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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 4, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, the major winter storm. a bomb cyclone slamming into the east coast. blizzard warnings from maryland to maine tonight. emergency rescues under way at this hour. d.c., philly, new york, boston, all slammed. hundreds of accidents tonight. historic high tide. hurricane-force wind gusts and what's coming next. where schools are already closed tonight. the airports tonight. flights cancelled. the new book steve bannon turning on the president and his family, saying don junior's meeting in trump tower was treasonous. tonight, as the president tries to stop the book the publisher late today r
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it out early, tomorrow, and the president answering our cecilia vega when she asked was he betrayed? the earthquake rattling the west. the concern over that fault line tonight. 25 years after waco and tonight the rare interview right here. one of the children who got out alive and you'll hear the audio, the negotiator trying to get them out. and the stunning images in tonight. the child shark circling the family had no idea. good evening. great to have you with us on a thursday night. we begin with that massive and deadly winter storm, what's called a bomb cyclone and it's living up to its name tonight. slam spoog too east. look at the scope of this storm. along the east coast, several state of emergencies as we come on the air. coastal flooding along the shore, damaging waves in scituate, massachusetts,
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in exeter, new hampshire. in downtown boston, rescuers making a rescue. real concern of what's coming next after this storm. schools already closed in some places and eva pilgrim leads us off from boston tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the devastating nor'easter nicknamed the some cyclone unleashing its power. in massachusetts, hurricane force wind gusts and in scituate on the coast some of the worst flooding in recent memory. homes and businesses inundated. >> you can see just how hard these waves are crashing against this seawall. it's crashing the water up over the roof of these houses. >> reporter: in boston, fire trucks driving through floodwaters, first responders making water rescues. >> it's just after noon here in boston and you can see this right here is floodwaters coming out of the boston harbor.
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we've already had to move our cars twice. at one point, the water was as high as the hood of our suv. >> reporter: nearby, we spotted a man heading home from delivering food. >> what are you doing driving in this? >> i'm working for grubhub! >> reporter: the powerful storm dumping up to 3 inches of snow an hour in the region, along with lightning and thunder. in manchester, new hampshire, this vehicle crashing into a nursing home. no one injured. anyone behind the wheel, risking an accident. in new york -- >> two buses just collided here. >> reporter: police busy using their vehicles to help push stranded drivers. >> the situation on the roads is dangerous, it shouldn't be underestimated. >> reporter: multiple homes burning on oak island. the only access by boat, but with the heavy ice, firefighters forced to build a ramp and use a hovercraft instead to reach the
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overnight, subfreezing temperatures turning roads to pure ice, from virginia to georgia, stranding drivers for hours. >> just slow down, slow down. >> reporter: at least six deaths now being blamed on this storm. >> just horrific driving up and down the east coast all day. eva is with us live from boston tonight. we see the mound of snow behind you. schools are closed there again tomorrow? >> that's right, david, schools here will be closed again tomorrow. part of the reason are those sub zero temperatures that are on the backside of the storm. they'll get the snow off the roads overnight. they put it into mounds like this one. the reason for that, they don't want this snow to freeze on those roads and become an even bigger headache tomorrow. david. >> just a stunning sight tonight. we know new englanders are tough. eva, thanks to
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they've been battered by those fees winds and concerned over the power as well. victor oquendo is in asbury park. >> reporter: david, governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency throughout new jersey, all this snow creating dangerous conditions on the roads. the big concern is for the coastal counties. we're on the beach in asbury park, where the wind has been relentless all day, at times gusting near 50 miles per hour. >> the storm bringing air travel to a halt tonight. more than 4,000 flights cancelled. the ripple effect coast to coast at this hour. singapore jet bound for jfk tonight was forced to land at steward airport north in the hudson valley. linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, airports throughout the northeast are digging out. the effects this massive nor'easter cancelling or delaying thousands of flights. >> we're not sure if we're going to be flying out of here anytime
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>> we're stuck here until tomorrow night. >> reporter: crews working tirelessly to clear runways and de-ice planes, even as far south as orlando. of the more than 4,000 flights cancelled this misery map from flightaware shows boston, new york city, and d.c. airports are among the hardest hit. laguardia and jfk airports suspending service, then closing entirely for most of the day. sebastian reed, stranded at l aguardia airport after trying to pick up a friend whose flight never arrived. >> it's a nightmare. >> baltimore-washington airport receiving so many diverted flights it reached total capacity forcing already diverted planes to land at nearby d.c. airports. railways affected, too. amtrak reducing the number of trains operating up and down the northeast corridor. this train derailed overnight in georgia with 300 passengers on board. >> we were trying to pull up normally, but the switch was frozen.
