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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 5, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, extreme flooding. the worst in 40 years in some areas. >> unquestionably the worst i've seen it down here. >> the east coast blizzard gives way to the historic deep freeze. this morning, the woman rescued from her roof in this front loader. the big city subway station flooded. the deadly danger of carbon monoxide taking a young girl's life and now the life-threatening record cold stretching all the way to florida. how long will it last? sloppy steve. president trump fires back overnight as his feud with steve bannon escalates. the bombshell book out this morning, earlier than expec
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spicer chimes in. what he thinks of bannon's explosive claims about the trump family. war on marijuana? the confusion after attorney general jeff sessions policy reversal and what lawmakers in california and colorado are now promising. plus, "jeopardy" host alex trebek on hiatus. the latest on his brain surgery. facial yoga. the exercise technique promising to fight wrinkles to make you look years younger. and good morning, i'm lynda lopez in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. as if the heavy snow and hurricane-force winds weren't bad enough the monster storm has caused record flooding. >> a historic high tide swamped the massachusetts coast overwhelming towns with rushing water, stranding residents and prompting dozens of
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as soon as floodwaters hit the street they froze turning parked cars into popsicles frozen in place. overnight high water blasting through a seawall south of boston. many calling it the most ferocious storm surge in decades. >> i was shocked at how quickly the water rose. >> reporter: rescuers pulling more than a dozen to safety after waters surrounded their homes. >> i am fine. the house completely flooded out. propane tank flipped over. there was a small fire inside the house. >> reporter: one woman saved from the second story of her house by a front end loader. in boston, the high tide flooding streets. a fire truck driving through deep water. a local subway station flooding. water pouring down the stairs. and a dumpster floating down boston's historic fort point neighborhood. >> the biggest since i was a kid in 1978. >> reporter: a
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cutter needed to break up the ice and the storm blames for at least six deaths of most from slick roads. investigators are also looking at weather as the potential factor in the apparent carbon monoxide poisoning death of a 13-year-old girl at a new jersey apartment building. dozens of others also being treated. the storm and bitter cold causing major disruptions at airports? we had a flight back to new york and now it's canceled so we're stuck here another day. >> reporter: new york's jfk re-opened this morning after suspending more than 3,000 flights. and this rare sight in orlando, a plane getting de-iced. in south florida, the cold crippling native green iguanas, their limbs stiffening up causing them to fall from trees. in maryland these surfers making the best of it hanging ten in the middle of a blizzard. now the big concern is the extreme cold. windchills are expected to be 20 below zero from chicago to boston and it will feel like the teens in florida. we'll have
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just a few minutes. to a new headline in the russia investigation concerning president trump and attorney general jeff sessions. "the new york times" reports that president trump ordered the top lawyer at the white house to keep sessions from recusing himself from the investigation. sources say white house counsel donald mcgann tried but failed to convince sessions to remain in charge of the probe. and as special counsel robert mueller looks into possible obstruction of justice, the "times" reports one of sessions' aides asked a congressional staffer for dirt on fbi director at the time james comey four days before he was fired. a claim the justice department is disputing. in the meantime, the feud between trump and former adviser steve bannon took a new turn with the president mocking bannon calling him sloppy steve. the bombshell book behind their public rift goes on sale today. abc's stephanie ramos has the new details. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: kendis and lynda, good morning. president trump's relationshi
