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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nancy: snow from the beltway to the beach. jonathan: snow and freezing temperatures along the east coast, ice drifts down the streets, airports snowed in and passengers diverted and stranded. tonight the concern turns to the
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dran, the swat takedown in arlington neighborhood. jonathan: at a popular ingredient being linked with e. coli cases. 11:00, onc 7 news at your side. jonathan: the massive winter storm pummeling the east coast. nancy: from boston to new york and as close as ocean city, people were braving blizzard like conditions. we are now facing dangerous cold. it is already impacting schools. find a full list of closures along the bottom of your screen. jonathan: we have team coverage of the impact, but bill kelly is tracking the cold. these are dangerous cold temperatures. bill: we are talking 10, 15 degr
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good evening, 16 is the temperature in d.c., 12 winchester, the wind is still in the 15 to 20 mile-per-hour range, sustained gusts up to 40 miles per hour. it feels like -4 leesburg, 4 in d.c. we are starting at midnight on the forecast, everybody yet 0 or lower when it comes to the feels-like temperature. tomorrow morning, out the door -14 a.m., -6 d.c., gaithersburg, winchester at -13, and we are not warming much. there is a wind advisory. we will look at the forecast and there is a little bit of relief in sight. a lot on the menu tonight. nancy:
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stuck at dulles airport, their flights redirected to our area after the storm forced other airports to suspend flights. tom roussey is live at dulles with the issues and what is being done to get those passengers where they need to be. people, these of guys behind me among them, never intended to go to dulles airport. they were supposed to go to new york city, and the airport at this hour is still very busy. this is video from earlier and it was busy that as well. than 30 flights at last count that were supposed to go elsewhere were rerouted to dulles because of the weather. you are talking well over 5000 passengers affected. now they'll have to figure out how to get home and a lot will not get home tonight. some folks say the worst part of the whole ordeal was waiting for their luggage in st
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leave because if you leave you cannot get back in. >> it was like running the same bags over and over. just waited for like hours. >> people were angry in the was yelling going on. until finally the luggage came out. >> we're going to a hotel. we are so tired. live, theset here are some of the folks who got rerouted, wondering how on earth they will get home. smoke them still have multiple flights to go and they were net -- some of them still have multiple flights to go and they were never supposed to land here at dulles. it is just a mess tonight because of the winter weather. to
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jonathan: cannot even imagine, tom, thanks. the storm situation creating a dire situation in massachusetts. that is a street, not a river. they are experiencing serious flooding. lindsey mastis continues our team coverage. they got the snow, the cold, and the rivers. lindsey: and about 20,000 people without power across massachusetts. so bad thatns are the police are driving doctors and nurses to the hospitals. people are trying to make their way through flooded streets. the boston harbor breached the seawall. there is also flooding along boston's harbor. people are dealing with that plus snow, some people needing to be rescued. >> we asking people to stay inside as much as possible. if you go outside, dress for the weather, dress in layers.
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weather. : flooding is also affecting the subway system. and there is still snow and ice. although the national weather service says the worst of the coastal flooding is over, the remaining water could freeze as the temperatures drop even lower. nancy: while we were spared most of the snow, this was a way different story if you hours ago. blizzard conditions walloping ocean city, high winds thrashing the coast. we will have an update on the cleanup after the snow stopped in about 10 minutes. jonathan: as the temperatures bounce around the next few weeks, something you should watch closely are your water pipes in your home. montgomery county fire department getting calls about frozen pipes. anna-lysa gayle has a look at some things you need to know the next few days. the fluctuating temperatures do not help out all. anna-lysa: no,
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the water main breaks have been a problem. we had another one of the baltimore avenue. for about six hours, crews worked on this 10 inch water main break on baltimore avenue in bethesda. some neighbors were feeling the impact. >> just realized we are now without water. i want to work this morning and noticed water leaking on the street and called wssc. montgomery county anna-lysa: -- montgomery county fire department says it is not just impacting pipes on the outside but also the inside. >> we haven't an influx of pipes bursting. we have had about a dozen or so. anna-lysa: with fluctuating temperatures in the next few weeks, they expect more calls from homeowners. >> pipes expand and contract
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and that is when you have problems. you have for this for years, just open underneath the kitchen sink. anna-lysa: you can allow a small amount of water to trickle through the pipes. if you are away, leave the thermostat at a reasonable temperature. , so would above 55 keep some warm air in there. nancy: stay connected by downloading the free stormwatch the latestpp for forecasts, alerts, and school closings. jonathan: the cold weather making things tougher for the police at a scene of a shooting in prince or discounted, gunshots ringing out, shocking people at home at the time. tim barber joins us live with what we know and what makes the investigation difficult. tim? tim: the weather tonight for one, the wind blowing is evidence of that. what has not been picked up his all the debris that the vehicle hit.