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was injured. >> extremely fortunate on that front. linsey davis live with us. no a soul bethere behind you. >> it's desserted here. it's not expected to reopen until 11 clb 30 tonight. we'll likely feel the effects of this storm for several more days. already 700 flights have been cancelled for tomorrow. david. >> linsey hop on a flight somewhere south now. let's get right to ginger zee. a big warning of what's coming next. let's get to the map showing the stream lines rotating around that low. that represents how windy it is. it's just east of the cape. you can see the snow shield still stretching from new jersey up to maine. this storm was generally incredible. it dropped 59 millibars in 24 hours. what it leaves behind us on top of 17-inch snowfall in lincoln,
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of tonight. maine, 8 to 12. here's that warning you were speaking about, david, it's going to be so cold as far south as homestead, florida. look at those wind chills for washington, d.c., where schools are closed because of the wind chill. pittsburgh, coldest day since february 2015. >> all right, ginger the meantime, we move on tonight to the other developing story, of course that new book. steve bannon turning on the president's family, sending shock waves through the white house. president trump trying to stop the book. late today, we learned the publisher will put it out tomorrow, tomorrow in fact, and the president asking our se vil ya vega asking, was he betrayed? >> reporter: in the white house today we asked president trump about his old friend steve bannon. >> did steve bannon betray you, mr. president? any words about steve bannon? >> thank you. thank you very much.
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night. he changed his tune pretty quick. thank you all very much. thank you. i don't talk to him. i don't talk to him. i don't talk to him. that's just a misnomer. thank you. >> reporter: in the past 24 hours, the president's former chief strategist did indeed take to the airwaves, lavishing praise on his old boss multiple times. >> the president of the united states is a great man, you know i support him day in and day out. >> reporter: but the damage may already be done after that new white house book "fire and fury" quoted bannon attacking the president and his children. he called donald trump jr. and jared kushner "treasonous" and "unpatriotic" for the meeting in trump tower with a russian lawyer they thought had dirt on hillary clinton. he said of daughter ivanka trump people suddenly realized she's dumb as a brick. author michael wolff writes ivanka and her husband even talked about her possibly running for president one day, bannon scoffed at the prospect. from the white house, outrage. >> there are numerous mistakes,
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but i'm not going to waste my time, or the country's time, going page by page, talking about a book that's complete fantasy, and just full of tabloid gossip. >> reporter: and the president's legal team waged war, threatening to sue bannon for libel and slander, writing legal action is imminent. they also demanded the book's publisher halt publication. the threat didn't seem to matter much, the release date moved up to tomorrow. the shock waves already felt in washington. with early excerpts like this, wolff says behind closed doors president trump critiqued top aides, calling son-in-law jared kushner a suck-up, senior advisor kellyanne conway a crybaby, and former press secretary sean spicer stupid. the book recounts campaign had concerns about mental stables. wolff doesn't name names, but he writes, "the worry among staffers, trump's rambling and
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his alarming repetitions, had significantly increased, and that his ability to stay focused, never great, had notably declined. press secretary sarah sanders today, forced to defend the president's fitness to serve. >> it's disgraceful and laughable. if he was unfit he probably wouldn't be sitting there. >> let's get to cecilia. author tonight actually thanking the president as you mentioned, the book now being released early. in fact, tomorrow. another headline from the white house today. staffers there no longer allowed to bring their personal cell phones into the west wing. >> despite this turmoil this book has called. this personnel cell phone ban has been in works for a long time. this is not a reaction to all those leaks in that book, david. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. next this evening it's hard to believe but it's been 25 years since waco. the fbi facing off against members of a religious secretary, the branch davidians.