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strategist steve bannon has blown up, mainly over a book bannon is quoted in and as you said is said to be released today. president trump is threatening legal action against his old friend, former white house chief strategist steve bannon. >> it's not like there were regularly scheduled calls or -- and certainly no meetings between the two of them. >> reporter: the white house furious after excerpts of that new white house book "fire and fury" were released. the book by michael wolff quotes bannon criticizing the president and his family. in it he calls donald trump jr. and jared kushner treasonous and unpatriotic for meeting in trump tower with a russian lawyer they thought had dirt on hillary clinton. the president and his lawyers tried to stop the book release by threatening legal action against bannon but instead the publisher is speeding it up to today. president trump tweeting overnight, i never spoke to him for book. full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't ex
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look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve. bannon hasn't denied making those comments about the president and his family. former white house press secretary sean spicer on headline news last night said that's a problem. >> the first thing you do when you're attacked with a falsehood is not only deny it but go out and make the case for it. i haven't heard any of that. >> reporter: on breitbart news radio yesterday bannon did have this to say about the president. >> nothing will ever come between us and president trump and his agenda. don't worry about that. >> reporter: but that may be too little too late. >> a great man last night so obviously he changed his tune pretty quick. >> reporter: steve bannon's future at breitbart news is in question. the board is considering whether to force out bannon as chairman. but no decision has been made just yet. back over to you guys. >> i know the folks at drudge were celebrating that possibility. all right, stephanie ramos, thank you. a major development in the nuclear standoff with north korea. no
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announced they will meet next tuesday for their first formal talks in more than two years. the discussions will be held at the border village that separates the two archenemies. their strained relations and the north's participation in the olympics are expected to be on the agenda. the trump administration says it is withholding aid to pakistan. the amount could top $900 million in security funds. the move comes as the white house criticizes pakistan for being too soft on terrorism. but it could force pakistan to turn to china for support. turning now to the economy, more bad news from sears. it's closing another 100 sears and kmart stores. most will close by april. also this morning, macy's says it will cut 5,000 jobs. this comes despite encouraging news about the broader economy. overall the private sector added 250,000 jobs last month. the government releases its monthly jobs report today. and that jobs report could help determine whether the winning streak continues on wall street.
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25,000 for the very first time. global economic growth and strong corporate earnings have analysts predicting more gains. we turn now for a look at your weather forecast for this friday. good morning, our storm, our blizzard now working its way throughout portions of new once wick and still talking about fierce winds, wraparound snow and now talking about anything overly heavy from this point forward. blizzard warnings expiring throughout eastern maine as we talk about that 7:00 hour. but we are talking about again some fierce winds out there and these strong winds will blow and drift the snow around with icy spots on the area roadways. i'm justin povick with your accuweather forecast. >> and coming up, the big change coming to your doughnut at dunkin' donuts. the health scare for alex
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hiatus. the stolen bottle of vodka worth more than a million dollars. video of the heist and why that bottle costs so much.
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if you're a "game of thrones" fan, get ready to wait even longer. hbo says the show won't be returning for its eighth and final season until 2019. even though shooting began in october. and the season will include only six episodes. a new plan by the trump administration to vastly expand offshore drilling is setting up a legal battle with environmental groups and states. the plan includes the largest sale of leases for offshore oil and gas drilling ever proposed which could open nearly all coastal waters to drilling. the administration says the proposal would be
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and would provide billions for conservation efforts. the lottery like ending to a race in virginia may not be the end. david yancey won the house seat when his name was pulled from a ceramic bowl. that's how the state broke his tie with democrat shelly simons but she says she won't say whether she'll demand another recount. the woman that accused roy moore is now suing him. lee corfman claims it was the result of negative attacks by moore and his supporters. she's demanding an apology and reimbursement of legal costs. one of the most famous mew seems in america is changing its pay position. for decades it's been technically free to visit new york's metropolitan museum of art with the admission price only a suggested donation but starting in march adults who liveout side new york state will have to pay $25. the museum blamesis
