is the big story for the stormwatch7 weather team. bill kelly in the weather center monitoring the winter blast. bills good evening. this is the next story we are focusing on. let's get right to it. the temperature outside. that will lead the headlines in the coming hours. 24 in d.c. 23 in leesburg. 18 in winchester. look at the numbers. well below normal. below the normal low for the day. it's ben
5:00 pm
to the dangerous territory. there will be temperatures in the minus 10 to minus 20 range so we have a wind chill advisory from tonight through the morning. the entire metro area, the region. the state, look how wide these extend up. the wind chill warning are as far north as vermont and as far west as iowa and south as south carolina. the blizzard rolls out of here. that is what is in red. we do hour-by-hour forecast in a few minutes. larry: the blizzard isn't just bringing the snow to new england. hurricane force winds are pounding the m. coast. gusts as high as 76 miles per hour on nantucket. some roads are impassable and people are asked to evacuate.


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