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trapped inside that compound. the standoff lasting 51 days. we all remember when that compound went up in flames. before those flames, the gauc negotiators trying to get the children out. tonight the audio. one of those children all these years later on what it was like leaving her mother behind. >> dozens of federal agents are surrounding the headquarters of a religious cult. >> it was the worst blow the atf has ever suffered. >> at least four federal agents and a member of a cult group are dead. >> reporter: that infamous, deadly raid on the branch davidian compound in waco, texas. >> has proclaimed himself as the second coming of jesus christ. and he is very well armed this time around. >> the man of course is david karesh. >> reporter: the religious sect leader barricaded inside with his followers and they are heavily armed. >> trust in the name of lord. >> it's all a part of >> it's all a part of the apocalyptic theory that gives them salvation. they're gonna try to make you
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and that, that was a big part of the problem we had there. >> reporter: inside more than 30 women, and dozens of children. audio trying to convince that the children should be freed. >> you're telling me the children are innocent, but yet, you want to keep them in there? what is the purpose for that? >> look -- hey, none of your business, you people are just so arrogant, so proud and so foolish. >> of course the main focus was on the children. >> reporter: negotiators convince koresh to release some of the kids. >> we got six children out the first day. >> he says he will release more children two by two. >> a total of ten children have been released from the compound. >> reporter: joanne veiga was just six years old. her mother, still in the compound. >> she asked david if she could go and she said, he said no. because he only was going to let the children out. >> reporter: tonight, joe ann
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now. >> she wrote a note to my sister. she said her good-byes. >> reporter: it was the last time she would see her mother alive. her sister waiting for her. >> that was the only time i felt safe, through the whole thing is, when i saw my sister for the first time. >> reporter: most sent to shelters. and a team of trauma specialists were waiting. >> while we watched them we learned a lot about the belief system of the davidians. >> you want to shoot me in the head, wait until i shoot you in the head. >> they would have these songs they would sing, consistent with this final apocalyptic event. ♪ got to hold it up until we die ♪ >> younger kids would draw a picture of the compound with fire coming out of it and i'd say, "what's that?" and they'd say, "that's none of your business. you'll find out." >> it would come. >> it was just after noon today in waco when first the smoke and then suddenly the flames made it clear that something horrible was happin
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>> nearly 25 years ago. the full story tonight. our "20/20" team putting together truth and lies, waco. 9:00 p.m. eastern. it's an incredible documentary tonight on abc. a major new milestone on wall street tonight. the dow breaking through 25,000 tonight. closing at 25,075. the dow up 25% last year alone. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" on this thursday -- your money. the devices in your home and what you can do to save hundreds on your heating bills. also trngs earthquake this the west, the concern tonight over that fault line. the health headline tonight about deadly e.coli. and then the startling new images, the child going swimming in the water, right of your screen there, so many sharks in the water at the same time. the family had no idea. we'll be right back. ns.
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all right, next tonight, we're back on the case. saving your money with this bone-chilling cold, family heating bills rising. tonight, what to do before you go to bed. devices add to the cost unless you take simple steps and abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is out to yo save your money. >> reporter: tonight, with temperatures dropping, we scoured the country for the top tips to save on those rising bills. first stop, lancaster, ohio, where we found nick anderson recommending these affordable weather proofing kits for your windows. >> it has a self-adhesive on it so you'll put it around the frame and the excess just cut off with a utility knife or a scissors. >> reporter: next up, savings pro lizbeth cole, hunkering down in saratoga, new york. >> unplug those electronics that you're not using. >> reporter: in fact, just unplugging your printer could save you up to $130 a year. >> if you're not using a room go ahead and close the vents in
6:49 pm
will get to where it needs to go. >> reporter: and in nutley, new jersey, advice for anyone with a fireplace. >> if you have a fireplace and you have a fireplace damper, make sure that damper is in a closed position. that damper can let a tremendous amount of air out of your chimney. >> reporter: finally washing your clothes in cold water could save you another $60. and lowering the hot water heater temperature to 120 degrees could save you $61 more. >> wow, all great advice. rebecca is with us again tonight. you can do something to the outlets to your home. >> yes. for just a few dollars at the hardware store, david, you can pick up the phone plate outlet seals they'll save you money. >> thanks, rebecca. when we come back -- the earthquake rattling the west. new concern over that popular fault line also the e. coli outbrack and the young boy going swimming in the water, look at the sharks. the family had no idea. we'll be right back. can i help you? it's me. jamie.
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the san francisco bay area. the recommendabling lasting about 6 seconds there. i occurred along the hayward fault. cdc tonight investigating an e. coli outbreak. two people have died. the possible cause may be linked to row main lettuce. and the shark scare in the bahamas. the family on vacation. the little boy running into the ocean. off to right there, no idea there are several sharks swimming just feet away. the drone pilot seeing the danger screaming to the boy to get out of the water. he was unharmed. when we come back here tonight, everything you need to know about the billion dollars -- a billion now up for grabs. wouldn't that be nice?
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finally tonight, so much money up for grabs you could burn some of it to stay warm. or this. >> reporter: it may be a nightmare outside in the snow, but many are dreaming tonight. never have both jackpots been higher than $400 million, at the same time. so, if you hit it big, what would you do? sujat told us his plan. >> i'd buy a plane ticket,
6:58 pm
anywhere but here. >> reporter: it seemed to be a recurring theme today. here's kayla. >> i would get out of the cold definitely. i would go someplace warm. >> reporter: tomorrow's mega millions, $418 million, saturday's powerball an estimated $550 million. >> i'd buy a sports team. >> i would definitely buy broadway tickets. >> reporter: when it comes to your own numbers versus the quick pick option. it's the quick pick that wins 70% of the time. and what would ben and emily do sf. >> hand warmers we would fly to the aruba. >> reporter: that's right, think big. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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