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dunkin' donuts says it has stopped using artificial dyes on its colorful sweet treats. it claims doughnut fans won't even notice the difference and by the end of the year it plans to eliminate artificial dyes from all its products. police are on the hunt for a bottle of vodka worth $1.3 million. that's because the bottle is made of real gold and silver and topped with a diamond encrusted cap. the thieves were caught on camera grabbing the bottle from a bar in copenhagen and taking off with it. the bad news a russian businessman loaned the bottle to the bar. it wasn't even insured. >> just look for some folks in copenhagen with a mad hangover. >> and some new bling. >> exactly. when we come back the big sports headline overnight about turmoil within the new england patriots. if you burst the marijuana policy reversal from the attorney general. what it means for states where pot is legal. the 00 dramatic rescue of a
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♪ ♪ say it's fate >> justin timberlake's release is titled "filthy" and features j.t. appearing to channel steve jobs wearing glasses and the turtleneck throwing up his arms as he sings to an applauding crowd. >> see if it grows on us. speaking of growing we turn to the growing questions after jeff sessions decision to reverse a policy that protected the marijuana industry in states where the drug is legal. now, the move clears the way for federal authorities to crack down on the pot trade but even some republicans say the change is confusing and disruptive. the euphoria in those lines just days ago as california became the latest state to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. tempered with confusion and
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defiance. attorney general jeff sessions rescinding an obama era memo that laid out for enforcement writing, the move reflects congress' determination that marijuana is a dangerous drug and that marijuana activity is a serious crime. the action was swift and severe in the eight states where marijuana has been legalized. cory gardner on the senate floor. >> i will put a hole on every single nomination from the department of justice. >> reporter: in washington state. >> we will not be bullied by the trump administration or by the department of justice. >> reporter: top prosecutors in washington tell abc news they can't promise more prosecutions following this memo and the u.s. attorney in colorado effectively saying nothing is going to change. and that said marijuana-related companies are taking a hit since the announcement. stock in some companies dropped more than 30%. major new progress in the fight against cancer.
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26% since the early 1990s. the biggest decline was in prostate an colon cancer. a huge drop in the number of men who smoke helped reduce lung cancer deaths by 45%. and early detection helped lower breast cancer deaths in women by 39% but it's not all good news. overall death rates remain significantly higher among blacks than among whites. new lawsuits are placing blame for california's largest ever wildfire. the thomas fire burned more than 440 square miles in southern california, destroyed hundreds of homes. the lawsuits claim the local power company started the fire through construction activities or faulty equipment. one suit also blames a water company for a lack of pressure that hurt firefighting efforts. also in california this frightening scene here. a teenage girl got stuck on a ski lift before dropping 20 feet into that net held by rescuers. she had been left hanging for several minutes. she was not injured.
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defending her title at the australian open. the 36-year-old gave birth to her daughter in september. she says she's super close to being ready to play championship tennis again. williams won last year's australian open before telling anyone that she was pregnant. okay, to a big game in the nba. both the warriors and rockets lead their respective divisions. it was close most of the game but steph curry and the defending champions, the warrior, pulled away down the stretch. golden state winning it by ten points. not bad there. well, there was no snow day for the new england patriots, coach belichick told them, the storm was no excuse for showing up late. they were practicing for the playoff as mid reports of a growing power struggle between the coach tom brady and team owner robert kraft. espn reports tensions are so high this could be the last year that the three are together. >> could be the end of an era for them up in new england. next in "the pulse," why this will be an extra busy weekend on dating apps.