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there is debris all over the place and bullet casings all over in the roadway. up and bagged evidence in a racing and's mother nature, blowing evidence markers away. >> it sounded like firecrackers, but it's not new year's eve. tim: jackie heard the gunshots outside of her house where the police found a man shot inside of this damaged dodge suv this afternoon. >> we heard the shots and the police. tim: the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the police blocked off hill road near fedex field, which had cars turning around during rush-hour. tonight detectives are working to track down the shooter and figure out the motive. car heard a few shots and a squeal away. tim: a
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the abc 7 mobile app. tim barber, abc 7 news. nancy: tim, thank you. an were driver under arrest accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. afterked the woman up 1:00 in the morning december 27, stopped his car in the street in sterling, then climbed in the backseat and attacked her. he is being held without bond. jonathan: dramatic moments in arlington, crystal city. the swat team dissented on the white vehicle with guns drawn. they arrested the guy, no incident. we have learned this was part of a bigger drug investigation. tom: this went down in the heart of crystal city, in a parking lot surrounded by tall buildings come in the middle of the afternoon. >> i jeard two booms. tom: he first thought it was an explosion and ran to the window and saw three suv's
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>> and a bunch of armed men in uniform pulling firearms. tom: a man wearing care most was taken into custody. arlington county police say this was their swat team and they were executing a narcotics search. they would not provide many details, but any time they use the swat team, they say there is an elevated threat level. >> they were taking it extremely seriously. ms appear to be flash grenades. the suspect appeared to be ok. this was shocking to see in very low crime crystal city. >> maybe the whole scene lasted five minutes. then they were gone and it was just plain closed people with the vehicle. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy: the president's lawyer sending a cease-and-desist letter to the publishers of a bombshell book
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other plans. how they are fighting back and how local businesses are changing their plans as a result. jonathan: a serious warning about a salad staple.
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race for the house district seat in virginia. >> the winner of house district seat 94 is david yancey. nancy: republican incumbent david yancey declared a winner after a random drawing today. the democratic challengers shelley simon said she is not willing to concede. jonathan: personal cell phones will be off-limits for white house staff starting next week areaall cell communication will have to be on government-issue devices, one day after unflattering accounts of the administration's accounts that went into the book. the white house quickly responded saying it was full of lies and try to keep it off auction off -- off of bookshelves,
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is putting it on the shelf at midnight tonight. attorney general jeff sessions is rolling back obama-era pot policy. it meant that the feds could not interfere with states that the -- thatized decriminalize marijuana, but he said that the feds should be able to base their policies on the run. marijuana is still a legal under federal law. tweetedresident trump in the last 20 minutes about the bombshell book jonathan was mentioning. the president said that he authorized zero access to the saying it and fury," is "full of lies." out at midnight, four days ahead of its original lease date. the president's lawyer sent a cease-and-desist
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demanding the book not be released. we have learned bookstores will be staying open until 1 a.m. for the release tonight. jonathan: a serious warning from health officials to avoid lettuce. 17 people contracted e. coli from tainted romaine lettuce and one person has died as a result of the infection. in canada, they have seen 41 cases linked with the popular salad ingredient. health officials are working to track down where the lettuce came from and how to keep the outbreak from spreading. first the new year, then tax season. the irs announced taxis and will open january 29. this year april 15 falls on a sunday, april 16 is emancipation day in the district, so you will have until tuesday, april 17 to get returns filed. turning back to the weather and the winter alert and a blizzard at the beach. nancy: what a mess,
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city fared. >> the bomb cyclone dumped almost a foot of snow on this town, leaving high wind and icy roads. >> around the back there are two-foot drifts, which is higher than the bottom of the truck. reporter: on the boardwalk, no one is walking. left ahead of the storm, but many came running. >> had to go somewhere, and the ice storm is here. reporter: baltimore's russell drove his snow plow into ocean city and plans to help dig out residents. along the way -- >> i have gotten stuck once. reporter: the governor has declared a state of rumors and say here after the storm has left the town paralyzed. >> that is when you know it's bad. jonathan:
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driver in rhode island. that is a convertible -- great on a sunny day, but not on a and it looks like it is not even doing well with attraction. the top was down when he was heading up. bill: there has to be more to that story. jonathan: maybe he lost a bet. nancy: and now he is losing his car. bill: the other interesting thing, rehoboth beach on the boardwalk, lone footsteps in the snow, not a normal sight. the waves are crashing pretty big, snow on the beach, and the temperatures are the big story. 16. but we are even colder. manassas 15, 12 gaithersburg, chantilly 144. chantilly 14. add tyhe
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negative territory. indianapolis -15. officially 4 degrees with the windchill factor in d.c., and getting colder. just a couple light snow bands to the big snow system moving out. butry clearly defined eye, it is kicking out. the snow totals impressive. we had about .1 inches of snow at dulles, six inches of snow in southern maryland. parts of new jersey 16 inches. seaboard, manyrn spots had more than a foot of snow, atlantic city 12.7. the story now turns to the temperatures. everywhere that you see the light shade of blue is a windchill advisory in effect now until noon tomorrow. even knew them tomorrow, we are not out of the advisory. starting tomorrow
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start at -10 to -014. by noon, we are still looking at five below in winchester, six below hagerstown, 3 in d.c., -4 gaithersburg. tomorrow looks beautiful in terms of sunshine, from the inside looking out. these are the temperatures with sunshine. it be very bright, so you will need the sunglasses, especially with the new snow. advance 24 hours from now, not much relief. 0 or below heading out friday evening. that trend continues. the actual temperature up to about 19, but the wind is still around 10 to 20, so that keeps the windchill factor down. bit of a little warm-up monday and tuesday. the next few
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put in perspective, we have 7 sunday morning. we go back 20 years, we have only had two years with a temperature colder than 7 degrees. it has been about four since we had a temperature like that. last year the low was 15 all year long. nancy: we just have to take it. bill: staying very busy. jonathan: 40 will feel balmy. nancy: he is the face of "jeopardy," but alex trebek has a serious medical battle.
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trebek is recovering from surgery after taking a fall. nancy: he fell back in october. >> after two days in the hospital, i came home to start
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blood clots on his brain. he is expected to make a full recovery and tapings of "jeopardy" will continue this month as scheduled. jonathan: what is looking forward to seeing him come back? nancy: ah, yes. jonathan: this is a big game tonight. robert: or what is a big game? nancy: no, we are done with that. robert: a takedown of number one michigan
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the number one ranked team in the country, michigan thing started out ok, but then there were plays like this. in traffic, the awkward scoop shot goes. kept it close in the first half. second half, different story, malcolm bridges sinks the j. michigan state blows out maryland, 91-61. some of the best high school football players in action tonight, the under armour all-american game. robinson to washington
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jr.l product ricky slade takes the screen pass. he is headed to penn state. 23-21 was the final. something you don't see everyd day, the sharks a joe thornton got into a fight tonight. his beard is a little less bushy afterwords. jonathan: ow! robert: yes, some of his beard is gone, left it all on the ice. ouch. yes, disgusting. the maple leafs would go on and win.
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cold is here to stay. bill: -10 to -15 around the area.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kobe bryant. khloe kardashian. and music from prophets of rage. and now, and furthermore, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice, thank you. very kind. hi, everyone. sit, sit, it's embarrassing. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for


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