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♪ "the pulse" has new theme music. we will start with alex trebek. >> the 77-year-old "jeopardy" host offering a shocking health update. trebek revealing he had brain surgery three weeks ago to remove blood clots on his brain. he says the clots were a complication after he fell in october and hit his head. he explained in a video. >> surgery was performed after two days in the hospital, i came home to start recovery. the prognosis is excellent and i expect to be back in the studio taping more "jeopardy" programs very, very soon. and i want to tha
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for your concern. >> "jeopardy's" broadcast schedule won't be seriously affected. shows are taped months in advance. the new year usually means making resolutions and for more than 100 million single americans, that means finding love. >> it turpins out that your best shot to score a date comes the first sunday after new year's. did you know that. >> i did not know this. >> according to experts usage of online dating sites is expected to hit record highs this sunday. >> okay, so if you hope to be successful they say you need a solid profile with photos that show you smiling with no kids and no pets. >> sounds harsh. alexa will soon offer you some extra help around the kitchen. that's because she's acquired new cooking skills. >> if you own an echo you can control your microwave with your voice. your microwave. for example, you might say, alexa, microwave for 50 seconds on high. >> you must have a smart microwave, of course, that's intergreated with the new
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support. amazon plans to add conventional ovens and other appliances later. new research revealed a way to make your face look younger. >> you can try facial yoga. it's a thing. doctors taught women exercises with names like the cheek lifter and the happy cheek sculpting. >> and found the ladies looked three years younger after just 20 weeks of facial exercises. researchers say the exercises build up muscles that droop as we get older. >> three years? >> and 20 exercises. can't i just see one doctor and 20 minutes later be good. >> this is the all natural way h temperatures below freezing. but at least it's friday. another blast of winter hitting our area this weekend, but there is some good news coming up in your forcast. first-- let's take a quick look at some top stories. this winter blast is wreaking havoc in the northeast. coastal flooding washed through neighborhoods in massachusetts,
4:25 am
cars in place. with another dangerous drop in temperatures hitting today-- lawmakers are telling residents to stay inside. dozens of cities in the northeast will plummet to record-breaking cold temperatures this weekend and this blizzard is blamed for stranding thousands of passengers at dulles airport overnight. dozens of flights were re-directed to our area, after the storm shut down service at other east coast airports. several travelers tell us they had to wait in customs for up to 7 hours, just to get their luggage. they couldn't leave because once you leave customs, you're not allowed to come back in. good morning washington. toss to eileen wind chill advisory until noon for the entire area. wind chills will be 5-10 below zero.
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- dangerous cold today and tomorrow; wind gusts 30+ mph - frostbite type of weather -- please be safe outside & bring in pets! - near record lows this weekend - 40s return next week - watching potential for a wintry mix monday & friday today: sunny and dangerously cold. blustery. highs: 17-22 winds: nw 15-20 g 30+ mph tonight: clear, very cold, and blustery. lows: 3-9 winds: nw 10-15 g 25 mph saturday: sunny and dangerously cold. blustery. highs: 17-22 winds: nw 15-20 g 25+ breaking news this morning overseas--
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south korea are announcing official dialogue between the two countries for the first time in more than two years. south korean officials say emissaries will meet in a border town to discuss the upcoming winter olympics, and ways to to improve overall ties between the nations. this week-- north korean leader kim jong un threatened the united states, saying he has a "nuclear button" on his desk ready to be used at any time. an uber driver --
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of sexually assaulting a passenger. police say -- he picked a woman up around 1:30 in the morning, on december 27th... he alegedly stopped the car along a street in sterling... and then climbed into the back seat and attacked her. he's being held without bond. new this morning-- a local book store open late overnight-- thanks to an explosive new book all about president trump. "fire and fury" went on sale at midnight, and "kramer-books" in dupont stayed open until 1 am, to let customers get it early. the store sold out in just 15 minutes! in the book, former white house adviser steve bannon slams the president, his family, and his administration. president trump is slamming the scandalous tell-all, saying it is full of lies. politics may be selling books, and newspapers these days-- but it's not helping with your workout. and one gym chain is taking a stand. "life time fitness" is blocking cable news channels from t-v monitors in all its facilities across the u-s and canada. a representative said there were
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requests" leading up to the decision. c-n-n, fox news, m-s-n-b-c and c-n-b-c are some of the stations getting blocked. but-- local news stations will still be available. bad news for tennis fans. tennis star serena williams will not be playing in this month's australian open after all. williams pulled out of the tournament, saying she doesn't feel prepared to compete after giving birth four months ago. williams famously won her 23rd grand slam title at last year's australian open while about two months pregnant with her daughter alexis ohanian jr. the australian open starts january 15th. it's xx and we're just getting started. a winter blast-- brings floods, ice, and thousands of canceled flights. now a clean up begins with the region bracing for a dangerously cold weekend.


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